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[Cellphone ringing]

Austin: Damn it. Where's my phone? Austin Reed. Hey! Hey. What's up, Paul? Thanks for getting back to me so soon. So, um, how's life in the big, Bad Apple? No. I told you last time. So the only thing I miss are my friends, and I could really use one right now. Remember that woman I told you about -- Carrie? Yeah. Yeah. My ex. The one that got away. Well, it turns out that she was the C.E.O. of the company that I took over. I didn't know, you know? I mean, I really blew it, man, and I-I don't know how to fix it.

Lucas: Whew. I'll tell you what. You get the table, I'll get the coffee, okay?

Carrie: Okay.

Lucas: Double Latte, skim milk?

Carrie: Thanks, Lucas.

Lucas: It's just coffee.

Carrie: No. It's not. I needed a friend after what happened at Chez Rouge, and you were there. You're always there.

Kate: [Sighs] Oh, Lucas. Sorry, but Austin and Carrie do belong together.

Carrie: That's never going to happen.


Shawn D.: I need to know. Is it true? Do you still really love me?

Belle: Yes, I do. I have never stopped loving you. I never will.

Shawn D.: I-I don't understand. Why didn't you tell me this before? Why did you wait till now?

Belle: I was too afraid. I was too guilty.

Shawn D.: So, why now?

Belle: Because you're engaged to Mimi. Because if I-I don't tell you the truth, you're gonna marry her, and I'll lose you forever, and I can't let that happen. I canít.


Billie: Stop it! Stop it! You're hurting yourself! You're bleeding. How much have you had to drink?

Bo: Not enough.

Billie: Zack wouldn't want this. Think of Zack.

Bo: Zack is dead. My little boy is gone. And Chelsea -- she might go to prison. I can't lose my wife, too.

Billie: You don't have to, Bo. Go home to her!

Bo: No. No. She blames me for what happened. I blame my myself. I am the reason my little girl was driving the truck that killed my son! She doesn't want to see me. She doesn't want to talk to me ever...

Billie: That's 'cause she's hurting, Bo, just like you are. She didn't mean it.

Bo: Oh! Yes, she did. She's lashed out in pain before, but this was different. She meant it. We're through.

Billie: No. You don't know that.

Bo: Yes. And yet... I was trying to do what was best for her. I didn't want her to go through this pain. The -- I-I thought what I did was right.

Billie: I know you did. I know.

Bo: But she threw me out. Shawn hates me. Chelsea doesn't know if she trusts me. And Zack -- dead. My boy is dead because of me! I got what I deserve. I'm alone.

Billie: That's not true. That's not true! You have me, and you always will.


Alex: Hey. I want you to know I did not try to kill Lois.

Marlena: I do know that.

Alex: Thank you for believing in me. With everything else you're having to deal with now, I'm just sorry that you had to listen to all these crazy accusations about me.

Marlena: It's not your fault. Lois is just disturbed.

Alex: Oh, yes, she is, and she will say and do anything to come between us. Apparently so will John.

Marlena: It doesn't matter what anybody says. The person I'm going to believe is you.

Alex: Thank you. You don't know how much that means to me.

Marlena: You're my husband. I just love you so. And whatever happens, I will be right beside you.

Alex: I love you, too.


John: Damn you. If Lois is conscious, she will confirm that North tried to kill her, and I can finally get that bastard away from Marlena.

Tek: Don't be too sure. He slipped through our fingers before.

John: Not this time. All right, Lexie. How is she?

Lexie: She's very weak, but she still wants to make a statement.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Shawn D.: Yeah, this -- this is wrong. We cannot do this. I am engaged to Mimi. You are married to Philip. The two of you have a child together. Maybe if you had said something before, but now --

Belle: Before, I hadn't watched Claire almost die. Before, you hadn't lost Zack. Those two things -- come on. They made me realize there's no guarantees, Shawn. You knew I still loved you. I had to -- I had to try and work things out with Philip. And even though you and I wouldn't forget, we would be able to move on with our lives. But now I just -- I realize that life is too precious for us not to follow our hearts now, while we still can.

