Days Transcript Tuesday 1/3/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/3/06 - Canada; Wednesday 1/4/06 - U.S.A.


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[Monitor beeping]

Belle: How is she, Lexie? Is she getting worse?

Lexie: [Sighs] She's having trouble maintaining her blood pressure.

Philip: You're sure she's not in pain?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, the medication we're giving her is keeping her comfortable. But she's in acute liver failure. I'm afraid her little body won't hold on much longer.

Belle: No, she's not gonna die. It's not gonna happen. If we find a liver, she still has a chance.

Lexie: Belle, at this point, I'm afraid that would take a miracle.

Belle: Then a miracle is just what we'll get. I know we will. God gave me a sign on Christmas Eve.


Belle: It's a... it's the sign I've been praying for. Claire's gonna be okay. She's gonna live.

Philip: You know, I think you're right, honey. God sent us a sign that he's looking after our little girl. And she's gonna be okay.

Belle: When I saw that homemade star starting to shine just as Shawn was reading the Christmas story, I knew it had to be a sign. It's our Christmas miracle.

Philip: Honey, I would love to believe that, too, but right now --

Belle: Don't say that, okay? It was a message from God that they found a liver donor. I know it. And I'm gonna go tell Lexie right now.


Bonnie: [Sighs] That's my girl, Meems. Way to start the year off right..


Victor: I'm sorry, Kate, but this is just not right. That baby is dying. Shawn has a right to know he's the father.

Kate: What difference could it make now?

Victor: A big difference. He'd have a chance to hold his daughter in his arms, tell her that he loves her, chance to say goodbye.

Kate: Really? Do you want to cause him that pain? Do you want to destroy two more lives? What sense does that make, Victor?

Victor: You are not gonna talk me out of this, Kate.

Kate: Listen to me. You promised me. You promised me that you wouldn't say anything, that you wouldn't tell a soul for Philip's sake, for our son's sake.

Victor: That was a mistake -- one I have every intention of correcting right now.

Kate: I can't let you do that.


Alex: Marlena! Marlena, it's Alex. Are you all right?

[Door handle rattles]

John: North! Freeze!

Alex: No, I've got to get to Marlena before it's too late.

John: Damn it, North! You stop or I'll shoot!

Alex: Aah! No!


Marlena: [Gasps] What was that? A gunshot? Sounded like so-- aah! Lois? What are you doing here? What's going on here? John, oh, my God. What's happening?

John: You all right?

Marlena: Yes, what's going on?

John: That's what I'd like to know. Dr. Banks, what are you doing here?


Bo: Hey, hey. Don't worry. You had a little accident. No other vehicles were involved, no one got hurt. It's gonna be okay.

Chelsea: I still can't believe this. I mean, you must think that I'm the biggest loser in the world.

Bo: Oh, come on, stop it. It was a little accident. It happens to everyone.

Chelsea: Still. I mean, you totally went out on a limb for me. You signed my temporary license, you even let me borrow your car, and then I go out and I hit something. I don't even know what it was or how it happened.

Bo: There's a lot of black ice out there tonight. You probably just skidded and hit a snowbank or mailbox or something. It's no big deal.

Chelsea: Yes, it is. If the courts find out that I was in another accident, they can take my license away for good. Oh, my God. It's the cops. Dad, what am I gonna do?

Bo: Shh, shh.


Hope: [Sobbing] Oh, my baby. Zach, baby, can you hear me? It's mommy, baby. Mommy's here. Talk to me. Say something. Please say something to me. Say something, Zach. Please.



Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Bo: Chelsea, relax. It's not the cops. It's Max with the tow truck.

Chelsea: Oh, thank God.

Max: Hey, I came here as soon as I could. I had to go out to the garage to get the truck.

Bo: I appreciate you coming out so late. Thanks.

Max: Yeah, sure, no problem. But what happened?

Bo: Well, Chelsea was driving my truck, and somehow it got out of control and ended up messing up the front-end alignment.

Chelsea: It wasn't my fault. I wasn't speeding, but it was dark and I hit something and then I ran over the curb.

