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Jennifer: I'm just so worried about Hope right now. But it's something that they both have to come to terms with, and I think that Hope's the one who needs to try to find it in her heart to forgive.

Jennifer: No, I know, and Bo needs to think about the two of them all alone right now.

Frankie: You need a boost, and I have an idea.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? To Green Mountain Lodge. Oh, come on. The weather's better. We can go on some hikes. Frankie, that's -- going so great, either. Come on. I want to show you a good time. Hope won't know what hit her.



Patrick: Sounds like you have an e-mail.

Hope: [Exhales deeply]

Hope: It's an e-mail from the Salem Chronicle to subscribe to their online service, and they sent me articles from today's paper. Wait, there's a story about Shawn's wedding..

Patrick: Your son married my sister already?

Hope: Apparently. I knew they were gonna move up the date, but Shawn promised me he'd wait until I came back. Oh, my God. Look at that.


[Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" plays]

Marlena: Is everything all right and, might I add, you look ready to renew the sacred vows of matrimony of Alex North and Marlena Evans North. I mean, I'm marrying Alex. With John. He is the one true love of my life.

Alex: I'm very, very sorry to hear that, Marlena. You're forcing me to take your life. It's all right. I just want you to close your eyes, and at the count of three, you won't remember that I was here. One...two...three.


Shawn D.: Here we go.

Fr. Jansen: ...Early in their relationship, Alex never forgot his true love.

Abe: We got to stop John before he carries out his threat to kill Alex.

Roman: You know what, Abe? He's here. He's right here. I can feel it.

Fr. Jansen: ...Where he was called upon to bring aid and comfort to the very woman he had lost so long ago. Upon learning that he was to...

Shawn D.: Psst. I see something.

Roman: Where?

Shawn D.: There's a shadow moving behind the grill in the belfry.

Abe: You know, my vision's still too blurry to see that far. Roman, can you make anything out?

Fr. Jansen: A worthy wife brings joy to her husband.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I do see something.

Abe: All right, we'd better check it out.

Roman: All right, Tek. Keep that grill in your sights and wait. Let's go..

Abe: Look, use that fire until you're really sure he's gonna shoot.

Tek: I got it.

Fr. Jansen: And her firm virtue is of surpassing worth. Choicest of blessings is a grace upon grace. Indeed, no price is worthy of her temperate soul. Lord's heavens, the beauty of a virtuous wife is the radiance...

Tek: Roman, I think that's John up there. I can take a shot, but I -- gonna check on the altar.

John: You'll never get your hands on her, Alex.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Tek: I have John in my sights.

Abe: Wait for orders from Roman.

Roman: First we're gonna try to stop him without force.

Tek: Be careful. He knows it's kill or be killed.

Fr. Jansen: Heavenly Father, you have called Marlena and Alex to be one with you by becoming one with each other in the sacrament of marriage. Heavenly Father, send your blessing upon Marlena and Alex.

Belle: [Thinking] Mom, please don't go through with this.

Fr. Jansen: That they may surely keep their marriage covenant and so grow in love and Godliness together. I must now ask if anyone here has reasons why these two should not reaffirm their vows.


Fr. Jansen: Do you, Shawn Douglas, take this woman, Miriam, to be your lawfully --

Belle: Wait! This wedding has to stop.

Mimi: [Thinking] I wonder if Belle will do that again.

Fr. Jansen: If no one has an objection, it's time for the bride and groom to exchange vows. Please join hands.


Roman: Damn it, John! Stop! Stop! We know you're in there. Now, we've got you covered. We're not gonna let you kill Alex North.

John: Go away, Roman. You're not gonna stop me.

Roman: John, listen to me. You kill him, you destroy your life. If you want a future with Marlena and your children, then drop the gun and come out.

John: There will be no future once he kills her, so don't waste your time. I'm taking him out.

Roman: We got to get in there. We got to get in there.

John: Dear God, forgive me for what I'm about to do, but it's the only way I can get him away from her.


Jennifer: Frankie, this is really a big step -- going to Green Mountain Lodge with you.

Frankie: Jen, I know we said we were gonna take things slow, and we are. I just thought it would be fun to get away. So...what do you say? [Doorbell rings ]

Jennifer: Excuse me. [Sighs]


Maggie: Hi, honey.

Jennifer: Hi, aunt Maggie. How are you? Come on in.

Maggie: I'm fine.

Jennifer: What are you doing here with your suitcase?

Maggie: Uh, well, I'm taking care of Jack Jr. while you and Frankie are away, and I'll keep an eye on Abby, too.

Jennifer: I guess you assumed I was already gonna say yes.

