Days Transcript Monday 4/17/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/17/06 - Canada;  Tuesday 4/18/06 - U.S.A.


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Frankie: You know, it's kind of made me wonder.

Jennifer: Uh, what?

Frankie: Well, I know that we have to -- we have to go back to our regular everyday lives. And, uh...I was just wondering what happens when we leave here.

Jennifer: Well, what do you mean?

Frankie: Well, I mean as far as we're concerned. I mean, where -- where do we go from here?

Jennifer: [Sighs] That's a good question, Frankie.

Jack: It certainly is.

Jennifer: Can you answer it, Jack?

Hope: Okay. She's all secured.

Patrick: All right, thanks.

Hope: Thank you for the ride. Nothing like the open water to clear your head.

Patrick: Oh, yeah? Well, now that your head's clear, are you sure you don't want to go back to Salem?

Hope: Positive.

Patrick: At least call your Uncle Mickey back, have him hold off on serving divorce papers to Bo.

Hope: Patrick, I told you. I'm not changing my mind. There's no reason to prolong the agony.

Patrick: Look, you're moving way too fast for this. You were upset. Take some time to think it through.

Hope: I have thought it through and, obviously, so has Bo. I know what I'm doing.

Patrick: Look, you love Bo. Bo loves you. Are you really prepared to face the rest of your life without him?

Hope: No, I'm not.

Chelsea: I have to tell Bo the truth -- that I'm the one that intercepted the e-mails between he and Hope and made her think that he wanted the divorce.

Kate: Chelsea, you can't do that.

Chelsea: I have to. I've put him through enough trouble with my lies. I'm not gonna do it anymore.

Kate: Would you just listen to me.

Bo: Hey, your release papers are almost ready and you're gonna be out of here, little girl.

Chelsea: I still can't believe I almost died last night. You know, I didn't deserve what you did. You and Shawn and Philip -- you all risked your lives to save mine.

Bo: Hey, we're family. We stick together, no matter what.

Chelsea: Yeah, but I want to be a better person. I want to be somebody that you can be proud of to have as your daughter. So from right now, this point on, I'm gonna start over with a clean slate.

Bo: I'm all for clean slates.

Chelsea: You might not be after you hear what I have to say.

Bo: Hey, come on. Whatever it is, we'll work it out together. Trust me, things are worse when you got them all bottled up inside, so just tell me. Spit it out.

Chelsea: I want to. I really do. It's just not that easy.

Bo: Okay, you think about it. I'm gonna go get your release papers, okay?

Billie: What's the matter, Mother? It looks like you're about to walk the plank.

Kate: No, no, not me. Chelsea. We need to stop her from doing something that she's going to regret for the rest of her life.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Hope: Of course I don't want to spend the rest of my life without Bo. I don't want this divorce.

Patrick: Then why are you going through with it?

Hope: Patrick, I have agonized over this.

Patrick: You e-mailed him that you wanted a divorce. You didn't even give him a chance to discuss it.

Hope: And he didn't wait five minutes before he e-mailed me back that he agreed.

Patrick: He's not the one that had Mickey draw up the papers. You are.

Hope: That's just housekeeping. Bo made his decision. He's chosen to be with Billie and Chelsea -- not me, not Shawn. And he chose them over Zack. I thought I knew him, Patrick. He must have been in love with Billie all along. And as soon as there was trouble in our marriage, he was more than ready to turn to her.

Patrick: Hope --

Hope: Billie and Chelsea are Bo's family now. That doesn't leave any room for me.

Billie: You know something, Mother. What is it?

Bo: Okay, got your release papers. Now, you wanted to tell me something. Whatever it is, I'm here for you.

Chelsea: You can't promise that.

Bo: Yes, I can. I'm your dad. Now, you said you wanted to make a change, turn your life around.

Chelsea: I do. I'm just afraid of how you'll react.

Bo: Because I yelled at you before. Listen...I'm -- I'm really sorry I did that. I was upset because Hope asked me for a divorce and...I wrote this long e-mail to her, and she seemed to ignore it, and she hung up on me. Look...I had no right to take that out on you. I mean, it's not your fault Hope wants a divorce.

