Days Transcript Monday 12/5/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/5/05 - Canada; Tuesday 12/6/05 - U.S.A.


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Sami: "Today I found this picture, and it brought back so many memories. I realize that I've never stopped loving Carrie." Carrie...Carrie freakin' Brady. I cannot believe that he is still in love with my bitchy sister. Well, at least she's happily living with Mike in Israel, because I swear, if she were here right now, I would kill her.


[Door opens]

Carrie: [Gasps]

Lucas: Coffee break? Union rules.

Carrie: Are you back?

Lucas: I am back. Well, I told you I would be. And I happen to have your very favorite here. I have coffee and...

Carrie: Ooh.

Lucas: ...Croissant.

Carrie: Ooh, you're right. That is my favorite. Oh. [Giggles] Mmm. Why are you staring at me like that?

Lucas: Sorry, I just -- it's hard for me to believe that Carrie Brady is the CEO of Highstyle. And you're easy on the eyes. I could stare at you all night.

Carrie: [Giggles] Lucas, thank you for the sweet things and the compliments, but Highstyle is still not for sale.

Lucas: Yeah. Well, I respect that. I do. I'm just here to see an old friend. And after everything that went down with Sami and I trying to break up you and Austin, I think it's -- it's amazing we can still be friends and be civil to each other.

Carrie: That seems like a lifetime ago. Besides, I'm not mad at you. You never wanted to hurt me... unlike my sister. Anyway, those memories are one of the reasons why I haven't gone back to Salem in all these years...why I probably never will.


[Dog barks]

Bo: Hey, Billie. Hey.

Billie: Hey.

Bo: I guess you heard, huh?

Billie: Heard what? I was just coming to see how Jennifer was doing. Oh, God. They found Jack's body, didn't they?


Bo: Hey, Roman.

Roman: Hey. Well, I'm, uh -- I'm glad you're all here.

Billie: It's not good news, is it?

Abby: If it was good news, the police would have told us over the phone. Commander Brady wouldn't have to come over here to talk to us in person.

Jennifer: No. No, honey, I know what you're thinking. I know what you're all thinking, but it's not true, honey. I am telling you your dad is not dead. If he was, I would feel it. I promise you, I would. I promise.

[Doorbell rings]


Code blue -- Pediatric ICU

Belle: Oh, my God. What's happening?

Philip: She'll make it. She's fine.

Belle: No, she's not. What if she's dying?

Philip: Don't say that.

Belle: [Sobs] What is it?

Lexie: Belle, Philip...

Belle: Oh, my God, just tell me -- is my baby dead?



Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Lexie: Claire is still alive.

Belle: But the alarms --

Lexie: We managed to stabilize her for the moment, but her condition appears to be worsening.

Belle: Oh, God.

Philip: All right, so she's still getting worse. What can we do now?

Lexie: She needs a transfusion to support her circulation. Well, that's fine. Let's do it. Let's do it right now.

Lexie: Okay, but even though you're her parents, we still need to test your blood to make sure you're a match.

Philip: Absolutely.

Kate: So Belle's baby isn't Philip's.

Kate: No! No, you can't do that.


[Doorbell rings]

Max: Hi, Billie.

Billie: Max.

Hope: Hey, Max.

Max: Bo, we were expecting...

Bo: Hey, Max.

Max: Hello.

Jennifer: Hi, so nice to see all of you.

Hope: Hey, Jack Jr.

Jennifer: Zach, did you come here to play with Jack Jr.?

Zach: Yes.

Jennifer: You did? Hey, would you like to play with your cousin, huh? Isn't it great, you know, that they have each other? It's kind of like we were when we were little -- kind of like we are, you know? And that bond's gonna get stronger and stronger just like ours does. Okay, so you want to show Zach your toys, huh?

Bo: Yeah.

Max: Let's go in the dining room.

Jennifer: Thank you so much.

Max: Let's go in the dining room, all right?

Jennifer: Have fun.

Hope: Take your little backpack off.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Hope: Jen, Roman needs to talk to you. It's about Jack, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.


Roman: Jennifer --

Jennifer: No, Roman... just if you don't know where he is, then I don't want to hear it. Because the last time someone told me that he was dead, he was in a castle somewhere in Europe, and the time before that, he was on a desert island. Now, if you're asking me if I think I know where he is, I donít. But I do know that he's alive, okay? And I'm not gonna let you talk me out of trusting my instincts, okay? So instead of standing here in my living room, get out of my house and use your manpower and find my husband! Please!

