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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/21/05 - Canada; Monday 10/24/05 - U.S.A.


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Sophie: [Wolf-whistles]

Lucas: [Chuckles] Oh, thanks.

Sophie: Believe me, the pleasure's all mine.

Lucas: [Laughs] You. You. Help me out here. I can't decide. Which one? Stripes or solid? Which one says "power"?

Sophie: Oh, it doesn't matter. You say "power." You are gonna kick ass as the new Senior Vice-President of Titan Industries.

Lucas: Well, thanks. I hope so. It's been a while since I punched the clock. I got a kid to support now. I can't afford to make a mistake.

Sophie: What about will's mother? Doesn't she help?

Lucas: No. Uh, Sami doesn't have a job. She can barely support herself. With her track record, I don't think anyone would ever hire her.


Sami: Austin, you mean it, though? You really mean it? You're gonna hire me?

Austin: Yes, I mean it. We'll give it a try and see how it goes.

Sami: That is so awesome. I'm so excited. You're not gonna regret it. You're gonna be so happy. Your company is gonna do really well, and I am gonna be a great assistant. And just think -- living here, working here together -- I'll be available to you 24-7.

Austin: That won't be necessary.

Sami: It's gonna work out great. Think how much money you'll save on office space.

Austin: Are you sure that I won't be in the way?

Sami: Of course not. That room is just empty, and it's waiting for you. And you're really gonna be helping me out with the rent. It's perfect. It's all perfect.

Austin: Wait a minute. Okay. Just slow down. Before we make this official, I want to set down some ground rules.


Nicole: [Sighs]

Carolina: Hello. May I help you?

Nicole: Nicole Walker. I have a meeting with Mr. Horton. He's handling my divorce.

Carolina: I'm sorry. Mr. Horton's had a last-minute change in his schedule. His meeting with a V.I.P. from New York's running a little bit late.

Nicole: V.I.P.? What V.I.P.? Honey, who could be more important than Victor Kiriakis' soon-to-be very rich ex-wife? Oh.

Donald: I'm sorry to keep Mr. Horton waiting, Carolina. I was on a conference call.

Carolina: No problem at all, Mr. Trump. You can go right in.

Donald: Thank you.


Nicole: Oh, excuse me, sir. Hi. Um, wow, you're the Donald.

Donald: Yes.

Nicole: I can't believe this. Can I just say that I am a huge, huge fan. "The Apprentice" is only my favorite show. I love the way you say, "you're fired."

Donald: Well, thank you very much. I'm late.

Nicole: Can I just add that you are more handsome and commanding a presence in person?

Donald: Well, you know, that's very kind of you, but I really have to go.. I'm late.

Nicole: I think running into you like this must be fate. I'm in the process of divorcing my husband -- a very wealthy and successful man much like yourself. Perhaps you've heard of him -- Victor Kiriakis, the publishing giant.

Donald: Yes, actually I have heard of him.

Nicole: He's a lovely man, really. We had some wonderful years together, and then we just grew apart. I don't have to tell you that. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that --

Donald: Excuse me. Excuse me.

Nicole: I'm -- I'm available, Mr. Trump -- back on the market -- and I was just thinking that possibly --

Donald: Excuse me. I'm really very flattered, Mrs. Kiriakis --

Nicole: Walker. Walker. Please. Nicole.

Donald: Miss Walker, I'm a happily married man, and if it's a job you're looking for, I have all the apprentices I need, but perhaps I could get you set up with Martha.

Nicole: Oh. Okay.

[Chuckles nervously]


Frankie: Oh. Miss Walker. Frankie Brady. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Nicole: Uh, do we have an appointment?

Frankie: Oh, I'm helping Mickey this morning. You may have heard he's a little busy.

Nicole: Yeah. The Donald. I know. So, what's Mr. Big shot doing here, anyway?

Frankie: I really couldn't say.

Nicole: Couldn't or won't?

Frankie: As I said, I'm here as a favor to Mickey. Working on a few cases. Yours happens to be one of them.

Nicole: Oh, great. So, Mickey dumps me on the new guy. Do you even know anything about my situation?

Frankie: Yeah, I just got up to speed. Afraid to tell you I have some bad news.


Bo: Chelsea. Hi.

Chelsea: Hi. It's not a bad time, is it? I'm not interrupting you or Hope or anything?

