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Shawn D.: All righty. I'm ready. Park was so fun. Thanks for arranging it.

Shawn D.: Hey, I like making you happy.

Mimi: You do every day.

Shawn D.: Yeah? We'll see if you're saying that after 10 years of marriage.

Mimi: Well, in 10 years, I'll let you know.

Shawn D.: The next time I get to see you is walking down the aisle in St.. Luke's.

Mimi: I know. It's a date.

Shawn D.: All right.

Mimi: But you know what? I'm gonna really miss you tonight.

Shawn D.: Well, it's only one night apart. Our last night.

Mimi: Our last night. Aw, I like the sound of that.

Shawn D.: I'm the luckiest guy in the world tomorrow. I get to marry the most incredible girl.

Mimi: What are you saying, you won't marry Shawn and me?

Fr. Jansen: I'm saying, Mimi, that marriage is based on honesty and trust. I can't allow you to stand before God in this church and take solemn vows until you tell Shawn the truth that he's the father of Belle's baby.

Shawn D.: Are you okay?


Belle: Okay, so Claire is sound asleep.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Belle: She doesn't need another bottle for at least a few hours or so, and all of her medicine --

Philip: I got it. Honey, I got it. Just go across the hall and have a good time with the bride-to-be, okay?

Belle: I can't go through with this.


Hope: Hey.

Patrick: Hey. Now, that doesn't look very comfortable.

Hope: The bed was too soft, and I wasn't about to try the hammock.

Patrick: Well, are the pain meds helping at all?

Hope: Maybe a little, but my back -- it still really hurts a lot.

Patrick: Let me take you to the clinic.

Hope: No, absolutely not. You heard the doctor say there's nothing you can do for a sprained back.

Patrick: I think I have an idea of something that might make you feel better.

Hope: What?

Patrick: You're just gonna have to trust me.


Chelsea: Only when Hope returned from the dead did you decide to give Bo up. And you didn't make a noble sacrifice. You made a mistake.

Billie: I made the right decision.

Billie: I did do the right thing. Bo and Hope belong together. Even if I had fought for him, I wouldn't have won. [Doorbell rings] Bo, what are you doing here?

Bo: Hey, Billie. I'm sorry.


[Chris brown's "run it!" Plays]

Tek: Jada.

Jada: Well, finally. The good times can start.

Tek: How are you doing?

Jada: Better now that you're here.

Tek: So, I'd like you to meet Lexie Carver. Lexie, this is Jada. She owns the place.

Lexie: Nice to meet you.

Jada: You too. Your booth is waiting, Detective. But, uh, where you been keeping this one?

Tek: We're just old friends.

Jada: Oh, old friends, huh? Girl, does your husband know you're here with Salem's sexiest bachelor?


Lucas: So, this is it? This is dune, huh?

Sami: What, you haven't brought any of your women here, Lucas?

Lucas: No. I've been a little curious, though.

Austin: Well, I figured we'd check it out, since Carrie and I got used to the nightlife in L.A. and New York. And since we've been back, you know -- go out and try something new.

Sami: Yeah, tell me about it.

Austin: A few drinks, a little dancing.

Lucas: Carrie, are you all right?


[Telephone ringing]

Marlena: Hello? Do you know what time it is? Well, Gail, if you're calling about Lois Banks, you got to talk to Alex North. Hold on. I'll get him for you.

Alex: If Lois left any personal effects that might incriminate me, this should do the trick.

John: Well, what the hell are you doing here?

Alex: I'll ask you two the same question.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Patrick: Carefully.

Hope: I know swimming can be good therapy, but with my back the way it is...

Patrick: Look, this is a different kind of therapy. And just like that flower is unique to Morgan Island, the waters surrounding the island are special, too. The islanders say that the sea comes alive at night.

Hope: What do you mean, "alive"?

Patrick: Well, I guess you could call it magic.


Billie: What do you have to apologize for? You didn't do anything wrong.

Bo: Yeah. I lost my cool with Chelsea. I shouldn't have.

Billie: Well, if it makes you feel any better, so did I.

Bo: I shouldn't have just bailed like I did, leaving you to deal with her on your own.

Billie: Oh, come on, Bo. You've been through a hell of a lot. You lost Zack, and now Hope's gone all because of Chelsea. Believe me, I'm as frustrated with her as you are. And we ask her, "stay home. Keep a low profile." What does she do? She goes out to a club and gets her face plastered all over the front page of a tabloid.

