Days Transcript Monday 10/31/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/31/05 - Canada; Tuesday 11/1/05 - U.S.A.


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[Distant indistinct voices]

[Claire crying]

Philip: Sweetie, what's wrong? What's wrong, honey? Come on. You couldn't possibly be hungry. Come on. You okay? You want to see mommy? Is that it? Yeah. You want to see mommy? Belle? Belle, are you awake? [Sighs] I guess mommy's sleeping. At least somebody is, right? [Chuckles] You know how badly I wish you could just talk and tell me what's wrong with you?

[Crying continues]


Shawn D.: Oh, man. I used to hate coming home to that.

Mimi: Yeah. Kind of lonely?

Shawn D.: Yeah. But I don't feel that way anymore.

Mimi: Me, either.

Shawn D.: Gosh, that baby is really upset.

Mimi: Maybe she's colicky or something.

Shawn D.: I remember when J.T. was like that. We had no idea that he was sick.

Mimi: Do you think there could be something wrong with their baby?

Shawn D.: No. She's fine. I think Belle is overwhelmed, and Philip has a lot to deal with -- the leg and everything. Maybe we should go in there, see if there's anything we can do to help.

Mimi: Yeah.


Shawn D.: Hey. Hey. Sorry to bother you, man. I just wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help out. You look beat. Are you okay?

Philip: No, I'm not. Thank God you guys are here.


[Country music plays]

Alex: John has had way too much time with Marlena. I've got to get him out of the picture.

John: Are you remembering?

Marlena: I am. I'm remembering dancing with the man that I love.

John: Oh, thank God. It's all coming back, isn't it?


Jennifer: Jack, this is so great. We have not done this in a long time.

Jack: It's like riding a bike. You never forget. See?

Jennifer: Whoo! Oh, no. We're not doing that. Oh, Jack! Aah! Oh! Jack! Somebody, help!

John: Wait. Wait right here.

Frankie: What happened?

John: What's going on here?

Jennifer: We were dancing. We were having a good time, and suddenly he fell. Jack!

Jack: I fell off the bike, but I'm all right. I'm all right.

Jennifer: You're not okay.

Jack: I just slipped on my cape or tripped or something.

Jennifer: Don't lie. You didn't slip. Look at me.

Frankie: Let's take a trip to the hospital.

Jack: Oh, no, no. All I need is a glass of water, and I'll be just fine.

John: I'll get it. Hang in there.

Jennifer: What happened?

Jack: I slipped.

Jennifer: You didn't slip.


Alex: Are you all right?

Marlena: No. No, I'm not all right. I'm a doctor. I should be able to help people.

Alex: Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. I want you to calm down. Take a deep breath. I want you to listen to me very carefully. Do everything I say.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Alex: I want you to tell John that you want to go home -- that you don't want to see him anymore this evening or ever.

Marlena: That's not true. Why do you want me to say that?

Alex: Marlena, I know what's best for you. You don't want to be with John. He's not good for you.

Marlena: Are you sure?


John: Easy. Easy.

Jack: You know, in some places in the world, a glass of water would be a luxury. Thank you. That's just what I needed.

John: From what I hear, I think you need to see a doctor just to be safe..

Jennifer: I agree. Jack, please. Please.

Jack: There's nothing the doctor can do for me. You know that. However, if you don't mind going home with a crumpled caped crusader, I don't mind going home with a beautiful girl.

Frankie: I'll get my car. We'll pull it around, okay?

Jack: Frankie, I didn't even know you were here tonight. What a sight for sore eyes. How'd you get here?

Frankie: I just showed up. I stopped by your house to see how you were doing, and I saw the note that you two left for Abby saying you were here, so I came on by.

Jack: That's great timing. Home, Jeeves. All right. Let's go.

Jennifer: John, will you please call Lexie, tell her everything that happened, and could she please meet all of us at my house?

John: Jennifer, I'm sorry to hear about Jack's condition.