Bo: Oh, no, no, no. Come on in. Hope is spending some time with Abby's mom. What's up? Is everything okay?

Chelsea: Um, no. Not really.

Bo: What's wrong?

Chelsea: It's Abby. I'm sure you heard about her dad.

Bo: Yeah, I did. It's pretty terrible.

Chelsea: I still can't believe he's dying. And Abby's totally freaking out, and I don't know what to do to help her.

Bo: Chelsea, there's not really much you can do except be there for her.

Chelsea: I'm trying to be, but it just hurts me to see her in so much pain.

Bo: Yeah, I know. The sad part -- it's just gonna get worse for her. But she is pretty lucky. She's got a good friend in you. You care about her. I'm proud of you.

Chelsea: I do care about her, though I'm sure if Hope were here, she'd probably just tell me I'm being a spoiled, selfish brat... just like she always thinks.


Hope: I hope you don't mind me barging in. I knew if I called first you'd have said you weren't up for company.

Jennifer: Yeah, if you were company -- that's true. But you're my family, and I need my family so much right now.

Hope: Well, I'm right here -- we all are. You know that, don't you?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Right? Oh, sweetie, I can only imagine what you're going through.

Jennifer: I am trying so hard to be strong for Abby. I mean, I didn't even sleep last night. I feel like I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown. And I-I canít. I have Abby. I have Jack. I have the baby. I can't do that.

Hope: You are not going to have a nervous breakdown. You just need to take care of yourself and not let all of this stress wear you down. That's all, okay? Which brings me to the real reason I'm here.

Jennifer: Why? What's that?

Hope: Well, I was thinking that you need to get away for a few hours -- just kind of let yourself regroup, you know? So I am going to treat the both of us to a day at the spa -- a manicure, a pedicure, facial, manicure, a mud b-- whatever you want. How's that sound?

Jennifer: It sounds like heaven. And that is so sweet of you, but I canít. I can't leave Jack. Every minute that I have with him right now is so precious to me.

Jack: [Thinking] Sorry, Jennifer, but I need you out of here. There's something very important I have to do before I die.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Hope: I completely understand that you don't want to leave Jack, and I know that a spa day seems rather frivolous now, but I really think you need this.

[Stairs creak] And I'm sure Jack would agree.

Jack: Absolutely. Thank you, Hope. You're right. Jennifer, you're under too much stress. You need this.

Jennifer: You know, Jack, I am not going. I don't feel right about it.

Jack: Look, if you want to help me, please, help yourself.

Hope: Exactly.

Jack: If you won't do it for yourself, do it for me and Abigail and the baby.

Jennifer: You really want me to go do that?

Jack: I'll miss you, of course, but you need this. And, frankly, I need a little bit of time to myself just to rest up.

Jennifer: Well, I don't need this, but if -- if you really want me to go and do this --

Jack: I do. I do. I do. Look, it's gonna be best for you and best for me, right?

Hope: Right. Thanks, Jack.

Jack: Thank you. Oh, come on. Tell me you're gonna go have a good time. Come on.

Jennifer: I'm not gonna tell you that I'm gonna have a good time, but I will go. Let me just grab my things. I'll be right back.

Jack: [Exhales deeply] Thank you. Hope, I'm telling you, I need this -- I mean, we need this more than anything, especially Jennifer. Uh, I'll tell you what. Take your time with her, and you can give her the works. Spare no expense.

Hope: No way. No way. This is on me. Jack, put that away right now.

Jack: Are you sure?

Hope: I insist. I want to do this for her. Please.

Jack: Thank you. Hope, I can't tell you how much this means to her -- both of us. Your love and your support -- it just -- well, it's gonna mean even more after I'm gone.

Hope: Jack, don't worry, okay? We Hortonís stick together, right? We always have. Hey. We are going to be there for both of you. Don't you forget that, no matter what, Jack.


Bo: Chelsea, Hope never said you're a spoiled brat.

Chelsea: She didn't have to. She's made it very clear that she thinks I'm immature, irresponsible.

Bo: She's concerned about you. She wants what's best for you. She knows you're a kind and loving person who's just had to put up with a lot more than any 18-year-old should.

Chelsea: You really do understand. God, you're just so cool about everything.

Bo: Hold on. Not everything. There's a little issue of Lockhart.

Chelsea: Patrick's a great guy. He's sweet, sensitive, giving. I can't even tell you how many times he's helped me out.

Bo: How has he helped you out?

