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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/23/06 - Canada; Friday 2/24/06 - U.S.A.


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Mimi: Oh, my God. There is so much left to do. We will never be ready in time.

Shawn D.: Yes, we will. It will all work out. I promise you. Somehow.

Mimi: You sound real convincing.

Shawn D.: Okay, ready or not, we are gonna get married, okay? That much I know.

Mimi: Well, are you working on the lists that I gave you?

Shawn D.: Yes, the lists, the five sublists. I have them all here. Do not worry about them.

Mimi: I still don't have the addresses for your out-of-town family members. My computer.

Mimi: Not e-mail addresses. Real addresses.

Shawn D.: Right, uh, my address book.

Mimi: Which is...?

Shawn D.: Somewhere in the loft.

Mimi: God, Shawn, I need those now!

Shawn D.: Well, you should have told me, okay? If you would have asked me, I would have had that on my list.

Mimi: I did ask you!

Shawn D.: When did you ask me?

Bonnie: Whoa, whoa, guys! What the heck is going on in here? I could hear you halfway down the hall. Is there a problem?

Mimi: Yeah, Mom, there is. I'm starting to think that getting married this fast was a really bad idea.


Belle: Dad. Thank God. I have been looking for you everywhere. I just saw the newspaper. I can't believe this. Mom's gonna renew her wedding vows to Alex and go on some crazy long honeymoon? What?

John: That's what it says.

Belle: This can't happen. You have to find a way to stop this.


Marlena: Alex, are you sure you're all right? I mean, you took a nasty fall when John hit you, and you bumped your head so hard.

Alex: Thank you. Uh, no, luckily for me, I have a very hard head, so I'll be fine. And I did manage to survive yet another attack by your ex. But I do love that you worry about me.

Marlena: Of course I worry about you. I feel responsible for all that's happened to you. John's being so goofy, who knows what he'll do next?

Alex: Well, don't worry about it. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, and I promise you that I'm not about to let anything or anyone take me away from you.

Marlena: Good, 'cause I don't know what I'd do.

Alex: Don't even think about it. Now, can we please change the subject?

Marlena: Okay.

Alex: I would like to talk about planning our marriage and then taking you away from John and everything else here on a nice, long, extended, romantic second honeymoon.

Marlena: Oh, gosh. I would really like that.

Alex: Well, I guarantee you that you will enjoy it more than you even know.


[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: Oh. I hope that's not John.

Alex: No, I don't think it's John.

Marlena: Really? Well, how can you be so sure?

Alex: Well, because I have a surprise for you.

Marlena: A surprise? [Giggles] I like surprises.

Calliope: Marlena, oh, my God! It is so good to see you! I missed you so much. Not enough to call or write, but I have missed you, missed you.

Marlena: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Gosh. Do I even know you?

Calliope: Have I aged that much?


Patrick: So there's a direct flight tomorrow? Yeah, that's great. [Chuckles ] Have you ever been to Morgan Island? Yeah, sure, it's a little isolated, but I can't think of a better place to go to get away from it all.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Oh, God, this is so perfect. If I can just get Hope there, then all my problems would be over. And I know exactly how to do it. Knock, knock. It's me.

Abby: Chelsea, I told you. You don't have to knock anymore. You're staying here now.

Chelsea: I know, but I just feel weird walking in.

Abby: Where are your clothes? I thought you went to Patrick's to get them over here.

Chelsea: I decided not to bother. I can live without them.

Abby: Without your clothes and your shoes? Yeah, I find that hard to believe.

Chelsea: I drove by and saw Patrick's car outside. I couldn't bear to see him. I don't know if I'll ever be able to after what he did.

Abby: He didn't mean to hurt you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Abby, he turned me in to the police, and then he ratted me out to Hope. He made a horrible situation even worse.

Abby: Were you really gonna let your mom go to jail for something you did?

Chelsea: She wouldn't have gone to jail, Abby, unlike me. But all Patrick wanted to do was score points with Hope.

Abby: I thought he was into Billie.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, guess again. It seems the only person he's ever had the hots for is Hope.

Abby: I remember when you thought he was dying for you.

Chelsea: God, don't remind me. I've done a lot of growing up since then.

Abby: Well, I'm sure he and Billie are gonna get back together.

Chelsea: Not in this lifetime. My mom hates his guts. Where's your mom and Frankie? It seems kind of quiet.

