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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/27/06 - Canada; Friday 4/28/06 - U.S.A.


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Mimi: You know, when I was a kid, I used to dream about being able to afford to stay at the Green Mountain Lodge. Actually, when I was a kid, I would dream about being able to afford to live in a house and not on the street. I just can't believe this. I can't believe any of this. I'm married to you -- the luckiest girl in the world.

Shawn D.: I just felt bad our honeymoon kept getting interrupted. Maybe we should have taken that around-the-world trip from Salem Style Magazine after all.

Mimi: No, this is perfect. As long as I'm alone with you, there's no place I'd rather be.

Shawn D.: Come here.

Receptionist: Thanks. I'm sorry, Mr. Kiriakis, your room's not quite ready yet. But if you want to go have a drink in the lounge, I'll have your bags sent up and let you know when housekeeping's done.

Philip: That sounds like a plan. Thank you very much. Come on.

Patrick: I've been reading Alma's letter over and over. This whole time I was so sure that she had been murdered by people who were out to make me pay.

Hope: She wasnít. She was killed trying to escape her own past.

Patrick: I guess you're right.

Hope: It wasn't your fault.

Patrick: Well, thank you for finding this, giving it to me.

Hope: If Danny hadn't taken your boat out, I'd have missed you, and you might never have found out the truth.

Patrick: Yeah. Timing is everything.

Hope: Yeah. It is, isn't it?

Patrick: What's wrong?

Hope: Nothing.

Patrick: Hope, come on.

Hope: Bo instant-messaged me while I was online.

Patrick: What did he say?

Hope: I don't know. I blocked it.

Patrick: You have to write him back.

Hope: No, I don't want to deal with it, not anymore.

Patrick: What if he changed his mind about the divorce?

[Knock on door]

[Doorbell rings]

Billie: Bo! Come on, I know you're in there. Your car and your motorcycle are both in the driveway. Bo. Bo. What's wrong?

Bo: It's over, Billie. Hope has shut me out of her life for good.

Lucas: You okay?

Carrie: Sure. Why wouldn't I be?

Lucas: It seems like you were anxious to get away from Austin. Is he bothering you?

Austin: Why are you marrying my brother when I'm the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Carrie: Austin, you shouldn't have cut in when Lucas and I were dancing. He's my fiancť. Excuse me.

Carrie: No, he wasn't bothering me. I just wanted to get back to my handsome fiancť.

Lucas: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Lexie: I'm gonna tell them all, Sami. Everybody -- Austin, Lucas, Carrie, the whole damn town how you blackmailed me into lying to Carrie, how you made me tell her any kids she and Austin had would have severe birth defects. That's not true.

Sami: You open your big, drunk mouth, and I swear to God, I will tell Abe that you are having an affair with Tek. You've already chickened out once today. Listen to me, Lexie. You do not want to lose your husband and your son.

Lexie: Carrie and Austin belong together, Sami!

Sami: I deserve to be with Austin.

Lexie: No, you deserve to be alone until the day you die and then you deserve to rot in hell.

Sami: You shut up, okay?

Austin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, what is going on here?

Lexie: Shall you tell him or shall I?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Philip: Nice. All right, shouldn't be too long, I don't think.

Belle: That's fine.

Philip: We got some menus? Excellent. Thank you, sir.

Belle: Thank you.

Philip: Thank you.

Shawn D.: Oh, hello. Can we get a bottle of your most expensive champagne?

Waiter: Yes, sir.

Shawn D.: And can we have a second bottle sent up to our room?

Waiter: Special night?

Shawn D.: No, we do this all the time. No, it's our honeymoon.

Waiter: Well, congratulations.

Shawn D.: Thank you very much.

Mimi: Thank you. Shawn?

Shawn D.: Yes?

Mimi: Are you sure we can afford all this -- the room, two bottles of expensive champagne?

