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[Door opens]

Sami: Carrie...what are you doing? Where is Lexie?

Carrie: She got paged. She had to go.

Sami: Are you okay?

Carrie: Not really, no.

Sami: Well, I guess it must be difficult choosing between Austin and Lucas it's complicated, right?

Carrie: You don't know the half of it.

Sami: Maybe not, but I think I can help. Look, obviously you want to be with Austin, so don't worry about me or anything.

Carrie: It's not that.

Sami: Look, when you said that you didn't want to have anything to do with him, you know, in the heat of the moment because the whole Highstyle thing, obviously you didn't really mean it. So I don't want you to feel like you owe me anything. You don't have to honor a promise you made to me. obviously love Austin, so you should tell him that.. I mean, obviously Lucas is great, but...go, be with Austin. You two can be together. You could be happy. You could start a family.


Lexie: In my work-up on you, I did some genetic testing and discovered something disturbing. You and Austin...share a genetic marker that could be problematic.

Carrie: Meaning?

Lexie: Meaning if you have a child together, there's a high probability that he or she might have a genetic syndrome causing severe birth defects that could even be life-threatening.


Carrie: No, I canít.

Sami: Carrie, what's wrong? Why not?

Carrie: I can't be with Austin, not now, not ever.


[Monitor beeping rapidly]

John: Marlena. Marlena, are you all right? Can you hear me? Can you hear -- nurse! Can you hear me? Doc, can you hear me?

Lexie: John, what happened?

John: I don't know. I got a message from her. I came in, and she's unconscious.

Lexie: Okay, I need you to step outside.

John: Listen, I'm gonna --

Lexie: John, please, let us do our work. Thank you. Marlena, can you hear me?


Abe: ...Around here. Hey, what's wrong.

Alex: What's going on? Is Marlena all right?

John: You ought to know, you son of a bitch! Will you let me go, Abraham?

Abe: Stop it! Stop it!


Frankie: You okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm glad we got here on time. Shawn looks so handsome. That Brady gown -- it looks gorgeous on Mimi.

Frankie: Yeah.

Jennifer: They look really happy.

Jennifer: Now we will feel no rain...for each of us will be shelter to each other. And now we will feel no cold... for each of us will be warmth to each other. When evening falls...I'll look to you and there you'll be, and we'll turn together and we'll look to the road we traveled to reach this -- the hour of our happiness.

Frankie: Are you sure you're okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. I just wish Hope were here.


Kate: What are you doing?

Bonnie: Prepping with a holy water chaser. If this doesn't calm me down, nothing will.

Kate: Well, get ahold of yourself, okay?

Bonnie: How can I get ahold of myself when Belle could still ruin this wedding? Damn, I wish I had finished that mail-order course on body language, or at least bought myself a tranquilizer blow dart.

Kate: Look, we've done the very best we could do, all right? All we can do now is wait and pray.

Bonnie: Waiting and praying are not my strong suits.

Kate: Oh, really?


Fr. Jansen: Here we go again. If anyone present has any reason why this man and this woman should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace. It's time for you to exchange your sacred vows before family, friends, and God. By opting to be married in the church, yours will not be merely a civil marriage, but a holy sacrament. And thus, we believe when God joins a man and woman in matrimony, it's for life...and no one shall come between them.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Fr. Jansen: Are you ready to declare your love and commitment to each other before God?

Mimi and Shawn: We are.

[Organ plays]

Bonnie: This is really happening.

Kate: They haven't said "I do" yet, so just keep your fingers crossed.


Fr. Jansen: Please join your right hands.

Jack: Jennifer...I give you this ring as a token and a pledge... ...of our constant faith... and abiding love.

Jennifer: Jack... I give you this ring as a token and pledge...of our constant faith...and abiding love.

Fr. Jansen: Do you, Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux, take Francois von Leuschner Brady to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward...

Jennifer: Am I really doing the right thing moving on with Frankie?

Fr. Jansen: ...For richer or poorer...

Jennifer: What would Jack really say?

Fr. Jansen: ...And in health, to love...

Jennifer: Jack!

Fr. Jansen: ...Forsaking all others and to be true to these holy vows all the days...

Jennifer: Jack?

All: Yes?


Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. This is -- oh, this is really freaky. Could just one of you answer me, please?

Jack: Of course.

Jennifer: Look, Jack, I know -- I know that this is what you want, and I know that you put all of these things into motion before you died, that you want me to be with Frankie. You want him to be my husband, the stepfather to our children. But no one could ever take your place. Don't you know that?

Jack: Frankie's a good man. He loves you, and he'll protect you. That's what's important. I didn't see Lockhart here.