Kate: So, you intercepted Hope's e-mails to Bo. Ooh, she did ask him for a divorce, didn't she?

Chelsea: Yep, thanks to the e-mail I sent her from Bo's account. As far as Hope knows, Bo happily agreed to the divorce.

Kate: [Chuckles] Wow, you really are something. You know that?

Chelsea: Why, thank you. But I didn't do it to be mean. Bo and Billie are my parents. I just think that they should be together and we should all be a family, you know?

Chelsea: You were right to yell at me the way you did. You have no idea. Okay, I need to tell you. Um...

Bo: I'm all ears.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Okay. [Cellphone rings]

Bo: Oh, gee. I'm sorry. Oh, it's the station. Oh, man, not again.

Chelsea: Is it important?

Bo: Yeah, the serial killer I was chasing a few years ago apparently came out of retirement, and I'm the only one with working knowledge of the case, so...I got to get down to the station. Can we have this conversation a little later?

Chelsea: Yeah, sure.

Bo: You're positive? Because...nothing's more important to me than you.

Chelsea: No, we can talk later. Go catch the bad guy.

Bo: Okay. I love you.

Chelsea: I love you, too.

Bo: Release papers. Get this little girl home, okay?

Billie: Of course.

Kate: Well, thank God that beeper went off.

Billie: All right, you two know something. What's going on?

Kate: Honey, believe me, it's nothing for you to worry about.

Billie: Let me be the judge of that.

Kate: Why don't you just get the car, and we'll all get out of here, huh?

Billie: All right, but... whatever this secret is that you two are keeping, I'm gonna find out what it is.

Kate: I think that fall did something to your brain.

Chelsea: No, it didnít.

Kate: You can't tell Bo what you did.

Chelsea: I have to tell Bo. He's my dad. I have to tell him the truth, that I'm the one that changed the e-mails before Hope got them, that I made her think that he wanted the divorce when he didn't, and that she didn't hang up on him -- I cut the wire.

Kate: If you do that, it's going to be the biggest mistake you have made in a lifetime already filled with big mistakes.

Jennifer: Jack, please, I need your help. I need your help. I don't know what to do about Frankie.

Jack: I'm sorry, Jennifer, but you're gonna have to figure that out on your own.

Jennifer: But you're the one who started this whole thing. You set this in motion, Jack. Wait a minute. Where do you think you're going? No, Jack! Jack, wait, don't go! Please, don't go! Jack!

Abby: Mom? Mom.

Jennifer: Abby, hi. Hi, honey.

Abby: You were asleep.

Jennifer: Yeah, I sat down for a second. I guess I was more tired than I thought.

Abby: Um, I didn't even know you came home. Did you and Frankie have a good time?

Jennifer: Um, yes, we did. We had a really good time. How was everything while I was gone?

Abby: It was good. Aunt Maggie and Uncle Mickey went over to visit great Gram, and J.J. was still sleeping, so I just stayed home and babysat.

Jennifer: Thank you, honey.

Frankie: I'm all unpacked. How about you?

Jennifer: No, not yet.

Abby: Yeah, mom fell asleep on the couch.

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Abby: You two must have had a pretty wild time.

Jennifer: Uh, no, not really.

Abby: Lighten up, Mom. I'm just kidding. Anyways, since you guys are back, Josh wanted me to meet him. I said I couldn't 'cause I was babysitting.

Jennifer: No, go, go, go. You can meet Josh.

Abby: Thank you, Mom.

Jennifer: You're welcome.

Abby: See you later, Frankie.

Frankie: Okay.

Jennifer: Well, that was... really awkward. I mean, when she said that, the joke about us having a wild time --

Frankie: It was just that, Jen. It was a joke.

Jennifer: Yeah, but she's a teenager. I'm not gonna be able to keep this from her much longer.

Frankie: Would you just calm down?

Jennifer: What do I do now? I can't just move you into my bedroom. That's a bad example to Abby.

Frankie: Please, just... would you sit down? Please?

