Days Transcript Friday 2/3/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/3/06 - Canada; Monday 2/6/06 - U.S.A.


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Lexie: Here, lie back. Bonnie: No. Down.

Mimi: need to know the truth.

Shawn D.: The truth about what?

Bonnie: Mimi! Please!

Mimi: Mom!

Lexie: It looks like she's having another episode.

Mimi: You got to help her.

Lexie: I need you both to leave.

Bonnie: No! No, if I'm gonna go, I want my baby girl here with me, please? Please?

[Monitor beeping rapidly]


Caroline: You wish that Shawn were Claire's father?

Belle: Oh, I can't believe I said that out loud. I know it's wrong, but I do. We spent our whole lives planning our future until -- and now, I just can't stop wishing that we were still together.

Caroline: But you're married to Philip and have a baby.

Belle: I know that...only I still love Shawn.


Austin: I know you're angry I bought out --

Carrie: Angry doesn't begin to describe how I feel.

Austin: I don't blame you. Just, please, listen to what I have to say. That's all I ask. Whatever your decision is, I'll accept it, please?

Carrie: Okay.

Austin: I would rather not do this here. Can you come inside?

Carrie: Fine.


Sami: What?

Lucas: Listen to me. My brother's about to make her an offer she can't refuse. We got to do something about it.

Sami: We? All of a sudden you want to help me keep Carrie away from Austin?

Lucas: I'd like to think of it as keeping Austin away from Carrie.

Sami: Whatever. Then let's get in there, Lucas.


Austin: Wait a second. I'm gonna put on a shirt.

Carrie: Oh, don't bother. I've seen you in a lot less. It won't affect my decision either way, so just tell me what you have to say.


Chelsea: I swear, I never meant for this to happen, Hope. I loved Zack so much. It was just an accident.

Hope: An accident that never would have happened if you hadn't stolen Bo's car and gone joyriding without a license.

Chelsea: I told you. I had a license, and I didn't steal his car. I had permission to drive it. Dad handed me the keys.

Hope: No. That's not true. He never would have done that. You don't have a license, Chelsea. It was taken away after your last accident.

Bo: Hope, there's something I have to tell you.

Hope: I know she's your daughter. I know you love her, but listen to her.. Do you believe she has the gall to stand there and repeat the lies right in front of you?

Bo: We need to talk.

Hope: There's nothing to talk about. We both know she didn't have a license, and we both damn well know there's no way you ever would have let her drive your car. Now call her the liar that she is and make her pay for what she's done.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Austin: I have come up with a way to give you back your company.

Lucas: What company? You dismantled it when you took it over, or did you conveniently forget that?

Austin: Highstyle may not exist. The product line does. It's a division of Austin Reed and Company. I want to hire you to run that division.

Carrie: Okay. You got my attention. Go on.

Austin: Highstyle had a fabulous line. Your company's problems had nothing to do on the creative end. They were all tied to bad budgeting choices.

Carrie: Lucky for me you consider yourself a friend.

Austin: I'm being honest. You weren't the best Manager. You're brilliant at product development. It's a simple solution. You continue doing what you were on that end. You let me and Nicole take care of the budgets and distribution. It's win, win. They'll be no stopping us. Highstyle will be a bigger success than we ever dreamed.

Carrie: It just won't be my company.

Lucas: No, it wonít. That's exactly right, Carrie.

Austin: Don't think of this as a takeover. It's a merger. You agree to this, you haven't lost anything. You've gained a partner.

Carrie: A business partner?

Austin: You agree, you forgive me...maybe more.

Carrie: I see.

Austin: So?

Sami: Do something.

Austin: What do you say?

Lucas: You know what? You know what this is like? This is not an offer. This is like jumping somebody in an alley, hitting them over the head, taking their wallet, and then saying, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Maybe you'd like to go on a date with me."

Austin: This is none of your business. Stay out of this.

Lucas: The hell I will. Carrie's been hurt enough. I'm not gonna let it happen again.


Hope: I just don't understand this. I and I both agreed that Chelsea shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel of a car again unless she was able to convince us that she could be a responsible driver. That's why we gave her the driving lessons for Christmas.

