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Lexie: Make love to me, Tek. Make love to me. I need you. I need you so much.

Abe: Whose car is that? Tek? [Smooching]

Lexie: [Moaning]

Abe: No. No.

Lexie: [Gasps] Oh, my God. Abe.


John: Hey, Abraham, what are you doing out here? Hey, man, you okay?

Abe: No. No. And I don't think I ever will be again.


Alex: What is it? You're awfully quiet this evening.

Marlena: I'm sorry. I don't mean to be.

Alex: No, I'm sorry. I brought you out tonight so you could get things off of your mind, but obviously, that hasn't worked, so please tell me what I can do 'cause I can't stand to see you like this.

Marlena: I'll be fine. I promise I will.

Alex: But you're still worried.

Marlena: Yes, I'm -- yes, I'm worried. Why wouldn't I be worried? How many times is John going to attack you, hmm?

Alex: I knew I shouldn't have told you.

Marlena: How could you not tell me? He hit you in the face. He beat you with his bare fists. I mean, he could have put you in the hospital or even worse.

Alex: But he didnít. And I'm fine. Besides, I'm learning to roll with the punches.

Marlena: That's not funny.

Alex: I know it's not, and I'm sorry 'cause I know you are worried about me.

Marlena: Do you know that?

Alex: Yes, I know that. And I will look into getting another restraining order. In the meantime, I am fine. I'm not seriously injured. Now, what more can I do to reassure you?

Marlena: What if the next time he attacks you, you're just not so lucky?

Alex: Well, hopefully there won't be a next time with a restraining order in place.

Marlena: Do you think that'll help? We already have one restraining order in place. He's ignored that. He's supposed to stay away from us, and he won't do it. He shouldn't be getting away with it. He needs to be in jail.

Alex: I agree with you. But listen... don't worry, all right? I'll take care of him. And if I get my way, and I will, John will never threaten me nor upset you ever again. I promise.

Marlena: Why? What are you going to do?


Bonnie: Oh, honey. Honey, honey, honey, honey, don't cry. Don't cry. Hey, who cares what some jealous little nothing from high school thinks? Who invited that witch anyway?

Mimi: She said that I don't deserve to be with Shawn, that he and Belle are the ones who belong together, and she's right, Mom.

Bonnie: Like hell she is. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Like I said, she's just jealous. She probably had a crush on Shawn way back when, and he didn't even know she was alive.

Mimi: Kind of like with me?

Bonnie: No, that's nothing like with you. Honey, look at me, please, baby. Listen to me. Listen to me. You are Shawn's best friend, and now you're the woman he loves and is gonna marry. You dry your eyes. This is your bridal shower for pete's sake, okay? Come here. Now I've got icing all over you. You have so much to be grateful for. Look at all this fancy china and silver and crystal, not to mention that Plasma TV. And you have so much to look forward to beyond that -- a beautiful wedding with even better and pricier gifts -- no. A wonderful future with Shawn, honey.

Mimi: Wonderful future.

Bonnie: Yes.

Mimi: What if he finds out that he's the father of Belle's baby, and I knew, and I didn't tell him? He would never marry me then. He would never even speak to me again.

Bonnie: He's not gonna find out, so you're not gonna have to worry about th now, will you?

Mimi: He is going to find out because I am going to tell him. I can't take it anymore. He has to know the truth.

Bonnie: No.


Belle: Shawn, hey. Um, I need to talk to you alone.

Shawn D.: Yeah, what's going on? Is everything all right?

Belle: No, everything is all wrong. This party tonight really made me see that. You know what? It made me see a lot of things a lot more clearly, and I know exactly what I need to do.


Victor: I've made up my mind. Shawn deserves to know that he's Claire's father.

Kate: Victor, how can you do this to Philip? Will you please think of our son?

Victor: I am thinking of Philip. He deserves to know the truth as well.

Kate: Where are you going?

Victor: I'm going to find Shawn. I'm gonna put an end to this charade once and for all.

Kate: Victor --

Victor: You're not gonna stop me this time, Kate. I'm gonna do what I should have done a long time ago.

Kate: I can't believe this.