Frankie: Kinda, I did. Yeah. Well...if you do want to go, we should leave soon if we want to get there before dark, okay?


Maggie: You know, I think it would do you good to get away with Frankie. So why do you look so torn? What's wrong?

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, I feel like this whole thing with Frankie is going way too fast. Really.

Maggie: Well, he's been patient, don't you think? I mean, obviously, he's been in love with you his entire adult life. Oh. I know you still think of yourself as being married to Jack.

Jennifer: And I know exactly what you're going to say. You're gonna say that this is what Jack would want for me. But what about what I want, Aunt Maggie?

Maggie: Okay. What do you want, Jennifer?

Jennifer: I don't know. I mean, I have feelings for Frankie. I do, but I don't want it to be forced, and I feel like everyone is forcing me into this situation because they don't think I'm capable of taking care of myself.

Maggie: Oh, no, no, no, no. You can take care of yourself. We just want you to be happy. I mean, you obviously make Frankie happy. And, well, it seems like he makes you happy.

Jennifer: Yes, but the word "happy" terrifies me, Aunt Maggie. I have mourned my husband three times in the last three years. So I don't know what it feels like to be okay with moving on. It just feels too soon. I mean, it is too soon.

Maggie: Well, everyone understands your thinking that way.

Jennifer: Then why did everyone want me on the dance floor to catch the bouquet of flowers at Mimi's wedding?

Maggie: Oh, well, now, I'm sorry about that. That's tradition. That's all it is, but... you know, Jennifer, you are a single woman now, whether you consider yourself one or not.

Jennifer: I know that, but just because I caught the flowers doesn't mean I have to get married.

Maggie: Yeah, true, true. So, okay, then you go away with Frankie and have a good time and you can still come home a single woman.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. I don't know. I feel like I need more time to think about all of this.

Maggie: Um... honey, remember what Grandma Alice used to say all the time? Life...

Both: Doesn't wait around for you to live it.

Maggie: Yes, yes.

Jennifer: I know. I know.


Chelsea: [Thinking] "This is a lot more work than I thought it'd be, but it's totally worth it. Once Hope reads the article about Shawn's wedding and sees those pictures, she'll be so mad at Bo, she'll never come back to him. Then my parents can be together, and I won't have to go to jail. wouldn't want me to go to jail, would you? You know that I loved you, and you know that it was an accident. I mean, dad shouldn't have to lose two of his kids, right? So, I have to do what I can to keep myself free, and if Hope gets hurt, then too bad. After the way she's treated me, she can't expect me to care." [Exhales deeply] Now, I just have to get rid of any evidence in case anybody tries to read my online diary again. Oh, my God. I just accessed my dad's e-mail account. When he was checking his e-mail earlier, he came across my diary. He must have forgotten to log out. Well, he read my personal files. I guess that means I get to read his. Well, I'll just leave this open in case Hope decides to get in touch with him. After she reads about what happened at Shawn's wedding, I'm gonna have front-row seats to witness the fallout after Hope goes ballistic.


Hope: I don't believe the nerve of these people. Billie and Chelsea -- how could Billie and Chelsea show up uninvited to Shawn's wedding?

Patrick: They obviously knew you weren't going to be there.

Hope: Obviously.

Patrick: What I don't understand is why Shawn got married without you there.

Hope: Oh, I do. He knew that I needed to get away from Billie and Chelsea and Bo. If I had known about the wedding, he knew I never would have left Salem. And he also knew how difficult it would be for me to go back into St. Luke's Church so soon after Zack's funeral.

Patrick: So he sacrificed having his mom at his wedding to protect you.

Hope: He's my oldest son, my only living biological son, and I missed seeing him take his vows. Damn it. I should have been there. How dare they be there. Patrick, listen to this. "The groom's half sister showed up uninvited. Chelsea Benson is charged with vehicular homicide in the hit-and-run killing of Zack Brady...the groom's deceased 5-year-old brother.. Miss Benson's appearance stopped the wedding. As the groom stepped down from the altar and admonished his half sister, condemning her as a cold-blooded killer who not only killed his younger brother, but also drew apart his par--" I can't read any more of this.

Patrick: I don't think you should.

Hope: No, I need to know what it says. Please just... Patrick, read it for me, please.

Patrick: "Bo and Hope Brady, detectives on the police force, separated after the death of their young son. At the wedding, the groom threw Chelsea Brady and her parents, Bo Brady and Billie Reed, out of the church."

Hope: Is that the end?

Patrick: Hope, you don't want to read this.

