Days Transcript Monday 4/10/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/10/06 - Canada; Tuesday 4/11/06 - U.S.A.


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Shawn D.: I had no idea you were so creative.

Mimi: [Laughs] I didn't either.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Mimi: Where are you going? What are you doing?

Shawn D.: Well, I got these groceries for breakfast tomorrow morning, but that's like a few hours away, and I'm hungry now. I hope the eggs didn't break in here.

Mimi: That is so sweet, babe. But I want to help you. It's your honeymoon, too. I just hope I don't ruin everything like I usually do when I try to cook for you.

Shawn D.: I love the way you cook for me. And, yes, we can do it together.

Mimi: Okay. So, okay, what do we do now?

Shawn D.: We get dressed.

Mimi: Okay.

Shawn D.: Here, put this on.

Mimi: An apron.

Shawn D.: Hey, what do you think of mine? You love it, don't you?

Mimi: I'll eat whatever you cook.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Mimi: Okay. Now what?

Shawn D.: Oh, right. Uh, why don't you put on some music? I'll take the groceries out.

Mimi: Okay.

Shawn D.: I'm starving. I don't know about you. [Slow music plays] I think we should put these in a vase or something, right?

Mimi: Right.

Shawn D.: Those need a...

Mimi: [Moaning] Oh, Shawn. Oh, Shawn.


Shawn D.: So what's going on?

Belle: What do you mean?

Shawn D.: Why are you out in the middle of the night walking around alone?

Belle: I just couldn't sleep. I just thought I'd get some fresh air.

Shawn D.: With everything that is happening to you, I think that's understandable -- your mom and Alex renewing their vows.

Belle: Yeah, yeah. I can't believe that my dad tried to shoot him.

Shawn D.: I'm just glad we got there in time to stop him.

Belle: Thank you for that. I really want to thank you for that.

Shawn D.: Yeah, it's no problem.

Belle: Shawn, I, uh, I'm really sorry for running into the cabin and ruining your honeymoon like that. I should have gone to Philip.

Shawn D.: Yeah, why didn't you?

Belle: I don't know. I just kept telling myself that, you know, he was with Claire and that he couldn't really help.

Shawn D.: That's not the real reason, is it? That's not why you were walking out in the middle of the night all by yourself, is it? It's because you're really upset about Mimi and me being married. And now we're...


Philip: Can't sleep, huh? Well, two people just got married that you think are totally wrong for each other, and I know you love one of them with all your heart.


Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: You have made me the happiest man in the world tonight. And I can't wait, I can't wait to marry you. We, uh, got to start talking about setting a date. What is it? Why are you upset?

Sami: Austin, I am having so much fun tonight. We should do this more often. I mean, not necessarily coming to the pier, certainly not all the time with my sister and your brother, but I'm glad that we're dating now. I think it's fun.

Austin: Well, we have all the time in the world now.

Sami: What do you mean by "now"? Now that Carrie has chosen Lucas and you don't have a chance with her now?

Austin: I kicked my mother out of our apartment because she was fighting with you. I told her, okay? I told her that I've had feelings for you for a very long time, right?

Sami: I appreciate that, Austin. And I want to thank you for sticking up for me. It meant a lot to me. But you'll have to excuse me for being paranoid. I think you give Kate half a chance, and she will do everything to split us up.

Austin: She doesn't have a say in the matter. Of course, I don't want to be referee for the rest of my life, either.

Sami: Well, I can understand that. What do you mean by the rest of your life? Austin, that's very forward of you. I'm just kidding.

Austin: I got an idea.

Sami: What kind of idea?

Austin: Come on. Come on.

Sami: Austin, where are we going?


Hope: Goodbye, Bo.

Patrick: What are you doing?

Hope: We'll get through this somehow. Patrick! Go faster.

Patrick: Okay, be careful. It gets rough out here.

Hope: Aah!

Patrick: Hope! Hope!


Billie: How did you get my daughter's cellphone?

Guy: It belongs to the girl that's trapped down there. I'm sorry.

Billie: Oh, my God. It's Chelsea. It's Chelsea. Bo, Bo! It's Chelsea. You have to save her!


Bo: I can see her. Hey, Salem P.D. Let me take a look.

Joe: Okay, excuse me, man.

Bo: Hey! I can get her out of here!

Joe: But we'll have to make it fast. There's a gas leak down here.

Bo: All right, what's the problem? Let's move her.

Joe: Her leg's stuck in the pipe. I tried to move her, but it's impossible.