Jennifer: Patrick left town.

Jack: For good?

Jennifer: Jack, I don't know. The point is, this is what you really want, and I feel like I'm being unfaithful to you, to your memory, and even though I swore to you our love would never die -- and I swear to you, it will not, Jack -- how do you expect me to have feelings for someone else?

Jack: Jennifer, you always did. Frankie was the first man you loved.

Jennifer: Yeah, he is, Jack. And those feelings are getting stirred up again. It is not purely an arrangement anymore. We are becoming more than friends, and I need to know if that's exactly what you had in mind. 'Cause I don't want to hurt you. I don't, but I also don't want to second-guess you, so you need to give me some sort of sign. You need to tell me if this is really what you want.

Fr. Jansen: Now, I think you've waited long enough. It's time to officially join you as husband and wife.


John: Abraham, I'm cool. What did you do to her, North? You tell me.

Marlena: [Moaning]

Alex: I didn't do anything. Marlena's my wife. I would never hurt her, but you --

Abe: Hey! Hey! Stop it. This is not going to help Marlena.

John: Maybe not, but it's gonna help me.


Lexie: John...stop it or I'll have security remove you from the hospital..

John: How is she?

Lexie: She's conscious. Her vital signs are good. She's going to be fine..

John: I want to see her.

Lexie: No, I want her to rest for a little while alone, understood?

Abe: heard her.

John: Well, it looks like in a little while, I'm going in to find out what you did to my wife.

Alex: Wrong. You're never going to get near my wife again.


Abe: Sweetheart.

Lexie: Oh, oh, I'm very busy.

Abe: You don't seem to be yourself. Is everything all right?

Lexie: Yeah, it's just been a long...busy shift. Um...would you keep things between John and Alex from getting out of hand?

Abe: Well, I'll do my best.

Lexie: Great, thanks. I'll see you later.


Sami: Look, Carrie, it's okay for you to be with Austin. You don't have to worry about me or anyone else.

Carrie: It's not that.

Sami: Everyone knows that you care about Lucas, okay? He'll be okay. You could be happy with Austin. You could make all your dreams come true.


Lexie: Carrie. Carrie.

Sami: Well, Lexie, you did a good job.

Lexie: Good job? I violated the Hippocratic Oath, Sami. I lied to Carrie about her health, her future.

Sami: Give me a break. It is not the worst diagnosis you've ever made. It's certainly not the worst lie you've ever told.

Lexie: I told her that she and Austin share a genetic marker that precludes them from having a healthy baby.

Sami: How is that worse than when you switched paternity-test results to ruin my future with Brandon, or what you did to my Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope when you found out you were raising their child, not to mention what you are doing to Abe right this instant? You have clearly been lying your entire life. You don't have to feel guilty about this one. At least you're doing this one for a good cause.

Lexie: A good cause?

Sami: Don't you want to stay happily married to your husband and keep your son? You keep quiet about Carrie. I am not gonna lose Austin to her again.

Lexie: Sami, this isn't going to work.

Sami: I think it is because the one thing my sister wants more than Austin is to have a child of her own.

Lexie: Don't count on that.

Sami: I know my sister.

Lexie: Mimi and Shawn are getting married, even though they can't have a child of their own. You know, Carrie could still choose Austin, even with all your lies and schemes.

Sami: I am not gonna let that happen.


John: Don't you threaten me, North.

Alex: It's not a threat. It's a promise. You and Marlena are through.

John: Oh, no, because you know eventually she's gonna regain her memory, and when she does, she's gonna remember her past with me, her love, and you're gonna be right out on your ass.


Marlena: I've regained my memory.

Alex: Oh, yes?

Marlena: Oh, yes, everything -- John, Roman, and every terrible thing you ever did to me over the years.

Alex: I'm so very sorry to hear that, Marlena.

Marlena: I'm looking at the man who stole my past, and you tried to take my future. You know what? John was right about you.

Alex: Marlena chose me. I am her husband. You are nothing but a bad memory. No, I take that back. You're not even that.


John: I'm going in to see her. Is Marlena taking visitors?

Nurse: Uh, yes, but please keep it brief.

John: Marlena. You sent me a message that sounded urgent. Lexie said there's a chance you could regain your memory at any time. Is that why you wanted to see me? Have you finally remembered our life together?


Frankie: You were my first only love. All I ever wanted was to see you happy. And I know how happy you were with Jack. And I realize you may never love me the way you loved him, but I promise to do everything I can, everything make you feel as loved by me as you were by him... to make your life and J.J. and Abby's lives happy, complete, and fulfilled.


