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Mimi: Can this night get any better, Shawn?

Shawn D.: No. And it's just getting started.

[Telephone rings]


Kate: Shawn must be Claire's father. How could Belle have done this to Philip?

Philip: Mom, I don't need this right now.


Belle: You can't be breaking up. You're my parents. You're supposed to be together forever.

Marlena: Belle, I wouldn't do anything in the world to upset you.

Belle: Well, you are.

John: We're gonna get through this, Izzy.

Belle: How? I cannot deal with one more thing. I need you two together.

Marlena: Honey, let me explain what's going on.

Belle: You are destroying our family, and there is nothing that you're gonna say that is gonna make that all right.

John: I'm sure your mother doesn't want to destroy our family.


Abby: I've got it. Maybe it's dad. Maybe he just forgot his house key. Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hey. Billie called and told me that your dad's missing. How are you doing?

Abby: Not so great. I mean, it's bad enough that he's sick. He drove out in this ice storm just to get my mom flowers. How crazy is that?

Chelsea: Well, you would have heard if he'd been in an accident, right?

Abby: I guess, but where could he be? My mom called the hospital, and he wasn't there. Then Frankie went out looking for him, and he said he couldn't find any sign of my dad. You said I was luckier than you were because I was able to say goodbye to my dad before he dies. What if he's lying somewhere dead right now? What if I never really got to say goodbye to him?

Chelsea: Abby, just try to calm down, okay?

Abby: No, I shouldn't have gone out with you tonight. I should have stayed home. Then at least I could have seen my dad one last time.


Jennifer: You're not lying to me, right? You're not keeping anything from me to protect me.

Frankie: Why would you ask me that?

Jennifer: Because I know that I can trust you, and you have always been honest with me, no matter what. So if something happened to Jack, you would tell me, wouldn't you?

Frankie: All right, look. I'll tell you what I know, okay?


Hope: [Sighs]

Patrick: Even with his wet suit and oxygen, Bo can't last down there much longer.

Hope: Have you heard anything from Bo? How much longer can he last down there?

Man: Don't know.

Patrick: This doesn't feel right!

Hope: Bo! Bo!

Man: Given the water temperature, if Detective Brady doesn't surface soon, someone's gonna have to go down after him.

Patrick: All right, I need a wet suit and oxygen now.

Man: They're over here.

Hope: Bo!

Billie: He's gonna be okay.

Hope: Something's wrong! I can feel it, Billie! I can feel it! Bo!


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Philip: Mom, it is not Belle's fault that Claire got sick. Now, she has had a very difficult time being hands-on with the baby. I know that. But, you know, she didn't ask to have postpartum depression.

Kate: Philip, of course she didnít. I know that. It's just that sometimes, babies can sense when they're being neglected.

Philip: Claire's not being neglected. Look, if I can't be with her, we just have Shawn and Mimi babysit, and, for the record, we couldn't have chosen better Godparents, all right?

Kate: Really? With Shawn working at a greasy, grimy garage, God knows what kind of germs he's picked up there and brought home to Claire.

Philip: Mom, I know you're concerned about Claire, 'cause we all are, but blaming Shawn for her getting sick is ridiculous. And, for the record, he never comes close to her until he's completely clean.

Kate: Really? Well, a man's idea of cleaning up leaves a lot to be desired. Believe me.

Philip: Shawn loves this baby like she is his own.


Alex: Yes. Yes, I was on hold too long. Maybe this is why your airline is facing bankruptcy. All right, look, I'm sorry. I'm just upset. I shouldn't be taking it out on you.. I just need to get out of Salem tonight. Yeah, I know that the airport is closed because of the ice storm. As soon as it reopens, I would appreciate it if you would book me on the first possible flight out. I don't care where it's going.


Marlena: Of course I don't want to break up the family.

Belle: Good, good, because I need you -- both of you. And I'm sure that if you and dad just talk through whatever's going on that you'll find a way to get back together. You love each other.

John: Couldn't agree more. Look, baby, you've got a lot on your mind. You don't need to be worrying about your mom and me. Just know that I'm not gonna give up on her....or us.

Belle: Thank you.

Marlena: May I speak to Belle in private for a moment, please?

John: Mm-hmm.


Marlena: I know this couldn't come at a worse time. And I know how deeply your father loves me, and I -- I believe I loved him, too.

