Days Transcript Wednesday 1/4/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/4/06 - Canada; Friday 1/5/06 - U.S.A.


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Austin: [Laughing]

Sami: Well, this turned out to be quite a party.

Austin: Oh, yeah, yeah. Compared to some of the less successful parties you've had in the past -- very good, very good.

Sami: What is that supposed to mean?

Austin: Look, I'm sorry. It just seems that you're starting the new year off on the right foot.

Carrie: For once.

Sami: Well, I have made mistakes, but I have learned from them.

Lucas: Yeah, right.

Sami: But anyway, I am really glad that you came, Carrie -- not as glad as Austin is, I'm sure. I'm really happy for both of you, and if you're ever in the market for a wedding dress, I have a whole handful in my closet, don't I, Austin?

Austin: Yes, you do. You could open up your own boutique.


Eugenia: Is she really happy for them?

Lucas: Hell no. I know Sami. No, she's up to something.


Sami: Well, sis, when you're ready, you feel free to just help yourself to any of them.

Carrie: Sami, I think we're a little ways from that happening.

Sami: Maybe not as far away as you may think.


Caroline: Alice, would you like to go to the chapel and join Kate and Victor to pray for the baby?

Alice: I think God can hear me just fine from here.

Belle: Thank you so much for staying with us.

Caroline: We'll be here as long as you need us.


Philip: I know we decided to keep her with us and to not disconnect the life support, but Lexie said the toxins are building in her system, and I think it's a miracle that her little heart is still beating.

Belle: You know, I'm not asking for a miracle. Organ transplants are practically routine these days, right? She could get a new liver and live a completely normal life.

Philip: I know that. And God willing. But right now, I'm worried that she's running out of time.


Marlena: Lexie, please. Tell me anything at all. How is he doing? Is he going to be all right?

Lexie: Well, he's losing a lot of blood. We need to prep him for O.R.

Marlena: I just don't believe that Alex would ever, ever try to kill me.

John: I think you just have to ask yourself why he escaped from jail, stole the guard's gun, and tried to sneak into your bedroom window.

Marlena: Well, I don't know. I don't know. But what he said to me when he called me was -- the real threat to me... was Dr. Banks.


Nurse 1: Get Dr. Carver now.

Nurse 2: Got it.

Nurse 1: Come on.


Hope: Zach.

Shawn D.: Mom, mom, mom, you can't go. Come here. Tell me, mom, what happened?

Hope: He was having a sleep over at Mrs. Morrisons', and somehow he wandered out into the street and got hit by a car. Zach -- Zach, baby, can you hear me? It's mommy, baby. Mommy's here. Talk to me. Say something. Please, say something to me. Say something, Zach. [Sobbing] Please. God, I have to be with my baby. Oh, my God.

Shawn D.: Mom, tell me who did this. Who did this to my brother?


Max: Well, looks like you have some axle-suspension damage and a little bit of bodywork -- paint, mostly. And you have a broken parking light up there.

Chelsea: Is that really bad or expensive?

Bo: No, no, it's not too bad. But you were right to pull over when you did. The car was definitely unsafe to drive.

Max: Yeah.

Chelsea: I was trying to be responsible.

[Loud music plays]

[Thud] What the hell was that? Oh, my God. Aah! Dad, um, thank you so much for promising not to tell anybody about what happened tonight.

Bo: Well, no other vehicles were involved. Nobody got hurt. There's no reason to.


[Speaking indistinctly on radio]

Officer: First week on the force, and we catch a hit-and-run.

Officer: Before the night's over, we are gonna figure out who did it.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Nurse: Excuse me, Dr. Carver, you're needed in cubicle two. There's a child -- hit-and-run. He looks critical.

Lexie: I'll be right there. Okay, O.R. is waiting for him. We have to get him upstairs.

Marlena: Lexie, what are his chances?

Lexie: He's still very critical, but we'll know more in the next few hours.

Marlena: Uh, are you going to operate?

Lexie: No, no, but I will keep checking on him, and I will let you know what's going on.

Marlena: Thank you.

Lexie: Okay.

John: [Sighs]


Lexie: Oh, my God. Hope, what happened?