Bo: It is not -- this is my daughter. She will not die down here.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Joe: Smells like hydrogen, so far. Hey, man, we can't stay down here long. I'm getting dizzy already.

Bo: Chelsea, Chelsea, wake up. It's daddy.

Chelsea: Where am I?

Bo: It's okay. It's all right. It's okay. I'm gonna get you out of here. Don't you worry. It's all right. It's all right. It's okay. Shh.

Billie: Is there any way to stop the gas leak?

Guy: No, ma'am. This manhole was being sealed up due to unsafe conditions. Now, if the water main, if it breaks, and they tell me it might, this whole area will collapse, and then nobody will get out alive.

Billie: Bo, Bo, hurry!

Bo: We're gonna get you out of here, all right? It's all right. It's all right. It's all right. It's okay. All right, I got you.


Patrick: I got you. Come on. Here we go.

Hope: Aah! Oh, God.

Patrick: My God, that wave hit and you were just gone.

Hope: Oh, Patrick, you saved my life. Thank you. Oh, good Lord.

Patrick: I wasn't about to lose you. Here, dry yourself off, okay? You okay? Here, put this on. God, I would feel so responsible if something happened to you. How would I explain this to your parents, to your kids, to Bo? The guy hates my guts already.

Hope: Bo's no longer part of my life, Patrick. We're getting divorced. It's none of his business what I do now.

Patrick: Can you imagine how he would have felt if you were hurt out here? You have to give Bo another chance. You guys -- you belong together. You're in love. Look, you cannot get this divorce. It is wrong.

Hope: Look, please, I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Patrick: Fine. Let's talk about something else. I got you a surprise, okay?


Shawn D.: You know what I love about us?

Mimi: What?

Shawn D.: That we started out as friends. We stayed that way through high school and college, and now look at us. This is so much fun.

Mimi: Just fun?

Shawn D.: Well, no, no. It's not just fun. I mean, I love you more every day. I don't know. This is, you know, fun. It's just fun. This is -- this is good.


Philip: You never wanted to see the two of them get married, did you?

Belle: You're right.

Philip: I wish we could have been there with you, Claire and me. I know how hard it was to watch your mother marry Alex North. On top of that, your parents splitting up, you being the matron of honor, your dad tries to kill the guy. I mean, it's understandable that you can't sleep. It's okay.

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: And I know you think your family's falling apart, but it's not because you always have us, all right? And your parents are gonna be okay, too. Your mom's memory is gonna get better. She and your dad are meant to be.

Belle: I'm not sure that matters.

Philip: It does matter. Sometimes things work out the way they're supposed to. I love you. I love Claire. We all make each other happy. It's gonna be fine. What is it?

Belle: Do you smell smoke?

Philip: Yeah. [Smoke alarm beeping] It's the smoke alarm.

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn. It's coming from his apartment.


Carrie: I'm just -- I'm just emotional. I can't help it. I always dreamt of marrying a great guy and settling down, starting a family.

Lucas: I promise I'm gonna make all your dreams come true.

Sami: [Clears throat] Hi. Sorry to interrupt, but, well, um, we thought that it would be fun to do something to celebrate your engagement. I mean, we'll do better at the wedding, but this is what we came up with. [Smooches]

Lucas: Lovebirds. Those are amazing. They're great.

Carrie: That's sweet. Thank you so much.

Sami: Yeah, you're welcome. Figured you could start with pets, and then -- you know, before you try a crack at kids.

Lucas: I think we can manage to take care of these. Plus, we have a teenage son to look after, too, so we should be all right.

Austin: Well, we just want you to know that we wish you all the love and happiness that you deserve.

Lucas: Thanks.

Carrie: And I hope you are just as happy as Lucas and I are.


Photographer: Hi, uh, excuse me, folks. I'm here getting some shots for Salem Magazine's Spring Issue for young lovers.

Lucas: Yeah, and?

Photographer: And you two couples look like you're very much in love. Can we get some pictures?

Sami: Oh, I think that's a great idea, yeah.

Photographer: Great. Um, let me have you two stand right over here and this lovely young couple right here. [Camera shutter clicks]


[Smoke alarm beeping]

Mimi: Why does this always happen when I do the cooking?

Shawn D.: This is not your fault. Can you crack a window open real quick? I cannot believe we burned all the peppers. I really wanted peppers. I did not know the flame was that high. Apparently we weren't paying --

Belle: Shawn! We smelled smoke. Are you guys okay?

