Days Transcript Monday 3/6/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/6/06 - Canada; Tuesday 3/7/06 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Austin, I am a horrible person. I do these terrible things. And then when I get busted, I blame everyone else, and I feel like I'm the victim. And I never take responsibility for my actions. No one else believes in me, why should you?

Austin: Maybe I see something that no one else wants to see.

Sami: Or maybe you're just delusional.

Austin: I don't think so.

Sami: Austin, you want to save the world. And I love that about you, but....I'm not worth saving. Ask anyone. Ask your mother. I'm not worth it.

Austin: That's not true. You may be misguided. At times, very, very misguided, but you're a terrific person. You're a wonderful mother. And you're definitely worthy of being loved.


Carrie: I don't think I can do this.

Lucas: Listen to me, I am just as afraid of handing my heart over to somebody as you are. We've both been hurt in the past.

Carrie: You've been so good to me, Lucas, and you're such a gentleman, but --

Lucas: You only like me. You don't love me.

Carrie: It's not just that. I just -- I need to make sure that I'm not using you to fill this empty space in my life. That would be unfair to you.

Lucas: Yeah. No, I appreciate that. You know, we're both in a vulnerable state right now. But we're here, and we're together now because it feels right. Look, I don't want to live my life alone without love. And I know you don't either.

Carrie: No, of course not. I don't think that we have to worry about that for either one of us, though. We're not gonna end up alone. I mean, we've got a lot to offer, right?

Lucas: Yeah. So I guess we're just kind of feeling sorry for ourselves, right?

Carrie: Maybe a little.

Lucas: What do you say we get out of that rut? Why don't you try liking me a little less and loving me a little more?

Carrie: Well, yeah. We could try that.


Shawn D.: What do you mean, none of our lives will be the same if I read this letter?

Philip: Mimi, if you wrote it for Shawn, maybe we shouldn't hear it.

Belle: We're just gonna go.

Mimi: How do I tell Shawn he's Claire's father? What if I chicken out again? I'll write him a letter. Write him a letter. That way, I can't change my mind.

Mimi: No. Wait. Belle, Philip, it's important that you hear this. Go ahead, just read the letter.


Marlena: You are the only man in the world for me. All I want to do is have us be together.

John: You sure this is what you want?

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Yes. Oh, God, Alex.

John: What did you say?

Alex: Marlena, did you call me?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Shawn D.: "Dear Shawn, I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone. That's why I'm writing this to you now, before we get married, so you'll know just how much I want you to find the happiness you deserve." This is really too personal.

Belle: Yes, it is personal. I really think you should read it by yourself.

Philip: No offense, Mimi, but why do you want us to hear this?

Mimi: Because it affects the two of you just as much as it affects Shawn and me.

Philip: You're right. You're right, it does.

Mimi: Philip? Are you saying that you know what's in the letter?

Philip: Yeah. And I think it's definitely something Shawn needs to hear.


John: Stop him.

Marlena: Alex, is that you?

Alex: Yes. Are you all right? Can I come in?

John: Tell him "no."

Marlena: Uh, no. Um, I'm already in bed.

Alex: Well, I thought I heard voices.

Marlena: Uh, uh, no. It was the radio.

Alex: Oh.

Marlena: Yeah. Well, good night.

Alex: Good night. Oh, Marlena, don't worry about John. He's not gonna hurt us anymore.

Marlena: Alex?

Alex: Yes?

Marlena: There's something you should know. It's about John.


Sami: Oh, yes, Austin. What? Why'd you stop? It was great.

Austin: Was it?

Sami: Yes. Yes. I mean, it's what we both want, isn't it?

Austin: No. No. Uh, no. This isn't right. We can't do this. We can't do this.

Sami: Yes, we can.

Austin: No, we're not gonna go there again. It's a mistake, and I'm not gonna let it lead to a bigger mistake.

Sami: But, Austin -- [Sighs]


Lucas: I've loved you since the moment I met you. I can't believe this is happening.

Carrie: Mmm.

Lucas: Carrie, I know you want to have children, and I want to give Will a little brother or sister. And we're not getting any younger. I mean, I know that we still have time. You said that you wanted to be married first.

Carrie: Oh, my God. Lucas, are you asking me to marry you?


Will: Really, I'm fine, Mrs. Hicks. Thanks for all your help. I can take it from here.

Lucas: That sounds like Will. Will, what are you doing back? What's going on?