Bo: I shouldn't have taken it out on you. Will you forgive me?


Tek: Jada was just kidding, Lexie.

Jada: That's me, always joking. Don't worry, honey. No questions asked here. We are elite and discreet. You two just let your hair down.

Tek: That's what we're here for.

Jada: You are a lucky lady. Tek here is every girl's fantasy. Hey, some of the guys, too.


Austin: What's wrong? Are you okay?

Carrie: No, I'm fine. I'm probably just coming down with something.

Lucas: Maybe I should take you home.

Carrie: No, no. We're here. I just -- I need a glass of water.

Lucas: You sure?

Carrie: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Sami: [Thinking] Playing both guys by pretending to be sick? I'm going to make sure that it doesn't work.


Chelsea: Hey, there.

Guy: Hey, yourself. Can I buy you a drink?


Lucas: I'm gonna go get you some water, all right? See if I can find a waiter. I'll be right back.

Carrie: Thanks, Lucas.

Austin: Feel up to dancing?

Carrie: Sure.


Jada: Eugenia. Hi, girlfriend.

Eugenia: Girl, it is busy in here tonight. If I don't get no table, I think I'm gonna cry.

Jada: Yeah, we're crowded. Lot of first-timers. But I always have a table for you.

Eugenia: Thanks, Jada. Great. The bitch is here.

Jada: What bitch?

Eugenia: The blonde. Sami Brady.

Jada: Get out. Mmm, so that's Sami Brady. The scandal-a-minute chick. And who is that fine dude with her?

Eugenia: My boss.


Max: Hey, can I get a beer whenever you get a chance? Can I get a -- whatever you have on tap.

Bartender: Coming right up.

Max: I don't believe this.


Shawn D.: Come here.

Mimi: I'm okay. I'm okay, really.

Shawn D.: No, you're not. Something's wrong. Will you tell me?

Mimi: It's nothing.

Shawn D.: You're such a liar.

Mimi: Okay. I'm a nervous bride-to-be. I can't believe I am getting married tomorrow.

Shawn D.: Hey, I am so nervous, too. But I can't wait to make you my wife, and I... can't wait to start our life together.


Philip: What do you mean, you can't go through with it? Go through with what?

Belle: I can't keep lying about my feelings for you. It's tearing me apart. I love Philip, too, and he deserves better than this. The lies have to stop.

Shawn D.: We cannot keep going back and forth on this, okay? The decision is made. What you and I had is over. There is no future for us and there never will be.

Belle: I, uh... I just don't think that I can --

Philip: Oh, you just don't think you can spend the night away from Claire? Are you suggesting that Shawn and I can't handle it?

Belle: No. Of course you can. No, I just --

Philip: You're just gonna miss her.

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: Well, Claire and I are gonna miss you, too.

Belle: I'm just gonna be right across the hall.

Philip: Yeah, I know. But there's this thing when you're a happily married man and your wife is just across the hall. If you love your wife like I love you, you still miss her.

Belle: Well, I love you, too.

Philip: Come here for a sec. Yeah, come here.


Shawn D.: [Clears throat]

Philip: Does anybody knock anymore? I'm trying to have a moment with my wife.

Shawn D.: Is that what that was?

Philip: That's exactly what that was. Hey, the countdown, it's starting. You guys, only a few hours -- Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Brady right here in front of us.

Mimi: I know, it's crazy, huh? Philip, thank you for keeping an eye on my guy tonight. I hope you don't have anything too wild planned.

Philip: That doesn't mean I have to cancel the strippers, does it?

Shawn D.: No.

Mimi: He's kidding, right?

Belle: I think he's kidding.

Philip: I'm kidding! We have a very, very tame evening planned, just a few snacks, some sodas, some beers -- light beers -- maybe a movie -- a romantic comedy.

Mimi: Do you have one that we can borrow?

Philip: Yeah, would you like to check them out?

Shawn D.: Oh, jeez.


Belle: So will you meet me on the roof later?

Shawn D.: No.

Belle: Shawn, please.

Shawn D.: No, I am sorry. I am not gonna sneak out around them -- not tonight.


Mimi: I got one for us. All right, baby.

Shawn D.: Good night.

Mimi: Good night. It's gonna be hard to go to sleep knowing you're right across the hall.