Abby: Mom, stop! There's nowhere else to look. That's why Commander Brady's here. I wanted to believe it also. But we have to face the truth. Daddy's dead.

Jennifer: Don't say that! Don't you dare say that! Your father is not dead. Do you understand me? He is coming home. I am telling you.

Roman: Jen... I am very sorry, but I'm afraid Abby's right.

Jennifer: All right, are you telling me that you've found Jack's body?

Roman: No.

Jennifer: No, then you weren't listening to me. I am telling you he is not dead. God would not take my husband from me right now.


Frankie: Jen --

Jennifer: Frankie, you know he's lost somewhere. He is. He's on his way home. I have blueberry pancakes waiting for him in the kitchen. [Sniffles]


Hope: Jen.

Jennifer: What?

Hope: Honey, remember the bond you were just talking about? You know I'd never lie to you or hurt you intentionally.

Jennifer: Let go of me.

Hope: Jen, please.

Jennifer: What?

Hope: Please listen to me. Jack's gone. I know how hard it is, especially after what you've been through the last couple of years, but you need to accept it...not just for you, but for the kids, so you can all start to grieve.

Jennifer: No! No! I cannot accept that. I canít. I will not. No!

Hope: Jen, Jen, Jen...

Jennifer: Please.

Hope: Jennifer...


Sami: How many other notes has Austin written to himself about Carrie? I mean, did he go to Israel and visit them? Did they fly to New York to see him? What? "Today's the anniversary of me and Carrie getting engaged"? I can't believe that he -- "life certainly has turned out different than the way I expected, and maybe I should check in with Carrie and Mike and see how they're doing"? No. No way. There is no way I'm gonna let that happen. Well, maybe he should. I mean, if he sees how deliriously happy Mike and Carrie are, he'll come to his senses. I cannot believe that he is in love with Carrie. I mean, what is it about her that every single guy she ever meets falls in love with her? Even Lucas.


Lucas: You're just the most honest, caring, and selfless person I've ever met.

Carrie: Lucas, you're making me blush again.

Lucas: Well, sorry about that, but it's the truth. We all miss you, Carrie.

Carrie: Sami doesn't miss me.

Lucas: Who cares about Sami? A lot of bad things happened in the past, but Salem is your home, Carrie. That's where your family is. It's where your friends are. You've got to come back. Consider it, please. Even just for a visit.

Carrie: [Inhales deeply]

Lucas: No, seriously. I mean it. A lot's been going on there.

Carrie: I know. I try to keep up. I read the Spectator online. I speak to my dad. I can't tell you how many times I've thought about coming home, but, like I said before, I just didn't want to have to deal with the questions about breaking up with mike and the judgments.

Lucas: Yeah, I know how that can be.

Carrie: Yeah. I guess you do.

Lucas: Yeah, when you're upset and everybody wants you to talk about it. They want to know how you're feeling, and sometimes that can make it worse.

Carrie: Exactly. Plus there's all the old stuff with Sami. You don't know how badly I want to see my dad, Marlena, Belle. But everyone's lives are pretty complicated right now, and I think if I went back, it would only make things worse.

Lucas: Why, 'cause of Sami?

Carrie: She's so divisive. She always wants everyone to choose sides. I just can't deal with that again, Lucas. Nobody else should have to either. Anyway, can we please talk about anything other than Sami?

Lucas: Yeah, that's fine. Um, I actually have to check up on Will right now. Will you just give me a second, please?

Carrie: Sure.

Lucas: Thank you.

Carrie: Please, don't tell her that you've seen me.

Lucas: No. I wonít. Don't worry about it. [Exhales deeply]


[Telephone rings]

Sami: Hello?

Lucas: Hi.

Sami: Hey, Lucas. Um, I was just thinking about you.

Lucas: Yeah, nothing good I bet.

Sami: Why would you say that?

Lucas: Look, I'm gonna be away a little bit longer than I thought.

Sami: Away where?

Lucas: I made arrangements for Will last night and today, but I need someone to watch him tonight, all right?

Sami: Yeah, sure, but, Lucas, why won't you answer me? Where are you, and who are you with?


Philip: Mom, what are you talking about? She just said she needs a transfusion. If I have to, I will give every drop of blood that I have.

Belle: And so would I.

Kate: I know that.

Shawn D.: So would I.

Mimi: Me too.

Kate: [Sighs] Look, all I'm saying is that to take samples and have the blood typed -- it takes so long. Isn't there blood in the blood bank that you can use?

