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Kate: You know that I would do anything I could to help you. What exactly is it that you need?

Austin: Advice -- just advice.

Kate: Ah, advice -- well, that's my specialty, isn't it?

Austin: You know what's going on between me and Carrie, right?

Kate: Yeah. I mean, I know that you're trying to get back together with her.

Austin: Things were going really great between us. And then I destroyed her company. I targeted it for takeover, but I had no idea she was the C.E.O.

Kate: [Sighs] So...who's to blame for that?

Austin: Me. Nobody else.

Kate: Not Nicole, not Sami?

Austin: No, no, not Nicole. Nobody else. Me. What's done is done. I can't do anything about it, can't take it back. I'm not asking you for business advice.

Kate: [Sighs] Well, honey, then what are you asking me for?

Austin: I'm hoping you could help me to patch things up with her, make up for what I did, make it right.


Sami: I think this is perfect. It's romantic but not too romantic. [Sighs] Austin, where are you? Now that you have accepted that your relationship with Carrie is over, maybe you'll really give me a chance this time. [Footsteps approaching] Lucas!

Lucas: What?

Sami: God, I can't believe I just kissed you.

Lucas: You know what? I think you enjoyed that, Sami.

Sami: Oh, well, you weren't exactly pushing me away, were you?

Lucas: No, but I could call the police on you. I could call. Sexual -- sexual assault -- that's what that was.

Sami: Oh! Then I think you should. Call the police, tell them how every woman in America finds you so desirable. They need a good laugh.

Lucas: That's a good one.

Sami: I'm the one who should call the police, have you arrested for breaking and entering.


Carrie: Okay, quiet.

Sami: What are you doing here?

Lucas: The door was unlocked.

Sami: Oh, come on! That does not give you permission to waltz into my apartment --

Carrie: [Whistles] Will you two listen to yourselves?

Lucas: You know what? I think she owes me an apology.

Sami: For kissing you? I should apologize to myself!

Carrie: I think you're both ignoring what is really going on here.

Lucas: What? What are you talking about?

Carrie: Do I have to draw you a picture? It is so obvious the two of you are still in love.

Lucas: What?


Mimi: Shawn told Belle he loves me and he wants to marry me. But if he found out the truth about Claire, then that would change everything. And my nightmare really would come true.

Shawn D.: Okay. Well, I want to be with my child, now.

[Door closes]

Philip: How could you do this? You took everything from me -- my wife and my daughter. You ripped them away from me!

Mimi: Philip! You're not the only loser in this. I lost Shawn.

Philip: Damn you, Mimi Lockhart! Sometimes a lie is better than the truth!


[Knock on door]

Mimi: Oh, no. Not you, not you. Hey, Philip. Is everything all right?

Philip: I'm not sure. I woke up in bed, and Belle wasn't there. I thought maybe she came over here.


Shawn D.: We should go inside. Otherwise, we're gonna say things that we don't mean, and we're gonna hurt the people that we love.

Belle: I know.

Shawn D.: Then come on.

Belle: I don't want to go. I want to stay here with you.

Shawn D.: Belle --

Belle: I still love you. There has to be a way to make this work. There just has to be.


Billie: [Sighs] Ugh! Damn it. It's getting nasty out here. I should never have let him go off on his own -- ugh -- especially after he'd been drinking. I better find him before he hurts himself... or someone else. [Engine turns over ]

[Vehicle approaches]


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Mimi: Belle's not here.

Philip: Hmm. Well, she must have had trouble sleeping. I know sometimes she likes to come over here and talk to you or talk to Shawn.

Mimi: Well, I'm sorry. I haven't seen her.

Philip: Have you seen him?


Shawn D.: I need to know. Is it true? You still really love me?

Belle: Yes, I do.


Mimi: If I haven't seen Belle, why would you think Shawn has?

Philip: Why are you being so defensive?

Mimi: I'm not being defensive.

Philip: Yes, you are. Yeah, you are. So, what's wrong? Meems, you think something's going on between the two of them?


Belle: I'm living a lie, Shawn. I want Philip to know how I feel about you.

Shawn D.: You cannot be serious. What good would that do?

Belle: I don't know.

Shawn D.: The only way he's gonna find out is if you tell him because I'm sure not going to.

Belle: Because you don't want to hurt him.

Shawn D.: Do you?

Belle: No! And I am hurting him by keeping this secret! I don't want to do it anymore. I want to tell him the truth.


[Vehicle approaches]

[Car door opens, closes]

Billie: Thank God I found you.