Will: You can let go now.

Lucas: What happened?

Mrs. Hicks: I was chaperoning the nature overnight trip. Will fell and sprained his ankle.

Will: It's not that bad.

Lucas: Buddy, what'd you do?

Carrie: You should get some ice on that.


Sami: Wait a second. Will, did you break your ankle?

Will: No, I didn't break my damn ankle.

Lucas: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Watch your mouth, all right?

Sami: Let's just get you to the hospital.

Mrs. Hicks: I don't think that's necessary.

Sami: I'm sorry. Did you say that you were a doctor? Careful. Put your weight on me.

Lucas: Be careful in there.

Will: You really don't need to help me. I can walk by myself.

Lucas: I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about Will's mother. She's just a little upset. She didn't mean anything by it. We appreciate your help. Thank you.

Mrs. Hicks: Good night.

Lucas: Good night, Mrs. Hicks.


Sami: Are you okay? Look, I think that we should get an x-ray, just to make sure.

Will: I don't need an x-ray.

Lucas: Buddy, if mom's worried, then we got to get it looked at. We got to get it taken care of.

Will: I told you I'm fine.

Lucas: I hope you are fine, but if your mom's worried, then that's the last thing we need right now. If she wants you to go to the hospital, then that's where we got to take you. But if you don't want to go, that's fine. I'll call Lexie and see if she can get over here. Would that be all right, Sami?

Sami: Yeah. That's fine.

Lucas: All right, good. Get him on the couch. I'll call Lexie.

Sami: Okay. Come here. Careful. Just go slow.


Lexie: Well, I don't think it's broken, but it's pretty badly sprained.

Sami: You don't think it's broken.

Lexie: If the swelling doesn't decrease significantly with icing and elevation or if he isn't able to bear weight on it in the morning, I want you to bring him in for an x-ray, okay?

Sami: We should have done that from the beginning, right? We should have taken him in for an x-ray.

Will: Mom.

Lucas: Didn't hurt yourself, huh, buddy?

Will: I really didn't feel that bad.

Lexie: How did this happen?

Will: Well, I was reaching for an abandoned bird's nest, and I slipped and fell.

Sami: Wait a second. Those chaperones were allowing you to climb trees in the middle of the night?

Lucas: [Clears throat]

Will: It wasn't their fault. Me and my study partner saw the nest and decided to go for it. They didn't even know. It's not like I was planning on falling.

Sami: Well, you did fall. We should talk to that school. I mean, Lucas, we could sue them.

Will: Oh, my God, Mom.


Austin: You're overreacting. It's gonna be okay.

Will: What are you gonna say when I go out for Lacrosse?

Sami: What do you mean, Lacrosse? People with big sticks, waving them in front of your face? You could knock out all your teeth.

Will: You get a mouth guard.

Sami: No! No. Lucas, no. Right? No.

Will: Why do I open my mouth?

Lucas: Buddy, we'll talk about it later, okay?

Will: Yeah, when mom's not around.


Lexie: Look, I'm gonna prescribe some medication for the pain and the swelling.

Lucas: All right. There's a pharmacy on Water Street. I'll go pick it up for you.

Lexie: I'll call it in.


Carrie: Uh, Lucas, why don't you stay here with Will? I'll go get the meds, and there just happens to be an ice-cream parlor right down the way. I'll get a half gallon of Will's favorite ice cream. What's that?

Will: Chocolate Chip.

Austin: Water Street's not the best neighborhood. You're not gonna go there alone. I'll go with you.

Lucas: This is stupid. It's not like will broke his neck or anything. I'll get the prescription filled, and I'll get the ice cream, too. Don't worry about it.


Sami: That's a good idea. Let's get you in your room. You can put your p..j.ís on. Here, watch your foot. Okay. Careful. I'll help you get your p.j.ís on.

Will: Oh, no, no, no. You're not gonna help me get dressed.

Sami: Oh, come on, Will. You need help. It's not like I haven't seen it before.

Will: Okay, Mom, that's it. I'm calling Social Services. Dad, help me out here!

Lucas: Dad to the rescue. Sport, I'll help you change. Don't worry about it.


Austin: And Carrie and I will go get the prescription and ice cream.

Will: And, Mom, can you make me some hot cocoa while we wait?

Sami: Will, you're about to have ice cream.

Will: Please, Mom?

Sami: Of course.

