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Spokesman: It's the worst possible nightmare for the parents of these three young people.

Bo: Shawn, can you hear me?

Spokesman: Now that the chamber wall has fell into a tragic double-suicide mission. We've just been told that Detective Bo Brady, father of Shawn Brady, one of the young men who attempted the rescue, is now going back down. Our prayers are with this incredibly courageous father and son and the two other young people who are now trapped in what appears to be a tomb. Ladies and gentlemen, we'll stay live as this story continues to develop.

Bo: Hang on, Chelsea, Shawn! I'm on my way!


Hope: [Sniffles] Shawn's down there and now Bo's going back down to try to get him out. What if... no. I've already lost my youngest son. I'm not going to lose my oldest and my husband. God...God couldn't be that cruel.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Hope: I'm gonna lose what's left of my family.

Patrick: We don't know that.

Hope: You heard what the reporter said -- a tomb. He might as well have said they're all dead.

[Sighs] Why would Bo let Shawn risk his life going down there?

Patrick: Shawn is a grown man, Hope. He's a married man. Maybe he wanted to do it on his own.

Hope: He's supposed to be on his honeymoon. What is he even doing there? Damn it, that kid is so stubborn, but Bo's even more stubborn, so I don't know why he would allow Shawn to risk his life going down there... unless the girl who was trapped down there is someone we know.


Spokesman: Detective Brady is heading down into the sewer.

Belle: Can you see anything?

Billie: Bo, can you see anything? Are they alive?

Bo: I can't see a damn thing! [Grunts]


Spokesman: It's now four lives at stake, ladies and gentlemen, and the more time that goes by, the less likely it is that any of these people will come out alive.

Hope: I can't watch this anymore.

Spokesman: He's on his way up! Detective Brady's on his way up. Will he be alone, or has he been able to save anyone?

Hope: They can't die. Please, please let Bo and Shawn live... bring them all up alive.

Spokesman: It looks like Detective Brady has reached the surface. It looks like Detective Brady has managed to save the young girl who was trapped!

Hope: No, save Shawn! Save your son, Bo! How could you put a stranger before your own child?


Mimi: Shawn!

Bo: Shawn! Can you hear me?


Hope: Chelsea. Bo saved Chelsea. He sent our son down there to rescue the girl that killed his little brother?

Patrick: Take it easy, Hope.

Hope: He didn't save... how could he save Chelsea and not Shawn? Chelsea!


Belle: Bo, did you see Shawn and Philip down there?

Bo: No, but I'm going back down. Don't worry.

Belle: But there could be another gas explosion. It's too dangerous to go back down there again.

Bo: My son and my brother are down there. I'm going back.

Chelsea: [Sobbing] No, Dad, you can't go, please. No, Dad, I don't want to lose you.

Bo: It's okay, Chelsea. It's okay.


John: Damn it! How the hell can you sit there reading a damn paperback novel when Marlena's in the biggest danger of her life?

Roman: John, if I had a shred of evidence, I'd be all over this situation, and you know that.

John: The evidence is that he killed Lois Banks, and I'm not gonna let that happen to Doc.

Roman: John, please, don't try to walk out that door. I mean it.

John: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna shoot me? Finally, after all these years of hating my guts 'cause I took Marlena away from you, you're gonna shoot me?

Roman: This has got nothing to do with Doc. It's got everything to do with law and order, and I'm not gonna sit back and let you act like some wild-west gunslinger, some self-styled vigilante. What happened in the past has got nothing to do with this.

John: Oh, like hell I doesnít.

Roman: You take one step, I will arrest you.

John? You and who else.

Roman: I got officers seated out there everywhere with orders to do whatever they have to, to keep you away from Marlena's house.

John: Oh, come on, Roman you use to love her. I thought you still did. She's the mother of our twins, you don't give a damn about them do you?

