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Austin: I have been waiting so long for this celebration.

Carrie: I feel so ignorant. I don't even know exactly what's in involved in a takeover. It sounds so ominous.

Austin: Well, I like to think of it more as an acquisition. Now that you're running a company again, you might like to acquire another company as a way to make your business grow fast.


Sami: Oh. Uh, Austin, I didn't know that you had company.

Austin: Carrie's not company, she's your sister. Wait, have some champagne. Please, celebrate with us.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I got a tall one now.

Austin: And you two look lovely.

Sami: Thank you.

Nicole: Yes, it is the glow that comes from winning.

Sami: I'll drink to that.

Nicole: Cheers.

Austin: Well, you know what? It's a new beginning. That is for sure, and starting tomorrow morning, we're gonna be on every page of every business journal in the entire country.

Sami: That sounds good. Doesn't it, Carrie?

Carrie: That sounds very exciting.

Austin: Excuse us.


Nicole: Man. I'll tell you, Sami. That is unbelievable. It's like Mike Horton never existed.

Sami: You win some, you lose some.

Nicole: You always lose. But you never accept it. So what are you up to, Sami? I want to know right now.


Austin: I have been dreaming about a business move like this. It's such a coup.

Carrie: You're going to be a mogul.

Austin: Nah. Well, yeah. [Chuckles] Maybe in a few years, maybe. But you know what I am most happy about? That you're here to celebrate with me. It's turning out to be a great year. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Here I am going on about how happy I am. Something is definitely bothering you.

Carrie: [Sighs] Austin, I need your help.


Jennifer: I thought you were my friend. How come you didn't show me this DVD?

Frankie: I was going to. Oh, come on, Jen, I just found it in my bag last night. You're not mad at me. Not really. Come on, what you're mad at is Jack's message on the DVD.

Jennifer: You're right. I am mad.

Frankie: It's just like Jack, isn't it? Trying to take care of you even when he's not here.

Jennifer: Yeah, by pushing me into the arms of another man?

Frankie: He just wanted you to feel safe... so you and your kids wouldn't have to worry about anything.

Jennifer: I don't believe this. It is so like Jack to do something crazy like this out of love for me and to protect me.

Frankie: And that's all it was.

Jennifer: That's not all it was for you. You have reasons why you have kept this a secret from me.


Alex: [Grunting, panting]

Lois: Once I have you out of the way, there's nobody to stop me from killing Marlena.

Alex: Marlena. Someone has to help Marlena. Aah!

Marlena: [Gasping]

Lois: Get ready to die, doctor!

[Whistle blows]


Chelsea: [Thinking] I'm the one who should be taking the blame for Zack's death, not my mom. I did it. I killed him.

Max: Hey, kid.

Chelsea: Yeah, I feel like one.


Max: Yeah, this is pretty rough.

Chelsea: I'm a murderer, Max.

Max: Hey, look, it was an accident, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I know. I just keep thinking -- if I had just stopped and called 911, he could still be alive. I should have been more careful. I should have been paying attention.. And I know that it was an accident, but it was still my fault.

Max: Yeah, but, look, you guys are all family. You guys are gonna work this out somehow. My guess is you'll be charged with vehicular homicide, but if you have a good lawyer, they can plea bargain.

Chelsea: You don't understand. I'm not being charged at all.

Max: What?

Chelsea: Billie is taking the blame for the accident. She's telling everyone that she's the one that killed Zack.


Hope: [Sobbing] I don't understand this.

Billie: Hope --

Hope: No, wait, wait! What do you have to do with what happened to Zack? What did you do, Billie?!


Lexie: Hope, honey, you should be lying down, okay? You've had a traumatic shock.

Bo: Why don't we go lie down, okay? Even if it's just to close your eyes for a second.

Hope: How is closing my eyes gonna get me the answers I need?

Bo: I'll get you the answers, okay?

Hope: Why are you trying to get rid of me?

Lexie: Okay, sweetheart, come on. Let's go back inside. Come on.

Bo: I'll be in, in a second.


Officer Hammond: You'd better come with us, Miss Reed.

Officer Daniels: Down to the station for booking.

