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Tek: I'm not here to have a conversation, Abe. I came to see Lexie.

Abe: Well, she's not here right this minute. You'll have to wait.

Tek: That's okay.

Abe: Well, then since we have some time here, I'd like to discuss your relationship with my wife.


Lucas: Now, listen, I want this dinner to be a real celebration. Hiring you at Titan was just a coup.

Carrie: [Exhales deeply] Lucas, I don't want to seem ungrateful, but there's no paperwork that's been signed.

Lucas: Don't worry about it. It's gonna be real easy. Basically, I'll just give you whatever you want.

Carrie: It's not about the money. It's just I hate to keep teetering this way. I guess that's why I'm lousy at business, isn't it? I can't make up my mind.

Lucas: No, you're not. Now, don't do that, all right? Don't let Austin make you all insecure. Don't sell yourself short like that.

Carrie: I really don't think that I am. I already ran one company into the ground, and I don't know how big of an asset I'm gonna be, especially since my heart's not really into coming to Titan yet.

Lucas: Well, is it the work or my brother?


Nicole: Oh, damn.

Roman: You didn't drink that all by yourself, did you?

Nicole: Well, you weren't here. What was I supposed to do? Oh. [Chuckles] Hey. I was about ready to give up on you two.

Austin: Why did you ask us to come here?

Nicole: Well, the man I also invited to dinner is gonna put us on the same playing field with Titan. And after you convince him to come over to our side, Lucas, Carrie, and Titan will eat our dust.


Chelsea: [Sighs]

Chelsea: What the hell was that? Oh, my God. Aah!

Chelsea: I just wish I could have a second chance.

Kate: I have felt that way so many times. But you only get one chance at each moment in life... and you can't go back. You can't change anything.

Chelsea: But I killed my baby brother.

Kate: Honey, but you didn't mean to do it. You didn't mean it.

Chelsea: I know, but I did. [Sniffles] Zack is dead, and I'm the one that was behind the wheel. I'm responsible. And I'm gonna have to live with that for the rest of my life.

Kate: I'm your Grandmother, and I'm going to pull every string I can, and I have a lot of connections. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get you out of this completely because it's -- it is a very serious thing. And your stepmother has never been in your corner, and she's going to be on a rampage to make you pay for the death of her son. And if I were her, I would probably feel the same way.

Chelsea: I know. No matter what the court decides, Zack's gone, and he's never coming back, and I have to face that. [Sniffles]


Bo: I'm looking for Hope. I can't find her.

Billie: Bo, you don't need to hang out here with me. Go find Hope. She needs you.

Bo: If she doesn't want me to find her, she obviously needs some time to sort this out. Besides, the Assistant D.A. is on his way. Our daughter's frightened. If she ever needed us, it's now.

Billie: I knew this was gonna happen. I knew it. I had no idea the circumstances would be so horrific, with Zack dying, but I knew the minute we found out that Chelsea was our daughter, it was gonna come between you and Hope. That's why I took the blame -- so that you could be a husband to Hope and a father to Chelsea, and you wouldn't have to lose any more than you already have.

Bo: Chelsea's not gonna come between -- I don't have to make a choice between my wife and daughter.

Billie: No, but it's in your nature to be protective. And I thank God that you're the kind of father that will go to the mat for Chelsea. But at what cost, Bo? It could cost you your marriage.

Bo: No. I will not let that happen.


Hope: J.J. fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow.

Jennifer: Oh. Thanks -- thanks for putting him down. You didn't have to do that.

Hope: No, no, it was my pleasure. I wanted to. It makes me feel close to Zack.

Jennifer: Listen, just tell me whatever I can do for you -- okay? -- Anything. Gran and Aunt Maggie came by to say hello. Is that all right?

Hope: Sure. I'm just not very good company.

Jennifer: That's okay. Nobody expects you to be good company right now. Why don't you go and give them a hug? Come on.

Hope: Hi, Gran, Maggie. Hi. Oh, Gran.

Alice: Darling.

Maggie: Oh, we love you, Hope. You're gonna get through this, sweetie.