Jennifer: Yes.

Frankie: Okay. Listen to me. What happened was beautiful. I couldn't be happier that it happened, but I'm not gonna push this relationship, nor do I want you to push this relationship into anything that you're not prepared for.

Jennifer: This is what I want. I want love. I want romance and a relationship. I want to grow old with someone. I just always thought that, that person would be Jack.

Frankie: I know.

Jennifer: I don't want to rush into a relationship because I'm afraid of being single, and that's not what I think I'm doing, because there's nothing wrong with being single. I've just always had a partner in my life, and I miss that so much.

Jack: What about when we had our TV talk show and I had to do that story about what it was like to be a single woman in Salem? If I do say so myself, it's definitely one of my finest journalistic moments. Remember?

Jennifer: Yes, how could I ever forget that?

Max: Oh, Chelsea. I just got back to town. I heard what happened. Are you all right?

Chelsea: Yeah, just a few minor injuries. That's all.

Kate: She was incredibly lucky.

Chelsea: Where were you?

Max: I told you. I had a big race.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. I thought that was next weekend. Well, how did it go? Did you win?

Max: Mmm, what do you think?

Chelsea: Congratulations.

Billie: Hi, Max.

Max: Hi, Billie.

Chelsea: Mom, Max just won a big race. Isn't that great?

Billie: That is great. Congratulations.

Max: Thanks.

Billie: Okay, paperwork is all signed, and you are ready to go.

Chelsea: Finally.

Kate: Hmm, look, why don't I give you a ride home?

Chelsea: Oh, um, actually, I was gonna see if I could go with Max so we could spend some time together.

Kate: Ah, I thought maybe we could spend some time together.

Chelsea: Mom.

Billie: Uh, yeah, I guess if you're up to it.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, the doctor said I was fine, right?

Billie: Okay.

Chelsea: You know, I really feel like I've been given a second chance, even though it's more like a fifth chance, but I'm totally taking it. And later, I'm gonna talk to dad and be totally and completely honest about everything, and I want to start over with that clean slate like I talked about.

Billie: I think that's wonderful, honey.

Chelsea: Yeah. Well, we're out of here.

Max: Bye, guys.

Billie: Bye.

Kate: [Sighs]

Billie: Mom, what's going on between you and Chelsea?

Kate: Nothing.

Billie: Well, there better not be because Chelsea has finally decided to turn her life around and I could not be happier about it.

Kate: Oh, really?

Billie: Yes, really. It's a big deal that she wants to apologize to her father. She finally feels guilty about trying to come between Bo and Hope, especially since Hope has asked him for a divorce. This is the best thing that could happen between Bo and Chelsea.

Kate: The best thing that could happen for Chelsea and for you is for Bo and Hope to split up because then the three of you could be together as a family the way you were meant to be.

Billie: How many times do I have to say it? Bo and Hope were meant to be..

Kate: They're history. Honey, she asked him for a divorce.

Billie: Yeah, they're gonna work it out.

Kate: Not necessarily. Look, you love him, and he loves you. He always has.

Billie: Stop it, Mom.

Kate: And he's finally free. Billie, he's free.

Billie: Mom, I am not gonna go down that road again. Bo and Hope love each other. They always will. Quit rubbing it in.

Kate: No, not if you stand up and fight for him.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Hey, Abe. I got your message.

Abe: Bo, look --

Bo: I can't believe that son of a bitch is killing again.

Abe: Yeah, sorry to call you in on this. I know it's been a rough 24 hours. I can have somebody else work this case.

Bo: No, no, that's my case. I made a promise to one of the families.

Abe: What about your family? You almost lost your daughter yesterday.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, but I didnít. She's okay, I'm okay.

Abe: You know, Bo, I'm your friend. You haven't been okay since Zack died. Nothing's worse than losing a child. We both know that.

Bo: Yeah, Abe, we do.

Abe: You almost lost another one yesterday. Why don't you give yourself a little break here, huh?

Bo: Abe, I said I'm fine.

Abe: All right, it's your case.

Bo: Thanks.