Bo: Hold on, you guys. I need to speak to Miss Reed for a second. Give me a second. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Billie: You know exactly what I am doing and why. Our daughter had to grow up without her mother, the least I could do for her now is take the blame for her mistake. And you're not gonna talk me out of it. From now on, as far as you're concerned, I killed Zack.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Sami: I don't know why you're so suspicious of me, Nicole. I am not up to anything.

Nicole: [Sarcastically] Right, Samantha Brady is being a good girl. Okay, tell me another one. You know, you and I have been in an all-out war over Austin, and now you're just throwing in the towel?

Sami: I'm not giving him up to you, Nicole. I wouldn't do that. But Carrie is different. She gets every guy that she wants. She just looks at them, and I disappear -- Austin, Lucas. I'm not gonna bang my head against a wall, okay? And you should use that brain that you supposedly have and give up gracefully, too.

Nicole: Listen, Sami, I made this takeover happen, and once we restructure Highstyle, Austin will be so drawn to my vision for this company, he can't help but fall in love with me.

Sami: Nicole, that is just sad, okay? You don't have a chance with Austin, and you've already been dumped once this year. You don't want to humiliate yourself again, right?


Austin: Well, what kind of help do you need? I mean, is it personal? Is it business? Whatever it is, I'm here for you.

Carrie: [Sighs] How do I stop a corporate giant from taking over my little company?

Austin: I'm sorry. I didn't know your company was in trouble.

Carrie: Huge trouble. More than I realized. It's my whole life. I mean, when I broke up with Mike, I needed to throw myself into something, and I needed to reconnect with people and life.

[Sighs] And my employees are more family than some of my own. Not mentioning any names. And I -- I promised my employees that if they were loyal to me and my company that they would have a job as long as they wanted, you know? Just like it used to be in this country, where you pretty much worked for one company your whole life.

Austin: Well, it sounds like you're more concerned about your employees than your company.

Carrie: [Sighs] For one thing, they are the company. I mean, they're people with families to support. Of course I'm concerned for them.

Austin: Do you really want my advice?

Carrie: I do. Please.

Austin: Okay. I think you need to get a new attitude.


Max: Why is Billie willing to take the blame for what you did?

Chelsea: That's what I keep asking myself. I don't know. She keeps insisting she doesn't want me to go to prison.

Max: She's letting her love take over. She does love you, Chelsea. Why else do you think she's willing to lie to the cops about it?

Chelsea: Yeah, I guess.

Max: What I don't get is that she used to be a cop. She knows they're not gonna take her word for it. A little boy died. They have to go with the evidence.

Chelsea: What evidence?

Max: I was just down at the garage, and they were taking fingerprints off the car. Billie was nowhere near that SUV. What do you think's gonna happen to her confession when they find out her prints aren't even there?

Chelsea: was a cold night. She could have been wearing gloves.

Max: Are you actually okay with all of this? Do you want to let your mom go to jail for something you did?

Chelsea: Um... I'm just saying. It was a cold night, and she could have been wearing gloves. I remember wishing that I had. It was brutal out.

Max: You're gonna tell the cops that you were driving Bo's car.

Chelsea: No.

Max: Okay, I will.

Chelsea: No, Max, you canít.


Lexie: Come on, come on.

Hope: Why does everyone want me to lie down? What don't they want me to know? I mean, what could be worse than knowing that my baby's gone? That he's dead? Billie was saying something about -- she said she knew who ran over Zack, my baby.

Lexie: Listen, why don't you just lie down?

Hope: I canít. I need to know who was driving. Can't you understand that? I need...

Lexie: Yeah, I do. I do. I probably understand better than anyone except you and Bo. Abe and I were Zack's parents for a short time, remember? Isaac's mommy and daddy. I never...I never saw him without wanting to hold him. Oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I know, honey, I know.

Hope: [Sobs]

Lexie: Look, I am supposed to be here as your doctor, and here I am dumping my feelings on you. I'm so sorry.

Hope: If you understand... then please help me find out who did this to Zack.


Billie: I won't let you do it to our daughter, Bo. If you tell the cops and Hope that she was the one driving that car, her life will be over. And you will have lost two children to this tragedy. She could get 20 years. You know that.

