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Jack: All right. Okay. All set. Yes. Yes. Fabulous.

Jennifer: Whew!

Jack: Oh, just in time.

Jennifer: Hey, for what? What is all this? Look at you. You're so dressed up.

Jack: Well, I figured, we had the house to ourselves tonight, so... I'm having dinner for just the two of us, compliments of Chez Rouge.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Chez Rouge? Ooh, I'm not gonna argue with that.

Jack: Good.

Jennifer: Thank you. You're spoiling me.

Jack: I'm gonna spoil you some more now. I've got a lovely frock set out for you upstairs. You try it on. Hopefully, it will be just right. And I'll get rid of those groceries. All right, this has to be perfect tonight, Jennifer, as this is our last...dinner together. I'm gonna take these massive pain-killers -- thank you, Lexie -- combine them with all the rest of you guys. [Sighs] Take them when the lights go out, and then, in the morning, you'll wake up, Jennifer, but I won’t.

Lucas: Okay, thanks. Hey. I'm sorry about that.

Sophie: It's okay. Were you able to get the information, you know, to blow them out of the water?

Lucas: Not yet, but I will, and when I do, my beloved brother and his two idiot sidekicks -- they won't know what hit 'em. They're gonna regret the day they stole that campaign from me.

Sophie: Well, listen, since Austin left with Nicole and Sami, why don't the two of us try and enjoy what's left of the evening? There's nothing more you can do about the situation now.

Lucas: Yeah, I think you're right. I'll just worry about it in the morning. Let's go. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.

Sophie: What?

Lucas: On second thought...

Sophie: Oh, do you know those people?

Lucas: Yeah, that's Hans Schnitzel. That's the guy I was telling you about, and his fiancé, Lulu, or whatever her name is.

Sophie: "Lulu" -- that's her name?

Lucas: Yeah, look, maybe we should go, all right? Those are the last two people I want to see right now.

[Elevator squeaks]

Austin: Okay, well, a few more steps.

Sami: Austin, is this really necessary?

Austin: I want it to be a surprise.

Sami: But you're not buying it, right? I mean, you're just, you know, thinking about renting it, right?

Austin: No, I'm just really excited about it, you know? And now that we've got the Clear Visage accounts, we can afford it, thanks to you.

Sami: Yeah, but it's still only one account.

Austin: But a huge one. Now we have the collateral to ask the bank for more money. We're off to a great start, and we're gonna build on it.

Sami: [Chuckles] Yeah, but, Austin, I think we should be careful and not spend money unnecessarily. I mean, what is wrong with working out of my apartment for a little while longer?

Nicole: Everything.

Sami: Ah, Nicole, what are you --

Austin: No, no, no. Don't ruin the surprise.

Sami: Oh, come on. Why is she here?

Austin: I called her. I asked her to join us.

Sami: Why'd you do that?

Austin: For one, she's the one that found us the space. Now let's all go in and take a look around.

Nicole: Great.

Austin: Okay, give me your hand.

Sami: Where are you?

Nicole: Oh, hush.

Austin: Dun dun dun da

Sami: Aah!

Austin: Come on, come on.

Sami: Aah!

Austin: Don't look, don't look. Not yet, not yet.

Sami: Austin...

Austin: This is awesome. You...are going to love it.

Sami: [Sighs]

Austin: What do you think?

Sami: Austin, what, are you kidding? There is no way that I am gonna work here.

Marlena: Alex, what did John mean when he called you a fraud?

Alex: What does John ever mean? It's just another one of his baseless accusations, another desperate attempt to try and make you think I'm lying about our marriage.

John: Well, you are lying. Using the information that you gave me, I did a thorough search. It seems there is no record anywhere of a divorce decree.

Kate: Well, that's interesting.

John: Very. You know, they always make a mistake. Here you fabricated all this phony paperwork supposedly showing that you and Marlena were married, but you forgot to manufacture the evidence that will explain why the two of you still aren't together.

Marlena: Alex, he's right. If we were never divorced and we were so much in love, then why aren't we together?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Jack: There's one for you...

Jennifer: Thank you.

Jack: ...And one for me.

Jennifer: You know, Jack, maybe you shouldn't be drinking. I mean, you're on so much medication. It might not be good.