Abby: They went to the store. I think they may go see Hope afterwards. So, um, what's with the flowers?

Chelsea: They're for Hope, actually. I was thinking about going over there myself.

Abby: I think that's a great idea, and you should talk to her. She is your stepmom.

Chelsea: Yeah. Who also happens to hate me and wishes to God that I was never born.

Abby: Chelsea, give her the flowers. I think it would be a really nice gesture. If the two of you just talked --

Chelsea: I would love to talk to her, Abby. I really would. But Hope wants nothing to do with me except to see me go to jail for life.

Abby: She's still angry about what happened. She's devastated over losing her little boy. She's not exactly herself right now. We both know what it's like to lose someone that we love.

Chelsea: Yeah. I lost Zack, too, you know? But Hope acts like I did all of this on purpose -- that I killed him on purpose. I never meant for this to happen. It was just an accident that I would give anything to undo. Abby, I feel horrible about it, but Hope doesn't believe me, and she never will.


Hope: Hi, you've reached the Bradyís. Bo, Hope, and Zack aren't home right now.

Zack: Yes, we are, mommy.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Bo: Tiny Man's right.

Hope: We can't get to the phone right now so please leave a message and we'll get right back to you.

Bo: Hope, it's me. If you're there, pick up. Fancy Face, we need to talk.. Just pick up the phone.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Bonnie: That better be a joke, missy, because I have been running my butt all over town today. Don't tell me that pushing up the wedding date is a bad idea. You know what I mean. You are not seriously having second thoughts, are you?

Mimi: No. Of course I'm not. It's just coming up so soon and there's so much left to do and there are so many details to take care of!

Shawn D.: What Mimi is saying is that we both are feeling a little rushed here, and --

Mimi: Completely crazed! At least, I am.

Bonnie: Well, of course you are. You're taking on too much. I have the perfect solution. From now on, you just let me and Kate's checkbook take care of everything. You two don't lift a finger until it's time to put those rings on your hands -- those little bands of gold that will join you and Shawn together, forever, into eternity.

Mimi: Mom, what happened to you? Why are you dressed -- your hair, your makeup, what...?

Bonnie: You like?

Shawn D.: I think you look great.

Mimi: [Laughs]

Bonnie: Well, I feel great. Thank you very much. It's amazing what a superduper deluxe treatment at Gloriane's can do for a girl.

Mimi: Hey, Mom, the wedding's not today. I don't get it.

Bonnie: Well, duh, I know it's not today, but since Kate Roberts is picking up the bill, I thought I'd just take it for a test run.

Mimi: Well, it's nice to see you're not taking advantage of Kate's generosity.

Bonnie: Why, it'd be crazy not to. I mean, it's not every day your daughter gets married, right?

[Knock on door]

Mimi: I'll get it.

Bonnie: Do you really like it?

Shawn D.: The gold is, uh, your color.

Mimi: Patrick! Hey, what are you doing here?

Patrick: Actually, I came to say goodbye.


Bo: I know you're angry, Fancy Face, and I don't blame you. But you -- you got to give me a chance to explain. I love you. We need each other, now more than ever. We need -- look, I need you. So please, call me.

Hope: [Sobs]


Abby: Chelsea, don't cry. Your dad knows it was an accident.

Chelsea: Yeah, but because of me, he and Hope aren't talking.

Abby: That's not your fault.

Chelsea: Yes, it is, Abby. Hope thinks that he should disown me, and she wants him to help her convince the Judge to send me to jail. And even Frankie thinks that, that's what's gonna happen unless Hope can find a way to forgive me.

Abby: Well, we just have to make sure that she does.

Chelsea: I know that, but how?

Abby: The flowers are a good start. You need to go over there and talk to her, tell her how sorry you are.

Chelsea: Abby, I canít.

Abby: I have an idea. Why don't you let me take them over? I'll go over there and tell her how terrible you feel, and maybe she'd be willing to talk to you.

Chelsea: You would do that for me?

Abby: Of course I would. Chelsea, you don't deserve to be in jail. Hope has to see that.

Chelsea: Abby, you're the greatest friend ever. What did I do to deserve you?

Abby: Chelsea...

Chelsea: No, Abby, I mean it. I really appreciate this, even though it probably won't do any good.