Bo: This isn't about punishing Chelsea. It's about the truth. She was driving the car that killed my little boy.

Billie: Her brother. I know how terrible she feels.

Bo: Yeah, well, that isn't gonna bring him back. Hope brought Chelsea into our family, and she was tough on her, yeah. Maybe if you and I had been a little more tough... forget the ifs. We can't go back. I'm gonna tell the truth.


Jennifer: When did my husband come up with this idea?

Frankie: When he first found out he was dying.

Jennifer: You knew that he was dying before I knew? He told you?

Frankie: At first, I thought he meant that he wanted me to be here for you as a friend, and of course, I said I would. [Sighs] This isn't easy to say.

Jennifer: Imagine how hard it is to hear.

Frankie: And then I realized that he wanted me... oh, Jen, this is not gonna sound good when I say it out loud.

Jennifer: Can you just keep going, please?

Frankie: He wanted me to see if I could -- if I could stir up the old feelings between us.

Jennifer: When we were teenagers? What else was he planning?

Frankie: I tried to talk him out of it, okay? I told him that he needed to tell you the truth, because I knew, Jen. I knew that you wanted to spend every moment you could with him.

Jennifer: Yes, but see he refused to tell me.

Frankie: He wasn't gonna tell you what was going on. And he was your husband. How could I go behind his back and tell you? I hated being put in that position. I'm sorry..

Jennifer: So if I never would have found that bottle of pills in his coat pocket...

Frankie: He might never have said a word, yeah.

Jennifer: My gosh. My gosh, Jack. How could you not know me? How could you think that I would just fall in love with anyone ever again?


Alex: [Grunting]

Nurse: You're awake.

Alex: Yes, please help me. Help me.

Nurse: I'll get the doctor. Please just stay calm and try to relax.


Marlena: Please, please, don't kill me. I don't want to die like this.

Lois: Well, most people don't, but when it's your time, you gotta go with it.

Marlena: It's not my time. It's not! My family needs me.

Lois: Honey, you're confusing me with somebody who gives a damn about your family or about you. What about me? I loved Alex, and you took him from me.

Marlena: No, no, I didnít. I don't even remember that. If you want Alex, take him.

Lois: It's too late! The damage is done. You kept the love of my life from me, and now it's time for you to pay!

Marlena: No, don't kill me!

Lois: I'm not going to. That's the beauty part about it. You're gonna kill yourself. You know something? I always had good timing. And if you look down below, you'll see the street signs indicate today is garbage pickup! Suppted me for years. Thank you, thank you. I don't remember any of your names.

[Laughter] Billy and Marsh and Tom. Thank you to -- this is fantastic. Look at all you people.

[Laughter] Thank you to my family, to my son and my


Nicole: All right. Give up if you want to, Sami. It is the right thing to do, but it is so not your M.O.

Sami: Look who's talking.

Nicole: Whatever. Austin and I are gonna be traveling back and forth to L.A., and you'll be stuck here doing your secretarial duties -- you know, like filing and answering the phone. And, oh, oh, when we move into Brandon's old loft, you will pretty much have your hands full organizing all our materials so they can be moved.

Sami: Wow. You have really dull fantasies. Nicole, the bottom line is you don't have a chance with Austin.

Nicole: Hmm. Wow, you know, suddenly I'm remembering a very humiliating moment in your life... when Austin refused to marry you and he walked out of the church in Vegas saying he never wanted to hear your name again. And then before he left the hotel, he kissed me... passionately. We both knew what that kiss meant. It was a promise for our future. And I plan to collect on that promise. And you know what, Sami? I hate to rub your nose in it, but he chose me that day, and he will choose me over Carrie.

Sami: Austin was on the rebound. He was gonna marry me that day. And let's face it. You were there. You were easy. But what you're looking at over there, that's the real thing. It's true love, like from fairy tales and crap. And there is nothing that can come between them.

[Cellphone rings]

Nicole: I have to take this call. Why don't you file or something?

Sami: Well, there is one thing that can come between them.



Carrie: That's a cold attitude. I'm surprised to hear you say that, Austin. Employees are people with rights. I think I made a mistake coming to you for advice.