Lexie: Okay, Kate, I understand your confusion, but Philip and Belle requested direct donation if Claire required a transfusion.

Kate: Lexie, look --

Lexie: Kate, trust me. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize Claire's recovery.

Kate: [Sighs] Okay, fine.

Lexie: Uh, I've asked nurse Jennifer to bring your medical records. As soon as she gets back, I'll have her take Claire to the blood bank.

Belle: Okay, so can I go sit with Claire while we wait?

Lexie: Well, they're fixing her IV right now. Let's give her a few minutes, okay?

Philip: Yeah.

Nurse Jennifer: Here you go, Dr. Carver -- Belle Black Kiriakis and Philip Kiriakis.

Lexie: Oh, thank you.

Belle: Okay, so when she gets the transfusion, then she's gonna get better, right?

Lexie: Belle, she's showing worsening of her overall condition. The transfusion won't treat the underlying cause.

Shawn D.: Well, then, I don't understand. Why are you doing it?

Lexie: Because we want to give her every opportunity to fight this infection.

Belle: Oh, God.

Philip: Lexie, if she's getting worse, we're wasting time. Take my sample, and let's get started, okay?

Lexie: Uh... I'm afraid we can't use your blood for this, Philip.


Jennifer: Let go of me. Please.

Hope: Jennifer...

Jennifer: He is not dead. I am telling you he is not.

Hope: I know you don't want to believe that.

Billie: None of us do.

Hope: But please just hear Roman out.

Jennifer: I don't want to hear Roman out. All he has to say is suppositions and assumptions, and I don't want to hear any of it.

Abby: Mom, don't do this, please. We knew he was gonna leave us. It just happened sooner than we expected.

Jennifer: Honey.

Hope: We're all here for you, Jen and for Abby and Jack Jr. Come on, let's sit down, okay?

Jennifer: I don't want to sit down. Abby...

Billie: Can I get you some water?

Jennifer: No, thank you. Roman, what do you want to tell me?

Roman: The search has been called off.

Jennifer: You can't do that! You can't, Roman!

Roman: Jennifer, listen to me. We dragged the river. We've had divers searching for over 24 hours, and, as much as I hate to say this, that tells me there's no hope.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? You haven't found his body. How can you say he's dead? Tell me.

Roman: Jennifer, we know the car plunged in the river. We know the water temperature was and still is hovering near freezing. The only reason it's not ice is because the current's so strong. And forensics tells us that a human being submerged in that -- even with air to breathe and no injuries -- would be lucky to survive 15 minutes.

Jennifer: Okay. Okay, but when you pulled the car out of the river, Roman, Jack wasn't in it. Maybe the current pulled him downstream, and he got washed ashore on the side of the river. Maybe that's what happened.

Roman: Jennifer, please, listen to me, okay? We coordinated teams from the Salem P.D. Along with search teams from every town 50 miles down river just to comb both riverbanks. There was nothing.

Jennifer: Maybe a boat picked him up.

Roman: [Sighs] Because of Homeland Security, we have a record of every single boat that was on that river. Everybody's been contacted. Nobody picked Jack up. Jennifer, Jack never got out of that river. It's been over 30 hours, and that is 100 times more than forensics' most optimistic survival expectancy. I am very, very sorry.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. It's not -- it's not a DiMera trick this time, is it? [ Voice breaking] Oh, my gosh, he's really dead, isn't he? Oh, God.

Abby: Yeah, he is.

Jennifer: Oh, God.

[Music playing]


Lucas: I don't owe you an explanation. I'm on a business trip.

Sami: Yeah, I'll just bet you are.

Lucas: Are you gonna help me out with will, or do I have to call my mother to do it, huh?

Sami: Don't threaten me, Lucas. Of course I'm gonna help you with Will.

Lucas: Well, good. Oh, thank you.

Carrie: You're welcome.

Sami: Are you calling me while you're with some woman, Lucas?

Lucas: [Sighs] I told you I'm having a business meeting, thank you.

Sami: And I know exactly what kind of business. Our son is supposed to come first.

Lucas: He does come first. Are you gonna help me with this? Are you gonna help me with tomorrow if I don't make it back in time, or what?

Sami: Yes, of course I am. Look, he deserves to have one parent who cares about him, right?

Lucas: Oh, my God. Listen to me, he's gotta be at school early for band practice, all right? He's got a science project that's due, so make sure you help him with that. He might have a little trouble with it. You might have to look over some things. And it's pizza day, so make sure he has money for lunch, all right?



[The flamingos' "I only have eyes for you" plays]


Carrie: This is our song now.

