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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/25/05 - Canada; Monday 11/28/05 - U.S.A.


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Shawn D.: What?

Mimi: That was absolutely wonderful.

Shawn D.: Yes, it was, especially considering the way the night started out.

Mimi: [Giggles] That was so embarrassing.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry about the scarf.

Mimi: I don't care about the scarf. My mom gave it to me, which means it probably cost under a dollar. I just don't understand why I keep burning things in this house.

Shawn D.: I don't know either. It's okay, though. Don't worry about it. I think, next time, I'll get a dimmer switch, so you don't have to worry about it -- or a lava lamp.

[Thunder crashes]

Mimi: You ready for an instant replay?

Shawn D.: Uh, I'm sorry, but the next show's in 10 minutes.

Mimi: [Giggles]

Shawn D.: You want anything from the snack bar?

Mimi: Yeah, I would love a glass of water.

Shawn D.: Oh, right. Coming right up.


Lexie: Claire is on oxygen now. She appears to be more comfortable.

Philip: And what about her temperature? Has it dropped at all?

Lexie: Yes, a little.

Philip: Okay, all right. Any idea what kind of infection she has?

Lexie: Uh, we're still waiting for the labs to come back. We also had to do a spinal tap.

Belle: A spinal tap? Oh, my God, I wasn't even there to hold her hand.

Philip: It's okay. It's okay.

Belle: It's not okay for her to have to go through this!

Philip: They needed this diagnosis so they can treat her so she can feel better. There's nothing we can do.

Lexie: I'll check on her again in a little while. Uh, listen, I'll let you know as soon as we find out anything, okay?

Philip: Okay.

Belle: She's really sick, isn't she?

Lexie: Yes, she is, but --

Belle: Tell us the truth, Lexie. What's wrong with her, really?

Lexie: Belle, I honestly don't know yet, okay? Look, we can stand here and create all kinds of frightening scenarios, but we are doing everything we can, and what Claire needs most from you right now is your love and your strength. Now, I know it's hard, but just try your best to stay positive, okay?

Philip: Yeah.

Lexie: Okay.


Kate: [Thinking] I can't believe this. I have to find out if it's true.. If it is... [Sighs] No, no, I just can't go there.

Philip: Hey, mom. What's that?


John: So, how is she?

Lexie: She's resting comfortably. We're just waiting for the antibiotics to work.

John: And they will, with no long-term side effects.

Lexie: Well, we certainly hope so. Listen, I'll be able to tell you more once we get a diagnosis.

John: Mm-hmm. Turning out to be a hell of a night, isn't it?

Lexie: Yeah.

John: So, ironic -- tomorrow's Thanksgiving. It'll be kind of interesting to see what we have to be thankful for when we wake up in the morning.

Lexie: Well, just try not to think the worst.

John: I'm worried about Marlena also.

Lexie: John, I am so sorry that I recommended Alex as Marlena's doctor. I had no idea he was --

John: Oh, come on. It's not your fault. He had me fooled, too. Now he's pulling a number on my wife -- or should I say his wife.

Lexie: What?

John: Yeah, you heard me. Oh, they met in med school, and they got married. And then he was sent off on a top-secret government mission, shot down, missing, presumed dead, Marlena finds out about it, she lapses into hysterical amnesia. She doesn't remember her life with Alex, which accounts for the fact that over a course of a couple of decades, she never mentioned to me or Roman that she had another husband.

Lexie: You've got to be kidding.

John: Am I laughing? Look at them. Now she wants me out of her life because she wants a future with Alex.

Lexie: No.

John: I'm not accepting it. I mean, she says one thing one day, something else the next day. She really hasn't made up her mind. She's got this big battle going on inside of her. But if North thinks I'm gonna roll over and just walk away, he does not know what he is up against.


Alex: Are you sure about your decision? I mean, are you sure you know which one of us you want to be with?

Marlena: Yes, I am. I'm sorry this has to be so painful. I'm -- I'm so sorry that one of you has to get hurt.

Alex: Well, I understand.

Marlena: I knew you would.

Alex: Maybe you should go tell John the news.

Marlena: Yeah.


Jennifer: You know, if I hadn't been so set on those flowers in that dumb cornucopia for tomorrow... you know, it doesn't matter. If I never would have brought it up, Jack would not be out in this storm right now.