Jack: Oh, come now. One glass of wine's not going to kill me.

Jennifer: Please, can we not joke about dying tonight?

Jack: Right. Tonight will be about you and me and how lucky we are to be spending this special night together.

Jennifer: Much better. Thank you.

Jack: Welcome. Still, I have to say, I, for one, am cherishing every moment I have with you.

Jennifer: You know what, Jack, I feel the same way, but...

Jack: But what?

Jennifer: You have to keep fighting. I mean, you're acting like you're giving up. You can't just give up.

Jack: I won’t.

Jennifer: Good.

Jack: Still, I have to say that it's important to be realistic, and that means that we have to talk.

Jennifer: About what?

Jack: About... what you're going to do after I'm gone.

Alex: There's a very good reason why Marlena and I have been apart all these years.

John: And I'm sure there's a very good reason why there's no record of your divorce either.

Alex: As a matter of fact, there is.

John: This ought to be good.

Alex: After we were married, I died.

Marlena: You died?

John: I told you it'd be good. Tell me about it. No, no, I'll tell you what. Let me take a shot in the dark. You staged your death, and then you disappeared.

Alex: No, that's not what happened.

Marlena: Well, what did happen?

John: He's probably running from the authorities. That's what con men do.. Bear with me.

[Keys clacking] "Dr. Alex North" -- if that's what your real name is. Oh, what do you know? No record of your so-called death, either. Another lie?

Alex: Your problem, John, is that you're looking for simple answers to a very complex, complicated scenario. May I? [Keys clacking] That's a very secure website.. I think you'll find what you're looking for there.

Marlena: John, what does it say?

John: I don't believe it. You were an undercover agent for the government?

Sophie: There is something very familiar about that woman.

Lucas: Wait a minute, you've seen her before?

Sophie: I'm sure of it. Maybe at Alice's or... the tabloids -- that's it! I know exactly who she is.

Lucas: What? Who? Some bimbo who's lucky enough to hang out with Schnitzel?

Sophie: Not just any bimbo, Lucas -- that woman is notorious. Well, I'm starting to feel very bad for your Dr. Schnitzel.

Lucas: Why? Wait a minute -- what are you talking about?

Sophie: You're not gonna believe this.

Lucas: What, what, what?

Austin: What are you talking about? This place is great. Look at the kitchen.

Sami: Austin, this is Brandon's apartment!

Austin: Brandon Walker?

Sami: Yes.

Austin: Your brother? This is your brother's apartment?

Nicole: Austin, Brandon wanted to sublet it, okay? I happened to have the key. I thought it would be perfect for us.

Sami: It is hardly perfect for us. And how dare you show up at my apartment with some sob story about how you're living at the "y" when you had a key to this place the whole time.

Nicole: I couldn't afford the rent.

Sami: Brandon would not charge his sister rent, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, I wasn't gonna ask him, okay? Some of us have pride.

Sami: Yeah, some of us do. Not you, but some of us --

Austin: Drop it.

Sami: Austin, answer me this. Why do we need this place when everything is working great out of my apartment?

Nicole: What? You keep complaining that I'm there, Sami. Come on. Look, we all hate it there -- living and working in the same place, always bumping into each other.

Sami: Well, maybe it's a little cramped, but we could --

Nicole: "A little cramped"? We had to deliver our presentation at Titan Headquarters -- our competitors. What client is gonna take us seriously if we don't have our own office space?

Austin: That's a good point.

Nicole: Thank you. Look, it is not gonna cost that much to fix this place up. The location is great, there's a ton of sunlight, the floors are in great condition. It has -- it has an industrial feel, and it screams young, edgy, hip. I mean, that is what you want your company to project, right? (Laughing) I had something else there.

Jack: Jennifer... I know this isn't your favorite topic. We need to talk about it. I need to talk about it. Once we've gotten it out of the way, we won't discuss it again, all right?

Jennifer: Okay. Okay, I'm listening.

Jack: Good. After I'm gone, I want you to find someone else. I don't want you to spend the rest of your life alone. I mean it.

Jennifer: You know, I can't even think about that right now, all right? I don't even know how you can think about that.

Jack: I have to think about it.