Austin: And it will be forever...just as I'll love you forever.

In the sky

I only have eyes

Austin: Open your eyes.

Carrie: [Gasps] Oh, whoa, the sky's beautiful.

Austin: So are you.

Carrie: Coming up here was a wonderful idea, Austin.

Austin: You know, I have an even better one.

Carrie: This is our special angel -- our guardian angel -- that is gonna watch over us and protect us.

Austin: Okay.

Carrie: And every year when we put this on top of the tree, we will know that she was looking after us.

Austin: Well, she is beautiful.

Carrie: [Giggles]

You are here


And so am I

Carrie: Yeah.

Austin: [Sighs] You have made my life so... perfect and complete.

Carrie: I love you.

Austin: I love you. We are gonna spend every Christmas together for the rest of our lives.


Lucas: I'll tell you what, Sami. When I get home tomorrow, you can tell me how much you hate me, all right? Some things just never change. Carrie, you all right?

Carrie: What? I'm sorry.

Lucas: What are you thinking about?


Jack Jr.: Truck.

Max: Yeah, that one, too.

Jack Jr.: [Babbling]


Roman: Jennifer... is there anything I can do?

Jennifer: Um, if you could reinstate the search, Roman...

Roman: Jennifer...

Jennifer: I know. I know he's dead. I just want you to find his body, please, so I can give him a proper funeral.

Roman: Jennifer, you have my word on that, okay?


Hope: [Exhales deeply]

Bo: You okay? Times like this make you question everything.

Hope: Actually, it's times like this that makes me feel closer than ever to you.

Bo: I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: I know. I'm so thankful I have you and the boys in my life.

Bo: Yeah. Well, I thank God we have you.



Zach: What's wrong with mommy?

Jack Jr.: What's wrong with his mommy?

Max: Mommy will be okay. I mean, daddy's taking care of her right now. Check this out. Look at this. This kind of a car -- you know, I won a race in a car just like this once. It's a race car.

Zach: You did?

Max: Oh, yeah. You bet. I climbed in there, and we revved up the engine. What sound does the engine make?

Zach: Vroom, vroom!

Max: Attaboy. Here, let's go over this way. Come on, let's go. Let's go. Come on, Zach. Come on.


Chelsea: I know how you feel, Abby.

Abby: I know you do.

Chelsea: When we were in the accident... after my parents died, um... [Sniffles] I'm sorry you didn't get to say goodbye to your dad.

Abby: I knew he was gonna die. That was awful enough. I just wanted to prepare myself.

Chelsea: I know.

Abby: Only I thought we had more time. I wasn't ready yet.

Roman: Look, sweetheart, nobody can ever be prepared for a loss like this.


Hope: I think your daughter needs you.

Bo: Yeah.

Chelsea: [Sniffles]


Billie: [Inhales deeply] Thank you for that.

Hope: It's been a horrible couple days... not just for Jen, but for Belle and Philip. Is there any news?

Billie: What are you talking about?

Hope: I assumed you knew.

Billie: Knew what?

Hope: They had to rush Claire to the hospital.

Billie: What?!

Hope: Last I heard, she was still critical, running a high fever.

Billie: Oh, my God. I can't believe my mom didn't call me. I've got to go. I... but...

Hope: Your daughter needs you, too. Of course. Billie, if you have to choose between anyone and your child, it's a no-brainer. There is no choice.

Billie: Exactly. You're right. I can't -- I can't leave Chelsea right now. This must be bringing up all the pain she felt with the Bensons' death.

Hope: I'm sure it is.

Billie: But belle and Philip -- they're facing the possibility of losing a child.

Hope: You and I both know what that's like, don't we? You thought you lost Chelsea all those years ago.

Billie: And even though we found her, it still doesn't take away the pain that I felt all those years that I thought she was dead. And even though J.T. didn't die, having him taken away from you after loving him as your own for so many months... it's kind of the same thing, isn't it?

Hope: At least Bo and I know that he's being raised by people who truly love him. So it makes it a little easier. And we can see him whenever we want to. And you and Bo found Chelsea just when she needed her parents most. That's a good thing, Billie. Losing a husband... that's unbearable. But losing a child... [ Sighs] That's something that a parent should never have to face.


Philip: What do you mean Claire can't use my blood? I'm her father. And how do you know? You haven't even taken a sample yet.

Lexie: Well, Philip, I'm looking at your medication list. The medicine you've been taking for your leg precludes you from donating.

Philip: Well, damn it, what else can we do?