Belle: You still do. I know you do.

Marlena: Maybe there was --

Belle: Why don't you at least try to stay together?

Marlena: Something has come up that makes that impossible.

Belle: What are you talking about?

Marlena: Belle...before I ever met your father or met Roman or even came to Salem, Alex... Dr. North and I were married.

Belle: What?

Marlena: And that marriage was never dissolved. So, you see, legally, and in the eyes of God, I'm still Mrs. Alex North.


Frankie: I drove around Salem, and I... well, there was no sign of Jack. I mean, I didn't see him.

Jennifer: Okay, that's a good thing. That's good because if there had been an accident, you would have seen something.

Frankie: Yeah, well, we're just gonna have to wait and see.

Jennifer: You're right. I'm sorry. My nerves are just -- they are stretched so thin from worrying about everything, you know? I mean, my worst fear almost came true. I thought I lost my husband. I thought he was gone, and I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. But you know what? I know that god would not take my husband right now -- not this way, not when we've been so busy praying for miracles.


Hope: Bo, listen to me. Stop playing hero. Get the hell up here now.

Billie: He can't hear you underwater, Hope.

Hope: Maybe not with his ears, he canít. But we have a special connection. When one of us is in trouble, we have a way of -- did the line just move?

Billie: No.

Hope: Are you sure?

Billie: Yes, but Patrick's right. At these temperatures, Bo can't last down there much longer.

Hope: Don't say that.

Billie: Well, this is why you never go down alone. You always dive with a buddy!

Hope: Patrick, Patrick, you've got to get down there.

Billie: Why aren't you in a wet suit?

Patrick: We only carry two.

Billie: I can't let you go down alone.

Patrick: I'm doing this for them and for you and Chelsea.

Billie: But I can't let you go down alone.

Patrick: Look, I'm gonna find Bo, and then we're gonna do our best to find Jack. I promise.

Billie: Be careful.

Hope: God, keep them safe. Keep them all safe.


Mimi: [Sighs] I can't believe I'm here with the most wonderful, caring, adorable, handsome --

Shawn D.: All right, careful, careful. My ego's gonna explode.

Mimi: Well, it deserves to.

Shawn D.: Well, then so does yours 'cause you're all those things and more.

Mimi: You know, Shawn, in high school, when I had that, like, little, tiny crush on you?

Shawn D.: Right.

Mimi: [Chuckles] There was a 2-week period when I was late to geometry every day.

Shawn D.: Why?

Mimi: Because, um, I knew that if, after history, I walked the complete wrong direction to my next class, I could pass you in the hall on your way from gym to English. [Giggles]

Shawn D.: Oh, my gosh.

Mimi: I cannot believe I just told you that. It's so embarrassing.

Shawn D.: [Chuckles] No, it's awesome. It's sweet. I always knew you were special and you're beautiful and you're really funny. And I probably would have paid more attention to you, but --

Mimi: Except you were totally in love with Belle. I know.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I don't think anyone should just date one person in high school. I think that's a time when you should be meeting a lot of different people so you can figure out what's right for you.

Mimi: Mm. I'm not really one to ask. I didn't really date anyone besides Kevin for, like, two minutes before he went to college, and we didn't even keep in touch. But that's never gonna happen to us, right, Shawn?

Shawn D.: Of course not. We've always been friends, and...and I guess now we're more, which I'm glad about.

Mimi: [Chuckles] Me too. You're the only one I want to be with.

Shawn D.: You're the only one I want to be with.

Mimi: Really?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Cross my heart.


Kate: [Sighs] Claire isn't Shawn's. She's yours and Belle's.

Philip: I know that, but Shawn and Mimi are the Godparents. I know you're not exactly thrilled with the history that Belle and Shawn used to share. Neither am I. But it was a long time ago. Shawn is like family now. He is family now.

Kate: Oh, God, Philip. Whatever, okay? Right now, all Claire needs are her parents and that's you and that's Belle.

Philip: Should her grandparents be here?

Kate: You know what I mean. You know what I mean.

Philip: I realize that you're upset, mom. I'm upset, too. We're all upset about what's going on here.

Kate: Look, I need to make a phone call, okay? Go be with your daughter.


Alex: Yes, the expiration is may 2008. It's amazing that a one-way ticket can cost as much as a round-trip. No, that's all I need. Thank you. How long have you been there?

