Days Transcript Thursday 11/10/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/10/05 - Canada; Friday 11/11/05 - U.S.A.


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[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: Oh. Hey! Hey, thank you for coming over. I know it's early.

Hope: Well, what's going on? Is it Jack? Is Jack okay?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, he's fine. I mean, as well as can be expected, but the reason I asked you to come over is because I want to throw Jack a party.

Hope: A party?

Jennifer: Yeah. I was gonna throw him a party. Do you remember? But then I found out that he was sick, and I thought, "I don't want to celebrate anything right now." But then I thought, "that's wrong. I do want to celebrate Jack. I want to celebrate his life and show him how much he means to me -- how much he means to all of us." And I want to do it right away.

Hope: Well, I think it's a wonderful idea. Count me in. I'll do whatever you need.

Jennifer: Thank you. I knew -- I knew that I could count on you.

Hope: Oh, sweetie, of course you can count on me.

Jennifer: I'm not gonna give up on him, Hope. I canít.


Jack: [Gasping]

Frankie: Jack! Are you okay? Hey, hey!

Jack: No, this is it. This is it, Frankie. It's the beginning of the end.. [ Panting]


[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: Hold on. I'm coming. Hey. Eugenia, what the hell are you doing here?

Eugenia: Surprise. Victor hired me as your new Executive Assistant.

Lucas: He what?

Eugenia: Plain or poppy seed bagel?

Lucas: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Eugenia: I wasn't sure, so I got you both.

Lucas: Wait, there is no way that Victor hired you.

Eugenia: Yes, sir, he most certainly did.

Lucas: You -- he hired you? The woman who plotted with my mother? I'm supposed to work with you?

Eugenia: I would think that you'd actually be grateful for what Kate and I did. We saved you from a lifetime of misery with Stan, A.K.A. your blushing bride.

Lucas: I don't care what you think you did, all right? And I don't even care if Victor hired you. Right now I'm firing you. So adios. Have a rotten day.

Eugenia: You can't fire me. And you know what, if you try, I will hit you with a lawsuit so fast your head will spin.


Austin: Ladies? I've got news for you. Are you ready for this?

Nicole: Yes.

Austin: Okay, through my contact, I heard about a new skin-care line that's being developed in Switzerland called "Clear Visage," and it's guaranteed to be the biggest thing since botox.

Nicole: Wow, that's great, but what does that have to do with us?

Austin: Everything. Because I am -- we are going to convince the inventor to go into business with us to give us worldwide marketing and distribution rights. I am telling you -- if we can land this account, it will put our small company on the map. Hell, we'll totally bury the competition.

Sami: [Gasps] Austin, this is awesome. This is gonna be so great.

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait. As awesome as this is, Austin, do you really think we can get the rights? I mean, as magnificent as this product is, don't you think the whole world, including Titan, is already vying for it?

Austin: No, no, see, that's the thing. The inventor -- Dr. Schnitzel --

Sami: [Laughs] Sorry, "Schnitzel"? What, does he make sausages?

Nicole: If you're not gonna take this serious, Sami, why don't you go make us some coffee?

Sami: I'm taking it seriously, Nicole. I just thought it was a funny name.

Austin: It's a funny name, but the point is he hasn't come out with it yet to anyone. So that means that we can scoop Titan and everybody else, but it's not gonna be easy. Nicole, I'm gonna need your help in coming up with a pitch.

Nicole: Yeah, no problem.

Austin: I'm gonna give you all the information I can about the product so you can get yourself up to speed.

Sami: Well, why don't we all do it together? We could all brainstorm.

Nicole: You know what? You are way out of your league here, Sami. And today, Austin's gonna see that, and then he's gonna know exactly which one of us he wants to invest his future in -- which one is valuable. And guess what? Not you.

Sami: We'll see about that, bitch.


Kate: Thank you.

John: Welcome.

Alex: [Clears throat] Well, isn't this cozy? Now, who would've ever thought the three of us would be living together, having breakfast together? Kate, would you mind passing me the jelly, please?

Kate: Certainly.

Alex: Thank you.

John: You're not living here, pal. This is a temporary... arrangement -- very temporary.

Kate: Oh, yes, it is.