Bo: She said the wheel was shaking so much she couldn't keep the truck under control.

Chelsea: So that's why I pulled over and then I called you.

Bo: Well, you did the right thing.

Chelsea: I hate it that I had to bother you. I mean, I know that you were at the hospital with Hope and Shawn and you're all so worried about Claire. This was the last thing you needed.

Bo: Hold on. You didn't do it on purpose.

Max: Chelsea just has a way with cars. Just remind me never to ride with you again.

Chelsea: That's not funny.

Max: I'm just kidding.

Bo: Max, she's pretty shaken up.

Max: All right, I'm sorry. You okay?

Chelsea: I guess.

Max: All right, well, let me see this. Oh ho ho. Well, you do have a busted light. I'd say you got an insurance claim on your hands.

Chelsea: No, no. Nobody can know about what happened tonight.


Hope: Don't be scared, baby. Mommy's here. I'm gonna get you help, and everything's gonna be okay. Just hold on for mommy, okay? You're my brave little boy. Can you do that?

Mary: [Gasps] Oh, my God. What happened to Zach? He was in his bed. I got him just right after I talked to you. I tucked him in myself. Oh, Zach, sweetheart.

Hope: Don't touch him! He can't be moved. Baby, it's okay.

Zach: [Groaning]

Hope: I'm not leaving you alone. I promise you, okay?

Mary: Oh, dear God, dear God. How did this happen? I don't understand. I'm telling you. I put him to bed.

Hope: Look, Mary, right now, I don't care how it happened. We need to get him help. I need you to pull yourself together and go inside and dial 911 right away. I need an ambulance now, okay?

Mary: Of course, an --

Hope: Mary, go now! Go!

Zach: Mama?

Hope: It's okay, baby. It's okay. Mommy's gonna take care of everything, and you're gonna be fine. I promise. You're gonna be fine.


Mimi: Why is this happening, Shawn? That poor little baby. If Belle and Philip lose her --

Shawn D.: No, no, they wonít. Something is gonna happen. They'll find a donor. It'll come through. As long as she's alive, there is a chance.

Mimi: You and Belle are so sure that a miracle will happen. I just pray that you're right.


Kate: Victor, please, I am begging you. You can't tell Philip the truth. It would destroy his marriage. I know it.

Victor: You don't know if that's gonna happen. Philip and Belle love each other. They're committed to each other, and if they're not --

Kate: I know that they love each other, but that doesn't mean that their marriage can survive something like this. Philip is going to feel so betrayed. And Belle -- if she finds out that Shawn is the father of her baby, then --

Victor: Everybody involved has a right to know the truth, but especially Shawn. It's just wrong for him not to be with his daughter now.

Kate: And what about your son? What about what this is going to do to your son?

Victor: I'm sorry that he has to be hurt, but Philip is strong. He'll deal with it. My grandson Shawn, on the other hand, would never get over it if he wasn't with his daughter when he still had the chance.

Kate: Oh, my God, Victor. If I have ever meant anything to you, you won't do this.

Victor: I'm sorry, Kate. I have to.

Kate: Oh, God. No. At least not now. Please. Just wait.

Victor: No, if I wait, it's going to be too late. I have to tell Shawn, and I have to tell him now. And if I were you, I'd talk to Philip and prepare him for the news.

Kate: Oh, God.


Victor: Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt.

Shawn D.: Oh, you're not interrupting. What's up?

Victor: Shawn, you and I need to talk in private.

Shawn D.: Well, you know, anything you have to say, you can say it in front of Mimi. It's fine.

Victor: I'd rather not, if you don't mind.

Mimi: You know what? Shawn, my mom just came in, so I'll just go talk to her.

Shawn D.: Okay. Sure.

Victor: Thank you, Mimi.

Mimi: It's no problem.


Mimi: Hey, mom, what are you doing back here?

Bonnie: Hey, sweetie, I just came to check on the baby and check on you, my baby. Then I saw you in that very intimate moment with Shawn "D." And I didn't want to interrupt.

Mimi: Mom, things are really bad right now. The baby is pretty much running out of options.

