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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/7/06 - Canada; Wednesday 3/8/06 - U.S.A.


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Hope: Need any help with that?

Patrick: No. No, no. I'm almost done. Besides, I can't put my guests to work.

Hope: I'm really sorry about this.

Patrick: About what?

Hope: This. Invading your space. I know you came here to be alone.

Patrick: You're right. I did, but this is better. It's nice to have company.

Hope: You sure you don't mind?

Patrick: Listen, Hope. You've been through a hard time. This place will be good for you. I want you to stay as long as you like.

Hope: Thank you. This place feels magical.

Patrick: Yeah, it does. No matter what's bothering me, it never seems as bad when I'm here.

Hope: But it is. At least for me. My life is a mess. I mean, I just... I can't run away forever. I mean, at some point, I'M... I'm gonna have to talk to Bo.

[Owl hoots]

Bo: Fire's gone out, huh? It's freezing.

Billie: Yeah.

Bo: Here you go.

Billie: Thanks.

Bo: Did you have another nightmare?

Billie: No. I was just thinking.

Bo: Oh, yeah? About what?

Billie: What I'm always thinking about. Chelsea. I'm worried about her, Bo.

Chelsea: God, I hate these stupid wristbands. Why don't they just slap a sign on my back that says, "Baby"? There's got to be some way I can score one lousy beer.

Guy: Maybe I'll buy you one.

Chelsea: Yeah?

Guy: Depending on what's in it for me.

Chelsea: Oh, well, I'm sure I can think of something.

Guy: Like?

Chelsea: Like this.

Lucas: It's okay. Sami he's okay? Hey mom heís in his room listening to music.

Sami: Yeah, well, you know how I'm scared for him. And you know how I worry about everything. But I didn't think I had to worry about him at school. I didn't have to worry about that because, you know, it's one thing if he's riding his bike or on a ski trip or something.

Lucas: Listen to me. Sami, calm down, all right? Kids have accidents, okay? Let's just hope this is the worst thing that ever happens to him.

Sami: He's the most important thing in my life, Lucas.

Lucas: I know. I know. Mine, too.

Sami: And I just can't stop thinking about what happened to Zack.

Lucas: I know. I know. That's terrible. I can't believe it.

Sami: How are Hope and Bo surviving? They have lost everything. They've lost their child. They lost each other. How can they stand it?

Lucas: Listen to me, all right? They're gonna get through this. No matter what happens, I mean, one thing will never change for them -- they'll always be a family. Just like us.

Sami: Lucas, what are you saying? You think we're still a family? Do you think we could get back together?

Carrie: No, no! Don't let me go, Austin.

Austin: Okay, okay.

Carrie: Ohh. Ohh.

Austin: I wish I never had to. All I ever want to do is protect you, keep you safe. [Crash]

Carrie: [Screams]

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Patrick: Well, sure, when you get back to the real world, your real life, you'll have to talk to Bo. But for now, why don't you just try to relax and enjoy it? That's why you came here, right, to just get away from it all?

Hope: Yeah, it's true.

Patrick: All right. Well, then, I want you to think of this as your home away from home.

Hope: If it is my home, then I insist I help you with the chores.

Patrick: Well --

Hope: No, I insist. I insist. I am gonna show you how this is done.

Patrick: All right. Be careful, please. Please.

Hope: Have a little faith.

Patrick: Okay.

Hope: Ow!

Patrick: Oh.

Hope: Ohh. Okay.

Patrick: Almost got it.

Hope: It's a little harder than it looks. You know what? I think I need a little lesson.

Patrick: You're right. You do need a lesson. Hold on one second. Just feel the ax for a second. It's heavier than you think, right?

Hope: Yeah, it's a lot heavier than I thought.

Patrick: All right. Good. Adjust to it for a second.

Hope: Okay.

Patrick: All right. Now, let's take a nice, easy swing. Let's get the ax above your head. I'll help you for a second.

Hope: Okay.

Patrick: All right. Take a nice, easy swing, really fluid, just right through the wood.

Hope: Ooh!

Patrick: There you go.

Hope: Ooh. Ooh, we did it.

Patrick: No, you did it mostly. But look, hey, do it again. Do it by yourself.

Hope: All right.

Patrick: All right. That's a good one.

Hope: Okay. Stand clear.

Patrick: I'm gonna stand way, way back here.

