Days Transcript Wednesday 1/11/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/11/06 - Canada; Friday 1/12/06 - U.S.A.


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[Breathing heavily]

Sami: Lucas...


Lexie: [Sniffles] Oh, thanks. Abe, hi.

Abe: Oh, sweetheart. Oh. One of the nurses said you were headed back to the ER.

Lexie: Yeah. I have to harvest Isaac-- Zach's liver for Claire while it's still viable. Oh, sweetheart. I can't believe he's gone. [Exhales deeply] I can't believe God would take that precious little boy. [Sniffles] It was hard enough when we had to give him up when we found out the baby we'd adopted really belonged to Bo and Hope, but at least then...

Abe: I know. We could still watch him grow up, be a part of his life.

Lexie: But this time...

Abe: Look...sweetheart, you know, maybe you should have one of the other doctors do this operation.

Lexie: No, no, I, uh, I have to do it. This way, I'll know that it's not only done carefully, but that it is done with love.

Abe: Are you sure you're up to this?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah. [Sighs] I couldn't save Zach, but I have to make sure that his liver saves Belle and Philip won't lose their baby, too.


Belle: It just seems so unfair, you know? We finally get our miracle and you and your family have to suffer.

Shawn D.: No.

Belle: I'm just...

Shawn D.: If Claire makes it, it's like Zach can live on in a way.

Philip: I totally agree, but I can't just wait around here. I got to go find out some information. See if they started the surgery, anything, okay? I'll be right back. I'll let you know if I find out anything, all right?

Belle: Okay. [Sniffles] Oh, God. Zach was the best.

Mimi: He sure was.

Belle: He used to always have a hug and a smile for me. I really loved him.

Shawn D.: He loved you, too, and Claire.

Belle: [Sniffles]

Mimi: I'm gonna go get some water.


Mimi: [Sighs]

Bonnie: Are you out of your mind, leaving the two of them alone like that? Are you trying to lose Shawn?


Belle: [Sniffles]

Shawn D.: Here.

Belle: [Giggles] Thanks. You need them as much as I do.

Shawn D.: No, I don’t.

Belle: I don't even know why I'm the one that's crying. My baby has a chance now, thanks... but you and your family... I don't know how you're gonna get through this.

Shawn D.: Neither do I. One thing that'll help is if justice is done. I know my family won't rest until whoever did this is caught...and punished.


Chelsea: God, it just couldn't have been me. It just couldn't have been.


Chelsea: What the hell was that? Oh, my God. [Screams]


Chelsea: Oh, God.

Max: Hey. Mom always said there's nothing like a cup of hot chocolate.

Chelsea: I don't want any hot chocolate, okay?!

Max: Look, we're all upset about Zach dying, Chelsea.

Chelsea: You don't understand. This was all my fault.


Bo: What are you implying?

Officer Hammond: With all due respect, you were driving the car that killed your son.

Bo: Like hell I was! You screwed up your investigation! They should have given this case to experienced cops.

Officer Daniels: We did everything by the book.

Hope: Bo would never leave the scene of an accident. So whatever you think you've figured out, you are wrong. Bo was not driving the car that hit Zach.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Belle: You're right. Whoever killed Zach has to be punished. I mean, an accident is one thing, but hitting a child and then just driving away like it's nothing -- who would do that?

Shawn D.: I don't know. I don't know, but right now, you have to stay focused on Claire and the transplant, okay? We both do.

Belle: You're amazing. You just lost your brother and you're worried about my daughter.

Shawn D.: She's my Goddaughter. She and I have a special connection.


Bonnie: Shawn is your fiancé, not Belle's.

Mimi: I know that.

Bonnie: So get back in there and stand by him in his time of need. Don't let his ex-girlfriend be the one to score the sympathy points.

Mimi: Mom, Shawn's brother just died and Belle's baby is about to get a transplant that may or may not save her life. Whether or not I stand by my man at this particular minute is damn irrelevant.

Bonnie: You're right. I must have sounded totally heartless. [Sighs] But I'm not. I'm just devastated about what happened to poor, little Zach. If anything like that happened to you or one of your brothers, I don't think I'd ever get over it. And as for Claire, I have prayed to every saint I can think of that this transplant is a success, but that doesn't change the matter at hand. Belle should be crying on Philip's shoulder about their sick baby, and you should be comforting Shawn about Zach. Now march back in there and do your mama proud.

Mimi: Mom --

Bonnie: Show your sexy fiancé how good your shoulder feels before he gets even cozier with his ex-girlfriend.