Alex: Well, I'm not any more happy about any of this than either one of you two. I was completely content staying at Marlena's, which is where I should be.

John: She needs time alone to work things out. The last thing she needs is you brainwashing her any more than you already have.

Alex: I've done no such thing, and with the information I gave her last night, I am more confident than ever that she will make the right decision.

[Knock on door]

Kate: Oh, I'll get it. Roman.

Roman: Good morning, Kate. Um, hope I'm not too early, but, uh, I have our divorce papers, and I just need you to sign them.

Kate: Sure, um, come in.

Alex: Morning, Detective.

Roman: What the hell is this? I mean, I knew john was living here, Marlena's doctor's moved in? What's going on?

John: What's going on is that we have got to do everything we can to keep that bastard away from Marlena.

Marlena: [Sighs] It doesn't seem possible. But it's true. The proof is right here. Well, now I know. And now I know what I have to do.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Lucas: Lawsuit? What the hell are you talking about?

Eugenia: Don't you know you can't fire someone just because you don't like them?

Lucas: Ah.

Eugenia: You -- Lucas, I mean, don't forget. Victor hired me fully knowing my history, so I'm assuming that he must have a pretty good reason for bringing me on board. And you don't want to go against the big guy, do you? Not when you're just starting out.

Lucas: No, I donít. You're right. But if I suspect anything -- anything at all -- if I even smell anything going on behind my back, I swear, that's it for you. You're out of here.

Eugenia: Don't worry, boss. You won't regret it. Deal?


Nicole: Okay, what is the first rule in advertising? Sex sells.

Austin: I know, I know, but Schnitzel may be more of a science-geek type of guy, you know? More turned on, impressed by facts and figures.

Nicole: Okay, even science geeks like sex. All right, I'll tell you what.. You work on the facts and figures, and I will work on toning down the sex.

Sami: That'll be a first. Hey, Austin, you want to let me do all that for you?

Austin: No, it's okay, Sami. I got it.

Nicole: Look, Sami, if you want to be helpful, won't you please make us some coffee?

Sami: I can do more than make coffee.

Nicole: Great, then why don't you order lunch? I'll have a turkey sandwich, hold the mayo.

Austin: I don't believe it.

Sami: What?

Austin: Schnitzel! He's here. I mean, he's in Salem.

Nicole: What? What do mean he's here? You said he lived in Switzerland.

Austin: I don't know how or why, but, you know, it's an amazing coincidence.

Nicole: Austin, this is not a coincidence. This is meant to be.

Austin: Exactly.

Nicole: Well, that means we're gonna have to work double-time on our presentation. Okay, so, you know, all right. I was thinking that our target market needs to be mid-30s to mid-50s, fairly successful.

Sami: Excuse me?

Austin: Yeah.

Sami: What about...younger women?

Nicole: Hello? Have you not been listening? Clear Visage erases fine lines and wrinkles. How many wrinkled 20-year-olds do you know?

Austin: Sami, Nicole and I have this covered, okay? We really need to focus. Why don't you take the rest of the day off? Just enjoy yourself. You've been working really hard.

Sami: Spare me the false flattery, Austin. I know a blowoff when I hear one.

Nicole: Hmm.


Lucas: So most of the legal wording is up here, and then that's standard, as well.

Eugenia: Okay, well, I can remake a format for you.

Sami: What the hell is Eugenia doing here? Could this day get any worse?


Roman: So, John, you really think that Doc's on the verge of a breakthrough?

John: Not if Dr. North has his way. He claims that these papers he showed her -- whatever the hell they are -- will guarantee that she will want to spend the rest of her life with him.

Roman: That's crazy. She's not in love with that guy -- no way in hell.

John: Don't have to convince me of that.

Kate: You know, John, if you don't mind, Roman and I have a few things to discuss.

John: Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.

Kate: Could you give us a second? Thanks.


Roman: You know what, Kate, actually, we don't have a lot to discuss. If you'll just sign these papers, I'll be on my way.

Kate: Oh, I'm going to sign them, don't worry. But, you know, as our relationship is ending, it's really becoming clear to me that you do believe you're going to have a future with Marlena.

Roman: And that's what you had to say?

