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Carrie: [Giggles]

Lucas: I can't believe it. I can't wait for you to be my wife. I never doubted you'd say yes.

Carrie: You didn't?

Lucas: Nope, I just didn't know how long it was gonna take you to tell me.

Carrie: Well, once I made up my mind, I figured, why make you wait?

Lucas: You know, I would wait for you forever. I would wait until we're both old and gray going

down that aisle in walkers. You're worth waiting for.

Carrie: I don't know about that, Roberts.

Lucas: Oh, I know about that. I promise you, you are not gonna regret this decision.


Austin: Since I moved back to Salem, I have watched Sami change.

Kate: Change? She's still the same person she always was.

Austin: Mom, I don't want to hear it. Because nothing you can say can change my mind.

Kate: Change your mind about what? Please say something. You're scaring me now.

Austin: You know what, Sami? I think we should do more than just spend time together. I want us to start dating again. What do you think? You know, see if we have what it takes to make it this time.

Kate: [Exhales sharply]


Austin: Mom! Mom -- Mom, can you hear me?

Sami: Do you think she had a heart attack?

Austin: I don't know. I think she just fainted. Mom.

Sami: Well, better luck next time.

Austin: Mom! Mom! Mom, you okay?


[Birds chirping]

Patrick: Hey. You know, it's getting late. The wind's picking up. The temperature's dropping. Why don't you come back to the bungalow?

Hope: No, I want to be alone.

Patrick: But you're shivering.

Hope: I don't care. You shouldn't have followed me.

Patrick: I couldn't just let you take off like that. You're upset.

Hope: Of course I'm upset. My marriage is over. [Sighs] Bo and I are through. We're getting divorced, Patrick. Look, I'm sorry. I just want to be alone, okay?


Billie: Call Hope.

Bo: She doesn't want to hear from me. She wants a damn divorce. I mean, I tell her how much I love her, and she hangs up on me.

Billie: You know what? It's just gonna -- she needs a little bit of time..

Bo: All I've given her is time. I just can't seem to do anything right. I'm so friggin' frustrated. Damn it. I took it out on Chelsea.


Bo: I've been cutting you way too much slack the last few months because I felt guilty for not being around when you were young. I thought I was maybe helping you in some way, but obviously I wasnít. I should have been a hell of a lot tougher on you.. Then maybe you would stop waltzing around thinking you can get through life being so selfish and irresponsible. But things are gonna change starting right now. And hopefully it's not too late because the way you've been acting lately, I'm thinking there's only one way you can learn your damn lesson. Maybe going to prison is exactly what you need.


Bo: What kind of a father am I?

Billie: I knew you were gonna feel guilty, but you shouldnít. You're a great father. Chelsea needed to hear everything you said to her.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, she did, but not the way I said it.

Billie: She was manipulating you again.

Bo: I know that, but I'm supposed to be the adult here. I'm supposed to have some kind of control. I'm supposed to teach her by example. And what do I do? I scream at her and chase her out of the house.

Billie: Who are you calling?

Bo: Chelsea. I got to find her. I got to find her before she gets herself in some kind of trouble and does something stupid.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


[Water dripping] [Cellphone ringing]

Chelsea: [Gasping] My phone. [Breathing heavily]


Bo: Okay, Chelsea, just call me when you get this. She's got her phone on her. She never turns the damn thing off. Why didn't she answer my call?

Billie: Probably 'cause she saw the caller I.D and saw it was you.

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: And she knows that you feel bad about what you said to her, and so she's trying to punish you.

Bo: [Sighs deeply]

Billie: I think it's best that we give her some time to think about what you said. You know, Bo, she can't go through life thinking that she can manipulate people to get what she wants. You were right, Bo. She doesn't care about you and Hope. She was just pretending. The only thing she cares about is keeping her butt out of jail.

Bo: If you were her age, facing prison, what would you care about?