Shawn D.: I know. I know. But it's the last time anything's gonna keep us apart.

Mimi: Okay.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Mimi: Good night.

Shawn D.: Good night.

Philip: See ya.


Mimi: [Laughs] Belle, what's wrong?

Belle: Everything.


Marlena: I'm really sorry. He's not here. Can I take a message for him? Oh. Oh, you know what? He and I have spoken about Lois Banks, and he would like to have her buried in her own clothes.

[Yawns] Okay. Well, you know what? Why don't I, um... why don't I try to reach him on his cellphone, and I'll have him call you back? Okay. You're welcome. Oh, man.

John: No, you're the one who's gonna be answering our questions this time around.

[Cellphone rings]

Abe: Isn't it a little late to be getting a phone call?

Alex: That was a former patient -- not that it's any of your business.

John: Why aren't you answering it?

Alex: It wasn't an emergency.

Abe: How do you know if you didn't talk to the person?

Alex: All right. If you really must know --

John: Knock it off, will you? He's gonna waste our time with more lies here. What the hell are you doing here?

Marlena: Alex has got his cellphone turned off. I'll go to Lois' myself.


Hope: Ooh. The water feels wonderful. But how is this supposed to cure my aching back?

Patrick: That story I told you?

Hope: Yeah.

Patrick: Well, this is the beach where the man found his wife.

Hope: Oh.

Patrick: Right. And according to the legend, these waters have healing properties. That's why when the woman had washed ashore, she was still alive.

Hope: And you're saying what? That these healing properties will also do wonders for my back?

Patrick: Not just your back. It could heal your heart. You think that's funny?

Hope: I know that salt water soothes sore muscles. And I love this island and its legends, but, Patrick, come on. Honestly.

Patrick: Okay. I can see you need to be convinced.

Hope: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. What's happening?


Billie: You asked me to forgive you, but I'm sorry. I can't, because there's nothing to forgive. You got upset. You didn't take anything out on me. You needed to go cool off, and that's exactly what you did. Better that than do or say something you'd regret later. Believe me, I wish I had done that. What we got to do now is figure out some way to get through to Chelsea without making the situation any worse than it already is.

Bo: Yeah, I know. I got to figure out what's best for my whole family.

Billie: Then I need to warn you that I told Chelsea about your e-mail from Hope and that you are not going to testify on her behalf because Hope doesn't want you to. I hope you're not mad that I told her.

Bo: No, no. But I should talk to her about it.

Billie: Okay. You want me to get her?

Bo: Oh, yeah. Sure. Thanks.

Billie: Chelsea! Chelsea, can you come here for a minute? She's probably got earphones in. Hold on. Bo, she's gone.


Guy: So tell me about yourself, Chelsea. What are you into, besides looking sexy as hell in that getup.

Chelsea: Oh, you like it?

Guy: A lot.

Chelsea: Good. Okay, well, you tell me about yourself first. [PDA rings]

Guy: To be continued after I take care of this. You stay put. I'll get us some more drinks.

Chelsea: Just don't keep me waiting too long.


Max: Are you crazy or just plain stupid?

Chelsea: Oh, well, hello to you, too, Max.

Max: I'm serious. What the hell are you doing here?


Tek: So how do you like this place?

Lexie: I can't see much of it from in here.

Tek: I thought you'd appreciate the privacy.

Lexie: I can't believe I let you talk me into coming here tonight.

Tek: Oh, relax, Lexie. No one we know comes here. Just kick back. Go with the flow.

Lexie: Oh, this is -- this is so wrong.

Tek: Lexie, you're a good person. And I know you want to be faithful to your husband, but what do you want?


Austin: So have you had enough time to think about what I asked? Give us another try?

Sami: Well, this sucks.

Lucas: What's the matter? Not having a good time?

Sami: No. You know, I didn't exactly plan to come to this club to watch Austin make a play for my sister.

Lucas: I'm sorry, sweetie, that's life.

Sami: Don't act like you like it either, 'cause I know you donít. The question is, what are you gonna do about it? Where are you going?

Lucas: I'm getting myself a glass of cold water. I don't know what the hell my brother's thinking asking Carrie to dance. She should be sitting down resting right now. Excuse me. Whoa. Eugenia, what's up?

Eugenia: Right now my blood pressure.

Lucas: Why? What the hell is bothering you?