Frankie: You know Jack. Once he's made up his mind about something... I'm sure he's okay. Really.

Jennifer: Of course he is. He promised me a wonderful Thanksgiving.

[Car door opens] There he is! Jack! Abigail? What in the world are you doing? I thought you were staying at Chelsea's.

Abby: I wanted to come home to help get ready for the party tomorrow. I want it to be extra special for dad.

Frankie: How'd you get home? Who drove you?

Abby: Chelsea.

Jennifer: Chelsea? You were supposed to be spending the night there. You promised me. She should not be out driving in this weather. No one should be out driving in this weather.

Abby: No, mom, it wasn't bad. I mean, the freezing rain's pretty much stopped by now, and most of the main roads have been salted.

Frankie: Yeah, but the river bridge is slippery when there's black ice.

Abby: We didn't take the bridge. We went the long way around. So, uh, where's dad?

Jennifer: He's, uh -- he went out.

Abby: You let him go out in the storm like this? How could you do that?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


[Door opens]

Shawn D.: Hey. Sure you don't want something to eat? Here, trade you.

Mimi: Thank you.

Shawn D.: [Sighs] Where'd you find this picture?

Mimi: It was in the car magazine next to your bed.

Shawn D.: Oh, well, I, uh, didn't know it was in there. I actually took this magazine out because there's a car in here that I'm working on at the garage.

Mimi: You don't have to explain.

Shawn D.: Well, no, I know. I just don't want you to think that I keep pictures of Belle next to my bed. I mean, you know, she's my friend. We always will be, but there's no future with us. Do you believe me?

Mimi: I do, but...

Shawn D.: What?

Mimi: ...Before things go any further between us, I have a confession to make.


Jennifer: I didn't let your dad go out, sweetie. He went out on his own.

Abby: For what? I mean, why would he go out on a horrible night like this?

Jennifer: Because he wanted to get me special flowers for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I didn't want him to be out in this any more than I wanted you out in this. But thank God you are home safely and that the roads are better.

Abby: Dad's sick. He shouldn't be driving on a night like this.

Frankie: Abby, he called us a little while ago. He said he was on his way home. Everything's gonna be okay.

Jennifer: Listen, sweetie, you know what a careful driver your dad is, okay? So while we're waiting for him, why don't we start decorating for his special party, okay? I mean, he is the guest of honor. We don't want him decorating when he gets back. That wouldn't be fair, would it?

Abby: Okay, mom, but you're not fooling me. You're just as worried as I am. So, what do you want me to do?


Jack: [Gasping] [Thinking] Okay, God, okay. What is going on here? I'm supposed to die of an incurable disease. I know what the problem is. You're still mad at me because I tried to take my own life, aren't you? It's an easy fix, God. It's an easy fix. I promise I won't try that again, okay? You didn't have Billie revive me for this. I need to be there for my family tomorrow. It's Thanksgiving. Do you hear me?


Kate: Oh, it's just some papers I had from work. I needed a phone number.. Any news about Claire?

Belle: No.

Philip: She's holding her own.

Kate: Is Lexie still not allowing visitors?

Belle: Well, she said we could go in for a few minutes, but Claire's sleeping, and it's just really hard to see her like that.

Kate: Honey, welcome to the world of motherhood. I know this is a tough way to start. It is, but Claire is gonna pull through this, and hopefully, she'll never have to go through anything like this ever again. But you are going to have a lifetime of tending to cuts and bruises and nursing her back from the flu and from colds and dealing with emotional highs and lows. Honey, and each and every time she hurts, you're gonna want to put yourself in her place.

Belle: I know.

Kate: I know, but you can't do that. You can't do that. But you can be there for her, and you can love her. I don't have to tell you what I've gone through for my children. But you two have each other. You have each other for support and for balance, and that's what your little girl needs.

Belle: [Sniffles]

Philip: You're right. We both need to be there for her, mom.

Belle: Thank you. Okay, I'm gonna go in.

Philip: I'll be right there. I'll give you two a minute, okay?

Belle: Okay. Bye.


Kate: Good girl.

Philip: [Sighs] Mom, I don't know what I'm gonna do if something happens to our daughter. She is so tiny. She's so innocent and helpless. [Chuckles] You know, from the second she was born, Belle and I have felt so much love -- and not just for Claire, for each other. That little girl bonds the two of us like I've never felt before.