Abe: I owe you one. I can never thank you enough for donating Zack's corneas so I can see again.

Bo: Yeah, well...he loved you. You were the first father he knew. It's what he would have wanted.

Abe: Yeah. You know, Zack's death made me look at my life differently. There was a long while there that I was -- I was doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself. Not anymore. Not anymore. Lexie and Theo -- they are the world to me. Just like Hope and your kids are to you.

Bo: Abe --

Abe: No, no, no, hear me out. Hear me out here. Look, I know you and Hope -- you're having some problems. But you've got to do everything you can to get her back so you can work through this.

Bo: Hope asked me for a divorce.

Abe: No.

Bo: Yeah. She said she needed some space. I gave it to her. I guess it was the wrong thing to do.

Abe: Hey, look, got to talk to Hope. You got to talk to her before she starts divorce proceedings.

Bo: I know that, Abe, but that's a little difficult when she doesn't answer my phone calls, my e-mails. Hell, I don't even know where she is.

Hope: [Sighs] Bo and I are supposed to be together forever. What's the rest of my life gonna be like, Patrick?

Patrick: I don't know.

Hope: Neither do I. But it's time to decide. Time to move on without Bo. [ Sighs] Figure out what my next move is.

Kate: Billie.

Billie: Mom, no. I agreed to have coffee with you, as long as we stop talking about Bo.

Kate: Look, I'm your mother, and I want what's -- I want what's best for you, and I cannot accept you being alone and unhappy.

Billie: I will never again do anything to come between Bo and Hope.

Kate: Then you're a fool. You're really a fool 'cause we both know he is the only man for you, and if you let him get away this time, you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

Billie: The only thing I will regret is coming between Bo and Hope, breaking them up again.

Kate: Really? Look me in the eyes and tell me that you can live with him being out of your life forever.

Hope: Well...I might have lost Bo...but I still have the rest of my life.. I just wish I knew where I belonged.

Patrick: Well, you can't stay on the island forever.

Hope: Why not? What could be better than a lifetime of losing myself in paradise, huh?

Patrick: Is that really how you want to spend the rest of your life? Lost?

Hope: You know, when a man runs off to a tropical island, everybody thinks it's romantic. So what's wrong when a woman decides to do the same thing? Besides, there are worse places than this to spend my life.

Patrick: Okay, what are you gonna do? String together some beads, sell it to tourists?

Hope: No, I'll get a job in a hotel on the main island, or what about the orphanage where you volunteer?

Patrick: Do you really think that's such a good idea?

Hope: Sure, why not? I love children.

Patrick: I know you do. But every kid in that orphanage is going to remind you of Zack. Can you deal with that?

Hope: I don't want to forget him...not ever. I just want it to stop hurting so much. All of it.

Patrick: I know.

Hope: That's why I need to go someplace where nobody knows what's happened. So I don't have to constantly listen to people telling me how sorry they are and looking at me with pity. I need to find a place that has do with my past... like you found here.

Patrick: Well... I came here because I had to.

Hope: Yeah, the same way I have to get away.

Patrick: No, it's different.

Hope: How? Patrick.

Patrick: I don't want to talk about it.

Hope: We've spent all this time together. You know all my secrets, and I've learned nothing about you.

Patrick: It's better that way.

Hope: Oh, because you like being the man of mystery?

Patrick: Yeah, something like that.

Hope: Patrick, was Bo right about you? Do you have something to hide?

Abe: To hell with giving Hope space. You've got to tell her how you feel..

Bo: Yeah, Abe, I'd do anything to keep her from going through with this divorce, but not much I can do if I can't communicate with her. [Keyboard keys clicking] Hey, did you see this? From the Chicago P.D.?

Abe: That's a routine update. "Wanted Felon."

Bo: Yeah, well, read it.

Abe: "Ran a scam in Chicago under an assumed name. Real identity unknown.. Extorted a young woman's life savings, left her dead."

Bo: Yeah, check out the description. That's Patrick Lockhart.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Frankie: How could you ever forget what? And why are you laughing?