Mimi: Hey.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Mimi: How are you doing? I know. How do I think you'd be doing? I'm sorry. This is just all so awful, I don't even know what to say.

Shawn D.: You don't have to say anything. Just being here means so much to me.


Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hey, did you find out anything?

Philip: They started the surgery.

Belle: Oh.


Shawn D.: Well, it's gonna work. It's got to 'cause some good has got to come out of Zach's death.

Belle: We will never forget what we owe him and your family.

Philip: I don't know how your parents are coping. I mean, after everything we've been through here, there's nothing worse than losing a child.


Officer Hammond: I know how hard this must be for you, but the fact is your son was hit by an SUV registered to your husband.

Hope: No, it's not possible!

Officer Daniels: So if you weren't driving it, who was?

Hope: Bo and I are the only ones who drive that car.

Officer Hammond: Did you lend it to anybody?

Hope: Of course he didn’t. Who would he have lent it to?


Chelsea: Mr. Paulson said that based on how good I did today that I'm eligible for a temporary license. All you have to do is sign this and I can start driving again right away.

Bo: Don’t let me regret this.

Chelsea: I won’t. I promise. [Smooches] There is one other huge favor I need to ask you, though -- just a little one.

Bo: [Sighs] All right, I'm sitting down.

Chelsea: Can I borrow your car tonight?

Bo: What?

Chelsea: Just so I don't have to depend on Max or anyone else.

Bo: What?

Chelsea: Please?

Bo: Okay. But you be careful, all right?

Chelsea: I promise. I will be very careful, I will obey every law, I will not speed, and I will look out for drunk drivers.

Bo: All right.

Chelsea: Thank you, dad. My driving is going to be perfect.


Bo: You're jumping to conclusions here. What makes you so sure that my car was the one that hit Zach?

Officer Daniels: We have proof.


Max: Why do you think it's your fault Zach's dead?

Chelsea: Because...

Max: Because what?

Chelsea: The accident I had tonight. I thought that I hit a pothole, but it was so -- it was so dark, and what if I...?

Max: No, no, no, you didn’t. You couldn’t.

Chelsea: I overheard the cops talking to Bo and Hope, and they said that they think that his SUV was involved in a hit-and-run, and if it was, then...then that means.

Max: If it wasn’'re the driver that killed Zach.


[Both panting]

Sami: Oh, God. Oh, Lucas.

Lucas: Wow. That was incredible.

Sami: That was better than incredible.

Lucas: [Chuckles] That was better than ever. [Exhales deeply]

Sami: Lucas, why are you looking at me like that?

Lucas: I'm trying to figure you out. Figure out what you're up to and what you're really doing here.

Sami: I told you. I don't know. I must have sleepwalked here. I did it a lot when I was a kid.

Lucas: Yeah, I'm supposed to believe you sleepwalked into my apartment, climbed into bed with me, and started kissing me?

Sami: Oh, and don't forget that you were kissing me back, and a whole lot more. How about that?

Lucas: I don't know. Maybe I was sleeping, too.

Sami: Well, you're awake now, and I know that look. So why don't you tell me what you're thinking?

Lucas: I could ask you the same thing.

Sami: I asked you first. You don't even have to say it. I think I know. Having me in your bed again and kissing me -- you regret breaking up with me, don't you?


Chelsea: I don't know what happened, Max. It was so dark and I was just reaching for my cellphone and I only took my eyes off the road for one second.

Max: That's all it takes, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, what if I accidentally killed my own little brother?

Max: We don't know that yet.

Chelsea: I would never be able to ever forgive myself. Oh, my God, and Bo and Hope... they would go ballistic. He would disown me.


Bo: Let me see this so-called "proof."

Officer Daniels: As we said, we got a call that somebody saw an SUV being towed not far from the crime scene. We tracked down the vehicle, ran the plates and the VIN. It's yours.

Officer Hammond: We just got the report from forensics. The tracks at the scene match the treads on the vehicle perfectly.

Officer Daniels: Plus the black paint and broken parking light left behind match the damage to your SUV.

Officer Hammond: It's pretty conclusive, detective. No room for misinterpretation.

Hope: This can't be happening. It's not true. It can't be true. Bo, tell them. Tell them you didn't do this. Oh, my God, Bo, tell me you didn't do this. Tell me you didn't kill our baby! This can't be happening. Bo!


Bo: Stay with her.

Jennifer: You got to calm down, honey.


Bo: I wasn't driving that SUV.

Officer Hammond: Okay, then who was?