Lucas: Look at that face. How could you say no to this? Come on, you need to change. Careful, all right?

Sami: Watch him. Don't let him put weight on it.

Lucas: I got him.


Lexie: All right, I've called in a prescription.

Sami: You know, um, thanks, Lexie. Thanks for coming out.

Lexie: No problem.


Carrie: And I can go get the prescription and ice cream alone.

Austin: No, you're not going alone, no arguments. But you might want to fix your shirt.

Carrie: And you might want to button your shirt.


Alex: Marlena? What about John?

Marlena: I think you were right. John would never hurt me.

Alex: Well, you know why that is, don't you?

Marlena: Why?

Alex: 'Cause I promise to protect you. I love you.

Marlena: I love you. Now, good night.

Alex: Good night.


John: You just said that you loved him.

Marlena: I do.

John: Do you even know that it is me that you're talking to?

Marlena: Yes. Oh, my gosh. You're the man I love.

John: I love you, too. Don't worry. I will get you away from Alex North before he hurts you.

Marlena: Get me away from Alex? Why would you do that? He's my husband. We're about to renew our wedding vows.


Mimi: How do you know what I wrote, Philip?

Philip: I just know. It's because I know you, Mimi. You want Shawn to know all of your hopes and dreams -- plans for the future -- before you spend your life together. Am I right?

Belle: No, she said that it affected all of us.

Philip: It does affect all of us. We got married, it affected them. Their getting married affects us. The four of us have been together for so long. We talk about the past all we want, but we can't go back. This is it.

Shawn D.: No, we canít.

Philip: Think about it. Belle and I just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary, and we did it in the hospital as our daughter got a liver transplant. And so much of our first year has been spent dealing with things like that or being apart from each other. We're not even really newlyweds anymore. But that's why we're so excited to be going through this again with you two as your Best Man and Matron of Honor.

Mimi: You know what, Shawn? Can you just -- can you just please read the letter?

Shawn D.: No.

Mimi: No?!

Shawn D.: I'm really sorry, but I would rather wait until --

Mimi: But, no.

Philip: I think it's wonderful that you want to share this letter with us, and more especially with Shawn. But maybe it should just be between the two of you. I know this sounds kind of clichť, but nothing is more important than communication. You need to do it. Belle and I just came down from the rooftop where we had one of the most meaningful conversations we've ever had about something we've never talked about before. In the wake of it, I feel closer to her than I ever have been. Look what we've been through. My leg, her postpartum depression, it could have killed us in our first year. And we got through it despite not wanting to confront it, being afraid of things we had never faced before. But all we had to do is face them, just be there for each other, and it turned out all right. Isn't that right?

Belle: It's true.

Philip: We were almost ripped apart in our first year. But you guys are gonna be fine. Just do what we did -- just communicate, be there for each other, love each other. You're gonna be great.


Lucas: Lexie, can, um, can Will go to school tomorrow?

Lexie: Well, that depends on Will and how he feels.

Sami: Wait a second. He can't go back to school. They're still on the field trip. He should stay home so I can take care of him.

Lucas: You mean baby him.

Sami: Well, I don't think he should go back to a field trip on a nature hike when he might need crutches. He could fall, hurt himself.

Lucas: You just relax, okay?

Lexie: Sami, he may not even need crutches.

Lucas: See that?

Lexie: Here's Will's prescription. I called it in, but you might want to take it with you in case there's a problem, okay?

Carrie: Sami, can we get you anything while we're out?

Sami: No. If you could just hurry back so Will can start taking his medication, thanks.

[Cellphone rings]

Lexie: Oh, if you'll excuse me, I have to get this. I hope Will's feeling better soon.

Lucas: Thanks, Lexie. Not many doctors make house calls these days.

Sami: Not a lot of doctors do a lot of things Lexie does.


Lexie: Hi, John. What's going on? Where are you?

John: With Marlena in her bedroom.

Lexie: What?

John: Don't worry. She knows I'm here.

Lexie: Does Alex?

John: Nope.

Lexie: John, do you know what will happen if he finds you there?

John: I can handle North. I'm worried about Marlena.

Lexie: Why?

John: She's acting strange. I think North has done something to her.


Philip: After everything that's happened this year, Belle and I are still very happy. And right now, we're just happy for you two. Look how much our relationships have all changed. But we're still friends. And once you guys are married, we're gonna be better friends.