Shawn D.: Aren't you paying for it? No, I want to max out my credit cards. Who better to do that on than the woman I love?

Mimi: Okay, but you know what? I know what it's like to be broke and in debt.

Shawn D.: Yes, I know. I promise you I will put in overtime at the garage until it is all paid off.

Mimi: Are you sure?

Shawn D.: I'm positive. After all the problems that we've had on our honeymoon, or lack thereof, I wanted tonight to be a special night.

Mimi: It already is. It's perfect.

Shawn D.: I love you, Mimi Brady.

Mimi: Mimi Brady. Wow. You know, in high school, I filled pages and pages of notebooks writing that. I never thought it would really come true, but it did. I'm Mimi Brady -- Mrs. Shawn Brady.

Shawn D.: Come here.

Philip: I am looking for -- there he is. Sir, if you'd be so kind, can we have a bottle of your best champagne?

Belle: Oh, no, actually, I would just like a sparkling water, please.

Philip: Are you sure?

Belle: I'm positive.

Philip: Okay, then, we'll have a glass of your best champagne and a glass of sparkling water.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Thank you. Why didn't you want champagne?

Belle: Honey, we're trying to make a baby.

Philip: I know. That's why I want to do a little celebrating.

Belle: And I do, too, and I don't want to take any chances by drinking.

Philip: Are you saying we could --

Belle: Be pregnant? Well, maybe tonight could have been the night.

Lucas: Wonder what's going on over there. Lexie looks pretty upset.

Carrie: You're right.

Lucas: I bet Sami has something to do with it.

Carrie: I don't know. Lexie's had an emotional day with the cancer scare..

Lucas: Trust me. I can read Sami from 100 miles away. She's up to something. She did something. The question is -- what?

Austin: What is it you want me to know?

Lexie: I want you to know all the horrible things that she did to keep you and Carrie apart, Austin. She lied, she schemed, she blackmailed, she manip-- manipulated everybody she could. And you can't deny it, Sami, not one word. You know you canít.

Sami: You're right, Lexie, I canít.

Lexie: You see? She admits it, Austin. You admit it?

Sami: Well, of course, Lexie. Austin knows everything I did to come between him and Carrie all those years ago.

Austin: I've forgiven you.

Sami: And I love you for it. But look, Lexie, why are you dredging it all up again now? What do you care? I think it's the alcohol talking. And I think that you can't stand to see me happy, and you're trying to punish me again for everything that happened with Brandon. But you know what? Obviously you're drunk and you're upset and you are taking it out on me.

Lexie: You're evil.

Austin: Lexie, you've had a little too much to drink, you know, understandably so. You've had a very stressful day, but now you're trying to take it out on Sami.

Lexie: No, Austin, you don't know what she did.

Austin: No, but I do know that you told everyone today that we need to look out for the stress in our lives. You need to take your own advice. Let me go. Whoa, calm down. Move on. You need to go home and rest. Move on. Move on! Come on.

Lexie: Damn you, Sami. It ain't over yet.

Tek: The car's out front. You ready to go?

Lexie: Nope. I am not going anywhere, not until that little twerp, Sami Brady, gets everything that's coming to her, and Austin and Carrie get back together, the way they were supposed to be. You know what? She's laughing at me. She thinks that she's won, but she hasnít.

Tek: You know what? You're right. And I know how to fix everything.

Lexie: How?

Tek: Leave it to me.

Billie: You can't -- you can't give up, Bo. Hope will come around. She just needs time.

Bo: Yeah, I wanted to believe that, but, obviously, I've been fooling myself.

Billie: No, you havenít.

Bo: I sent her an instant message. I wanted to tell her that I didn't want to go forward with this divorce.

Billie: It's a lot of information to take in. She just needs time to process it.

Bo: No, there's nothing to process. She blocked the damn message. She didn't want to read it. She doesn't want to hear anything I've got to say.

Billie: So, what, you're just gonna give up?

