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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/11/06 - Canada; Wednesday 4/12/06 - U.S.A.


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Lucas: This night has been amazing. I don't want it to end.

Carrie: I feel the same way. I love this.

Lucas: And I love you.


Sami: I had a great time tonight.

Austin: Me too.

Sami: I hope we have a lot more nights just like this one. Austin, I have to tell you, when you suggested we all go to the pier together, I thought it was crazy. But once we were there, it seemed right to celebrate Carrie and Lucas' engagement with them.

Austin: It's nice to know we can all get along.

Sami: We're family -- you and Lucas, me and Carrie. That's what's most important.

Austin: I'm proud of you.

Sami: Why?

Austin: Just the way you handled everything, you know, with me and Lucas.. I know it wasn't easy for you.

Sami: Waiting for Carrie to decide which of you she wanted to be with...wasn't easy. But I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

Austin: Are you?

Sami: Austin, I have always dreamed of being with you.

Austin: Sami.


Lucas: I want to make love to you... now, tonight.

Carrie: Uh...

Lucas: Well, wait a minute. Don't you want that, too?


Austin: [Sighs]

Sami: What is it?

Austin: [Sighs]

Sami: Austin --

Austin: Look, I'm not sure that we should be doing this.


Newscaster: If you just tuned in, I'm reporting to you live from a residential neighborhood here in Salem. A young woman has just fallen into an open sewer manhole. There's a sense of urgency here as Detective Bo Brady from the Salem P.D. is preparing to make his second attempt to rescue the trapped woman.

Hope: Where's the rescue squad? What do you think you're doing, Brady?

Reporter: Why was the manhole left open? That's a question we can't answer. But we do know, however, that city crews have been working in recent days to seal off this abandoned section of the sewer line -- a line that is antiquated and in serious disrepair. And that's the danger complicating this rescue attempt. One utility worker I spoke to told me, "the main in which the woman is trapped is corroded and buckling." He also said there's a gas leak in the sewer line which could prove deadly for the victim and the rescuers. We are all holding our breath here in Salem as this deadly drama continues to unfold.

Hope: This is crazy. This is insane. He doesn't even have an oxygen mask.. Is he trying to get himself killed?

Reporter: We were just told that the woman is alive, but now this is a dangerous situation for her and for Detective Brady.


Billie: Oh, please, God, let Bo be in time to save Chelsea.

Philip: Billie, what's happening?

Shawn D.: We just heard about this on the news.

Belle: This is terrible. I almost fell down this manhole earlier. If it hadn't been for Shawn, I probably would have.

Mimi: This is where you were?

Shawn D.: I ran into Belle earlier when I was looking for flowers and groceries. Now, I heard on the news that my father went down there.

Billie: He already went down, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Does anybody know who it is that fell down there?

Billie: It's Chelsea.


Bo: Hold on, Chelsea. I'm on my way.

Chelsea: Dad, my leg is still stuck.

Bo: Don't worry. Don't worry. Hold on, I'm gonna get you out of here.

Chelsea: Dad, I don't want to die.

Bo: Honey, you're not -- you're not gonna die. I won't let that happen. Hang on.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Shawn D.: Chelsea. She is the one who's trapped?

Billie: Yes.

Philip: Yeah, well, how the hell did she fall down there?

Shawn D.: Somebody should be fired.

Mimi: It was an accident waiting to happen.

Billie: Chelsea must be so scared. I'm so worried about her.

Belle: Look, at least she knows that her dad is with her.

Billie: I'm worried about him, too.

Shawn D.: If there's anyone who can pull her out, it's him.


Hope: It looks like more people are showing up. That's Shawn and Mimi.

Patrick: That's Philip and Belle.

Hope: It's Billie. Damn it, I should have known. She must have been with Bo when he got the call.

Patrick: Hope, you're jumping to conclusions.

Hope: No, I'm not. Damn it, what's taking so long? Why hasn't he come up yet?


Man: I need you to stand back.

Shawn D.: I just want to know how bad is this?

Man: It's bad, okay? This is a worn-out section of the sewer line. That's why we were shutting it down. A city engineer said that there's a main here that is in danger of collapsing. That's before the girl fell in.

Philip: The reporter said something about a gas leak.