Bo: And she was taking them and doing extremely well.

Chelsea: I was.

Hope: You stole your father's car, and you ran down my son and killed him! Why are we even discussing -- why are we even discussing the driving lessons? Obviously, they don't work. Why did we ever think that they would? Her adoptive parents were in a horrible car crash and that didn't teach her. Nothing teaches her, Bo. Nothing gets through to that girl. She doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. And she's a pathological liar, just like her mother.

Billie: That is not true.

Bo: There's something I have to tell you.

Hope: Tell your daughter you're sick of her lies.

Bo: First, you have to listen to me. Come here. Come here. There's something you have to understand.


Caroline: Well, of course you're still in love with Shawn. He was your first boyfriend.

Belle: He was more than that.

Caroline: Right. He was your first great love. And I know, personally, that those feelings -- they never go away, not completely.

Belle: Do you still love Victor?

Caroline: Part of me does and part of me always will. And part of you will always love Shawn.

Belle: How do you stand it?

Caroline: Well, it -- it's not easy, you know, but one trick is to remember the bad... as well as the good, and then to focus on the wonderful life that you do have.

Belle: But what about the life that we might have had? What about the life that maybe I still could have?

Caroline: You know, thinking that way is...a sure way to make yourself crazy.

Belle: Oh...this is the heart that Shawn made me when we told each other that we loved each other for the first time up at lookout point. God, I can't believe I kept that. Oh! And these are the words to "a million tears." This was the song that we danced to at the Last Blast our senior year. That was the night that we got back together. And we swore that nothing would ever come between us again. Of course, it did, and I've probably cried a million tears since then...not just over Shawn.

Caroline: Belle, you've been through a few very difficult years, and it is natural to long for things the way they used to be -- sweet 16 and high school and proms and [Sighs] Unfortunately --

Belle: Unfortunately, I am a grown-up with grown-up problems.

Caroline: And grown-up joys, like your beautiful little girl.

Belle: I know. I know how lucky I am. It's just hard to look at all the dreams that I used to have and realize that none of them came true.

Caroline: I'm not sure that's true.

Belle: These were all of the people that were gonna be in my wedding party. Of course, some of them have changed. Oh, and this is where we were gonna have our honeymoon, and that definitely changed. We talked about that one a lot. Oh, and Shawn, of course, is on every single page. We were gonna go to college and graduate together, and I was gonna work for a couple of years.

Caroline: Belle, Belle... put it away.

Belle: I honestly believed that once Philip and I had a baby together that I would forget how much I loved Shawn. And maybe it's that I gave Claire the name that Shawn and I were gonna give our child, or maybe it's that every time I look at Claire, I think about what Shawn and I might have had. It's just that when I look at her, I think of him, and when I do...I love him even more.

Caroline: Are you saying that you're not in love with Philip?

Belle: Oh, no. No, and that's why I'm in this mess in the first place. I love Philip. He's a loving, wonderful husband. He's a terrific dad, and it's not that I don't want to be married to him, because I do. It's just -- it's just that whenever I look at Claire, I -- I think about Shawn.

Caroline: Well, you know, I think there's a simple explanation for that, and, actually, I'm surprised you didn't realize it.


Bonnie: Ohh.

Lexie: Bonnie, Bonnie, relax. Listen, if you want Mimi to stay, that's fine.

Bonnie: Thank you. Did you hear that, Mimi? Lexie says it's okay for you to stay.

[Monitor beeping]

Shawn D.: Oh, look at that. Her blood pressure's going back to normal. What did you do, Lex?

Lexie: Nothing. Well, I mean, you weren't having another episode after all. Yeah, I guess you were just overly excited.

Bonnie: I am feeling much better now.

Lexie: Good, good. Still, I want to be absolutely certain of what's going on. I'm gonna go put a rush on those lab results. Bonnie, while I'm gone, I want you to rest, quietly.

Bonnie: Girl Scout's oath.

Lexie: Okay. You make sure she doesn't get excited or upset, okay?

Mimi: Don't worry.

Shawn D.: Lexie, actually, before you go...

Mimi: Are you sure you're feeling better?

Bonnie: I'm positive. Having my little girl here is the best medicine anyone could prescribe.