Chelsea: Well, like, if I'm short on cash and there's something I really need --

Bo: I don't want you taking cash or anything else from him. You understand me?

Chelsea: But I feel bad asking you and Billie for it all the time. I mean, you have your own families to support.

Bo: You are my family.

Chelsea: Okay, here's the deal. Billie and Hope already think I'm a big enough loser. Patrick doesn't judge me. He's just a really good friend that I know I can count on when I need help.

Bo: You can count on your parents for anything at any time, okay? I mean, just a few days ago, we had a good conversation, didn't we? I helped you out financially. What happened to that 250 bucks?

Chelsea: It's gone.

Bo: You spent all of it?

Chelsea: Well, I donated some to the "light the night" walk for the leukemia research. Was that wrong?

Bo: No.

Chelsea: And then I needed some new underthingies, like bras and panties..

Bo: Okay, I get the idea. I guess girls are a little more expensive than boys.

Chelsea: Tell me about it. Women's clothing is so much more expensive. And dry cleaning and getting your hair cut. It's not fair. Sometimes I wish I just born a boy.

Bo: No, no. I love having a daughter. I just got to get used to the fact that my wallet will be a little thinner.

Chelsea: What are you doing?

Bo: I'm gonna give you another 250 bucks. But this time, I want you to promise me you'll be a little more careful, all right? Don't spend it all in one place.

Chelsea: I promise.

Bo: Okay. 250 bucks.

Chelsea: You know what? I don't really need that much.

Bo: No, it's all right. I'll hit the ATM.

Chelsea: Are you sure?

Bo: Yes, I'm sure. Take it. This time, like I said, be more careful. I want this to last a little longer, okay?

Chelsea: Okay, I will. I'll be extra careful. Thanks, dad. You're the best.

Bo: Oh, you're welcome.

Chelsea: But, um, do you mind if we keep this our little secret? I don't want Billie to know.

Billie: Uh, what's this little secret you don't want Billie to know about?


Sami: What ground rules?

Austin: They're very simple. During working hours, I'm the boss. It's strictly business between us. I don't want our personal relationship to interfere in any way. Can you handle that?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I am a consummate professional.

Austin: But after work, it's a different story. We go back to being roommates, friends. You know, sharing expenses -- equal in every way. Fair enough?

Sami: Absolutely. Yeah. Austin, you don't have to worry.

Austin: I just want things to be clear -- lay all our cards on the table.. I don't want to complicate our personal or professional relationship in any way with anything remotely non-platonic.

Sami: Oh.

Austin: [Laughs]

Sami: Right. No, of course. Austin, we've been down that road before. You're right -- totally right.

Austin: Great. That's all I needed to hear.

Sami: Oh, good. So, when do we start? I am ready to work.

Austin: First things first. I have to go meet with Mickey Horton to start the paperwork and discuss my plans. And, well, if I don't get out of here, I'm gonna be late.

Sami: Oh. Okay. I could come with you if you want. I could take notes or bring you coffee.

Austin: I appreciate that, but I think I can handle this on my own. I want you to take the rest of the morning off. There will be plenty of work soon, so relax while you can.

Sami: Okay. Whatever you say, boss.

Austin: I'll see you later.

Sami: [Laughs] I got the door. Go for it. [Laughing] [Exhales deeply] Oh, this is so great. I'm gonna be working for Austin. I'm gonna be living with Austin. Wow. My luck is about to change.


Mickey: Thank you very much, Mr. Trump, for your generous contribution to the Horton Foundation on its anniversary. And I can assure you that it will be put to very good use.

Donald: Well, I'm glad to do what I can, Mickey. I've always believed that with success comes a responsibility, and that responsibility is very important -- helping those in need. Your foundation's been doing a great job for a long time. Happy 40th anniversary, and keep up the great work.

Mickey: We'll try. I want to thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to come all the way up here to Salem.

Donald: I've been hearing so much for so long about what you've been doing, and I really had to come up and see the place for myself. It's great. It's really terrific.

Mickey: We do have a very colorful cast of characters. Hey, maybe we could start our own reality show and give you a run for your money, huh?

Donald: Well, I think, actually, it would make a great soap opera. I don't believe anybody would believe it, but these are minor details. It would be a great soap opera.

Mickey: You're right about that. Anyway, stay in touch, Mr. Trump, and I'll see if your car's ready.