Shawn D.: There are so many other people involved.

Belle: Exactly. When I saw the Horton family ring on Mimi's finger, I knew I had to say something. I had to stop dreaming that someday we'd be able to work things out and do something now, before you marry Mimi, no matter what. These are our lives, Shawn, the only ones we get. The clock is ticking. We're already into a new year. Please, let's not waste any more time.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry... but time ran out when you and Philip had Claire.


Bo: You should just worry about our daughter right now. She needs her mom.

Billie: She needs both her parents, Bo. Don't you give up on her -- not after everything we went through to try and find her.

Bo: The people I love, I hurt, so you just take -- damn.

Billie: Right. You don't do anything halfway, do you?

Bo: I'm fine.

Billie: No. We got to get that wrapped up before it gets infected.

Bo: I'm fine.

Billie: We got to get you home.

Bo: I don't have a home.

Billie: Yes, you do. I know it's not gonna be easy right now, but you got to go over there. You got to talk to Hope.

Bo: Stop it, will you? I know you're trying to help me, but I don't want to think about that right now, okay? I'll worry about where I'm staying in the morning.

Billie: Okay. What about tonight?

Bo: Don't worry about me.

Billie: Somebody has to. What are you gonna do, Bo? Are you gonna find some newspaper somewhere and wrap yourself up? Find a nice, cozy park bench?

Bo: If I have to.

Billie: No. No way.


Austin: Exactly. But Carrie -- she's not like us. She's got this whole idea about how the world should work, and -- I love her, Paul, and she won't give me a second chance.. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I should just give up ARC altogether, you know -- just shut it down.

Sami: Wait a second, Austin! No way! There is no way that I am going to let you give up on our company just because you hurt Carrie's feelings!


Lucas: Can I get a Double Latte, skim milk, and a Double Expresso, please?

Waiter: Sure. It'll just be a minute.

Lucas: Thanks.


Kate: Carrie, I didn't know you were here. Please, sit down.

Carrie: Actually, I'm with Lucas.

Kate: Oh. Well, you could sit for a minute. Well... look, um, I know about what happened between you and Austin, and I think it's very unfortunate.

Carrie: You're right. It is.

Kate: But he loves you, and I know you love him.

Carrie: You're right. I do.

Kate: So you have to give him another chance.

Carrie: It's not like he forgot to give me flowers on Valentine's Day, Kate. He destroyed something that was very important to me.

Kate: Your company.

Carrie: Highstyle was more than just a company. It was like family. And when I took the job, I had been there long enough to know that we were in trouble. But I also knew that I could turn it around. And those employees -- they were my friends. I came up in business with them, and I promised them that if we all pulled together, we'd be able to save our jobs and not only make Highstyle profitable, but turn it into the kind of caring, responsible company that we'd all be proud to be a part of. But Austin ended any possibility of that.

Kate: Carrie, it was a business deal.

Carrie: It was more than just business to me, Kate. I loved that company..

Kate: More than you love Austin? Look, I know that you lost Highstyle, and I know that hurts. But do you really want to lose Austin because of it? Because if you don't -- if you still love him, if you still love Austin -- you can't give up on him.

Lucas: What the hell do you think you're doing?


Tek: Let's go get Lois' statement.

Alex: Yes, let's.

John: You're not going anywhere near her.

Alex: I beg to differ. If Lois hanged herself because of that truth serum that you illegally and unethically administered to her, I want to know all about it.

John: You're not going anywhere near her because you're the one who tried to kill her.

Marlena: No, he never did that.

John: The only reason you want to go in there is so you can intimidate her.

Lexie: No one is going to intimidate anyone. Lois is barely awake. Her condition is extremely precarious. At the first sign of stress, I'm clearing the room, understood?

Tek: I'll make it as quick and painless as possible.

Lexie: Okay.


[Monitor beeping]

Lexie: Lois... this is Detective Kramer.