Hope: Not with Bo, I'm not -- not after what he did. He lied to me about giving Chelsea the keys to the car. He promised me he wouldn't let her drive, and now our son is d-- I'll never forgive him. Never.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Bo: Hope thinks I was keeping the truth from her 'cause I wanted to protect my daughter, but, no, I wanted to protect her. She was fragile -- still is. I was worried about what the truth would do to her.

Billie: I'm sorry, Bo. I'm sorry. It's my fault for asking you to keep the truth from her when the accident first happened. You said that she'd be devastated if she found out from somebody else, and you were right. Blame me.

Bo: No. What I was most worried about is exactly what happened. You saw her. She didn't even want to look at me, and now I don't know where she is, and I can't help her get through this hell she's in.


Chelsea: I keep going back to that night, just trying to remember. What did I do? I wasn't speeding.

Brent: I can answer that question for you, Miss Benson. You may have been going the speed limit, but that's not the beginning and the end of a driver's responsibilities.

Kate: [Scoffs] Who are you?

Brent: Assistant District Attorney Brent Weitz. And you are?

Kate: I'm Kate Roberts. I'm Chelsea's Grandmother.

Brent: Is her attorney present?

Chelsea: An attorney? Like -- like, a lawyer? I don't have one.

Brent: Well, you better get one fast. We have a witness who saw you reach for your phone at the time of the accident.

Bo: What's going on in here?

Brent: I filed charges against Chelsea Benson for first-degree vehicular manslaughter. Detective Brady, I'm sorry to have to ask you to do this, but I need you to place your daughter under arrest.


Maggie: I know how angry and upset you are with Bo.

Hope: No, you donít. Nobody knows how much this hurts. I lost Zack.... and my husband betrayed me. His daughter killed my son.

Maggie: Zack is Bo's son, too.

Hope: Well, you'd never know it by the way he's acting. What do you think he's worried about? Chelsea.

Maggie: She's about to be charged with a crime, and, of course, he's concerned, as you both would be if it were Shawn.

Hope: Shawn would never do what Chelsea did.

Maggie: Shawn was very reckless at Belle and Philip's wedding.

Alice: Yes. He crashed a motorcycle through St. Luke's window.

Hope: Gran, he didn't kill anyone.

Alice: Well, by the grace of God.

Hope: I cannot believe that you're all defending what Bo did.

Alice: Have you spoken to Bo?

Hope: Gran, I canít. I can't even look at him.

Alice: You must.

Jennifer: Yes. You must. Gran is right. You have got to do everything you can to save your marriage, Hope.


Tek: What's on your mind?

Abe: Well, to start, I've been pretty rough on you lately, and I'd like to fix that. You know, before I lost my eyesight, we worked pretty well together. Then I got a little paranoid after, uh, after I couldn't see. I thought you were after my wife. I mean, why not? She's a beautiful, accomplished woman. I never did get used to guys checking her out. And when I couldn't see [Chuckles] Well, my imagination ran a little wild. So I hope you accept my apology.

Tek: [Exhales deeply] You know, you weren't entirely wrong, Abe. Lexie's a highly desirable woman, as you say. In fact, I've never met another woman quite like her. I'd be kind of crazy not to go after her.


Sami: Nicole, why don't you just --

Nicole: Well, Austin, Sami, I want you to meet our newest investor.

Austin: [Chuckles] I don't believe it.


Carrie: Of course, this still has a lot to do with Austin. I still feel burned by him.

Lucas: Here, let me help you.

Carrie: It's hard for me to believe the man that I loved for so long is now a heartless Corporate Shark.

Lucas: Yeah. There you go. He's climbing the ladder pretty fast. You know, when it comes to business, not many people are like you. Most people leave their values outside the boardroom and pick them up on their way out.

Carrie: So you're saying that Austin's business philosophy doesn't really have a lot to do with who he is as a person and maybe I should forgive him?


Bo: Come here. We were gonna discuss this before any charges were filed.

Brent: Look, I'm sorry, Bo, but I have my orders. The D.A. is hot on this case.

Bo: This was an accident. No one believes that Chelsea meant to hit my little boy.

Brent: Look, I feel for you and your family -- okay? -- But so far your daughter hasn't shown any sign of remorse for her actions, and the D.A.'s taken note of that.

Chelsea: That is not true. I loved Zack.

Brent: Look, I know that this is cold, but I need you to make this arrest.

Billie: Oh!

Bo: Give us a minute, would you?