Mimi: Uh, Shawn and I were just making some omelets, and we got a little carried away.

Philip: You two ought to have your own cooking show.

Mimi: Yeah.

Philip: I'm sorry. We just got a little worried when we heard the smoke alarm and you didn't answer, but that's what you get when you give us a spare key.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Belle: Well, I'm glad you both are okay.

Philip: Me too. You want to tell me what the hell you're wearing?

Shawn D.: This -- there is just no explanation. I cannot believe that we had a fire again. This happens every time. We need to get another window open.

Belle: I'm gonna go check on Claire, okay?

Philip: Uh, yeah, you go ahead. I'll be right there.

Mimi: I'll come with you, and we'll let the guys talk.

Belle: Okay, sure.


Shawn D.: What's going on, man? You seem real serious.

Philip: I'm worried about her, what else? See how she just ran out of here? Once we got here and we found out what happened and why, it was more funny than anything, come on.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know.

Philip: She's not sleeping, she's stressed about everything, and she won't talk to me about anything. So I figured maybe she should just talk to you.


Belle: Well, Claire's fine. She slept through everything.

Mimi: She is such a good baby. After everything you guys have been through -- Belle, I know that you were worried about not being ready to be a mom, but I have to tell you, you are doing an amazing job.

Belle: I hope so.

Mimi: I know so. And you know what? Because of that, I'm gonna be coming to you for advice all the time. Luckily, you live right across the hall.

Belle: You sound like you're gonna start a family soon.

Mimi: Yeah, well, Shawn and me want lots of kids. But sometimes, you know, adoption takes a while. So as soon as we get back from the honeymoon, we're gonna start looking into it.

Belle: Oh, well, good.

Mimi: Shawn has no idea what a great father he's gonna be. I mean, he already is with Claire.

Belle: What?


Shawn D.: So you want me to talk to Belle?

Philip: You might as well.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry. I'm just a little surprised because at the wedding reception when she ran out crying, I said I'd go talk to her, and that bothered you.

Philip: Of course it did. But I'm the first person to admit when she came back, she was better. I know perfectly well it was hard for her to watch you and Mimi get married. It was even more difficult for her to watch her mother marry a psychopath the next day. She's afraid she's gonna lose her parents. Now that you and Mimi are married, I think she's afraid she's gonna lose both of you, too.


Shawn D.: Come on, you can't keep doing this to yourself... or to me or Philip.

Belle: I can't help it.

Shawn D.: Or Mimi. Everyone in there just saw you run out. You agreed to be Mimi's matron of honor. You have to be happy for us. You said that you wanted to stay friends, and that is not gonna happen unless you can --

Belle: I never should have let you marry Mimi. I should have stopped the wedding, and I should have told Philip and everyone in that church that I still love you.


Shawn D.: So, uh, what can I do?

Philip: I have no idea. I don't know. I just want to get out of here. Let's, the four of us, do something right now. Let's go out right now.

Shawn D.: You want to go out? I was just making breakfast.

Philip: Forget about your breakfast. You don't want to eat that breakfast anyways.

Shawn D.: What do you want to do?

Philip: Um, there's something going down, down at the pier. Kids radio's having, like, a dance. We can go to that.

Shawn D.: Okay. All right. I just have to ask Mimi.

Philip: Okay.


Belle: Shawn's already a great father to Claire? What?

Mimi: [Thinking] You and your big mouth. Don't even let Belle think that Shawn is Claire's father. Belle, I just meant that Shawn is a great Godfather to Claire.

Belle: Well, I know how badly Shawn wants children of his own.

Mimi: Yeah. And I was really upset and quite hard on myself when I realized that I couldn't give Shawn biological kids of his own. But that really doesn't matter to Shawn, because we both know that there are so many babies in this world that need homes. And our children will always know how much we wanted them. And I hear that the best part about being pregnant is the trying part. And we're not having any trouble with that.

Belle: Except for me. I'm really sorry for ruining your honeymoon.

Mimi: Oh, no, Belle. Don't be silly, okay? You didn't ruin anything. Our honeymoon is going to be great. It doesn't matter where we are. I'm sure it was that way for you and Philip, too, huh? How did we both wind up with the most perfect guys? You know, I remember when we used to read those, like, cheesy romance novels all the time in high school. Although, I think that I was reading the g-rated ones because they left out some very important details. I just can't believe we both married men who love us more than anything in the world.


Philip: I'll say. More than anything in the world. You, Miriam, your husband wants to talk to you.