Kate: Well, I don't mean to be harsh, but you're going to have to take a number behind Alex and John.

Roman: Well, I can understand that John feels he should be with her. They're married. She's his wife.

Kate: That didn't stop you from sleeping with her and making her pregnant, did it?

Roman: Oh, come on, Kate, are we gonna go through that again? Look, I don't deny that I have feelings for Doc. We have a history. We have children. But there's no way in hell that Dr. North is ever gonna be with her.

Kate: Well, Alex says that he's in love with her and that she's in love with him.

Roman: Well, I don't believe that. If she feels anything for that creep, it's because he has some kind of mind control over her.

Kate: [Laughs] Yeah, that's John's theory, too.

Roman: Yeah, well, I'm not gonna let it happen. That son of a bitch is not gonna be with Marlena.

Kate: What is it with you men? I just don't understand it. What power does she have over you that she treats you like dirt, that she pushes you away, and you just come clamoring back for more? You know something, I'm just sick to death of it. I am sick to death of it. And John, for one, he deserves better.

Roman: So you do still have feelings for John. And I'm willing to bet that you are hoping that Marlena doesn't pick John so he'll be free to be with you.

Kate: Oh.


John: Doctor... you know, I don't know what was on those papers you gave Marlena, but whatever it was is not gonna change her mind about who she really loves.

Alex: No, actually, it'll just confirm it.

John: And you think it's gonna be you?

Alex: The love she and I share is far beyond anything she's ever had with anyone else -- that includes you and Roman. Nothing can change that.

John: [Chuckles] Shows just how delusional you really are, which you will soon find out. Because no matter what you try, the end result's still gonna be the same. I will be with Marlena, and you will finally be out of our lives for good.


Marlena: Well, this isn't going to be very easy. But now that I know... I have to do it right away.


[Cellphone rings]

John: Excuse me. John Black.

Marlena: John, it's Marlena. I'd like to see you.

John: I like the sound of that.

Marlena: How soon could you be here?

John: How about five minutes?

Marlena: All right, um, would you be good enough to bring Alex and Roman -- if you don't mind contacting him? And you should even bring Kate.

John: You want all of us to be there?

Marlena: Yes, I do. I think we're all interconnected, and...I think we need to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

[Telephone beeps]


Frankie: What do you mean, "it's the beginning of the end"?

Jack: [Panting] This is just what Lexie told me would happen. It's not gonna be pretty. I don't want to put Jennifer through watching it.

Frankie: Well, it doesn't look like you have much choice.

Jack: Oh, I have a choice.

Frankie: Oh, no, Jack. What are you up to now?

Jack: Just promise me you won't tell Jennifer that this is starting. She can't know that I'm in pain.

Frankie: No more secrets, okay? You know I hate lying to her.

Jack: Look, I hate lying, too.

Frankie: Well, then stop.

Jack: I canít. I love her. I can't stand the thought of watching her pain and suffering expand exponentially to mine, and I know you can't either. You canít. You just can't admit it. Please. Frankie, just do this for me. One last favor. It's all I ask. It's the last thing I'll ever ask of you, literally.

Frankie: All right, all right. All right.

Jack: Come in there with me. Thanks. You've never let me down.

Frankie: Are you all right?

Jack: Yeah.


Jennifer: Hope, I think this party is exactly what Jack needs, and you know what? I want to invite everyone -- family, friends, coworkers. I mean, I want to invite people that he knew when he was growing up.

Jack: Yeah, sounds like a real wake.

Jennifer: Hey, you're just in time for your green drink. Here you go, Jack.

Jack: Oh, boy, my green drink.

Jennifer: Here you go.

Jack: [Exhales deeply] Here goes nothing.

Hope: What in the world is that?

Jack: [Gulping loudly]

Hope: Oh, my God.

Frankie: Ugh.

Jack: Mmm.

Hope: It's good.

Jack: Mmm, good. Mmm, mmm. Good.

Hope: Ooh.

Jennifer: Guess what? I'm planning you a party.

Jack: A going-away party?

Hope: Jack...

Jennifer: That is not funny, Jack. I just want to have a get-together. You know, we'll just have a little fun, and it'll be good. It'll lift your spirits.