Lexie: The transplant is going to be particularly risky because the recipient had to wait so long for a liver. Wipe.

[Machines beeping] I'd given up hope on her, even suggested her parents remove her from life support. If they had listened to me... okay, clamp.

[Sighs] Isaac...sweetheart, you're doing a beautiful thing. You're giving Claire the gift of life. If God had to take you, at least he's giving us a miracle -- your liver being a match for Claire. Okay. O.R. 2.

Nurse: Dr. Goldberg said you'd want an update on the recipient's condition.

Lexie: Yeah.

Nurse: She's been bleeding quite a bit during the surgery. We've given her blood and FFB, but she's still bleeding. Now her pressure's dropping. Dr. Goldberg's not optimistic about the transplant. I'm sorry.


Philip: Thank God Zach's liver was a match for Claire's. That's the miracle in all this, because if it hadn't been --

Shawn D.: Then they both could have died.

Philip: Yeah.

Belle: It makes sense that Zach would be a match for Claire.

Mimi: You know, they share the same genes. I mean, because they're brothers and if one brother's blood matched, then the other brother's --


Bonnie: I'm sorry. I don't mean to barge in, I just -- I want to tell you I'm praying for your little girl.

Belle: Thank you, Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: Oh, come here, sweetie. You hang in there, okay? Both of you. I know how awful this feels right now, but trust me, years from now, this is gonna be one of those family stories you tell that will make Claire roll her eyes and say, "not that one again."

Belle: [Chuckles] I hope so.

Bonnie: Yeah. You just keep believing.

Philip: We will.

Bonnie: 'Cause that's what your daughter needs right now -- her mommy and daddy praying for her. Shawn... I'm so sorry about Zach.

Shawn D.: Thank you, Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: You were the best older brother a little guy could ever have. I know how much he loved you and how much you loved him, too. And Mimi loved Zach, too. Didn't you, honey? I need to borrow you for a minute, okay? Excuse us.


Mimi: What do you think you're doing?

Bonnie: Saving you from yourself.

Mimi: I don't need saving.

Bonnie: The hell you don’t. If I hadn't walked in when I did... I'm your mother, Mimi. I know what you were thinking. You were wondering why Shawn and Zach were a match for Claire and Philip wasn't, weren't you?

Mimi: Do you blame me?

Bonnie: Yes. Because if you start asking questions like that out loud, you can just kiss your fiancé goodbye forever.


Shawn D.: Zach knew Claire was sick. That's why he wanted her to have his blanket.

Philip: Zach was a special kid.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, he was. He wanted to do whatever he could to help Claire. And now he is.


Officer Hammond: Do you know who was driving your SUV?

Bo: I gotta check on my wife.

Officer Hammond: We're not leaving until we get a full statement.


Hope: Did you clear it up? Did you tell them there's no way you could have done this?

Bo: Oh, yeah. Yeah, um, but I'm gonna need to talk to them some more.

Hope: About what?

Bo: They're rookies. They need help with this investigation.

Hope: Well, I need you right now.

Bo: I know. I won't be long. Hey, why don't you and Jen get some air? Go for a walk or something.

Jennifer: I think that's a great idea. Come on, Hope.

Bo: I love you.

Hope: I love you, too, so much.

Bo: And you know that I would never do anything to hurt our children.

Hope: Of course I know that, but why would they say those horrible things?

Bo: I know. They're just doing their job.

Hope: He was our baby.

Bo: I'll see you in a couple minutes.

Hope: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Come on. Come on.


Officer Hammond: Look, we're really sorry about this, Detective Brady, but we have to follow the regulations.

Bo: Yeah.

Officer Hammond: Which is why we need to get a full statement. If someone borrowed your car tonight, we have to know who it was.

Bo: Yeah. [Clears throat] I got to talk to Abe Carver. He and his wife raised Zach the first year of his life, and he's grieving.

Officer Hammond: A few minutes, but don't leave the area.


Bo: Abe?

Abe: Hey.

Officer Daniels: It's a simple question. Why does he keep avoiding it?

Abe: I'm so sorry, buddy. I'm so sorry.

Bo: Look, he was your son before he was mine.

Abe: Yeah, well, uh, are there new leads?

Bo: A couple of rookies caught the case. They're here now.

Abe: Yeah, I spoke to them briefly. But what are they doing still here instead of out in the field looking for leads?

Bo: They think they found their perp -- me.

Abe: What?

Bo: They got evidence that proves -- it proves it was my SUV that hit Zach.