Hope: He was hit by a car.

Nurse: Temperature was 96. Pulse -- 70. Bp -- 110/80. O2 set was 91% on Reaumur. Mom said he was complaining he couldn't move his legs.

Lexie: His pupils are sluggish. He needs a head ct. Oh, God.

Shawn D.: Lexie, if you can't do this -- if it's too hard for you --

Lexie: No, no, no. I will take care of him. I have to save him.

Hope: My God, Lex, is it really that bad? Are you saying that he could die?

Nurse: Heart rate's dropping. You want me to push more fluids?


Officer 1: Just got a call from the lab.

Officer 2: What happened?

Officer 1: : The technician over there says those tire-tread prints we cast were perfect.

Officer 2: Did they get a make on the brand?

Officer 1: Not yet -- they're running a computer scan right now.

Officer 2: Good. I'm gonna go canvas the neighborhood while we wait -- see if anyone heard or saw anything.

Officer 1: Go ahead. I'll keep looking for evidence.


Bo: Replacing that light's not gonna be too expensive.

Max: No, but you've got a small dent. Once we knock that out, it'll leave a metal crease, which will start to rust if we don't primer and paint.

Bo: Yeah.

Max: I mean, it's hardly noticeable, but it's up to you. And you have a small scratch here on the bumper, but it's no biggie.

Bo: All right. Take care of the parking light. Have her aligned. We'll figure out the rest later.

Max: Okay.

Chelsea: Dad, what if somebody finds out about this? Can I lose my license for good?

Bo: Let's just say you better keep up with those driving lessons.

Max: You know, I could have given Chelsea driving lessons.

Bo: She doesn't need to learn how to corner at 150 miles an hour.

Max: Oh, I would have kept it under 100.

Chelsea: Come on, you guys. I'm trying to be responsible. The last thing I need right now is more grief, which is why I'm so grateful that Hope's never gonna find out about this.


Austin: Are we out of alcohol?

Sami: No, I think there's more.


Eugenia: Okay, so what do you think the Samster's up to?

Lucas: I have no idea. She's got to hate that Carrie's back in her life, and I know for a fact that she wants Austin.

Eugenia: Lucas, you don't think that she knows that Carrie's the C.E.O. of Highstyle, do you?

Lucas: No, come on. They're partners. If Austin doesn't know, Nicole doesn't know, Sami doesn't know either.

Eugenia: Okay, then what's she planning?

Lucas: I don't know. I wish I knew. I think she's trying to lull them with a false sense of security. Then she'll drop some kind of bomb or something.

Eugenia: Yeah, well, she definitely knows how to set people up. Remember your birthday party when she popped up out that cake, spilled the goods on Kate and me? Gosh, that was so humiliating. I thought they were gonna try to kill me.

Lucas: You're lucky I didn't kill you.


Carrie: Sami, is this really you? I mean, don't take this the wrong way, but it's pretty hard for me to believe that you're behind me and Austin in trying to have a future together 'cause it's one thing to say that you're not gonna stand in the way, but to actually help the process...

Sami: Look, I told you already -- I've learned from my mistakes. And we've all grown up -- at least, I like to think so. And Austin's been really helping me with that with his own version of tough love.

Carrie: Really? How?

Sami: Well, I guess every time I have a mean and nasty thought, he busts me on it. He wants me to use my powers for good.

Austin: Yes, that's true. That's true, and I think it might be working.

Sami: It is, Austin, thanks to you.


Lucas: Yeah, none of this is gonna matter anyway. When Carrie finds out Austin stole her company, she's gonna be real mad. Whatever future they're planning will be shot to hell.


Austin: I hate to be a party pooper, but it is getting late, and I have a big day tomorrow.

Carrie: Oh, yeah? What's up?

Austin: I'm closing that deal that I've been working on.

Carrie: Oh, is that why Nicole went running out of here so fast?

Austin: Yeah, she needed to talk to our moneyman. Fortunately, he's in California, so it's not so late there.

Carrie: So, this big deal is with a company in California?

Austin: Yeah, that's why I was in L.A.