Jack: Oh, my spirits are lifted, I'm telling you, but I'm a little worried about you. I don't think planning a party's a good idea right now. You're running yourself ragged. You're doing all the research. You're making these delicious, nutritious drinks.

Jennifer: No, I'm not, Jack.

Hope: Tell you what. Why don't you leave the party planning to me? I'll take care of all the arrangements while you two enjoy some time together.

Frankie: Yeah, I'll help.

Hope: Thank you. Great.

Frankie: You two should spend as much time together as you can. Oh, I mean...

Jack: No, Frankie, thank you. I know what you mean. I could not agree more. And for that reason, I'm gonna take you up on it -- both of you. Jennifer, right now, I'm gonna take you someplace -- someplace special.

Jennifer: Oh, where?

Jack: You'll see when we get there.

Jennifer: Did you have this planned?

Hope: Have fun.

Frankie: Have a good time.

Hope: Just have some fun.

Jennifer: Thank you. Thank you for helping with this party. We'll be back soon, okay? Where are we going?

Jack: You'll see when we get there.

Hope: [Sighs]


Eugenia: So what's our first order of business? Do you want me to place some phone calls, take dictation?

Lucas: Look, just stay out of my way, all right? I'm gonna be very busy. I've got to get this new contract for the new Swiss skin-care line, Clear Visage, for Countess Wilhelmina.

Eugenia: Which is a division of Titan.

Lucas: Very good, Eugenia. It is. And it's imperative that we make our move before anyone else does. We got to lock this up.

Eugenia: [Clears throat] The walls have ears.

Lucas: What?

Sami: [Gasps] Oh, Lucas, you scared me.

Lucas: Sami, what the hell are you doing here?

Eugenia: She's trying to spy on the competition, that's what she's doing..

Sami: Lucas, how could you hire her after what she did to us?! What are you thinking?!

Lucas: Not that it's any of your business, damn it, Victor hired her, not me.

Eugenia: I'm, um, Lucas' new Executive Assistant.

Sami: That has got to be the most insane thing I have ever heard.

Lucas: Well, "insane" and "assistant." That's you. Hey, how come you're not working with Nicole and Austin right now?

Sami: I needed a break.

Lucas: Oh, really, a break? You and Nicole at each other's throats already? Just like I predicted.

Sami: No, it's working great, okay? Sometimes, she just gets a little superior, you know, and it's frustrating 'cause I have more brains in my little pinky than she has in her whole body.

Eugenia: [Chuckles] Brains in your little pinky?

Sami: Shut up. Look, you are gonna see. I'm gonna prove to you that I can do this -- you and the rest of the world. And then you are gonna be so sorry that you dumped me. I'm gonna take Austin's company right to the top, and Titan is gonna crash and burn.


Austin: Congratulations, Sami. You helped us land the Clear Visage account. You were absolutely amazing.

Sami: Thank you, Austin. I didn't do anything. I just had a couple ideas..

Austin: No, you were brilliant. You were so brilliant that, well, I want to re-organize my company.

Sami: Re-organize?

Austin: Nicole is out. I want you to be my new CO-CEO.

Sami: You want me?

Austin: And that's not all. I want you to be my wife.

Sami: Your wife?

Austin: Sami, I've loved you. I've always loved you.

Nicole: No, no, no!

Austin: So what is your answer? Will you marry me? Will you help me run my company -- our company?

Lucas: Her answer's "no." She's gonna work for me at titan, and I'm gonna marry her. We belong together. I was a fool to ever let you go.


Sami: [Gasping]

Lucas: Sami, did you hear me? Did you hear a word I said?

Sami: What?

Lucas: You are a gofer. You're a gofer for a company that's not even off the ground yet, and it's never gonna get off the ground with you, Nicole, and Austin working there. The three of you working together is a joke. It's only a matter of time before you're begging me for a job -- all three of you.

Sami: In your dreams, Lucas. 'Cause we already have a meeting with Dr. Schnitzel planned for today, and we are going to win that account. Just you wait and see.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Schnitzel's in Salem? Is that right, Sami? Thank you, thank you for that timely, valuable piece of information.

Sami: No, I didn't say that he was in Salem.