Lexie: Okay, just try to calm down, okay? Would you take Belle to the blood bank, please?

Belle: What if there's a problem with mine, too?

Lexie: Well, there shouldn't be, Belle. You're her mother. Your blood type is completely compatible. And, plus, you're over six weeks postpartum, which makes it safe for you to give blood.

Philip: Do you want me to go with you?

Belle: No, I want you to stay here in case Claire needs you.

Nurse Jennifer: We won't be too long.

Philip: All right.

Shawn D.: Listen, Lexie, why don't you type my blood at the same time, just in case?

Mimi: Yeah, me too.

Kate: Well, that wouldn't be necessary. Like Lexie said, Belle is Claire's mother.

Lexie: Well, actually, you're all welcome to be tested.

Philip: Thank you guys for offering. Thank you. Come on.

Kate: God. [Exhales deeply]


Kate: Philip doesn't have the right blood type to be Claire's father, but Shawn does, which means that Belle lied. She did sleep with him... which means Shawn is the baby's father.

Lexie: Kate.

Kate: [Sighs]

Lexie: Are you sure you're all right?

Kate: No, no, Lexie, I am not all right. My granddaughter is sick. She may be dying. I'm not all right.

Lexie: Okay, look. You look like you're about to pass out. Why don't you just sit down, put your head between your legs, take some deep breaths, okay?

Kate: I'm not gonna pass out. I'm just worried, okay?

Lexie: Okay, look, I know -- I know this isn't easy, but you need to hang in there for Claire and for Philip.

Philip: [Sighing deeply] Please, God, don't let her die. She hasn't even had a chance to live yet.

Kate: I do need to be here for him.

Lexie: Yeah, listen, I'm gonna go and see how things are coming along at the blood bank.

Kate: Please don't let them figure out that Shawn is Claire's father. [Sighs ]

Philip: What did you say, mom?


Carrie: I was just remembering some things about my past and Salem. It seems like such a long time ago.

Lucas: Yeah, well, it has -- it has been for both of us. But I guarantee there are a lot of people in Salem that would really love to see you, even for a little while.

Carrie: So many bad things have happened since I left.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. A lot of good things, too, though. You know, Billie's back.

Carrie: I heard that. How is she?

Lucas: She's doing great. She's better than ever. How about we go to dinner tonight and I tell you all about her? All right, and no pressure on selling the company or anything like that, just a purely social evening.


Sami: "Business" -- yeah, right. I know exactly what Lucas is doing. And now I know for sure that Austin is still in love with Carrie. I cannot believe it. Well, at least there aren't any other entries about her in here. Not that, that means anything. I mean, no wonder this whole time I thought that Austin was more interested in Nicole than he was in me and she thought that he was more interested in me than he was in her. We were both wrong. He's not interested in either one of us. The only person he wants is Carrie. And if he has been in love with her this whole time, then he is never gonna get over her. Wait a second, does that mean that he was in love with Carrie the whole time that he was engaged to me? I mean, was he fantasizing about her when he was with me? No, no, Sami, come on. You can't think like that. Austin really loved you. It's true, and if I can make him forget about Carrie once, then I can do it again. Yeah. I mean, the bottom line is Austin and I were happy and the reason that he broke up with me was because he was mad at me about all the lies that I told.

Sami: Oh, the baby -- the baby's kicking. Oh, Austin, you have to feel this.


Austin: Wow, that's fantastic.

Sami: [Inhales deeply]

Austin: We have enough pictures.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, we do. Here you go, Sami -- for your baby book.

Sami: I can't stop looking at our child, Austin.

Austin: Neither can I.

[Monitor beeping steadily] But, um, you...need to get some rest, okay? This has been a rough few days for you.

Sami: It's been hard on you, too. And I want to thank you. I never could have gotten through this without you.

Austin: I'll always be there for you, Sami -- both of you. My father was never there for Billie and me. That's not gonna happen to my child. Will is always gonna have his father with him.

Sami: I was happy with Austin, and he was happy with me. And I don't care what Lucas thinks -- I can be happy with Austin again, and this time, it would be forever. [Inhales deeply] Austin wanted to be a family with me when he thought that Will was his son. [Chuckles] Well, there's a good idea. I could get pregnant with Austin's kid and it could be for real this time and then there wouldn't be any competition at all.


Carrie: As much as I'd like to catch up, I've got a dinner with our marketing team tonight.

Lucas: Tomorrow then.

Carrie: I thought you'd be gone.