John: Long enough to know you're making the right decision. No sense in sticking around Salem any longer. I think the sooner you leave, the better -- for you and Marlena..


Belle: You're married to Dr. North?

Marlena: I know. I was pretty shocked when he told me.

Belle: So how do you know it's true?

Marlena: Well, I saw the marriage certificate, and I've been having certain memories of being with him that made no sense, but of course, now they all make perfect sense..

Belle: But you're married to dad.

Marlena: Not legally.

Belle: I don't believe this. How could you have been married before you came to Salem and dad didn't know? I didn't know.

Marlena: Well, it's very complicated. Alex was in the armed forces. He went missing and was presumed dead. When I was told the news, apparently, I couldn't cope with it. I developed a very specific kind of hysterical amnesia. So I didn't remember anything about Alex, even the fact that he ever existed, and that was when I came to Salem. But we were still legally married, and I know that I've got to stay true to my marriage vows to him.

Belle: Why? He's ancient history.

Marlena: No. I've discovered I have some very deep feelings for him.

Belle: Deeper than you have for dad?

Marlena: I'm sorry. Yes. And I have to explore those feelings.

Belle: He's a total stranger.

Marlena: Belle, I have amnesia. Everyone is a total stranger to me. But the one person who got through all that, the one person that I have recognized was Alex.

Belle: This can't be.

Marlena: You and I are in a very similar situation. We're both having to choose between two men in our lives.

Belle: Our situation is not at all the same.

Marlena: Have you forgotten that I was there when your baby was born? At the height of labor, you called out for Shawn, not for Philip.

Belle: [Scoffs] Are you saying that I should leave Philip for Shawn?

Marlena: No, I'm not. I'm not. I'm explaining how I came to my decision. Alex was my first husband. I loved him deeply. I still have very deep feelings for him. That's why I have to choose him. That's why I have to be true to my marriage vows to him.

Belle: And that is exactly where our situations are completely different.. Yes, I still have feelings for Shawn. He was my first love. But the person that I made my wedding vows with, the person that I stood before God and married is Philip. We have a child together -- a child who is in there fighting for her life.

Marlena: I know that. And I know it's also all you can think about right now. But at some po-- at some point, if you don't get past your feelings for Shawn, if you still feel so deeply about him, you might have to choose one more time between those two men.

Belle: [Scoffs] Ok. The baby.


John: Buying a one-way ticket out of Salem's about the smartest thing you can do.

Alex: Under the circumstances, it's the only thing I can do, but I'm not going anywhere until I say goodbye to Marlena.


Belle: Philip is my husband and the father of my child. I've already made my choice.

Marlena: And I think it's tearing you apart.

Belle: [Scoffs] You're the one that taught me to honor my marriage vows.

Marlena: Yeah, I'm sure I did.

Belle: And I am, and it's working. I love him more every single day, and I will not be unfaithful to him, no matter how much I may still have feelings for Shawn.

Marlena: And what do you do with those feelings?

Belle: I don't know. If I could go back and I could change everything, I would, but I canít. I don't even know why we're talking about this right now. Who cares about ancient history between Shawn and me? My daughter is in there, fighting for her life, and you are abandoning our family.

Marlena: I'm not abandoning this family.

Belle: You are leaving dad.

Marlena: [Scoffs] Belle... Belle... I would never leave you. You're my daughter.

Belle: You don't even remember me.

Marlena: But I love you. I love you.

Belle: Then don't do this.

Marlena: Sweetheart --

Belle: I love you. And if you leave dad for Alex, you will be making the biggest mistake of your life.


Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hey, how's Claire?

Philip: No news yet. Everything okay?

Belle: Yeah, I was just gonna come find you and tell you that I want to spend the night here. I'm not leaving Claire.

Philip: Oh, yeah. Me too.

Belle: Okay, so I'm just gonna c-call Mimi and ask her to bring us some clothes and stuff.

Philip: Okay. [Sighs] She's gonna be all right, you know? She is -- she and the baby, because I'm going to take care of them. I'm gonna see Claire through this, and I'm going to see Belle through the postpartum depression. As your son-in-law, I promise you, everything's gonna be fine. Okay. It's okay.