Austin: No, don't you go. I really feel like I can help you, and I want to help you.


Max: Zack Brady was hit by a car, Chelsea. He died, and it happened you did it. Bo already knows this. Is he supposed to just lie to Hope about it? She has a right to know what happened to her kid.

Chelsea: Max, I want to confess. Trust me. I do. I just canít.

Max: Why not?

Chelsea: I'm scared for one thing. I could go to jail. Not just some country club jail, prison. Is that where you think I belong?

Max: That's not a fair question, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Look, I just found my family -- my mom, my dad, my two brothers..

Max: You only have one now, and now your mother's going to jail for you.

Chelsea: That is not a fair statement.

Max: I'm just saying it's not like you didn't have a life before. The Bensons were good to you.

Chelsea: But this is my real family.

Max: You've been treating them like crap since day one.

Chelsea: Fine. So what do you want them to do, hate me? Because they will, Max. Everybody will. I'll be the selfish girl that killed the Bradys' little boy.

Max: Look, I really care for you, Chelsea. I don't want to see you suffer anymore. I really donít. But, look, the truth is gonna come out sometime. I think it's better that it came from you.

Chelsea: You know, you keep telling me that you're my friend, but a real friend wouldn't want you to go to prison.

Max: Look, I just think... that it would be better for the rest of your life if, um -- if you do the right thing now.


Bo: Why are you doing this? Chelsea's not gonna love you any more.

Billie: [Scoffs] I want to protect her, give her another chance at life.

Bo: The facts are not gonna support your lie.

Billie: Yes, they will. I've already thought it out. I'm gonna tell everybody that I took your SUV without your knowledge to run some errands.

Bo: The small matter of fingerprints.

Billie: Gloves. Next?

Bo: Why didn't you stop when you realized you hit somebody?

Billie: I didn't know what happened. I abandoned the car. That's when Max Brady found it and towed it to the garage.

Bo: Towed it to the garage without somebody calling him? What, is he psychic or something?

Billie: Come on, Bo. Work with me on this.

Bo: I wish I could, for Chelsea's sake. But she was driving that car, and she's got to face the court. What am I talking about? I'm the one responsible for this. It was a mistake to sign that temporary license. And then I let her borrow my car even after I told Hope she wouldn't be behind the wheel of a car until she finished her driving lessons. Hope could never forgive me for this, and I won't forgive myself.

Billie: You didn't know what would happen.

Bo: You never know what's gonna happen, but you can at least think before you act. I went against my better judgment, and I let my daughter down by not setting a good example, and my son paid the price. I-I don't know how Hope can even look at me and Chelsea again.

Billie: And that is why you have to let me do this. Why does everybody have to suffer more? I have a perfect driving record. The courts will go much easier on me than they will Chelsea with her suspended license. Please, Bo, let me do this for all our sakes.


Lexie: Okay, sweetheart. Oh, honey, just try to rest, okay?

Hope: Zack. I'll find out who did this. [Exhales sharply] I'll find out who took you away from me.


Jennifer: You know, I don't even know how to talk to you right now about all of this because I have always trusted you. We have always been so close. I don't even know what to think about you and Jack. I can't even believe he was trying to set the two of us up while we were still married.

Frankie: He adored you. Jen, he worshiped you, okay? He just wanted to make sure that you and your kids were taken care of.

Jennifer: So the two of you couldn't trust me, with my emotions, with the choices for my future?

Frankie: Don't be mad at Jack.

Jennifer: I am mad. You know what? I'm not mad. What I'm saying is I'm not surprised. I know my husband. I know Jack. He is crazy, just crazy, but mostly in really good ways. What I don't understand is your part in all of this because you have always been honest with me. I could always count on you. So if you weren't crazy about this whole plan of Jack's, why did you go through with it?


Alex: [Grunting, panting] I've gotta find Lois and -- ohh! -- And stop her before she hurts Marlena.

Marlena: You lunatic! I don't care why you hate me. I'm past caring. All I want to do is see you get some help.

Lois: Oh! Aah!


Austin: I know this sounds strange coming from me.