Donald: Well, thank you, and you stay in touch, too.


Nicole: Oh, Mr. Trump. Could I just have one more minute of your time? I'm afraid I gave you the wrong impression earlier. Look, I was more than just Victor Kiriakis' trophy wife. I have a very impressive rťsumť, if I do say so myself. I was co-C.E.O.. of a major corporation. I know my way around the boardroom. And when it comes to being tough, I could put Caroline and George to shame. Hell, even Omarosa. So I was just wondering if maybe you could consider me for a place in your organization, whatever that might be. I-I think you'll find that I'm a very willing employee. Working under you, I think, could be mutually beneficial.

Donald: Well, that's an interesting proposition, Mrs. Walker. I'll get back to you.

Nicole: Really?

Donald: Yeah, really.

Nicole: Really?

Donald: No.

Nicole: [Sighs]

[Door closes]


Frankie: Miss Walker, shall we?

Nicole: Huh?

Frankie: You are here to discuss your divorce?

Nicole: Yeah, right.


Frankie: [Clears throat] Shall we get started?

Nicole: You know, I am still not happy with Mickey fobbing me off on some low-level, part-time associate. What the hell?! I am -- was -- Mrs. Victor Kiriakis.

Frankie: I understand. But, I assure you, I'm a very experienced and accomplished attorney.

Nicole: Huh.

Frankie: Huh.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Frankie: That said, however, I've had a chance to review your case thoroughly.

Nicole: Yes. And you said it doesn't look good. That is not very reassuring.

Frankie: As you well know, your husband is a man with unlimited funds. He and his attorneys are out for blood. They won't settle unless you accept a very minimal cash payout.

Nicole: What?

Frankie: No alimony and no rights whatsoever to the Kiriakis Estate.

Nicole: Like hell! You know, I walked away from my last marriage to that nobody Lucas Roberts, and I got $5 million. I'm just supposed to settle with daddy war bucks for one cent less? I don't think so!

Frankie: With all due respect, Miss Walker, if you think you're gonna get $5 million out of Victor, you're dreaming.


Sophie: Thanks again for letting me crash here. Now I have to go deal with my flooded apartment.

Lucas: Sorry about that. If you need anything, just go ahead and give me a call, okay?

Sophie: You have my number. You can call me.

And I-I-I-I


walk the streets of love

for a thousand years

oh, tell me now

oh, I

I walk the streets of love

and they're drenched with... W



walk the streets of love

Sophie: Thanks again for last night. You were great.

Lucas: I had a good time.


oh, there's only one...


Sami: It didn't take you very long to move on, did it?

Lucas: Sami, maybe you should think about doing the same thing, all right?

Sami: You know what? I already have. Today I took a huge step forward in my new life.

Lucas: Really.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. You're not the only one with a new job.

Lucas: What, you got a job? Somebody actually hired you?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, they did. I'm part of a new start-up company. It's very exciting, and it's a great opportunity for me. I'm gonna be the right hand of the new C.E.O.

Lucas: Really? Well, I don't believe it. Who would hire you, huh? Who would hire you after all the horrible things you've done?

Sami: Your brother Austin.


Chelsea: You're following me again.

Billie: No, Chelsea, I'm not following you. I came over here to talk to your father. But I can't help being curious. What's the secret you don't want me to know about?

Bo: We're just having a little father/daughter chat. No big deal.

Chelsea: Well, it was a big deal to me. Thank you, dad, for everything. I knew I could count on you.

Bo: Well, you just remember what I said, okay?

Chelsea: I will. But right now I got to run, so I'll see you later.

Bo: All right.

Chelsea: See ya, Billie.

Billie: Bye, Chelsea. Is she okay?

Bo: I think she will be. She's just upset about what's happened with Abby and Jack.

Billie: Yeah, well, so am I. Jack is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and I wish that Chelsea could talk to me about this. I wish she would come to me so we could support each other.

Bo: Well, I think you should just give her a little bit of time. You guys got off on the wrong foot. Eventually she'll come around.

Billie: I'm not so sure about that. You see, in Chelsea's eyes, I'm the bad guy because I refuse to spoil her any more than she already is, and that's why I came over here to talk to you.

Bo: Okay. But I don't think giving her a gift every now and then is really gonna spoil her. As a matter of fact, we just had a talk about being careful with her spending, and she promised me she would. We got to trust her a little bit more.