Bo: Go away. Zack's gone. My little boy's dead. And he's -- he's here in the cemetery with -- it just... it just doesn't feel real.

Billie: You've been so busy taking care of everybody else that you haven't allowed yourself time to grieve. You need to do that, Bo, or you'll go crazy.

Bo: Hey?! Why did this have to happen?! Why?! Why did my little boy have to die?! [Sobs]

Why, why, why? Why? Why?! Tell me why! [Sobbing]


Kate: I love you dearly. You know I do, and I would do anything to help you. But to be honest, I'm not sure that you can make things right with Carrie.

Austin: Because I pulled Highstyle out...from under her. I wish -- I wish I could do it again.

Kate: I know. Honey, I know, but from what you've told me, her company was her life, right?

Austin: When she broke up with Mike, yeah, it was. And she poured her heart and soul into it.

Kate: I feel badly. I feel badly for both of you.

Austin: I love her, Mom. [Sighs] And I know she loves me. At least she did until this whole thing with her company blew up in my face. If she would just forgive me, I mean, I know we could be happy together.

Lucas: If you continue to push Carrie into Austin's arms, you will never see your grandson again.

Austin: I want her. I want her so bad. And I want to have a future with her and... but...I want my company to be successful. Is that impossible? You tell me. You tell me how I can have both.

Kate: You canít.


Sami: Lucas and I? You're out of your mind.

Carrie: We -- we talked about this, remember? I'm right. You two -- you love each other.

Sami: I don't know what you're talking about. I don't feel anything for him.

Lucas: The only thing I feel for Sami is contempt.

Sami: You know what? I had plans, Lucas, and you are the one who barged in here.

Lucas: I didn't barge in anywhere. That door was open, and I came here to talk to you about Will! Then I was attacked by a sex-starved maniac!

Sami: Sex-starved? Hardly.

Lucas: You're not starved? Then why'd you jump my bones like that?

Sami: Because I was expecting someone, and it certainly wasn't you.

Lucas: You were expecting someone. Let me guess -- Austin, right?

Sami: Maybe.

Lucas: I think that's great. I hope your seduction works 'cause I wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last woman on earth ever.

Sami: I don't believe that.

Lucas: Well, don't toot your own horn. You're not that good in bed.

Sami: That's not what you used to say.

Lucas: What did I used to say?

Carrie: Whoa. I'll see ya.

Lucas: Wait, wait, wait. I don't even know why I'm talking to you.

Sami: Wait. You came here to talk to me about Will, so let's hear it.

Lucas: It doesn't matter. You got way too much on your horny little mind.. Come on, let's go.

Carrie: You go. I'm gonna talk to Sami.

Lucas: Fine. Fine. I'll see you at home.

Carrie: Okay.

Lucas: Jeez.


Sami: I cannot believe Lucas. I mean, he has ruined my beautiful dinner.

Carrie: You cannot blame this on Lucas, Sami. Austin's not even here.

Sami: Well, he will be here.

Carrie: Oh. Sami, admit it. You would so much rather be having a romantic dinner with Lucas than with Austin.

Sami: Are you crazy? Read my lips -- Lucas and I are through.

Carrie: It doesn't have to be that way.

Sami: Look, you heard him, okay? He doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Carrie: Even if that were true, and I don't believe that it is, you still love him.

Sami: Please don't do this to me, Carrie. Look, I am through pining after a man who is not interested in me. And that is exactly what the situation is between me and Lucas. We are through.

Carrie: I don't think you are.

Sami: I have finally figured out a way to have realistic expectations of my love life.

Carrie: And by realistic, you mean --

Sami: This woman is moving on! To hell with Lucas Roberts!

Carrie: Just like that?

Sami: Yep, just like that. I want a husband, and I want to have children.. I want to have a little girl that I can love as much as I love my son. And let's face it -- I'm not getting any younger.

Carrie: [Sighs]


Carrie: This must be such a happy Christmas for you, finding your daughter after all these years.

Billie: Oh, it has definitely been a blessing. What about you? Do you still want to have kids?

Carrie: Oh, absolutely, but first, I need to find a husband.

Billie: Yeah, well, that's one way to do it. I'm really sorry abut you and Mike.

Carrie: Thanks, but I guess things just weren't meant to be.

Billie: Well, I hope you find Mr. Right soon.

Carrie: I hope so, too, because my biological clock is definitely ticking.


Carrie: At least you have Will.

Sami: Yeah, and I love him more than anything, even on the days when he hates me. But what do you mean by that? Do you think it's selfish of me to want to have more children?