Bonnie: Oh, no. You know what, though? Babies can really surprise you. I mean, your father dropped you on your head at least three or four times.

Mimi: That explains a lot.

Bonnie: No, I think he just wanted to get out of changing diapers, but it sure worked. Oh, hey, remember the time you pushed Connor down the stairs? Not a scratch on him. He bounced all the way.

Mimi: Mom...

Bonnie: And when you were born, Mimi, I almost died. You almost died, if it hadn't been for Patrick. And look at you now, huh? You are my perfect, beautiful, strong girl. I'm so proud of you.

Mimi: Things are really serious right now what's going on with Claire.

Bonnie: I know.

Mimi: Lexie even suggested that they might want to think about taking her off life support.

Bonnie: That poor baby. Her poor parents. No one should have to try to make a decision like that.

Mimi: I know, and they couldnít. Not yet. They're keeping her alive because they're praying for some kind of last-minute miracle that almost definitely isn't going to happen.

Bonnie: I'm so sorry, honey. I know that's your Goddaughter. This is awful.

Mimi: It is. If Belle and Philip lose her, I don't know how they're gonna deal with it. And Shawn, I mean, Shawn is taking it so hard. I mean, I am, too. We all are. But Shawn has just really bonded with his Goddaughter. I mean, even more than I have.

Bonnie: Then you and Shawn will have to help each other get through this.. You have to be there for each other more than ever now.

Mimi: Yeah, Shawn said that this whole thing has made him realize how precious life is, and how, you know, you can't take for granted any second because it could all be taken away from you like that. And he said that the only things you really regret in life are the things that you didn't do.

Bonnie: Damn straight. That's why you have to do everything in your power to secure a happy future with Shawn while you still can.

Mimi: Mom, I don't have to do anything 'cause... Shawn proposed to me.

Bonnie: [Gasps] [Giggles]


[Monitor beeping]

Kate: Hey.

Philip: Hey.

Kate: I need to talk to you.

Philip: Now? It's not the best time, mom.

Kate: Honey, I know. But, um, you need to prepare yourself because I have some pretty devastating news.


Marlena: [Groans]

John: Is somebody gonna answer my question? Dr. Banks, what are you doing here?

Marlena: Lois came by because she was upset about what happened and didn't want to be alone.

Lois: I-I also wanted to make sure that Marlena was all right.

Marlena: And I was glad for the company, so I invited her to stay over.

John: All right, so what are you doing in her bedroom?

Lois: I heard a noise. I was afraid someone had broken in.

John: Well, somebody was about to.

Marlena: John? What's going on? What's happening here?

John: I'll tell you what's going on. I was protecting you from your so-called "husband."

Marlena: Alex? I thought he was in jail.

John: Was in jail. He escaped. He was coming after you.

Marlena: Coming after me?

John: I hate to have to tell you this, but I believe he was coming here to try to kill you.

Marlena: Alex trying to kill me? That's crazy.

John: No, he's crazy. Dr. Banks already confirmed that. We know about his history of violence, how he abused you, how you lived in constant fear of him.

Marlena: No, it's not true. I don't believe that at all. Alex wouldn't even hurt me, much less try to kill me. It's impossible.

John: Yeah, I knew you wouldn't want to believe this, but it's true. He had a gun, and he was outside your ledge getting ready to break into your bedroom.

Marlena: He had a gun?

John: And I stopped him before he could hurt you again.

Marlena: Well, how did you stop him? [Gasps] That gunshot. You shot him. You shot him, didn't you?

John: I didn't really have any choice.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. I've got to get some help. I've got to call a doctor. We've got to get him some help. Get some help for him. Dr. Banks, do something, do something!

John: Marlena, he went off the ledge. He's gone. You've got nothing more to fear. Alex North is dead.


Man: Send an ambulance to 1765 Riverview Drive. A man's been shot. Also appears to have fallen from a high-rise.

Marlena: Alex!

John: Don't touch him.

Man: You two know what happened here?