Mimi: I'm sorry I didn't believe you before, that I thought this was just an act to stop me from telling Shawn that he's the father of Belle's baby.

Shawn D.: What did you say?

Bonnie: [Breathing heavily]


Austin: The last thing that I wanted to do was hurt you. You know, you have to believe me that I didn't know it was your company. It was purely a business decision.

Lucas: Yeah, like everything else you do.

Austin: I was looking for a way to make my company a success.

Lucas: By stealing other people's ideas? Couldn't come up with a product line on your own, huh?

Austin: Come on. Titan's no different. You know, he was interested in going after your company, too.

Lucas: Yeah, the difference is I didnít.

Austin: The point is...what's done is done. I'm trying to make up for it.. I need you. I need someone like you to head up the division. You need a job. We're a perfect match.

Lucas: I don't know about that, Big Bro. She's already got a job. Carrie's gonna work with me at Titan.

Austin: Is this a done deal?

Carrie: Nothing's been signed yet.

Austin: Technically, you're a free agent.

Lucas: Well, yeah, the way you do business.

Austin: Work for me. You'll basically still be running Highstyle. You get to see all your hard work come to fruition. You'll have total autonomy to create new products. Titan won't give you that. You'll have Victor, Billie, Lucas, and who knows how many other people looking over your shoulder constantly, and you'll have to get their green light every step of the way. Is that what you're looking for?

Sami: Lucas. Austin is winning.

Lucas: No, he's not, not yet.

Sami: Are you kidding? Did you see the look on Carrie's face? She's taking his bait hook, line, and sinker. Look, you have to come up with a way to swing the pot right now..


Hope: What are you talking about? What do you want me to understand? They've done everything they could to keep us from finding out the truth about our son.

Bo: Hope, come on. Let's go talk in private.

Hope: No, I want the two of them to hear every word I have to say about them.

Patrick: Bo's right, Hope. You two should talk privately.

Hope: Patrick, you're the only one who hasn't lied to me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Patrick: Take my advice.

Hope: I canít. I'm not going anywhere until you call your daughter on her lies. And until you tell me whatever else it was you were about to say about them right here in front of everyone --

Bo: Trust me, Hope. You don't want me to do that.

Hope: She killed my son! I know you're her father, but how can you stand here and let her make all of those lies?

Bo: She isn't lying.

Hope: What? My God, no. No, Bo, please. Please tell me you didn't give her the car. Tell me you didn't approve her temporary license, please. Tell me you didn't let her drive your SUV that night, please! Tell me!


Chelsea: Come on, Dad, please? I promise I will be super responsible, super careful. I won't drive in bad weather. I won't talk on my cell.

Bo: No, no, no. You broke the law, and you got to pay the consequences.

Chelsea: Yeah, but the law says that I can drive again if you just sign this.

Bo: No. I'm sorry.

Chelsea: Look, Dad, I know that I screwed up, okay? I just want to prove to you that you were right to have had faith in me. I want to show you that I can be really responsible and...I just want to make you proud of me. That's why I want you to sign this so that I can have the chance to show you and all of Salem that I'm worthy of being your daughter...of being a Brady.

Bo: [Sighs] Don't let me regret this.

Chelsea: I won't, I promise.

Bo: And you promise to be extra careful.

Chelsea: I swear.

Bo: And to be extra cautious, especially if you're gonna drive tonight. Too many people drive drunk on New Year's Eve.

Chelsea: I promise. I will be extra careful.

Bo: All right.

Chelsea: Thank you so much, dad.

Bo: Yeah.

Chelsea: There is one other huge favor I need to ask you, though. Just a little one.

Bo: [Sighs] All right, I'm sitting down.

Chelsea: Can I borrow your car tonight?

Bo: What?

Chelsea: Just so I don't have to depend on Max or anyone else.

Bo: [Sighs] What?

Chelsea: Please?

Bo: Okay, but you be careful, all right?

Chelsea: I promise. I will be very careful. I will obey every law. I wonít speed, and I will look out for drunk drivers.

Bo: All right.

Chelsea: Thank you, Dad. My driving is going to be perfect.


