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Belle: Zack gave this to you. He prayed so hard for you to get well.

Philip: Honey, it has to help Bo and Hope to know that Zack was the reason Claire's alive today, right?

Belle: And we'll tell her all about Zack. We'll never forget.

Philip: Zack was an amazing little kid.

Bonnie: What the hell is that?

Mimi: It's called a healthy breakfast.

Bonnie: A healthy breakfast should be edible.

Mimi: Oh, come on, Mom. Lexie said you have heart disease. If you don't start making lifestyle changes, you're gonna die. Plus, you need to start exercising.

Bonnie: Fine. Tell that hunky intern from the hospital "stop by my house once a day, and we'll exercise Bon-Bon style."

Mimi: I am not kidding, Mom. Yesterday really scared me, and it should've scared you, too. I don't want to lose you. Now eat!

Bonnie: No. You want to keep my heart beating? Then you will marry Shawn, and soon, and never let him find out that he is the father of Belle's baby.

Shawn D.: Ugh.

Mimi: What's wrong?

Shawn D.: This isn't happening.

[Doorbell rings]

Chelsea: Who is it?

Kate: It's Kate, sweetie. Open the door.

Chelsea: I thought you were the police coming to arrest me.

Kate: Oh, my poor girl. I thought your dad was gonna pull a few strings so they wouldn't come till after the funeral, for the sake of the family.

Chelsea: He did. But, I mean, you never know. What difference does it make, anyways? They're still gonna take me to jail.

Kate: No. I don't want you to talk that way. I don't even want you to think that way. It was an accident. And both of your parents are behind you 100%. Okay? Now, why aren't you dressed?

Chelsea: I am.

Kate: No, you can't go to your little brother's funeral dressed like that. But don't worry, I brought you a few things that you could choose from.

Chelsea: I'm not going to Zack's funeral.

Kate: You most certainly are. Because if you don't, you can kiss both your freedom and your future goodbye.

Jennifer: Here you go. Want some breakfast?

Frankie: No, thanks. I'm not hungry. Mmm. Hot. You know, I thought it was bad enough when Billie was responsible for the accident, but Chelsea? Billie and Bo thought they could keep this secret from Hope?

Jennifer: I know. What about the police? I mean, Hope is so furious with Bo right now. And she's angry because Bo let Chelsea drive his car, and they had agreed that she shouldnít. So not only have they lost their child, they have all of this to deal with, too.

Frankie: She's gonna need you at the funeral.

Jennifer: I want to get there early, that's right.

Frankie: I'm doing the best I can. You, on the other hand --

Jennifer: I'll be ready in a minute.

[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: What are you doing here?

Bo: Hope didn't call all night. I'm worried about her. I left a bunch of messages. Is she here? Jen?

Jennifer: What?

Bo: I need to find her and talk to her. I got to work things out before the funeral.

Jennifer: No, you canít.

Bo: What?

Doug: Sweetheart, you don't have to do this.

Hope: Yes, I do.

Julie: Let us go with you.

Hope: No. I need to be alone with him.

Doug: Okay. We'll be right here if you need us.

Hope: Thank you, Daddy.

Julie: Oh, God, Doug.

Hope: Oh, God. No.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Bo: Hope is here. I need to see her.

Jennifer: She's not here. She spent the night, but Doug and Julie picked her up and took her to the church a while ago.

Bo: I got to get over there.

Jennifer: Bo, just wait.

Bo: She needs me now. We need each other. Being together is the only way we're gonna get through this funeral.

Jennifer: I know that. We convinced her to go see you yesterday, and she did.

Bo: What? No. I didn't see her.

Jennifer: Well, she came back here in tears, so I don't know what happened there.

Bo: She probably couldn't find me.

Frankie: We're sorry, Bo. I wish there was something we could do to help..

Jennifer: You lost your child, and you and Hope need each other more than ever right now.

Bo: How can I convince her of that?

Jennifer: I don't know, and I wish I did, 'cause by the way she was talking earlier, it doesn't sound like she's ever gonna forgive you.

Hope: [Sobbing] Oh, Zack, baby. I love you. I miss you so much... so much, baby.

Doug: I'm here, honey. Daddy's here.

Hope: Daddy, this is wrong.

Doug: Yes, it is.

Hope: How could God do this? How could he let this happen?

Doug: Well, honey, if we could answer that, we would be God ourselves.

Hope: Oh, Daddy.