Billie: You realize you're doing exactly what she wants you to. You're worrying about her and putting your marriage on the back burner when you should be concentrating on you and figuring out how to keep Hope from filing divorce papers.

Bo: There's nothing I can do. She won't even talk to me.

Billie: So, what, are you just gonna give up?

Bo: No, of course I'm not. I would do anything to bring her back home. But I know her. There's no way I can pressure her. I can't force her to change her mind. All I can do is hope that she rethinks this whole thing and changes her mind before she starts divorce proceedings.


Hope: What are you doing?

Patrick: Well, you wouldn't come back to the bungalow to the fire, so I brought the fire to you and a nice, warm blanket.

Hope: I told you --

Patrick: I know. I know. You want to be alone. So, as soon as I get this fire going, I'm out of here. I promise.

Hope: You know, I'm alone whether you're here or not.

Patrick: Wow, that doesn't sound so good.

Hope: You can stay, okay? But I don't want to talk about it. Deal?

Patrick: Deal. But I did bring you something. I have fresh water, local rum, some sugarcane, cinnamon sticks, and a couple of fresh lemons. So, why don't you sit down, and I will make us a couple of nice, hot cups of grog? Okay?

Hope: Okay.


Carrie: [Giggles] We are gonna have a wonderful life together, aren't we?

Lucas: Yes, we are -- the best. I-I-I-I can't believe it. Tell me. What -- what made you decide to accept my proposal? Was it my killer smile? My incredible charm? What? What was it?

Lexie: Carrie, from a medical point of view, Austin is the last man you should conceive a child with.

Carrie: I just suddenly realized you're the man I want to be with.

Lucas: Now, did you tell Austin that we were gonna get married?

Carrie: I saw him on the roof.

Lucas: And what did he say? I mean, how did he take it?

Carrie: I don't want to talk about Austin right now.

Lucas: You're right. We should just talk about us and our fairy-tale life together. Oh, you are so amazing. I n't believe it. I can't believe this is really happening. I can't believe you're really gonna be my wife.

Carrie: I can't believe it either.

Lucas: Let's go out. Let's go out and celebrate. Come on. It'll be great.. We'll go out. We'll have a great time.

Carrie: Okay.

Lucas: Wait. Wait a minute. We can't do that yet.

Carrie: Why not?

Lucas: Because there's something I got to do first.


Austin: Mom -- Mom, wake up. Mom -- Sami!

Kate: Oh! Ow! Austin?

Austin: Yeah.

Kate: Ow. God. What happened?

Austin: You fainted. Are you okay? You want me to call 911?

Kate: No, no.

Austin: You sure?

Kate: Yeah, it's just weird. I feel like I had this nightmare that -- never mind. It's impossible.

Austin: No, it's not impossible. It's not a nightmare. Sami and I are gonna start dating again.

Kate: What?! Oh, my God. No wonder I fainted. Ugh! I'm surprised I didn't just drop dead.

Austin: Mom!

Kate: You know, if it's true, I wish I had.

Sami: Me too.

Austin: Sami!

Kate: Ugh!

Austin: [Cellphone rings] Okay, this is Nicole. I have to take this call.

Kate: Take the call.

Austin: Nicole, hey, hold on a second. Are you gonna be okay?

Kate: Oh, yes, I'm gonna be fine.

Austin: Okay, I'm warning you two. No fighting. I'm watching. Yeah, yeah, what's going on? What's up?


Kate: You conniving little bitch.

Sami: Is that any way to speak to your future daughter-in-law?

Kate: Oh, boy. I don't know how you did it, but somehow you got Carrie to choose Lucas over Austin, didn't you?


Lexie: You want me to convince Carrie that she shouldn't choose to be with Austin.

Sami: I'm glad we understand each other.

Lexie: Yeah, I understand. You're blackmailing me.


Sami: You know, I didn't even talk to Carrie about her choice. And if I did, do you really think that she'd listen to me?