Abby: Even if it doesn't work, she will eventually forgive you. I know she will. Hope's a good person, and you know, once she has time to figure things out, she'll finally realize that it was just an accident. She's not gonna want to punish you.

Chelsea: Yeah, but by then, it might be too late. Unless...

Abby: Unless what?

Chelsea: Well, I was gonna suggest to Hope when I went over there with the flowers that maybe she take some time to get away, you know? That way, she really could think about things.

Abby: Where would she go?

Chelsea: I don't know. It'd have to be someplace quiet where she could be alone and nobody would disturb her. I know where I'd go.

Abby: Where?

Chelsea: Okay, well, I just read about this private little island. It's called Morgan Island. It's kind of this up-and-coming destination. Not too many people have heard about it yet. Oh, my God, Abby. It is so beautiful there. It would just blow you away. But the best part is that it's quiet and tranquil, and it's kind of like a retreat, and I really think that, you know, maybe Hope could start to heal there and let go of some of her anger.

Abby: And by the time she came back, she'd be in a more forgiving mood.

Chelsea: Anything's possible, right?

Abby: I guess it would do her good to get away for a while.

Chelsea: Yeah, but how can I tell her? I mean, she'd never listen to anything that I say. [Sighs]

Abby: I'll tell her. I'll tell her when I bring her the flowers.

Chelsea: Really?

Abby: Sure. What have we got to lose? I'll go over there right now.

Chelsea: Abby, you're the best. Thank you.

Abby: [Sighs] Look, try not to worry so much, okay? It's all gonna be okay.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. I never thought it would be that easy.


Belle: I am really worried, Dad. I don't trust Alex North any more than you do. You have to get mom away from him.

John: Believe me, baby, I've been trying like hell, but everything I do, Alex manages to twist it, and I end up looking like the bad guy.

Belle: Yeah, I heard you got arrested for the death of Dr. Banks.

John: I just went there to get the truth. Alex is the one who shut her up for good and made it look like I was responsible.

Belle: What are you talking about? What, he's responsible for her suicide?

John: She didn't commit suicide. I'm convinced Alex North murdered her and then he just set the stage up to make it look like she took her own life.

Belle: Oh, my God. I knew he was dangerous, dad, but I didn't know he was a killer.

John: It's a fact. And what's worse, I don't think Lois Banks is his last victim. Your mother could be next.


Calliope: Amnesia? Oh, my God. I thought that kind of thing only happens on soaps!

Marlena: Apparently not.

Calliope: Oh, then it wouldn't mean anything to you if I told you that Eugene misses you and he wanted to be here today. You wouldn't remember him.

Marlena: No, I donít. I'm so sorry. I donít.

Calliope: Oh, don't be sorry. Sometimes I can't remember why I married him. It's not the same thing, is it? Listen, you are going to snap out of this any minute now. They always do.

Marlena: If you don't mind my asking you -- I'm not clear what you're doing here.

Alex: Well, you remember I told you I had a surprise? Well, I have hired Calliope to be our wedding planner.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, I didn't know that you knew her, too.

Alex: Well, I knew of her. She's famous for being the absolute best at what she does, but I must admit, I had no idea that she was a former Salemite, let alone a close friend of yours.

Calliope: Friends? We did everything together. I could tell you stories.

Marlena: I wish that you would tell me some stories.

Calliope: Well, you were Best Man at my wedding.

Marlena: I was the Best Man?

Calliope: Yes, you were.


Alex: Excuse me. I've got some errands I need to run, so why don't I leave you two alone to catch up on old times and start planning the wedding, huh?

Marlena: Well, are you sure you have to go?

Alex: Yes. I have something very important I have to take care of. You'll be fine here with Calliope. I think she's harmless. I'll be back soon, okay?

Marlena: Don't be long, you hear?

Alex: I won't be.


Calliope: Okay, it's just you and me now. Amnesia or not, who is that guy, and what are you doing with him?

Marlena: Alex is my husband.

Calliope: Unh-unh. I know all of your husbands, and he ain't one of them..

Marlena: Well, Alex is the man that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.


Mimi: Goodbye? What are you talking about?

Patrick: I'm leaving Salem.

Mimi: What? Why? Where are you going?

Patrick: You know, I don't know where I'll end up, but I'll let you know when I'm settled.

Mimi: This is crazy, Patrick.