Carrie: What's the name? I mean, it's a small world. Maybe I know them.


Belle: I can't lose my little girl, and I don't want you or anyone else even considering that possibility.

Philip: Honey, I just want us to be ready in case they can't find a donor.

Belle: I'm not giving up hope.

Alice: Gosh, you shouldn’t. All we can do right now is to pray.


Lois: Here you go, everyone. I think what we need is a nice cup of hot tea. It'll be soothing.

John: Oh, thanks, Lois. I don't want any. Marlena?

Marlena: Yes, thank you. You know, I don't understand why Alex was so upset when he realized that you were at the penthouse with me.

John: I think it's kind of obvious. I mean, Banks exposed Alex for who he was. He was probably flipping out thinking that she was gonna tell you more stuff about him.

Marlena: What could she have said that would have been worse? She claimed that he was a violent man -- that he was a wife beater.

Lois: Claimed? Sounds as if you still don't believe me.

Marlena: I find it very hard to believe that the things you describe could have been done by the Alex that I know and love.


Bo: Let's get something straight, little girl. I'm not gonna go out of my way to say anything to Hope, but if she finds out about this or has reason to ask, I'm not gonna lie to her. Trust and honesty are the cornerstones of our relationship.

Chelsea: But there's no reason that she should find out about this, right, Max?

Max: Hey, I'm not gonna say anything to anybody, but what if she finds out two months later and wonders why you've held out on her for so long? Wouldn't that chip away at those cornerstones just a little bit?

Bo: Don't you have something to do there?

Max: Just saying.

Bo: Yeah.

Chelsea: Look, dad, I'm so sorry that you had to be in the middle of all of this. It's just I don't want to have to hear about how reckless and irresponsible I was for the rest of my life.

Bo: What about Billie? Are you gonna tell your mom?

Chelsea: I'm not going out of my way to tell anybody about what happened.. This whole night has been a big enough bummer as it is -- totally not how I thought I'd be ringing in the New Year. I wanted to be out partying.

Max: Well, I mean, the night isn't over yet.


Hope: Lexie.

Lexie: I haven't finished evaluating him yet, but he has a significant head injury. He may have trauma to his spine --

Hope: Oh, my God, I shouldn't have moved him.

Lexie: Hope, you had no choice. You used your emergency training. You did the right thing.

Shawn D.: Okay, when will we know something?

Lexie: I've ordered a head CT.

Hope: Why? He was alert. He can't have brain damage.

Lexie: Well, we don't know just yet, okay? First we have to stabilize him, and then we'll get a cat scan of his head.

Hope: But the fact that he was awake and talking, I mean, that's a good sign, right?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: He squeezed my hand, you know, in the car. He looked me in the eye and he said, "mommy."

Shawn D.: Lexie, why isn't he talking now?

Lexie: I'll know more once I see a cat scan, okay?


Hope: Oh, my God -- your father.

Shawn D.: Dad doesn't know?

Hope: I couldn't get him on his cellphone.

Shawn D.: I'll go call him.

Hope: No, Shawn. I should be the one to do it. I'll call your dad.

Shawn D.: This is insane. How is this happening? How is this happening?


Lexie: Okay, let's get him to CT.


Shawn D.: What's happening?


Lexie: Oh, no.


Austin: The company I'm interested in -- it's small. You know, I doubt you've ever heard of it, but it's got a lot of potential, it's called --

Sami: Um, Austin, you know what? It's late, like you said, and we don't want to blow the deal tomorrow, right? And besides, we shouldn't talk about business at a party, especially in front of the competition.

Lucas: Sami's right. This party's winding down anyway. I'm looking forward to a great 2006.

Sami: Okay.

Austin: So... Happy New Year.

Carrie: And to you, too.

Austin: May great things happen to all of us.

Sami: Happy New Year, Lucas.

Lucas: Happy New Year to you, too, Sami.

Eugenia: Mm-hmm. Stay out of trouble next year, okay, Samster?

Sami: I will if you stay out of my life.

Eugenia: Not to worry. I have a feeling we're all gonna get what we want..

Lucas: Come on, Eugenia. Let's go.