Tek: Hello, Dr. Banks. I'm glad to see you're awake. I know you're weak. All I want you to do is help me figure out if someone tried to hurt you, okay? Okay, now, can you focus? Okay. Good. I want you to look around the room and let me know if someone here is responsible for what happened to you.

Lois: [Breathing heavily]

Tek: You have nothing to be afraid of. If you see the person who hurt you, if you can't speak, all you have to do is point.

Lois: [Groans] You.



Belle: What do you mean, time's run out for us?

Shawn D.: I'm sorry. We have both moved on.

Belle: We spent our whole lives planning our future. Don't you still love me?

Shawn D.: Of course I do. I probably always will. But I love Mimi, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Belle: So, this is it, after everything we've had?

Shawn D.: We can't change what's happened. You not only are married to Philip, you are the mother of his baby.

Belle: And I love Claire more than anything.

Shawn D.: And after everything she has been through, she deserves to have her parents together.

Belle: I know, but --

Shawn D.: Considering that -- considering Claire -- can you find any other reason to justify leaving Philip for me?


Bonnie: It's not about fortune-tellers. It's about Claire.

Mimi: Claire?

Bonnie: She's Shawn's daughter, Mimi!

Mimi: I can think of something.


Bo: I've slept on worse than park benches.

Billie: Yeah, well, if I had a place of my own, I'd let you sleep on my couch.

Bo: I know.

Billie: I wouldn't think you'd want to go to my house with Patrick there, anyway. Hell, I don't even want to go back there.

Bo: I don't know what you saw in that guy.

Billie: In hindsight, neither do I. I'm just glad it ended before he got a chance to hurt anyone else I love.

Bo: Yeah. I knew he'd hurt you, from the begin-- you're better off without him.

Billie: Thanks.

Bo: He's not good enough for you. I tried to warn you.

Billie: Were you worried about me?

Bo: Well, yeah. He doesn't deser-- you deserve someone who can love you as much as you love them.


Chelsea: If they don't get back together, if they stay broken up, I don't think that, that's bad for any of us.

Billie: Wow. Wow. I don't believe you, Chelsea. I really donít.

Chelsea: Well, I don't believe you, Mom. This is your chance, finally, after all of these years, to be with the only man -- the one person you've ever loved.

Bo: What you thinking about?

Billie: You.


Sami: Austin, I am not gonna let you shut down Austin Reed and Company just because you are trying to score points with Carrie.

Austin: Paul, I'm gonna have to call you back. Yeah, thanks. You eavesdropping on my private conversation?

Sami: No. I was in my own living room, minding my own business, when I happened to overhear you, and it is a good thing that I did. Look, Austin reed and company is not just about you. Nicole and I have been working our butts off for you because we believe in you and us, and we really think this company can be great. But you can't shut it down just because Carrie's upset.

Austin: I'm not shutting down the company.

Sami: But you just said to that guy --

Austin: I was just venting to a friend. I swear, I am in this for the long haul.

Sami: You wouldn't lie about this, right?

Austin: I didn't give up a six-figure plus bonus in New York to give up my dream now. Taking over Highstyle was good business. If Carrie can't forgive me, there's nothing I can do about it.

Sami: You're right. Austin, I completely agree with you, and it's not that I don't care about my sister's feelings, but business is business, just like you said. And, God, I have to think about my own future, too. For a second there, I saw myself on the unemployment line again.

Austin: Trust me, that is not going to happen.

Sami: I do trust you, Austin. Thank you. And Nicole is out wining and dining our prospective investor, so I'm very excited about that, and I thought maybe I could go to the grocery store and cook up something nice for dinner tonight -- just you and me -- to celebrate the next phase of ARC

Austin: No, you don't have to do that.

Sami: I know I don't have to. I want to. I'll be right back.

Austin: She's right. I can't give up my company... but I have to find a way to get Carrie back. And I know just the person to ask for help.


Kate: What I'm doing is having a woman-to-woman talk with a friend.

Lucas: You have no right to interfere with Carrie's personal life.

Kate: I am not interfering.

Carrie: It's okay. Lucas, I started the conversation with your mother.