Jennifer: I know. I don't think there are very many people who can understand what we're going through right now, but I know that you could, after everything with Isabella and now this mess you're going through with Marlena. I'm so sorry.

John: I don't want to jinx things, but I have a feeling things may be turning around for the two of us.

Jennifer: I hope that's true. I really want someone around here to be happy.

John: Let me know if there's anything I can do, okay?

Jennifer: Thanks.

John: [Exhales deeply] [Inhales sharply] [Exhales deeply] Lexie, hi, it's John Black.


Mimi: I got it. You got your hands full. What's wrong? Is she hungry or --

Philip: I don't think so. Sometimes she doesn't like the bottle, but she was taking it fine just a little while ago. Belle has been expressing milk. I'm sure she won't mind if I tell you guys.

Mimi: You mean she's not nursing?

Philip: Yeah. A lot of new moms don't nurse. It's not a big deal. I do want to go check on her, though. Mimi, will you take the baby? Here. There you go. That's a good girl. I'll be right back, okay?

[Crying continues]

Mimi: Shawn, do you mind?

Shawn D.: No. Not at all. I got her. I ger. There you go, baby. There you go. What are we gonna do to make you happy, huh?


Philip: Belle? I thought you were asleep. Didn't you hear me calling you?

Belle: [Sniffles]

Philip: Honey, the baby's been crying.

Belle: I know. I should have come down. I knew you'd take care of her.

Philip: Belle, what can I do?

Belle: Nothing. You're doing everything you can.

Philip: But I'm not doing enough. You're not right.

Belle: I know. I don't know that I ever will be again.


Shawn D.: There you go. There you go. I just love it when they smile like that.

Mimi: Yeah. I remember Connor's first real smile. It was so adorable.

Shawn D.: Do you need a lullaby? You know that Zach still needs to listen to music every night before he falls asleep?

Mimi: And if you have anything to do with it, I'm sure it's classic rock..

Shawn D.: You got it.

Mimi: For me, it was Willie Nelson. I'm serious. You know what? You need a better start in life. Let your uncle Shawn and aunt Mimi teach you.

You had the cards...

Mimi: It's the Rolling Stones. Can you say "Rolling Stones"?

You were awful smart

the awful truth...

Shawn D.: Are you okay?

Mimi: You mean, am I gonna lose it about Rex again? I think I've got it under control.

Shawn D.: You sure? We can change the channel.

Mimi: No, no. This is an awesome video, and she should be exposed to the classics.

Walk the streets of love

for a thousand years




walk the streets of love

and they're drenched with tears

oh, everybody be talking about it

everybody be walking down...


Philip: Sweetheart, things are going to get better. I promise.

Belle: Do you really know that? It's not like you can see the future.

Philip: No, I can't --

Belle: Then don't say it!

Philip: Honey... all I know is what everyone told me when I lost the leg, and I hated it. I hated it just like you. I didn't want to hear it, but they were right. I just wish I knew how to help you in the meantime.

Belle: How would you know when I don't? It's not like I have ever felt this way before in my life. Like I have no control. Like I'm a different person, practically. [Inhales sharply] Look at me. I can't relax, and talking doesn't help. It just makes me more anxious. Everything makes me anxious, and I try to get myself out of it. I pick up a magazine, and I can't get interested. I can't focus. It's like I'm numb inside.

Philip: [Sighs] Have you taken the medication?

Belle: What?

Philip: The medication that Lexie prescribed for you. I picked it up at the pharmacy. It's supposed to help even out your moods.

Belle: No. No, I haven't taken it.

Philip: Belle, come on. Come sit down. Come here. Come here. Come here. [ Exhales deeply] This medication will help you feel calmer, okay? It's just what you need. But you cannot skip doses. She said that was really important, okay? Here. Take that. Take some water. It's gonna calm you down. You hear that? The baby stopped crying now, too. You can get some sleep.

Belle: You left her downstairs alone? You left her all alone?!