Doug: Faith. Faith means believing that God does have a plan, even though we can't understand it. And as painful as all this is for us, just remember that Zack has gone home to God. It's a beautiful place. Think of that. Never again will he have pain or fear or upset. And he won't be alone, honey. Just think, your mom, Grandpa Tom, even Jack have been waiting there for him to welcome him. Just as one day, he will wait for us. Honey, come on. Let's move away from this place for now.

Hope: No. Not yet. I have to make sure that he has everything he needs. [ Sobbing] Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.

Doug: Oh, my.

Hope: He never sleeps without his blankey. He's got to have his blankey. Oh, baby. And his favorite teddy bear. Look what mommy brought. Just put your arm around him, baby. Remember what mommy always told you -- it's like having mommy all through the night, baby.

Doug: Okay, now, let's go, honey.

Hope: No. Wait, I -- they parted his hair on the wrong side. I need to fix it.

Julie: It's all right. It's all right, Hope.

Hope: No, it's not all right. I'm his mother -- and this is the last thing I can ever do for him.


Chelsea: I'm not going to Zack's funeral.

Kate: You need to go to Zack's funeral.

Chelsea: Are you out of your mind? They'd have to replace that whole stained-glass window all over again because Hope would throw me out of it.

Kate: No. No. You need to offer Hope an olive branch. You need to show her and everyone else that you're mourning Zack, too. You are mourning him, aren't you?

Chelsea: Of course I am. I loved him. He was my brother.

Kate: They need to see that in your words, in your actions. You need to show Bo and Hope and Shawn, you need to show the D.A., you need to show every Prospective Juror in Salem that you're mourning your little brother. Now, I don't mean to sound crass about this, but today there are going to be a lot of photographers. There's going to be journalists. And it would be to your advantage to be seen there -- seen there grieving with your family.

Chelsea: I don't think that, that's a good idea.

Billie: Neither do I. This is a new low, Ma, even for you.

Belle: Shawn loved his brother so much.

Philip: Yes, he did. But he is not going to have to go through this alone. He's got Mimi, remember? And once they're married and have a family of their own, they'll be able to focus on that. He's going to be okay, all right? We are all going to be okay.

Mimi: What isn't happening?

Shawn D.: I was just practicing the eulogy in the shower and I just can't get through it.

Mimi: It's okay, baby. You don't have to do it. Everyone will understand..

Shawn D.: No. I have to do this for my brother. I'm gonna get through it.. Just promise me that you're gonna be there for me.

Mimi: You know I will.

Shawn D.: All right. I'm getting you all wet. I should go change.

Mimi: Okay. Come on.

Bonnie: Oh, much better. [Door opens] To your impending nuptials.

Mimi: Mom, stop. How can I do this? I know that Shawn is the father of Belle's baby. I have to tell him!

Bonnie: Shh. You listen to me, and you listen good. If you spill the beans about that brat, you will lose Shawn. And you're gonna lose me, too, because, honey, my heart can't take it. You heard Lexie. I could go like that.

Bo: Hope has to forgive me. We've lost our son. We can't lose our marriage, too.

Jennifer: I know.

Frankie: Go home, Bo. Shower, shave, get ready for the funeral.

Bo: I'll see you at the church.

Frankie: They have to work it out. I can't imagine Bo without Hope.

Jennifer: That's what I always thought about me and Jack. We had that. We had that kind of love.

Frankie: Yeah, you did.

Jennifer: You know, there's gonna be enough tears today. I need to finish getting ready.

Frankie: Oh, hey, before you go, the only shirt I have is this new one.

Jennifer: It looks great. It's fine.

Frankie: Thanks, but, uh, it requires cuff links, and mine happen to be in D.C. So I was wondering, do you have some paper clips or something?

Jennifer: No. You can borrow a pair of Jack's cuff links.

Frankie: Are you sure?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah. I just have to remember where he kept them. And in true Jack fashion, it is the last place you would expect.

Jennifer: We can't be late for the Horton Fund-Raiser. What do we tell my grandmother?

Jack: Tell her you were so sexy in the shower I couldn't help myself.

Jennifer: Cuff links! Go!

Jack: Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat -- literally. This is how I can find the cuff links.

Jennifer: Thank you. We got to go, though.

Jack: We're going.

Jennifer: We got to go fast.

Jennifer: Uh, here they are, Frankie.

Frankie: He kept them in a top hat?

Jennifer: Yeah, it's a long story.

Frankie: A "j" and a rose.

Jennifer: Yeah. I got them for Jack for our Anniversary.

Jack: They're beautiful.

Jennifer: Thank you. And, you know, everyone will think the "J" is for Jack.

Jack: But we know that it really stands for Jennifer -- and Jennifer Rose. And it's really fitting, too, because when it comes to you, I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. Thank you.