Man: We managed to contain most of the toxic gases. But there's still a danger of a big explosion which could just level this whole area.

Shawn D.: I'm not gonna let that happen.

Man: It's out of your hands.

Shawn D.: The hell it is. Bo Brady is my father.


Reporter: Cindy, get me the lowdown on Bo Brady -- his background, his family.

Billie: This isn't good. They've been down there too long.

Mimi: It just seems long.

Belle: Billie, Billie, I heard one of the workmen say that the gas is starting to clear out. So that's one less thing to worry about.

Billie: You're sure?

Belle: That's what they said.

Billie: Yeah, but still, you heard them. They said that there could be a cave-in. There could be an explosion. Bo's got to get her out of there now!

Mimi: Just try and think positive. Bo knows what he's doing. He is not going to get out of that hole until he has Chelsea safely in his arms.

Billie: You're right. You're right. He doesn't care about the danger to himself. He is the most unselfish person I've ever met. [Thinking] That's why I love him so much.


Hope: Bo knows better than to go down into a tunnel without backup.

Patrick: And you ought to know better that Bo's not gonna wait around for the cavalry when someone's in trouble.

Hope: That's true. It doesn't matter who's trapped down there. Bo would risk his life to save anyone.

Patrick: And that's what draws you to him, even now. Admit it. Bo is your hero, and he always will be. I'm right, aren't I?


Chelsea: [Coughs] Dad, get me out of here, please.

Bo: Shh. Shh. Shh. I'll get you out of here, but I'm gonna need your help, okay?

Chelsea: Okay.

Bo: I'm gonna need you to stay calm.

Chelsea: I can't stay calm! My foot is stuck. It hurts.

Bo: I know. I know. It's all right. It's all right.

Chelsea: [Coughs] Oh, my God. What's that noise? My God, we're gonna die.

Bo: No. No.

Chelsea: Yes, we are.

Bo: We're not gonna die.


Man: Get back.

Philip: All right.

Man: Everybody, get back, please. The line may be giving way.

Reporter: This has been the fear since we first learned a woman fell into an open manhole. The sewer line in which she's trapped may be collapsing. Neither she nor her would-be rescuer, Detective Brady, has been heard from.

Hope: This is killing me. Bo, get out of there.

Shawn D.: I have no choice. Dad, Dad, are you okay? [Rumbling]


Carrie: Lucas, of course I want to. I mean, we're engaged. I love you.

Lucas: Yeah, but we are moving pretty fast. And we're about to make love.. It's a big step. I understand if you're not ready.

Carrie: The bigger step for me was figuring out who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and that's you.

Lucas: Yeah, but you did turn me down the first time I proposed, said you wanted to take things slow.

Carrie: I know.

Lucas: You telling me that you've changed your mind? I don't want to push you, all right? I really donít. I would wait for you forever, if that's what it took.

Carrie: Forever, huh?

Lucas: Well, no, maybe not forever -- 5 or 10 minutes, that's about it. No, I'm serious. If you're not ready, that's fine. I'll hold off, you know? I'll take a cold shower or something.


Sami: Are you saying that you don't want to?

Austin: No. I'm just not sure that this is a good idea.

Sami: Because you still have feelings for Carrie.

Austin: Look, I can't turn my feelings off overnight, okay? But that's not it.

Sami: Then what?

Austin: I want us to start dating again, see where it leads. Maybe we do have a future. But we're not gonna know that until we spend more time together. And I just -- I just don't, you know, think that comfort sex is a good idea, you know?

Sami: That's what you think this is? Is that why you started dating me again?

Austin: I don't want you to think that. I'm worried about you.

Sami: Why?

Austin: I saw the way you were looking at Lucas when the four of us were on the pier. You're not over him.

Sami: I don't know why you think that.

Austin: I could see it.

Sami: Lucas has chosen to be with Carrie. And I'm fine with that. I have moved on.

Austin: In some ways, maybe.

Sami: No. No, in every way.

Austin: Look... I don't want us to get involved again for the wrong reason. You are very vulnerable right now. So am I. And if we make love, I want it to be because you want me, not because you lost Lucas or you want to annoy my mother.

Sami: Wait a second. Look, all right, maybe annoying Kate is certainly an added bonus, but it is not what motivates me. Austin, I really believe that you are the guy I'm meant to be with.