Hope: [Sobbing]

Bo: I'm sorry, Fancy Face.

Hope: No! No! No! own little private area.


Mimi: Where are the nurses? Did they not hear the alarms going off?

Bonnie: No, no, Honey. I'm okay.

Mimi: No, we are not taking any chances, Mother.

Bonnie: No, honey. It's not like before.

Mimi: Then why did the alarm go off?

Bonnie: 'Cause this machine is supersensitive. I was having a flash about one of the hunky orderlies I saw. I'm sorry, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Shawn D.: Are you sure?

Bonnie: Yes. Believe me, I'd tell you if I werenít. Wouldn't I, honey?

Mimi: That's for sure.

Shawn D.: Well, before this all started, you were saying something about the father of Belle's baby.

Bonnie: Philip? Mimi said I'm being a bigger baby than Belle's baby. That's what you heard, and that I better shape up because she doesn't want to be left without a father and a mother.

Shawn D.: Oh, right, well, we're not gonna let that happen. Are we?

Bonnie: But if I keep acting like I'm dying every time I get a hangnail, Mimi's never gonna know when I really need medical attention. But I just can't seem to help myself. I am the world's worst patient when I'm sick, and I usually milk it for all I can get, 'cause I didn't get as much love when I was a child as I needed, not that Mimi would understand.

Mimi: Oh, right.

Shawn D.: Well, anything we can help you do to de-stress.

Bonnie: that you mention it. Your brother had a sleep over at Jake Cline's last night, and I was wondering if you could please call his mother and ask him if Connor could stay until I recuperate from my -- my -- what did Lexie call it? A cardiac event?

Mimi: Yeah, sure, okay. Do you want to come with me?

Shawn D.: Sure, yeah.

Bonnie: Oh, I remember what it's like to be young, in love, and inseparable. It's the best feeling in the world.

Shawn D.: Yes, it is. Hey, before you said you had something important to tell me. What was it?


Belle: What would possibly make me think of Shawn when I look at Claire? I mean, she's Philip's daughter.

Caroline: But as we were discussing before, little Claire does look like Shawn when he was a baby, so, you know, this might have triggered off all your feelings or brought up all these "what-ifs."

Belle: But I do love Philip.

Caroline: I know you do.

Belle: And he and Claire and I are a family.

Caroline: And, um...Shawn and Mimi are gonna get married, and they'll be planning a family, you know? That might make it easier for you.

Belle: Why? Because he won't be available?

Caroline: Right.

Belle: I'm very happy for Shawn and Mimi. They are my best friends.

Caroline: I know.

Belle: It's just th-- my relationship with Shawn never had a natural ending. We didn't break up, and we certainly didn't fall out of love. Jan Spears kidnaped him, held him prisoner, only I didn't know that. I thought that he'd just left me when I needed him the most, and by the time that I had figured it all out [Sighs] It was too late. I was married.

Caroline: Are you saying marrying Philip was a mistake?


 Lucas: What about the Highstyle Employees?

Austin: What about them?

Lucas: Well, it's all well and good that you offered Carrie a job to run what's left of her company. The thing that made Highstyle so great is the people who worked there. Are you gonna hire her employees back as well?

Lucas: I'd like to, but it's not possible, at least not at this point.

Sami: Right, um...yeah, I don't really have a head for numbers, but didn't you say that we really can't afford to add those employees back because of their salaries?

Carrie: I see.

Austin: If we rethink the budget --

Sami: But then that would be like restructuring, right? And the investors would have the opportunity to pull out their support.

Austin: Technically.

Sami: Nicole explained that the only reason we got them to sign on was because the deal was so lean. And I don't think they'd like it if we had extra expenses.

Carrie: Is that true?

Austin: Yes. Yes, it is. In six months or a year, maybe when the line is really going --

Lucas: Well, hopefully, the Highstyle Employees will be gainfully employed by then, right? 'Cause if not, thanks to you, they're gonna have a hard road back -- them and their families.

Austin: I'm trying to do the right thing.

Lucas: Well, you're not trying hard enough. Look, Carrie, if you come to Titan, I guarantee you, we can develop a Highstyle-Type Division in L.A. Of course, we need you to develop new product lines, but we have faith in you. I'm sure you can do that. And we'll hire as many of your former employees as you'd like.