Bo: Well, what the hell am I supposed to do? I mean, she doesn't return my e-mails, my phone calls, nothing. Shawn is the only one who knows where she is, and he won't tell me.

Billie: Do you still love her?

Bo: Yeah, of course I do.

Billie: Good, then keep remembering that. And remember, you're a detective. You can find her. And when you do, you force her to listen to everything you have to say.

Hope: It doesn't matter whether Bo has changed his mind about the divorce.

Patrick: But what if he has?

Hope: Patrick, it's too late. Look, this just isn't about what Bo wants anymore. It's about what I want, what I need, what I deserve. It's time for me to move on with my life, stop waiting for Bo and start living my life for me.

Patrick: You can't mean that.

Hope: Why not? He chose Billie and Chelsea. We saw the happy family on TV, remember?

Patrick: It was a crisis. Look, Chelsea almost died. She's their daughter.

Hope: There is always a crisis when it comes to Billie, and Bo always chooses to see her through it, no matter what's happening with his own family. That's why he was never around all the times that Shawn got into trouble. No matter how many times I pleaded, begged with him, told him that Shawn needed him. That's why he sided with Zack's killer. Bo made his choice very clear, over and over, and now I've made mine. He said he wanted the divorce.

Patrick: You were the one who asked for it. He just responded.

Hope: Without an argument -- without even skipping a beat. Yeah, maybe I acted irrationally, but that man, he knew exactly what he was saying.

Patrick: What if he didn't? I mean, he's got to be as upset about all this as you are. Why didn't you at least read the message?

Hope: It's just another lie.

Patrick: How do you know that?

Hope: 'Cause that's all he does lately -- lie. No. No, it's over.

Patrick: Do you think this is what Zack would want?

Hope: Please donít.

Patrick: Look, you owe it to him. You owe it to yourself, to your family, to give Bo another chance. At least hear him out.

Belle: [Giggles] Listen, when we got pregnant with Claire, we weren't really even trying, so -- well, I mean, you're supposed to do all these things to get your body ready before you start trying. I just want to do everything right this time.

Philip: And we will.

Belle: You know, if there's a new life in here, it's my responsibility to make sure it's safe and it's healthy. It is the most wonderful feeling -- a little scary -- but it's totally incredible. Kind of breaks my heart that Mimi's not gonna be able to experience that.

Philip: No, Mimi's gonna get to be a parent. She just has to adopt.

Belle: I know. I know. But carrying a child, feeling it grow inside of you -- you know Mimi's always dreamed about that. And I know that her dream's coming true in a different way, but it makes me really sad the way things turned out for Mimi.

Shawn D.: All right, so... I suppose we should be toasting.

Mimi: Okay.

Shawn D.: To my beautiful bride, to our belated honeymoon, a lifetime of happiness, and to our children, who are out there somewhere -- born or unborn -- waiting to be adopted by us. What's wrong? This is supposed to be a celebration.

Mimi: I know. And it is. It's just -- I'm sorry I can't give you biological children.

Shawn D.: I told you it doesn't make a difference to me. Why don't you believe me?

Mimi: Come on, it has to.

Shawn D.: Okay, what's bringing this up now?

Bonnie: If you tell Shawn he is Claire's father, you can kiss your future with him goodbye.

Mimi: What kind of future would it be if it was based on a lie?

Bonnie: So it's better to lose him. Is that what you want?

Mimi: Uh, I don't know what's bringing this up. I guess I just think about it a lot. I mean, I know how much you've always wanted to be a father.

Shawn D.: And soon I will be.

Austin: Wh-wh-wh-whoa! You guys look like you're having a great time.

Lucas: Yeah, well, you didnít. What's up with Lexie? What happened with that?

Austin: No, she's just drunk. She started attacking Sami.

Lucas: Well, I'm sure she had her reasons.

Sami: Yes, because she hates me.

Lucas: What I want to know is why you were so nervous at the hospital when Lexie wanted to talk to everybody.