John: I'll tell you what happened. I'm John Black, ISA. This is Alex North. He was in custody of Salem P.D. tonight when he managed to escape. You can call Detective Kramer.. He'll verify that for you. North was trying to break into Marlena Evans' penthouse bedroom tonight. She was asleep. He's armed, he's dangerous, he intended to harm her, so I issued a verbal command for him to stop or I would shoot. He refused, I used lethal force. Simple as that.

Man: We found this next to his body.

Marlena: He's not --

Lois: Is he really dead?

Man: No. He's still alive.

Marlena: Oh.

John: You're kidding me. How the hell is that possible?

Man: The entrance awning's ripped. I suspect he broke his fall. But he's in pretty bad shape.


Chelsea: I mean it. I don't want anybody knowing about what happened tonight, especially an insurance company. There would have to be a police report involved, right?

Max: Oh, I forgot. You were driving with a suspended license, huh?

Chelsea: No, actually, I wasnít.

Bo: I signed for her to get a temporary permit. She was driving legally. That's why I let her borrow my truck tonight.

Max: So what's the problem? There's nothing wrong with filing an insurance claim.

Chelsea: Yes, there is. It would still go on my record, and there would be points on my license which I could lose for good.

Bo: Hold on, whoa. Whoa. Let's just get the truck to your garage, see what the damage is, and we'll take it from there, okay?

Max: Okay. Sounds good to me.

[Siren wails]

Bo: I'm gonna call Hope, have her come pick us up.

Chelsea: No, you canít. I don't want Hope knowing about anything that happened tonight.


[Siren wails]

Hope: Hear that, baby? Hear the sirens? That means help is on the way. We're gonna get you to the hospital. We're gonna take care of you. And daddy and Shawn and aunt Lexie are going to be there. And aunt Lexie -- she is just gonna fix you right up. But you get a big bowl of ice cream, too.

Zach: [Whimpering]

Hope: What is it, sweetie? Are you cold? Well, we can take care of that, okay? I'll warm you right up. There you go. No, no, baby. No, don't go to sleep, honey. Stay awake, okay? Try to stay awake. Just hold on. Stay strong for mommy and daddy, okay? [Sniffles] I love you so much, baby.

Zach: [Whimpers]

Hope: My little angel. My little guy. Mommy loves you more than... more than she could ever tell you. I do. I love you with my whole heart. Mommy and daddy both do. You know that, right? I love you, baby. Help is coming.


Bonnie: Oh, Meems, thank God. Finally, some good news. You and Shawn Horton Kiriakis Brady getting hitched. Oh, my God, didn't I tell you, you would end up together?

Mimi: Mom, shh. You have to keep your voice down, okay? Please. We're keeping it a secret right now. We're not telling anyone. So Shawn and I and now you are the only ones that know, so don't go blabbing or making a big deal out of it. At least not yet.

Bonnie: All right, all right. I know it would be a little inappropriate to bust out the champagne and start celebrating under the circumstances, but I can't help being happy for my little girl. Oh, honey. Oh, you must be over the moon.

Mimi: I am, I am. I can't believe he actually proposed. I cannot believe he wants to marry me.

Bonnie: What do you mean "can't believe"? We Lockhart women always get our man. Keeping them is another story, but damn if we can't hook 'em.

Mimi: Thanks.

Bonnie: No, I didn't mean hook like that.

Mimi: Never mind. Honestly, though, mom, as happy as I am, as happy as Shawn and I both are, right now the only thing that matters is being there for Belle and Philip and the baby, I mean, especially if Claire doesn't make it.


Philip: Mom, if your bad news is that there's no organ donor, we already know. Trust me.

Belle: But we're not giving up hope. There's gonna be a miracle. I can feel it. That's why we're not gonna take her off life support.

Kate: I pray you're right, but we also have to prepare --

Belle: No, no, no, no. For miracles to happen, we have to believe it and have faith and I do. I know this baby is meant to live. God gave her to me for a reason. I feel that so strongly. He won't take her from us. I just know he wonít.

Philip: That's right.


Victor: Are you okay?