Billie: Well, I'm glad that you had a talk with her, because she listens to you. And, you know, it's time that she learned that money doesn't just grow on trees, right?

Bo: She knows that. But I do want her to know that she can come to her parents for anything. I don't want her going to Lockhart for money or anything else, 'cause eventually he'll want something in return. Last night was proof of that.

Billie: About last night -- I spoke to Chelsea, and I spoke to Patrick. Chelsea was upset. Patrick was just comforting her. That's all it was.

Bo: Yeah. Why are you so sure that he wasn't coming on to her?

Billie: I don't know why you refuse to believe this, but, okay, I'll tell you again. I know, because Patrick's been coming on to me.


Man: Here are your robes, ladies.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Man: And a list of all of our services.

Hope: Fantastic.

Man: I hope you have a very relaxed and rejuvenating experience.

Hope: I'm sure we will. Thank you so much.

Jennifer: Hope, these prices are outrageous. You sure you want to do this?

Hope: Yes, I'm sure. We'll allowed to indulge every once in a while.

Jennifer: Still, this is --

Hope: I promise you -- it is not going to break the bank. Like Jack and I both agreed, you really need -- I'm not taking no for an answer. Don't start.

Jennifer: What would I do without you?

Hope: You're never gonna have to find out. Come on. Let's go change our clothes and start deciding what we're going to get. Maybe we won't decide. Maybe we'll just get the whole ball of wax.

Jennifer: No. I won't let you do that. Oh, you know, I don't think I'm gonna get the platinum package, Hope. I'm gonna get a basic massage, and then I'm just gonna head home to Jack. I don't feel right being away from him for so long. You can understand that.

Hope: Of course I understand, and you will. Look, Jack made me promise that I kept you here long enough to actually relax. He's not gonna be happy if he finds out you had a 30-minute quickie massage and then bolted.

Jennifer: What is it with him?

Hope: What do you mean?

Jennifer: I don't know. I feel like there's something he's not telling me.

Jack: This is it. This is definitely the way to go... as long as Jennifer doesn't find out.


Mickey: So, Austin, Carolina will get you the papers that you'll need to fill out for your new corporation, and I'll handle everything else.

Austin: Mickey, thank you. I am very anxious to get up and running.

Mickey: Well, I read all your business plans, and I must say they're pretty ambitious, young man. I think you're going to need some help. I want to give you this idea.

Nicole: How dare Victor think he could do this to me! I am responsible for turning this company around! I kept stock prices soaring the whole time he was gone! Shouldn't I be compensated for the hard work that I did -- my blood, sweat, and tears I put into titan to keep this company going?!

Austin: I certainly think so.

Nicole: Austin.

Austin: I was very impressed with what you did for Titan.

Nicole: Thank God someone believes in me. Austin, you're the only man who's never let me down, and that includes my lawyers.


Mickey: Didn't I tell you that she was something too hot to handle?

Frankie: Don't worry. I can handle her.

Mickey: Frankie, I'd like to have you meet Austin Reed. Austin, this Frankie Brady. He is a brilliant young attorney who has come to help me out.

Austin: How are you?

Frankie: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Reed.

Austin: Call me Austin.

Frankie: As long as you call me Frankie.

Austin: Good to meet you. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other around here.

Frankie: No doubt.

Austin: Well, Nicole, if you are done with your meeting, I would love to have a word with you in private.


Lucas: Austin? Austin, my brother, hired you? Why? For what, huh?

Sami: He's starting a new company. It's gonna compete with Basic Black and Titan. He's hired me as his new assistant.

Lucas: Assistant? What is he, crazy?

Sami: No. I think he's actually quite smart. We're gonna make a great team, and I think the company's gonna be very successful.

Lucas: He made a huge mistake hiring you, if you ask me.

Sami: What the hell is your problem, Lucas?! Damn it! You should be on top of the world! You've got this great new job! Why can't you be happy for me?! Or is it because you want to see me fail?

Lucas: No, I don't want to see you fail. You're the mother of my son. Yeah, I want you to succeed for Will. But you know what, Sami? I'm a little skeptical about you and Austin working together, given your damn history together.

Sami: That's where you're wrong. Austin is the only one who stood by me when our whole wedding fiasco happened. Everyone else, including you, turned their back on me, and he stood by me. He was my friend. So now I can pay him back. I can return the favor. I'm gonna be working for him full time, and he is gonna live and work out of my apartment.