Mimi: Oh, okay.

Philip: Okay? And, you know, I just talked to Shawn myself. There's something very important I have to ask you right now.


Patrick: [Grunts] Okay. I caught you something.

Hope: What?

Patrick: Well, I put a line in the water when we set sail, and when you were down below getting warmed up, I reeled it in and surprise, surprise.

Hope: It looks great.

Patrick: Taste it.


Bo: Hey, I caught this this morning. I fried it up for you. Sit down here.

Hope: Mmm.

Bo: Mm-mmm.

Hope: Mmm. Ooh.

Bo: Oh, nice, huh?

Hope: It's delicious.

Bo: Not as delicious as you. Come here. Wait -- I got -- okay.

Hope: [Laughs]


Patrick: Hope?

Hope: Yeah. Mmm. It's delicious.


Bo: Come on, Chelsea. I'll get you out of here.

Chelsea: Ow. My leg feels numb.

Bo: I know. I know.

Chelsea: What's that smell? Is that gas?

Bo: It's okay. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Joe: We need oxygen masks down here now!

Man: We're trying to get some help.

Joe: I'm coming up. Hey, man, you should take a breather, too. You can't help her if you pass out down here.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, we're gonna die.

Bo: No, no, no, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Dad, the gas. What if there's an explosion?

Bo: Shh. Shh. It's all right. It's all right. We're not gonna die down here. It's all right.

Chelsea: Please hurry.

Joe: [Coughs]

Billie: Hang on, Chelsea. Your dad's gonna get you out of there. I promise.

Bo: Listen to me, Chelsea. I want you to try to stay calm. I'm gonna go up top and get us some oxygen masks, okay?

Chelsea: No, no, Daddy. You can't go.

Bo: It's okay. It's okay. I'll be back as soon as I can, all right? I'm sure they got oxygen masks waiting for us. I'll put this over you. Stay nice and warm.

Chelsea: [Coughs]

Bo: Here you go. I want you to breathe through the hood, all right?

Chelsea: Okay.

Bo: That will make it better. I'll be back soon. You try to relax for me, okay?

Chelsea: Okay, I'll try.

Bo: Okay.

Bo: I love having a daughter. I just got to get used to the fact that my wallet will be a little thinner.

Chelsea: What are you doing?

Bo: I'm gonna give you another 250 bucks. But this time, I want you to promise me you'll be a little more careful, all right? Don't spend it all in one place.

Chelsea: I promise.

Bo: Okay. 250 bucks.

Chelsea: Are you sure? I feel bad.

Bo: Yes, I'm sure. Take it. This time, like I said, be more careful. I want this to last a little longer, though, okay?

Chelsea: Okay, I will. I'll be extra careful. Thanks, Dad, you're the best.

Bo: Oh, you're welcome.

Chelsea: [Coughs]


Bo: Where's the damn oxygen mask?

Billie: Oh, my God. Is she down there alone?

Bo: Yeah. Listen, she can't move. I got to find a way to free her legs.

Billie: I don't want her to be by herself. I'm going down there.

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Billie: No!

Bo: It's too dangerous. There's nothing you can do right now.

Billie: I don't want her to be by herself.

Bo: Take it easy. We'll figure a way to get her out of there. [Earth rumbling]

Chelsea: Aah!


Philip: I want to know right now, you tell me, do you want to go dancing tonight?

Belle: [Laughs] You mean, like, right now tonight?

Philip: Right now tonight, yeah.

Belle: Oh, okay. Why don't we just throw our daughter in a backpack and just go?

Philip: No, I knocked on Millie's door down the hall -- more than happy to babysit.

Belle: Okay, I really think that we should talk about this when we hire a babysitter.

Philip: You probably are right, but she said she'd be more than willing and she's available. I wanted to check if she was, and she is.

Belle: I don't really want to go.

Philip: Come on, Belle. We'll help Shawn and Mimi celebrate their honeymoon. It's gonna be fun.

Belle: Shawn's coming, too?

Philip: Yes, Shawn's coming, too, as long as he can talk Mimi into it, and I'm sure he will. So come on!


Shawn D.: Come on, it's gonna be fun. Philip has a babysitter for Claire..

Mimi: Baby, we're still on our honeymoon, and I just want to stay in and be together.

Shawn D.: I know. I know. That's kind of what I want to do, too, but...

Mimi: But what?

Shawn D.: Philip is very worried about Belle. And Belle is our friend. And the loft is still smokey. We should let it air out.