Roman: You know what, John? Now you're making me angry. Those were the happiest days of my life, with Doc, raising the twins. She treated Carrie like she was her own. I would do anything to protect her, but I have sworn under oath to do it within the law.

John: Well see, I got a problem with sacrificing her life to uphold your damn oath. Alex North is going to kill her.

Roman: And I believe you're right, but if you hadnít run off and broken the damn law, taken it in your own hands time and time again, he would be behind bars right now.

John: Oh, no, no. The fact is he would never be behind bars because of you and your damn book. Now she's out there, alone with him, and sheís got no one to save her..


Alex: We'll be going on our honeymoon soon, leaving Salem far behind. And then you'll finally start to pay for what you did to me.

Marlena: [Exhales deeply] What? What?

Alex: Oh, I feel terribly if I woke you.

Marlena: What are you doing in my bedroom? What are you doing here?

Alex: What's yours is mine now that we've renewed our wedding vows.

Marlena: No.

Alex: Ah, ah, ah. Shh, sshh. We're husband and wife now. Iím exactly where I should be -- in my wife's bedroom.

Marlena: No, that's not true. I didn't -- I wouldnít marry you. I don't love you. I love John. I would never marry a man who was so horrible to me.

Alex: Ah, but you did. In a church, before God, you swore to love only me.

Marlena: No. No, it can't be. You lied to me. You lied to the police and everyone who I ever loved. You lied to everybody.

Alex: Mm-hmm. Yes, I did. It appears Iím going to have to increase your dosage next time .

Marlena: Dosage? What are you talking about?

Alex: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Poor, poor Marlena. You really are in the dark, aren't you? I've been drugging you for months. It really is an excellent way to surprise a person and make them do exactly what you want them to do. In your case, to turn your back on John and profess your undying, eternal love for me.

Marlena: No, no no! .

Alex: You are legally wed to me again, Marlena so take your medicine like a good girl, or I'll be forced to hurt you. And I guarantee you that it won't be pretty.


Hope: How could Bo let Shawn risk his life to save Chelsea? Chelsea -- the girl who killed my little boy. I don't know him anymore.

Patrick: Should he have let Chelsea die?

Hope: She deserves to die. She ran over my baby, and she drove away, Patrick.

Patrick: I'm not defending Chelsea.

Hope: Good, donít.

Patrick: I know she didn't mean to hurt Zack. She didnít know what she had done until it was too late.

Hope: She should have told the truth. While my little boy was lying, dying in the hospital... [Sobbing] She could have stepped up and taken responsibility. But instead, she let her father hide her crime. Bo was trying to save her then, and heís trying to save her now.

Patrick: I don't think Bo was choosing Chelsea's life over Shawn's.

Hope: He didn't stop Shawn from going down after her, did he?! I know -- I know Shawn's a hero just like his dad but at least that's the way Iíve always thought of him. But damn it, Patrick, she's okay. Sheís fine. That selfish girl who never gives a damn about anyone but herself Ėshe's fine. And my son -- my only surviving child...might be lying down there, dead. Is that right what are you doing? That bo made the right choose?

Prick: I'm sorry. It doesn't seem that simple. Nothing ever is when it comes to life and death.

Hope: I donít want Chelsea to die. You know that.

Patrick: Yeah.

Hope: But what if Shawn dies? What if he's given his life to save Bo's daughter?


Chelsea: Coughing

Billie: It's okay now. It's okay. It's all over.

Chelsea: Not if dad goes back down there, Mom. You canít let him. He might not come back. Dad, please, donít go down there.

Bo: Shawn and Philip are down there. I'm not gonna leave them to die.


Mimi: Oh, my God! Someone's coming up! Oh, my God. Oh, oh, my God. Please it be Shawn.

Belle: God, please let it be Shawn.

Mimi: It's Philip. Philip!



Bo: You all right?

Philip: Yeah.

Bo: Glad you got out, man.

Philip: Thanks. Iím all right. I'm all right. Ay.

Bo: Shawn? Where, where's Shawn?