Brent: Yeah, sure. Just let the D.A.'s office know when you're done.

Bo: Yeah.

Chelsea: I don't believe this. My own father is supposed to arrest me? Are you joking?

Bo: Billie.


Billie: Mom, let's give them some time.

Kate: Sweetheart... you know I hated the idea of you going to jail to protect your daughter, but I am so sorry for what you're going through now.

Billie: Everything's gonna get so much worse now, Mom, now that Hope's involved. This trial is gonna be awful. Hope is on the warpath against Chelsea.

Kate: You know something? Maybe Hope being on the warpath isn't such a bad thing. Maybe -- maybe that's going to be the one bright spot in this whole terrible tragedy, because she's going to have to come up against you and Chelsea and Bo. And I don't know. I just have a feeling that maybe that will drive Bo straight into your arms, and you will finally have that family that you've always wanted.


Bo: Being arrested is not fun. It is scary. But don't worry. I'll be there with you, and so will your mom -- through the arrest and the trial.

Chelsea: What about Hope? She hates me.


Jennifer: Here you go. Drink this. Go on.

Hope: Thank you.

Maggie: Hope -- Alice -- she had a story that she shared with me about a terrible time that she and your Grandpa Tom went through after your mom was hit by a car and died.

Alice: It's terrible to have your child go before you -- no matter what age you are.

Maggie: People -- they just grieve so differently, Hope.

Alice: There were days when Tom and I didn't even speak to each other.

Maggie: The loss of their daughter -- it was so great, and the pain was so unbearable. But then they remembered what they still had.

Alice: Yes. We had each other, and we got through it.

Hope: How?

Alice: Love... and you. [Exhales deeply] Our daughter's little girl.

Maggie: So when you feel like giving up, think of Tom and Alice.

Jennifer: But the most difficult part about this is that Bo has a daughter to consider. I mean, he can't just abandon Chelsea. [Sets cup on table]

Hope: Bo's got to make a choice. If he decides to stand by Chelsea Benson... then he loses his marriage to me. It's that simple.


Abe: I guess I had it backwards -- me apologizing to you. It sounds like you should be saying you're sorry to me for coveting my wife, even though nothing happened!

Tek: Abe, you said it yourself -- "What man alive wouldn't desire Lexie?" I mean, it doesn't mean I'm gonna try to steal her from you. Seriously, I-I respect your marriage and the family you and Lexie have together. I-I would never try to come between that. You're the lucky man that got her, Abe. The rest of us lost out.

Abe: Well, I know I'm a lucky man. And now that I'm getting these bandages off, I'm gonna keep my eyes on my very desirable wife.


Lexie: Abe, honey, what -- what are you saying about me? Hello, Tek.

Abe: Just a little man talk. Tek and I were taking a poll of the hottest women in University Hospital. You won. [Laughs]

Lexie: Oh, my goodness. You're crazy -- both of you. Um, look, I just ran into Dr. Gibbons, and apparently the donor's family didn't choose to keep their identity confidential. So if we want to know whose corneas you were given, we can.

Abe: That's wonderful. That's wonderful.

Lexie: Yeah.

Nurse Jennifer: Ready for your bandages to come off?

Abe: Oh, boy, am I ever.

Nurse Jennifer: Dr. Gibbons will be in, in a few minutes. Let me just take your vitals one more time.

Abe: Okay. Oh, uh, Lex?

Lexie: Yeah?

Abe: Tek stopped in to talk to you -- not to me.


Lexie: Oh. Uh, I just need to run to the nurses' station. I'll be right back.

Tek: Then I'll go with you.

Lexie: [Sighs] Thank you.

Tek: For what?

Lexie: For not telling Abe the truth.

Tek: Lexie, I hate lying.

Lexie: I'm sorry, but [Sighs] It really is best.

Tek: I guess it wouldn't do Abe much good to know that I'm in love with you.


Lucas: Well, Carrie, we want your talent at Titan. If you want to forgive Austin, that's up to you.

Roman: Hey, sweetheart! My God. Good to see you.

Carrie: Hi, dad.

Roman: Hey, Lucas.

Lucas: Roman.

Roman: I mean it. I mean it. I mean, it's been a while since I've been able to run into my beautiful oldest daughter. Now, I know it's only temporary, but, believe me, it feels good.