Philip: No, no, no. Belle, I did not leave her alone. Shawn and Mimi came here, okay? They're down there with her. I guess Mimi got her to stop crying. You want to go downstairs and say hi? Maybe it'll be good for you.

Belle: No. I don't want anyone to see me like this.

Philip: They're our best friends. They know what you're going through.

Belle: Stop pushing me, Philip.

Philip: Okay. You're gonna have to see them sooner or later. They're our baby's Godparents, honey.

Belle: They seem to be doing everything together lately.

Philip: That's another thing. Every time I mention the two of them together, you get very upset.

Belle: I do not.

Philip: Yes, you do. And I know why. It's because you're afraid of losing Shawn.


Jack: Look! Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, no, it's Jack man! Oh, come on. I'm walking. I'm under my own steam here. Lexie, I am so sorry John Black called you.

Frankie: Stop being so stubborn, Jack.

Jack: Oh, please. I'm a superhero, not an invalid. I'm saying you should go back to the hospital.

Lexie: I want to check you. We might need to adjust your medication.

Jack: Yes, when in doubt, go for the medications -- adjust. On second thought, maybe we should. Let's do that.

Jennifer: I'm gonna make some tea for all of us.

Jack: You're reminding me more of your grandmother every day.

Frankie: Take it easy.

Jack: That was a compliment. I look up to grandma Horton. She's one of the greatest ladies in this town -- in this whole state. She makes a mean cup of tea and a hell of a doughnut.

Frankie: Can I help you with the tea?

Jennifer: I can do it.

Frankie: Yeah, I know, but I want to get away from this guy -- no offense.

Jack: None taken. None at all.


Frankie: Hold up.

Jennifer: I don't know about you, but I could use a cup of tea.

Frankie: You're scared.

Jennifer: Don't tell me that. I'm trying to be strong.

Frankie: You are -- extremely -- but sometimes you just have to find a safe place and let it out. It's okay to be scared.

Jennifer: What was I thinking? Why did I let Jack take me dancing? He collapsed. He's not ready for anything like that.

Frankie: He just wanted to be with you -- be close to you. He has every right, Jen.

Jennifer: He's just getting weaker, isn't he?

Frankie: Yes. He is.

Jennifer: I feel like this is the beginning of the end, and I'm so scared.


Jack: So, what's the bad news? How much time do I have? Months? Weeks? Hours?

Lexie: You are getting weaker.

Jack: No kidding. Superguy just fell on his keister dancing with his wife in front of the whole town. Not one of my better moments.

Lexie: Jack, I'm sorry. I wish it could be different.

Jack: But... well. Tell me, how bad is it going to get before it's over? I'll tell you what. I'm gonna do you a favor. I'm gonna change out of my superguy guise and become mild-mannered Jack Deveraux -- all-too-common mortal. That'll give you time to collect your thoughts. And then we'll talk, maybe change the medications. But first you got to give it to me straight. Think about it.


Marlena: Why do you want me to stay away from John? We were having a lovely time dancing just now. I think I was about to remember something --

Alex: I want you to hold this in your hand. Now, I want you to remember when I was first brought here to treat you. You were so upset then -- with John, with Roman, with everyone who professes to love you -- because they kept pushing you to try to remember. I couldn't believe how selfish they all were. They weren't thinking about what was best for you. I'm the only one who puts you first, last, and always. I'm the only one who truly cares about you.

Marlena: Do you?

Alex: You know I do. You know it because I love you.

John: What did you just say to my wife?

Alex: You heard me. There's no point in trying to hide it any longer. Marlena and I are in love.

(Theme music playing)


Jennifer: I should not be leaning on you like this.

Frankie: Got a perfectly good shoulder going to waste here.

Jennifer: I just feel like I am so weak sometimes. Jack says I am just like my grandmother, but you know what? I am not like my grandmother.