Philip: What are you talking about? He's right behind me.


Mimi: Shawn! Shawn! Oh!

Shawn D.: Hey, three for three. Not bad, huh?

[Applause] Alright?

Shawn D.: I'm okay.

Mimi: Iíve never been so happy to hug anyone in my whole life

Shawn D.: Me too, baby. Me too.


Hope: Shawn Douglas, I love you. I love you so much. I couldn't bear it if I lost you, too.

Patrick: I'm glad he's okay, Hope.

Hope: [Sniffles]


Billie: Excuse me. Sir, could you check out my daughter, please?

Chelsea: Mom, I'm fine.

Billie: No, youíre not fine. You most died tonight. I want to make sure you're okay. Please.

Paramedics: Sure, ma'am. No problem. No problem.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Billie: Okay.


Bo: [Clears throat]

Billie: Oh, God. If you hadn't gone down there -- oh, my God. We almost lost her again.

Bo: But we didnít. It's gonna be okay.

Billie: No it's not okay. I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you so much for going down there. I don't know how to thank you. Thank you.

Spokesman: Are those happy tears, Mrs. Brady

Billie: It's not Mrs. Brady.

Spokesman: Uh, yes, of course, I'm sorry. My apologies. I'm a little shaken up myself. Congratulations on the recovery of your daughter, Ms. Reed. Chelsea Brady is the long-lost daughter of Police Detective Bo Brady and ex-officer Billie Reed, two very happy parents right now, as I'm sure you can imagine. Detective Brady, can you tell our viewers at home who have been following this ordeal every step of the way exactly how you feel to have your daughter home safe?

Bo: I'm just happy and relieved my family's safe.


Hope: Your family? Your family.


Roman: John, you thinking about getting any sleep tonight

John: You're kidding me, right?

Roman: Yeah, that's what I thought. Well, thereís always room service. We could order up some burgers and play a little gin rummy.

John: Listen, man, this isnít a joke. Marlenaís light's on in her bedroom.

Roman: Oh, John, come on.

John: Now, who the hell turns lights on in the middle of the night?

Roman: Could be raiding the refrigerator now, you've got to stop this.


Marlena: [Panting] John!

Alex: There really is no way out.

Roman: [Exhales deeply]

Marlena: Help me, help! Help! Oh!


John: Roman, get over her quick.

Roman: John, what the hell are you doing now?


Marlena: [Panting] Aa Alex! Aah! No no, Alex, no! No! [Sobbing]


Roman: I mean it, John.

John: Check it out, quick.

Roman: I don't see anything.

John: He's attacking her in the bedroom. The lights are on. He had her pressed up against the terrace door. She was screaming.

Roman: There's nobody there.

John: Damn. I'm telling you what I saw.. Why would I make it up?

Roman: To get me let you out of here.

John: For God's sakes. There were sheers on the window before.

Roman: Yeah? So?

John: Well, they're not there now. They must have come down in the struggle.

Roman: John, you know what? This would be a hell of a lot easier if I trusted you.

John: Listen, you're a betting man. He's a 50-50 shot. Iím telling you the truth. Are you gonna gamble with Docís life? Are you?

Roman: Let's go.

John: Let's move it.


Patrick: Look. Maybe if we focused on the positive. Bo and Shawn are both alive.

Hope: You heard what he said...on TV, to all of America. Billie and Chelsea are Bo's family now.

Patrick: Look, maybe he didn't mean it the way it came out.

Hope: It's what he said. That's enough for me.

Patrick: Bo was getting ready to go back down after Shawn.

Hope: But he didn't, did he? He didn't go back down because he let Chelsea stop him.

Patrick: For a few seconds. I mean, look, it wasn't even a minute. If Philip and Shawn hadn't pulled themselves out of there, Bo was going back down.

Hope: I guess we'll never know, probably.

Patrick: Bo is under a lot of pressure..