Jennifer: You asked me to listen to you, so listen to what I have to say, please.

Jack: [Sighs] As you wish, yes.

Jennifer: Thank you. I know that you're very comfortable talking about this, but I am not. I love you, and I can't even imagine myself with someone else right now. I can't, so please stop forcing this issue. I want to enjoy right now, this evening, the two of us, okay? I mean, I think that's possible. I don't want to worry about tomorrow, okay?

Jack: Okay, okay, okay.

Jennifer: So let's have a beautiful evening, the two of us, right now. Is that possible?

Jack: It's possible. It's entirely possible. No more looking at what's ahead, beneath, or above or anything like that. This will be about you and me and all the wonderful memories that we have shared.

Jennifer: Good. I would really like that.

Jack: Well, how would you like to skip dessert for a little bit? Because I would like to dance with my wife.

Jennifer: Okay, well, I would like to dance with my husband. But, I mean, are you sure you'll be okay? Do you remember the last time?

Jack: Oh, please. [Chuckles] If anything happens to me, you'll be the first to know, all right?

Lucas: Wow. Sophie, you're right. Lulu is exactly who you thought she was.

Sophie: Told you. You think Dr. Schnitzel knows about his fiancé's background?

Lucas: Well, if he does, I don't think she'd be his fiancé.

Sophie: [Sighs] You never know. They say love is blind.

Lucas: You kidding me? Not with that guy's money. Love's got 20/20 vision.

Sophie: Lulu's been all over the tabloids, Lucas. How could he not know?

Lucas: Come on, look at the guy, will you? He doesn't really fit the National Intruder Demographic, does he?

Sophie: Now that you mention it...

Lucas: Yeah, you know what? It doesn't matter, because this -- this is poetic justice.

Sophie: Oh, really?

Lucas: Well, Sami used lulu to get the Clear Visage campaign from me, right? So I'm gonna use her to get it back.

Sophie: You gonna fill me in on exactly how you're gonna do that?

Lucas: Hah.

Nicole: So what I'm saying is that we certainly cannot impress potential clients if we continue to operate out of your dinky apartment. We're gonna look about as professional as little kids at a lemonade stand. Austin, you agreed this was a good idea.

Austin: It's tempting, no question.

Nicole: Look, there's a bedroom, there's a kitchen. Look, Austin, you could live here. I know you're gonna want to have your own place.

Austin: It's true.

Sami: So then, what, Nicole, you think you're gonna be able to move in with Austin?

Alex: Type in "gmd-9672." Go ahead. Input that I.D. number.

John: "Gmd... 9672." [Exhales deeply] Of course the file is sealed. And I can't even get in with my security clearance. What kind of game are you playing with me?

Alex: Sorry. I don't have to answer to you.

Marlena: Wait a minute. What about me? Don't you think you owe me an explanation?

Alex: You're right, Marlena. You are the one person I owe an explanation.. It's time I told you everything.

[Music playing]

Lucas: You know what? I think I got a plan, but I'm gonna need your help.. Are you up for it?

Sophie: What do I have to do?

Lucas: All you have to do is keep Schnitzel busy so I can have a little chat with his fiancé.

Sophie: I can handle that.

Lucas: Yeah? Okay, come on. Let's go.

Lucas: [Clears throat] Dr. Schnitzel?

Hans: Ah, Mr. Roberts. I'm sure you're very disappointed with the outcome of the negotiations, but I'm afraid I haven't changed my mind. So if you are here to counter Mr. Reed's offer, you are wasting your time.

Lucas: Well, it is my time to waste, isn't it? But may I assume that you haven't signed the contracts yet?

Hans: No, I haven’t.

Lucas: Well, good. In that case --

Hans: Ah, but Mr. Reed and I have a negotiation. We have an agreement. We have shaken hands. In America, that is Praktisch the same thing, yes, no?

Lucas: Eh, yeah, no. But, you know what, with that said, why don't you and your lovely fiancé join me and my friend Sophie here for a little dinner?

Hans: That is a very kind offer, but I must decline.

Sophie: Oh, oh, I'm so disappointed. Lucas was just telling me about your wonderful new line of skin treatments. He said you had a background in chemistry.

Hans: A PHD actually. I also have a degree in psychology.