Mimi: [Coughs] Actually, you're right. Okay, we can go. It'll be fun, right?

Shawn D.: We always have fun together. I love you.


[Knock on door]

Philip: Hey. I guess you talked her into it.

Shawn D.: Uh-huh. All right. Let's go. We're ready to go.

Mimi: We're not ready to go. I have to get dressed.

Shawn D.: No, I don't think so. I like the apron on you.

Mimi: I'll wear it later.

Belle: [Clears throat] Babysitter's with Claire.

Shawn D.: Yeah, okay.

Philip: Total respect. We'll hit up the pier.

Shawn D.: This is gonna be fun, actually. I'm glad we're going.

Philip: It'll be fun.

Shawn D.: After hours is always fun.


Lucas: Actually, uh, Austin and Carrie aren't together. We're celebrating our engagement.

Austin: We're dating. Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought you looked better the other

way, but whatever. Uh, okay. Say "cheese." [Camera shutter clicks] Great. Uh, can I get you to dance?

Carrie: Sure, of course.

Lucas: I'm gonna take you home. I want to be alone with you.

Sami: Let's get out of here, huh?


Philip: Now it's a party. Everybody's here. Look, what's up?

Austin: What are you doing out here?

Philip: We're here celebrating Shawn and Mimi's honeymoon, of course.

Sami: All together? Well, we're celebrating an engagement.

Philip: What?

Mimi: All together?

Belle: Oh, my gosh, Carrie.

Carrie: I know.

Mimi: Wow! Oh, my God, Austin. You did pretty good, didn't you?

Philip: Congratulations, Austin. I guess we're going to another wedding.

Mimi: Yeah, another wedding!

Philip: More newlyweds.

Shawn D.: We're averaging one a month.

Philip: And that means more honeymoons, too, right? More parties. Wow.


Hope: Oh, God. Patrick, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Patrick: No, no, no. Don't apologize.

Hope: No, no, I'm sorry. I thought that -- oh, my God. I'm just so overwhelmed by everything. What the hell was I thinking sending Bo that e-mail asking him for a divorce? Why didn't I listen to you, damn it? You told me not to do it.

Patrick: Don't beat yourself up about that e-mail. He responded so fast.

Hope: I know. That's what I don't understand. It's like he was waiting there for me, just so he could tell me how glad he was that our marriage was over so he could be with Billie and Chelsea. Ugh! I don't know what to think. I don't know what to feel.

Patrick: You don't want a divorce from your husband no matter what that e-mail said.

Hope: You're making it sound like this whole thing is, I don't know, some big

miscommunication. But I know I really didn't mean anything that I said to him. But there's no mistaking what he said to me, Patrick.

Patrick: I'm gonna ask you a question, and I want you to be honest, straight from the heart. Do you still love Bo?

Hope: Yes. Yes.

Patrick: Okay. Well, then if that's the truth, you have to move heaven and earth to be with that guy.


Bo: What the hell was that?

Guy: The pipes. They're so unstable.

Billie: Oh, my God.

Joe: Help's on their way. They're bringing gas masks.

Bo: Hang on, Chelsea. It's okay. It's okay. I'm gonna be down in a second.

Billie: What are you gonna do?

Bo: I don't know. Get me some rope.


Shawn D.: Wow.

Lucas: Actually, Carrie and Austin are not engaged. Carrie and I are engaged.

Belle: Oh.

Philip: I am so embarrassed. I'm sorry.

Belle: Oh, my gosh. Me too. I'm sorry. Congratulations.

Philip: Yeah, from both of us. Jeez, I'm sorry.

Mimi: Honey, can we get something to eat?

Shawn D.: I think that's a great idea. Congratulations. This is so exciting.

Mimi: Yeah, congratulations, you guys.

Philip: I'm happy for Lucas, but didn't you always think Carrie and Austin were gonna get married?

Belle: Uh, yeah, but, you know, you always say, "things don't always work out the way you expect them to."

Philip: That's very true -- the voice of wisdom. Now, I want to know what Sami was thinking about, but I haven't talked to her for a while.


Sami: Hey, how is Claire doing?

Belle: Oh, yeah, she's doing great.

Sami: Can we go get something to drink, you and me?


Philip: I totally blew it. I know we talked about it. I'm sorry. I just was shocked.

Lucas: I forgive you. It's fine.

Philip: I'm sorry.

Lucas: I understand. People got to get used to me and Carrie being together.

Philip: And they will. I promise. But, of course, I have to ask. What does mom think?