Shawn D.: So what do you say we empty out all your stuff in your room? We can just, like, put it in here, and, uh, we can, you know, turn that other room into something.

Mimi: Like what? A game room?

Shawn D.: Yeah, a game room.

Mimi: Yeah!

Shawn D.: That'd be great.

Mimi: [Giggles]

Shawn D.: You know, we had to take a crazy road to get here. And we both got hurt a lot, but now I think I want to spend every night like this. So what do you say?

[Cellphone rings]

Mimi: That's my phone.

Shawn D.: Yeah, let the voice mail pick it up.

Mimi: Well, if someone's calling this late, it's got to be important. Can you hand it to me?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Mimi: It's belle. Hello?

Belle: Hey, Mimi, it's me. I'm sorry to call you so late, but it's an emergency.


Chelsea: Like I said, Abs, you're getting way ahead of yourself, okay? I mean, if you haven't gotten bad news, that's a good thing.

Abby: [Voice breaking] No, it isn't, because whether the bad news comes tonight or tomorrow or next week or Christmas Eve, it's gonna come. My dad's dying and no matter how many healthy foods my mom makes him eat, there's nothing anyone can do to save him. It's not fair.

Chelsea: You're right. But I promise I'm gonna be here for you. You're not gonna have to deal with this alone, okay? I'm gonna be here for you the same way you were here for me when my parents died... because we're friends... and because I understand like nobody else can.

Jennifer: Yeah, you're right. I was just letting my fear get the best of me. But in this situation, no news is great news. [Chuckles] And you know what's so funny about Jack is he probably didn't

even realize he was out driving in an ice storm. You know how distracted he gets. He was probably buying flowers for the centerpiece, and he probably thought, "that's not enough, so I'm gonna go out and get Jennifer something really special -- something crazy, something romantic." He's so like that. Do you know, one time he spent $50 in quarters at a little vending machine -- you know the ones that have the little plastic eggs? -- 'Cause he wanted to get Abby this ring, but it had to have a blue jewel in it. I mean, no red, no green, no yellow, no clear. It had to be blue. It had to match her eyes. So he stayed at this machine for hours. I mean, he was a man on a mission. And so that's what he's doing tonight. He's -- he's a man on a mission. And he's such a great man. And he loves us so much. So he's not hurt. He's on some crazy romantic errand trying to make my night more special. Hey. Isn't that just like your dad?

Abby: Yeah, he's always doing impulsive things and losing track of time.

Jennifer: Exactly.

Abby: It's always because he loves us so much.

Jennifer: Yeah, he does. He loves us so much, and, thanks to Frankie, we know that there hasn't been any kind of accident, so everything's gonna be okay.

Frankie: Yeah.


Hope: Patrick should have found Bo by now.

Billie: Maybe he did, and they're both looking for Jack.

Hope: I just want them back up here. I just want them back up here.

Hope: Patrick says Bo couldn't last down in that icy water much longer.

Billie: And if he couldn't with a wet suit and oxygen... what chance does Jack have?

Hope: What if none of them make it back?


Mimi: But Claire's gonna be okay, right?

Belle: They're still running tests.

Shawn D.: What happened?

Mimi: They don't know. She's in the ER okay, what can we do? Do you need anything?

Belle: Well, Philip and I are gonna stay the night here, so if you could maybe bring us a couple changes of clothes, our toothbrushes, and, oh, and Claire's stuffed bunny. It's in her crib.

Mimi: Okay, we will be there as soon as we get dressed.

Belle: "We"?

Mimi: Shawn and me.

Belle: Oh, did I interrupt something?

Mimi: The only thing that matters right now is Claire, okay? We're on our way.

Belle: But --


Belle: Is there any news?

Molly: Not yet.

Belle: They've done like a million tests. Why haven't we heard anything?

Molly: Let me see what I can find out.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Belle: Okay, don't be scared, sweetheart. Mommy's here. And daddy -- your daddy's right outside. And Shawn and Mimi -- they're bringing betty bunny. It's gonna be just like your crib at home. I know I haven't been the best mom... but I promise -- I promise that's gonna change. From now on, I am gonna be there for you all the time, holding you, loving you. I promise. But all you have to do is get better, okay? 'Cause you and daddy and me -- we are a family. And families stay together... at least they're supposed to.

John: [Exhales deeply] Look...


Alex: How are you holding up?