Fr. Jansen: Do you, Mimi, take Shawn as your lawful husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, forsaking all others, and to be true to these holy vows all the days of your lives?

Mimi: I do.

Fr. Jansen: And do you, Shawn, take Mimi as your lawful wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, forsaking all others, and to be true to these holy vows all the days of your lives?

Shawn D.: I do.

Fr. Jansen: May I have the rings?

Mimi: [Chuckles]

Fr. Jansen: Shawn...repeat after me. Take this ring...

Shawn D.: Take this ring...

Fr. Jansen: ...As a sign of my faith, fidelity, and never-ending love.

Shawn D.: ...As a sign of my faith, fidelity, and never-ending love.

Fr. Jansen: Mimi... repeat after me. Take this ring...

Mimi: Take this ring...

Fr. Jansen: ...As a sign of my faith, fidelity, and never-ending love.

Mimi: ...As a sign of my faith, fidelity, and never-ending love.

Fr. Jansen: Now that you've been joined together by solemn vows, with joining of hands and exchanging of rings, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I now pronounce you husband and wife. What God has joined together, let no one put asunder. I would like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady. You may kiss the bride.

[Organ plays Mendelssohn's "Wedding March"]



Sami: Um...Carrie. Are you okay? What's wrong?

Carrie: I'm fine. I'm just --


Lexie: Joanie, the EMTís are on their way in with Aaron Faulkner. He's in respiratory failure.

Joanie: Oh, no, that poor kid. He spent more time here than at home.

Lexie: Yeah. Okay, here they are. Fill me in.

Paramedics: No spontaneous respiration. Heart rate's 180.

Joanie: Let's go.

Woman: You have to save him. You can't let him die!

Lexie: Okay, okay, okay. I will do everything I can, but with his genetic syndrome, you know his long-term diagnosis. Excuse me.

Woman: No! [Sobbing]


Carrie: Those poor parents.

Sami: I can't imagine what they must be going through. I mean...if it's genetic, I wonder if they knew before he was born. I mean, how could they ever have other kids? I can't imagine.


Lexie: I'm sorry. There's nothing more I can do.

Woman: Oh, God!

Lexie: I have made sure that he is not in any pain. The nurses are going to move him to a cubicle so that you can... have some privacy. I'm sorry.

Woman; [Sobbing]


Sami: Um...I don't know what to say. I guess sometimes you just have to believe that God has a plan.

Carrie: Excuse me. I-I -- excuse me.


Sami: Those poor parents. But I do believe that God does have a plan. And maybe his is the same as mine. Still, I -- perfect.

Lexie: Sami! What are you doing? Oh, my God. Don't you ever stop?


John: You're remembering what we had together, aren't you?

Marlena: I have no memory of you whatsoever.

John: Come on, you got to try to have a breakthrough. I'm your husband.

Marlena: No, Alex is my husband. He's the one I love and the one that loves me.


Marlena: [Muffled] No! No, no, no. No! No, no, no.

Alex: I have no choice. I can't let you remember what our life together was really like.

Marlena: [Moaning]

Alex: Now, this will either erase your memory or kill you, and at this point, either one is fine by me.


John: Why did you want to see me?

Marlena: I don't have any idea...unless it was to ask you to...leave Alex and me alone.

Alex: Well, that sounds good to me, especially since we're renewing our vows tomorrow.

John: Oh, come on. What's the matter with you? She's still recovering. Now it seems like she's got short-term amnesia. Doesn't that concern you at all?

Alex: Of course it concerns me. But I have a feeling that once we leave on our honeymoon and get away from you and your constant ultimatums and pressure on her, that she will show a dramatic improvement in her condition. Don't you agree?

Marlena: Absolutely.


[Up-tempo music plays]

Belle: You know, Claire's really tired. I should take her home.

Philip: What? Honey, this is her Godparents' wedding. We are celebrating this as a family.

Belle: Philip, if she doesn't get a nap, she's gonna be fussy all night.

Philip: It hasn't even been that long since her last nap, okay? I'll warm her up a bottle. That always gives her a second wind, and while I'm at it, my other favorite girl's gonna get a bottle, too -- a big bubbly one, okay? I'll be right back. Try to have a little fun, okay?

Belle: Okay. Shh, honey. I'm not really in the mood to celebrate, either..


Caroline: I know that wasn't easy, but you did the right thing.

Belle: Shh, daddy went to get you a bottle. You want mommy to take you outside? She really needs a nap, Caroline.

Caroline: You know, I was afraid when you stopped the ceremony that you were gonna announce to Philip and the entire congregation that you still love Shawn.

Belle: I thought about it.

Caroline: What made you change your mind?