Hope: Patrick, I need to know what it says. "The young woman's parents.... the young woman's parents were seen comforting her outside of St. Luke's later." Why would he do this? What the hell is the matter with him? He chose to coddle Chelsea rather than being at his own son's wedding? Shawn had to get married without either of his parents there, without his little brother, all because of Bo and his daughter.

Patrick: Maybe it was the only way he could get them out of the church.

Hope: Patrick, please. It is so clear that he prefers to be with Billie and Chelsea more than me and Shawn.

Patrick: That's not clear to me at all.

Hope: You don't know everything else that he's done.

Patrick: Maybe not, you know, but I do know this. You're his everything, Hope. You're his whole life.

Hope: These pictures don't lie. [Voice breaking] This is proof that he's turned his back on us. All he cares about is Billie and Chelsea after everything he's done. And you know what? This is it. This is the last straw. I'm gonna e-mail Bo. It's over...really over. I want a divorce.


Fr. Jansen: "In the name of God and with a thankful heart..."

Marlena: In the name of God and with a thankful heart...

Fr. Jansen: "...I, once again, declare that I, Marlena..."

Marlena: ...I, once again, declare that I, Marlena...

Mimi: [Thinking] She sounds like a zombie.

Fr. Jansen: "...Take you, Alex, to be my husband..."

Marlena: I will love you... no matter what... whether -- whether rain or drought or sun or storm... whatever comes... I will laugh with you, weep with you, celebrate with you, and mourn with you. I am yours, my love... until death part us.

Fr. Jansen: "...Until we are parted by death."

Marlena: ...Until death parts us.

Fr. Jansen: "This is my solemn vow."

Marlena: This is my solemn vow.

Fr. Jansen: "In the name of God and with a thankful heart..."

Alex: In the name of God and with a thankful heart...

Fr. Jansen: "...For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

Alex: ...For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health...

Fr. Jansen: "...Until we are parted by death."

Alex: ...Until we are parted by death.

Fr. Jansen: My dear friends, let us ask for God's continued blessings upon Alex and Marlena. Holy Father, Creator of the Universe, maker of man and woman in your own likeness...


Abe: Roman, are you there yet?

Roman: Yeah, but we can't get the door to budge.

Tek: Should I fire a warning shot?

Roman: Don't do anything that could make John shoot.

Fr. Jansen: ...So that they may together rejoice in your gift of married love. Alex, the rings, please.

Roman: John! John, damn it, listen to me! John! John, don't do this! Don't make me give Tek the order to shoot!

John: It doesn't matter. Once I drop North, I've got the death penalty anyway.


Roman: Who are you calling?

Shawn D.: I'm calling Belle. I told her to keep her cellphone on vibrate with a wireless earpiece just in case we needed to stay in contact.

Fr. Jansen: This ring is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace signifying to others the reuniting of Marlena and Alex in holy marriage. [Buzzing] Repeat after me. "Marlena, in token and pledge of our constant..."


Shawn D.: I know you can't talk, so listen. We haven't been able to stop your dad. He's gonna go through with it.

Belle: Where is he?

Shawn D.: In the belfry above the choir loft. He's got a clear shot from up there.

Fr. Jansen: Alex, now that you've reunited with Marlena...

Belle: I have to stop this.

Shawn D.: No! No, don't! I called you because -- Belle, Belle, are you there?


Fr. Jansen: Do you promise to uphold the vows you've taken today, to grow in peace and love with her, as long as you both shall live?

Alex: I do.


Frankie: You're gonna go?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I think I do need to get away.

Frankie: Good. I'm glad.

Maggie: Me too. Okay, now, don't worry about anything. Mickey and I will take care of Jack Jr. You just have a good time.

Jennifer: Yeah, we're gonna hang out. Thank you, and just call me if you need anything. Really, anything. Just call me.

Maggie: Okay. I will.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Maggie: Bye, sweetie.

Frankie: Thank you.

Maggie: Have fun.

Frankie: All right.

Maggie: [Humming]


Patrick: You're telling Bo it's over, you want a divorce, in an e-mail without talking to him first? You two have been in love too long to let your marriage end like that.

Hope: I'm not ending it. He did. I can't live with what he's done, Patrick.

Patrick: Hope, see if you can recall that e-mail.

Hope: No.

Patrick: Listen, sometimes you need to let the anger out. You've done that. Write him another e-mail. Tell him you're still angry, but you need some time to deal with it..

Hope: No. I don't want to talk about this anymore, all right? I've made up my mind.

Patrick: Remember how much you love him. You've been in love since you were kids. You spent your entire lives together. You have a family.