Lucas: Why?

Carrie: I may not always agree with her, but I do respect her opinion. [ Cellphone ringing] Oh! Uhh. My assist-- former assistant. I've got to take this. Excuse me. Hi, Becky. How you doing?


Lucas: How can you do this? You know how I feel about Carrie. How can you sit there and talk her into getting back with Austin?

Kate: Because Austin's my son.

Lucas: Well, hello! In case you forgot, so am I, damn it.

Kate: Lucas, despite this mess with Highstyle, they love each other.

Lucas: Maybe I love her, too. Did you ever think of that?

Kate: Carrie is in love with Austin.

Lucas: That's never meant anything to you before.

Kate: Oh, God.

Lucas: She is gonna forget about him. I'm gonna make sure of that. She's halfway there already.

Kate: You know, I know this is hard for you.

Lucas: You have no idea how hard this is on me.

Kate: No? You don't think I still love John? But if Marlena has his heart, then so be it. I need to accept that, just the way you need to accept this.

Lucas: You know what, Mom? The only thing I have to accept is the fact that you're coming in between me and the woman I love -- again. You screwed up my relationship with Sami. I'm not gonna allow you to do it with Carrie, too.

Kate: You're both my sons, and I love you.

Lucas: Really? You could have fooled me.

Kate: Austin and Carrie belong together. Look, I want you all to be happy. That's all I want.

Lucas: No, you donít. You want Austin and Philip to be happy.

Kate: Oh, God.

Lucas: At least Philip's happy. He's got a sure thing in Belle, unless, of course, you've decided to do something to screw that up, too.

Kate: Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a sure thing.

Lucas: What's that supposed to mean?

Kate: [Sighs]

Lucas: Wait a minute. You did do something. You did something to come between Philip and Belle, didn't you?


Lois: [Thinking] You helped me when Alex hurt me.

Tek: You're pointing at John Black. Are you sure he's the one that hurt you?

John: This is ridiculous. Obviously, she doesn't have it together yet. All I did was ask her questions.

Alex: After injecting her with truth serum. You gave an already unstable woman a highly volatile drug.

John: Oh!

Lois: Ow! Ow! [Gasps] Ow! What did you do? [Gasps] Oh, my God. What is that?

John: I told you I wanted the truth. Okay, you start talking. You're gonna tell me everything you know about Alex North.

Alex: You know exactly what I'm capable of, Lois, so if you slip up, if you tell anyone what I have done, you are a dead woman, and no one will be able to save you.

Lois: [Gasping]

Lois: You. [Thinking] You have to help me again. Please!

Alex: Well, there's your answer. You're the one who pushed her over the edge. You're the one responsible for Lois trying to kill herself.


Belle: The only reason that I can give you is that I love you -- that I've never stopped loving you and that I never will for as long as I live. [Sniffles ] God, I hate this. I should have just trusted that you loved me and that everything that happened with Jan was a lie. I should have known that. I should have waited.

Shawn D.: And I shouldn't have left Salem when we were fighting about your mom being the Salem Stalker. But I did what I did, and you did what you did. We just thought it was right at the moment.

Belle: It wasnít.

Shawn D.: Maybe, maybe not, but we can't keep torturing ourselves. We just have to accept the consequences and move on. You said that. You were absolutely right. But it gets better. It gets better because I am with Mimi and you are with Philip, and they love us, and we love them. And we will all stay friends. And we'll have kids, and they will grow up together, and we will live happily ever after. End of story.

Belle: No.

Shawn D.: It has to be because I am not gonna break up your family. And I am not gonna break Mimi's heart.

Belle: Oh, God. What have we done? [Crying softly]


Bo: Come on, Billie. I'm the last person you need to worry about.

Billie: That's what friends do.

Bo: Yeah, well, I don't want to drag you in the middle of my problems.

Billie: Oh, come on, Bo. I think I've dragged you into the middle of mine for a long time now. I want to help you, okay? I want to. And the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk into the Cheatin' heart and grab a towel with some ice and wrap your hand in it.