Hope: Okay. I should measure it first, right?

Patrick: There you go.

Hope: Okay. Ooh! Not bad.

Patrick: That's pretty good.

Hope: Not bad, huh?

Patrick: Now, look, if you get bored, there's another cord of wood right over there. You can work on that tomorrow.

Hope: Oh, you know what? I think I might need a little rest, then.

Patrick: Oh. Oh. You're tired now.

Hope: Yeah, actually, I am.

Patrick: Okay, well, look. Why don't we go inside? You can have the bed tonight.

Hope: No.

Patrick: The hammock's good. I like it.

Hope: No. Absolutely not. This is your house.

Patrick: I sleep in it all the time. I like to be out listening to the surf, looking at the stars.

Hope: You sure you don't mind, you know, just being polite?

Patrick: No. No, I'm not. There's fresh sheets on the bed. There's an extra blanket in the closet.

Hope: Thank you... for everything.

Patrick: You're welcome. Good night, Hope.

Hope: Oh, Zack.

Patrick: What's wrong with you, Bo Brady? How could you let this woman go?

Bo: I'm worried about Chelsea, too.

Billie: Well, you'd be even more worried about her if you knew about the conversation we just had. She finally opened up to me for the first time.

Bo: What'd she say?

Billie: That she feels alone, like she has no family.

Bo: She knows we love her, how hard we searched for her, how much we put on the line to try to protect her.

Billie: Yeah, which now you wish you didnít.

Bo: Well, yeah. I wish we had told Hope what happened when it happened.

Billie: See? Chelsea knows that, and now she's afraid you're not gonna be on her side.

Bo: You know, I don't get -- what is this about choosing sides? I support my daughter, but there's no excusing what she did. She killed my son.

Billie: By accident, Bo.

Bo: If she had been paying attention to her driving, she would have seen my son.

Billie: That is harsh. That is so harsh.

Bo: And she is reckless. She's like any other teenager. She can't think beyond what she wants at that moment. And what about those other accidents she had before she hit Zack?

Billie: She's not perfect, Bo.

Bo: You're right. She is far from perfect.

Billie: My God. You sound like you don't even like her.

Bo: I love her. I'm just disappointed in the choices she's made. I will support my daughter. Hope will never forgive her. If she weren't my daughter, I don't know that I'd forgive her.

Max: Excuse me.

Chelsea: Max, what are you doing here?

Max: I need to talk to you. Are you out of your mind?

Chelsea: Max, leave me alone.

Max: You shouldn't even be out, all right? And let alone be kissing some jerk because he can offer you a beer.

Chelsea: All I've been doing is staying home. I'm bored.

Max: Read a book! Watch a movie. This is the last place that you should be right now.

Chelsea: It's not like I've forgotten that my trial's coming up.

Max: Really? Because you're sure acting like it.

Chelsea: Max, I'm not just gonna stop living my life.

Max: This is just typical Chelsea Benson behavior, you know that? I'm taking you home. Let's go.

Chelsea: No, you're not. I just made a new friend, and I'm not leaving until I dance with him.

Carrie: Oh! Oh, God. Something's really wrong. [Gasping]

Austin: It's okay. It's okay. It stopped moving.

Carrie: And that's supposed to make me feel better? Austin, we're trapped in here. Oh, God. What if we're stuck in here for-- what are you doing? [Alarm sounds softly]

Austin: That's the alarm.

Carrie: That's the alarm?!

Austin: I know, it's faint. But maybe someone will hear -- another tenant, the Super.

Carrie: Oh, God. And what if they don't? Oh, God. Help. Somebody help us, please! We're stuck in here! [Gasping] Shouldn't we hear someone?

Austin: I guess most people are in for the night.

Carrie: Oh, my God. Great. Oh, great. So we're stuck in here all night?

Austin: Hey, you got me. It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna get you out of here.

Carrie: Hold me.

Austin: Are you okay?

Carrie: Yeah.

Austin: Are you sure?

Carrie: No. I get claustrophobic in small spaces.

Austin: Since when?

Carrie: Oh, since the Middle East. I had a bad experience with Mike in Israel.

Austin: Well, what happened?

Carrie: We were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Mike and I were leaving this building. It was struck by a bomb or a grenade -- I'm not sure what.

Austin: Oh, Carrie. I'm so sorry.