Kate: Not if she's smart, she wouldnít.

Sami: So, what is the big deal? Can't you be happy if not for her, at least for your son? Isn't Lucas always your "favorite"?

Kate: No, because I don't play favorites. I want all my children to be happy.

Sami: Well, what is the big deal?

Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: Oh, I see. I know exactly why you don't want Carrie and Lucas to be together.


Patrick: Okay, a couple of fresh cups of grog -- one for the lady.

Hope: I know I'm the one who asked for the divorce. I was so angry after reading that online article about having missed Shawn's wedding and about Bo defending Chelsea. I didn't really mean it. But I never expected Bo to immediately e-mail me back that he agreed to it.

Patrick: You had to realize that was a possibility.

Hope: Patrick, I told you. I was angry and upset. I wasn't thinking. But for him to respond like that so quickly? It's like he'd already been thinking about it, already decided that he wanted this divorce. Then to hang up on me when I called to explain. You know, you spend your whole [Exhales sharply] adult life trying to build a relationship with someone, having a family and making a home, planning a future together. You really think you have it all and that it's based on love and trust and respect and that you completely understand each other.

Patrick: Look, maybe Bo wasn't thinking about getting a divorce. Maybe he responded out of anger because you asked for one.

Hope: Then why did he hang up on me when I called? Why didn't he try to talk about it?

Patrick: I don't know.

Hope: I really don't want this divorce. I think subconsciously it was my way of trying to get Bo to understand how upset I am and force us into having a really serious conversation about it. He was supposed to answer, "No, I love you, Hope. I'll do anything to fight for our marriage." But that's not what happened. Instead he said, "fine, let's get divorced." Because he'd rather be with Billie and their child-murdering daughter.


Billie: [Sighs] This is my fault.

Bo: Come on, Billie. You've done everything you could to keep me and Hope together.

Billie: I begged you to lie to her to keep the fact that Chelsea was driving the car that killed Zack a secret.

Bo: You didn't force me to do anything. I have free will.

Billie: I manipulated you just like Chelsea did.

Bo: No.

Billie: Yes, I did. I'm the reason that Chelsea's the way she is. I'm the reason that she's manipulative and immoral.

Bo: What are you talking about?

Billie: I gave her half her DNA.

Bo: Oh, come on. Stop.

Billie: Oh, come on, Bo. [Sighs] I have done things that I am not proud of. And look at my mother. What if it's genetic? What if Chelsea has no control over it, like the color of her eyes or --

Bo: You can't blame yourself for her behavior.

Billie: Bo, we keep saying that Chelsea was raised by loving parents -- the Bensonís. And she was, as far as we know. But when I was her age, I was just like her -- exactly.

Bo: Very, very different. You were in a desperate situation. That monster of a father of yours turned you and -- he is responsible for everything that happened with you and Kate. Curtis turned the two of you into what you were.

Billie: The word is whores.

Bo: And manipulating people was a survival skill for you. If you hadn't learned that, you both would have died.

Billie: But if I --

Bo: And Chelsea's behavior -- that's learned, too. And she can unlearn it, just like you unlearned yours. And the best way to teach her is by example.

Billie: Maybe you're right.

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: But even so, what must she think of us? We weren't even married when she was conceived. We didn't even know she was alive until she was a teenager.

Bo: That's not our responsibility. The DiMeraís orchestrated that.

Billie: Yeah, but what kind of a message are we sending her? Her parents never loved each other. They never loved each other.

Bo: Hey, hey. Come on. That's not true, and you know it. We loved each other deeply. And Chelsea's got to know that. She's got to know that she can have a different kind of life.

[Rat squeaking]


Carrie: What do you need to do before we can celebrate?

Lucas: Just give me a sec, all right? I got to get your engagement ring here.

Carrie: Oh, but --

Lucas: Just wait. I'm gonna do it right, okay? Years from now, I want to be able to tell our grandchildren about this story.