Carrie: It does. You're always one of the first people who wants to help everyone. Look at everything you've been willing to do for my sister.

Austin: Yeah, I'm a big pushover. You're right. But in business, you have to be tough.

Carrie: Is that why you hired Sami, who's never done a good job ever in her life? Not that I don't want her to have a chance like everyone else, but you're asking me not to care about people. I can't do that.

Austin: No, I'm not asking you not to care about them, but you've got to care about them in a different way. Carrie, you have a huge heart. I admire that about you. I love that about you. It's a big part of why I'm with you. I'm so happy that we reconnected. But that's our personal lives. In business, you have to have a different mind-set. You have got to be concerned about the bottom line. Why do you think that I am working out of Sami's apartment? Do you really think I hired her because I felt sorry for her? Come on. Sometimes you can work out a situation so that it's win-win for everyone.

Carrie: And sometimes you canít. My company was started by a couple who believes in being loyal to their employees.

Austin: How much is that loyalty gonna mean to them when the company goes bust and they're out looking for a job in a very cold market? Come on, Carrie. Come on, I know you. I know you so well. Boy, you probably had the best company picnics and holiday parties and your employees just love you. But have you done what really matters to them? Sometimes you just have to let go of some of the perks and the frills to make everybody's job secure.

Carrie: I was going to revamp things in the new year, bring up our productivity, but now I won't have a chance. I've lost my company, Austin.

Sami: Oh, uh, I'm sorry, I wasn't meaning to listen in. Did you just say you lost your company? Carrie, I'm sorry.


Chelsea: Look, Max, I hear what you're saying. And I want to do the right thing. It's just my mother won't let me.

Max: All of a sudden, you're calling her "my mother." What ever happened to "Billie the witch"?

Chelsea: God, why are you being so mean to me?

Max: I'm just trying to understand what you're doing. You're not a little kid. You're always saying to everyone that you're so grown-up, and that's the reason why you wanted to take Bo's car, right? To prove that you didn't need those stupid, little driving lessons. And a little boy ended up losing his life.

Chelsea: [Sniffles] Look, I-I want to do the right thing. I do. I do. I just...

Max: Just what? It's plain and simple. You need to take responsibility for your actions. What's stopping you?


Bo: I understand why you're doing this. You're willing to sacrifice your life for your daughter's. It doesn't make it right.

Billie: Nothing in the world is gonna make this right for Hope. So wouldn't it be easier for everybody if she took it out on me? Then you'd have a chance to save your marriage and Chelsea would have a chance to make things right with you and Hope and Shawn -- make up for what she's done.

Bo: By getting away with killing my son? What does that teach her? That she doesn't have to pay for her mistakes.

Billie: She'll be paying with her youth. We both know that she'd get at least 20 years. What's she gonna learn from that?

Bo: This isn't legal, and I'm an officer of the law.

Billie: Bo, you are gonna walk in there, and you are gonna tell Hope that I took your car without your permission and killed Zack.

Hope: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You killed Zack?!


Frankie: All right, so first of all, I would never, ever hurt you on purpose.

Jennifer: I just don't understand why you would go along with this scheme of Jack's. It's not like you don't have a life in D.C., Frankie.

Frankie: All right, look, it's not like -- I mean, Jack didn't seek me out or anything, Jen. Look, I came to Salem because I had to take care of some business, I wanted to see my family, and most of all, I wanted to see my little brother, okay? I wanted to make sure he was okay, get him set up. And then you and Jack were kind enough to let us stay with you and we were all hanging out and I don't know. Maybe Jack saw some old sparks, and...I don't know. You have to admit. He's a selfless guy.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know Jack. I know how much he loved me. I know that he would do anything for me including finding my next husband. But these sparks you're talking about, Frankie. You and I are best friends.

Frankie: I know. I know, but maybe...maybe seeing us together made him think about the past -- you know, our past. I mean, come on, Jen. You remember? He made us watch those old home movies of when we were together and St. Luke's dance, Chloe's wedding?

Jennifer: He made us dance together. Oh, my gosh. He's been working every angle the whole time.

Frankie: I think he knew that you could rely on me as a friend, and maybe he was hoping that, uh, something would develop between us.