Frankie: I canít. I can't wear these. It wouldn't be right, Jen.

Jack: Jennifer. Tell him it's fine. I want him to.

Jennifer: Here. You have to wear them. Jack wants -- he wants you to.

Billie: Can I speak to you alone, please, Mother?

Kate: Wait a minute, sweetie. Here, take these bags with you. I'm sure you'll find something appropriate to wear to the funeral.

Chelsea: I told you before I don't think it's a good idea.

Billie: It's not a good idea.

Kate: Honey, look. Just try something on. Who knows, maybe you'll change your mind.

Chelsea: We'll see.

Billie: I know what this is about, and it has nothing to do with Chelsea..

Kate: What the hell are you talking about?

Billie: You think that if Chelsea goes to the funeral, it will drive a wedge between Bo and Hope. And then the two of us will get back together.

Kate: I'm trying to protect my granddaughter, and your daughter, from going to jail. Billie, listen to me. The D.A. is railroading Chelsea, and all it was, was an accident. That's what it was. She needs you. She needs you and Bo together to support her. You need to be doing everything you possibly can to keep her out of jail. If you love her as much as you say you do --

Billie: You know I do.

Kate: Then tell her to get her butt over to the funeral. While we're on the subject, you should be there, too. Bo needs someone there for him. Wear that little black dress I got you.

Mimi: Mom, don't even joke about dying.

Bonnie: I'm not. Honey, if you don't marry Shawn, and soon, I could be on borrowed time. All right, just go get dressed for that funeral, okay, sweetheart? [Knock on door] I've got it!

Kate: I have some honeymoon brochures. What are you doing here?

Bonnie: Trying to jump-start Mimi and Shawn's wedding.

Kate: Dressed like that?

Bonnie: We hit a snag. Mimi found out that Shawn is Claire's father.

Kate: Oh, God! Did you tell her?

Bonnie: It just slipped out. And now she's on this morality attack. She thinks she can't marry Shawn unless she tells him the truth.

Kate: If Mimi tells Shawn the truth, there won't be a wedding.

Maggie: I'm so sorry. Bo should be here with her. Weren't they able to work out things last night?

Hope: I went to talk to him.

Chelsea: I'm scared, Mom.

Billie: I know. I know, but your dad and I are gonna be with you every step of the way.

Hope: And he made it very clear that he cares more about Billie and Chelsea than about me and Zack.

Maggie: Hope, people make mistakes. The church teaches us to forgive.

Hope: My son is dead, Maggie. Zack's dead. How am I supposed to forgive Bo for what he did?


Bo: Fancy Face? I'm sorry.

Hope: Get away from me. Get away from Zack.

Bo: Hope, please.

Hope: I don't want to listen to you. I don't want to see you. I don't want you anywhere near Zack. Just leave us alone. Why don't you go comfort Billie and Chelsea?

Bo: Zack was our son. We should be together.

Hope: Leave me alone... with my son.

Caroline: Bo.

Bo: But, Mom --

Caroline: I know, honey. I know. I know.

Bo: Mom, I want to help her. I got to help her, but she won't let me.

Caroline: Just give her time, Bo.

[Hope crying]

Kate: I don't even know what to say.

Victor: You know, when Isabella died, I thought there could be nothing worse than losing a daughter. But Zack never had a chance to grow up, marry, have a child of his own. And to think that Bo's own daughter, our granddaughter, was responsible --

Kate: Victor, it was an accident, and we have to remember that. It doesn't matter how hard it is. We need to be there for Chelsea. She needs us now.

Victor: Things just keep getting more and more complicated. And then there's my great-granddaughter Claire.

Kate: No. She's your granddaughter.

Victor: No. She's my great-granddaughter. Shawn's her father, not Philip, and it's only a matter of time before he finds that out.

Kate: No. That is not going to happen.

Jennifer: I just need to get my purse, and then I'll be ready. Jack?

Jack: This will o only take a minute. I know you've got to go. Actually, I have to go, too. And this time for good.

Jennifer: No, please donít.

Jack: Before I go, I want you to know I really, truly want you to be with Frankie. He can make you happy. Maybe not as happy as I once did, but give him a chance. He's a good man. He loves you, and I know you can love him. Listen to me. How many dead husbands ever get the chance to come back and play matchmaker for their beautiful, wonderful widow?

Jennifer: I don't know. None.

Jack: Exactly. So listen to me. Build a life with Frankie for yourself, for the kids, even for me. You deserve to be loved. Always. Forever.

Frankie: You okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. You -- you look very handsome.

Frankie: Thank you. Thanks for the cuff links.