Carrie: [Giggles]

Lucas: I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I mean, everyone did. You were the face of the '90s.

Carrie: Oh, don't remind me of that.

Lucas: Obviously you were beautiful on the outside. Everyone knew that. But when I got to know you, I realized that you were even more beautiful on the inside.

Carrie: That's a lot to live up to, Lucas. I've done some bad things. I've hurt some people.

Lucas: So have I. I mean, I even hurt you. And you forgave me. You even found it in your heart to love me.

Carrie: It's not hard to do. You're a wonderful person. You've been so good to me.

Lucas: I always knew that I would be married to the woman I was supposed to be with. I always believed that was you. And it was weird when we were both going through our things, you know, our heartaches. And we had our separate paths, but God has kind of freed us up. He's freed us up to be together.

Carrie: Talk about looking for the silver lining.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I don't like to live my life under a dark cloud. My program has taught me to live your life by a higher power. You know, it's kind of hard sometimes 'cause you don't know where that takes you, but it's given my life purpose.

Carrie: You honestly believe that?

Lucas: It's led me to you, hasn't it? I promise I will never hurt you or betray you again. I'll never do anything like that. I -- I've done some things that I need to make up for. You know, I've done bad things in the past. I've schemed with Sami to break up you and Austin, and I also worked for the DiMeraís.

Carrie: No, like I said, we've both done things that we're not proud of.

Lucas: Those days are done. I want to be the kind of man you can be so proud of. I want to be the best person I can be. I want Will and our future children to be proud to call me dad, and I want you to be proud to call me your husband.

Carrie: We will be, Lucas.

Lucas: No one's perfect. But I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try my damndest to be as perfect as possible because I love you with all my heart and all my soul. And I know that there's a God. I know there's a God. He, she, or it, or whatever it is has blessed me to have you agree to be my wife. Now this is the part where I take your hand. What's the matter? You haven't changed your mind, have you?

Carrie: No, no, I havenít. I love you, Lucas. Everything is perfect.

Lucas: Good. All right, let's go out. Let's go show off that ring, huh?

Carrie: Okay.

Lucas: Let's go. Let's go. We'll have a great dinner. We'll have filet mignon, lobster, you name it.


Carrie: [Gasps] Is that what I think it is?

Austin: Yep, my nautical namesake.

Carrie: Oh, Austin, how did you do it?

Austin: I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Hector: Thank you, Austin. Appreciate it.

Austin: Hey, take care, man. It cost me a King's ransom, but Hector agreed to eat some other creature of the deep for breakfast.

Carrie: Uh-oh, how much did you pay?

Austin: Not to worry. It came out of the "Austin the lobster defense fund."

Carrie: [Laughs] Thank you. Now Austin can reunite with Carrie, just like Nemo did with his dad.

Austin: Okay. Okay, pal, here you go. May you and Carrie avoid all future lobster traps.

[Laughs] Have a very long and happy life together.

Carrie: Ooh!

Austin: I want that for us, too, by the way.


Carrie: No. No -- no -- no lobster.

Lucas: All right, all right. Fine. No lobster. Whatever you want. You name it. But we are gonna celebrate.

Carrie: Okay.


Austin: Okay.

Sami: You know that if Carrie and Lucas are together, Austin and I have a chance of getting back together. But you think that if Carrie and Austin are together, Lucas would never take me back. So, you don't care about Carrie's happiness. You certainly have never cared about Lucas' happiness or Austin's. You just want to make sure that I'm alone.

Kate: As usual, you are wrong. You could be with any man on the planet. I don't care. I just don't want you with my two sons, okay? I want them to be happy. Austin loves Carrie. End of story. You know something else? Carrie hasn't even decided yet. I mean, who knows? She's not married to Lucas. They're not even engaged yet, Sami.

Sami: Oh, my God. You are unbelievable. Does breaking Lucas' heart every couple of months give you some sort of perverse satisfaction, or is it just that you can't stand the idea of being the only one who's alone?