Kate: I know she does.

Philip: Right now, mom, I'm worried about Belle. She's going through this postpartum depression. She's been through so many ups and downs. I think she's in a bad place to handle this right now.

Kate: Sweetie, listen to me, okay? Belle is going to be fine because you're there for her, and you are doing a great job of taking care of your wife and your daughter, okay?

Philip: I hope so. 'Cause those two girls are my life, mom. [Chuckles] I better get in there. Thanks, mom.

Kate: Okay, sweetie.

Philip: [Sniffles]


John: How they doing?

Kate: Oh, they're scared. So am I.

John: Yeah.

Kate: I'm just glad that they have each other, you know? After everything that Philip has been through, I don't know what he'd do without her.

John: Or what she would do without him. She's been through a tough time. He has supported her every step of the way.

Kate: Yeah.

John: You know, it's a good thing 'cause I don't feel as though she's been able to count on her parents the way she should.

Kate: Oh, John, don't say that. It's not true.

John: We haven't set a good example. Her parents should be together.

Kate: Well, I'm sure you will be. I mean, it's a complicated situation. It wasn't your fault. Belle understands that.

John: Well, Philip and Belle went through a complicated time, too, when she was having a hard time getting over her feelings for Shawn. But that's over now, and they're in this for the long run now.

Kate: Um, look, will you excuse me? There's some phone calls I have to make before -- before it gets too late.

John: Yeah, sure. You okay?

Kate: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm just -- I'm worried about the baby.


Alex: Well, go ahead. I'm sure John would like to know your decision.

John: How you holding up?

Marlena: I'm worried about the baby, just like we all are. But I, um, have something to tell you. It's pretty important.

John: Am I gonna want to hear this? Is it good news or not?


[Door opens, closes]

Kate: [Sighs] Please, God, let me be wrong, because if it's true, it's going to destroy them.



Shawn D.: A confession?

Mimi: It's about Belle.

Shawn D.: What about her? You two are fine with each other, right? I mean, you're still friends.

Mimi: Yeah, but...

Shawn D.: But what?

Mimi: Well, I went over to see her a while ago, and, um, we were having a good time. It was almost like things used to be. But then I told her that we were going on a date tonight, and she started acting kind of, you know, possessive. So I wanted to be clear on where we stood, so I asked her how she felt about you, if she was still in love with you.

Shawn D.: Wow. And what'd she say?

Mimi: Well, like I told you before, she gave us her blessing.

Shawn D.: Great. Not that we need it.

Mimi: I just wanted to make sure that Belle wasn't going to stand in our way to get closer like we did tonight. I mean, after everything that happened with Rex... I mean, I know it was my fault, but I just didn't want to put myself in a position where I would get hurt like that again.

Shawn D.: Look... she's married now. All right, she's got her own things to worry about. She has a baby.

Mimi: I know, I know, but who knows, you know? Six months from now, maybe a year, what if her and Philip don't wind up staying together? Look, I know that...we're both committed to a serious relationship. I mean, if I didn't think that, then I wouldn't have let what happened tonight happen.

Shawn D.: Hey, me neither.

Mimi: Okay, I'm glad to hear that, because Belle told me that she still has feelings for you and she thinks she always will. But she also said that the only man she truly loves is Philip, the father of her baby.

Shawn D.: And that's the way it should be.

Mimi: Exactly. You know, it wasn't the easiest conversation to have, but I'm glad that we had it. In the end, I mean, she even hugged me and told me she was happy for me and that she hopes the two of us work out, and I think she really meant it.

Shawn D.: Okay, so, that's great.

Mimi: Yeah. I hope we really work out, too.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, so do I.

Mimi: I know, which is why I have one question to ask you. Are you still in love with Belle?


Abby: Mom, call daddy again. Find out where he is. He should have been home by now.

Jennifer: Sweetie, I already tried earlier. The cellphone service is terrible in this storm.

Frankie: I'll try again.


Jennifer: You know, honey, your dad's gonna be fine. Even if the roads were bad, you know what? He would stop by Gram's. He would stay there.

Abby: Then why didn't he call us?

Frankie: Still can't get through.


Jack: [Gasping, choking]

[Thinking] Don't panic, Jack. Open the window. Wait for the water pressure to equalize, then swim to the surface.