[Cellphone rings]

Philip: Who is it?

Belle: Hello? Oh, hi. Everything okay? Oh, I guess we lost track of time.. Yeah, we'll be right there. Okay, bye.

Philip: Babysitter. All right, we got to hit it, you guys. We got to get back. Good night, okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah. Good night. Thanks for stopping by. Give Claire a big kiss for me.

Belle: I will. Bye, Meems.


Mimi: Bye. I think you should read this letter now.

Shawn D.: Why?

Mimi: Because later is too late.

Shawn D.: Why?

Mimi: Because there are things in it that you need to know before we get married.

Shawn D.: You know, before, you hurled a lot of negative baggage at me. You said, "I'm not who you think I am. I'm just like my mother. I'm a liar and a cheat. I'm only out for myself." None of that is true. And I'm not gonna let you put yourself down like that. You have too much going for you. I've always seen how special you are. Even when you can't see it. I love you so much, babe. And I don't need to read some letter to tell me how much you love me, okay? So stop putting yourself down, and stop saying that you don't deserve me. And I will never stop telling you how amazing a person you are. Hey, look at me. Can I see a smile?


John: Can you hear me, Lexie?

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, John, when you say Marlena is acting strange, can you describe for me what it is she's doing?

John: Well, it looks like she's about to pass out. She's, um, confused, disoriented.

Lexie: Confused? In what way?

John: Well, she had a very dramatic reaction when she first saw me. It was visceral. We were connecting like we hadn't connected in months. And then in the heat of the moment, she called me Alex, even though she said she knew it was me that she was talking to. Now, I know that she took a sleeping pill, but it wouldn't cause her to behave like this, would it?

Lexie: It's hard to say. It could certainly cause some confusion.

John: Not like this. I think Alex North is drugging her.

Lexie: Okay, John, it might help if you tell me the whole story. How did you get into Marlena's bedroom?

John: Broke in.

Lexie: John!

John: Hey, it's my house. I was looking for evidence against Alex North.

Lexie: Did you find any?

John: No, I didn't have time. They came home. I had to hide.

Lexie: Do you realize the trouble you could have gotten into if Alex had caught you? John, Abe told me about your fight with Alex. And now you're continuing to harass him, knowing that you could end up in jail?

John: Listen, I'm not harassing Alex North. I am protecting Marlena.

Lexie: Okay. Okay. Um, all right. So you were hiding in the bedroom.

John: Yeah, and I was trying to find a way to bust Alex. She saw me. I thought she was gonna freak out and scream for Alex. Instead, she said she wanted me to stay. In fact, she said she wanted to be with me.

Lexie: Oh, my God. Is she getting her memory back?

John: I thought so at first. Now I'm not so sure.

Lexie: Well, John, I can't tell you what's going on with her until I examine her.

John: I'll bring her to the hospital.

Lexie: No. You do that, you'd be making a huge mistake.


Lucas: I'm gonna go check on Will.

Austin: I'll grab a coat, then we'll go. I'll be right back.

Carrie: Okay.


Austin: Everything all right?

Lexie: It's just a patient I'm concerned about.

Austin: I hope everything's okay. Thanks for what you did for Will.


Lexie: You're welcome. Okay. You can't risk taking Marlena to the hospital right now. If you do, Alex could find you in the penthouse. Abe already thinks he has grounds for another restraining order against you.

John: I don't care.

Lexie: Then think about this. If Alex finds out that you're taking her somewhere, he could have you arrested for kidnaping his wife.

John: Mmm.

Lexie: Not to mention, if Alex killed you, there's not a jury in the world that would convict him because he could prove that you broke into the penthouse and were in his wife's bedroom in the middle of the night.

John: It seems like I'm always being set up to be the bad guy, aren't I?

Alex: Is someone in there?

Lexie: John, I believe you. I have no doubt that Alex is setting you up. But right now, a grand jury would side with Alex.

John: Listen, forget about Alex. Let's deal with Marlena. Where do we go from here?

Lexie: Well, from what you described, it doesn't sound like Marlena's health is at any serious risk. Any pain? Vomiting?

John: Nah, nothing like that.

Lexie: Then I think the best thing for you to do right now is get the hell out of there.

John: What, are you out of your mind? What if he's drugging her?

Lexie: If he is, he's probably been doing it all along. John, the danger is greater to both of you if you stay there and risk getting caught.