Sometimes I wonder how I ever got along without you you're the best part of it all life is only as good as you make me feel I need you to hold me for a while I can't live without your love I'd be so lonely without you I'd be nothing without you baby, I can't live without your love when the world casts a shadow and I'm feeling so low, you are there you have a way about you that makes it all seem right I need you to hold me for a while I can't live without your love I'd be so lonely without you I'd be nothing without you baby, I can't live without your love after all we've been through, you know I'll always love you I want to share my life with my best friend and I can't live without your love no, I can't live without your love I'd be so lonely without you I'd be nothing without you baby, I can't live without your love I'd be so lonely without you I'd be nothing without you baby, I can't live without your love no, I can't live without your love oh

Bo: I love you, Mrs. Brady.

Hope: I love you, Mr. Brady.

Bo: Then come and kiss me.

I can't live without your...

Patrick: After all the pain and suffering you've been through, Hope, don't make the biggest mistake of your life. Don't give up on your love for Bo.



Chelsea: Good. Let's see what Hope has to say to my dad. Perfect. Hope wants a divorce. Excellent. Let's see. What would my dad say back to Hope? [Exhales deeply] "It breaks my heart, Hope, but I guess you're right. There's really no way we can stay together, now, is there?"

[Sighs] "I'm really sorry about what happened to Zack. I would do anything to bring him back. But I have a daughter with Billie now, and it's my responsibility to protect Chelsea. And...if you can't live with that and if that means we have no future together, then so be it. I won't contest your divorce. Right now, I need to be here for Chelsea and Billie." [Sighs] "I'm sorry, Hope. But you're right. What we had is over. And I think it's best that we go our separate ways. Bo."


Marlena: What was that?


Tek: I think I saw a round go off.

Abe: All right. Roman, I'm coming up.

Fr. Jansen: Bats in the belfry.

[Light laughter]


John: My God, I can't believe this is happening.

Fr. Jansen: May the Lord, in his goodness, strengthen your vows and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined together, let no man divide. You may now kiss the bride.

John: Damn it, Belle, move. Come on, baby, move!

Roman: John, no!

John: No, Belle! Move!

Abe: Hey, buddy, no. John, come on, man. You don't want to do this. Come on. That's it. That's it, buddy. That's it. Yeah.

Roman: John... John, there's nothing we can do.

[Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" plays]


Frankie: Would you like to dance?

Jennifer: Um, sure. Okay.

Frankie: You seem tense. You okay?

Jennifer: Uh-huh.

Frankie: No, you're not. You don't want to be here, do you?


Patrick: Call him. Chances are he hasn't even checked his e-mail. Tell him not to read what you sent him. Tell him to erase it. [Beeping]

Hope: Oh, my God. It's an e-mail from Bo... responding to what I sent.

Chelsea: Yes. Hope just picked up the e-mail I sent. Read it and weep.

Patrick: Hope, are you okay? What did he say?

Hope: [Exhales deeply] Bo agreed to the divorce. He didn't even sound torn or conflicted about it. He's standing by Billie and Chelsea. [Sobs] He's letting me go. My God. It's over. It's over.


Chelsea: By now, Hope's all done reading the e-mail I sent to her from Bo, which means all I have left to do is cover my tracks. God, my plan worked out more perfectly than I ever thought it would. Now there's definitely no future for Bo and Hope, which means that he'll defend me and keep me out of jail, and then after Hope files for divorce, he'll turn to Billie. And then Hope will be out of the picture for good.

Hope: [Sobs]


Jennifer: No, of course I want to be here. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be here. It's just a lot of stuff is going on in Salem right now. It's got my mind wound up. That's all.

Frankie: Okay.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Frankie: Mm-hmm. Listen, I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Okay. Oh, gosh, how do I tell Frankie this is moving too fast? I can't go through with this, but if I don't, I'm gonna lose him.


Belle: I can't believe that all this happened, and my mom is married to Alex.

Shawn D.: Well, you just have to accept that sometimes the wrong people end up together.


Abe: [Mumbling] Take it easy.

Alex: Oh, hello, gentlemen. I see you finally collared your man. I'm sorry you missed the wedding. In case you're wondering, there will be no wedding reception. I'm rather anxious to get started on my wedding night. Good night.

Roman: John! John! No, John!


Frankie: I really want this evening to be special for you.

Jennifer: I can't do this.


Hope: I think Zack's death gave bo the excuse he was looking for to get out of our marriage.


Billie: What you just wrote to her looked beautiful and there is not a woman in the world who could read those words and not come running straight back to you.


Chelsea: Bo's reply to Hope -- it's a good thing it came to my computer first, huh?

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