Frankie: What you're dealing with, it is so difficult. You went through mourning for Jack twice already, which was bad enough. Then he came home, walked through that door, and you got your life back again. The thing is, off in the distance, there was a clock ticking, and you didn't know it until Jack got sick.

Jennifer: [Sniffles]

Frankie: And now you have to say goodbye all over again, and that's got to be the toughest thing in the world to accept, Jen.

Jennifer: I am so worried about my children. Abby idolizes Jack. She loves her funny daddy so much, and now she's gonna lose him, and how is anyone gonna make that up to her?



Jack: You know... for the longest time... I didn't want to know what I was up against. But now that I'm about to face it firsthand, I say, "let's talk, let's share, let's palaver." Tell me, Lexie, have you told me the worst? Lexie, look. I'm still superguy in here. I can handle it. Go on. Tell me.

Lexie: [Sighs] Okay. You lose most of your muscle control and your motor functions. And, unfortunately, there are no medications that have been found to offer effective pain control.

Jack: Excellent. Sounds like fun for the whole family.

Lexie: They love you, Jack. They'll want to take care of you.

Jack: No. No. I'm not gonna put Jennifer or Abigail through that.

Lexie: Well, then I'll arrange for a private nurse. That way, you can stay at home and --

Jack: No. Look, do you think for one moment Jennifer would ever allow a stranger into this house -- into her house -- to look after her "maybe he's not really going to die" husband? No. She'll be here 24 hours a day, going up and down those stairs 100 times to check on me -- to see what I need. "Let's see. Is it spoon-feeding time, or is it diaper-changing time?" I'll tell you right now -- one kid in diapers in this house is more than enough. [Exhales sharply] It's strange -- the things you never think about when you vow to say for better or worse.

Lexie: Yeah, well, unfortunately, it happens to almost all of us eventually. Um, at the end, you're going to need 24-hour care, whether from a nurse or from Jennifer.

Jack: No. No. I'm not gonna be there to be taken care of.

Lexie: What do you mean? Where are you gonna be?

Jack: Lexie, I'm gonna check out, check up, cross over, break on through to the other side. In short, I'm going to commit suicide or "Jackicide" -- whatever you want to call it -- with the help of you and your medications from that little bag.

Lexie: I've taken an oath. I can't --

Jack: Forget about the oath. Forget it right now. I'm your friend.

Lexie: You're also my patient. I cannot help you die.

Jack: [Sighs]

Lexie: [Sighs] No. No. I can't give you the medication you're asking for.

Jack: Lexie, you have to.

Jennifer: No, Jack. I will not let you do that.


John: Is this guy telling the truth? Have you fallen in love with him?

Marlena: I've turned my future and my life over to Alex.

John: You lousy bastard. I knew you were after my wife -- going around telling everybody you are the world's greatest expert in memory retrieval, when the fact is you've been manipulating her emotions when she's in a vulnerable state. And I've been making myself crazy wondering how my wife of 20 years all of a sudden asked me for a divorce, told me to move out of the penthouse. It's you been you all along -- it's been him all along, hasn't it? He's the one who made you ask me for this divorce, isn't he?

Marlena: Yes, he is.

Alex: All right. I'll admit it's true, but not for the reasons that you think. Marlena asked you for a divorce because she and I love each other.

John: Oh, in love? Marlena's in love with you? Well, you really worked it, didn't you, pal? You took her away from everybody who really loved her, and you got her alone, and now I know why. You've been in love with her all along, haven't you?

Alex: Obviously, this isn't going to be easy for you to accept.

John: Will you just drop all that phony psychobabble?

Alex: I'm not a phony.

John: So, how'd you do it? How'd you get a woman who's been in love with me for 20 years to all of a sudden turn on a dime and fall in love with some quack shrink?

Alex: It's quite simple, John. I have Marlena. She loves me. We are together now, and there is nothing in the world you can do about that.

John: Just answer the question -- how'd you do it?