Eugenia: Right. I got to get my purse.


Carrie: Sami... I hope you have a great year, and I really mean that. Thanks for everything.

Sami: Yeah, well, I love you, and, um, I think you should get everything that you deserve this year.

Carrie: I want the same for you.


Austin: Happy New Year, Lucas.

Lucas: You too. Happy New Year.

Eugenia: All right. Let's hit it.

Lucas: Come on. Let's go.


Austin: Night.

Sami: Night. Oh, my God, I don't believe this. Nicole went through my entire bottle of vodka. On second thought, I do believe it.

Austin: [Laughs]

Sami: Wow, this is a mess.

Austin: Let me give you a hand.

Sami: Thanks. So, well, I hope Will had a good time tonight.

Austin: He's sleeping over at Arthur's, right?

Sami: Yeah. Do you remember -- yeah -- the year that will really wanted to wake up at midnight and throw confetti and say "Happy New Year" to us?

Austin: Yeah, and then we couldn't get him back to sleep.

Sami: Yeah, well, I made the New Year's resolution right there and then never to do that again. I miss my little boy.

Austin: I miss those times, too.

Sami: So, you really think things are gonna work out with you and Carrie, huh?

Austin: Yeah. I do.


Eugenia: Okay, hmm, I'm out of here. I don't know about you, but the night is still young for me.

Lucas: Yeah, you just don't do any more drinking, all right? You're pretty tipsy as is, and no driving for you, either.

Eugenia: Calm down. I know, baby. We got big days ahead. Got to keep it together.

Lucas: That's right.

Eugenia: Yeah. Happy New Year. Good luck, Carrie.

Carrie: Thanks. Good night.

Lucas: Thank you. Be careful out there.

Eugenia: Oh, yeah.

Lucas: All right.

Eugenia: Bye, Luke-Luke!


Carrie: Oh. How do you rein her in?

Lucas: Well, she's actually got really good instincts. She does, and she always seems to know what's going on. Pretty good party in there, huh? Not bad for a Sami party. Little boring at times, but at least we were civil.

Carrie: I had a great time.

Lucas: Really? Guess it looks like you and Austin are gonna have a future together, huh?

Carrie: Yes. I think so.


Caroline: Dear God, you gave your child Claire to Belle and Philip. Please let them know your love and your strength at this very difficult time. We know you are with us, whatever your will, but please, if there's a family out there tonight who lost a child, let their hearts be moved to do something good and life-giving in their loss. May that organ donor be the one that little Claire needs. Please watch over that special family... and every family in need. Amen.

Belle: Amen. It's kind of horrible. It's like asking God to let someone else die so my child can live.

Alice: No, darling, we're not praying for death. We're praying for a new chance of life for Claire.


John: I can't believe I have to stand here and listen to you try to defend the guy after what he's done to you -- after what he tried to do to you tonight.

Marlena: Did you have to shoot him?!

John: Yeah, I did. He was armed. He was gonna kill you or Banks or both of you.

Marlena: How do you know that? For a fact, do you know that? I mean, was he trying to take a shot at you?

John: Nope.

Marlena: Well, then you shot him in cold blood.

John: He was armed! I told him to stop. He refused. End of story.

Lois: My God. I can't believe this. Marlena, you are exhibiting exactly the same behavioral pattern from your past. No matter how brutally Alex treated you, you would bend over backwards to justify his behavior and forgive him.

Marlena: I don't remember that. What I know is ever since Alex came back to town, he has been nothing but kind and loving and gentle with me.

John: And he's done everything in his power to destroy our marriage and undermine your trust and everybody that you care about and lie hand over fist every time he got the chance. When he first came to Salem, he even admitted that he drugged you and hypnotized you, so where in the hell is all this trust coming from, maybe except when he brainwashed you? Ahh, there it is.

Marlena: I remember my life --

John: Oh, will you stop all that?! You don't know any of those memories are real. I don't want to hear any more of that.

Marlena: You did the research. You know we were married, so you know that he's telling the truth.

John: The only truth that I know is what our life was like together. And you were starting to remember, too, so you tell me what happened. What turned you against me if it wasn't for Alex?