Carrie: Are you serious?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I can put that in writing.

Sami: So, then you'd be running the company in L.A., and you wouldn't even have to move here.

Lucas: No, actually, Carrie would be here. She'd be based in Salem at the Titan Headquarters. You know, we'd need you to develop some product lines and some long-term goals, but we guarantee that you can hire whoever you want to run the day-to-day operations in L.A., and then you can supervise them long distance.

Carrie: Whoever I want?

Lucas: Whoever you want. That's right. It's the only way to re-create what was so wonderful about Highstyle. Now, your company meant a lot more to you than a corporate bottom line. It was about the people you chose to work there -- the family you created, how you all worked together toward a common goal, and I think that's amazing. I'd like to re-create that at Titan.

Austin: Does Victor know about this -- how you're just gonna throw his company's money around to impress Carrie?

Lucas: You don't know what you're talking about.

Sami: So, anyway, I think both guys have made their pitches. Now it's up to you. It's like having two guys ask you to the prom, which happened to you almost every year, so you have some experience making this kind of decision. I bet you don't even have to think about it. Who do you want to work with?


Bo: Hope...there's no excuses for what I did. I should have told you the truth from the beginning. And I tried...but you've been in so much pain, there was never the right -- Hope, I -- I didn't want to make things worse for you.

Billie: He wanted to tell you the truth, Hope. He did. I begged him not to. I pulled out all the stops to convince him to --

Hope: Oh, I bet you did!

Billie: I didn't do it to hurt you! Please, Hope...I did it to keep my daughter out of jail. Please understand.

Bo: Chelsea's teacher...said that she was ready for her temporary license. I signed it before I gave her the keys. I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought that since she doesn't drink, she'd be safer driving herself on New Year's Eve than getting in a car with someone who might have been drinking. I'm sorry.

Hope: This just isn't possible. You're my husband... Zack's father. How could you be part of this conspiracy to keep the truth from me?

Bo: Conspiracy? Hope.

Hope:'re the only one who's been honest with me. Be honest again. They're lying, aren't they? They're both still trying to take some of the blame to make things easier for Chelsea, right? Right? Wait. That's what you're doing, isn't it? Isn't it? party.


Belle: I'm going to be so proud to call you my husband. You were the man that I needed, the man that I have given my heart to. And, Philip, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. [Echoing] Rest of my life with you.

Belle: No, marrying Philip was not a mistake at all. I love him. He loves me. If we weren't married, we wouldn't have Claire.

Caroline: That's right.

Belle: It's just that I think I married him for the wrong reasons. I mean, I'm staying married to him for the right ones, but I -- you can't go back and undo all of the misunderstandings. Can you?

Caroline: Not that I know of. And the vows that you and Philip took...are sacred. Not everybody sees it that way, I know, but I think of it that way, and that's -- that's why that, although I was deeply in love with Victor -- and believe me, I was -- that I chose to give him up and stay married to Shawn.

Belle: Do you ever wonder how it would have been if you didn't?

Caroline: Sometimes. But I don't regret my choice. I love Shawn. We have a wonderful life.

[Sighs] Anytime I keep wondering what I might have missed, I think about everything that I have gained.

Belle: I know what you mean.

Caroline: And I know it's really hard, you know, to accept and Shawn are never gonna be a couple, but it'll get easier.

Belle: Yeah, well, it's gotten easier since the first time Shawn came back.

Caroline: Yeah. Look, sweetheart, anytime you need to talk about this, don't hesitate to call me, all right?

Belle: Thank you.

Caroline: And I really mean that, you know. You can't very well talk to Shawn or Philip about these leftover feelings.

Belle: Well, actually, I have talked to Shawn about it, and we've decided where we stand, and that's that. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is to hurt either one of them.

Caroline: I know that.

Belle: It really will get easier?

Caroline: Mm-hmm, easier. Not easy, you know? We women tend to carry more than our share of life's burdens and disappointments.

Belle: Yeah, so much for the weaker sex.