Philip: Actually, there is something I want to say to Shawn, and I want both of you and everyone else to hear it.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


John: So, what is it, partner? What's going on?

Abe: [Sighs] You know, I -- I have no right to complain, you know, but I -- I just can't help feeling frustrated. I thought my vision would be back to normal, that I'd be back at work, that I'd be doing all the things I used to do -- well, most of it, anyway. Anyway, it's just not gonna happen. My night vision is so bad, I just -- I may as well be blind.

John: Oh, stop talking like that. Come on, man. You said you're making great progress. It's gonna take some time. You know that. Hang in there.

Abe: Yeah.

John: Listen, it's cold, man. What are you doing out here anyway?

Abe: I came out, and I was looking for Lexie, and then I saw -- I don't know. I saw something strange.

John: Yeah, like what?

Abe: Well, this is Tek's car, and it's parked here, but it looked like it was... I don't know -- like it was moving.

John: Moving?

Abe: Well, I don't know. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

John: Yeah. Yeah. Where do you think Lexie got off to?

Abe: Oh, she was probably paged and had to go to the hospital. She was on call. She figured she might have to leave.

John: Yeah, yeah. Doggone it. That means I might have to buy you a drink..

Abe: [Laughs]

John: I want to talk to you about this Alex North thing.

Abe: Yeah, yeah, okay. Let's go inside.

John: No, that place is crawling with half of Salem, you know -- the bridal shower and the bachelor party. Let's find a place where we can be in private, all right?

Abe: All right, lead the way. Here you go.


Tek: That was close.

Lexie: Oh, my God -- way too close. I never should have done this. What was I thinking?!

Tek: Lucky for us old Abe's still blind as a bat when the sun goes down, right?


Victor: Philip, I don't think this is something you want to make public.

Philip: No, I do, in fact, and I want everyone here to hear it. Excuse me.

Shawn D.: Look, are you sure you want to do this again? We've already talked about this. We have said all there is to say.

Belle: No, no, no. That's just it. I don't think that we have. At least, I havenít.

Shawn D.: What else is there?

Philip: Excuse me, everyone. Can I have your attention, please?


Bonnie: Hey, hey. We'll talk about this later.

Mimi: No, we wonít. I can't put this off any longer. I have to talk to Shawn now.

Bonnie: You can't say or do anything now. Philip's about to make a speech. Now let's give him the respect he deserves. Come on.

Mimi: Let me get my drink.

Bonnie: Come on.


Philip: I'm sorry to interrupt your evening, but I have something very important to say that I'd like everyone to hear. As Shawn's best friend, best man, and best uncle, I would like to make a toast. Shawn, buddy, you are one lucky bastard. You are about to marry one of my favorite girls. And forget everything you might have heard. Take it from me, man. Marriage is amazing. Trust me on that. Whoo!

Philip: In fact, the smartest thing I have ever done is to marry this beautiful lady right here. And if weren't for her, I wouldn't be here right now. A lot of you who are here tonight know that not too long ago, I was shipped overseas to war, and in the process, my left leg was taken from me. Now, in the wake of that happening, I thought that I had lost everything. I thought that my life was over. And it was my beautiful wife who showed me how wrong I was. Not only was my life not over, but my life was just beginning because we had a wonderful future to look forward to together. I had been held hostage for weeks, and it was my wife who got me home. I'd endured hours of very painful rehab, and it was my wife that got me through it. And if I had not married my wife, I would not be standing here talking to you all right now. In fact, as it turns out, I wouldn't be standing at all. And when I finally got back in her arms, and I didn't think I could get any happier, my wife gave me the greatest gift of all. She gave me our little girl. When Claire was born, and I held her for the first time and looked down at her face, it was the happiest moment of my life. I felt like I'd been given a miracle. And I say this because I know Shawn and Mimi are gonna experience the miracle of a family very soon. You two may think you're happy now, but just wait till you hold your baby for the first time. It will give your life a new meaning, a new level of happiness you never thought was possible. Anyway, I digressed just a little bit. What I really want to say here is... Shawn and Mimi, I love you both very much. We all do. And we wish you the best -- the most wonderful marriage, beautiful family, and loving life together because you deserve it. To Shawn and Mimi.