Carrie: And we were trapped. It collapsed on us. Oh, God. And miraculously we escaped with just bruises, but it took hours for them to rescue us. Oh, God. We thought that we would never get out. And I know that we're not in real danger here. I just hate feeling this way.

Austin: Okay. Okay. Okay. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me, okay? Do I look afraid? Not afraid. I told you I'm gonna get out of here. I will, okay? That's a promise. Okay? All right. Okay, there's an escape hatch right over there. I'm gonna climb out. I'm gonna go get help. Okay? All right? That's what I'm gonna do. Just hold on here. Don't worry about it, you know? And I'll sweep through the door.

Carrie: Okay.

Austin: Pardon the nakedness. Okay, well, it's a little stuck. And maybe I can, I don't know --

Carrie: Austin, donít. Donít.

Austin: Do you want to get out of here?

Carrie: I do. I do. But please, don't leave me alone. Please. Please.

Austin: Okay. Okay.

Lucas: I said we were gonna be a family, and we are. But I don't think it's a good idea that we get back together.

Sami: That's what being a family is, Lucas, being together. At least, that's what I think.

Lucas: Look, you and I are always gonna be the two most important people in Will's life no matter what happens between us.

Will: Hey, Mom, is my hot chocolate getting cold?

Sami: It's coming, honey. I'd better get it to him. He's been patient.

Lucas: Wait a minute.

Sami: What?

Lucas: I just -- I didn't think you'd be disappointed.

Sami: I'm fine.

Lucas: When I look at you, when I see you like this now, you know what I see?

Sami: A fool?

Lucas: No, not a fool. That's not what I was gonna say.

Sami: Lucas, please. I wanted more than anything to be the wife that you deserve, to be the mother that Will deserves. Do you ever think about what could have happened if we had gotten married?

Lucas: What do you mean --

Sami: Lucas, we could have been happy, don't you think? Don't you think we could have really made our dreams come true?

Patrick: [Coughs]

Hope: Patrick, am I keeping you up?

Patrick: No, no. I'm pretty much a night owl. Is something wrong?

Hope: No. I just -- I don't know -- I just... I can't sleep.

Patrick: The bed's not comfortable?

Hope: No. No, it's fine. It's just... my mind is racing.

Patrick: Is there anything I can do?

Hope: I don't know. Talk to me.

Patrick: Okay. About what?

Hope: I don't know. Uh, anything. How about the man who brought me here, the one who gave me the flower.

Patrick: You already know about the legend. Whoever receives that flower from a Native Islander will find eternal love.

Hope: Yeah, he said that much, but do you know where the legend comes from?

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah. A long time ago, a fleet of Spanish ships was on an expedition searching for gold. One of the boats was in a shipwreck right off this island. According to the story, there was a lone survivor -- a woman wearing black. According to the legend, the woman's husband and entire crew were lost at sea. And after she washed ashore, a single white flower was found lying next to her.

Hope: Where did the flower come from?

Patrick: A mysterious stranger. Sounds hokey, I know, but he had been in love with her from the moment he laid eyes on her.

Hope: When he saw her wash up on the shore?

Patrick: No. It was before that. Many years before.

Billie: I can't believe what you're saying. It's like you're condemning your own daughter.

Bo: No -- you're -- she doesn't know how serious this is.

Billie: Yes, she does. She told me that she has nightmares about Zack every night.

Bo: Well, that's abou-- she thinks this whole thing is just gonna blow over, but it's not. She is gonna go to trial. And there's a very good chance our daughter may do time.

Billie: No. Chelsea will not go to prison. I won't let it happen.

Max: Uh, you're underage, remember?

Chelsea: What are you, my conscience?

Max: Someone has to be.

Chelsea: Max, do you have any idea what it's like being cooped up with Billie Reed all day long? Do you know what I was doing before I got here? Playing gin rummy and drinking hot chocolate. I feel like I'm 90 years old.

Max: There's a reason why Billie is keeping you home, okay? She doesn't want you to make things worse for yourself.

Chelsea: Yeah, right. Like things could get any worse.

Max: You don't think so? If it gets out that you're hitting on strangers in a bar, how do you think that's gonna play with the D.A. or Judge and Jury?

Reporter: We'll know soon enough. The Tot-Killing Teen will be on the cover of tomorrow's "Intruder." Ha ha.

We will return for the second half of "Days of our Lives" in just a moment.