Lucas: I can just fly back. I can do that. I got victor's jet at my disposal. No problem.

Carrie: [Chuckles] I would love to, but I'm gonna be swamped all day at work, and I've got no idea what time I'm gonna be finished.

Lucas: You gotta eat sometime, don't you? Just work me in. Fit me into that busy schedule of yours somehow.

Carrie: [Chuckles] Okay.

Lucas: Yeah?

Carrie: Dinner tomorrow night.

Lucas: All right.

Sami: No matter how much Austin might think about Carrie, the bottom line is he is too much of a gentleman to come between her and Mike. And besides, she's half a world away. I don't have to worry about Carrie.


Max: Hey. I know this sounds kind of trite, but if you need anything at all -- to whisk you away from this house for a little bit, pick up some food, or an ear or a shoulder to cry on -- I'm here for you, all right? 24/7.

Abby: Yeah.


Chelsea: This is just like losing my dad again... I mean, losing Mr. Benson.

Bo: Hey, hey, I know what you meant. And he was your dad. He raised you.

Chelsea: [Sniffles] Why do bad things keep happening? What if I lose you, too?

Bo: Hey, hey, I'm not going anywhere.

Chelsea: You can't promise that.

Bo: You're right. I canít. But I can promise that I will do everything in my power to always be here for you.

Chelsea: You really mean that?

Bo: Of course I mean that. You're my flesh and blood just like Shawn and Zach.


Billie: He really is an incredible father.

Hope: Yeah. It's times like this that make you realize just how important the love and support of your family is.

Billie: And friends.

Hope: You were a good friend to Jack.

Billie: He was a good friend to me, too. He never judged me. He was just there. I'm gonna miss him like crazy... but nothing like Jennifer will.

Hope: She's got Frankie to watch out for her and the kids. You know, it's like God arranged to have him come back into her life just when she was gonna need someone.


Bo: Want to sit down?

Roman: Jennifer, I promise I will keep the search going for Jack as long as I can.

Frankie: Thanks, Roman.

Roman: All right, see you both later.

Jennifer: Oh, God. [Sniffles] Oh, he's really gone, isn't he?

Frankie: I'm afraid so.

Jennifer: And I have to accept it. I have to say goodbye, right? Again. Only...

Frankie: What?

Jennifer: I don't have the strength, Frankie. I don't have the strength to do this again.

Frankie: It's not gonna be easy, I know. But you don't have to do it alone. I'll be here, Jen, okay? I'm here for you and your kids for whatever you need, for as long as you want.

Jennifer: Thank you.


Kate: I -- I just was saying that it's too bad that you can't give blood because you're her father.

Philip: Mom, I don't care whose blood she gets, as long as she gets well..

Kate: I know. I know that, and the most important thing is that she gets better and she does it fast and you and Belle can take her home and you can get back to your lives and this whole ugly episode will be over.


Philip: Exactly. I can't wait to get home.

Belle: Philip...

Philip: What happened?

Lexie: Belle's blood is perfectly compatible.

Philip: Thank God. Thank God.

Lexie: Yeah, as soon as the nurse finishes taking Claire's vitals, we'll start the transfusion.

Philip: Great.


Mimi: My blood wasn't a match, but Shawn's was. That's weird, huh?

Lexie: No, not particularly. Many people have compatible blood types.

Shawn D.: Right, well, if you need my blood, I'm here.

Lexie: Thanks. You know what? We'll take a pint in a little while. We'll keep it in storage just in case.

Shawn D.: Sounds good.


Philip: Thanks for doing that, man. It's very cool of you.

Shawn D.: Are you kidding me? I'd do anything for Claire. She's my Goddaughter. I take care of her so much, I feel like she's my own.

Philip: [Chuckles]

Shawn D.: You know what I mean, right?

Philip: Yeah, I know exactly. You don't have to explain yourself. We're gonna get through this together -- all of us. We're gonna be fine.

Shawn D.: I'm here for you every step of the way, man.

Philip: Cool.

Kate: [Thinking] Shawn may help Claire get through this, but I don't care what I have to do. He will never find out he's her father. Never.


Becky: I knew if you called him, things would work out.

Carrie: What are you talking about?

Becky: Him.

Carrie: That's Austin.


Austin: Now you know.

Sami: Austin, how could you still be in love with her?


Lexie: We need to perform another spinal tap.

Belle: I'm not going anywhere, and you're not doing anything else to my child.


Shawn D.: I've been really happy when I've been with you, and I hope you feel the same way.

Mimi: [Giggles]

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