Bonnie: You know your brother -- never wanted to stay in one place for very long, just like his daddy. God knows I tried to talk him out of it.

Mimi: You knew and you didn't tell me?

Bonnie: I didn't want to upset you. You've got enough to worry about with your wedding and all.

Mimi: What is going on?

Patrick: Meems, look, it's no big deal. It's just time for me to move on.. That's it.

Mimi: Is it because of what happened with Billie? Is that what?

Patrick: It's because of a lot of things.

Mimi: What things?

Shawn D.: Look, Mimi, if the guy wants to go, let him go. Maybe it's for the best.

Mimi: How can you say that?

Shawn D.: Well, he did work for DiMera.

Mimi: Come on, Shawn. He didn't know what he was getting into, and besides, he did save your parents' lives.

Patrick: Look, don't worry about it. I understand why Shawn doesn't trust me. His dad doesn't trust me, either. Look, it doesn't matter. I'm leaving. I'm out of here.

Mimi: You're not even gonna stay for your sister's wedding?

Patrick: I know. I wish I could, but the sooner I get out of here, the better. Look, I wish you all the best. You know that. I want you to be happy. You deserve it.

Mimi: I'm gonna miss you.

Patrick: I'll miss you, too.


Bo: Thanks, man, just give me a call on my cell.

Hope: I want you out.

Bo: I'll make things right with you, Fancy Face. I will.


Chelsea: I have to get my dad on my side, which means he has to get back together with my mom. And the only way that, that can happen is if Hope is out of the picture and off somewhere with Patrick. Oh, God, you have to come through for me, Abs. Do not let me down.


[Doorbell rings]

Hope: God, I hope that's not Bo.

Abby: Hope? It's Abby. Is anyone home?

Hope: Abby, hi, sweetheart. If you're looking for your mom, she's not here.

Abby: No, I came to see you. I wanted to give you these.

Hope: Abby, they're lovely. Oh, honey, you're so sweet. Thank you so much.

Abby: Actually, uh, they're from Chelsea. Kind of a peace offering.

Hope: Chelsea.

Abby: Look, she's really sorry, Hope. She feels terrible about what happened.

Hope: And these are supposed to make up for killing my son? I don't think so.


Belle: Are you serious? You think mom's life is in danger?

John: No, no, no, baby, not at the moment, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here. I'm just -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out.

Belle: Well, you're freaking me out. What do you mean, "not at the moment"?

John: Listen, baby, all I'm sure about is that Alex North plans to go through with this sham vow renewal, and as you read in the paper, he's gonna take her away on an extended honeymoon, and that's when I think he'll make his move.

Belle: We can't let her go.

John: Don't worry. I'm not gonna let your mother go anywhere with him. In fact, if I have my way, which you know I will, this wedding's never gonna happen.

Belle: So how are you gonna stop it?

John: I'm just gonna have to prove the maniac killed Lois Banks.

Belle: Dad, that might take forever. Why don't you go over there and talk to her and make her see that she can't --

John: You haven't been listening. I've tried. Your mother doesn't trust me anymore. North has twisted this situation to the point where marlena thinks I'm the crazy one, so all I can do right now is just be patient and chill out until I get the goods on North.

Belle: Well, maybe I can do something to help.

John: What you can do is try not to worry about your mother 'cause I'm not gonna let anything happen to her. Count on it.

Belle: I know you won't, but you be careful, okay?

John: Always.

Belle: All right, Dad. I love you.

John: I love you, Baby Girl. Give my granddaughter a kiss, okay?

Belle: I will. Okay.

John: [Sighs]


Bo: Yeah, I'm waiting for a call, so I got to get off the phone.

John: Yo.

Bo: Hey, John. Have a seat.

John: How you doing, man?

Bo: I've been better.

John: Yeah. I need some help.


Calliope: You've got to be kidding me. I can't believe you're choosing that Alex person over John.

Marlena: You're not the only one that feels that way.

Calliope: You and Roman -- ugh, I mean John. I can't get used to calling him that. You were so much in love.

Marlena: But do you know what? I don't remember that, and the John that I know now is not somebody that I want to be with. I'm sure of that.

Calliope: Well, what's wrong with him? Isn't he cute anymore?

Marlena: He...he scares me.

Calliope: Scares you how?

Marlena: He said that he loves me, but I think he's obsessed.