Marlena: You keep telling me that Alex is dangerous. He never says that about you, John. And I've never seen him hurt anybody. But you were Stefano DiMera's pawn -- a trained killer.

John: Oh, my God.

Marlena: You shot Alex, and you said you wanted him to die.

John: So is that what you think of me? You really don't know who I am, do you?

Marlena: I don't even care about that right now. I'm too concerned about Claire and Alex in there fighting for their lives.

Lois: Marlena, if he recovers, and you welcome him back with open arms, it is only a matter of time before he kills you.


Officer 1: Got some broken plastic fragments left behind on the roadway. Looks like a busted parking light, maybe. And some black paint chips on the curb here.

Officer 2: Great. I think we caught another break.

Officer 1: What'd you get?

Officer 2: One of the neighbors saw something.

Officer 1: I like the sound of that. It means there's only a matter of time before we catch whoever hit that kid.


Bo: It's a bit late to be out partying.

Max: Well, I don't think it's that late. I can't do anything else tonight anyway. I can't even order the part till after New Year's. Come on, Bo. It's New Year's.

Bo: Yeah, that's true.

Max: Hey, what are you doing to celebrate tonight?

Bo: Oh, I got to get back to the hospital.

Max: What's going on at the hospital?

Bo: Oh, there's -- it's -- Belle and Philip's little girl needs a liver transplant.

Max: I'm so sorry. I knew she was sick. I just didn't know how serious it was.

Bo: Yeah, well, they can't find a donor. The doctors don't think she has much longer to live.


Chelsea: Oh, my God. That's horrible. I'm so sorry.

Bo: Yeah. I can't imagine what they're going through. The -- the thought of losing a kid like -- you know, I'm gonna call and find out what's going on. Damn, my phone's turned off.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah, I, um -- I might have turned that off earlier when I thought you were gonna call in about the accident.


Bo: Chelsea, what the -- oh, hell. There's a bunch of messages here from Hope. That can't be good. Hey, Fancy Face, it's me.

Hope: Where the hell have you been? Why haven't you been answering your cellphone?

Bo: Well, I'm sorry. It was off. What happened?

Hope: You need to get to the trauma center now -- right now.

Bo: Why? What's going on?

Hope: Look, I've got ta go. Lexie's just walking in. Just get here. Just get here fast. Lexie. Lexie, tell me what Zach --

Lexie: The CT scan shows bleeding in the brain. We'll have to take him to surgery.

Hope: Oh, my God -- surgery.

Lexie: It's the only way to relieve the pressure on his brain. I'll need you to sign this consent.

Shawn D.: It was just a couple of years ago that my family lost J.T. And I thought then that was the worst possible thing that could have happened to us. And then we got Zach, and I didn't want another little brother. I just wanted J.T. back. But then you got to me, buddy. How could I not want to be the best big brother I could to you? And when we got you, it was like God gave us happiness again. You're the best, buddy. Now, come on. You were just getting old enough for me to take you to the movies. And we just started playing ball. So come on. Come on. I can't lose you, Zach. I can't lose you, buddy.


Bo: Something's wrong. I got to get to the hospital.

Max: Is it Belle and Philip's baby?

Bo: Hope didn't have a chance to say, but yeah, probably.

Max: Tell them they have our love and our prayers.

Bo: I will. I'll call you if there's any news.

Chelsea: God, I know how it feels to lose your parent, but, I mean, it must be 10 times worse for a parent to lose their child.


Carrie: Oh. I really hope things work out for me and Austin this time, but we just reconnected. It's too early to tell if anything's gonna happen.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. But I got to ask you this -- don't tell me you're really buying Sami's total-support thing.

Carrie: Are you kidding? I mean, I would like to believe it, but I'd have to be crazy not to be at least suspicious.

Lucas: Yeah, I know she's up to something. I don't know why she's pretending to be so happy for you.

Carrie: Lucas, I don't know. I'm not gonna worry about it or I would drive myself crazy.

Lucas: Yeah, that would do it. What about your office, though? It's in L..A. You can't just pack up everything, can you, just to be with Austin?