Alex: Marlena and I talked. We spent time enjoying each other's company. And then nature just took its own course. But I am not going to stand here and allow you to invade our privacy by asking a lot of questions. It's enough for you to know that we love each other, and Marlena wants to end her marriage.

John: That's a bunch of bull. Before Jack fell, she was telling me how much she loved me, so I'm not gonna buy any of this "we just fell in love" crap you're trying to sell..

Alex: Marlena told you that she loves you?

John: She was about to. That's how much progress we've made.

Alex: Oh, she was about to. You're sure about that?

John: She was about to, and now she's gonna tell you what's in her heart.. Go ahead. You tell him. Then you can pack your bags, pal.


Belle: Why do you keep bringing this up? You act like you still think that I'm jealous of Shawn and Mimi, and I told you I'm not. Do you think I want them to break up?

Philip: I'm gonna try to put this carefully. I don't think you're jealous. You and Shawn have been broken up for a long time now. We're married. You love me. We have a baby. You and Shawn are through, and I'm clear on that. But it's not like you and Mimi ever really called a truce. She still blames you for what happened with Rex.

Belle: That is so stupid.

Philip: I know. I know. I agree.

Belle: [Sniffles]

Philip: But in her mind, he didn't leave her because of what she did. He left her because of what you told him that she did. Even despite that, I just don't think it's right that you and Mimi aren't friends.

Belle: We see her. She comes over every day.

Philip: She comes over with Shawn. And as the two of them get closer, she may try to pull him away. They're gonna meet new people, drift apart. Shawn and Mimi are not gonna be in our lives, and I know you don't want that.

Belle: Like you said, they're our daughter's Godparents.

Philip: And he's been my best friend for most of my life. But I'm not threatened by what you used to have. I hope you believe me. I know I have your heart, right? [Sighs] I love you, Belle.

[Smooches] I'm gonna go check on our baby. You don't have to come down.. I'll just tell them you were asleep, okay? Whatever you want. But I'll be back if you need me.


Mimi: Shawn...

Shawn D.: Yeah, I was just seeing if she was sleeping.

Mimi: I don't think she wants to miss anything.

Shawn D.: Mnh-mnh.

Mimi: Are you okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah.

Mimi: Music's a powerful thing, isn't it? Just when you think you've worked through everything, it brings you right back.

Shawn D.: Yeah, but we can't go back, can we?


Philip: Hey.

Shawn D.: How's Belle doing?

Philip: She's resting. I didn't want to wake her up. I'm sorry.

Shawn D.: Listen, we only came over 'cause we heard the baby crying her eyes out, so...

Philip: I know, and I appreciate it. [Sighs] But between the three of us, this postpartum thing is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. I just want her to get better.

Mimi: For your sake, too. I mean, you look wrecked.

Philip: I haven't gotten a lot of sleep recently.

Mimi: That's usually what you hear the new mom say.

Philip: Right, but I want to be the one in the middle of the night to get up when the baby cries or if she wants a bottle. But recently she's just been really fussy, and she won't go back down easily.

Shawn D.: Yeah, we know. These walls aren't the thickest.

Philip: Oh, I'm sorry, you guys.

Mimi: So, okay, when Belle's asleep upstairs, the baby is crying where?

Philip: Right here. I try to keep her down here with me so Belle can sleep. I just keep hoping every night that if she gets a lot of rest, then she'll wake up the next morning, and she'll --

Mimi: Be back to normal?

Philip: Yeah.

Mimi: Look, I am so sorry that you're having such a rough time, Philip.

Philip: It's really not that bad. I mean, I love both of them very, very much. They're my girls. When the baby cries, I just want to figure out what's wrong with her as quickly as possible. I just want to make her happy again. And to be honest with you, I'm starting to feel a little bit obsessed with it.

Shawn D.: I think it comes with the territory. With my mom and dad, I know that my brother and me came first.

Philip: Yeah. It wasn't really like that for me. It was -- I came first for Henderson 'cause he was paid.

Mimi: Your dad loves you, Philip.