Austin: You really believe that?

Sami: But you have to be honest with me. I don't know if I could survive another failed relationship.

Austin: You are still so insecure.

Sami: No. No, I'm not.

Austin: Well, who wouldn't be after everything you've been through? You know, I think the funny thing is everyone sees you as a cold, manipulative...

Sami: Bitch. You can say it.

Austin: Yeah. But whoever thinks that is wrong. You put up this really brave front, but it's just an act. And you're afraid that if you let your guard down, you're gonna get hurt again.

Sami: Yeah, because of everything that I have done. Even when I try to turn my life around, no one is willing to give me another chance. No one is willing to trust me. Why should this time be any different, Austin? Especially after everything that I have done to you.

Austin: I love Carrie. Look, don't blame Carrie, okay? You have known how I felt about her since the very first time I met her. Remember that time she was in the hospital? Can you remember that time she was in the hospital, okay? She decided she couldn't see me anymore. You were my biggest supporter. You helped me pick out a ring for her.

Sami: That was a long time ago. Everything has changed.

Austin: Not my love for Carrie.


Sami: Mother's blood type. Father's blood type. Will's blood type is... wait. Is that possible?

Austin: If Carrie and I both meet on the rooftop at midnight, that means we want to get back together.

Sami: I'll set that clock back. Okay, 15 minutes. Sorry, Carrie, your time with Austin has just run out. [Knock on door]

Austin: Carrie. Carrie, are you in there? Are you sure it's my baby?

Sami: We slept together. Don't you remember?

Carrie: Will is not his son. You know that, and now we know it, too.

Sami: Of course Will is your son, Austin.

Carrie: Leave him alone.

Sami: Get out of my way.

Carrie: Like hell, Sami. I will never get out of your way ever again.

Sami: I am not gonna lose Austin.

Carrie: You already have, Sami. And I win.


Sami: Austin, how can I expect you to want to have a future with me?

Austin: That's a good question.

Sami: I always feel like you sort of feel sorry for me. But that is not a good reason to start dating someone. Austin, are you sure you want to have a relationship with me?


Hope: Why won't they tell us what the hell is going on? This is excruciating.

Patrick: It's okay. We just have to be patient.

Reporter: A moment ago, there was a roaring noise that may have been the sewer line collapsing inward. And that would be terrible news for both Detective Brady and the woman he's trying to extricate from the damaged tunnel.


Man: Miss, I'm gonna need you to wait over there.

Billie: No, I want to know if Bo's all right and if he's found my daughter.

Man: We don't know anything. I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to wait here.

Shawn D.: I'm going down.

Man: No, there's a rescue team on the way.

Shawn D.: Where are they coming from, Australia?


Philip: Going down there might actually make things harder.

Shawn D.: My father is down there and my sister. What if they are both trapped?

Mimi: Philip is right. You just need to give your father some more time, Shawn.

Shawn D.: A wall just caved in, Mimi. If I wait any longer, it could be too late. I'm never gonna forgive myself if that happens. Dad! Dad, can you hear me?!

Bo: Yeah, I hear you.

Shawn D.: Thank God. What is happening?


Chelsea: [Coughs]

Bo: It's all right, Chelsea. It's all right, baby.

Reporter: I couldn't hear his every word, but I could make out Detective Brady's voice. He is alive.

Hope: Thank you, God.


Philip: Hey, you're familiar with these sewer lines. I know there is gas building up, what I want to know is how to stop it.

Man: We've already tried to divert it, but the thing just busted. Every pipe down there is about a century old.

Philip: This is the only place you can divert it from?

Man: There's another valve at the next junction.

Philip: How do I get to that?

Man: You're not authorized. Besides, you wouldn't even know what you're looking for.

Philip: Then send someone who does. I am a U.S. Marine. I have rescue training. I just want to help, all right?

Man: Easy. Easy, okay? You want to help? Fine.

Philip: Yeah.

Man: Okay, Joe, I need you to go to the other station. Okay, take this guy with you. I need you to try to relieve some of the pressure there. It's possible they're already doing this, but we've been waiting so long to get some help, I doubt it.

Philip: All right, let's go.

Man: You okay here?

Philip: Yeah, I'm fine. Go.


Belle: Philip, Philip, where are you going?