Carrie: Well... no. I mean, I've invested too much in the company and made a lot of promises to my employees, and I won't turn my back on them.

Lucas: I admire that about you.

Carrie: Thank you. It's part of who I am. I mean, I'm sure Austin would understand that. Besides, he said that he would be coming out to California a lot, especially once he closes the deal.

Lucas: Oh, right, right -- the big deal. It's almost done, right?


Sami: Austin, you must be so excited about the Highstyle takeover tomorrow.

Austin: Absolutely. That company is gonna be the cornerstone that you, Nicole, and I can build on.

Sami: And it's gonna be in all the papers tomorrow, isn't it?

Austin: Yes, it will be, and as soon as the news hits... listen -- listen, I'm taking both of you out to celebrate, okay, so I'm hoping that we can be happy about this with no fighting, no sniping, no casting blame.

Sami: Okay, okay. Not from me, anyway.

Austin: Okay, good, good, because, you know, this deal never would have happened if it weren't for Nicole and her hard work and her input.

Sami: You're right. You're absolutely right about that. And I can tell you one thing -- this Highstyle C.E.O. is not gonna be a friend of Nicole's because it's all because of Nicole that our company was able to destroy this woman's life.

Austin: I know. I know. I just -- I wish I, you know, could have warned her about the takeover, but...

Sami: You know what? It's probably better that you weren't able to warn her because it's New Year's Eve. She was able to celebrate and not worry about it, and then tomorrow, it's gonna be a done deal -- out with the old, and in with the new. Happy New Year.


Lucas: I just -- I just can't believe how competitive Austin's gotten since he's been back, you know? He's got this "take no prisoners" attitude in business now.

Carrie: Really? You think so?

Lucas: Yeah.

Carrie: That doesn't sound like Austin to me. I mean, I think he's really fair in business dealings -- almost too nice. Actually, he's a lot like me.

Lucas: Well, not anymore -- not with Nicole's influence. She's a real shark, Carrie. I think she's convinced him that you have to be totally ruthless and uncaring to be successful.

Carrie: Well, I think it's more important to be a little less successful and be able to live with yourself and sleep at night.

Lucas: I hear you. I mean, I agree. I feel the same way you do. Some people, you know, they just think about the bottom line -- money and power.

Carrie: Well, in my book, people are always more important than the bottom line.

Lucas: I know. Austin used to think that way, but these days, I think he'd hurt almost anybody to get ahead.


Sami: Wait, Austin, you're not having second thoughts about taking over Highstyle just because you haven't talked to the C.E.O., are you?

Austin: No, I'm not having second thoughts. Even if I did, it's a done deal. Nicole's talking to Laura in L.A., and the first thing tomorrow morning, we'll finish filing the papers, and then Highstyle will be ours.

Sami: Yep. You're right, and that C.E.O. is gonna be in for a pretty big shock. Don't take this the wrong way, but she'll probably hate you.

Austin: I know.

Sami: But I guess that's business, huh? I mean, sometimes you just got to be ruthless.

Austin: I don't agree. You're still dealing with human beings, and they have feelings.

Sami: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Austin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sami: Well, hey, you know what? Nicole said also that, that C.E.O. was not doing a really good job with the company, so maybe we were doing her a favor by taking it over, you know, before it went belly-up.

Austin: That's a good way to look at it. I think you're right.

Sami: Really?

Austin: Really.

Sami: I'm glad you think that.

Austin: But I still don't think she's gonna call me and thank me.

Sami: No. No, you're probably right about that, but look at the bright side. Once the takeover's complete, you and Highstyle's former C.E.O. won't ever have anything to do with each other ever again.


Belle: Do you think I should go check with Lexie again?

Philip: I'm sure she'll let us know the minute she hears anything. Claire's at the top of the transplant list, honey. We'll know when there's a donor.

Belle: It doesn't look like there's gonna be one, does it?

Philip: I think all we can do right now is live in the moment. Claire's still here. She can hear us. She can feel our love. And she knows that we're here for her -- always.

Belle: I just wish Shawn and Mimi would hurry up and get back. If anything happens, I think they'd hate it if they didn't get to say goodbye to their Goddaughter.