Shawn D.: I mean, I'm fine. It's just one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through in my life, so... I keep thinking about when J.T. was in the hospital. We were here all the time waiting for him to come out of surgery and praying that he was gonna make it. You know -- when he was born, he was sick, so we knew from the beginning that he was gonna have some challenges, but he was the sweetest kid. I know in life not everything turns out the way you dream it will. Belle and Philip were planning the perfect little life for Claire, and I know nothing in life is perfect, but what did they do to deserve this? I mean, from the beginning, they have been suffering so much, and they have had to sacrifice so much. I would do anything, anything to help them. I want to be there for them, but I don't know. I don't know.

Victor: You're really attached to that little girl, aren't you?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, I am. And I know I'm only her Godfather, but I have such a strong connection to her. It's weird, but I don't know. She did it to me, I'll tell you that. She made me realize how much I want kids. And I knew I wanted them before, but now...I can't wait to start a family and be a dad.

Victor: Shawn...

Shawn D.: That's probably why I asked Mimi to marry me, I guess.

Victor: You what?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, I proposed to Mimi. And she said yes. So I'm getting married.

Victor: Are you sure this is what you want to do, Shawn? I mean, are you absolutely sure you're not still in love with Belle?


Marlena: How is he? Can you tell me how badly he's injured?

Man: We got a serious gunshot wound, severe loss of blood, multiple abrasions, possibly broken ribs from the fall. There's no way to know the true extent of his injuries until we get him stabilized and over to the trauma center.

John: I'm just sorry the son of a bitch isn't dead.

Marlena: [Gasps] How can you even say that?

John: It's the truth. He tried to hurt you.

Marlena: Did not. He called me to warn me. Warn me about not being al-- not being alone with Dr. Banks, with Lois.

John: Oh, come on, he was spewing the same stuff down at the station house, trying to discredit Dr. Banks, take the heat off himself.

Marlena: That doesn't make any sense. Why would he say that about you?

Lois: It's very simple. I knew the truth about him. You saw how he attacked me, how enraged he became when I exposed him for what he is -- a dangerous, demented man. And frankly, I don't think he came here to kill you. I think he was after me.

John: The fact is, if he had his chance, he probably would have taken out both of you. You, Dr. Banks, 'cause you blew the whistle on him, and you, Marlena, because he's so obsessed. If he can't have you, he's gonna make damn sure nobody can.


Bo: Why don't you want me to tell Hope about the accident?

Chelsea: Because she already thinks I'm this totally irresponsible, reckless driver, and if she finds out about this, she'll be on my case worse than ever.

Bo: I don't think that's true.

Chelsea: Well, I do.

Bo: I am not gonna lie or keep secrets from my wife.

Chelsea: Did you tell her about signing my temporary license tonight or about letting me borrow your car?

Bo: No, I haven't had a chance.

Chelsea: You don't have to tell her about this, either. I mean, not telling somebody something isn't the same thing as lying. Please, dad. Can we just keep this our little secret?


Officer: Sorry about the delay, ma'am. We got here as soon as we could.

Hope: I asked for an ambulance, not the police. Where are the paramedics?

Daniels: It's a busy night. I'm sure they're on their way.

Hope: Can you please go find out? I need the ambulance.

Daniels: This is Officer Daniels to unit 418 following up on a call for paramedics. Hit-and-run on 3rd and Elm. What is your status?

Paramedics: Still working on the gunshot victim. He's critical. All the other units are out. There's accidents all over the place. We'll be there as soon as we can. Let's go. We got to move.


Marlena: I'm going in the ambulance with you.

John: Are you out of your mind? Why do you want to do that? He tried to kill you.

Marlena: He is my husband, and he's injured. And there's more here than you know about, and when he wakes up, he will tell us the truth.

John: Yeah, whatever the son of a bitch says is gonna be another lie, so I'm not letting you go anywhere.

Marlena: You can't stop me.

John: All right. If you insist on going, I'm coming along with you.

Marlena: Fine. Come on.


Hope: The ambulance is coming, sweetie. It will be here any minute.

Daniels: Ma'am, I am sorry, but all of our units are on calls at this moment... New Year's Eve. I don't know how long before one gets here.

Hope: What do you mean you don't know how long? My little boy could -- okay. I've got to get him to the hospital. If the paramedics can't get here, you'll have to take us.