Everyone: To Shawn and Mimi. Here here. [Cheers]

Bonnie: Sweet. Now do you believe me? You can't do it, Mimi. You can't foil your future with Shawn by telling him the truth, and you sure as heck can't hurt Philip. You'd take his wife and his baby away, and who knows what it'll do to him?


Shawn D.: Thanks a lot, bro.

Philip: Of course. Of course. You know I meant every word of it. And you know you guys have my best wishes -- you're my favorite couple -- not that you need them 'cause I think you're going the distance, man.

Shawn D.: Yeah, bro, hopefully just like you and Belle.

Philip: That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Hey, I just want to thank my best man for the best speech and make a toast of my own. To Belle and Philip -- great friends.

Philip: Come on!

Shawn D.: Give it up. And to their Goddaughter, Claire. Let's hear it. [ Cheers]


Lexie: How dare you speak that way about my husband?

Tek: I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it.

Lexie: Oh, God, I'm one to talk. I have totally betrayed Abe's trust in me. If he caught us just now, he'd be devastated.

Tek: [Sighs]

Lexie: He'd hate me, Tek. Oh, God, it'd be the end of our marriage.

Tek: What marriage, Lexie? It's a marriage in name only.

Lexie: [Sighs] That is not true.

Tek: When was the last time you and Abe were together as husband and wife?

Lexie: I'm not gonna answer that.

Tek: You don't have to. We both know it's not since he's been back.

Lexie: [Sighs] He can't help it.

Tek: He can't help being impotent, but there's still ways to be intimate.. He can still show his affection for you if he wanted to, if he gave a damn about your feelings and not just his own.

Lexie: No, I can't listen to this anymore. I have to go.

Tek: No, you don't want to listen to this 'cause you know what I'm saying is true. Lexie, Abe doesn't want you. I do. I can give you everything. I can give you everything you need.

Lexie: Stop it.

Tek: No --

Lexie: Stop. Stop.

Tek: I'm not just talking about sex. I'm not talking about sex. Although, when we make love, it's like nothing I ever felt before. I've never wanted a woman as much as I want you, Lexie. And I know you want me, too. Lexie, look at me. Lexie, look at me. Look at me. I'm so sorry that you're hurting, but this isn't wrong.

Lexie: [Sniffles]

Tek: Abe made a choice. He pushed you away. Now we can't help what we feel for each other. I can love you the way you need to be loved, but one thing I can't do is stay away from you, Lexie. Tell me you can stay away from me. Tell me.

Lexie: I canít. I canít. God, forgive me. I canít. I canít. I canít. [ Moaning]


Alex: More wine?

Marlena: No, thanks. You haven't answered me yet. How do you plan to keep John from hurting you again?

Alex: You feel free to tell anyone you like, but no one's going to believe you -- not Marlena, not the police, not anyone. You know why? Because you've cried wolf too many times, and there is not one shred of evidence that puts me anywhere near Lois at the time of her death, but you, on the other hand -- you have freely admitted that you illegally injected her with truth serum, which has caused her to commit suicide. So, John, not meaning to rub it in -- I win. You lose.

Alex: I won't have to. The legal system will take care of and punish John.

Marlena: He is so dangerous. I can't believe that I was in love with a man like that.

Alex: Well, that all happened a long time ago. It's in the past.

Marlena: It wasn't quite so long ago.

Alex: Even so, you didn't know then what you know now.

Marlena: I knew some things. I knew that he was a mercenary for Stefano DiMera.

Alex: Yes, and he managed to convince you that was only because he was under DiMera's control. He had no choice. He also convinced you that he had changed, that he was no longer a violent man -- obviously untrue.

Marlena: Obviously. [Exhales sharply] It's frightening, isn't it?

Alex: Yes, it is frightening. That's why I don't want to talk about it anymore. I don't want to talk about John anymore. I just want you and I to enjoy our evening together, hmm?

Marlena: All right. No more talk of John.

Alex: Or anything else unpleasant.

Marlena: It's a deal. I'm gonna powder my nose. Will you excuse me, please?