Sophie: Oh, would you mind if I sat?

Hans: Uh, well, uh... of course.

Sophie: [Giggles]

Lulu: I've heard this story a million times. Honey, I want to have some fun.

Lucas: Well, I actually can help with that if it's okay with Hans. May I have a dance with your beautiful fiancé?

Hans: Well, that's really up to Lulu.

Lulu: Sure, why not?

Lucas: Thank you.

Sophie: So, Dr. Schnitzel, to develop Clear Visage, I guess you've got to have a really good idea of what makes women tick.

Hans: [Chuckles]

Lucas: So, Lulu, I don't know what it is about you. May I call you "Lulu"?

Lulu: All right, if you let me call you...

Lucas: Lucas. Please do.

Lulu: Lucas -- right. I'm sorry.

Lucas: That's all right. Um, I don't know what it is about you. Something is just so familiar.

Lulu: Um, would you excuse me a minute? I just need to use the little girls' room, okay?

Lucas: Nah, you're not gonna pull a Houdini on me, are you? You just relax, all right? Don't worry about it. I'm not gonna tell Hans about your little secret, providing you do me a small favor.

Lulu: What secret? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Lucas: I think you do. I'm holding the diamond divorcée in my arms. Isn't that what they call you?

Lulu: The "diamond divorcée" -- Lucas, is this some kind of joke?

Lucas: Oh, no. No joke, no joke. Tell me, do you have monogrammed towels from all your marriages?

Lulu: I'm sorry. I think this dance is over.

Lucas: No, it's not over, Miss Lulu Weiner-Kleinfeld- Giuseppe-Fujimoto-Martinez- Polowski... should I go on? It's just so hard to remember all 15 filthy rich husbands you've had.

Lulu: So? I fall in love easily.

Lucas: It seems you fall out of love even easier. Isn't that right? But I gotta give you credit. You don't kill your husbands. You just divorce them and then wait for your attractive settlement, right?

Lulu: I don't have to listen to this, Lucas.

Lucas: Yes, you do. You're a con artist, and you prey on wealthy men, and then you divorce them, and then you move on to your next victim, don't you? Isn't that right?

Lulu: Ever single one of those men was so miserable before I met them. I just brought a little sunshine into their drab lives.

Lucas: [Sarcastically] Oh, really? You are such a wonderful person for doing that.

Lulu: What if I told you that Hans knows all about my past and he doesn't even care?

Lucas: I'd think you're lying, that's what I'd think. Hans is clueless, and if you want him to stay clueless, you'll do exactly what I say... or he's gonna hear all about his little Lulu.

Lulu: What do you want me to do?

Sami: Austin, this is ridiculous. She's obviously trying to get you to move in here so that she can move in here, too, and have you all to herself. Her whole sob story about --

Nicole: Look, I just want what's best for the company. And as for myself, now that we afford to start drawing salaries, I'm gonna get a place of my own.

Sami: Oh, I'll believe that when I see it.

Nicole: Oh, come on, Sami. You should be happy that you're getting your apartment back. Unless...

Sami: Unless what?

Nicole: Well, you think you're gonna miss me.

Sami: [Laughs] No.

Nicole: Okay, so I don't understand what your problem is. Austin and I will get our own places, and maybe -- who knows? -- Maybe Will, will want to move back in with you. Yeah. I know you must miss him terribly. Although, he has suffered a lot because of you.

Sami: Shut up.

Nicole: I know how much he wanted the three of you to be a family, but that's not gonna happen thanks to you and you can't blame the kid for not wanting to be around you anymore.

Sami: What are you --

Nicole: Most sane people don’t. But you know what, Sami? Listen to me, don't give up, okay? Because he might hate you now, but you never know. Things can change.

Sami: You know what? You are unbelievable. Just go to hell.

Austin: Is there a problem?

Jack: We've had some great times, Miss Horton, haven't we?

Jennifer: Yeah. We have. But I want more.

Jack: So do I, Jennifer. So do I.

Jennifer: I know that this sounds so greedy, but I'm not ready to let you go.

Jack: I'm right here. I'm right here.