Lucas: Oh, you said plenty. That's all you need to say, but thanks.

Eugenia: Girl, you are without a doubt your own worst enemy, and you're gonna be Austin's, too, when he finds out what you did.

Lucas: Thanks, Sami. Thank's for the heads-up about Schnitzel. It's also good to know that Austin's after the same account. Appreciate that.


Nicole: What?!

Eugenia: Ooh.

Lucas: Trouble.

Nicole: Did you tell them about Schnitzel?

Sami: Look, I'm sorry. Nicole, it just slipped out. I didn't mean --

Nicole: "Slipped out"?! Sami, you are pathetic, you know that? Yeah, you know what, I cannot wait for Austin to find out about this.

Austin: Find out about what? What happened?

Sami: Austin, I'm sorry. It was just an accident, okay? I didn't mean for it --

Nicole: "Accident"? She told Lucas about Schnitzel and how we're trying to land his account, and she told him he was in Salem.

Austin: No, you didnít.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, she did. She's a great assistant. We're very grateful to her, actually.

Sami: It's his fault. Austin, Lucas just got me so angry --

Austin: I don't care how it happened, what matters is that it happened. You leaked valuable information directly to the competition, Sami.

Sami: I'm sorry.

Nicole: Sorry? "Sorry" doesn't cut it. Austin, we can't take a chance on this happening again. You have to fire her now.


Marlena: Thank you all for coming. Please make yourselves comfortable.

Roman: Well, uh, Doc, what's this all about?

Marlena: It's all about the questions that have gone unanswered. It's about the waiting and uncertainty I've put you all through, and now that must come to an end.

Alex: I take it you've made a decision about your future -- who you want to spend it with?

John: Is that true? Have you remembered our life together?

Marlena: Well, if you mean, have I recovered my memory? No, I havenít. But I have had more flashes of our life together. I've had some wonderful memories, some really perfect memories.

John: That's good. So what exactly have you remembered?

Marlena: I remember some very, very special moments. I remember a Christmas night, being in your arms. I even remember making love.

John: Marlena, you are remembering. I knew you would, just as I knew you would come back to me.

Marlena: John, I'm not done yet.

John: I thought you said you just made your decision.

Marlena: I have, but I'm not sure it's what you or anybody else is expecting. forward to at the end of this year.


Jennifer: You know, I should've known this is where you were gonna bring me, Jack.

Jack: Of course, this is one of our more special places. I thought, "why not?"

[Airplane takes off]

Jennifer: Why is the sound of planes taking off so romantic?

Jack: Oh, actually, I think it's the jet fuel.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Jack: Oh, it's imagining. You're thinking, "where are all those people going?" Some faraway, exotic place...sun-drenched, nothing bad ever happens.

Jennifer: There's no place like that.

Jack: Let's pretend. For now, let's pretend.

Jennifer: Do you remember the last time that we were here? It wasn't that long ago. And I really believed that nothing bad could ever happen to us again, Jack.

Jennifer: We're gonna have to say goodbye to people who mean everything in the world to us, but I don't want to do that. I don't want to do that for a really long time.

Jack: Let's not think about that right now. I have another surprise for you.

Jennifer: What? Another one?

Jack: Yes, indeed.

Jennifer: A computer?

Jack: A computer.

Jennifer: What is this?

Jack: This is a video scrapbook. I made it up. Some of our best memories.. Some of our happiest memories.

Jennifer: Jack...


Jack: You think? I don't know.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

Jack: I liked you there, but when I fell down in that -- no.

Jennifer: [Laughing] Stop.

Jack: That was Abigail.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. No thanks. I can't have any.

Jack: Oh, can't really blame you. Bad month. And what is this? This is my surprise that I've been waiting all day for?

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Jack: Looks like you raided a discount store.

Jennifer: Jack, don't you recognize clues when you see them? There's a common theme. They all have a connection.

Jack: Mm-hmm. This your oh-so-subtle way of telling me I'm dense?

Jennifer: Okay, this is my surprise for you. I'm pregnant.

Jennifer: I can't believe you did this. It is so beautiful.