Marlena: I am not trying to justify Alex's behavior. I just want to know the truth, and I can't accept what you say without some kind of proof.

John: You saw the photographs of yourself -- battered, beaten. You have your proof. You know the truth. You just don't want to accept it.

Nurse: Dr. North is out of surgery.

Marlena: Oh! Oh, my gosh.

Nurse: They're taking him up to the ICU now.

Marlena: Is he going to be all right?

Nurse: He's still in critical condition.

John: So he might not make it?

Nurse: They're doing all they can.


Officer 1: So, what's your lead? What have we got?

Officer 2: One of the residents said they saw a tow truck for Max Brady's garage pull up and tow an S.U.V. about a mile and a half down the road.

Officer 1: Max Brady -- race car driver?

Officer 2: One in the same.

Officer 1: Odds are good the car that was towed is the same one that hit that kid.


Chelsea: I can't believe this. Sometimes I just feel so selfish.

Max: Why?

Chelsea: Well, I mean, just look at all that Belle and Philip are going through. It's horrible.

Max: Yeah, it's horrible, isn't it?

Chelsea: And, I mean, yeah, I had a rough night, but it's over now. It was nothing in comparison. They could lose their daughter.

Max: You know, you got really, really lucky tonight you didn't hurt someone else. From now on, you better keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel and not on your cellphone.

Chelsea: How did you know that?

Max: I'm a professional driver, remember? How else do you not know what you hit? Obviously, you weren't looking.

Chelsea: It was really dark out, and I'm not used to driving my dad's big boat of an S.U.V.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: And yes, I was going to call Abby when I ran over the pothole or whatever, but I looked down for two seconds. I mean, seriously, what can happen in two seconds?

Max: A lot, Chelsea. A lot.

Chelsea: Maybe for you when you're driving 175 miles an hour with 30 other cars around you, but not to me at night on a quiet street with no other traffic. I just didn't see the pothole, that's all. And I promise, I'll never talk on my cellphone while I'm driving again, okay? And once you and my dad get his car fixed, that'll be the end of it. No harm done.


Lexie: Let's give him another dose of Mannitol.

Nurse: Okay.


Bo: Hope? Why are you in here?

Hope: Oh, it's Zach.

Bo: Zach?

Hope: He was hit by a car. Lexie says he's in critical condition, and he needs surgery.

Bo: He needs surgery? Hope, how could anybody -- we just dropped him off at the Morrisons'. We kissed him good night. They weren't gonna go anyplace.

Hope: For some reason, he decided to get up, and he went outside.

Bo: Where was Mary?

Hope: After I called, she gave him juice, she tucked him in bed, and she went to sleep.

Bo: And he just got up and walked out into the street?

Hope: I don't know what happened.


Bo: Hope, this never -- this never could... Lexie, how bad is it?

Lexie: He's bleeding around his brain. There may also be some damage to his spinal cord.

Bo: Are you telling me he's paralyzed?

Lexie: Bo, let's just take this one step at a time, okay? First we have to stabilize him, all right?


Bo: Um, can I -- can he hear me?

Hope: He's not responding to my voice anymore.

Bo: Zach... hey, Tiny Man... it's daddy, um... you're gonna be okay, all right? But you got to open your eyes. It's gonna be all right.

Shawn D.: Dad, what kind of bastard could have done this?

Bo: What, are you telling me the driver didn't stop?

Hope: It was a hit-and-run. They just left him there to die. He was all by himself.

Bo: Don't you worry. We're gonna find him. Whoever did this to our boy, we'll find him.

Shawn D.: What kind of person would hit a little kid and just keep driving?


Hope: When are you taking him to surgery?

Lexie: We're getting everything ready right now.


Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: Lexie.

Hope: Lexie?


Marlena: I know you are my daughter, and I am your mother.

Belle: And you're here now.


Jennifer: You were in that shower with him, and you wanted him. You wanted him to kiss you.


Lois: First I'll take care of you. Then I'll get rid of Marlena.


Hope: We promised we'd see him in the morning.

Bo: That's a promise you're gonna keep.

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