Carrie: You know what, Dad? I've got a surprise for you. You're going to be running into me all over Salem permanently. Lucas has offered me a job at Titan, and I'm taking it.

Roman: You are -- you're kidding me. That is ter-- good work, man. Good work.

Lucas: Thank you. How about joining us for a little dinner?

Carrie: Yeah. That'd be great, Dad.

Roman: No. You know what? I just stopped by to have a drink before I head home. Home -- my hotel.

Carrie: Ohh. You need an apartment, Dad. Now that I'm back, I'll help you find one.

Roman: Yeah, okay. A warning right there, Lucas. A woman always wants a man to settle down.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, it sounds good to me.

Roman: All right. I'll see you later, sweetheart. Oh! And I am so glad you're staying in Salem.

Carrie: Me too.

Roman: Good work, man.

Carrie: [Chuckles]


Austin: Larry Tate. Wow. Good to see you. Good to see you.

Sami: Hi, I'm Sami Brady. I'm the third partner.

Larry: How do you do, Sami? Beautiful bookends, Austin. You're doing very well for yourself, aren't you?

Austin: You haven't changed. I'm sorry. Sami, this is Larry Tate. When Nicole and I worked at Titan, we used to do business with him a lot. He's a very, very tough competitor.

Larry: Well, you're getting pretty tough, too. Nicole's been telling me about the rape and pillage of Highstyle. Nice job. I'd like to help you with more of the same.

Austin: Well, the Highstyle takeover isn't what it looks like. That's really not my style at all.

Nicole: Uh, Sami, would you mind entertaining Mr. Tate while I speak to Austin for a minute? That would be great. Thank you.

Sami: Um, Nicole?

Nicole: I'll be right back.

Sami: Excuse me, Nicole. [Grunts] [Chuckles] [Clears throat] Let's sit.


Nicole: Okay. All right. So, you're still upset about Carrie, right?

Austin: Yes.

Nicole: Austin, please, it's done. We can't give it back. Frankly, I wouldn't want to. Highstyle is good for our bottom line -- at least it will be once I whip it into shape. Now, Larry Tate can help us with other takeovers. It's what he lives for. But he doesn't want to do business with people who don't have a stomach for it. Now, please, Austin, be smart. Go over there and talk to Mr. Tate. With his money behind us, we could buy six Highstyles. And then you can give one of them to Carrie with a big red bow tied around it.

Austin: You're right. You're right. He's just a silent investor that we're hoping would get onboard. A job well-done.


Nicole: [Scoffs] Hey. Can I get another bottle of champagne sent to my table?

Roman: Nicole.

Nicole: Ah. You're still here, huh?

Roman: I'm glad I am. Otherwise, I'd have missed finding out that you might have some kind of heart.

Nicole: Don't go spreading rumors.

Roman: Well, I couldn't help but overhear the last part of that conversation about tying something in a red bow for Carrie. Now, hopefully, you were trying to encourage Austin to make amends with Carrie. If that's the case, I say, "thank you very much."


Austin: Okay. Let's talk business.

Larry: I admired the hell out of the way you took ownership of Highstyle.. That company was ripe for picking. Are you prepared to use that slash-and-burn technique on every company you go after?

Austin: Breaking up Highstyle gave me an appetite for more of the same. It's my future.


Billie: You blow me away sometimes. I mean, really, how many times have I told you that I don't want to come between Bo and Hope? Who do you think I am? Do you really think that I would use a personal tragedy to break up Bo's marriage?

Kate: Billie, no, I don't, and that is not what I'm saying. What I'm saying to you is that if Hope doesn't appreciate the man that she's with -- [Sighs] Honey, you need to seize the day. You need to take this moment. Please. I just don't want you to do what I've done. I've had chances -- I've had chances at lasting love -- and look at me. I'm all alone. All I have is a monthly hotel bill. I don't want that for you. I want you to have a better future. Believe me, life is much too short to throw away love.

Billie: God. You're not gonna quit, are you?

Kate: No, no. No. I'm not gonna quit. I'm not gonna quit until I see all of my children happy.

Billie: I have to find my own happiness, Mom, and I have to do it my own way, and that doesn't include using Bo and Hope's personal tragedy for my own gain. Mom, you need to go now, okay? Just go. I will call you if I need you.