Abe: Yours?

Bo: Abe, I wasn't driving.

Abe: W-was it stolen?

Bo: No.

Abe: Bo, you're not making sense. Could you have lent it to someone?


Max: If you are the one who hit Zach, Bo disowning you is the least of your worries. You could go to jail, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Even if I did it, I didn't know that I did it.

Max: You knew you hit something.

Chelsea: Max, you have to help me.

Max: How?

Chelsea: I don't know. I don't know. Get me out of Salem. Right now, please.


Abe: This is serious, Bo. Now, I don't know who you're trying to protect, and I'm not sure I want to, but you can't play games with this. And whoever was driving that car is looking at charges of vehicular homicide. So, now, you tell me. Who was driving that car that killed your son?


Hope: I feel like I'm trapped in this nightmare that keeps getting worse and I can't wake up from it. My God, nothing makes any sense. It's just like everything's spinning out of control.

Jennifer: Listen, that is why you need to hold onto everything that you know is true.

Hope: I don't even know what that is anymore.

Jennifer: Yes, you do. You do. Your husband loves you and you love Bo and you know that he would never do anything to hurt you or your children. You know that.

Hope: No, of course he wouldn’t.

Jennifer: Exactly.

Hope: But the police said there's proof that it was his car. Who else could have been driving it?

Jennifer: I don't know, but that is not something that you need to worry about right now.

Hope: Yes, I do, because whoever it was killed my son.


Chelsea: Bo's staring at me, Max. He knows. Oh, my God. I have to go.

Max: You can't just run away, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I have to.

Max: No, it'll just make you look more guilty.

Chelsea: I can't stay here. What am I supposed to tell him?

Max: The truth, which I'm sure he probably knows anyway -- that it was an accident. You had no idea you hit Zach.

Chelsea: No, I didn’t. Not at all. If I did, I would have stopped. I would have called 911. I would have made sure he was okay.

Max: Exactly, exactly.

Chelsea: But whether I know or not is irrelevant, Max. I did it. Zach is dead. God, what am I gonna do?

Max: Well, first off, you need to talk to a lawyer, okay?

Chelsea: I really am gonna go to prison, aren't I? Maybe for the rest of my life. My own dad is gonna arrest me.


Abe: Do you know who was driving that car? Bo? Do you know who killed Zach?

Bo: Abe, I... I gotta find out exactly what happened -- what went down -- before I talk to anybody.

Abe: Are you planning on taking matters into your own hands?

Bo: Just give me some more time, all right?

Abe: Bo, waiting to make an official statement -- that's one thing. But take my advice -- however you plan to play this with the department, you have to be honest with your wife.

Hope: Be honest with me about what? Bo, what's going on?


Belle: [Inhales sharply]

Shawn D.: What's wrong?

Belle: I just got a really awful feeling about Claire.

Philip: Honey, you're just nervous. That's all. We all are.

Belle: We already lost Zach tonight. We can't -- we can't lose Claire, too.

Philip: We're not going to. All right? Listen to me. You have to stay positive now. You're the one who said that, remember? You said, "I only want positive thoughts and prayers in here." That was you. The doctors gave up on her. They wanted to take her off life support, let her go. But you wouldn’t. You kept believing. Now, she is going to get through this. She's held on way too long not to. Do you understand me?

Shawn D.: Philip, you're right. Some good has got to come of Zach's death, otherwise... and Claire has a long life ahead of her, and she's got two terrific parents who love her more than anything.


Mimi: If Philip is Claire's father, why wasn't his blood a match for hers, and why was Shawn's, and why is Zach a perfect liver match for Claire? I just...

Bonnie: I had an uncle with jet-black hair and dark brown eyes. The rest of the family was fair like me. These things happen.

Mimi: Okay, but --

Bonnie: As for Zach's liver, they transplant organs from total strangers all the time.

Mimi: You're right. They do.

Bonnie: Which proves you don't even have to be remotely related to be a donor.

Mimi: I guess not.

Bonnie: But Zach and Claire are related through Philip. You just be grateful that Zach was a match for Claire and leave it at that. [Sighs] The question you need to ask yourself is, "do you love Shawn?"

Mimi: You know I do.

Bonnie: Then you need to focus all your attention on helping him through this. Sweetheart, the poor guy just lost his brother. He needs his fiancé's unwavering support.

Mimi: You're right.

Bonnie: Mama's always right. Who was it who told you that Shawn Brady was the man for you way before you wanted to admit it?