Calliope: He's still obsessed with you? And that's a bad thing because....?

Marlena: Because -- because in this case, it's turned violent more than once, and something really awful happened.

Calliope: Well, then he was probably provoked, probably by this Alex person. It can't be easy for him to see you with another man.

Marlena: Calliope.

Calliope: What?

Marlena: Did John send you here to work on me? Because if he did, you need to leave and not come back.

Calliope: That's so cold.


John: Thanks, Lisa. Look, man, I wouldn't be asking anything of you right about now if it weren't important.

Bo: I know. I heard you were arrested. They think you're responsible for the death of that Banks Woman? What the hell's up with that?

John: That's why I'm looking for some help. Um...kind of two things, actually. I need to clear my name. I need to nail Alex North. I'm convinced that he's up to something with Marlena. Lois Banks knew about it, and as I got closer to discovering the truth, he murdered her and tried to pin it on me.


Alex: Lois, I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time, but we need to talk.


Bonnie: Your brother will be back soon. There's too much waiting for him right here in Salem. Meanwhile, everybody grab a fork please. Come with me. We've got work to do..

Patrick: What is all this stuff?

Bonnie: Food and wedding cake samples.

Mimi: Mom, how many times have we told you? We do not want something big.. We want to stay small and low-key considering everything that's happened.

Bonnie: Patrick, do you think you could help me over here please?

Patrick: Sure.

Bonnie: Look, Mimi, a wedding and something wonderful to celebrate is exactly what everybody needs right now, and, hey, you only get married once unless you're unlucky like me, so you got to do it right. Anyway -- oh, speaking of which, I wanted this to be a surprise, but I can't wait to tell you. I've hired a wedding planner. Kate gave me the go-ahead and so you guys don't have to worry about a thing. She is the best that money can buy, and, ooh, she'll be here any minute.

Shawn D.: Wait, she's on her way here?

Mimi: Mom, you should have told us. This place is a wreck.

Bonnie: Well, she's not gonna care about that. She's gonna want to get down to business, which is what we need to do, so please start sampling.

Mimi: I'm not hungry.

Bonnie: Oh, my God. These cheese puffs are to die -- lobster rolls! No, wait. Hot-and-spicy chicken wings with buttermilk sauce.

Shawn D.: Are you really allowed to be eating all this stuff, Bonnie, with your heart condition and all?

Bonnie: Doctors gave me a clean bill of health.

Shawn D.: Already?

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. As long as I don't go crazy. Oh, my God. Bacon-wrapped filets with buttermilk sauce and bťarnaise sauce. It's out of this world.

Patrick: Whoa, whoa, what doctors, Mom? What's with your heart?

Bonnie: Nothing. Like I said, I'm fine. I just -- we had a little scare, and I didn't want to worry you. I think I like the whipped-cream filling better than the raspberry. Here, here, try a little bit. Just a little bit.

Shawn D.: Okay, all right. I think I have to be going.

Bonnie: Going? Wait, whoa, where are you going? You're gonna miss the wedding planner.

Shawn D.: I actually have to go check in with my mother and make sure that she's doing okay.

Bonnie: Oh, of course.

Shawn D.: But I'm sure you and Mimi and this wedding planner are gonna do great. Everything will just be fantastic.

Patrick: Hey, Shawn, could you give my best to your mom?

Shawn D.: Yeah, sure.


Mimi: Babe, if you want to postpone this because of your mom, I'll completely understand.

Shawn D.: I do not want to postpone this wedding, okay? I cannot wait to marry you.

Mimi: Me neither. But, if after you see your mom, you change your mind --

Shawn D.: No, no, no. I'm sorry. I'm not changing my mind. Okay? I love you.

Mimi: I love you.

Shawn D.: I'll see you later, okay?

Mimi: Okay.

Shawn D.: And, Bonnie, thank you very much for all your hard work and sampling. Don't tire yourself out.

Bonnie: My pleasure. Anytime. [Chuckles] Let's.


Hope: If Chelsea sent you here to plead her case, you're wasting your time.

Abby: She knows how much you're hurting, Hope. She wanted to come down here and give you these flowers and tell you how sorry she was, but she was too afraid.

Hope: Oh, I'm sure she's very afraid -- very afraid of going to jail, and she should be. [Sighs] I lost my son. I can never get him back.

Abby: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset.