John: No, no, no. I'm not leaving her.

Lexie: Please, please, John. You are pushing your luck. If Alex discovers you there, it could lead to a confrontation that you may or may not live to regret. Marlena, too. Please, just leave her alone. Now, let her rest. Don't do anything to get her excited or agitated.

John: Then you're gonna have to find a way to come and examine her as soon as you can.

Lexie: Yes, yes. Of course I will. Just get out of there now. I guess I'll take the stairs.

John: I won't let anything happen to you. I love you.

Alex: Marlena, are you awake? Everything all right in there?


Austin: Ready?

Carrie: We'll be back.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: Well, thanks for getting his medication.

Lucas: Drive safe, all right?

Austin: Yeah, we will.

[Door closes]


Lucas: What?

Sami: You. You and Carrie were interrupted, huh? You were making out with my sister while our son was getting injured. He should be living with me.

Lucas: What are you talking about? What kind of stupid logic is that? He was on an overnight camping trip with his school. It's not my fault he fell and sprained his ankle.

Sami: What?

Lucas: Don't "what" me. I know you. You're all flushed. What's going on? Your buttons are all messed up. Ohh. Ha ha. I get it. Well, it looks like Carrie and I weren't the only ones interrupted, were we? You know, maybe you should have been a chaperone at Will's little outdoor adventure, instead of getting it on with my brother. What are you thinking?

Sami: Shut up.

Lucas: You were getting it on with him, weren't you? I can't believe -- you know what's funny, Sami? It's funny, he didn't seem drugged to me.

Sami: Oh, you are a bastard.

Lucas: Am I a bastard?

Sami: Yeah, I think --

Will: Guys, hey. I was just wondering if you guys were too busy fighting to get me my hot cocoa.

Sami: Of course not. No. I'll get it right now.

Lucas: Buddy, you can't be on your ankle like this. Come on. Don't put weight on it. Here, get the bat out of here. Come on. Let's go.


Austin: It's a bummer about Will's ankle. You know, right before spring sports are about to start.

Carrie: Yeah, he'll be hobbling around for a while. The meds will help.

Austin: I think the ice cream will help even more.

Carrie: Must run in the family. When we were growing up, Sami and I would eat a whole quart between us. John had to keep the freezer stocked. Amazing how things have changed since then.

Austin: It's amazing how much things have stayed the same. I mean, here we are in the same apartment where I first met you. And my brother's still in love with you, and your sister is still in love with me.

Carrie: Look, whatever you thought happened with me and Lucas tonight --

Austin: It's none of my business. You know, whatever you think happened between me and Sami --

Carrie: Oh, ditto.

Austin: You know our history.

Carrie: Yeah. After everything she put you through, you still felt like you had to be her savior. No wonder she thinks you're her knight in shining armor. You are.

Austin: You're the one and only love of my life. You know that.

Carrie: You didn't even --

Austin: I'm sorry.

Carrie: No. Go. What?

Austin: No, you go.

Carrie: Go ahead.

Austin: Go.

Carrie: It's not important, doesn't matter. What is taking so long with this elevator?

Austin: I don't know. This is an old elevator. Let's take the stairs.

Carrie: Oh.

Austin: Maybe not. So I, you know, I saw Claire. She's doing great.

Carrie: Yeah? She's such a cutie. It's amazing that your little brother and my little sister are parents before us.

Austin: I know what you mean.

Carrie: It's got to be tough on Belle, you know, with Marlena's amnesia and everything. And now that I'm home, I'm gonna be there for her. I know as hard as I've tried to be a good sister to Sami, I'm really gonna be there for Belle.

Austin: You're an amazing sister.

Carrie: Oh, I don't know about that.

Austin: So, I mean, how is John doing and Marlena?

Carrie: So disconcerting, you know? She pretty much raised me, and she doesn't even remember who I am. Can't imagine what it's like for Sami.

Austin: Yeah. I know she's really afraid that she's gonna lose her forever if North takes her on this extended honeymoon.

Carrie: It's horrible. I just wish she'd get her memory back. I can't help but think that everything's kind of gone wrong since I've gotten back. Maybe it's true, you can't go home again.

Austin: I don't know about that. I mean, you and I both decided to stick around.

Carrie: Austin.

Austin: Yeah?

Carrie: We're on the same level. Did you press the button?

Austin: Sorry.

Carrie: Okay. [Laughs]

Austin: So Billie was asking about you.