Alex: Of course. And I will get the dessert menu while you're gone. I...find myself in the mood for something decadent this evening.

Marlena: Well, you get whatever you want 'cause you deserve it.

Alex: Hmm. Okay.


Abe: I can't believe that he actually told you that he intended to harm Marlena.

John: Abraham, he was proud of the fact. It was -- it was like he was taunting me.

Abe: Yeah, well, that's exactly what he was doing. He wanted to provoke you into attacking him, and you fell for it.

John: Yeah, I did. I'll tell you what -- I will murder that son of a bitch with my bare hands if that's what it's gonna take to stop him.

Marlena: Oh, my word. You really are sick.

John: No, actually, I feel pretty good.

Marlena: I heard what you said. These threats against my husband have to stop and stop now.

Marlena: I don't believe what I just heard. Alex is right about you. You are a monster.

John: Ooh. Relax, Doc.

Marlena: Don't call me that. You said it. You threatened to kill Alex with your bare hands.

John: Yeah, I really hate to break a nail, but to protect you, I'll risk it.

Marlena: It's us who should be protected from you. You know, your threats, all your violence -- they prove the kind of man you really are.

John: Yeah, well, at least I'm a man and not a murdering monster like North.

Marlena: Any wonder I don't want to be with you? Any wonder that I chose Alex?

John: And I am a man who will risk his own life to protect yours.

Alex: Excuse me. Is there a problem here?

[Indistinct conversations]


Kate: Thank God you didn't say anything. Do you know what a mistake that would have been? It would have destroyed him. Victor, Belle and Claire are his life. They mean everything to him -- absolutely everything.

Philip: See you, bro.

Shawn D.: All right.

Belle: No, Shawn, I mean it. I need to talk to you before you marry Mimi.. I have something really --

Shawn D.: Okay, what is it? Just tell me.

Philip: I know exactly what she wants to tell you, Shawn.


We will return for the second half of "Days of our Lives" in just a moment.


Tek: [Moaning]

Lexie: [Exhales sharply] [Moaning]

Tek: Oh, God, Lexie, that was amazing. You're amazing. Oh, God, you believe me when I tell you I never felt like this about anyone, right?

Lexie: Oh, come on, Tek, I know you've been with lots of other women.

Tek: Yeah, I have, but I care about you. I care about what happens to you.

Lexie: Tek...

Tek: I think it's pretty obvious that you and me are meant to be together.

Lexie: Oh, god, Abe doesn't deserve this.

Tek: Lexie, can you walk away from our life and spend the rest of your life in a cold, lonely bed with a man who might as well be your brother?


John: Yeah, there's a problem.

Abe: Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Marlena: There really is no problem, Alex. I was telling John that my future is with you, not with him. Nothing he can do or say to change that.

Alex: Let's just hope the message came across once and for all. If you'll excuse us.

John: I'll give you a message, Alex.


Abe: Hey. You make a scene in here, and you'll be playing right into his hands again.

John: What am I supposed to do -- just let her walk away with that guy and get herself murdered? You tell me what I'm supposed to do.

Abe: I will tell you. I will tell you if you just calm down and listen to me. Stop going off half-cocked. Stop trying to strong-arm this guy. Think. Think. Move your head instead of your fists. Hell, use your ISA training. Go undercover if you have to. Get what you need one way or the other and beat North at his own game. Do you know what I'm talking about?

John: Yeah.

Abe: Look, remember, you give him ammunition, you're gonna end up in jail for good, and then you'll be no help to Marlena at all.

John: That's a fact.

Abe: All right. So, you get the goods on North, and everything else is gonna take care of itself.

John: Yeah. Yeah.

Abe: All right. Need any of my help?

John: No, Abraham, I think you've done enough. You kept me from going after North. That kept me out of the back of a squad car. Give you a lift -- home? Alice's?

Abe: No, no, no. You go on. I'm gonna finish my drink.

John: Thanks, partner.

Abe: Yeah.

John: I owe you two.


Alex: It seems we can't go anywhere these days without running into John..

Marlena: Hmm, I'm so sorry.