Lucas: What are you saying? You're saying he's moving in? Is that what you're saying?

Sami: That is exactly what I am saying.

Lucas: [Laughing]


Billie: So Patrick was not and is not coming on to Chelsea.

Bo: I just hope you know what you're doing, getting involved with a creep like that.

Billie: I do. See, I'm not 18. So if you can't trust Patrick, will you at least trust me?

Bo: It's your life. Not much I can do about it.

Billie: Thank you.

Bo: The trouble is, if you're wrong about the boy scout, our daughter's the one who's gonna suffer the consequences.


Gloriane: Welcome to Gloriane's, Chelsea. Is this your first time here?

Chelsea: Yes.

Bo: I'm gonna give you another 250 bucks. Just promise me you'll only use it for necessities -- you won't spend it all in one place.

Chelsea: What the heck. You only live once.


Man: I hope the hot rocks made you relax, allowing you to let go of all the stress in your body.

Jennifer: Thank you. And thank you. That was amazing.

Hope: It looked amazing.

Jennifer: I wish that I could say I am 100% relaxed, but I can't stop thinking about Jack and what he may be doing.

Hope: Why do you think there's something else that Jack's not telling you? What could it possibly be?

Jennifer: I don't know. Like I said, I can't put my finger on it. I just have this feeling.

Hope: Well, I would think that, at this point, he'd be through with all the secrets.

Jennifer: You know what, Hope? He is so worried about Abby and me, and he knows how devastated we're gonna be when he's gone. So, I know Jack. I know that he will try to find some way to soften the blow for us. I know him.


Jack: I've made up my mind. This is it. But it's not gonna be easy. I'm gonna need some help. And luckily... I know just who to call. Billie? It's Jack. I need to see you right away.

Billie: What's wrong? Are you okay?

Jack: I am if you can help me. It's a matter of life and death.


Mickey: I'm really glad you're here, Frankie. My case load is more than I can handle at the moment.

Frankie: I'm just glad to be working with you again.

Mickey: That's right. We did work together before at the hospital.

Frankie: Yep. Fund-raiser. Absolutely.

Mickey: Some time ago. It seems like another lifetime.

Frankie: Tell me about it.

Mickey: Anyway, we have a lot to do. This Kiriakis divorce is going to be so messy. And now John Black wants to see me because Marlena may be getting a divorce.

Frankie: Wow. I thought they would be together forever.

Mickey: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Then again, I thought Jack and Jen would be together forever, too.

Mickey: I heard about Jack. It's terrible. And he just got back with his family.

Frankie: Yeah. Mickey, I want to do everything I can for them. First off, I want to make sure that Jack's insurance, his will, investments -- everything -- is in order.

Mickey: Everything. Totally.

Frankie: Good. That's good.

Mickey: And I'm, uh, I'm really glad that you're here for both of them, and Jennifer says you've been a real comfort.

Frankie: I care about her. I care about both of them.

Mickey: You know, a long time ago, Maggie and I really thought that you and Jennifer would be married and you would be my nephew.

Frankie: Yeah. Well, it didn't quite work out.

Mickey: Frankie, I hope you'll be there for her after Jack's gone.

Frankie: I will, Mickey. I promised Jack I would.


Austin: Thank you, Carolina.

Carolina: You're welcome.

Nicole: You're starting your own company? That's great. It's gonna be a huge success.

Austin: Yeah, I hope so, but it's not gonna be easy. My plan is -- it's ambitious. I'm hoping to eventually compete against Lucas and Victor at Titan and my mother and John at Basic Black.

Nicole: Yeah. That's gonna be quite a challenge.

Austin: Yeah, it will. I'm gonna need some help. That's why I wanted to talk to you. I was very impressed -- no, blown away -- by what you did for Titan. While Victor was away, you and Brady not only kept it running, but you posted higher profits than ever before.

Nicole: What can I say? Brady and I had great chemistry -- personally and professionally. And now he's gone, and I'm down-and-out.

Austin: Maybe not for long. I, uh, have a proposition for you.


Lucas: [Laughing] Oh, thanks, Sami. Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that.

Sami: Well, I'm glad. I'm glad you think it's funny that Austin is moving in with me.

Lucas: I don't care if he's moving in with you. I don't care if you work together. Spend 24-7 together -- it doesn't matter to me. It's a matter of time before you're at each other's throats. I know it.