Philip: I'm just going to help. I'm not doing any good here. Just stay away from that, okay? I'll be back.


Shawn D.: Dad! Dad, is there any luck with Chelsea?

Chelsea: My foot is pinned down, Shawn. [Coughs] Dad keeps trying to move it, but it won't budge. [Coughs]

Bo: Listen, sweetie, your foot's pinned in there pretty good. I'm gonna have to try to find some tool to move those rocks.

Chelsea: No, don't leave me, Dad, donít.

Bo: I won't be gone long. I promise I'll be back. I'll get you out of here, okay? You just hang in there.

Chelsea: [Coughs]


Hope: He's out. He's okay. He's out, Patrick! Oh, my God.

Bo: Tie this off. My daughter's at the other end.

Reporter: Detective Brady, how's the woman holding up?

Bo: Not now.

Reporter: Has she been injured? Is she talking to you?

Bo: Get out of my way. Not now.


Reporter: Bo Brady -- a man of action, a man of few words.

Hope: Because he's saving someone's life, mister! What happened to the picture?

Patrick: We've lost the signal.

Hope: Patrick, you've got to get it back.

Patrick: There's nothing I can do. It's a satellite. We have to see if we can pick up the signal again.

Hope: We got to go back to Salem.


Bo: [Coughs]

Billie: Bo, why -- is she --

Bo: No, she is not dead.

Billie: Well, then why didn't you come up with her?

Bo: When she fell, she got stuck in this sewer pipe, and there's not enough room for me to pull her out. The walls are collapsing and there's a gas leak.

Shawn D.: Philip and a utility worker just took off to a new section of the sewer. They're trying to divert the gas pressure away from this line.

Bo: That's great, but we got to get our daughter up out of that damn hole.

Shawn D.: What about her foot? It's stuck on something?

Bo: There's not enough room to get any tools in there and pull her out.

Billie: You got to get her. You got to save her.

Bo: I'm not gonna give up. Our daughter is not gonna die here today. Where the hell is the damn rescue squad?!

Shawn D.: Let me see these hands. I'll go.

Belle: No!


Carrie: You know I want to be with you, Lucas... in every way.

Lucas: Yeah, but I sense a "but" coming.

Carrie: I've just been down this road before.

Lucas: Yeah, it's a superhighway. We've both been down it before.

Carrie: And we've been disappointed with the relationships that didn't work out -- me with Austin and mike.

Lucas: Yeah -- me with Sami and Nicole.

Carrie: So you know where I'm coming from.

Lucas: I do. I totally understand. We've both made mistakes in the past. But I think we've learned from them. You know, that's why I think we're gonna be great together. We won't have any regrets. I love you so much. I want you now.

Carrie: And I love you, Lucas. And, yes, I want you, too.


Austin: I haven't changed my mind. I want to give this relationship every chance to work. You know, see if we might be able to have a future together. But I do not want to repeat our past mistakes.

Sami: I don't want to, either, Austin. In fact, I am determined not to let that happen again. And you know me. Who can follow up better than me, right?

Austin: Right.

Sami: Hey, you know, we keep dwelling on all the bad times in our past. We had a lot of good times, too, remember?

Sami: I love the way you dance, Austin.

Austin: You're not so bad yourself.

Sami: Not with everyone, just you. I guess I just feel comfortable in your arms.

Austin: I'm glad.

Sami: Austin, I know that you've been through a lot of pressure recently with work and other things. I just want you to be happy when you come home.

Austin: Thank you. I do.

Sami: I don't want you to ever feel lonely.

Sami: [Screams] I'm gonna get you for that one! [Screams] Oh, funny, huh?

Austin: What is?

Sami: Well, it's like 10 degrees outside, and it's probably zero with the windchill factor. I have ice and snow everywhere and I don't feel cold at all.

Austin: I was just thinking the same thing.

Sami: You want to make snow angels?

Austin: For what? I have a real angel right here with me in the snow, right next to me. Do you want to, um, finish this... in a drier place? Yeah? Okay. Come on.

Sami: Austin, hi.

Austin: One long-stemmed American beauty, and I'm not talking about the flower.

Sami: Austin, it's beautiful. Come in. You know, you spoil me rotten.

Austin: You see, that is the plan. Now I'm here to escort you to breakfast.

Sami: Where are we going?