[Panting] Oh!

[Music playing]


Lexie: Excuse me.

Alex: Oh, Lexie, hi. Uh, any news on Belle and Philip's baby?

Lexie: No.

Alex: Lexie, I understand how angry you are with me, and I want to apologize to you.

Lexie: For what?

Alex: For blackmailing you about your affair with Detective Kramer, for threatening to tell Abe about it. I just want you to know -- I would have never followed through with that.

Lexie: Well, I don't know.

Alex: It's just that I was desperate to keep you from digging into my past.

Lexie: Hmm, well, aren't you still afraid of what I'll find?

Alex: No. Because there's nothing there to hide. I just didn't want Marlena to learn about our past together before I felt she was ready.

Lexie: I see.

Alex: And I thought that she was ready.

Lexie: But?

Alex: Unfortunately, most of her past is still a blank to her. [Sighs] And now...I think I've lost her.

Lexie: You haven't lost her, Alex. You never had her in the first place.

Alex: You're wrong. I'm sure John has told you that Marlena and I were -- are married.

Lexie: He told me that's what you claim.

Alex: And it's the truth. I've shown him the evidence. He just doesn't want to believe it.

Lexie: Hmm. If you loved Marlena so much, why didn't you come forward years ago?

Alex: As I explained to John, when I finally found Marlena again, she'd already moved here to Salem, she'd married Roman, they had children. I just didn't want to disrupt her life.

Lexie: How noble of you. [Chuckles] This is such an incredible story.

Alex: You're a part of that story. It was your phone call asking me to come here and consult with you to treat Marlena. It's what brought me here to Salem. I had to come because I felt I was the only one who could really help her, and I felt that there was a chance, with my help, she would remember everything.

Lexie: Meaning her life with you?

Alex: Yes, her life with me, her entire life, so that she would get her whole life back. Now, I understand that you didn't agree with all of the methods I was using.

Lexie: No, I didnít.

Alex: Because Marlena's case is a very unique, difficult one, I had to use all the tools available to me. They were working. They are still working.

Lexie: You mean she's getting her memory back?

Alex: Yes. [Sighs] I just can't believe she chose John.

Lexie: She told you that?

Alex: Not in so many words, but I'm sure that's what she's telling him now. [ Sighs] That's why I'll be leaving Salem soon.


John: So what is it you want to tell me?

Marlena: I've made a decision.

John: You've decided who you want to be with?

Marlena: Yes -- Belle?

John: Hey, Izzy. What is it, honey?

Belle: It's just hard to see her in pain like that and not be able to do anything to help her.

Marlena: You are holding her and you are talking to her and that does her more good than you could ever imagine.

Belle: Does it?

Marlena: It does. She knows that you are her mother. And she might not be fully conscious, but that is a bond that transcends everything.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Marlena: You just have to trust yourself here.

Belle: I'll try. [Sniffles]

Marlena: Mmm. She knows how much you love her. Mmm. Yes. You know a lot more than you think you do.

Belle: Thank you. You and Kate have been so encouraging and wonderful. Thank you.

Philip: Honey, we should head back in probably, okay? Thank you. Come on..


John: Baby... so... you've made your choice.

Marlena: [Gasps]

John: Why are you pulling away from me?

Marlena: John... the man I've chosen to be with is Alex.


Kate: Let's see, let's see. Perfect. They didn't log off. Okay.

[Keys clacking] Oh, God. Oh, God, no. No.


Shawn D.: Okay. I've always been honest with you. A small part of me will always love Belle just like a small part of you will always love Rex. They were our first loves. There will always be a special place in our heart for them. But I also know that the both of us are ready to move on.

Mimi: Thank you. Because I felt like what we shared tonight was really special, so I just need to know. Was it, you know, date sex or was it something more? I mean, it's probably not the most romantic thing for me to do to be so blunt about this. It's actually probably a bad idea overall.

Shawn D.: No, no, I'm glad that we're talking about this.

Mimi: Good. I'm sorry. I just don't have much experience. I mean, the only other guy I was ever with was Rex.

Shawn D.: Okay, well, I don't have much experience either.

Mimi: Okay, well, I just -- I don't know how to be coy or subtle or whatever to get you to tell me how you're feeling.