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I was thinking about Jack, and we had this talk show, and he wanted to do a piece on single women in Salem, so he threw himself totally into this story..

Frankie: What do you mean?

Jennifer: Well, he wanted to report it, you know, as a woman, from a woman's perspective, so he went completely undercover.

Frankie: He didn't?

Jennifer: Yes, he did -- wig, heels, falsies.

Jack: [High-pitched voice] Well, Jennifer, what do you think?

Jennifer: [Laughing] I think that, um, you're not going to attract the cream of the crop of Salem's men. That's what I think.

Jack: [Normal voice] There are some men who like unconventional beauty..

Jennifer: Jack, but the men that are gonna be attracted to you are attracted to drag queens, and that is not the story that you're trying to do.

Jack: I disagree. I disagree. I think it's a matter of attitude and being comfortable in one's shoes. Aah!

Jennifer: Oh! [Laughing] Jack!

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. You should have seen him.

Frankie: He actually went through with it?

Jennifer: Well, yes. Jack never backed down from anything he set his mind to.

Frankie: True, so what happened?

Jack: [Humming]

Jennifer: Okay, we're in.

Jack: [Sighs] Do you have the camera hidden?

Jennifer: Yeah, right here. I got it right here, but listen. Don't you think it would be easier if I were pretending to be the single woman and you were the one videotaping the whole thing?

Jack: This story is my idea, so I'm doing it. Besides, what makes it so revolutionary, so new, is being able to tell what it's like to be a single woman but from a man's point of view.

Jennifer: You lost me.

Jack: If you think I'm gonna sit here and videotape a bunch of strange guys trying to pick you up, you're crazy!

Jennifer: What about me videotaping a bunch of strange guys picking you up?

Jack: Hardly the same thing.

Jennifer: Yeah, you're right, but seriously, what if the guy figures out that you are you? Do you think he's gonna think it's funny?

Jack: Aha. I think I can take care of myself.

Jennifer: Oh, famous last words, Jack.

Jack: All right, all right. Oh! Ring. Single gal, right?

Jennifer: Shoulders back.

Jack: [Clears throat] [High-pitched voice] Excuse me, I'd like a cappuccino, please.

Waiter: Coming right up.

Eddie: What's a hot lady like you doing in a place like this?

Jack: [Normal voice] Is that what we sound like? [Clears throat] [ High-pitched voice] Is that the best you got?

Eddie: Well, let me buy you that cappuccino, and I'll show you exactly what I've got.

Jennifer: Jack! Walk away, walk away!

Frankie: Did he walk away?

Jennifer: Oh, what do you think?

Max: All right, you sit down. I'll get us some coffees.

Chelsea: Okay.

Abby: Chelsea, Josh just told me the news. I can't believe I didn't have my TV on last night.

Josh: It's all everyone was talking about here.

Abby: Are you all right?

Chelsea: Yeah. Um, you know how they say that right before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes?

Abby: Yeah.

Chelsea: Well, it's true. I mean, at least it was this time. Last night, I saw everything and an awful lot of it wasn't pretty.

Abby: I'm just glad you're all right.

Chelsea: Me too.

Josh: I've got to get back to work. Did you guys order?

Chelsea: No, um, can I get a cappuccino, please?

Max: Make mine a double.

Josh: You got it.

Abby: I'll come with you.

Max: [Clears throat] So...were you serious about your life flashing before your eyes?

Chelsea: I haven't been a good person, Max, but I wouldn't need to tell you that. [Sighs] Yeah, I really want to change. From now on, I just want to be completely honest about everything.

Max: Sounds like a good goal.

Chelsea: Yeah. I still can't believe after all the awful things I've done that Shawn and my dad still risked their lives to save mine.

Max: Of course they did. You're family.

Chelsea: Yeah, but I want to be more than that. I want to be somebody that my family...and my friends can be proud of.

Max: Does that mean you're gonna stand up in court, take responsibility for the hit-and-run accident that killed Zack, even if it means going to jail?

Kate: You can't do it, can you? You can't look me in the eye and tell me that you could accept losing Bo forever.

Billie: Mom, it's not that simple.