Kate: Lucas is not going to be alone, okay? When Austin and Carrie are married, well, then I'll be able to help Lucas find a wonderful girl.

Sami: Lucas is fully capable of picking a woman for himself, and he has. He chose Carrie. And Austin is also capable of picking a woman for himself, and he chose me.

Kate: Neither Austin or Lucas will ever be with you. I'm going to make sure of that. They're going to be with loving, caring women who won't betray them the way you always have and the way you inevitably always will.

Sami: Oh, you are not going anywhere. I want Austin to hear the way you have been talking to me.

Kate: Get away from me.

Austin: Nicole, I got to call you back. I got to go put out a fire. Hey, ho, ho. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know what? I said, "no fighting."

Sami: Yeah, but, Austin, she can't stop attacking me.

Kate: Oh, shut up. Get away from the door. Get away from the door.


[Rat squeaking]

Billie: Chelsea, please call us back. We need to talk. She's so damn stubborn.

Bo: Well, now, that is genetic on both sides. I don't blame her for not wanting to talk to us. I'm either too permissive or too hard on her. I got to find some middle ground, assuming she gives me the chance to.

Billie: Did you mean it when you said you thought she should go to prison?

Bo: I was angry.

Billie: Yeah, but you've said it before.

Bo: You know what? It doesn't really matter what I think. The outcome of the trial isn't up to me. I'm not gonna take the law into my own hands again.

Billie: See? I persuaded you into doing something you felt was wrong. It was wrong, and it came between you and Hope. This is my fault.

Bo: Billie, stop.

Billie: [Sighs deeply] There's more.

Bo: What do you mean?

Billie: Chelsea knows my history. She knows that in the past I tried to break up you and Hope. And I'm sure that she feels if I can manipulate you into getting what I want, then why shouldn't she be able to?

Bo: I give you this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.


Hope: A wedding ring is supposed to symbolize an unbroken band of love. This used to be my most treasured possession -- the most important thing I owned... 'cause it symbolized the incredible love Bo and I shared. But once that love's gone, it's just... [Sighs] A tiny piece of metal.

Patrick: I don't believe that love is gone.

Hope: Magic's gone. Goodbye, Bo.

Patrick: What are you doing?


Kate: What are you doing here?

Lucas: Oh, that's nice. Great to see you, too, Mom.

Kate: I didn't mean it that way.

Lucas: That's all right. I was just kidding. Carrie and I were on our way out to celebrate. We heard your voice through the door, and we decided to stop, give you a little good news.

Kate: What good news?

Lucas: The good news is... Carrie and I are officially engaged.

Sami: Have you two set a date?

Lucas: No. No, not yet. We just got engaged.


Sami: Um, well, wow. You've certainly surprised everyone, haven't they, Kate?

Kate: Yes, yes, yes, especially since Carrie turned you down the first time you asked her.

Sami: It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, isn't it, Kate? Well, I'd like to be the first to congratulate you. Carrie.

Carrie: Thanks, Sami.

Sami: Yeah, I hope you are both very happy.

Carrie: Thank you. We appreciate that.

Lucas: Yeah, I actually believe you.

Sami: Thanks, Lucas. That means something.

Lucas: Only because you're happy now you can have Austin. At least you're telling the truth. And thank you, Mom, for everything you've done, all your help.

Kate: [Sighs] I just want to see you all happy.

Sami: Yeah, Lucas, it's nice to see you and your mom have made up. She was just saying that very thing before you came in.

Lucas: Well, I am happy. Carrie's the woman I'm meant to be with. So, will you do me a favor and welcome Carrie to the family?

Kate: Of course I will.

Lucas: Good. Carrie, come here for a second.

Kate: I am very, very happy for you. I'm glad to have you as my daughter-in-law again.