Sami: Look, I'm always nervous when someone calls a group of people together because I'm tired of being everyone's scapegoat, Lucas.

Austin: You know what? Let it go, all right? She was drunk. Just let it go.

Carrie: Austin's right.

Austin: Hey, besides, I thought we came here to have a good time.

Sami: Yeah.

Austin: So let's dance. Let's dance.

Lucas: You want to take a seat, take a rest?

Carrie: Yeah.

Jada: Glad you came to see us again. Ooh, and I love the outfit.

Lexie: Thank you, uh...

Tek: Jada.

Lexie: Ah, Jada.

Jada: And that bracelet is gorgeous.

Lexie: My husband gave it to me.

Tek: And, Lexie, Jada's gonna help us make sure Sami gets everything she deserves.

Bo: I cannot force Hope to listen to me. The harder I push, the harder she pushes back. And I -- I don't want to risk hurting her again.

Bo: I know what you're doing, Lockhart.

Patrick: Yeah? What am I doing?

Bo: You're using this situation to get close to my wife. It's what you've always wanted.

Patrick: That is ridiculous. I'm trying to be there as a friend to her. You're the one who betrayed your wife.

Bo: You son of a bitch!

Hope: Oh, my God, no.

Bo: I couldn't control myself, once again, and Hope thought I was a raving lunatic. No wonder she doesn't want to listen to anything I've got to say.

Billie: Give her some credit, Bo. She knows you so well. And she may not agree with what you did, but she understands how you feel.

Bo: No, she doesnít. I mean, you understand. You got the same kind of temper. We act first and think later. But Hope, she -- she's got a temper, but she knows when to control it. She had a whole different kind of upbringing. She was a trust-fund baby, boarding schools, all that, and I was just a wrong-side-of-the-tracks punk. It was part of the original attraction.

Billie: That whole opposites thing.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Nice bike.

Bo: Yeah, she is. What did you say your name was?

Hope: I didnít.

Bo: Oh, great, hauled in a cute one tonight. Where do you live, Lady X?

Hope: Out by the lake.

Bo: Ooh, by the lake. Your parents must have some bucks.

Hope: They do okay.

Bo: Where do you go to school?

Hope: Uh...States Teachers College.

Bo: [Laughs] No, high school.

Hope: Yeah. Lincoln.

Bo: That's what I thought. Here, put this on. Keep your pretty head safe.. Okay? Pretty little rich kid who's nothing but a pain.

Hope: Look, if you don't want to drive me home, then just say so.

Bo: Nah, I think I can put up with you for the 10 minutes it'll take to drop you off at your folks. Here, hop on.

Bo: Oh, no.

Hope: I swiped it from the party at the hospital.

Bo: A used mistletoe?

Hope: Well, that's what it looks like. Well? It is a Christmas tradition..

Bo: I got everything I ever wanted.

Hope: Yeah, so do I. Did you ever think we'd make it this far when we first met?

Bo: [Laughs] No way. You were a spoiled-rotten little kid when I first met you. You were a pain in the neck.

Hope: Okay, let's not get carried away. You were just as bad. You're right, but you were just as bad.

Bo: What do you mean?

Hope: Well, I thought you were the most obnoxious, egotistical creep I had ever met in my entire life.

Bo: Egotistical? Then why did you keep after me until I married you?

Hope: I kept after you?

Bo: Yes, you kept after me.

Hope: Who kidnaped me from the church when I was supposed to marry Larry?

Bo: Aren't you glad I did?

Hope: Oh, Bo, it was the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me.

Bo: Yeah, I'm kind of romantic, aren't I?

Hope: Yeah. You know, that's when I knew for sure that you'd be mine forever.

Bo: Even though opposites attract, maybe in the long haul, it's not enough. Maybe Hope and I were never meant to be together.