Carrie: No. Of course not. I'm just saying I want to have children, too, Sami.

Sami: Yeah, well, life is really unpredictable, you know. Lucas and I thought we were gonna be able to give will his dream. We were a couple in love, and we wanted to live with our son and have more children until his unbelievably bitchy mother managed to ruin everything for us.

Carrie: I'm sorry about what happened.

Sami: Yeah, well, I have accepted it. Lucas wants nothing more to do with me, and there is nothing I can do to change it.

Lucas: At least you got that right, Sami.


Mimi: I don't understand. Why would you think that Shawn would be with Belle right now?

Philip: Well, you guys live right next door, and since she's not with you... I just can't believe she would leave the building without telling me.

Philip: Mimi, maybe I'll just go ask Shawn, okay? He is here, right?


Shawn D.: You are not gonna tell Philip that you're still in love with me.

Belle: What makes you so sure?

Shawn D.: Because that means you're gonna tell him that you don't love him anymore, and can you say that to him?

Belle: No, because I told you, that's not true.

Shawn D.: You already made your choice, Belle, when you got married to him. And then again when he lost his leg and then again when you got pregnant. The two of you -- the two of you have a beautiful daughter, and you have been given a second chance. Everything turned out the way it was supposed to.

Belle: You really believe that?

Shawn D.: Yes. Yes, I do. And Mimi and I are gonna get married, and we're gonna adopt some kids, and we're gonna start a family. And I wish you could be happy for me the same way I was happy for you!

Belle: Don't you think I want to be happy for you?! But after everything you and I have had --

Shawn D.: Stop saying you and me. There is no you and me! There never will be again!

Belle: I'm sorry, but I cannot accept that.


Bo: [Sobbing] Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I did this. This happened because of me. All I had to do was say, "no. No, Chelsea, you can't take the truck." Oh, my God.

Billie: No one -- no one could have foreseen this, Bo. No one.

Bo: Oh, yeah. Hope day someone was gonna get hurt because of Chelsea's recklessness, somebody's gonna get hurt. Oh, my God, it was my little boy. [Sobbing] Hope, Hope. She's never gonna forgive me 'cause it's my fault. It's my fault! My fault that my little boy is dead! It's my fault that Chelsea may go to prison for the rest of her life!

Billie: No.

Bo: It's my fault -- my fault -- that Shawn lost his baby brother! And I lost both my sons.

Billie: You haven't lost Shawn.

Bo: Yes. Yes, I have. He hates me. He'll always hate me. And Hope hates me, for good reason. Good reason. I don't deserve her love. I don't deserve it after the way I hurt my family. I don't deserve anything! Oh, my God. Zack. Zack. Zack, my boy. Oh, my God! I should be alone, alone for the rest of my life! I should be alone, alone, alone! God, what have I done? What have I done? Oh, my God. Oh, God.


Austin: So you're telling me the only way I can have a future with Carrie is if I give up my company.

Kate: I don't think you can have a future with Carrie, period. Look, at least not for now, Austin.

Austin: What do you expect me to do, forget about her? Are you nuts?

Kate: Sit down. Listen to me. You need to focus on your company. You just got it up and running. I think you owe it to your investors, I think you owe it to your employees, I think you owe it to yourself to make sure that Austin Reed and Company is a winner. This has been your dream. This has been your dream to start a company from the ground up, and you're doing it. This isn't the time to back off. You think you're unhappy now? Think of how miserable you would be if all this hard work went down the drain.

Austin: If I can't have Carrie, I'll be more miserable.

Kate: [Sighs] Austin, you need to take care of business. Maybe in time things are going to work out with Carrie. Frankly, I think time is the only thing that will end the rift between you two.

Austin: No. If I don't do anything, time isn't gonna help me. I will lose Carrie, and I'm afraid that the one I'll lose her to is Lucas.


Sami: You want me to try and work things out with Lucas because you don't want me to have a relationship with Austin.

Carrie: That is not what this is about. I want you to be happy. I really mean that.

Sami: Yeah, well, I know it's hard for you to understand how I've managed to mess up my life this badly.

Carrie: Ditto.

Sami: But I don't think that I am asking too much, do you? I'm not like you. I know that you've always wanted to have a career and that you're ambitious and smart and hardworking. But all I have ever wanted in my whole life is to be a wife and mother.

Carrie: That's true. I want a career, but I also want a family and to get married.

Sami: Yeah, but it's not the same, is it? I mean, all I can think about since I was a little girl -- maybe because of our family -- is just that I wanted to have a guy love me. And I've had a lot of chances, and I have ruined them all. And I just feel as though this chance with Austin is my last. And I just don't want to screw it up again.