Mimi: You, but --

Bonnie: No "buts." Sweetheart, look at me. Look at me. You get yourself together and get that cute butt in there with him. Shawn can't be Claire's father. Please, God, don't do this to me...or to Mimi.


Shawn D.: Hey. You okay?

Mimi: Am I okay? Shawn...

Shawn D.: Tonight's been a roller coaster, hasn't it?

Mimi: Yeah. Listen, I know it's gonna be so hard, but I know that you and your parents are gonna get through this.

Shawn D.: I know. Somehow when you say it, I start to believe it.


Sami: Come on, Lucas, why won't you answer my question?

Lucas: What we had is over for good.

Sami: I couldn't agree with you more.

Lucas: Yeah? Then why'd you sleepwalk into my bed?

Sami: Why did you leave your apartment door unlocked?

Lucas: Don't worry. It's a mistake I won't repeat again.

Sami: Me either. Ugh.

Lucas: Where do you think you're going in my sheet?

Sami: For your information, you managed to get my nightgown off of me while I was sleeping. Do you want me to walk out of here naked?

Lucas: Fine. Bring it back, all right?

Sami: I'll even clean it for you.

Lucas: Good.

Sami: Good. You can go back to your pointless fantasies about Carrie now..

Lucas: Yeah, and you go back to dreaming about Austin.

Sami: I will. At least my dream has a chance of coming true.

Lucas: No, wait a minute, Sami. If you were dreaming about Austin, why didn't you just sleepwalk a few feet into his bedroom? Why'd you have to come all the way to my apartment and climb into bed with me, huh?

Sami: [Sighs]

Lucas: That's all right. I think I know. I'm the one you're really dreaming about, aren't I?


Mimi: The nurse said it's gonna be awhile before they know how the transplant's going.

Belle: Well...I feel better. I know no matter what happens, God's looking out for her. Come on.

Shawn D.: [Sighs]

Mimi: I'm glad to see you here.

Shawn D.: I feel better. I know he's watching out for Zach.

Mimi: Yes, he is.

Shawn D.: And I know Zach's probably telling him to help Claire pull through this.

Mimi: I'm sure of it.

Shawn D.: He's in a better place, now, right? Do you believe that?

Mimi: Absolutely. One day, we'll all see him again.

Shawn D.: It's just really hard to imagine life without him.

Mimi: I know.

Shawn D.: Please take care of Zach. Make sure he knows how much we love him, and please help us find the hit-and-run driver that killed him.


Officer Hammond: We're not leaving here till Bo Brady either gives himself up for running down his kid or tells us who else was driving his car tonight.

Officer Daniels: If he won't, that's obstruction of justice.

Officer Hammond: Exactly. This is our first high-profile case. I'm not blowing it.

Officer Daniels: Me neither. Someone's going down for killing that kid, and we're gonna figure out who.


Chelsea: Max, if Bo turns me in, I could go to prison for the rest of my life. You have to help me. You have to do something. Get me away from Salem -- far away as possible.


Hope: What's Abe want you to be honest with me about? We don't keep secrets, Brady. We promised. So please just... do you know something about how Zach died, about who killed him?

Jennifer: Abe, why don't we give them some time alone?

Abe: Yes.

Jennifer: Here, come with me.


Hope: Answer me. The truth, Brady. Why do the police say your car was involved? Why? How is it even possible?

Bo: Hope, I'll explain everything, but you have to calm down.

Hope: Calm down? Calm down? My baby is dead. That beautiful little boy that I carried and gave birth to is gone. And he's not coming back -- not this time. He is gone, Bo. So don't tell me to calm down. You just tell me the truth. You tell me you had nothing to do with it. You tell me you weren't responsible. You tell me those police -- they're wrong. I want to hear it from you! Tell me!


Lexie: Abe.

Abe: Oh, sweetheart. [Sighs] How'd the surgery go?

Lexie: Well, it was touch-and-go, but Claire came through.

Abe: Oh, thank God. Thank God.

Lexie: Yeah. Now we just wait and hope the transplant takes.

Abe: The liver was a match, right?

Lexie: Yeah, but that's no guarantee.


Hope: Look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Bo, I want answers.


Jennifer: Give her something to calm her down.

Lexie: I'll be right there.


Hope: Tell me you didn't do anything to hurt our little boy.

Bo: I would never anything to hurt our children. You know that.

Hope: I'm sorry. I know that. Then who? Who would have done this?

Bo: I don't know. I don't know.


Lexie: Hope?

Hope: Oh, my God, Lexie, Zach's gone.