Austin: The main house. So why don't you go, um... get some clothes on. I'll wait out here.

Sami: Okay. I'll be right back.

Austin: Actually, wait. Maybe, uh, maybe you shouldn't get some clothes on. Not yet.

Sami: Austin, what about breakfast?

Austin: We can have lunch.

Austin: You know I have happy memories.

Sami: Yeah, I do, too. I think we should focus on those. And maybe make some new memories, too. Austin, please.


Patrick: It's not gonna help. We're out of position.

Hope: I need to know if Bo is all right.

Patrick: Wait. We're in luck. It's coming back.

Reporter: Philip Kiriakis, war hero and son of Industrialist Victor Kiriakis and Businesswoman Kate Roberts, have now joined the rescue attempt. He's going to a different section of the sewer system where he plans to turn on a new valve in hopes of diverting potentially explosive gas that's building up in this line. Salem Police Detective Bo Brady is determining his next move. Meanwhile, there is still no sign of those emergency rescue crews that were supposed to be here a while ago.

Hope: Looks like Bo and Billie are arguing. Boy, I would love to hear what they're saying right now.


Shawn D.: I've got to try.

Belle: Shawn, please donít. It's too dangerous.

Mimi: I agree with Belle. Although you didn't seem too concerned when Philip volunteered to help.

Belle: Philip didn't go down in that manhole. As far as I know, he's still aboveground.

Mimi: As far as you know.


Bo: I can't let you do this.

Shawn D.: We're just gonna leave Chelsea down there to die?

Billie: I will go down and get her.

Bo: I'll take care of this.

Shawn D.: No, Dad, how are you gonna take care of it? Look at your hands.. You can't even use them right now.

Bo: We'll put some gloves on, all right?


Belle: What? No. I'm begging you, don't do this.

Mimi: Shawn, the rescue squad is on its way.

Shawn D.: This rescue squad has been on their way forever. I've decided to do this.


Reporter: There's been a decision. And it looks like Shawn Brady, the recently married son of Detective Bo Brady, is now going to try to rescue the trapped woman.

Hope: Oh, my God, no.

Reporter: And the younger Brady will go down into the narrow tunnel. But there is one poignant moment that I'm sure is weighing heavily on Detective Brady. Another one of his children, Zack Brady, was recently killed in a hit-and-run car accident.


Billie: Be careful, Shawn. Thank you.

Bo: She's at the end of that rope, okay?

Shawn D.: Yup.


Hope: How could Bo let Shawn do something so dangerous? He's not trained for this. Look at the utility workers. They're just standing there. What are they doing? Oh, God, I can't lose another child. I canít. Damn it, who's so important down there that Bo would let Shawn risk his life?

Patrick: You know your man, Hope. You said it yourself. Bo will do whatever he can to save another person. Shawn's the same way.


Chelsea: [Coughs] Shawn, where's dad?

Shawn D.: I'm gonna get you out of here.

Chelsea: But you hate me.

Shawn D.: Relax. I'm gonna try and see what kind of mess you've got yourself into.


Philip: Hey!

Shawn D.: Damn it. What the hell? What are you doing here?

Philip: I came from the other main. It's connected.

Shawn D.: I thought you were gonna do the release valve.

Philip: I did. I had them open it, but the gas in here is getting a lot worse. Do you smell that?

[Coughs] We got to get her out of here right now. This place could blow up.

Chelsea: No, it can't! No, please, God.

Philip: [Coughs]

Shawn D.: Just calm down. Listen, I think your foot is caught. I'm gonna try and work it free. I have to crawl over. It's not gonna be very comfortable.

Chelsea: Just do it.

Shawn D.: All right. Can you talk to her? Try and keep her calm, hold her hand.

Philip: I will, just go. Go, go, go. [Coughs]

Shawn D.: All right. Come on.

Chelsea: I can't breathe.

Philip: Just keep covering your mouth, okay? It's the best thing you can do right now. Just relax.

Chelsea: [Coughs]

Shawn D.: Okay, Chelsea, would you work with me here, all right? I can see your foot. It's caught underneath a rock and some feeder pipe.

Chelsea: I've been trying to move it, but it won't budge.

Philip: Just give Shawn a chance, okay?

Chelsea: Ow!

Philip: It's okay.