Philip: I know my dad loves me, but it's just not the same. My dad really wasn't a hands-on daddy. I want my daughter to have the attention and the love. That makes sense, right?

Mimi: Absolutely.

Philip: Okay. On the other hand, I also have to get my life going again -- I mean my job. At some point, I do have to go back to work, I think.

Shawn D.: Yeah. How is the leg? You said you're having trouble still getting up the stairs?

Mimi: Shawn.

Philip: No, Mimi, I don't mind talking about it. But since you asked, yeah, the leg has been bothering me a little bit, but I don't think it's too bad. I can handle it.

Shawn D.: Well, here's an idea. What do you say Meems and I try and help you out for the night?

Philip: That sounds great. How do you want to do that?

Shawn D.: Well, why don't we take Claire for the night? This way, you can just focus on Belle.

Philip: You would really do that?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Absolutely. We're the baby's Godparents. We should be babysitting.

Philip: You guys are the best.

Shawn D.: Hey, anytime. We're right across the hall.

Philip: Okay. All right. Well, here. Meems, will you take this?

Mimi: Yeah.

Philip: Okay? And, Shawn, you got her?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I got her.

Philip: The portacrib is right over by the door.

Shawn D.: I'll get that, too.

Philip: And I have a bottle already made up for her next feeding, so she's ready to go. And you're sure -- the both of you are cool with this, really?

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah, we'll love it. She'll have such a good time she won't want to come back.

Philip: Oh, yes, she will. Hey, sweetheart. When you come back, daddy will play with you, and so will mommy, okay? I promise. All right. She'll go to sleep for you.

Shawn D.: All right.

Philip: Well, I don't know what to say. Thank you.

Shawn D.: Hey, you don't have to thank us. It'll be fine. Mimi and I -- we can handle her.

Philip: All right. Take care of her. Bye. Bye-bye.


Jennifer: I will not let you take a drug that is habit-forming, Jack. I won't let you.

Jack: Well, it's not like there will be all that much time to get hooked..

Jennifer: Why do you keep saying things like that? It sounds like you're giving up. You cannot just give up.

Jack: Well, actually, Jennifer, Lexie and I were in the middle of a conversation -- kind of a doctor/patient thing, right?

Frankie: Jen? Let's check on the tea.

Jennifer: Yeah, the tea. Maybe we'll drink some tea so we can all think a little bit more clearly here. You cannot give up.

Jack: That kills me -- no pun intended. Seeing her living in a dreamworld, like I'm gonna get better and we're gonna live happily ever after.

Lexie: That's a natural human response, Jack -- a much healthier one than deciding to commit suicide. It's illegal, Jack, and it's morally wrong.

Jack: Oh, I've done many morally wrong things in my life. I'm sure you've done one or two yourself.

Lexie: Nothing on the level of killing yourself. Jack, the consequences for the family and the friends that are left behind are devastating.

Jack: No, no, no. My plan will take care of all that. They're never going to know when and how I leave this planet. I'll just be gone -- gone. And then they'll grieve. But they won't have my death haunting them the rest of their lives. Jennifer sobbing, holding my hand while it slowly grows cold. It's the 21st century. People shouldn't have to go through that.

Lexie: [Sighs] Jack, millions of people do. The ritual of saying goodbye is a necessary one, Jack, for mental health so that Jennifer can eventually move on.

Jack: Look, I know it's against the law to commit suicide, but in some states it's against the law to buy beer on sundays. I'm saying some laws just don't make any sense, and they sure as hell don't serve the needs of the people.

Lexie: No, Jack, I can't help you. I won’t. My ethics don't allow it.

Jack: Well, then, you're certainly entitled to say no. But, conversely, may I remind you, doctor, that those same ethics bind you to not tell anyone what we just talked about, and that includes Jennifer?


John: Come on, Doc. Let's get this over with. Just tell him that you love me so he can pack his bags.