Hope: Abby, it's okay. Honey, it's not your fault, but you know what? I'd really rather not talk about Chelsea.

Abby: Fine. She's not the only reason I came over. I just wanted to see how you were doing and if there was anything that you need.

Hope: That's very sweet of you, especially since I know you're still grieving for your dad.

Abby: Yeah, I really miss him. I can't even imagine what you're going through. I mean, as hard as it is losing a parent, it must be even harder to lose a child... which is what I was thinking. You know, maybe it'd do you good to get away for a little while.

Hope: That's funny. I was thinking the same thing.

Abby: Really? So why don't you do it?

Hope: I -- I don't know. I don't even know where I'd go.

Abby: I heard about this place. It's called Morgan Island. It's supposed to be really quiet and peaceful. I think you should check it out.

Hope: Maybe I will. Yeah. It sounds like a great idea. Thank you.


Calliope: No, Marlena, John did not send me. Alex called me just like he said he did, and I am so, so sorry if I upset you. I'm just having a hard time believing that you have these feelings about John. I mean, he's the love of your life -- at least one of them, anyway.

Marlena: Alex is the love of my life now, and I think we should stop talking about John. I mean, if Alex were to walk in here, I don't want him to hear somebody else saying that I should go back to my ex-husband.

Calliope: Right, okay. I was hired to plan your wedding, and that's just what I'm gonna do -- period.

Marlena: Thank you.

Calliope: Okay, all right, well, I have another appointment, but I brought you a bunch of magazines and sketches and things to look over, and we will plot and plan and make this a wonderful, wonderful wedding. And I promise we will not mention you-know-who again. I really, really promise.

Marlena: Thank you. Thank you for that.

Calliope: So, goodbye, Marlena.

Marlena: [Whimpers]

Calliope: Okay. All right. Well, I'll call you. We'll set something up, and take my calls, okay? All right. Okay. Bye. I'll see you. All right.

Marlena: [Exhales deeply] Oh.


Bo: I'd like to help you, John, but right now, I'm on leave from the force.

John: Yeah, I heard about that.

Bo: I probably wouldn't be much good to you anyway. I can't focus on anything but making things right with Hope. I'm trying to put my family back together.

John: I understand. Family first. That's why I got to get Marlena away from North.

Bo: I'm sorry. I wish I could help you out.

John: That's okay. You've got your own issues to deal with, and I'm sure you will. I'll handle North my own way, and get Marlena away from him one way or another.


Alex: Now, don't go thinking I'm losing it, Lois. I mean, I do know that you're dead because I'm the one who put you here. I wish I hadn't had to do that, but, you see, you left me no choice. You said way, way too much to John Black. Now, I know it wasn't completely all your fault. He did inject you with that truth serum and all, but at least now I know that you won't ever say anything again and that no one will really know what I'm up to until it's too late, and, uh, [Chuckles] Marlena's already paid the price.


Patrick: Like I said, I should be going, too. I meant what I said. I want you to be happy, okay?

Mimi: [Sighs] Patrick, promise that you're gonna stay in touch. Don't disappear on us.

Patrick: I promise. Goodbye, Mom.

Bonnie: This isn't goodbye. Like I said, you will be back, and soon.

Patrick: I love you.

Bonnie: Oh, honey, I love you so much.

Patrick: Okay. Bye.


Mimi: [Sighs] I can't believe he's leaving us again.

Bonnie: And I can't believe you brought up postponing the wedding again. Are you out of your mind? You and Shawn have to get married as soon as possible.

Mimi: I want to, but I'm so torn. I still feel so guilty about not telling him he's the father of Belle's baby.

Bonnie: Honey, if you tell him, you will destroy whatever chance you have left of being happy and send your mother to an early grave. [Doorbell rings] Ooh, ooh, oh, my God. That's her! The wedding planner! All right, no more of this business, understand? Shh, shh. Hello, hello!


Calliope: Hello.

Bonnie: You must be the wedding planner.

Calliope: Calliope Jones Bradford at your service. Pleased to meet you.

Bonnie: Likewise I'm sure. Please come in. Oh, I'm Bonnie Lockhart, Mother of The Bride, and this is the Bride, my Daughter, Mimi.

Calliope: Hello, Mimi.

Mimi: Hi, Calliope. It's nice to meet you.

Calliope: [Gasps]

Both: Oh, my God, love your outfit!