Carrie: Yeah? I haven't seen her that much since I've been back. I feel bad for her, you know? All she ever wanted was to be a mother, and she finally found Chelsea. I just wish she and Bo hadn't lied about Zack, you know? It's so bad that Bo and Hope lost their child. The only thing worse would be to lose each other, too.


Carrie: Whoa.

Austin: Ugh. I forgot how much this old elevator would jam. I guess we're stuck here for a while.


Shawn D.: You're incredible. And I am so lucky to have you in my life. I cannot wait to marry you. You do believe me, that I mean that with my whole heart, right?

Mimi: Yeah. I do.

Shawn D.: Okay. It's all right, baby. Listen, just do me a favor. When we're up there at the altar, standing there looking in each other's eyes, just remember two words. Two -- "I do." Can you do that? Yeah? Okay. Good. Well, I'm gonna go to bed, and I was hoping -- I was wondering, would you like to go with me?

Mimi: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Okay. I was hoping you were gonna say that. Come on.


Belle: Don't you think Mimi was acting a little strange tonight?

Philip: Strange. Um, she seemed pretty desperate to have Shawn read the letter. But other than that...

Belle: I really wish that you wouldn't have added your own assumptions as to what was in that letter, being deep feelings and stuff.

Philip: You don't think that's what it said?

Belle: No, I donít. I think when we went over there, Mimi was clearly upset. She was crying. When we tried to leave, she said no, that whatever was in that letter was gonna affect all of us. She said she wanted us to hear the truth, that our lives would never be the same again. I don't know about you, but that pretty much freaked me out.

Philip: Hmm. Come to think about it, maybe I shouldn't have spoken for her, huh? I kind of have a habit of doing that sometimes.

Belle: Yeah, well, I guess it's too late now.

Philip: I guess so. What do you think she wanted to say?

Belle: Do you think maybe she's getting cold feet, changing her mind about marrying Shawn?

Philip: No. I mean, she said one thing to me about pre-wedding jitters, but that's all.

Mimi: Ooh! Ooh!

Philip: [Laughing] Forget about cold feet. I don't think Mimi's got cold anything right now, you know what I'm saying?


Mimi: Ooh. I love you, Shawn.


Lucas: Sami, what is it? What's wrong?

Sami: We could have lost him.

Lucas: Why are you so emotional? What are talking about? He sprained his ankle. I mean, I don't know what the statistics are on that, but I think every day across America, somebody sprains their ankle about every three seconds.

Sami: You just don't get it, do you?

Lucas: What are you talking about? Get what?

Sami: Damn it! What if it wasn't just a sprained ankle? You know, what if he had fallen and snapped his neck, or what if something had happened and no one had found him and he was just all by himself and alone? I mean, it could have happened.

Lucas: It didn't happen. None of that happened. Relax.

Sami: What about what happened to Zack? That happens. It happens to people all of the time. And you know what? I am sick and tired of losing people that I love. I have lost Will to you. I have lost my mom to all sorts of catastrophes, okay? And I lost Austin, I lost you, and I am sick and tired of losing everyone that I love. I just can't --

Lucas: Stop. Relax, all right?

Sami: Lucas.


Austin: You okay?

Carrie: Uh, yeah. I just -- I don't like feeling trapped. But who does, right?

Austin: You're gonna be able to hang in. I don't think it's gonna be much longer.

Carrie: Yeah. I'll be okay. Actually, I wonít. Would you hold me?

Austin: Won't that close you in even more?

Carrie: It's not funny. Just hold me.

Austin: Okay. Okay.

Carrie: Okay. Ahh. Oh, yeah. That's good. That's better. Please, just don't let me go.

Austin: You don't have to worry about that. I don't ever want to let you go.


Alex: Marlena, it's Alex. Can I come in? Marlena, the door's locked. Marlena, talk to me. Why did you lock the door? I'm gonna have to break this door down.


Lexie: If Alex killed you, there's not a jury in the world that would convict him because he could prove that you broke into the penthouse and were in his wife's bedroom in the middle of the night.


Patrick: What's wrong with you, Bo Brady? How could you let this woman go?


Sami: We could have been happy, don't you think? Don't you think we could have really made our dreams come true?


Austin: I would give anything if you would give me another chance.


Bo: It's about time that she learns her actions have consequences.

Billie: No. Chelsea will not go to prison.

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