Jennifer: Right. But, um, you could have said no.

Frankie: I did. Believe me, I did. I tried to change his mind, and then....and then I just got... I got beat down. I got tired of saying no, and... and then I decided on my own that I wanted to be there for you.

Jennifer: He's gone. Oh, my goodness. He's gone.


Lois: It's too bad you won't really feel the impact when your body hits the ground and your blood splatters all over the street and on the sidewalk. If you do manage to survive for a few minutes, you'll be in such a state of shock that you won't really feel anything, and then, lickety-split, you'll be dead, and you'll never feel anything ever again.

Alex: Lois! Stop right there!


Nicole: Austin, can I speak to you for a moment, please, in private?

Austin: No, not right now.

Nicole: It's business.

Austin: I'll be right back.


Carrie: [Sighs]

Sami: Look, Carrie, I'm so sorry about this. How did you lose your company?

Carrie: I don't know exactly how it happened, although from what Austin was telling me, I guess I was spending too much time making my employees happy rather than protecting the company that they work for. Now they're all gonna be on the unemployment line.

Sami: That's terrible. So who's the jerk that did this?

Carrie: I don't know.

Sami: What do you mean you don't know? They didn't warn you? They didn't contact you so you could prepare your employees?

Carrie: I was never even called.

Sami: Well, I'm sorry. I mean, that's terrible. That sounds like they were out to hurt you intentionally.

Carrie: You mean me personally?

Sami: Well, no, I mean, I don't know. It's just so ruthless and bad business ethics. It's totally indecent.

Carrie: It's hard to believe that it's happening. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Sami: Well, I can tell you what I would do. If I were you, you should find out who the son of a bitch is who did this to you and make them pay for ruining your life.


Jennifer: You are such a good man. And you never say no. People must take advantage of you all the time.

Frankie: Once in a while. I'm no saint.

Jennifer: Well, you are in my eyes. And this whole scheme of Jack's -- for not wanting my kids or myself to be alone -- if he were alive right now, I would get so angry at him for putting you in such an impossible situation. My goodness, he was dying. He knew that he could guilt you into saying yes, Frankie.

Frankie: To be honest, I was honored he asked...that he thought of me, and that he wanted me to look after you. There are a lot of differences between me and Jack, Jen.

Jennifer: No kidding.

Frankie: I'm not as selfless as he is.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Frankie: Yeah, I agreed to stay here and look after you and the kids. I didn't do it just for Jack or you. I did it for myself, too. Okay, I -- I'm gonna lay my cards on the table here, and I know it may be a dumb move, but... [ Sighs] Look, I'm not just here out of friendship. I mean, yeah, I am. I mean, that's part of it. Yes, of course. I feel...I feel something much deeper. I know you're not ready to hear this, and I know that I'm gonna regret opening up my big mouth, but... the truth is... I still love you.


Alex: Lois, don't do anything stupid.

Lois: The only stupid thing I ever did was letting the two of you live all these years. I should have killed you both when I found out you loved her instead of me. Then when I found out that the great Dr. Alex North had come to Salem to rescue Marlena Evans and help her get her memory back, I realized this was my chance to get rid of you two cheaters!

Alex: Lois, we did not cheat on you. Yes, I did love Marlena. I still do.. I thought you had finally accepted that.

Lois: Can it, Alex. Say bye-bye to your precious Marlena.

Alex: No!


Chelsea: I know you think that I'm a horrible coward, but I can't help it. I'm too afraid. And if Billie is willing to say that she was the one behind the wheel -- if she's willing to do that for me...well, I'm not gonna stop her.

Max: Hey, look, I'm really sorry to bother you, but Chelsea really needs your help right now.


Hope: You killed Zack?! You?!

Billie: I am so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I'd give anything for Zack to be alive.

Hope: [Sobbing] Zack!


Philip: The only thing I'm gonna wish to you guys is that you two end up just as happy as Belle and I are.


Frankie: Thereís a part of me that thought that we would end up living happily ever after.

Jennifer: It canít.


Bo: I'm not protecting Billie, but, yeah, there is someone else I'm protecting.

Hope: Oh, my God.

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