Alex: I'm sorry that he has upset you. I wouldn't be surprised if he was stalking us.

Marlena: He seems so determined, so passionate. It... scares me. It makes me wonder --

Alex: Wonder what?

Marlena: Oh...nothing. Nothing. It's not important.

Alex: John is not important, but I can see that he has upset you, so I want you to forget about him and start concentrating on our future together. I'll tell you what -- I'm going to go get the check, and then I'm taking you home.

Marlena: Good.


Marlena: [Gasps] Oh. Oh, my gosh, John. That's exquisite.

John: Happy Anniversary.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Is it a blue topaz?

John: Blue diamond.

Marlena: Aren't those unbelievably rare?

John: That's why I chose it. It's like our love. And just like our love, it will last forever.


Belle: Philip, I --

Philip: Yeah, sorry, I couldn't help but overhearing. I just figured I have a pretty good idea what you wanted to tell Shawn.

Belle: You do?

Philip: Sure. You two were together for a long time. You went through a lot together. You almost got married yourselves, to each other. So, I'm guessing you probably want to say something like you're sorry it didn't work out between the two of you, but you're glad that he found love with Mimi. Is that close?

Belle: Um...I -- I just think that we should each be with whoever truly makes us happy.

Philip: Amen, and it looks like that's a done deal. Can you believe how it's working out for the four of us?

Shawn D.: No, no. But let me tell you --

Philip: There she is.

Shawn D.: When I met this lovely lady, and I realized that all my dreams could come true, I was convinced.

Philip: Hmm, well -- oh, isn't that cute? I don't know about you guys, but I think we make two pretty good couples. You know what I think this calls for?

Mimi: What?

Philip: A group hug.

Belle: Oh, no.

Philip: Come on. Bring it in. The four of us together. A nice group hug.


Kate: [Exhales sharply] Look at them. We have to leave well enough alone. We have to let Belle and Philip be happy with their baby. We have to let Mimi and Shawn get married and have a family of their own because frankly, I think this is the only way the four of them are going to be able to get through this without being miserable for the rest of their lives.


Mimi: Um, well, you know, it looks like the party's kind of winding down.. We should probably take off.

Philip: I know a little baby who's looking for her parents right now. I am going to go get the coats. Be right back.

Belle: Okay.


Shawn D.: Well, we should probably get going.

Mimi: Yes. Yeah. I'm just gonna say good night to my mom first.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Belle: Okay, Shawn, I really -- I need to talk to you alone. I promise this is the last time I'm gonna ask, okay?


Mimi: I feel so guilty about keeping the secret, so I won't anymore.

Bonnie: Thank heavens. You're finally coming to your senses.

Mimi: Yes, I am.

Bonnie: Calls for a drink.

Mimi: Okay, you don't get it, Mom, as usual. I'm telling Shawn the truth tonight.


Mimi: Well, good night. Thanks for everything. The shower was lovely.

Belle: Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Okay.

Shawn D.: I'll be right in.

Philip: I'm gonna go pay the babysitter.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Okay.


Shawn D.: All right. Well, that was a nice evening.

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn D.: And now we're alone, so did you want to talk to me about whatever it was?

Belle: No, not here. Meet me on the roof.

Shawn D.: No, no, I'm not doing that. Last time we did that, we almost got caught.

Belle: Shawn, please, it's important. I need to talk to you. It can't wait.


Philip: Hey. Look who's still awake and wanted to see her mommy.

Belle: Hello, sweetie!

Philip: Go to mama.

Belle: Come here. Did you miss us?

Philip: Yeah. She told me she couldn't sleep until her mom and dad tucked her in.

Belle: Oh, no, you must be so sleepy, Sweet Pea, but we're home now. We'll get you some milk, and daddy will sing you to sleep, okay?

Mimi: Oh, God. How do I tell Shawn he's Claire's father? What if I chicken out again? I'll write him a letter. I'll write him a letter. That way, I can't change my mind. I'll tell him everything. "Dear, Shawn..."


John: All right, North's got to have something around here somewhere. Well...


Alex: [In distance] You didn't say one word all the way home. Are you sure you're feeling all right?