Kate: Oh, you're gonna need me, sweetheart, because I'm the only one who does care about your happiness.


Bo: Hope will come around eventually.

Chelsea: I don't see how. [Scoffs] Her son is dead because of me.

Bo: Zack was my son, too.

Chelsea: Yeah, but I'm not Hope's daughter. God, she's never gonna be able to forgive me.

Bo: Let's not worry about that right now. What's important is that we find you a good lawyer -- someone who will help the court understand that what happened to my son was an accident and that you're very sorry.

Chelsea: I am sorry. I'm sorry for putting all of you through this, and I'm sorry that Zack's gone. I would do anything to take it back if I could. And I just hope that, in time, you'll be able to forgive me.


Jennifer: Listen to me. You can't be serious. You and Bo belong together..

Hope: If I can't trust him, what do we have?

Alice: You have years of love between you.

Jennifer: Gran's right. You're gonna talk to Bo right now. You're gonna call him.

Hope: Jen, I don't want to talk to him.

Jennifer: I know, but you're gonna talk to him, and maybe he left you a message that you need to hear. [Beep]

Zack: Mommy, it's Zack. Time to pick me up from school.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I forgot --

Hope: Don't turn it off!

Jennifer: Why? Hope?

Hope: The only way to turn it off is to erase it, and I need his voice. It's the only thing I have left of him.

Alice: You have -- you need Bo.

Maggie: Alice is right. You can't go through this alone. You both need to be there for each other.

Jennifer: That's right. You do. Okay, just go find him and talk to him. Go on.

Hope: [Sighs] Fine. But God help him if he's with Billie and Chelsea.


[Door opens, closes]

 Lexie: Tek, um, listen. What we had was so unfair to you, and I feel bad about that. I do. I --

[Sighs] In another lifetime, we might have had a shot at something real -- a real relationship. But in this lifetime, Abe is still my husband. I love him. End of story.

Tek: I know we have a future together. I know it because of what I feel for you and what I know you feel for me.

Abe: Oh, boy. I've never been this nervous.

Lexie: Oh, honey, honey, I'm here.

Abe: Here, hold my hand.

Lexie: Okay, yes, sweetheart. I'm right here. Don't worry. It'll be okay.. You'll be fine.

Nurse Jennifer: You can open your eyes now -- gently, please.

Abe: Oh, my God. You are so beautiful.

Lexie: Abe, honey -- honey, you can see. Oh, sweetheart, you can see. [ Chuckling] Oh!


Nicole: Thanks for sharing my champagne with me.

Roman: You're paying for it. Thank you.

Nicole: Oh. Is that the only reason you're hanging out -- for a free drink?

Roman: To be honest with you, I think it probably has a whole lot more to do with the company.

Nicole: Hmm. Mine, huh? You remember the last time we had a drink here?

Roman: Was it this bar?

Nicole: Yeah, you know it was.

Roman: You know what, Nicole? You're fun. You are gonna send me home with a big smile on my face.

Nicole: Roman, uh, how about going home with a brunette on your arm?

Roman: Wow. Um, okay. You know what? You and I have had a lot to drink, so I think I'm gonna get the hell out of here before I actually accept that offer.

Nicole: I wish you would.

Roman: [Chuckles]

Nicole: I like cops, especially when they're not arresting me. Got any handcuffs on you?

Roman: I think the best thing that this cop could do is go home and take a very cold shower. I'll see you around, Nicole. You take care.


Carrie: Lucas, would you excuse me? I need to talk to your brother for a minute.

Larry: Going after Highstyle was such a smart move. Not only is the product great, but the C.E.O. is weak. If she'd have stayed on the job, that company would have been out of business in a year. You find some more companies like that --

Austin: They'll be no stopping --

Carrie: Excuse me. Highstyle's weak C.E.O. here.

Larry: Oh. Whew.

Carrie: I'm not talking to you, whoever you are.

Larry: Oh.

Carrie: Are you celebrating your victory here, Austin -- your big business coup? Yeah? Well, do you really think it's something to celebrate? You destroyed the lives of so many people.

Larry: [Laughing] Oh, God.

Carrie: Will you please shut up?!

Larry: Oh.