Marlena: I've had better times.

Alex: Claire is strong, just like the rest of the women in her family. She's gonna pull through, okay? I know that it wasn't easy for you deciding which of us you want to spend your future with. I just want you to know that I accept your choice and I'll respect it.

Marlena: Thank you.

Alex: But since there's no place for me here in Salem now that you chose John, I'll be referring your case to a colleague. You're over the worst part of it now. You -- you don't need me here any longer. I'll be leaving Salem tonight.

John: You'd better go pack.

Alex: I just want you to know -- I have never stopped loving you. Maybe if I had come back sooner... I was just afraid that I would disrupt your life. But I want you to know this -- the only thing I've ever wanted for you, all I want for you right now... is for you to be happy.

Marlena: Alex... wait.


Philip: This is the part of parenting that they don't prepare you for.

Kate: Yeah, well, that's because no one can.

Philip: Yeah.

Kate: Look, honey, I, um, I overheard Belle talking to Mimi on the phone, and I guess Mimi and Shawn are gonna be coming over here. And I know they're Claire's Godparents and all, but, really, do you think Belle is up to a visit from them tonight?

Philip: I don't know. I think Belle could use all the support she can get. And we're all getting along a lot better now. I mean, Shawn and Mimi came over for dinner, and Belle and I are very happy for the two of them.

Kate: For Mimi and Shawn?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I think Belle still is kind of upset about the way that things ended between she and Shawn. Back when they were in high school, they had this whole perfect life planned together, but she's kind of told me since then that it just felt more like a fantasy, and they never were really ready to take that next step. But I think Shawn and Mimi are.

Kate: Okay, wait a minute. I'm sorry, but what are you saying to me? That Shawn and Belle never slept together all those years that they were together?

Philip: Mom, no, Shawn and Belle took a pledge to wait until they were married, and, yeah, as uncomfortable as this is for me to talk about with you, I was the first man Belle was with. Yeah.

Kate: And you know that because...?

Philip: Because she told me. And not that it matters anyways. I have a past. She can have a past, too. It's all right.

Kate: Yeah, but she didnít.

Philip: No, no. No, she didnít.

Kate: Well, I think that's... oh, I think that's wonderful.

Philip: Why are you so interested in this part of Belle's life?

Kate: Honey, don't get me wrong, really. It's not that I'm interested in that. I just -- well, I don't know. I just think it's kind of refreshing that a girl could believe that she could be a virgin on her wedding night.

Philip: It is. I need to check on Claire.

Kate: Okay, honey. Keep me updated.

Philip: I will.

Kate: Oh, my gosh. So, Shawn and Belle never slept together, which means Shawn couldn't be Claire's father. Unless, of course, Belle lied to Philip.


Marlena: Alex, please don't go. We have to talk.

John: You need time to think. Maybe you can talk later.

Alex: That won't be necessary. You've made your decision. I'm prepared to live with it. I just... I just wanted to say goodbye, and to wish you the best with John. Of course, I wish you had chosen me, but I don't want you... [ Exhales deeply] I don't want you to worry. I'll, uh, sign whatever papers are necessary to give you a divorce.

Marlena: I don't want a divorce. I don't want you to go.


Jennifer: All right, so, we have to stay positive because that's what we need to do. And the best way to stay positive is to decorate for your dad's party tomorrow. So you guys start with the balloons.

Frankie: Jen, we might want to wait on this.

Jennifer: Why?

Frankie: Well, it's J-- well, it's late, for one.

Jennifer: It's okay. We're not doing anything else. Here, you take the streamers. And, uh, that's it. Come on. Everyone smile. Let's smile. Let's think positive thoughts. Okay, let's start with the windows back here. Smile! Back here, guys.


Bo: [Coughing]

Billie: Oh, thank God. Is he all right?

Patrick: Barely. You almost got us killed down there.

Bo: I didn't ask you to follow me down.

Patrick: Your air hose was cut. You could have died.

Hope: Oh, my God. Why?

Bo: I had to go get this.

Billie: That's Jack's license plate.

Bo: Yeah, after he followed me down, I saw that. I had to go down and get it.

Billie: What about Jack?

Bo: It was too dark. I couldn't see anything else.

Billie: He could still be there.