Lucas: How can I answer that? I don't know what would happen if we got married. I don't know if we would have made it or not. Who knows? That's the point. We'll never know now.

Sami: You're right. We'll never know. I guess I better warm up Will's hot chocolate, 'cause it's probably gotten cold.

Lucas: Yeah. I'll keep him company while he's waiting.

Sami: You want a cup of hot chocolate, Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah, I'd love one.

Sami: No problem. He left this place a mess. He can't throw anything away. "Dear Sami, this is the beginning of our life together, and nothing in the world can make me happier."

Will: What's going on with you and mom?

Lucas: Nothing, why?

Will: Why's it taking her so long to make a cup of hot chocolate?

Lucas: Come on, buddy. You know your mom. She just got a little sidetracked.

Will: Hmm. What's new?

Lucas: Don't talk like that, all right? You're the most important person in your mom's life.

Will: I know. So what's the story with you and Aunt Carrie? The two of you had a date tonight?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, we did.

Will: Did you have a good time?

Lucas: Yeah, we did. I mean, I did. I think she enjoyed herself.

Will: Does that mean that there's no chance that you and mom will ever get back together again?

[Alarm rings]

Carrie: I'm sorry to be such a wimp, but if you leave me, I'm really gonna freak out.

Austin: Forget about the escape hatch. You're already freaking out now. I'll stay here until someone finds us.

Carrie: Whenever that is.

Austin: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. Let's sit on the floor.

Carrie: Why?

Austin: Because it's more comfortable, and you'll feel less claustrophobic. Okay?

Carrie: Okay.

Austin: All right. Okay.

Carrie: You're right.

Austin: Yeah?

Carrie: Yeah. Would you mind holding me again?

Austin: Don't mind at all. How's that?

Carrie: Good.

Austin: Is there, um, anything I can do to take your mind off things?

Carrie: Just talk to me.

Austin: Any particular subject?

Carrie: Let's talk about New York -- what it was like when you were living there.

Austin: Okay, okay. Well, um, I worked my butt off and was really successful.

Carrie: Actually, I don't want to hear about work. I hope that doesn't sound rude.

Austin: Nope. That's okay.

Carrie: I just want to know what your life was outside of work. You know, what you did with your free time, what you liked and didn't like.

Austin: Usual things -- went and saw some plays and went to museums and cultural stuff.

Carrie: What's that?

Austin: Oh, you know, I found this again. Big Brothers of New York. You know, they kept me pretty busy.

Carrie: Good for you. What sort of things did you do with them?

Austin: Sports stuff. You know, playing catch, shooting hoops. You know, all the stuff my father never did with me -- take them to movies, help with their homework.

Carrie: I remember how much you wanted to have a son.

Austin: I still do. How are you doing?

Carrie: Much better.

Austin: Yeah?

Carrie: Thanks.

Austin: So anything else you want to know?

Carrie: What about women?

Austin: Women. Yeah, New York's got a lot of women. Oh, you mean women that I dated. Yeah, there were some women.

Carrie: Well, did it get serious with any of them?

Austin: I never dated them long enough to get serious.

Carrie: How come?

Austin: You know how come. They weren't you.

Hope: Wait a second. How is that possible? I mean, you're saying that this woman survived a shipwreck, wound up on this island, and there was a man here who knew her years earlier?

Patrick: Well, that's what the natives believe. When the man found the woman on the beach, she was barely alive -- exhausted, dehydrated. He took her to his home and nursed her back to health. Now, what drew the man to this woman is that she looked just like his deceased wife. Apparently, this man had been in a shipwreck himself years before, but his tragedy was the exact reverse of the woman's. His wife had drowned, and he was washed ashore.

Hope: And he lived here on this island all those years.

Patrick: Right. And even though his wife's body was never found, some of her belongings were washed up on the beach. There was a small container of seeds. His wife enjoyed gardening and had cultivated this very special Hybrid flower to honor their love. After the man found the seeds, he planted them, and they grew into a beautiful vine. But for the longest time, there were no buds. Until one day when the man had given up all hope of ever seeing a flower, the vine bloomed. Now, the man took this as a sign that his wife was still alive. And he prayed for the seed to bring her back to him. And one day it did. The woman in black was washed up on the very same beach that he had come ashore himself.

Hope: So he fantasized that this woman who looked so much like his wife was really her.