Sami: She wishes it was Austin. Hey, I have an idea. Let's celebrate. I have some champagne that I hid from Nicole after the Highstyle take-- right, it doesn't matter where the champagne comes from. I can just get some glasses out, and we'll celebrate Lucas and Carrie's happiness.

Lucas: I love you.

Carrie: Me too.

Sami: Champagne, everyone. Lucas, I poured you some soda.

Lucas: Thank you.

Sami: Here you go, Austin. [Clears throat] Here you go, Carrie.

Carrie: Thank you.

Sami: So, I would like to make a toast to Lucas and Carrie. May the love that you share today grow stronger every day for the rest of your lives. So, let me see the ring.. Wow, that's way bigger than the one you got me, Lucas. I'm just kidding. It's beautiful. You did well.

Lucas: Thank you.

Sami: So, I know you haven't set the date yet, but as your matron of honor, I'd like to -- I am your matron of honor, right? I mean, how many sisters do you have?

Carrie: We haven't even started making plans.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: I'd like to recommend a spring wedding -- first of all, because they're incredibly beautiful and also because I know how long you two waited to get together. And we're not getting any younger, right? [Chuckles] Cheers.

Carrie: Cheers.

Lucas: Yeah, thanks.


Kate: I know you're upset about Carrie, okay? But that doesn't mean that you have to start dating Sami. There's so many other women out there. Trust me.

Austin: Why should I trust you about anything? You pushed Carrie and Lucas together?

Kate: No, I didnít.

Austin: Then why did he thank you for your help?

Kate: I don't know, because all I've tried to do is support both of you.

Austin: Save it. Just... [Clears throat] Well, you know, I want to congratulate both of you and just say I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Lucas: Thanks, Austin.


Bo: Hey, you shouldn't talk that way about yourself.

Billie: Why not? It's true.

Bo: No, it isnít. You've done everything possible to help me save my marriage.

Billie: Maybe in the past, but...

Bo: In the past you did, too. You helped Hope and me hook up when she came back from Maison Blanche. You and I were engaged, and you loved me enough to walk away. If you hadn't, well, I loved you, too, and things would have gotten messy.

Billie: You would have chosen Hope.

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: No, it's -- you and Hope -- you belong together. I think I always knew that. But after I left Salem, I just couldn't get the idea in my head that I had just given up the man that I loved more than anything. And I regretted not staying and fighting for you. But deep down, I knew that if I fought fair, I wouldn't win. So... I am so sorry for all the trouble that I caused between you and Hope.

Bo: I know.

Billie: Can you forgive me?

Bo: Hey, it took me a while to get past that, but that's old news. Recently, you've proven yourself.

Billie: Yeah, right.

Bo: Well, you have. I mean, when Hope left town, you could have taken advantage of the situation, and you didnít. You respected my marriage, and you've done what you can to help us stay together. Not your fault she isn't interested.

Billie: Hey, you got to fight for her, man. You got to fight. You can't give up.

Bo: I won't give up. But I know Hope. If I push her, it'll just make things worse.

Billie: So will doing nothing.

Bo: Yeah. This is what you call a lose-lose situation. Zack's death is ripping us apart. You know, maybe if we help Chelsea, that'll bring us closer together.

Billie: What do you mean?

Bo: Well, I -- I need you, Billie, as a friend. And Chelsea -- well, she needs both of us.

[Rat squeaking]


Patrick: Hope, how could you throw your ring into the ocean like that?

Hope: Because it doesn't mean anything anymore.

Patrick: Don't say that.

Hope: My marriage is over. Bo wants a divorce. He's with Billie. And I'm alone.

Patrick: No, no, no, you're not alone. You're an incredibly amazing woman, and Bo is a fool to let you go.


Carrie: I'm so glad that you're willing to try again with my sister.

Austin: We'll see what happens.


Lucas: I can't wait for us to spend the rest of our lives together.


Hope: I'm not going back, not to Bo, not to Salem.


Bo: We've lost so much. We can't lose each other.

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