Marlena: [In distance] I'm fine. I'm fine.

[Door opens]

Alex: Well, I donít. I think that you're still upset about your run-in with John.

Marlena: I thought we weren't going to talk about John anymore.

Alex: Oh, you're right. My mistake.

Marlena: Shall I make us some tea?

Alex: Thanks, but no. Um, I'll tell you what --

Marlena: Hmm?

Alex: This has been a long day, and I think you're looking a little exhausted, so why don't we take you upstairs, put you to bed?

Marlena: Oh, gosh, I'd like that.

Alex: All right.

Marlena: Yeah, yeah, thanks.

Marlena: [In distance] You'll be sure to lock everything up?

Alex: [In distance] Already did.


[Door opens]

Marlena: [Sigh] [Sighs]

Alex: Well, good night.

Marlena: Good night.

Alex: You know, I can't wait until our wedding night when we don't have to say good night at the bedroom door. I know it sounds silly. I mean, we are married. We've lived together, but I am glad we waited. I want that first night to be a very special one. I hope you don't mind.

Marlena: No, I think it's sweet, and I think it's romantic.

Alex: Not to mention, we'll have a lifetime of sharing the same bed and everything else along with that, hmm? [Moaning] Hey, you sure you're all right? You do seem distracted.

Marlena: [Yawning] I'm tired is all. I'm so tired.

Alex: I'm sorry. Why don't I make you some warm milk?

Marlena: No, no, I'm fine. I'll just -- I think I'll take a sleeping pill tonight.

Alex: That sounds good. You know, you need your rest. We do have a wedding to plan.

Marlena: We do. I'll get a good 8-hour rest tonight, and then I'll be plenty rested by tomorrow.

Alex: I hope so. Well, sweet dreams.

Marlena: You too.

Alex: [Moaning] Oh, I better go. [Stuttering] Good night.

Marlena: Good night. [Sighs]


Lexie: Okay. Tek, this was the last time. I can't do this anymore. I can't keep breaking my marriage vows, okay? I need to be faithful to my husband.

Tek: You say that now, but we both know you canít.

Lexie: [Exhales sharply]

Tek: It's gone way too far to turn back now, Lexie. There's no use even trying


Lexie: Oh, my God. It's Abe. [Clears throat] Hey, honey, you're still here. Did you get my message? I got paged and had to go back to the hospital. Is the party still going on?

Abe: It's no good, Lexie.

Lexie: Abe, uh... what are you saying?

Abe: It's my night vision. It's still no good. I'm starting to lose my patience.

Lexie: Well, honey, come on now. You have to be patient, you know. You're still recovering from your surgery.

Abe: I tell you, my eyes have been playing tricks on me all night.

Lexie: Yeah?

Abe: I thought I saw you with someone, but that -- that couldn't be. I mean, you just got back from the hospital.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, that's right. I did. It must have been a shadow or something.

Abe: Yeah.

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: Yeah, it must have been.

Lexie: Uh, look, honey, I know this is frustrating for you, but I promise you, Abe, you'll be back to your old self again in no time. Promise. Come on.


Alex: Well, here's to the perfect plan. It won't be long now, and it'll all be over. John can say goodbye to his precious Doc, and I... will have finally had my revenge.


Marlena: John? Oh. Thank God you're here. No. Don't go. John, I still love you.


Kate: Victor... please tell me that you'll reconsider -- that you won't tell Shawn the truth.

Victor: No, I won't tell him, not for now, anyway -- too much pain and heartache for everyone involved.

Kate: Oh, my God.


Belle: I knew you would come. We can't go on like this anymore. You and I have to be honest about the way we're feeling, even if it hurts other people.

Philip: What are you talking about?


Shawn D.: Mimi? Where'd she go? What is this?


Mimi: This is it. When Shawn reads that letter, he'll know the truth. And then he'll leave me. It'll be all over.


Austin: You're definitely worthy of being loved.


Lucas: The hell with being cautious. I love you, Carrie Brady.


Marlena: I want us to make love.


Mimi: I wrote Shawn a letter, and what I'm trying to tell him really affects all four of us. Everything is going to change.

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