Eugenia: Okay. I know you're my boss, and I'm your lowly assistant, but I have something to say, and I think you better listen.


John: So start talking, North.

Alex: I really like this cabin you've leased, Lois.

Lois: It's quaint, isolated, far away from prying eyes.

Alex: Well, I hope you don't have any of your love letters or photos of us either lying around here. If someone were to find them, it could ruin all of our plans.

Lois: [Laughs]

Alex: The thing is, Lois made me the Executor of her Will.

John: You got to be kidding me.

Alex: Somehow I knew you wouldn't believe me, so... here.

Abe: Why would she make you the executor?

Alex: Marlena and I were just as shocked to learn about that as you are.

John: Damn, you're good.

Alex: Come again?

John: You've been planning this whole thing since day one, haven't you?

Alex: What are you talking about?

John: Oh, come on. Don't pretend you don't remember our little conversation in the morgue. You admitted that you used Lois to get to Marlena.

Alex: We never had any such conversation. I never told him --

John: You're a liar, North. And look at how you used that poor woman. She loved you so much. You persuaded her to make you her executor. You are a monster.

Marlena: Alex? Alex? Are you here?


Lexie: I hate this, Tek. You know, I'm disgusted with myself for cheating on my husband.

Tek: Well, Abe's only half a husband, Lexie, if he can't make love to you, and he doesn't even want to try anymore.

Lexie: Tek!

Tek: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be saying that.

Lexie: No, you shouldnít.

Tek: Lexie, I brought you here to have a good time. All right? We shouldn't let this music go to waste. Let's go dance. Come on. Come on. Let's go dance.

Lexie: Okay. I thought you said no one we knew came here, Tek. Damn it! You set me up?


Austin: I love you so much.

Carrie: Austin, please.

Austin: No, no, no. I have to say this. I need you. I need you in my life. I lost you once, and I'm not gonna let it happen again. We were gonna have a family by now. We were gonna have children.

Carrie: Is it hot in here or is it just me? What did you say?



Eugenia: Then what in the world are you doing here with Sami? I mean, please, tell me, 'cause I don't understand how you expect to get anywhere with Carrie if you are constantly hanging out with your ex.

Lucas: I am not hanging out with my ex, all right? I'm here with Carrie, I'll have you know.

Eugenia: Yeah? Well, from where I stand, it looks like she's here with Austin.

Lucas: What?

Eugenia: Look.


Max: Do you remember the last time you hit on a guy to get him to buy you a drink?

Chelsea: I'm not really hitting on anybody. I'm kind of letting Derrick hit on me.

Max: Derrick. That's his name? Do you know anything about him?

Chelsea: Nope. But I will.


Bartender: Here you go, man. A scotch and apple martini.

Derrick: Thank you.

Bartender: Should I keep your tab open?

Derrick: No. This ought to do it. Thanks.


Max: Come on. Let's go.

Chelsea: Stop treating me like I'm a child.

Max: I give up. If you want to ruin your life, fine. You can do it alone..


Derrick: You know that guy?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Derrick: Who was he?

Chelsea: Nobody important.


Hope: Tell me what's going on.

Patrick: It's lantern fish.

Hope: Lantern fish?

Patrick: Don't worry. They're harmless.

Hope: What are they doing?

Patrick: They're illuminating you.

Hope: Me? Just me? Why?

Patrick: Oh, well, that's where the magic comes in. The islanders think that the lantern fish can sense when someone's in distress -- just like that woman whose ship wrecked years ago. Legend has it that the light from the lantern fish made her visible, so the man on the beach could see her when she was washed ashore. And now they're working their magic on you.

Hope: Because of my back.

Patrick: Because you lost your light.

Hope: I wish they could help me find it.

Patrick: Go back to Bo, Hope. Work things out.

Hope: I want to.

Patrick: Then do it. What's stopping you?


Bo: You're probably right. But if you see her, let me know.

Billie: So you have no idea where she is?

Bo: I'm sorry I woke you, Ma.

Billie: Okay, well, please, just let me know if you hear anything, Abby, thanks. I cannot believe she would do this again. What the hell is wrong with that girl?

Bo: You'd think seeing her picture in the tabloids would have brought her to her senses.

Billie: I don't even think she cares anymore. What should we do? Should we split up?

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Brady. Hey, Max, how are you doing? I'm glad you called. Have you seen Chelsea tonight?