Hope: Because of his daughter. Bo has been wrapped around her little finger ever since he and Billie discovered their precious little angel. What a miracle, huh? Just think...if they hadnít found Chelsea after 18 years, my son would still be alive. Well, at least I know where I stand now. I mean, yeah, I was shocked that Bo agreed to the divorce so quickly, but I get it. I get it now. He's moved on. He's chosen to be with Billie and Chelsea instead of me and Shawn..


Billie: God, when I think about how scared Chelsea must have been down there...

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: Do you think she thought it was the end of her life?

Bo: Kids feel like they're immortal, but she looked pretty frightened down there.

Billie: I'll get her some counseling. Hell I need counseling. I've never been more terrified.

Bo: I know. I'm sorry. This is my fault. I shouldnít have yelled at her the way I did. She's just a kid.


Chelsea: Dad --

Bo: You can stop with the fake tears. You and I both know you don't give a damn about my marriage falling apart. In fact, you're thrilled because your evil stepmother might not be in town to testify against you.

Chelsea: Dad, how can you even think that?

Bo: It's not just what I think. It's something I know.

Chelsea: Well, I hate to tell you --

Bo: Cut it out would you?! Just sit for once. You know, I've been cutting you way to much slack the last few months because I've felt guilty for not being around when you were young. I thought I was maybe helping you in some way, but obviously, I wasnít. I should have been a hell of a lot tougher on you. Then maybe you would stop waltzing around, thinking you can get through life being so selfish and irresponsible, but things are gonna change, starting right now and hopefully it's not too late, because the way you've been acting lately, I'm thinking thereís only one way you are gonna learn your damn lesson. Maybe going to prison is exactly what you need.


Bo: [Clears throat] I was freaked about Hope asking for a divorce, and I took it out on Chelsea. She ran out into the night, crying, not watching where she was going. She could have died here tonight.

Billie: Hey donít beat yourself up, Bo. Sheís okay because of you.

Bo: No, I could have lost another child because of my anger.

Billie: Bo, she has been selfish, okay she needed a wake-up call tonight.

Bo: All kids think the world revolves around them. When I was her age, I wanted what I wanted, to hell with the rest of the world, and I wasn't facing a possible prison sentence.

Billie: I'm terrified for her.

Bo: Yeah me too. You know, Billie, we got to keep in mind what she's going through. I mean, hell, she lost her parents, she feels guilty about what happened to Zack. She's terrified about her future, and we haven't been there for her. But we're her parents now. We got to make sure she knows that we love her, and that weíll always be there for her.

Billie: Okay, I understand that, but, Bo, you canít let her manipulate you okay? She needs a father whoís gonna call her on the crap instead of caving every time she cries on his shoulder.

Bo: I know.


Paramedics: Let's get the two of you checked out.

Philip: What? Iím fine. I don't need anything.

Mimi: No, I would feel a lot better if you had someone take a look at you, make sure you didn't catch anything gross down there.

Belle: Yes, Philip. I want you to do it. Do it for Claire, okay?

Philip: All right, when you put it like that. Yeah, lead the way. We'll go. We'll be back.


Mimi: Belle, sometimes you're so full of it.

Belle: Excuse me?

Mimi: Don't act all innocent. I saw the look on your face when we didnít know who it was climbing up. You wished it were Shawn.

Belle: I was terrified.

Mimi: Yeah, I got that. But for who? Your husband or mine?

Belle: I was worried about both of them. Weren't you?


Spokesman: I was so moved during tonight's ordeal, seeing how worried the two of you were about those two young men who risked their life to rescue Chelsea Benson.

Mimi: Of course we were worried. They're our husbands.

Spokesman: Your love came through loud and clear to our viewing audience. I'm sure our website's gonna crash with all the e-mails coming through for all of you. I have to admit, though, it was extremely heartbreaking to watch you, knowing that you and Shawn Brady had just gotten married.