Caroline: [Laughs] That's a myth that men invented to make themselves feel stronger. Well, I mean, really, truly, they don't have a clue what we sacrifice and what we do to keep our marriage and our family together.


Mimi: I do have something to tell you, and it's not gonna be easy for either of us, but you have to know the truth, Shawn.

Bonnie: And the truth is that Mimi's decided she's a terrible person because she thought I was faking my heart attack.

Mimi: Your cardiac event.

Bonnie: Whatever, and that she's afraid that neither one of us will ever forgive her, but I do, honey, and it was my cardiac event.

Shawn D.: You already told me all about that. This was something else.

Bonnie: Ohh! Oh, I don't know what it could be. There's nothing else, right, Mimi?

Mimi: Are you okay?

Bonnie: Oh. I hope I will be.

Mimi: I do feel awful about thinking my mom was faking. I mean, if everyone had listened to me, she wouldn't have gotten the care that she needed and she might have died, so...

Bonnie: But I didnít. And given my history of exaggerating things a little, it's no wonder you thought I was crying wolf. But, honey, like I said, I forgive you.

Mimi: Thanks.

Bonnie: Well, it's not like you haven't seen me pull a stunt like this before in my life, get out of work or play the insurance company for a few bucks, but those days are over, history. This event was legit. Oh, honey, give me your hand. You want to know the God's honest truth? I really thought I was gonna die. I've been a lot of things in my life, honey, but I've never been afraid, not of anything...until now. I am truly, genuinely, honestly afraid.

Mimi: Oh, I'm so, so sorry, Mom.

Bonnie: I know you are.

Mimi: But you're gonna be okay.

Bonnie: I hope so. But Lexie seems to think I'm in this fragile state, so you've got to promise me what you promised her -- that you will not do anything or say anything to upset me.

Mimi: I promise.

Shawn D.: We both do.

Bonnie: Good. Good.


Belle: Well, you've made your decision to stay with your husband no matter what and so have I.

Caroline: I'm at peace with my decision. You at peace with yours?

Belle: I am.

Caroline: You're doing the right thing, Belle. Even though it must seem very hard right now.

Belle: I know.

Caroline: But you have a loving husband, and you've got a beautiful little baby girl. And your life is really gonna be happier and richer than you can imagine.

Belle: I hope so, but I've definitely made my decision, and like you said, I have a great husband, and I have a beautiful, healthy baby, and Shawn has Mimi, and they're engaged, and they're gonna get married, and it's all a done deal.


Bonnie: What do you mean the tests are inconclusive? What the hell kind of diagnosis is that?

Lexie: I'm sorry, but it happens sometimes.

Mimi: Should we be worried?

Lexie: Not at the moment, no.

Bonnie: But soon?

Lexie: I promise I will let you know when and if there is something to worry about, okay?

Bonnie: Okay.

Lexie: Good. Listen, I want to keep you here a little while so I can run some more tests.

Bonnie: It sounds like I don't have a choice.

Mimi: No, you donít. Lexie, we want to know exactly what's going on with her.

Lexie: Okay, I'll go make arrangements to have you transferred to a room.. Can I speak to you, please? I am counting on you to keep her calm, okay?

Mimi: This is serious, isn't it?

Lexie: [Sighs] Mimi, I honestly don't know yet, but I'm just not taking any chances. I'll be back.


Shawn D.: So, since you're gonna be staying here for a while, Miss Lockhart -- Mom, I meant to say "Mom." Um, is there anything we can do for you besides make arrangements for Connor to stay with the Clines?

Bonnie: Well, you and Mimi could watch over Alice's, make sure the staff there doesn't steal me blind while I'm in here.

Shawn D.: I'm sure they wouldn't do that.

Bonnie: You'd be surprised.

Mimi: We can do that. Anything else?

Bonnie: I don't think so. Unless...

Mimi: Unless what?

Bonnie: No, forget it.

Shawn D.: Well, we can't help you out unless you tell us what it is.

Bonnie: Well, there -- there's one other thing. I mean, it's not something I exactly need, but it would motivate me to get better, give me a reason to live. And if I wind up not making it --

Mimi: Oh, don't even say that, Mom.