Belle: Actually, it was something Kate said -- about how a broken home can affect a child and she was right. As much as I love Sami, I don't want Claire to turn out to be like her. So, you know, Philip and I love her more than anything. We'll be a happy family. I can make this work. I can...for Claire.

Caroline: You're a wonderful young woman, Belle.


Victor: You deliberately manipulated Belle into that decision. Plenty of children of divorce grow up perfectly happy.

Kate: And plenty donít. I thought that she deserved to know both sides.

Victor: Philip is not Claire's father. Shawn is.

Kate: They don't know that, do they?

Victor: This is not right, Kate. Shawn has a right to know how Belle feels. He also has a right to know that he's the child's father.

Kate: Oh, come on. Would you just give it a rest? If you really felt that way, then you would have told Philip the truth...and Shawn the truth. But you haven't done that, have you? Because you feel exactly the same way that I do. Philip has been through enough pain. If he lost his wife and his child now, it would destroy him. We only have one choice and that choice is to make sure Philip never finds out that Claire is not his daughter.


Maggie: Attention, ladies and gentlemen -- Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady.

[Cheers and applause]

[Slow music plays]

Mimi: I can't believe we're really married. Can you maybe pinch me?

Shawn D.: Oh, I think I can do better than that.


Caroline: Enough of that. What do you think this is, a wedding?


Shawn D.: Where's Grandpa Shawn?

Caroline: Oh, he and your Uncle Roman are setting up a conference call in Maggie's office to your Aunts Kayla and Kimberly and all the other Bradyís who couldn't be here in person.


Bonnie: Kids, kids, kids. I need to ask you something. I need you to be honest. Don't you think the decorations need a little Bonnie-fying?

Mimi: No, Mom, everything is beautiful just the way it is, so just try and relax and have a good time.


Maggie: What did I tell you?

Shawn D.: Oh, where's Uncle Mickey?

Maggie: Oh, he drove your great-grandma home. Apparently, she was so excited about your wedding, she didn't sleep very well last night and the ceremony just did her in. But she told me to give you both a big hug and a kiss... and to wish you both all the happiness, and she hopes you're just as happy as she and Great-Grandpa Tom were.


Caroline: The conference call is set up.

Shawn D.: Oh, all right. Come on, let's go.

Mimi: Oh, no, they're your family.

Shawn D.: No, no, they're our family.

Mimi: Oh, you're right. They are. I'll be there in a couple minutes, okay?

Shawn D.: Okay.


Bonnie: Not so fast. To my little girl -- you did it, baby. You married yourself a Brady and a Horton.

Mimi: You mean Shawn.

Bonnie: Never stop believing in those fairy tales 'cause it's working for you, honey.

Mimi: Yeah, but I still feel really guilty about lying to him.

Bonnie: Shh. Honey, what's one little lie compared to a lifetime of loving the man of your dreams?


Shawn D.: Will you tell grandpa I'll be right there?

Caroline: Don't be long, now. He's got everybody on that phone call, and you know Bradyís don't like to be kept waiting.


Shawn D.: Don't worry. Hey. Thanks for bringing Claire here. It's wonderful having my Goddaughter part of the celebration. It's almost like having Zack here.

Belle: I'm sure Zack is here.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Are you okay?

Belle: You know me and weddings. I hope you and Mimi will be very happy.

Shawn D.: Yes, I hope we're as happy as you and Philip and Claire.

Philip: I'll second that. For you.

Belle: For me. [Chuckles]


Maggie: All right, ladies. Mimi is ready to throw her bouquet. All you single ladies over by the fireplace. Hey, guys, get out of there. Get out of there. [ Laughs] Come on. Kate?

Bonnie: Come on, Kate.

Maggie: Kate.

Kate: Me?

Maggie: Please? Come on, it'll be fun.


Bonnie: All right, pitch it right into the strike zone, baby.



Maggie: Come on, Jennifer, join us.

Jennifer: No, no, I don't think -- I'm fine.

Maggie: Well, you know what? Just stand over here. You don't have to catch it. Please?

Jennifer: Okay. This is for you, Mimi. I'll go stand over here.


Mimi: Okay, is everybody ready?





[Cheers and applause]


John: No way you're marrying her tomorrow.

Marlena: You don't have a vote in that, John.

John: Yeah, well, you don't know what's happening one day to the next because you're not in your right mind.

Marlena: How dare you. I would never love a man who would speak to me like that. Alex...I am so glad...we are renewing our vows tomorrow.

Alex: So am I. Then we're going away on our honeymoon. I can't wait to get you away from all this unhealthy stress.

John: Like hell you --

Abe: Hey, John.

John: No, this is part of his plan. He's gonna take you away, and he's gonna kill you, just like he did Lois.