Belle: No, I don't think you understand

Spokesman: I don't mean to be personal, Mrs. Brady, but our viewers were so moved by the look of love on on your face for Shawn Brady. I have to admit -- I shed a few tears myself. I mean, it was obvious how terrified you were for him. And this is no way to spend your honeymoon.

Mimi: Actually, um, I am Mrs. Brady. Shawn is my husband. I'm Mimi Brady. This is Belle Kiriakis. She's just a friend. What you saw was her concern for a longtime friend.

Spokesman: Iím so sorry, Mrs. Brady. Sometimes we plain just get it wrong we get. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a very long, emotional night for all of us, but it's not over for some of Salem's most dedicated city workers. When a situation calls for a daring rescue, you need to look no farther than these brave men and women.


Mimi: Belle, you think that you're fooling all of us, but I see right through you. And apparently, so did most of America tonight, so I want to thank you for that. It was a really nice wedding gift.

Belle: The reporter was just trying to make it a bigger story, Mimi.

Mimi: The reporter has eyes, Belle, and so do I? You keep acting like Shawn is your husband he's not. He is mine. So back off.


Chelsea: Shawn, um... I know that I'm not on top of your list, t --

Shawn D.: You're not on the list at all. As far as I'm concerned, you donít even exist.

Chelsea: But we share the same father and --

Shawn D.: And we use to share the same brother until you killed him. But that wasn't enough for you. No, you had to rip my family apart, too.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I just wanted to thank you for, um -- for saving my life tonight.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, I didnít do it for you.

Chelsea: You did it because you're a good person.

Shawn D.: Don't pretend like you know me, okay? I would have gone down there to save anyone, even a stray dog.


Roman: John, John. Listen, you got me over here, but we're gonna do this my way.

John: There's no time for the rule book. We're just gonna bust that door down and get her out of here.

Roman: No, we're not. Marlena, North! Salem P.D. -- Open up! This is Roman Brady. North, you got 30 seconds to open this door.

John: We don't have any time for this. I'm kicking it in. Where is she? Marlena?


Alex: Ah, ah, ah. My wife is upstairs asleep. At least, she was, but now with all this commotion down here, you may very well have awakened her. Now what the hell is going on here? Do I need to get a restraining order against both of you?

John: I saw what you did to her.

Alex: What I did? Wait a minute. What were you doing, spying on us? This is a private home.

John: You attacked her. I saw you through the terrace doors.

Alex: [Sighs] I should have had you arrested when you tried to shoot me at St. Lukeís. That is a mistake I will not make again.

John: I should have shot you when I had the chance, but if you've hurt her, I won't need bullets to kill you. I'll do it with my bare hands.

Roman: John, John, what you're doing right now is plain stupid.

Alex: That is a specialty of his. You heard him, Roman. He threatened me. You are my witness. He threatened to kill me with his bare hands.

Roman: Stop smirking. I hate smirking. Now, you get Marlena down here.

Alex: I'm not about to disturb my wife.. It's the middle night.

Roman: Do it right now or I'll take you in for resisting an officer.

Alex: [Sighs] I may consider calling my wife down here if you will tell me what this lunatic thought he saw me doing to her.

John: You attacked her. He had her pressed up against the bedroom window.

Alex: This would be so fun even if it wasn't so pathetic.

Roman: North, I'm tired of your patronizing attitude. Explain yourself.

Alex: I'm just glad Marlena isn't down here to hear me having to discuss our marital relations with you two.

John: Relations? What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Alex: Something I don't think you're going to like to hear. What you seen, John, was some very intense lovemaking. Marlena is much more passionate than I even remember. Obviously even more so than with you. Otherwise, you wouldn't ve been thinking that I was hurting her.

John: You lousy son of a bitch. Where is she? Marlena.


Marlena: John? Roman? What are you doing here?

John: Are you all right?


Roman: Marlena, how a you? Be absolutely honest, okay? John and I are concerned. Did Alex North do anything to hurt you?

Marlena: Alex?