Carrie: What? You think that he's your last hope?

Sami: Maybe. Look, I just feel like maybe Austin is the right one for me..

Carrie: Well, I thought he was the one for me, too, but I guess I was wrong.

Sami: Well, I don't want to be wrong anymore, okay? I am tired of having a terrible track record with men. And I am tired of hurting people, and I am tired of being hurt by them.

Carrie: And that is why you don't even want to talk about the chance of getting back with Lucas, because you're afraid of getting hurt.

Sami: Stop talking about Lucas! I am sick of talking about him! I don't want to be with him!

Lucas: I don't want to be with you either.

Sami: The only man I want is Austin.


[Teakettle whistles]

Philip: Mimi, is Shawn in his room -- yes or no?

Mimi: Yeah, he's in his room. Of course. Why would he not be in his room?

Philip: That's all I need to know, really.

Mimi: What are you doing? You can't go in there. He's sleeping. You'll wake him up.

Philip: Okay. Wait a second.

Mimi: What?

Philip: The roof. Belle is on the roof. That's where she always goes when she wants to be alone. Okay. You've been a big help, Meems. Thanks a lot.


Shawn D.: You have to accept it. Mimi and I are getting married.

Belle: I just don't think that I can.

Shawn D.: Do you think it was easy for me when you and Philip got married? It hurt like hell, but guess what? I just had to suck it up. You and Philip and Claire are a family now.

Belle: We are and we arenít.

Shawn D.: What does that mean?

Belle: It means that I still believe that you and I are meant to be together. Come on, we had the same dream. Zack came --

Shawn D.: No, donít. Zack is the reason your daughter is alive right now.

Belle: I know! And all I want is to give her the best life possible.

Shawn D.: Don't you think that means her mother and father staying together?

Belle: But you're so good with her, and you love her so much.

Shawn D.: I am not her father. Life does not always work out the way we want it to, okay? That is just a fact. Look what happened to Zack.

Belle: I know, and I'm sorry that I'm doing this to you on today of all days.

Shawn D.: I understand. I've been there, too.

Belle: This just seems all wrong.

Shawn D.: Yeah, it is wrong. It is, and it was wrong when you didn't tell Philip how you really felt before he went overseas. You were gonna tell him lots of times, remember? But there was always a reason. And now it is too late. I'm not saying this to hurt you. I am saying this because you have to let me go.

Belle: What if I can't?

Shawn D.: I don't want to talk about this anymore. I'm sorry. You and I are finished.


Bo: I'll fix it.

Zack: Mom!

Hope: My baby! Oh!

Bo: Look how big you got. Hey, hey, hey, let me hug him.

Hope: I've missed you so much. But mommy and daddy are home now. And you know what? I promise you that we are never, ever gonna leave you again.

Bo: We were so happy. Nothing will ever be the same.


Kate: God, Austin, I hate to see you in this much pain.

Austin: Mom, I'm not trying to upset you. You can't make it right, and I'm not asking you to. You gave me advice, I took it. Now it's up to me. Now I have to find some way to get Carrie to forgive me.

Kate: I hope she does.

Austin: Thanks.

Kate: Listen to me. All I've ever wanted was for all of you to be happy.

Austin: Well, right now you're gonna have to settle on Philip.

Kate: Philip.

Austin: Well, he's really happy right now. He's the only one of us. He's had a hell of a year, but he's walking again. He married Belle, and his beautiful little girl is getting better every day.

Kate: Yeah, they are. He is very happy, and I'm determined he's going to stay that way. No one is going to disrupt that family.

Austin: [Clears throat] Well, no matter what happens... between me and Carrie, I'm really glad I'm home.

Kate: I'm glad you're home, too. I'm so glad you're home.

Austin: You know, when Carrie came back and...we both knew that we wanted to be together... just for a day -- it was just a day -- and we picked up exactly where we left off. It's just so stupid that something like this has come between us. I just have to find some way to work it out.

Kate: [Chuckles softly]

Austin: Anyway, I gotta go.

Kate: I love you.

Austin: I love you. Okay.

Kate: One of my sons is going to get his heart broken. And I'm afraid it's going to be you, Austin.


Sami: As much as I have always loved Austin, this time is different, Carrie. I mean, I put him through hell and back. And does he resent me, does he hate me? No, he's forgiven me, and he went out of his way to be my friend.

Carrie: So you've said.