Patrick: The legend says it was her.

Billie: I mean it, Bo. I will not let Chelsea go to prison.

Bo: That's not your call.

Billie: She wouldn't survive it.

Bo: Hey, she's a lot stronger than you think.

Billie: How can you be so matter-of-fact about this? Aren't you at all concerned about what prison could do to your daughter?

Bo: I hope she gets off on a light sentence -- probation or community service -- but if you're counting on no prison time, well, that's a long shot.

Billie: I hate this. I hate it!

Bo: Well, so do I. Chelsea is a big girl. It's about time that she learns her actions have consequences. We're not doing her any favors by teaching her otherwise. You know, maybe doing time would do her good.

Billie: What?

Bo: Yeah. I think that's probably the only way she's gonna learn her damn lesson.

Billie: I don't believe this. You can't be serious.

Bo: Yeah. I am.

Max: Hand over the film.

Reporter: Yeah, right.

Max: Give it to me.

Reporter: Or what?

Max: You don't want to find out.

Reporter: See you, sweetheart... tomorrow morning on page one.

Chelsea: Max, wait.

Austin: I'm not playing any games with you, Carrie. Life is too short, and it's important that you know the way I feel. You're the woman I want. You're the only woman I want. I felt that way in New York. I feel that way now. And especially today.

Carrie: Because?

Austin: Happy Birthday. So you thought I forgot.

Carrie: You saw Lucas' party decorations.

Austin: Yeah. But I didn't forget. I wanted to at least send you a card, but --

Carrie: Oh, it's okay. I mean, I wasn't expecting anything.

Austin: I know you're angry with me for taking over your company. And if I could, I would go back.

Carrie: Yeah, but you canít.

Austin: No, I canít. But I wish you would look at this with an open mind, that you'd be able to separate your anger with me over my business decision from how you feel about me personally. I am not this insensitive monster that you thought I was when I dismantled Highstyle. And I would give anything if you would give me another chance. We'd just... start fresh..

Sami: "Did you ever think that we'd get to this day? I was starting to wonder if I'd ever see you walk down that aisle. I've always loved you, Sami, but I haven't always been proud of you or myself. I never thought we could get over how much we hurt each other. But --"

Lucas: "You were my first best friend. You always will be. I love you with all my heart, and I know that my love will only grow stronger. Thanks for marrying me. Your husband, Lucas."

Lucas: Look, you know how I feel about your mother. She's an amazing woman, and I love her very deeply. But the fact is, we're never gonna get back together.

Will: But you were so happy, Dad. We all were.

Lucas: Yeah, we were. But your mom and I, we said a lot of things, and we hurt each other a lot, you know?

Will: Well, all marriages go through bad times. Isn't that what you always told me?

Lucas: Wait a minute. I don't know about all marriages, but yeah, they can be difficult. They take a lot of work.

Will: So why can't you two work things out? I mean, if you two still love each other, isn't that what's most important?

Lucas: Will, honesty and trust is important, too. Right now, your mom and I don't have that. What we had is over.

Will: Mom?

Sami: Here, boys. Here's your, um, hot cocoa.

Lucas: Thanks.

Sami: I, um, forgot something I have to do. I'll be back.

Sami: Damn it, why am I letting this upset me? I mean, I know we're over.. We've been over. I mean --

[Alarm ringing]

Carrie: Highstyle wasn't just a business to me, Austin. We were family. And because of you, they all lost their jobs. And I know that business is harsh and I shouldn't take it personally and that some other Corporate Raider would have come along any minute, but it was you, Austin. And you were toasting champagne and acting so happy. And I just -- I don't feel like you're the same person that I married.

Austin: I'm not. But neither are you. We have both done things that we regret, right? We wish we could take them back, but we can't, you know? And maybe there's some reason that we're not together. But if we had been dreaming all this time for us to be together, this is definitely not a good reason for us to be apart. Look, all you can hope for is you can find it in your heart to forgive me. You fit me into your life. And you tell me if that's possible.

Sami: Austin, Carrie, is that you?

Austin: Sami, we're stuck in the elevator.

Carrie: Sami. Sami, hurry. Get us out of here! Help!

Lucas: Here you go.

Will: Mom looked upset.

Lucas: Yeah, she did.

Will: I think she heard us and what you said.