Billie: Oh, come on. After over 20 years together? That's not true. You don't believe that. I know you donít. You're just feeling sorry for yourself, and you can't let that happen. Now, you need to do whatever it takes to find Hope and tell her how sorry you are and how much you love her.

Hope: I've heard all I want to hear from Bo. He doesn't deserve a second chance, not after everything he's done.

Patrick: I understand why you're angry with him for letting Chelsea drive his truck, for not telling you she hit Zack.

Hope: Angry doesn't even explain how I feel.

Patrick: You know, I know what it's like to lose someone you love. If I could somehow have Alma back, I swear to you, anything that ever went down between us, I would find a way somehow to work through it. I mean, we only had a tenth of the time that you and Bo had together.

Hope: He betrayed our love.

Patrick: I know. I know he regrets not telling you, but --

Hope: Patrick, it's even worse than that.

Hope: Bo?

Hope: I didn't tell you this sooner because I didn't want to hurt you. The real reason I left Salem was because Jennifer and I... found Bo and Billie in bed together in a motel.

Patrick: You what?

Hope: That's when I knew for sure that it was over. Not just because he lied to me about Chelsea or gave her the keys to the car, but... because while we were supposed to be grieving for our son... he could leave our bed and sleep with Billie. So you see? That's why I want nothing more to do with him. So, hopefully, he won't be stupid enough and pigheaded enough to try to contact me again. [Computer beeps] Oh, my God.

Hope: It's a reminder to take Zack to the dentist. I preprogrammed this photo of him before all his teeth came in. Look at his sweet little face.

Patrick: Hey, it's all right.

Hope: No, it's not. I have to stop doing this. I have to stop wallowing in all these sad thoughts of everything and everyone I've lost. I thought this bungalow was a safe place, but it's not anymore, not if Bo can keep trying to IM me, and these reminders of Zack keep popping up.

Patrick: You know what? I have an idea. There's a world-class hotel and a high-stakes casino on the main island with a five-star restaurant. Maybe, you know, I could take you there, just us.

Hope: Sounds good.

Patrick: All right. But it's just a temporary fix. When you come back here, all of your problems and all the decisions you have to make --

Hope: No, I've made my decisions.

Patrick: I know you think you have.

Hope: Patrick, please. I need to get away. I want to go to that casino on the main island, okay? And I just don't want to think about any of it.

Patrick: Okay, well, that's why I suggested it.

Hope: Thank you. Only problem is, I have nothing to wear.

Patrick: Leave it to me.

Hope: But --

Patrick: No, no, no. You just stay here. I will be back soon, okay?

Hope: I love you, Zack.

Bo: No, there's no point in trying to contact Hope. She'll -- she won't respond. She'll just get angrier.

Billie: You didn't really mean what you said earlier, did you, that you and Hope were never really meant to be together?

Bo: I don't know. I just said it. Maybe.

Billie: You guys are like the fairy-tale couple. You've been through so much, and it always turns out okay.

Bo: We've never been through anything like this. And we always had the kids to, you know, kind of hold us together. But J.T. was taken from us and Zack is... and now that Shawn is married... maybe they were the glue that held us together. And now that they're gone.... maybe our differences are too much.

Billie: Oh, you can't believe that.

Bo: This house is empty. The kids are gone. Maybe we realize that deep inside there's nothing left to this relationship... and that we're better off apart.

Mimi: What do you mean you're going to be a father soon? Is there something I don't know?

Shawn D.: Uh...

Philip: What are you guys doing here?

Mimi: What?

Shawn D.: Oh, my gosh.

Mimi: Oh.

Shawn D.: Trying to get away from it all so we can try and have our honeymoon.

Philip: Right, and the whole around-the-world trip my mom arranged through Salem Style just didn't work out?

Mimi: No.

Shawn D.: Yeah, no. We just decided it would be better to stay close to home with everything that's happening.

Philip: Right, your parents. We've been talking about it -- neither one of us can believe it. They're getting divorced?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, it really sucks.