Carrie: Austin, you told me that you never meant to hurt anyone, least of all me. I will never believe that now. You've obviously turned into someone who doesn't have a conscience and also has terrible taste in dinner companions.

Larry: Oh.

Lucas: What the hell's wrong with you guys? What did you say to her?

Austin: Mind your own business.

Lucas: Carrie is my business.

Sami: Lucas, donít.

Larry: You people sure put on a good show -- jeez.


Nurse Jennifer: Make sure he takes it easy.

Lexie: I will. Thank you. You can see!

Nurse Jennifer: Before I forget, this is for you.

Abe: The bill?

Nurse Jennifer: The name of your corneal donor's inside. [Door opens, closes ]

Abe: I can't believe I can actually see this. Somebody lost their life. A family lost -- they lost a loved one. And in the middle of their grief... they made a decision to be so generous. And now I can see.

Lexie: Open it. What? Honey, what is it? [Mumbling] Zack Brady. [Sniffles ] Zack.

Abe: You know, two years ago, Zack gave me -- he gave me the gift of being a father. And now he's given me the gift of sight. [Sniffles] He's given me the gift of sight in more ways than one. Sweetheart?

Lexie: Yeah?

Abe: I know that I've been -- I've been so hard to live with for the last year. I-I-I felt so -- I felt so sorry for myself. I can't believe -- I can't believe what I took for granted. Never again. I promise you.

Lexie: [Sniffles] Uh, honey, uh, in honor of Zack, can -- can this be a new start for both of us? I'd really like that.

Abe: Yeah, Zack -- Zack's given me a wake-up call.

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: He's given me a chance at a fresh start... and it would dishonor him not to do that.

Lexie: [Sniffles] I love you so much.

Abe: Oh, God, I love you. I love you.

Tek: You may be happy with Abe right now, Lexie, but it won't last. That's a promise.


Sami: Don't get in the middle of this, Lucas.

Lucas: Austin doesn't belong with Carrie. He's hurt her too many times.

Sami: Don't worry about it. They're not gonna end up together. Austin and Carrie are over.


Austin: Carrie, wait. Stop. Just stop.

Carrie: [Sighs]

Austin: I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Carrie: But not sorry you said it.

Austin: I can't lie.

Carrie: Oh, don't underestimate yourself. You lie really well.

Austin: What happened between our companies was business -- nothing more..

Carrie: Highstyle meant everything to me.

Austin: I know. I hate to say this, but if it wasn't us taking you over, it would have been another company. Highstyle was incredibly vulnerable.

Carrie: All I needed was a little more time.

Austin: And a few management skills and a tougher work ethic for your employees. Yes, I know. I sound harsh. I'm sorry. I'm being honest. I thought that's what you wanted in a man.

Carrie: Great. Turn my words against me, why don't you?

Austin: Carrie... you're a creative person. You're brilliantly creative. But you didn't have any managerial skills. And personality-wise, maybe you're just not cut out to be C.E.O. Not everybody is. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Carrie: I'm not ashamed of anything that I've done. You know what? I take that back. I'm ashamed of the way I ended our marriage. What I did was wrong, and if I could do it again --

Austin: You don't have to go down this road.

Carrie: No, I do. I should have left you sooner and just made a clean break. We were never meant to be, Austin. There's nothing left. It's over.


[Knock on door]

Roman: Nicole. What are you doing here?

Nicole: Invite me in, and you'll find out. Ah. He who hesitates lives with regrets.

Roman: I'm not sure about this.

Nicole: [Chuckles] I'm sure enough for the both of us.


Bo: I'm sorry, Chelsea,'s time to take you down to the jail for processing.

Chelsea: Do we really have to do this?

Billie: Come on, baby. Let's just get it over with. The sooner we get it over with, the sooner you'll be out, okay?

Chelsea: I don't want to go. I'm scared, Mom.

Billie: I know. I know, but your dad and I are gonna be with you every step of the way.


Mimi: I know that Shawn is the father of Belle's baby.

Bonnie: If you spill the beans about that brat, you will lose Shawn.


Billie: But whatever you do, do not go anywhere near Zack's funeral.


Jennifer: Let me help you with your coat.


Bo: I'm sorry.

Hope: Get away from me. Get away from Zack.

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