[Both laugh]

Calliope: You are fabulous.

Bonnie: Something tells me we are gonna get along just fine.

Calliope: I think so.

Bonnie: Oh, Mimi, don't you feel better already? With calliope here, what could possibly go wrong?


Patrick: It's L-o-c-k-h-a-r-T. Correct, yeah. Uh-huh. Okay, good, so I'm confirmed on the next flight out. No, one-way. I won't be coming back.


Chelsea: That was fast.

Abby: Hope really wasn't up for company.

Chelsea: Well, you saw her, right? I mean, you gave her the flowers?

Abby: Yeah, yeah, I gave them to her.

Chelsea: And judging by the look on your face, she wasn't too thrilled.

Abby: No.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Great. She's never gonna be able to forgive me.

Abby: Chelsea, it's too soon. She's still upset about what happened.

Chelsea: Yeah, I know.

Abby: Maybe if she takes some time to get away like you said --

Chelsea: Wait, wait, did you mention Morgan Island to her?

Abby: Yeah, I told her all about it. She seemed to really like the idea.

Chelsea: She did?

Abby: She said it sounded wonderful. I think she may look into it.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, Abby, that's great. You didn't tell her that it was my idea, though, right?

Abby: Of course not.

Chelsea: Okay, good. And, you know, I think that maybe we shouldn't really tell anybody about her plan.

Abby: Well, why not?

Chelsea: Just in case my dad finds out. He might try to stop her, you know?

Abby: Okay. I won't tell anyone. I don't even think she's really gonna go.

Chelsea: [Thinking] Yeah, well, she better go. My parents' future together is riding on it and so is my entire life.


[Footsteps approaching]

Hope: Oh, hi, honey.

Shawn D.: Hi.

Hope: I was afraid it was your dad.

Shawn D.: Well, I just wanted to stop by and check in on you, see how you were doing.

Hope: Thank you, sweetie. Not great. Actually, I'm, um -- I'm thinking about maybe going away for a little while.

Shawn D.: Going away?

Hope: Being in this house, it's just so sad. I miss Zack so much. Everywhere I look, I see him... your dad, and the happy family that never will be again. I just need to -- I need to get away...from Salem, your dad, everything, otherwise, I really think that I may lose it.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, if that's what you think you need to do, then, yeah.

Hope: It is. I really... I can't be in this house all alone, not another night.

Shawn D.: Well, I know it's not much, but you can always stay with Mimi and me. We do have that spare room.

Hope: Honey, thank you, but, no.

Shawn D.: All right, well, then, where would you go? Do you have someplace in mind?

Hope: Well, somewhere quiet, remote. You know, I heard about this place -- Morgan Island. The more I think about it, the more I think, "why not? It sounds perfect."


Marlena: [Exhales deeply] Hi, honey, come on in. Oh, dear.

Belle: [Clears throat]

Marlena: What's the matter, sweetheart? You look upset.

Belle: Saw the announcement in the paper. Sorry, Mom, but this wedding cannot happen.


John: Any luck at all getting through to Hope?

Bo: No, she's not talking to me right now. But I'm not giving up. It just may take some time.

John: Yeah.

Bo: Listen, how are you gonna prove to Marlena that this North character is a murderer?

[Cellphone rings]

John: Well, Bo, with any luck, this phone call could do it. John Black. Mmm. Good news. Yeah, I'll be right down. That's the morgue. The autopsy report's in on Lois Banks. With any luck, it'll prove that she was murdered and didn't commit suicide.

Bo: Well, it's a start. Good luck, man.

John: Hey, right back at you. If you need me, I'm at the morgue.

Bo: All right.


Alex: Poor Lois. I know that you wish it was Marlena in here instead of you, but maybe you'll rest easier knowing that it's just a matter of time before... let's just say that what is going to happen to Marlena would have made you very happy. And I'm just truly sorry that you won't be around to enjoy it.


Tek: Just tell me you don't want me, and I'll go. You can't, can you?

Lexie: No.


Shawn D.: You should go and take care of yourself. How about if I came with you? No wonder mom wants to get away.

Bo: Get away? Where is she going?

Shawn D.: Like you care.


Marlena: You need to listen to your heart.


John: He's gonna use the law to try to keep me from protecting my wife, but I'll tell you one thing, Abraham, I will protect her!

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