Alex: It sounds like your friend is on the verge of a psychotic break.

John: You lousy son of a bitch, you're doing exactly what you said you were gonna do. And he bragged to me about it. He said he was gonna take you away, he was gonna kill you, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop him.

Marlena: Alex is my husband. I know you don't like that, but you can't do anything about it. I trust him. I don't trust you.

John: That's because he's got you brainwashed, and you don't know what the hell's going on anymore.

Marlena: If he wanted to hurt me, he could have done it many times before.

John: He might have tired, but I've been here to stop him. That's why he wants to take you away!


Lexie: Okay. Your decision to donate his organs will help other children live.

Woman: I don't want to leave Aaron alone in there.


Lexie: [Exhales sharply] Carrie, I'm so sorry you had to see that.

Carrie: Those poor parents and that poor baby. How could I even think of bringing a child into the world with Austin? Earlier today, I was so torn up, wondering if I should be with Austin or Lucas. It's not like I don't have feelings for Lucas, too. Austin and I have had our share of problems. Maybe it's not meant to be. Maybe it's a sign from God.

Lexie: Carrie, give it some time. Don't decide anything in haste. Excuse me. You're going to hell for this.

Sami: Probably. But I'll have a little time in heaven first with Austin.


Carrie: How can I give you up?


[Indistinct conversations]

Jennifer: Wow, there you go. Fell right into my arms.

Frankie: I saw.

Jennifer: So, what do you say? You think this could be a sign from Jack?

And I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off...


Belle: I did it for you, sweetheart, so that you could have a happy family with your mommy and your daddy. I know I did the right thing. I just wish it didn't hurt so bad..


Victor: Secrets and lies have a way of coming out, Kate. You of all people should know that.

Kate: Belle and Philip are married now. Mimi and Shawn are married. They're all going to live happily ever after. End of story.

Victor: Well, I hope you're right.


Shawn D.: Hey. Are you okay? You're awfully quiet.

Mimi: I -- I'm so beyond okay. It's the happiest day of my life. I promise I'm going to be a good wife -- at least I'm going to try to be.

Shawn D.: You already are.


I can't quite figure out everything she does is beautiful

Philip: Excuse me, excuse me. Can we cut the music, please? Best man has something to say. I've been working it out in the bathroom, so I'd like you all to listen. [Laughter] As best man, I have one final duty to perform, and that is, of course, to give a toast.

All: Aw.

Philip: I know. But I thought I'd be nice if I gave it, actually, as the best family, with my wife and my daughter here. Now, everybody knows that Shawn and Mimi are not only our best friends, but they're also Godparents to my beautiful daughter, Claire. So all of us -- thank you, Maggie -- all of us in the best family would like to wish everyone in this room, especially the bride and groom, a life filled with happiness and joy and laughter, and may you share that with all your family and friends, with us at the very top of that list. [Laughter] So, to Shawn and Mimi.

All: Shawn and Mimi.



Belle: Take her.

Philip: Belle, what's wrong? Belle?


Abe: John. Look, buddy, you got to get control of yourself.

John: They're gonna renew their vows tomorrow. He's gonna take her off on that honeymoon, and then he's gonna kill her.

Abe: You've got no proof.

John: Would you wait around for proof if someone was out to hurt Lexie?


Marlena: I'm sorry you had to listen to John's ravings again.

Alex: Oh, it's all right. I can deal with anything, as long as I know I have you by my side.

Marlena: Well, after tomorrow, that will be forever.


John: Alex's wedding day... it's also gonna be his funeral.


Lexie: When I think of what those poor parents are going through, and Aaron -- you're making a mockery of their suffering, Sami. If you think you're not tempting fate --

Sami: Don't you dare moralize to me, Lexie. You want to talk about tempting fate -- listen, if you don't want to risk losing Abe and Theo, then you are gonna keep your big mouth shut.

Lexie: [Sighs] You're not going to get away with this, Sami.


Carrie: I know, Austin, but I need to talk to you right away. Because I have something important to tell you. No, I can't do it over the phone. Because it's important. It could affect the rest of our lives together. Okay.


Sami: The rest of their lives together? What does that mean?

Lexie: It means your plan must have backfired. Sounds like Carrie's choosing to be with Austin, in spite of everything, Sami. Which means you're gonna lose him after all.


Belle: You know that I still love you, and I know that you still love me, too.

Shawn D.: Yes, I do.


Billie: You are responsible.

Chelsea: Everything bad that happens to everyone in this family is all my fault.


Austin: Do you love me?

Carrie: With all of my heart.


Sami: Here's to us, Lucas. Losers to the end.

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