Marlena: I'm sorry. I can't do that. Alex, take me home.

John: He has brainwashed you. You can't see it, but I can. Don't let him do this. You got to fight. Don't let him tear you away from me, the kids, and everyone who love you. You got to open your eyes to what he's doing.

Alex: I am not doing anything to her, except loving her more than you ever have. All you have done is put her through incredible pain and stress. The argument you had with Roman -- that's what caused her accident and her subsequent loss of memory. You are a danger to her, and I'm gonna make sure that you never come close enough to her again to cause her any harm. I've already filed for that restraining --

John: Damn you with your restraining order. There's not a restraining order in this world that can keep me away from my wife.

Marlena: John, please. Please don't get angry. People are watching.

John: I don't care if anybody's watching! You tell me that this guy and you are in love. How did you expect me to react?

Marlena: I can't deal with you when you're this angry. I'm having Alex take me home.

John: Can't you see what's happening here? We were making progress before Jack fell. I came back, and you had changed. He did something to you. Don't let him get away with this!

Alex: We're going.

John: You get your hands off of her!


Shawn D.: Oh. Here.

Mimi: What are you doing? She's just gonna start crying again.

Shawn D.: No, she won’t.

Mimi: Yes, she will.

Shawn D.: She's asleep. I just need to grab my keys.

[Claire crying]

Mimi: I told you.

Shawn D.: Oh! She -- I-I didn't even ask you if you were okay with this.

Mimi: It's fine.

Shawn D.: No, it's not. I forgot how upset you get around babies. I -- I-I am so sorry. I saw how overwhelmed Philip was over there, and his leg is bothering him. He has to run up and down those steps to take care of Belle and the baby. I-I spoke without thinking. What do you want to do?

Mimi: It's nice of you to be concerned about me, but I'm a big girl. I was raised to take care of myself, so just get the door open so I can hand this kid back to you so she'll stop crying.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Belle: What's wrong with me? Why do I feel so bad all the time? This should be the happiest time of my life. My husband loves me. We have a beautiful baby. [Crying] Why am I so unhappy?


Lexie: Thank you. Jennifer, I need to tell you a few things. [Clears throat ] Jack's disease will progress more rapidly now. He's going to get weaker, and he'll be in a lot of pain.

Jennifer: Okay. Thank you for telling me.

Lexie: Will you be okay?

Jennifer: I have to be okay, Lexie. I have to be okay for Abby and Jack Jr. But most of all, every bit of strength that I have in me I need to give to my husband, because he needs me right now more than ever, and I cannot let him down.

Lexie: You sure you're okay?


Jack: You really do still love her, don't you? [Exhales deeply] Oh, boy. [ Exhales deeply] Be careful what you wish for, Frankie, 'cause... [Exhales sharply] I can't believe how much that hurts -- almost as much as knowing, um, that I'm gonna lose her. Maybe -- maybe I could just die of a broken heart and save everybody a lot of trouble.

Frankie: I'm sorry. I wish that I --

Jack: No, no. No, no. Please. You're -- you're my gift -- my gift to Jennifer. You're gonna be here for them. You're gonna give them all the love and care and support and protection that they deserve. Thank you.


Alex: John, let go of my arm.

Marlena: John, please. Please let go of him.

John: You're not leaving with him.

Alex: That's not your choice to make, John. It's Marlena's. Unless you want me to call the police in. I could have you arrested for assault. Oh, one last thing. You accused me of doing something to Marlena to cause her to fall out of love with you and in love with me. All I did was remind her of the love we share. So obviously our love for each other is considerably stronger than any feelings she ever had for you.


Mimi: Shawn, I don't know what to do! I don't know what to do.


Belle: What's wrong with me?

Philip: Belle, no!


Austin: It's not easy giving up on someone you love.

Nicole: Is the reason you're not telling me who this woman is, is because I already know her? It's me.


Sami: I know you love me as much as I love you!

Lucas: That's right! I love you, but I can't do this!

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