Lexie: I know, sweetheart. I know.

Hope: What is that?

Lexie: Just a little something to calm you down.

Hope: I don't want to be sedated. I just... I just want answers.

Lexie: Bo?

Bo: It's okay, Fancy Face. I'm right here. I love you.

Hope: I love you. I love Zach. Why did he have to die? [Sobbing] Why did our baby have to die?

Bo: I don't know. I don't know.


Officer Hammond: Detective Brady, we've been patient, but we have to get your statement.

Bo: I have to be here with my wife right now, so back off.

Officer Daniels: There are other people here who can take care of her.

Bo: I told to back off!

Abe: Boys, boys. Now, I know what they taught you at the academy, but in the real world, you have to learn when to back off. Now, Bo will answer all of your questions, but just give him a break here.


Lexie: Belle, Philip?

Philip: Hey.

Lexie: The nurse said I'd find you here.

Belle: Is the surgery over?

Lexie: Yes.

Philip: Well, how is she?

Lexie: The transplant was a success.

Philip: It was?

Belle: Thank you, God.

Lexie: But she still has a long road ahead of her.

Philip: Right, but she came through. She's okay, right?

Lexie: Yes, yes. [Exhales] Just keep praying for her.


Sami: You have one hell of an ego, you know that? I was dreaming about Austin, and maybe you responded to me because you still want me.

Lucas: In your dreams -- literally. I responded to you because I thought you were Carrie.

Sami: You know what? We should stop talking like this because Will might come out here and see us and get the wrong idea.

Lucas: You always bring him up, don't you? Why don't you just leave? Leave before you wake up Carrie.

Sami: You're worried that Carrie might come out here and see us together like this and blow your chance with her? Don't worry, Lucas, you don't have a chance with her.

Lucas: I got a better chance with her than you do with Austin.

Sami: Don't make me laugh.

Lucas: You know what, Sami? You're gonna be all alone. Don't worry about it. I checked with your astrologer. It's written in the stars, hon. You're gonna be all alone. You're not gonna have anybody -- not me, not Austin. It's just gonna be you and four walls, maybe a cat.

Sami: We'll see. We'll see who winds up alone, Lucas.

Sami: Ugh.

Lucas: Still your own worst enemy.

Sami: Oh, we'll see. I am gonna have the last laugh, Lucas. Just you wait and see.


[Door closes]

Sami: [Sighs] Damn it. Lucas does want me back. I know he does. But it's too late. Because now I am going to get Austin. He will be mine. And once Austin takes over Carrie's company, she's never gonna speak to him again. And then I will become Mrs. Austin Reed. And you are the one, Lucas, who is gonna wind up alone and miserable.


Lucas: Sami can dream about Austin all she wants. There's no way he's ever gonna get involved with her again. As soon as my brother takes over Highstyle, he can kiss his future with Carrie goodbye, and we'll live happily ever after. And Sami and Austin...will end up all alone.



[Both laugh]

Belle: Did you hear that? Our baby's gonna make it.

Philip: I think our prayers have been answered.

Belle: [Giggles]

Lexie: Claire's okay for now, and certainly we have every reason to be hopeful, but the next few days are critical. It'll be a long time before we can be certain that Claire's body won't reject the liver.

Shawn D.: That's not gonna happen. There's got to be a reason for all of this, and a part of Zach will live on through Claire. She's gonna make it.


Hope: I have to find out the truth.

Jennifer: No, the only thing you have to do right now is lie down and get some rest.

Hope: No, I need to find out who killed my baby.


Officer Hammond: I don't mean any disrespect Mr. Carver, but you're not the Police Commander anymore, and Bo Brady may be a member of the police force, but he's also the prime suspect in the hit-and-run that killed his son.

Abe: Bo didn't do this.

Officer Daniels: Maybe, but we think he knows who did.

Abe: Just give him a little time to deal with his family.

Officer Daniels: He can't keep putting us off. Either he answers our questions or we take him to jail for obstruction.


Max: Bo.

Chelsea: Dad.

Max: How you holding up?

Bo: I need to talk to my daughter.

Max: Okay. Um...

Bo: You said you hit something when you were driving my truck. I want the truth. Was it Zach?

Tell me! Did you kill my son?!


Hope: Zach... God, please don't take him from me.


Bo: You hit my son. You killed Zach.


John: My main concern is Marlena. Now I know that she's safe.

Alex: [Thinking] Safe?! She's not safe at all.


Lois: [Thinking] Now look what you've done. You're gonna pay for this.

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