Sami: Unlike his brother. Lucas claimed to love me and was he willing to give me another chance? No. No way. Because he's stubborn and vindictive. Austin is the man that I really believe that I was meant to be with. Unless...

Carrie: Unless what?

Sami: Unless you stand in our way.

Carrie: Sami, come on.

Sami: Carrie.

Carrie: We talked about this. I told you I wouldnít. There is no way that I could ever feel the same way about him. I don't want anything to do with him. I've made that very clear.

Sami: Yeah, well, I don't think Austin has accepted that.

Carrie: That's his problem.

Sami: And mine. If Austin thinks that he still has a chance with you, he is never gonna be interested in me, and I know it. But you wouldn't do anything to make him think that, would you? I mean, if it really is over between you two.

Carrie: It is.

Sami: Look, I realize that I have no right to ask you this, but please don't stand between me and my one last chance at happiness, Carrie.

Carrie: Sami, you're my little sister. And I told you, all I really want is for you to be happy. And if that means being with Austin, I also told you that I wouldn't stand in your way. Go for it.

Sami: You really do mean that. Thank you. Look, I'm sorry for being so insecure in front of you. Thank you for everything.

Carrie: Now I should go before Austin gets back. Enjoy your dinner.


Lucas: Hey. Hey, I was just...

Carrie: Ah, Lucas.

Lucas: ...Coming over to make sure you were okay. Everything all right?

Carrie: Yeah, I'm fine. Sami and I had a nice talk.

Lucas: Yeah? What about?

Carrie: You. Austin. I'm sorry about before. I thought I saw sparks between you two. I guess I was wrong.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. You were.

Carrie: Seems like you guys are on the same track. You both want to move on.

Lucas: Yeah, who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky. Maybe this will be my year.. Meet the right woman, settle down, raise a family.

Carrie: Didn't realize you wanted more kids.

Lucas: Are you kidding me? I want that more than anything. Will is the light of my life. I'd love to have more children.


[Elevator doors open]

Austin: Hey, Carrie.

Carrie: Austin.

Lucas: [Clears throat] See ya.


Sami: Austin. Hi.

Austin: I just ran into Carrie with Lucas. [Clears throat]

Sami: Um, did Carrie mention that she and I had a nice long chat?

Austin: About me? And?

Sami: I asked her if she was thinking about taking you back, if she'd even want to talk to you and... but...

Austin: But?

Sami: She said no. I'm sorry.


Mimi: Philip, wait. Don't go on the roof.

Philip: Why not?

Mimi: Well, for one, it's snowing, and you're not dressed for that.

Philip: Meems, I think a little snow probably won't kill me, but thank you.

Mimi: But --


Philip: Hey. There you are. I've been worried about you.

Belle: I'm sorry.

Philip: Are you all right? You look cold.

Belle: No, I'm fine. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you.

Philip: It's okay. You went up on the roof, right? I figured that's where you were.

Belle: Yeah, I couldn't sleep, so I just went to get some fresh air.

Philip: Okay.

Belle: Who's with Claire?

Philip: Claire, at the moment, is sleeping soundly, and we will know if she wakes up.

Belle: Philip, I don't like leaving her alone like that.

Philip: Honey, she's okay. Actually, the only one I'm wondering about now is Shawn.

Belle: Shawn?

Philip: I have no idea how he could possibly sleep through us talking, me knocking on the door. Where is he?


Shawn D.: Hey, what's going on?

Philip: Hey, did we wake you up?

Mimi: Philip was just looking for Belle, that's all.

Shawn D.: Well, obviously, he found her.

Belle: I was on the roof. I should have left you a note.

Philip: I thought maybe she came over here to talk to you two.

Belle: Well, as you can see, I'm fine.

Shawn D.: So, there's no problem, then?

Philip: No problem. Have a good night. Why don't we give them some privacy, okay? See you guys.

Shawn D.: Goodbye, Belle.


Billie: It's freezing. It's late, and somebody needs to look at your hand.

Bo: I'm fine.

Billie: No, you're not.

Bo: Billie, I'm fine.

Billie: Hey. Let me take care of you.

Bo: Okay. Thanks.

Billie: You don't have to thank me, Bo.

Bo: Yes, I do. I never would have made it through this night without you..

Billie: I'd do anything for you. I'll always be here. No matter what.

[Engine turns over]


Bonnie: We cannot give those two a chance to get back together again.


Belle: I cannot do it. I can't live like that.


John: What is that bastard up to now?

Marlena: I want you to go right now.

Alex: [Thinking] This is shaping up even better than I'd planned.


Hope: Bo must have been drunk. He didn't even close the door. Bo?

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