Officer: We can't do that, ma'am. We can't leave the scene. And your little boy shouldn't be moved.

Hope: I'm not gonna let him die here in the street! I'm not gonna do it! Mary! Mary, get my car, and you're driving us to the hospital. I'm not waiting any longer.

Mary: But the officer said --

Hope: I don't care. Go get my car. I'm not waiting any longer. Where's my phone? God. Yes, I need to get a message to Shawn Brady, please. He's visiting the ICU. Just tell him please to get Dr. Lexie Carver and have her meet his mother in the trauma center right away. Just tell him that, please. Thank you. All right, sweetie. Mommy's taking you herself. Everything's gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine 'cause mommy's gonna take care of you.


[Pager beeps]

Belle: Maybe that's the donor bank.

Lexie: No, it's not the donor bank. I'm being paged to ER, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Belle: It's still gonna happen. A call could come any minute.

Philip: I know. You're right. This isn't over.

Kate: No, no, it's not. You still have to keep on praying for a miracle. But, you know, it's not just a child that binds the two of you together. There's more to it than that. It's your love, and it's your commitment to each other. And your love is very strong. I know that. I know it would see you through anything that happened. I'm sure of it.

Belle: You're right. Philip and I are so lucky to have each other. I realize that more every day. Nothing's ever gonna come between us, ever.

Kate: Well, I'm very relieved to hear that because I have something to tell you.

Philip: Mom, I'm glad that you're here, but Belle and I could really use some time alone, just the two of us and the baby. You understand, right?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I understand completely.

Philip: Thanks.


Bonnie: I absolutely agree. Nothing's more important than being there for Belle and Philip. You and Shawn have the rest of your lives together.

Mimi: I hope so. I hope nothing happens this time to mess it up.


Shawn D.: Yeah, Victor. It's true. A part of me will always love Belle, just like I'm sure a part of you will always love my grandmother. But you can't do anything because she's married to my grandfather the same way Belle is married to Philip. And this goes without saying. Mimi -- she's amazing and she's beautiful and she loves me, so...

Victor: But do you love her?

Shawn D.: I do, and I know she'll be good for me. So you don't have to worry. I know I can count on her, and I think I can have that life and that future I always thought I'd have.


Nurse: Excuse me, Mr. Brady, there's a message for you from your mother to get Dr. Carver and meet her in the trauma center right away.

Shawn D.: My mother -- she's in the trauma center? Why?

Nurse: She didn't say. I'm sorry.


Shawn D.: Oh, my God. This could be my dad.

Victor: Let's not jump to any conclusions here.

Shawn D.: I just saw Lexie. I have to go find her. Will you excuse me?

Victor: Sure.


Mimi: Where did Shawn just run off to?

Victor: He went to find Lexie. Apparently the nurse said there's some sort of emergency with his mother.


Paramedics: Doctor?

Lexie: What's going on?

Paramedics: We got a gunshot with a fall. He's lost a lot of blood. He's unresponsive. B.P. 80 palp.


Lexie: I know this man. Alex was shot? What happened?

John: He was coming after Marlena with a gun, so I just took care of business.

Marlena: Promise me you'll do whatever you can to help him. Promise me that.

Lexie: Yes, of course I will. Let's get him to cubicle 1.

Marlena: Here you go.

Lexie: Let's get his blood, type and cross. I need a CBC, c-spine, chest x-ray, okay?

Nurse: You got it.

Marlena: Lexie?

John: I don't get it, Doc, why you're so concerned about this scum after what he tried to do to you.

Marlena: I told you -- because he's my husband. And when he called me, he didn't want anyone or anything to ever hurt me.

John: Yeah, well, he was just working, trying to regain your trust. I think you ought to start looking at the facts here. He just escaped from jail. He was standing outside your ledge with a gun in his hand. If I hadn't shot him, you'd be dead right now. Think about that.


Marlena: [Gasps]

Lois: Marlena, John is right. If it weren't for that gunshot, you would have been murdered in your sleep.


Mimi: I'm really worried about Shawn. I hope nothing's happened to anyone else.