Roman: John thinks he saw --

John: I don't think anything. I saw him attack her..

Marlena: You saw Alex attack me? No, of course he didn't do that. Do I look like I've been attacked?

Roman: Doc, look at me. Doc, look at me. Are you sure this man did nothing to harm you?


Marlena: Alex, no! What are you -- Alex, don't! Don't do anything! Don't do anything! Ah, ah!

Alex: That's a good wife. Now youíll only remember what I want you to.


Alex: You wouldn't take my word for it, but then again, of course, I'm used to that. However, you just heard Marlena tell you herself. After all, it is our wedding night, isn't it, Dear, and what else would we be doing other than making love? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. They insisted I explain to them what John witnessed when he was spying on us. He really gave me no other choice.

John: Is that true?

Marlena: I can't believe you're asking me to talk about something so personal. You had no right to be watching us. And what happens in my home is not for public viewing, John.. I'd like you both to leave, and if you ever barge in here again, I will call the police, and I will have you arrested. So go. Go! Now!

Roman: All right, John. You know what? Let's go. Come on.

Alex: Very good. Excellent. You were perfect.

Marlena: I want to be perfect -- a perfect wife. Your wife. I always want to be perfect for you.



John: Did you buy any of that?

Roman: [Sighs] No. Not really.

John: That wasn't Doc. She doesn't talk like that.

Roman: You think he's hypnotizing her?

John: I don't know what the hell he's doing to her, but whatever it is, itís's against her will.

Roman: You know that, and I believe you're right, but, damn it, John, without evidence, we got nothing to take North in on.

John: I am more sure than ever, Roman, that he's gonna take her out of Salem. He's gonna kill her.

Roman: Why in the hell would he want to kill her?

John: Well, why did Ted Bundy kill all those women? He's a mental case -- a charming one. That's the worst kind. I'm not gonna let him do that to Doc. I don't care what it costs. If the only way to stop North is by murdering him, that's what I'm gonna do, and for that, they can throw me in prison -- hell, they can give me the death penalty for all I care.


Alex: Oh, John, you make it almost too easy -- like leading a lamb to slaughter.


Billie: Hey, sweetie. Chelsea, how did this happen?

Chelsea: I don't know. I slipped and fell I guess. I just- I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay? Just don't ask me any more questions.

Billie: Okay, okay. It's okay.

Bo: Excuse me. I'll be right back.


Mimi: Every time you look at Shawn, you're broadcasting your feelings to everybody, TV camera just happened to be watching. I don't appreciate it, Belle. I'm sick of it. You are married to Philip. Be faithful to him.

Belle: I am being faithful to him.

Mimi: I'm not talking about just physically. You can have all kinds of inappropriate feelings.

Belle: All right, Mimi, you know what? I can't help the way I feel, but I am married to Philip, and I'm committed to a life with him and our daughter.

Mimi: I'm glad to hear it, because you see this ring? It says I'm the woman Shawn chose to marry, not you. So you can keep on worrying about him as a friend but he is my husband. [Sighs]


Philip: I think it's time to go home.

Belle: Absolutely.


Mimi: So, um, letís see. Where were we? Do you remember?

Shawn D.: Oh, yes I remember


Bo: Hey Shawn?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: Hey, you and Philip were great together, going down there in the sewer. If you hadn't, Chelsea might -- just thanks.

Shawn D.: Yeah. No problem. Let's go home.

Bo: Shawn? Have you heard from your mom?

Shawn D.: No!

Bo: Oh you know where she is?


Shawn D.: Where will you go? Do you have some place in mind?

Hope: Well, somewhere quiet, remote. I heard about this place -- Morgan Island. The more I think about it, the more I like it, why not? It sounds perfect.


Shawn D.: If mom wanted you to know where she was, she would tell you. And I wouldn't keep Billie and Chelsea waiting. They're your family. Good night.


Philip: Good night, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, night. Thanks, Philip.

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