Lucas: Who cares what mom thinks?

Philip: Glad to hear you say that. I agree. Just keep your eyes open, okay?


Sami: Here you go, honey.

Belle: Oh, thank you.

Sami: So it's been a pretty tough day, huh? I can't believe that Alex and mom got married again. I'm sorry that I didn't stay to, I don't know, help you through it. But just thinking that it was about to happen, I just couldn't stay. It was making me sick.

Belle: I know. It's been a really bad day. Anyway, I think that's why Philip brought me here tonight.

Sami: That's sweet of him.

Belle: Hey, Sami, are you okay with the Carrie and Lucas engagement?

Sami: Lucas and I are finished. And, I mean, obviously, we weren't meant to be. But on a lighter note, Austin and I are getting closer.

Belle: Really?

Sami: We are officially dating.

Belle: Well, that's fantastic.

Sami: He was my first love, so maybe he and I were meant to be together.

Belle: I'm so happy for you, Sami. It's really important that the right people end up together and that you have no regrets.

Sami: Thanks.


Austin: Hey, wait. Wait. I want you to know I'm not gonna try to change your mind again. And I really am sincere when I say that I wish you the best of luck with Lucas.

Carrie: Thank you. And I hope you and Sami are happy, if that's where your heart takes you.


Sami: Hey. I was looking for you. Want to get out of here or what?

Austin: That's a great idea.

Sami: Okay. See you.

Carrie: See you.

Austin: See you.


Lucas: We should head home, too. Come on.


Belle: I just can't help feeling like everybody's ended up with the wrong person.

Philip: Everybody except us, of course, right?


Patrick: You need to swallow your pride, go home to Bo, and tell him how you really feel. You don't want a divorce. You want to work things out with him.

Hope: I wish I could. But he's decided that he wants to be with Billie and Chelsea. That's how it looks to me.

Patrick: Well, if you take yourself out of the running, you're bound to be upset by who wins the race.

Hope: I see your point. So what do I do?

Patrick: You really want my help?

Hope: Yeah.

Patrick: Okay. I have a proposal. This boat is completely seaworthy. We could sail it back to Salem. Will you let me take you home to Bo?


Bo: Where's that damn rope?

Guy: A young woman apparently stepped into an open manhole and now lies trapped...

Billie: It's okay, Chelsea. We're coming for you.

Guy: ...At the site of a lethal gas leak.

Billie: Daddy's on his way, okay?

Guy: Engineers are predicting that a water main break could...

Bo: How could this happen? I'm gonna go back down there, all right? I'll get her out before it's too late. Hang on, baby, I'm on my way. Hang on.

Chelsea: [Coughs]


Belle: Of course I'm not talking about us. We're married. We have a daughter together. We obviously belong together.

Philip: Obviously. You almost had me worried there for a second.

Belle: I know that I've been a little down lately, but you don't have any reason to worry about us. Philip, we have a wonderful life. You and Claire, you make me very happy. Come here.


Shawn D.: So I guess I'm glad we came out tonight. Thank you for going along with this.

Mimi: I had fun. And the pizza, it was sort of my energy, just in case you're interested.

Shawn D.: I love you. I hope it's always like this.

Mimi: Oh!


Philip: I want you to look at something. You see the two of them? They're happy. They're in love, and they're always going to be.


Lucas: It's been an amazing night for us... and I don't want it to end.


Sami: I had a great time tonight.

Austin: So did I.

Sami: I hope we have a lot more nights just like this one.


Hope: Yes, I'll let you take me back to Salem, if you're sure you don't mind.

Patrick: Of course not. I really think you're making the right choice. Why don't you turn on the satellite TV there on the deck and see if we can get a weather report?

Hope: Okay.


News Reporter: A desperate rescue attempt is under way. Bo Brady, a decorated police detective, is about to risk his life to save a victim in a sewer that may collapse at any moment.

Hope: Oh, my God, Bo.

Bo: Chelsea? I'm on my way. It's gonna be okay.

Chelsea: [Coughs]

Billie: Please, God, take care of Bo and Chelsea. Help him save her.

Bo: Chelsea, I'm almost there.

Chelsea: Dad, hurry. Please don't let me die!


Lucas: I love you so much. I want you now.

Carrie: I want you, too.


Bo: Where the hell is the damn rescue squad?


Shawn D.: I'll go.

Belle: No!


Hope: No, not Shawn!

Patrick: Hope, hang on.

Hope: How could Bo let Shawn do something like this? How could he?

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