Sami: Okay, Carrie, just stay calm. You'll be fine, okay? We'll get you out of here in no time.

Carrie: Do something, Sami. I'm going out of my mind.

Sami: Yeah, okay, Austin?

Austin: Yeah.

Sami: Do you remember how to reset the system? I swear, it has happened so many times lately. I walk half the time. I swear, I've told that super that he has to get it fixed. I wrote a letter to --

Austin: Sami, can you tell me how to fix it, please?

Sami: Oh! Oh, yeah. No, of course. Okay, so you press the button for garage, the button for number six, and the door open all at the same time. You hold it down and that resets the system. So keep holding it until you start to hear kind of a whirring sound -- that's the motor. And then once you hear that, then you can let go. Got it?

Carrie: God, I hope this works. Come on.

Austin: Okay, okay. Three buttons and then hold on. Okay.

[Whirring sound]

Carrie: Ahh, oh, thank you!

Sami: You're welcome.

Austin: Thank you, Sami.

Lucas: Sami, about what you heard before.

Austin: Really, thank you for bailing us out.

Sami: No problem.

Austin: You okay?

Carrie: Yeah.

Lucas: What happened?

Carrie: We were stuck in the elevator.

Lucas: You and Austin?

Carrie: Yeah. I'm sorry. We didn't get Will's prescription filled.

Austin: You know, I'll go do that right now. Just stay here and relax, okay?

Carrie: Oh, I will. Thank you. Austin, Austin, take the stairs! No, you know, Sami showed me how to work it. If anything happens, you know, push the buttons. You fall off a horse, get right back on it.

Carrie: Oh.

Lucas: About earlier, are you gonna be okay?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I'm fine.

Lucas: All right. I'll see you later. Come on.

Sami: Damn it. Obviously, Lucas wants Carrie, and Austin still has feelings for her. Don't you worry, Austin. I am going to make you forget all about Carrie.

Hope: You know what I think? I think the woman never really died. I think she spent all those years searching for her husband. And until she found him, she considered herself a widow. And that's why she was wearing black.

Patrick: Except --

Hope: Except what?

Patrick: There's a saying on the island. "The truth is lost in the mists of time. Only the legend survives." I can only tell you what the islanders say about what happened.

Hope: Which is what?

Patrick: They believe the man's wife drowned.

Hope: Wait a second. You said that they got back together when she washed up on shore.

Patrick: The island elders believe that the seeds the man found and planted represented his dead wife's soul. And when the seeds sprouted, they reached up into the sky until the woman and her soul were reunited in heaven. And when God saw the power of this man's love, he was so moved that he allowed her to come back to earth.

Hope: That really is a lovely legend. Did they live happily ever after?

Patrick: I'd like to believe they lived happily ever after. Hope? Sweet dreams, Hope.

Reporter: Hey! Let me go! What the hell are you doing? That camera's worth a fortune. You're gonna pay.

Max: No, you're gonna pay unless you've got damn good hospital insurance.. Chelsea, get the film.

Chelsea: Already got it.

Max: Now, get the hell out of here and take your expensive little camera with you. And stay the hell away from her, understand? Now do you see why you shouldn't be in a place like this?

Chelsea: I'm sorry. Max, what would I have done without you?

Reporter: Lucky for me, I've got the photos backed up on this memory stick.

Billie: I don't believe this. You would let your daughter do time in prison?

Bo: Like I said, we really don't have any choice in that. And it may be good for her.

Billie: No, it would be good for Hope. Because hope won't rest until she sees our daughter behind bars. She's out for blood.

Bo: What Hope wants is closure. She needs to know that her son's death isn't going unpunished.

Billie: You're okay with that?

Bo: Yes. I got to stand by my wife. I'm not gonna lose her over this. You know what? We'll talk about this tomorrow. I need to get some shut-eye.

Billie: [Thinking] Maybe Chelsea and my mother were right all along. In order to get you on my side, I'm gonna have to change what's in your heart. If that means I have to steal you away from Hope, that's what I'll do. Because there's no way in hell I'm gonna let Chelsea go to prison.

Carrie: Whatever decision I make, there is one person who will not be happy for me -- Sami.

Lucas: Biological clock's ticking, so I might be the right man at the right time.

Bo: I'm not going back to Salem.

Billie: What?

Bo: You're going alone.

Hope: I should go.

Patrick: I don't want you to go, Hope.

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