Philip: I know. I went through it as a little kid. You're going through it as a grown-up. I don't know which is worse.

Shawn D.: Neither. Divorce is always wrong.

Philip: I agree.

Shawn D.: I don't think my mom's gonna be forgiving my dad for lying about Chelsea. I mean, she did kill my little brother.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Belle: They love each other.

Shawn D.: Yes, well, the last thing that you should do when you love someone is lie or keep secrets. I think without total honesty and trust, a marriage can't survive. That's why we're not gonna make the same mistake my parents made.

Mimi: So, uh, what are you guys doing here?

Philip: Um, well, you're our friends. We might as well tell you. We wanted to go somewhere romantic so we can make another baby.

Lexie: So how are you gonna give Sami what she deserves?

Tek: By getting Carrie and Austin back together, leaving Sami alone and miserable for the rest of her life.

Lexie: So what's the plan?

Jada: Just leave everything to me. Cut the music a minute, Rodney. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, boys and boys, girls and girls, I've got an announcement. Dune is about to sponsor a charity handcuff dance. [Crowd cheers ] I'm gonna randomly select groups of people who will be handcuffed together and do some dirty dancing. [Crowd cheers] And they only get unhand cuffed if they're eliminated. Yeah. And to supervise the handcuffing, we've got a real live member of the Salem P.D. -- Detective Tek Kramer. [Crowd cheers] So here we go. Uh... you...and you. You and you. You Uh... you and you.

Carrie: Uh, I don't think so.

Austin: We'll pass.

Jada: The price is a $500 donation to your favorite charity.

Crowd: Do it, just do it!

Jada: Do you really want it on your consciences that you cheated them out of a contribution?

Crowd: Charity. Aw, come on!

Jada: It's just a dance.

Crowd: Come on.

Carrie: Fine. Yeah. [Crowd cheers]

Jada: Officer, the handcuffs. [Crowd jeers]

Sami: I cannot believe Lexie set this up. Damn her.

Lucas: Why would Lexie have anything to do with setting up a dance contest, huh?

Sami: You know what? I can't imagine.

Lucas: You're just annoyed because Austin's handcuffed to Carrie.

Sami: You're damn right I am. And you should be, too.

Lucas: Well, that's the difference between you and me, Sami. I'm secure in my love. Obviously, you can't say the same about Austin, can you?

Jada: Start the music! [Music plays]

If you could read my mind, you would see that I'm ready for love only your love, your love I need you closer, nearer I want to know you deeper show me the way to your heart baby, unlock the door, our love is for keeps show me the way to your heart my world to you is melody show me the way to your heart baby, I'm ready I'm ready, oh! Show me the way to your heart show me the way show me the way show me the way show me the way...

Sami: Yeah, I'm at, um, Dune -- the nightclub -- and I need you to come right away.

Hope: Hey, what have you got there?

Patrick: Well, why don't you have a little look? Open it up.

Hope: Where did you get this?

Patrick: I called in a few favors.

Hope: What do you mean? What kind of favors?

Patrick: Let's just say the cop in you doesn't want to know.

Hope: Patrick.

Patrick: Look, it's from my past life.

Hope: Uh-oh.

Patrick: Okay? So look, what do you say? Are you ready for some fine dining and high-stakes gambling?

Hope: If they'll take my ATM card, yeah.

Patrick: No, no, no. I've got plenty of cash.

Hope: I'm not taking any money from you.

Patrick: It's not mine.

Hope: You're scaring me.

Patrick: No, no. It's, uh, money from my previous trip to the casino. So, really, we'll just be playing with their own money. Go get ready.

Hope: All right.

Billie: How can you say that you and hope were never meant to be together, that all you had in common were your kids?

Bo: A lot of couples break up after the kids are gone. A lot break up after they've had a tragedy. We had both. I need another beer.

Billie: You really think that's such a good idea?