Shawn D.: You don't have to. I already just said --

Mimi: Maybe I'm just being stupid. I mean, I'm being old Mimi. I'm just blurting it out and running off my mouth. Can you just forget that I even asked? I mean, you hear and you read about guys hating when girls pressure them about the future, but I think girls just think about the future more than guys do. I mean, I remember when I fell in love with you in high school. I had the biggest crush ever even though I knew that you were with Belle. I would still practice writing my name -- "Mrs. Shawn Brady" -- in my notebook.

Shawn D.: You were writing "Mrs. Shawn Brady"?

Mimi: Oh, my God. I cannot believe I just told you that. I've never told anyone that in my life!

Shawn D.: And why would you?

Mimi: There I go. Look, instead of just being here with you and enjoying one of the greatest nights of my life, I have ruined it all by pushing and analyzing and asking questions, but I think it's just because I'm scared because I've been hurt, you know? And nothing, like, this wonderful has ever happened to me before. And being here with you like this is just a dream come true, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Mimi, Mimi?

Mimi: What?

Shawn D.: C-can you take a deep breath?

Mimi: [Inhales deeply] No. [Giggles]

Shawn D.: Okay, so, um, I was ready to answer your question way back at, "was this just date sex or something more?" This was not casual for me. This meant a lot. And, actually, I'm glad we went through this because there's something I want to say to you.

Mimi: If you're gonna tell me that you love me, donít.


Frankie: All right, look, if the roads are still icy, maybe he pulled over. We did. And let's face it, if the salt trucks hadn't come along, we'd still be out there.

Abby: But I told you the roads are fine now.

Frankie: The main roads, sure, but your dad was coming from Ogden. Salt trucks probably didn't make it out there yet.

Jennifer: So what do we do? We just sit here and wait?

Frankie: No, you do, I donít. I'm pretty sure I know the roads he's taken. I'm gonna look for him.

Jennifer: Wait, Frankie, that's not really such a good idea. It's dangerous out there for anyone.

Abby: We don't want to have to worry about two people.

Frankie: Thanks, but I'll be fine. Hey, I've had a lifetime of driving tips from my brother the professional driver. Just do me a favor and have the hot chocolate ready for us when we get back, okay?

Jennifer: All right. Your dad's gonna be fine. Frankie's gonna track him down. He's gonna bring him home. They're gonna be back very soon.

Jack: Oh! Oh!


Lexie: So that's it? You came, you saw, and since you couldn't conquer, you've decided to just give up on Marlena and leave Salem?

Alex: Marlena's made her choice. I have to respect that. I love her too much not to.

Lexie: Oh, perhaps I misjudged you. I'm sorry for what you're going through.

Alex: Lexie?

Lexie: Yeah?

Alex: Do you mind if I give you a little professional advice before I leave?

Lexie: Sure.

Alex: I think you need to deal with your feelings about Detective Kramer and Abe.

Lexie: [Inhales deeply] Well, I've been avoiding Tek -- Detective Kramer.

Alex: Have you been avoiding him because you don't want to see him anymore, or have you been avoiding him because you want to avoid having to make a decision about which man you want to be with?


John: You don't mean that. "Choose Alex"?

Marlena: John, he's my husband.

John: If you were ever married. And that was years ago, and you spent most of your adult life not remembering any of it. The reality of your life is that you are the mother of my child, I am your husband, and you know in your heart that we belong together. And when we took that carriage ride and we danced on that terrace, you felt it right here in your heart. And you're trying to tell me that you didn't? Now, I love you. And if you're gonna walk away from me, you might as well rip my heart out and take my soul right along with you. I'm asking you to reconsider your decision. You got to stay with me.


Kate: Excuse me.

Man: Yes.

Kate: I need to talk to a doctor and I was wondering -- do you know if there's one available?

Man: Are you ill?

Kate: No, actually, I'm not. I just have a medical question.

Man: I just saw Dr. Carver in the trauma center. She might be on break.

Kate: Yeah, I don't want to disturb her. She has so much going on tonight.

Man: Well, I'm a med student. Anything I could help you with?

Kate: Um, actually, yes. You probably could. You know, I was just -- what I was wondering -- if you have a parent who's a certain blood type and their spouse is another blood type, is it possible that their children could have a completely different blood type?

Man: Yeah, yeah, it's possible.

Kate: Really?