Bo: It's not that bad.

Billie: Hey, cut the macho act. It's me. Then I'm gonna drive you down to a motel where there's a nice, cozy little bed.

Bo: No. No.

Billie: Don't argue with me! Shh! Please. Just stay here. I'll be right back, okay?

Bo: Hey, Fancy Face, it's me. Um, if you're there, just -- just pick up. Just -- okay. Uh, when you get this, call me, will you? I love you.


Sami: Oh! Austin! Austin? That's weird.

Austin: [Clears throat] Oh. "Sami, had to run an errand. Will be back in a little while." That's perfect. It gives me time to get dinner ready. You know what they say? The way to a man's heart... okay. Now that he has finally acknowledged that Carrie's not gonna forgive him, I think he will start to see me as more than just a business associate. I better get this dinner started.

Carrie: I'm sure another job will come along, Becky. They'd be crazy not to hire you. I know. You've got mortgage payments. Well, look, my offer to come work for Titan still stands. Yeah, that would mean leaving --

Austin: Oh! Sorry.

Waiter: No problem.

Austin: Sorry.

Carrie: We were never meant to be, Austin. There's nothing left. It's over.

Carrie: What is it?

Austin: [Exhales deeply] You. Every time I think I know everything about you, you do something to surprise me.

Carrie: I have to keep you on your toes.

Austin: You will. This is exactly how I want our life to be -- always finding something new to discover in each other -- something new to love in each other.

Carrie: Even if it's just a smile or a touch.

Austin: Or your heart beating next to mine.

Carrie: Well, as long as we remembered the things that we love about each other, our love will never end.

Austin: And our love will last forever because my reasons for loving you are endless.

Carrie: [Chuckles]

Carrie: Um, yeah, I'm still here. I'm -- I'm sorry. What did you say?


Kate: What is wrong with you? I haven't done anything to come between Belle and Philip. He's my son, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, so am I, and that's never stopped you from screwing up my relationships, has it?

Kate: Oh, my God, Lucas.

Lucas: If you didn't do anything, then why are you so worried about them, huh?

Kate: Because they've been under a lot of stress over nearly losing Claire. I mean, that could take a toll on anyone's relationship, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, it could, but Claire's fine. She's gonna be okay, right?

Kate: Yes, thank God, she is, but that doesn't negate what they went through. Now that the crisis is over and they're no longer in panic mode, different emotions could surface concerning the whole thing.

Lucas: Now, come on. That doesn't make any sense.

Kate: Well, I think it does make sense.

Lucas: You know what? I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you. If you've done something to come between them, you're gonna regret it.

Kate: Lucas, I told you --

Lucas: And I'll tell you -- if you continue to push Carrie into Austin's arms, you will never see your grandson again.

Kate: You wouldn't do that.

Lucas: I would. Do you remember what happened last time, when you broke up me and Sami? This time, Mom, it'll be permanent.

Kate: Lucas, you --

Lucas: And I'll tell you another thing. If you succeed -- if Carrie and Austin are together -- I'll dedicate the rest of my life to reeking revenge on him, and that will be on your conscience.


Lucas: There you are.

Carrie: Oh. I-I was just gonna come back in. What's wrong with you?

Lucas: Uh, well, something came up with Will, and I got to go talk to Sami for a second, so do you mind if we take the coffee back to my apartment instead of here?

Carrie: Not at all. I'll meet you back there. I need to stop by the bookstore, and that'll give you and Sami time to talk.

Lucas: Right. Yeah. Thanks.

Carrie: Thanks for always trying to cheer me up.

Lucas: Well, you know I'm the perfect man for that job. Just try not to let other people convince you otherwise. I'll see you at the apartment.


Kate: The two of you really do belong together. But how am I going to make that happen without destroying the rest of my family? [Sighs]

Austin: Mom. What's wrong?


John: It's ridiculous. I'm not responsible for what happened to Lois. He is.

Alex: There's no way I could have done anything to Lois. I wasn't even here. But you were.

Marlena: Alex is right.