Bonnie: If it happens, I want to be prepared. Baby, I want to be able to go up to that big old single's bar in the sky at peace.

Shawn D.: All right, it's okay, so just tell us what you want.

Bonnie: I want my Mimi married. I want to know she's hitched to the man she loves, and that the two of you are on your way to living happily ever after.

Mimi: Mom.

Bonnie: Will you do that for me, Shawn? Will you grant a possibly dying woman's last wish and marry Mimi as soon as you can while I'm still here to see it? Please?

Mimi: [Laughs]


Austin: We would make a terrific team. I mean, this way you can still be in charge of the Highstyle Line like you should be. You wouldn't have to create a whole new catalog of products.

Carrie: I know what you're doing, Austin, but Lucas is right. It's too little too late.

Austin: Carrie.

Carrie: Lucas has been wonderful to me since the moment he found out Highstyle was my company. Plus, he understands how important my family of employees is to me, and how, for me, at least, loyalty to them trumps a bigger bottom line. I don't trust you to follow through the way I trust Lucas.

Austin: You're not serious.

Carrie: Do I not look serious? I'm taking the job at Titan so that my employees, who have been with me from the beginning, the employees you fired with no warning, can get their jobs back.

Austin: You're making a huge mistake.

Carrie: No. You made a huge mistake when you initiated a hostile takeover of my company without even bothering to find out who the C.E.O. was.

Austin: You know me. You know that I would never do anything to hurt you..

Carrie: I thought I knew you, but New York's changed you, Austin. And now you're just another heartless Corporate Shark. You haven't said or done anything today to make me believe otherwise. Let's go, Lucas.

Lucas: My pleasure.

Austin: Donít.


Carrie: The Austin I used to know would have understood that I care about my employees at least as much as I care about myself.

Lucas: You're right. I guess he's really changed. I guess he can't comprehend someone being less selfish and greedy than he is.

Carrie: But you're not that way.

Lucas: I hope not. But if you ever catch me acting like that, if I ever change that way, please call me on it. Deal?

Carrie: Deal. Thank you so much for everything you're doing for me and my employees.

Lucas: Well, you're gonna get awful tied of hearing me say this, but...there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.


Sami: I'm sorry, Austin. I was really hoping things would work out with you and Carrie.

Austin: Yeah, well, you warned me it wouldn't work.

Sami: Well, it might have if Lucas hadn't been so manipulative, but he was determined to turn Carrie against you. And if you ask me, his intentions aren't just professional. They're personal, too.

Austin: You think I don't know that?

Sami: No, I know that you do, but Lucas just declared war on you. And he's not gonna stop with just Carrie. He's gonna do whatever he can to destroy Austin Reed and Company.

Austin: Let him try. I'll bury him.

Sami: I'm glad you feel that way 'cause that means we have to go on the offensive. We have to attack them before they attack us. Unfortunately, that means not just attacking Lucas and Titan, but attacking Carrie, too. But he's given you no other choice.


Bo: I'm sorry, Fancy Face. No one's lying to you.

Hope: Yes, you are!

Bo: I signed the temporary --

Hope: No, Bo, no! No.

Chelsea: I didn't mean to do it, Hope. It was an accident.

Hope: It wasn't an accident! It was murder!

Bo: Hope, no, it wasnít.

Hope: You lied to me! How could you lie to me?! You all lied to me.

Bo: Hope, no, it's not that simple.

Hope: Yes, it is! You knew the truth! You knew that Chelsea killed my son, my baby. You knew that you gave her the car, and you let me think that Billie was the one who was responsible.

Bo: Hope, you got to let me explain.

Hope: There is no explanation for what you've done!

Bo: Hope, please.

Hope: Don't! Don't you dare touch me. I got to get out of here.

Bo: I'll come with you.

Hope: No! I don't want you anywhere near me, Brady.

Bo: Hope. Oh, my God. What have I done?


Lexie: Oh, and you think you're that man?

Tek: Yeah, I do.


Mimi: What if my mom really is dying?


Patrick: He may lose both his children.

Hope: If that happens, he has no one to blame but himself. How could I ever forgive him?


Chelsea: Maybe this is it.

Bo: They're gonna file official charges against you for Zack's death.

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