Man: Sure. It happens all the time. "O" is recessive, so say you have a parent who's "b" and the other parent is "A." Their child could actually be type "o" or "a" or "b" or "ab" depending on the genotypes.

Kate: "Depending on the genotypes." Well, never mind that part. Okay, great, thank you. I really appreciate that.

Man: No problem.

Kate: Um, I'm sorry, just one more time because I want to make sure I have this correct. Um, so, if the father was an "o" positive and the mother was an "a" negative, that would mean that their child could be an "ab" negative, right?

Man: Why do you want to know?


Shawn D.: You don't want me to say that I love you?

Mimi: No.

Shawn D.: Then why were you going on and on about whether tonight was more important than date sex and what my real, true feelings are? What difference does it make if you don't want me to say that I love you?

Mimi: Just let me finish, okay?

Shawn D.: Okay, sorry. Go ahead.

Mimi: I hope that you do tell me that you love me someday, just not on a night when I've been practically pushing you to say it.

Shawn D.: That makes no sense.

Mimi: Okay, well, let me explain it to you.

Shawn D.: Oh, please, God, no, donít. I mean, if you want to, you're more than welcome, but not right now because there's something I'd like to say to you.

Mimi: Hmm?

Shawn D.: I think you're wonderful.


Kate: I was only asking because I wanted to settle a bet that I have with a friend.

Man: [Chuckles] A bet? You made a bet about mixing blood types?

Kate: Yeah, it was pretty crazy.

Man: Interesting.

Kate: It is. Actually, she's the type of person, you know, who will bet on anything. So?

Man: The scenario you mentioned is impossible.

Kate: Are you sure?

Man: It's very basic. An "a" blood type and an "o" blood type together cannot produce a "b" or "ab" child. No exceptions.

Kate: [Sighs]

Man: You okay?

Kate: Yeah, yeah, I'm okay. I just should have known better than to bet on something like this.

Man: A lot riding on it, huh?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, too much.

Man: Better luck next time.

Kate: So Belle's baby isn't Philip's.


Philip: Hi, Claire. It's daddy. [Chuckles] Mommy and I -- we're here for you, okay? We're not going anywhere, honey.

Belle: We love you, Claire, more than you will ever know. Daddy and I are gonna be here for you always.


Lexie: [Scoffs] I made a terrible mistake at a time when I was frustrated and confused, and I deeply regret it. I love my husband. There's no question of who I want to be with.

Alex: And I love Marlena. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we'd like.

Lexie: No, they donít. Well, thanks for your advice.

Alex: You're welcome. And again, my apologies for the perceived blackmail.

Lexie: Mmm. I know that sometimes, when it comes to love, that people will do things they regret and act completely out of character.

Alex: That's very true. I acted unprofessionally. I was blinded by my love and concern for Marlena... a love, I'm afraid, may never be fulfilled.


Marlena: John, I'm so sorry. But for all those reasons you mentioned -- the history and the love and the promise of a future and even more. Those are the reasons that I -- I can't be with you.

[Sniffles] I have to choose the person for whom I first pledged to spend my life with. And that's Alex.


Jennifer: Oh. Oh, that's just great. Now I can't get Frankie either. Why did I let him go find Jack?

Abby: You didn't, mom. He wanted to. You know, I'm not that worried about Frankie, but dad's sick. What if he's in pain or he passed out and drove his car off the road.... or worse?


Frankie: No. Someone went off the bridge. Oh, God, no. No, don't let it be Jack.

Jack: [Thinking] God, God, I hope you're listening. I almost died before, taking those pills. I'm sorry I tried to commit suicide. If you'll forgive me for all those little tricks I pulled on you, I'll forgive you this real giant trick you're pulling on me right now. So can we go back to the original plan? I'll take the pills and die a slow death. I just want to see my family.

Jack: You know, on the eve of this Thanksgiving day, I can't think of a man alive who's more thankful than I am. I just have to say, "thank you. Thank you, God, for giving me this wonderful family. Thank you, God, for giving me this wonderful life." I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Jack: [Coughing]


Bo: Let's get those wet suits out. I'm going in.


Jennifer: Frankie, where is he?


Sami: Getting involved with Nicole could spell disaster.

Nicole: You're wrong, Sami. I have exactly what we need to get back in the game.


Marlena: You and I are done.


Belle: No! Tell me this isn't happening.

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