John: Come on, Lois. You know it was him. You know it was him, Lois. Why'd you point to me?

Lois: [Thinking] Because you're the only one who can help me. [Gasps]

Tek: What's happening?

Lexie: Her heart's racing.

Alex: She's having a panic attack. We have to get John out of here.

Lexie: No one's going to hurt you. You have to calm down. Nobody is gonna hurt you. Okay, Lois? Come on. Come on, Lois. Calm down. [Monitor beeping rapidly] I need everyone out of here except Tek right now.

John: Lois...

Lexie: Get me a crash cart. Lois, come on. Stay with me. Stay with me. Come on. Stay with me.

John: You won't get away with this, North.

Alex: I'm not the one she accused.

John: I didn't hurt her.

Marlena: You gave her a controlled substance. The last time I looked, you weren't a doctor.

John: I was trained by the ISA to administer psychoactive drugs.

Marlena: Then maybe they forgot to tell you that giving those drugs to a person who's unstable is dangerous. Or maybe you didn't even care.

John: The only reason that I gave Lois that serum was so I could get the information I needed to protect you from him.

Alex: And every time you try to protect her, somebody nearly ends up dead. Have you noticed that, John?

Marlena: Oh, no. Lexie?

Lexie: There was nothing I could do.

John: You son of a bitch!

Alex: You gonna kill me now?

Tek: No, no. I'm good. I'm good.

John: So Lois retracted her statement before she died, didn't she? I knew it. You're going down, pal.

Tek: No, John. They're here for you.


[Footsteps approach]

[Door opens]

Sami: Lucas.


Carrie: Oh, Austin. If only you hadn't done what you did, we could have worked things out.


Kate: [Sighs] It's nothing, really. I just, um, I was just thinking about everything that my family has gone through lately, and it's kind of upsetting because all I've really ever wanted was for all of you to be happy.

Austin: We know that. That's why I can really use your help now.


Shawn D.: You've got nothing to be upset about. You've got a wonderful husband... and a beautiful daughter. You have a great life.

Belle: It's not the life I've always wanted.

Shawn D.: We can't be together. I'm sorry. I will always be there for you, I promise... as a friend.

Mimi: Shawn loves me. He told Belle that I'm the one that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. But if he finds out the truth, then that would all change, and I'd wind up alone... which is why my mom is right. I can never tell Shawn the truth, or my nightmare really would come true.

[Knock on door] Oh, God. No, not you. [Sighs]


Bo: You're never gonna answer my calls, are you, Fancy Face?

Hope: You don't deserve to be here. I want you out.

[Engine turns over]

Billie: Bo? Bo! Wait! Wait, damn it! Bo!

[Motorcycle drives off]


John: Damn it, Tek, North is responsible. We both know it. You can't arrest me.

Tek: No one's arresting you, John, but you're gonna have to answer some questions.

John: Fine. Ask what you want.

Tek: Given our personal relationship, I think Perkins should do the questioning.

John: Let's do it. Step over here with me.


Lexie: I'm going to arrange to have Lois moved to the morgue.

Tek: Lexie, Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah?

Tek: In all this excitement, I didn't get a chance to ask you how Abe's doing.

Lexie: He's fine.

Tek: The corneal transplant was a success, but it didn't change anything in the bedroom, did it? I hate to say I told you so.

Lexie: Then donít.


Alex: I don't think there's much for us to here anymore, so why don't we head home?

Marlena: I'd like that.

Alex: Good.

Marlena: Give me a second.

Alex: Okay. [Zipper unzips] Ready to go?

Marlena: Oh, yes.

Alex: Let's go.

John: Doc, you can't go with him. You can't go with him. Your life's in danger! Get away from me! Doc, get away from him! Damn it!


Austin: I will lose Carrie, and I'm afraid that the one I'll lose her to is Lucas.

Carrie: Do I have to draw you a picture? It's so obvious the two of you are still in love.


Belle: And I still love you. There has to be a way to make this work. There just has to be.


Bo: I never would have made it through this night without you.

Billie: I'll always be here, no matter what.

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