Sami: We actually get along very well. And Austin and I are good friends, and we always will be.

Lucas: Yeah, famous last words. You don't have any friends, Sami.

Sami: You know, I have to go.

Lucas: Wait. Wait a minute.

Sami: What?!

Lucas: Let me ask you something.

Lucas: I overheard you threatening Nicole at Alice's. What's up with that? What do you have on her?

Sami: I have enough to make her life miserable.

Lucas: Why don't you just leave her alone -- give her a break? She's been through enough.

Sami: You care what happens to Nicole all of a sudden? She's fine, okay? If she stays out of my face, then she shouldn't have any problems. But speaking of cheap floozies, I hope Will didn't see you with cocktail waitress.

Lucas: That cheap floozy? Will is at Arthur's house, and you know that! And she's a nice person -- Sophie.

Sami: You know, I am just looking out for my son, okay? I think he should be with his mother.

Lucas: Yeah, well, he doesn't want to be with his mother. How about that? The only person you got to blame is yourself.


[Knock on door]

Jack: Oh, good. Oh, Billie.

Billie: Jack, I got here as soon as I could. What's going on?

Jack: Thank you for coming. Thank you for helping me out again. As long as I can trust that you're gonna keep another secret, and this is a big one.

Billie: Bigger than you dying?

Jack: Yes. I need you to promise me that you'll keep it to the grave.

Billie: No. Jack, no. I hated keeping that secret from Jennifer. I was so relieved when she finally found out. Please don't do this to me again. Please donít.

Jack: All right. I wonít. I-I won't lay that on you. It's not right. It's not right. Y-you're right.

Billie: Jack, you said you needed help. I can't just refuse you.

Jack: Well, I understand. I do. I-I do.

Billie: What is it, Jack?

Jack: Are you gonna promise to keep the secret?

Billie: Yes, I promise.

Jack: As long as you live, no matter what.

Billie: As long as I live, no matter what. Now, come on. What's the big secret?


Bo: Man, Hope and Billie are gonna get really cranky when they find out I gave Chelsea another $250. What the hell. She's my daughter. She promised she'd only spend it on what she needs.


Chelsea: I've decided to go with the platinum package -- the 90-minute Thai. massage, the deluxe green tea garden facial, ginger wrap, aroma-glow body polish, and a manicure and pedicure. Oh, and lunch is included with that, right?

Sales Person: Yes. It certainly is. Will that be cash or charge?

Chelsea: Um, it will be cash.


Sami: Oh, Austin. Hey. So, how'd it go? How'd your meeting go?

Austin: Great. Better than expected.

Sami: Well, what happened?

Austin: I got all the paperwork done for the corporation and hired a new executive vice-president -- someone you will have to report to.

Sami: Oh. Oh, that's okay. Are you kidding? I mean, I know -- I'm just here to work, and I know I have to work my way up the corporate ladder, and I'm willing to work with anyone.

Austin: Good. I'm glad to hear you say that.

Sami: So, who is it? Who's my new Executive V.P.?

Nicole: Hi, Sami. Say hello to your new boss.

Lucas: Oh, yeah. This I can't miss.


Frankie: All right. I'll see what I can do. I'll try to get Nicole the best settlement I can. It's not gonna be easy.

Mickey: No. Going up against Victor Kiriakis is never going to be easy. But maybe after this is all over, she can pick up the pieces and move on with her life.

Frankie: Yeah. I just hope Jen can do the same thing after Jack's gone.


Jennifer: I'm never leaving you again, Jack. I'm gonna stay with you, and I'm gonna make every second count and make it last. Oh, God, you just have to hang on. Who knows? You know, a miracle can happen, Jack. I mean, they can find a cure -- they can. I mean, anything is possible as long as you are still alive.


Billie: Well? Are you gonna tell me? What's this big secret you want me to keep?

Jack: You absolutely promise you'll never tell another living soul?

Billie: I promise. Now, what do you want me to do?

Jack: Nothing much. I need you to help me commit suicide.

Jack: What are you doing?

Billie: Calling the one person who can talk you out of it.


Jennifer: She'll run to Bo, and that'll put him in a tough spot.

Hope: I want to make sure she's not taking advantage of her father.


Maggie: Are you truly over Sami? Isn't there a part of you that is still in love with her?


Nicole: I donítí have someplace to live.

Austin: Why don't you move in with Sami and me?

Sami: [Spits]

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