Sometimes it amazes me

how strong the power of love can be

sometimes you just take my breath away

you watched my love grow like a child

sometimes gentle and sometimes wild

sometimes you just take my breath away

and it's too good to slip by

too good to lose

too good to be there just to use

I'm gonna stand up on a mountaintop

and tell the news

that you take my breath away

sometimes it amazes me

how strong the power of love can be

sometimes you just take my breath away

it's too good to slip by

too good to lose

too good to be there just to use

I'm gonna stand up on a mountaintop

and tell the news

that you take my breath away

oh, yes, you take my breath away

Alex: Shortly after we were married, I was recruited by the government.

John: Yeah, recruited for what?

Alex: Special OPS. It wasn't something I wanted to do, believe me.

John: Well, you could have just said no.

Alex: I was told that my expertise was needed. I did it out of some sense of patriotic duty. At the time, it was important to our national security to determine how our field operatives might react under stressful situations. We weren't just focusing on our own people, we were also asked to work up psychological profiles on foreign agents, foreign leaders.

Marlena: You said you were presumed dead.

Alex: I was shot down over enemy territory and captured. After a period of time, I was officially declared dead, and you were notified. I was told you took the news very hard. Of course, I didn't learn of any of this till years later, but apparently, after you were informed of my death, that's when you experienced your first bout of hysterical amnesia.

Sophie: Your fiancé is very lucky to have found such a brilliant man like you.

Hans: No, I'm the lucky one. My Lulu is so beautiful and vivacious and sexy, yes, no?

Sophie: Oh, she is of a kind.

Lulu: [Chuckles nervously]

Lucas: This is what I want you to do. I want you to use your feminine wiles to persuade Hans to back out of the deal with Austin and give Titan the contract.

Lulu: And if I don't?

Lucas: Well, then, Hans will be receiving a very thick package delivered by a messenger.

Lulu: All right.

Lucas: "All right" what?

Lulu: I get the picture.

Lucas: Well, good. I thought you would. And don't look so down, all right? If this works out, we'll all be winners.

Lulu: It's blackmail is what it is.

Lucas: That's exactly what it is. So are you gonna help me pull this off or not?

Nicole: There's no problem. Sami and I just disagree on whether or not we should sublet Brandon's loft.

Austin: That's all you were arguing about?

Sami: Yeah.

Nicole: So, Austin, how about it? Who are you gonna side with, me or Sami?

Jennifer: [Sighs] I've never felt that close to you before, Jack.

Jack: Me either.

Jennifer: I felt like we were one person.

Jack: [Chuckles] You're sleepy.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm. But I'm very happy.

Jack: Me too.

Jennifer: Don't forget to take your medication.

Jack: Don't worry. I won’t. [Sighs]

Lucas: So, are you gonna sweet-talk your boyfriend into backing out of the deal with Austin and signing with Titan?

Lulu: You haven't given me much choice.

Lucas: It's in your best interests as well as mine. Clear Visage is gonna make Hans richer than he already is. That is, if he signs with Titan.

Lulu: Okay. I hear you.

Lucas: Well, good. Now, as much as I've enjoyed our little dance, maybe we should get back to Hans, okay? Come on. [Clears throat] Hans, I think I've monopolized Lulu's time long enough. I'd like to trade her for Sophie.

Hans: Yes, well, yes, I've had a very wonderful time with Sophie. She's a beautiful and intelligent and young girl.

Lucas: Yeah, I think so, too. Sophie?

Sophie: Um, just a second. It was really great talking to you. I can see why you're so successful.

Hans: Mon plaisir.

Sophie: Um, and I know how crazy you are about lulu, but may I give you a little advice?

Hans: Excuse me?

Sophie: Just one word -- prenup.

Lulu: [Chuckles nervously]

Lucas: [Clears throat]

Hans: Hm hm hm. [Smooches]

Lulu: Did you miss me, baby?

Hans: Oh, you know I did. Yes.

Lulu: You know, I just think that we should be getting back to the hotel..

Hans: Oh, but, Lulu, we haven't had dinner yet.

Lulu: I know, but I'm just not very hungry, except for you, lover.

Hans: Well, when you put it that way, I --

Lucas: Yes, we could get some room service later... afterwards.

Hans: "Afterwards," ja, I like the sound of that.

Lulu: And, uh, sweetie, I think that we need to just talk about something, but, um, not here.