Jennifer: You're welcome. We really need to go. We're gonna be late. Let me help you with your coat.

Frankie: Okay.

Frankie: I'm sorry, Jen. I shouldn't have done that.

Jennifer: No. It's okay.

Frankie: You're still mourning for Jack.

Jennifer: No. Jack -- he would be glad that we're getting closer.

Frankie: Are you?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah.

Frankie: I would never try to take Jack's place -- I could never.

Jennifer: I will never love anyone the way I loved Jack.

Frankie: And I would never expect you to. I'll always be there for you -- whatever you want, whatever you need.

Jennifer: Okay. You have no idea how much that means to me. Gosh, I've got to be there for my cousin.

Frankie: Okay. Okay.

Bo: Hey, it's gonna be okay. How are you, Mrs. H.?

Alice: Bo, I'm so sorry.

Bo: I know.

Fr. Jansen: Bo, may I have a word?

Shawn D.: Oh, God.

Mimi: Are you sure you're gonna be okay giving the eulogy?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, I have to -- for Zack and for my parents.

Bo: Hope, we should sit down.

Hope: I told you I don't want to see you. And I certainly don't want to sit next to you.

Julie: Let her be. Let her be.

Bo: I didn't tell her about Chelsea because I didn't think she could handle the truth. I know I couldnít. If what I did was wrong, it was only out of love.

Julie: I know that, Bo.

Bo: I just want to protect her.

Julie: Father's ready.

Fr. Jansen: May the Father of mercies, the God of all consolation, be with you.

All: And also with you.

Fr. Jansen: The Bible tells many stories of people visited by Angels, and those people were truly blessed. For in each case, the Angel changed their lives. However, the Angel could only stay for the briefest of moments. Zack Brady was like one of those Angels. He visited us, he brought love, he changed lives, and his stay was much too brief for us. Still, he leaves us a legacy of love. His death, tragic though it was, brought the miracle of life to an ailing infant. He did God's work, and in death, shows us all the way to eternal life. For God has rewarded him by bringing him home. Holy Father, welcome Zack Brady into your Heavenly Kingdom. Give him a place at your table, for he his truly one of your Angels. And now, Zack's Grandfather, Shawn Brady, will sing a tribute.

Shawn: Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes be calling from glen to glen and down the mountainside the summer's gone and all the flowers be dying 'tis you, 'tis you must go while I must -- [Crying]

Doug: But come ye back when summer's in the meadow.

All: Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow it's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow oh, Danny Boy, oh, Danny Boy, I love you so.

Billie: Chelsea, you know I want what's best for you, so trust me on this. Sometimes you cannot listen to your Grandma Kate.

Chelsea: But grandma loves me.

Billie: Yes, she does love you -- absolutely, without a doubt. But sometimes when she gives advice, she has an ulterior motive.

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Billie: We'll get through this, okay? We will get through it, trust me. I promise. But whatever you do, do not go anywhere near Zack's funeral.

Shawn D.: Zack wanted to be a pitcher. I guess he was proud that his big brother was a pitcher in high school, and so he wanted me to teach him how to do it. And let me tell you, for a little kid, he had an amazing arm. But I don't think he could have thrown a curve ball. The reason I say that is because he was a straight shooter. His parents taught him never to lie. And he didn't, 'cause he couldnít. Zack, I was your big brother, and you taught me so much, even now.

Zack: Shawn, I'm always here. And so is Claire. I know she's not going anywhere, just like I know you and Belle are meant to be together.

Shawn D.: I will live up to your example. I hope we all do, because that is the greatest way that we can honor my brother's memory. You taught me what love means, and I will always love you.

Mimi: [Thinking] I can't keep the truth from Shawn anymore. I have to tell him he's Claire's Father.

Mimi: That was beautiful. Zack would be so proud.

Shawn D.: I hope so.

Mimi: Shawn, there's something I have to tell you.

Shawn D.: What?

Mimi: Not here. Later, okay?

Jennifer: Thank you.

Frankie: Jack told me you never have a tissue when you need one.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh, I don't know how Hope is going to get through this without Bo.

Bo: Shawn was right. Zack taught us a lot about love. And we taught him. He would want us to love each other and to forgive. I will always love you, and I'll always be here for you.

[Crowd murmurs]

Hope: How dare you?

Abe: I've got some advice for you -- the way to beat Alex North at his own game.

Marlena: I know what you're up to, and you're not getting away with it.

Shawn D.: You killed my brother.

Chelsea: I'm sorry.

Shawn D.: Get out before I throw you out.

Hope: Patrick has every right to be here. I trust him a hell of a lot more than I trust you.

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