Bo: Yeah, I do.

Billie: Do you remember what happened the last time you got drunk?

Bo: Yeah, I shot you. And we spent a freezing night on a mountaintop. Don't worry, it's not gonna happen again.

Billie: I'm serious, Bo.

Bo: So am I.

Shawn D.: I didn't realize that you guys were planning on having a baby so soon.

Mimi: Yeah, especially after everything that happened with Claire.

Philip: No, Claire's fine. Claire is better than fine. In fact, the doctor said she's developing and growing right on schedule.

Shawn D.: That's terrific. So you guys have been planning this for a while.

Philip: Actually, we just --

Belle: We want a big family. [Laughs] Okay, so it's been on our mind for a while, but the decision is new.

Philip: Right, and we don't really know how long it's gonna take to get pregnant.

Shawn D.: Oh, you know, that reminds me. I have a surprise for you.

Mimi: You do? What kind of surprise? Oh, my God! Oh, my God. I don't believe this.

Shawn D.: Happy?

Philip: What is it?

Mimi: It's an application to adopt.

Philip: Nice.

Shawn D.: I started filling it out on my own, but then I figured we should probably be doing this together.

Mimi: God, what a night. First Green Mountain Lodge and now this.

Shawn D.: I told you I was gonna make all your dreams come true.

Mimi: I love you so much.

Shawn D.: I love you, too, baby. I love you, too. And with any luck, we might have a kid before they do.

Belle: [Thinking] This is wrong, all of it, and it's got to stop.

Hope: It wasn't Alma's.

Patrick: No, no. It's brand new.

Hope: It's exquisite.

Patrick: Well, it's just some stitching and fabric. You make it exquisite.

Hope: It feels like it was made for me.

Patrick: I know a thing or two about women's bodies.

Hope: I'll bet you do. Is something out of place?

Patrick: No, no. Everything's perfect. You are perfect... and so beautiful.

Hope: You rather clean up nicely yourself.

Patrick: Oh, yeah? You think so?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: That was the last one. I got to go get some more.

Billie: What? You of all people should know you can't drink and drive.

Bo: Only had two.

Billie: I don't care! I'm not letting you get on that motorcycle so you can kill yourself.

Bo: Oh, right. Now I got no reason to live.

Billie: Knock it off. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. You've got Shawn. You've got Chelsea. You've got your parents. You have me. Come on. Bo, wait. Hold on a second. Wait!

[Crowd cheers]

Lexie: [Laughs] Tek, I can't thank you enough. Sami's gonna pay.

Tek: Yeah.

Lexie: Mm-hmm. All you have to do is look at Carrie and Austin to know they belong together.

Tek: Some things are meant to be.

Lexie: Yup. And no one should try to stop them.

Tek: Exactly.

Show me the way to your heart baby, unlock the door, our love is for keeps show me the way to your heart I'm onto you... [Crowd boos] Baby, I'm ready I'm ready, oh! Show me the way to your heart show me the way show me the way

Lucas: What are you so anxious about, huh?

Sami: Nothing. I just want this stupid handcuff dance to be over so that I can dance with Austin, and you can have your fiancť back.

Man: Cut the music! Cut the music!

Cop: Everybody stay right where you are.

Jada: What's going on?

Cop: We got a tip about drug dealing going on in here. Anyone trying to leave will be arrested. What's with all the handcuffs?

Jada: It's a charity dance contest.

Cop: Should I start searching people?

Cop 1: You can go ahead and start. Abe Carver wants to take charge of this personally.

Lexie: Oh, my God. Abe can't find us here together.

Sami: Got you, bitch. Nobody messes with Sami Brady and gets away with it.

Chelsea: Tell me the truth. Can you promise that I won't go to jail if I tell my dad what I've done?

Abe: I don't believe it.

Frankie: I want to carry you up those stairs and make love to you.

Jennifer: And what's stopping you?

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