[Snaps fingers]

Sophie: Well, are you gonna tell me what happened?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm gonna get the account. That's what happened.

Sophie: Congratulations.

Lucas: Thanks, and I owe it all to you.

Sophie: Oh, see? Reading the tabloids can be quite educational.

Lucas: Yes, who needs Harvard?

Sophie: [Giggles] So, feeling pretty good, huh?

Lucas: Right now, I'm feeling great. Austin, well, he might not be too happy when he finds out that he lost the account.

Sophie: Neither will Sami and your ex-wife.

Lucas: Nope, they won't know what hit 'em.

Austin: I agree with Sami that we shouldn't overextend ourselves.

Sami: Thank you.

Austin: But I also agree with Nicole.

Nicole: Hah.

Sami: Austin --

Austin: Nicole's right. If we expect to be taken seriously, we need a real base of operations, you know, something more professional than your apartment, Sami.

Sami: Yeah, but you just said that we shouldn't overextend ourselves. I think --

Nicole: Yes, we know what you think, but we're listening to Austin right now.

Austin: Okay, thank you. Well, you both know, basically, I'm a conservative guy, right? But now that we've got the Clear Visage account, now is not the time to be running scared.

Nicole: Oh, so you think we should move in here?

Austin: I do. I do. I mean, the rent is more than reasonable, the space is amazing, the location is great. You know, Sami, I am sorry that this place has bad memories for you, but this place is -- it's perfect for us. And Nicole's right, it wouldn't take much fixing up. So I say let's do it.

Nicole: Yes.

Marlena: Y-you're saying I have a history of amnesia?

Alex: Yes. Which, by definition, you don't remember, just as you have no recollection of our life together.

John: [Chuckles] I don't believe this.

Marlena: Why didn't you tell me this?

Alex: Because you were in such a fragile state. You were already trying to deal with your most recent memory loss. I couldn't add to that, not until I was sure that you were feeling better and that I could gain your trust. Every word I'm telling you is true.

Marlena: About you and me?

Alex: Yes. The doctors told me how you reacted to the news of my death, that it so traumatized you that you blocked everything out of your mind.

John: Man, this is some story.

Alex: So that when I was finally rescued and made my way home, my first thought -- my only thought -- was to find you and reclaim our life together.

Marlena: Well, why didn't you do that?

John: Yeah, that's a good question. Why didn't you do that?

Alex: When friends found out that I was alive, they told me about everything you had gone through, the difficult times you had, had, your amnesia, and that you were finally able to move on with your life. That's when I found out that you had moved. It took me a while to track you down. By the time I got to Salem, you were already married to Roman Brady. You had children.

Marlena: Well, what do you say, honey? Here we are. Home sweet home.

Alex: I loved you so much, Marlena. It killed me seeing that you had no memory of me or our life together... seeing you with your family, how happy you were. I knew it would just cause you more pain if I tried to insinuate myself back into your life. You had suffered enough. So I walked away. And if you think that was an easy decision to make, you are wrong, because I have been haunted by that every day since. And that's why when Dr. Carver called me to consult on your case, I couldn't say no.

John: I think that's a bunch of B.S.

Alex: Every word of this is the truth.

John: Well, then, you give me details. I want information about your so-called government work. I want names, dates, places, so I can check it all out.

Alex: I will give that information to Marlena if she wants it, but only to her.

John: No, you're gonna give it to me, because she is my wife.

Marlena: No, I'm not.

John: If you're still thinking about this divorce business, forget about it.

Marlena: No, that's not what I mean at all.

John: So you're not interested in filing for a divorce?

Marlena: We don't need a divorce. We were never married.

John: Oh, come on. Of course we were married.

Marlena: We weren’t... not legally. I wasn't married to you or to Roman. If this...if this marriage license is real -- and I have no reason to believe that it's not real -- and there was never any evidence of a divorce, then... Alex and I... are still married. Alex... I'm your wife.

Belle: You deserve so much more. You deserve so much better.

Shawn D.: Come in with me.

Mimi: I don't know.

Alex: Give me the chance to prove I am the only man that you have ever really loved.

Jack: Tell Jennifer I -- tell her I love --

Billie: Jack!

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