Kate: Yes, honey. It is that simple. Look, no one wants to be alone in life, okay? Everyone wants someone to share life with, that just makes it so much better -- a partner. Look at me. I should know, okay? But it does have to be the right partner. Otherwise, it could be disastrous. Look at Austin and Sami.

Billie: What do you mean "Austin and Sami"? Austin and Sami are dating? Since when?

Kate: Since Lucas and Carrie got engaged.

Billie: What?! Lucas and Carrie are engaged?! Well, that's -- well, that's terrific.

Kate: No, it's not terrific. It's horrific because Austin is still very much in love with Carrie.

Billie: Well, I'm sure that's got to be hard on Austin, but Lucas loves her, too.

Kate: Yes, he does. He does, but the only problem with the whole thing, Billie, is that Austin seems to believe that Sami is the only woman left on the planet. And I'm telling you, I will not be able to deal with it if he starts to date her again, or -- can you imagine -- marry her? It doesn't matter how much he thinks she's changed.

Billie: Maybe she has.

Kate: Sami Brady? No. No. And there is no way I'm going to let him get involved with her again, let her get her claws into him again...any more than I'm gonna let you give up on the man that you love.

Billie: Mother.

Kate: No, listen to me. Listen to me. I'm alone. I don't want you to be alone. Bo is the father of your daughter, and you and Chelsea -- you deserve to spend your life with him.

Abe: Well, you're right. The description could fit Lockhart.

Bo: Yeah, it sure does. I kept telling everyone he was dangerous, but Hope, Billie, and Jen -- they kept defending him.

Abe: We don't know for sure the fugitive's him.

Bo: Oh, come on, I do. Look at that.

Abe: Do you have any idea where he is?

Bo: No, after he and Billie broke up, he disappeared. Maybe he knew they were on to him.

Abe: Maybe. But if that fugitive really is Lockhart, he's looking at a lot of jail time if they catch him.

Bo: Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. You know, if there's a bright side to Hope running off, is that she's not anywhere near him.

Hope: I like mysteries when it comes to books, not to friends. And you are definitely a friend. Patrick, tell me some things I don't know about you.

Patrick: What you see is what you get.

Hope: Oh, come on. I'm a cop for God's sake. I can see through cover. You're such a wonderful guy. You're handsome. You're smart. You're brave. You're always there for me. I can't even count the number of times you saved my life.

Patrick: Well, that's what friends are for, right?

Hope: And I am incredibly grateful. But why isn't there someone special in your life? Or was there? Is that part of the mystery? Was there a woman in your past? I mean, before Billie? Patrick, tell me about her. Since I've been here, I've seen you sneak off in the middle of the night. Where are you going? If you have someone special on the island, if you're in love, I'm happy for you. Is that why you come here, because of her? Because of the memories you share?

Patrick: Yes, okay! That's why I come here.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Yes. I'm gonna take responsibility for all my actions....even if it means going to prison...even if it means losing everything.

Max: I'm really proud of you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Thanks. And I'm gonna start by telling my dad the truth.

Max: About what?

Chelsea: Well, I haven't exactly been supportive of him and Hope staying together.

Max: Because you wanted him and your mom together?

Chelsea: Yeah, and because I figured that as long as he and Hope weren't together, I'd have a better chance of him sticking up for me in court. But it can't always be about me.

Max: Well, that sounds like it's not gonna be anymore.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, Max. You have to take me to the police station right now.

Max: What's going on?

Chelsea: I need to talk to my dad before I change my mind.

Max: Okay, okay.

Josh: It's on me.

Abby: Thanks. Look, I'm sorry I haven't been able to see you much lately.. I really have wanted to.

Josh: I know. You've had a lot going on with your mom and your brother.

Abby: Yeah.

Josh: I'm really glad you made it over here after all.

Abby: Well, my mom and Frankie got back from their trip earlier than I thought they would, so I didn't have to babysit.

Josh: Is it weird, your mom going away with someone else?

Abby: A little. I mean, I don't think they went away went away.

Josh: I didn't mean...