Max: Yeah, and I'm afraid I've got some bad news.


[Baby crying]

Shawn D.: Hey. Hey, Phil! Phil, it's Claire. Hey, Twinkle Toes.

Philip: What? What happened?

Shawn D.: Your daughter, she wants a bottle.

Philip: Oh, dude, you're the Godfather. You got to take your turn. You got to earn that, man. Give it to her.


Mimi: Belle, what a great movie, huh?

Belle: Shawn. I have to stop the wedding.


Marlena: I wish I could remember when this was taken. Maybe then I'd be able to understand why Lois hated me so.

Alex: I know you think you're on to something, John, but I have nothing to hide.

Abe: Well, then, you won't mind if we take a look around.

Alex: No, not at all. Go ahead. Knock yourselves out.

John: I'm gonna nail that bastard if it's the last thing I do.

Abe: Don't let him get to you, John. Just keep your cool.

John: Yeah, right. Stay cool.

Alex: The guy obviously wants you to overreact.

John: It's worked for him so far, hasn't it?

Abe: So you want to look around outside?

John: Yeah. I'm sure he's gotten rid of all the incriminating evidence, but let's give it a shot.

Alex: Go ahead, John. Look around. Take your time. You may find something explosive.

Marlena: With Alex not around, I guess it falls to me to find the dress for Lois to be buried in.


Hope: I'm not ready to face Bo, not yet.

Patrick: I understand, but --

Hope: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Patrick: No, no way. Mi casa es su casa.

Hope: Patrick, I'm really sorry if I acted ungrateful, because I really do appreciate everything that you've done for me. Okay, wait a second. What's happening now?

Patrick: They're gonna go back out to sea. We should make a wish before they're gone.

Hope: I canít.

Patrick: Of course you can.

Hope: There's no point. My wish isn't gonna come true.

Patrick: Hope... you don't know that.

Hope: Yes, I do. My only wish is for Bo and I to still be together with Zack. And you and I both know that isn't possible.


Bo: What is it, Max? What's going on?

Max: Chelsea's here at a club called Dune.

Bo: Oh, man, another club?

Max: Yeah, it's across the street from --

Bo: I know where it is.

Max: Look, Bo, I tried to talk to her. But you know Chelsea. She just refused to let me take her home.

Bo: Yeah, she'll never learn.

Max: Hey, look, Bo, the guy she's getting real friendly with in there -- I don't know. He's a real creep. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I don't know what will happen if you don't get her out of here soon.

Bo: Hey, hey, say no more. I'm on my way. Let's go. What the hell is she up to now?


Tek: How could I have known all these people were gonna show up here tonight? Ask Jada. I come here all the time, and I swear I've never seen Lucas or Austin or any of these people here before. Lexie, don't you know by now that I'd never do anything to hurt you?


Chelsea: Wow, um, this drink is really strong.

Derrick: Strong is good, baby.

Chelsea: You're right. I like strong.

Derrick: It's kind of noisy in here tonight. How about the two of us take our party someplace else, huh?

Chelsea: Like where?

Derrick: Somewhere more private.

Chelsea: Sounds good to me.


Lucas: I guess Austin's been dancing with Carrie long enough. I think I'm gonna cut in now.

Eugenia: It was time five minutes ago. Go. Go for it.

Lucas: Yeah, thank you. Thank you.


Austin: I'm taking you back to the table. Come on.

Carrie: No, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm feeling a little strange.

Austin: No, something is wrong. You look very pale. Come on. Carrie!

Lucas: What?

Austin: Carrie.

Lucas: I'll call 911.

Austin: Carrie.

[Crowd murmurs]


Belle: I have to stop Shawn from marrying Mimi.


Shawn D.: Come here. Here you go. I'm gonna tell you something. I don't want this to go to your head, all right? But you are the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. And I hope one day I have a little girl that's just as beautiful as you, Claire.


Mimi: Hi. I know it's late, but we've got big trouble.


John: What the hell?

Alex: [Thinking] Oh, no. Marlena, what are you doing here? You can't die yet!

Sami: You promised to protect her, and yet you never do. This is all your fault, John.


Lucas: You deserve to have a wonderful life. I just hope I'm the man who can give it to you.


Billie: Please don't throw your daughter's life away. You've already lost one child. If Chelsea goes to jail, you will lose her, too.


Patrick: Good night, I guess.

Hope: Good night.

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