Chelsea: You're twisting my ankle.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry!

Chelsea: He's not gonna be able to get me out. We're all gonna die.

Philip: [Coughs]


Bo: This is taking too long. I sure don't like what I'm hearing. Shawn? Chelsea? Can you hear me?

Philip: We hear you. We're moving as fast as we can.

Bo: Philip, is that you?

Belle: Oh, my God. Philip's down there, too? How did that happen?

Bo: I don't know. Damn. The smell of gas is getting bad, even up here.

Man: Please, people. Will you please back up? Please back up. If this main explodes, you're not gonna want to be this close. Please.


Reporter: We've just learned that Philip Kiriakis has joined Shawn Brady and the young woman trapped in the sewer main, which continues to fill with gas. The fear here is that time may be running out not only for the accident victim, but for her would-be rescuers, as well.

Hope: No! No, not Shawn!

Patrick: Hope, hang on.

Hope: How could Bo let Shawn do something like this? How could he?


Can make you feel like... you.

Carrie: Mmm, I'm glad we didn't wait.

Lucas: Yeah, I knew it. I knew we'd be great together.

Carrie: I love you, Lucas.

Lucas: I love you. Are you, uh, you tired?

Carrie: I thought I was. But no.

Lucas: No?

Carrie: Not at all.

Lucas: Me neither.


Sami: Mmm, see? Lots of good memories.

Austin: Better than any memory.

Sami: So aren't you glad that we didn't wait?

Austin: Very.

Sami: [Thinking] Please let it work for Austin and me this time. I swear I will be good from now on, if only you'll let Austin and me be happy. Dear god, I'm begging you. Please, please don't take him away from me again.


Hope: This is torture.

Patrick: I know, Hope. I'm sorry.

Reporter: City Engineers have finally arrived on the scene. They say the sewer line is on the verge of a massive explosion. It's a question one told me of when, not if. Here's the question -- will the three people inside get out in time? We can only pray.


Bo: I'm gonna go back down there.

Engineer: Detective, you canít. That sewer line's about to turn in two.

Bo: Then why don't you do something about it?

Engineer: I would if I could.

Bo: That's my family down there. I got to get them out.

Engineer: No! No, you're not going.


[All coughing]

Shawn D.: Chelsea, listen to me very carefully. When I give you the word, I need you to move your foot a little to the right, okay?

Chelsea: Okay.

Shawn D.: All right. Ready?

Chelsea: Ready.

Shawn D.: Now! [Rock slides] [Shawn groans]

Chelsea: I think it's working.

Philip: Okay. Just do what he tells you. Do what he tells you, okay?

Chelsea: Okay.

Shawn D.: Listen, we got to do it one more time. All right? Okay? Go! [Rock slides]

Philip: Come on.

Chelsea: It's moving! [Shawn groans]

Philip: We got it.

Chelsea: Hurry.

Philip: Let's hurry!

Chelsea: You did it, Shawn.

Philip: Let me get you out of here. Come here.


Philip: Bo, stop! Chelsea's free. We're coming up.

Bo: Well, hurry it up. It could blow any second.

Philip: Get up the ladder.

Shawn D.: Chelsea, we're right behind you.

Chelsea: I'm trying.

Bo: Come on. Hurry! They're on their way up. [Screaming]


Belle: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Philip! Philip! Shawn!

Billie: Chelsea!

Mimi: Shawn!

Billie: Chelsea! Chelsea!

Belle: Philip?

Bo: Shawn!


Reporter: What the workers and rescuers have feared and tried to prevent has, in fact, happened -- a huge gas explosion in the sewer line. The smoke from the explosion is everywhere. One shudders to imagine the conditions inside the sewer line, which has exploded with three people inside -- Shawn Brady, Philip Kiriakis, and the young woman Kiriakis and Brady were trying to save. It's difficult to imagine how anyone could survive this.

Hope: Oh, God, no. I can't lose Shawn, too. I can't lose him!


Alex: You are legally married to me again, Marlena. Take your medicine like a good girl or I'll be forced to hurt you.


Bo: We're her parents now. We got to make sure she knows that we love her.


Hope: He's chosen to be with Billie and Chelsea instead of me and Shawn.


Mimi: I'm the woman Shawn chose to marry, not you. But he is my husband.

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