Bonnie: I think you should go find him, show him that you're there and ready to stand by your man no matter what.

Mimi: Well, I don't want to be in the way.

Bonnie: In the way? You're his fiancť. You're family.

Mimi: Not yet.

Bonnie: But you will be. Shawn loves you and he wants you at his side or he wouldn't have asked you to marry him. Now, go. Support him and be there for him just like he's been there for Belle.

Mimi: Okay. I'll try and find him.

Bonnie: Good girl.


Kate: [Sighs] Please, God, let there be a miracle. And let it happen in time.

Victor: Well... did you tell Philip?

Kate: No. I didn't because I couldn't break his heart with everything else that's happening to him. So please tell me that you didn't tell Shawn.

Victor: I didn't get the chance. But he needs to know the truth, and he needs to know it soon before it's too late for him to say goodbye to his daughter.


Lexie: Let's get him on that monitor.

Nurse: I'm working on it.

Marlena: Lexie, is Alex gonna be all right? Is my husband going to make it?

Lexie: His condition is very critical, Marlena. How's his pressure?

Nurse: I'm not picking up. I'll get a manual.


Max: It doesn't seem the damage is all that bad, Bo. I mean, you, me, and Shawn could probably fix it ourselves. You said there was no one else involved in the accident, right?

Bo: Right.

Chelsea: So what does that mean?

Bo: It means there's no police report.

Max: Yeah, and the repair will probably cost less than the rate increase if you file with your insurance company.

Bo: True.

Chelsea: So nobody needs to know about this. I mean, it's not a big deal..

Bo: Hold on, there, little girl. You were in an accident. It wasn't serious. Could have happened to anyone, but you're not off the hook for those driving lessons. You're gonna finish those. And I hope you understand by now how important it is to drive responsibly.

Chelsea: I do. Believe me.

Bo: An automobile can be a deadly weapon, as you well know. Even when you're doing everything right like you were tonight, accidents do happen.


[Rock music blares]


Chelsea: What the hell was that? Oh, my God. Aah!


Chelsea: [Sniffles] I'm gonna finish all those driving lessons. I want to be the best driver that I can possibly be. I want you to be proud of me.

Bo: I am proud of you. [Sighs] And I won't tell anybody what happened here.

Chelsea: Not even Hope?

Bo: I don't want to give her anything more to worry about. She's got an awful lot to deal with right now. I don't want to add to her stress.

Chelsea: Thank you, dad. You're the best. I knew I could count on you.

Max: [Chuckles] And Chelsea dodges another one.


Shawn D.: Excuse me, nurse. Is Dr. Carver here? I need to talk with her.

Nurse: I'm sorry. Dr. Carver's with a patient. Is there something I can help you with?

Shawn D.: I was told to come to the trauma center, that my mother and Dr.. Carver were here. It was something very urgent. I don't know.


Mimi: Shawn, what's going on?

Shawn D.: I don't know. I have no idea. Nobody seems to know anything.


Hope: I need a doctor!

Shawn D.: Mom! What happened?

Hope: Where's Lexie? Where is she?

Shawn D.: I don't know.


Nurse: Just lay him down here.

Hope: No, I canít. I don't want to leave him. He needs me.

Nurse: I understand, but you need to let him go so we can help him.

Hope: Oh, please take good care of him.

Nurse: We'll do everything we can.

Hope: Be gentle with him. My little angel. Oh, baby, mommy's not going anywhere. I'm right here, baby. Everything's gonna be okay.

Nurse: Get Dr. Carver now.


Hope: Oh, my God.

Shawn D.: No, mom. You can't go with him.

Hope: Oh, my God, I can't lose him. I can't lose my baby.


Lois: If he recovers and you welcome him back with open arms, it is only a matter of time before he kills you.


Bo: Whoever did this to our boy, we'll find them.

Shawn D.: What kind of person would hit a little kid and just keep driving?


Sami: So you really think things are gonna work out with you and Carrie, huh?

Austin: Yeah.


Lucas: It looks like you and Austin are gonna have a future.

Carrie: Yes.

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