Jack: I've been working on it for awhile. Kind of a remembrance to you from me. But now you have to promise me you're gonna take care of it, all right? I want you to keep it always, always, long after I'm --

Jennifer: Shh! Don't even say that. Don't say it. [Sniffles] [Voice breaking] I can't even take losing you, Jack. I wonít. I just wonít.


Hope: Okay, I thought I could handle the invites and the food, you, the music and the drinks.

Frankie: Sounds great.

Hope: Cool.

Frankie: Okay.

Hope: Jennifer's really lucky to have you here. Mind if I ask how long you're planning on staying in Salem?

Frankie: Oh, I told her I would stay as long as she needs me to.

Hope: You're still in love with here, aren't you, Frankie?

Frankie: Look, Hope, we have a party to plan here, so --

Hope: I know. And I know you're in a very awkward position. You're afraid, I mean, it'll look like you're just hanging around, waiting for know -- so you and Jennifer could be together again.

Frankie: That wasn't my idea.

Hope: No, no, of course not. You're a good guy. You would never try to break up Jennifer's marriage. I know that.

Frankie: No, I wouldnít.

Hope: It's gonna be really hard on Jennifer if and when she finally does lose Jack. She's really going to need someone, Frankie. Between you and me...I know she never stopped loving you.


Marlena: John, I have to be honest with you. My memories of our life together are very sketchy. So I have a lot of confusion about parts of it. And Roman... I know that we conceived a child, and though I lost the child, I know that it was conceived in love. I remember that much. But, John... if I were in love with Roman, how could I be married to you? How could I have betrayed you enough where I loved you and Roman? How could I be in love with Alex?

John: That one's easy. You never were in love with him.

Roman: Damn right you werenít.

Marlena: I'm not so sure that's true. The question is, who is the man with whom I belong?


Sami: Austin, please. Please give me another chance. I am so sorry. I promise you I won't say anything to anyone.

Nicole: Sami! It is too late, okay? Begging won't do you any good now.

Sami: Please.

Austin: All right, I won't fire you, although I should. I'm gonna give you another chance.

Nicole: Another chance?! Wh--

Sami: Thank you, thank you.

Austin: Whatever you need to learn, learn it.

Sami: I will. I swear. I have. I promise. I promise I'll do better.

Austin: I told you to take the rest of the day off, and I meant it. Nicole and I have work to do.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Eugenia: [Chuckles]

Lucas: Thanks for stopping by.

Eugenia: Oh, oh, oh. Poor Sam-ster. Looks like you lose again.


Frankie: Okay, why would you say that? She's not in love with me. She loves Jack. You know that.

Hope: Oh, I know. Of course she loves Jack. He's the love of her life, always will be. But when you left Salem, it broke her heart. And I know a part of her will always love you, too.

Frankie: What are you getting at?

Hope: When Jennifer does lose Jack...well, I thought that maybe the two of you might... you know, be good for each other. I mean, obviously, it would take an awfully long time for her to be ready for anything romantic. I just hope you'll consider staying on in Salem.

Frankie: I told Jack I would, so...

Hope: Jack asked you to stay?

Frankie: Yeah, you know what? We should get back to this party.

Hope: No, wait a second, Frankie. Why would Jack ask you to stay on in Salem?

Frankie: Okay, if I tell you, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone -- not Jennifer, not anybody.

Hope: I promise. What's going on?

Frankie: Jack asked me to stay and be here for Jen after he's gone. He wants me to take his place.

Hope: He wants you to take his place?

Frankie: He hopes that Jen will fall back in love with me, and...we'd eventually end up getting married.

Hope: Oh, my God, he actually told you that he wants you to take his place?

Frankie: Yeah, but you have to believe me, okay? That is the furthest thing from my mind. You know, I just want to continue to be there, as a friend, like I've always been. I'm just -- I'm trying to help, that's all. This is what Jack wants.

Hope: [Exhales deeply] I always knew how much he loved her, but this, my God, I... it's one of the most selfless things I've ever heard.

Frankie: That's Jack. No one will ever compare to him, take his place. Never. Especially in Jen's heart.

Hope: When he's gone, she's gonna need you, Frankie... more than ever.



Jennifer: I really wish... that we could freeze this moment and save it forever, Jack.