Abby: I like Frankie. And my mom likes him, too. He was her first boyfriend way back when they were like our age.

Josh: You told me.

Abby: They're definitely getting closer. I'm fine with that. It's been so hard for my mom to let my dad go.

Jennifer: I cannot believe that I am just going on and on with another Jack story.

Frankie: It's also a Jennifer story. Come on, I'm hooked. What happened?

Jennifer: Well, all right. The guy was completely infatuated with Jack. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jack: [High-pitched voice] Trust me, Eddie, I'm not your type.

Eddie: Hard-to-get is such a giant turn-on.

Jack: Right.

Eddie: Hey, don't walk away.

Jack: Get your hands off of me!

Eddie: I love a strong woman.

Jack: [Normal voice] This isn't a pick-up bar. I'm trying to get a cup of coffee. How many times do I have to tell that jerk I'm not interested?

Jennifer: Well, welcome to the world of single women, Jack.

Jack: It's hell!

Eddie: Hey, ditch your girlfriend, honey. I'll show you a night you'll never forget.

Jack: I think it would be the other way around.

Jennifer: But can you imagine? If you're getting this much action in a coffee shop, imagine if you were in a bar.

Jack: I'm just gonna imagine going home with you. You're what I want to think about.

Jennifer: A little scary, huh? [Laughs]

Eddie: No wonder she turned me down.

Jack: What's the matter? You never seen a man kiss his wife before?

Frankie: You still really love him.

Frankie: You know, you'll never stop loving him, and no one's asking you to.

Jennifer: I know. I know that, but I am ready to move on, Frankie. What am I gonna do?

[Cellphone rings]

Frankie: Ooh, Mickey. What's up? Are you serious? All right, fine. I'll check in, in a little while.

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Frankie: Hope called Mickey.

Jennifer: What? Where is she? Is she all right?

Frankie: She wants to divorce Bo.

Kate: Honey...look at it this way -- Bo's lost everything. He's alone. He needs you in his life.

Billie: Stay out of it, Mother.

Kate: Billie...I can't, okay? I canít. I wasn't there for you, and I wasn't there for Austin when you were growing up, and to be honest with you, I just can't help trying to make up for that, just the same way you can't help trying to make up for not being there for Chelsea.

Billie: Only I learned that by meddling, I was only making the situation worse for everyone.

Kate: You mean Bo and Hope.

Billie: No, I mean for everyone, especially my daughter. Now, I am not gonna make the same mistakes that you did by manipulating her life.

Kate: Well, I feel badly, then. Because I see a very unhappy ending for you and for Chelsea.

Chelsea: Thanks for taking me, Max. Now comes the hard part -- confessing everything to my dad.

Max: Do you want me to go in there with you?

Chelsea: No. Um, I need to do this on my own.

Max: Are you sure?

Chelsea: Yeah. This is between me and him.

Max: Look, you're doing the right thing, okay? Everything's gonna be fine. All right, just good luck. me later, okay?

Chelsea: Okay, I will. Thanks. Oh, God. Please let my dad forgive me. And please let him and Hope get back together, even after everything I've done.

Abe: So, what are you gonna do about Hope?

Bo: I'm gonna try to find her. In the meantime, maybe she'll change her mind about the divorce and call me.

Abe: And if she does?

Bo: Well, I won't mention that it looks like Lockhart's a criminal. Man, he sure scammed her into trusting him.

Hope: Who is she? Where is she?

Patrick: Hope, donít.

Hope: What?

Patrick: I mean it.

Hope: Patrick, I'm sorry. I'm just trying --

Patrick: Just...forget it was ever mentioned.

Hope: I'm sorry, but I canít. I'm gonna find out what this secret of yours is.

Kate: I love my daughter dearly, but if you listen to her, your life is going to be a disaster.

Bo: Good luck to you boys in Chicago. I mean, I hope you catch this son of a bitch before he hurts another innocent woman.

Hope: So my wanting to get to know you better, it's because I generally care about you.

Lexie: I'm not lying for you anymore. I'm going to tell Carrie and Austin everything.

Sami: You're gonna what?

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