Bo: No, no, the current of the river is too strong. And Jack, in his weakened state, with no air, fighting hypothermia... look, even if he made it out of the car, the current of the river would have swept him away. [Panting]


Frankie: This looks nice.

Jennifer: All right, honey, wait, wait, wait. Be careful with that one. That's your dad's favorite picture.

Abby: I know.

Jennifer: That looks good.

Abby: I think I heard a car.

Jennifer: What did I tell you? Jack! Hey. What's wrong? Did you find Jack? W-why isn't anybody saying anything? Hope?


Philip: Hey.

Mimi: How -- how is Claire?

Belle: Well, still no change. We thought -- or, we hoped that she'd be out of danger by now, but...

Philip: But she's going to be fine. She's a fighter just like her parents.

Shawn D.: Yeah, you bet she is.

Belle: It's gonna be a long night. I'm gonna go get some coffee.

Shawn D.: I'll go help her. You guys want something?

Philip: Sure.

Mimi: I'm good.


Belle: [Sighs] [Chuckles] One minute, she was fine, and the next -- damn it!

Shawn D.: Oh, here, here.

Belle: Why can't I do anything right?

Shawn D.: I got it, I got it. Relax, relax.

Belle: Okay, I can't lose it now. My child needs me. I have to keep it together.

Shawn D.: And you're not going through this alone. We are here to help you -- Mimi and me. And Philip is here. It's the best father the baby could have.


Kate: [Exhales deeply] Okay. Now, I just have to bring up Shawn's records from the motorcycle accident.

[Keys clacking] Because they must have typed his blood. Oh, my God. No.. No, it can't be.

Kate: Philip doesn't have the right blood type to be Claire's father and Shawn does, which means that Belle lied. She did sleep with him... which means Shawn is the baby's father.



Philip: Listen, why don't you talk to me about something else? I don't really want to talk about this anymore. How about, um... tonight at dinner. It looked like you and Shawn were heating up.

Mimi: Uh, that was the spices in your risotto.

Philip: Was it really? How come you're blushing now?

Mimi: We got closer.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Mimi: A lot...closer. [Giggles]

Philip: That's awesome. I'm happy for you, Mimi -- both of you guys. You deserve each other. I'm just glad the four of us actually straightened this out, you know? After all we've been through, we can still be friends. I hope we have a happy ending ahead of us.

Mimi: Me too.


Shawn D.: Claire is gonna be fine. Okay, not only does she have the best doctors, she's got the best parents -- parents who are always gonna be there for her.

Belle: And what if that's not true?

Shawn D.: I -- I think you're just scared.

Belle: No, I'm serious.

Shawn D.: Belle, come here.

Kate: Oh, no.


Alex: Well, we're still legally married. You have to divorce me to be with John. I -- I can't stay and watch that. It'd be too painful.

Marlena: I didn't choose John. Why would you think that? I chose you. That's why I don't want you to go. I don't want to lose you -- not ever again. I'd be your wife... if you'll still have me.

Alex: If I'll still have you? You are all I have ever wanted. I love you so much.

Marlena: [Sighs]

Alex: Oh, we can rebuild our life together. We'll finally have the future we always dreamed of.

John: No way in hell that's ever gonna happen.


Jennifer: I know -- I know that you're all upset because, uh, because you didn't find Jack. But I figured it out. You don't have to worry. You see, he went off on some crazy romantic errand. I was just telling Frankie about that. I mean, you know Jack -- when he gets his mind set on something, it's like -- it's like tunnel vision. He can't think of anything else. But -- but it's okay because it gave us time to decorate for his big party tomorrow. Didn't everyone do a great job? Well, didn't we? My gosh, will somebody please say something?

Hope: Jen... I need for you to be really strong.

Jennifer: No, please, no. No, Hope. Please.

Bo: We've got some bad news. It's about Jack.

Jennifer: No. [Sobbing] Oh, God, no. No! Please, please don't tell me that! Please, please, please don't tell me. I don't want to know. Please.

Jennifer: I don't believe it! I believe he's coming home!


Hope: She can't accept what's right in front of her.

Bo: That Jack's gone.


Philip: I wish she looked like her mom.

Kate: That's your daughter. There's no doubt about that.


Sami: Your takeover scheme is going to go down. I guarantee it.

Nicole: What the hell did you do this time?


Lucas: Oh, my God. It's you.

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