Jack: Can do.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Jack: We can do it. We have the technology.

Jennifer: You brought the camera?

Jack: Of course I did. Smile.

Jennifer: Wait, Jack, I don't want a picture of me. I want a picture of you. Wait, Jack.

Jack: We'll get a picture of us, okay? Ready?

Jennifer: Okay? Let's get one of us together.

Jack: One, two, three.

[Camera beeps] Perfect, okay.

Jennifer: Ooh, the plane! The plane's coming in!

Jack: We'll get that, too. Here it comes.

Jennifer: Ready? Okay.

Jack: Coming in, all right. I see it. One, two, three. Smile. There.

Jennifer: That is amazing.

Jack: You can just add that to your most cherished memories. Hold on to it forever and ever.

Jennifer: The only thing I want to hold on to forever and ever is you, Jack.

Jack: [Gasps]

Jennifer: Oh, God. What is it? What? Jack, what's wrong? Jack, look at me.

Hope: As much as Jennifer loves Jack -- and she does -- you're her first real love... always still there in her heart, Frankie. You promised Jack that you would take care of her. You've got to keep that promise. It may be my cousin's only chance of ever being happy.

Jennifer: You okay?

Jack: It's all right. Really, I'm all right. I think I just -- I just got a cramp in my leg. You know, we've been sitting out here for so long.

Jennifer: Yeah, we have been. Oh, I have your shake. Your shake -- I almost forgot, Jack.

Jack: Ah, seaweed and kiwi, yes.

Jennifer: I'll be right back. Let me get it. Hold on.

Jack: There's no rush. Take your time. [Thinking] It won't be long now.. I'll have to bite the bullet and end it before Jennifer and my family buy into this misguided notion of suffering through a long, drawn-out death any more than they already have.

Jennifer: All right, here we go. I'm so glad we went back and got it, didn't forget it.

Jack: Yeah, me too. Do I really have to, though?

Jennifer: Yes, you have to. Go on. All of it. The vitamins are in it.

Jack: Oh, now I feel much better.


Jennifer: Okay. Oh, God, is it really that awful?

Jack: [Straining] No. I'm starting to like it.

Jennifer: That's good 'cause I have a really healthy macrobiotic dinner I'm gonna make you as soon as we get home, okay? You're gonna love it.

Jack: [Panting] I love you. You know that. I really do. I never want you to forget that. Never forget that, no matter what. No matter what.


Lucas: Yes! I did it. I just snagged a meeting with that Schnitzel guy.

Eugenia: That's fantastic!

Lucas: Yeah, it is. He wants to meet with me right away, so I got the jump on Austin and Nicole.

Eugenia: You're gonna leave them in the dust.

Lucas: Yeah, you bet I am. By the time I'm finished with those losers, they won't know what hit 'em.


Sami: I have to find some way to prove myself to Austin and to Lucas. And I will. I'm gonna find some way to make sure that Nicole ends up with yesterday's trash, where she belongs.

Nicole: You know what, Austin? I still think you should can Sami's ass before she does any more damage.

Austin: Nicole, I'm not firing Sami. Granted, she screwed up big-time, but it's not the end of the world, okay? Not if we can put together a presentation that'll totally blow Schnitzel away. We are gonna get this account. I know we can. Damn it.

Nicole: What? What?

Austin: My contact says Schnitzel already has an appointment with...Titan. This is exactly what I was afraid of. We cannot let Lucas get to him first.

Nicole: You know what, Austin? Don't worry. I have an idea -- a way to beat Lucas at his own game and to put you and our company on the fast track to success.


Marlena: I know that I can't keep you all in limbo waiting to see if my memory returns or for me to decide who it is that I love. So it's time to resolve this once and for all.

Alex: Are you sure you're ready to do this?

Marlena: Yes, I am. I know now the person with whom I'm meant to spend my life.


Lucas: Billie, what the hell are you doing here?

Billie: Trying to stop you from making a huge mistake.


Lulu: Are you okay?

Sami: My future is about to come true.


Mimi: I'm sorry, Belle, are you saying that you made a mistake by marrying Philip and having his baby when you're still in love with Shawn?


Marlena: Alex is right.

John: Oh, my God.

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