Days Transcript Thursday 10/20/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/20/05 - Canada; Friday 10/21/05 - U.S.A.


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[Birds chirping]

Jennifer: Sweetie, what are you doing?

Abby: I just wanted to make sure that dad was okay, that he didn't die or anything during the night.


Billie: Mmm. Hey. Thanks for making the coffee. What are you doing up so early?

Chelsea: I couldn't sleep last night. I just kept thinking about Abby and her dad.

Billie: Yeah. I'm sorry, Chelsea. I know it must make you think about losing your own parents.

Chelsea: Well, it's not like I ever forget, Billie.

Billie: Of course not.

Chelsea: But knowing that you and Bo are my biological parents...

Billie: Yeah?

Chelsea: Just makes it so much worse. I mean, I'm always comparing it to the way things used to be. And you'll never understand what it's like because you never had two parents that loved you.

Billie: That's right. I never did. And I never had anyone to ask me questions -- like those sexy pajamas you're wearing -- for one thing, they must have been very expensive..

Chelsea: I got them on sale.

Billie: Uh-huh. And where'd you get the money to pay for them?

Chelsea: Oh, I just went down to, um, Salem Boulevard and turned a couple of tricks. Let's hear it for genetics.

Billie: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Oh, come on, Billie. The other night when I went out, you were complaining about my dress being cut too low in the front. Can't you just lighten up?

Billie: That dress was way too revealing for a girl your age. And as a matter of fact, so are those pajamas, considering there is a man living in this house with us. Please go put on a robe.

Chelsea: [Scoffs]


Patrick: Morning.

Billie: Morning, Patrick.

Chelsea: Hi, Patrick.

Patrick: How are you today, Chelsea?

Chelsea: How do you think I'm doing after what happened last night?

Billie: What -- what happened last night?

Chelsea: Oh, my father picked another ridiculous fight with Patrick. You know, what is it with him, anyway? Why does he think he can control my life? Both of you -- you're driving me insane.

Billie: Why did you and Bo get into a fight? And what did you do to upset your father now?


Hope: Zachary Brady, you get into that kitchen right now, and you finish your cereal. I'm gonna count to three. 1... 2... 2 ˝... Zachary... go.

Bo: If you're angry with me, you shouldn't take it out on the tiny man.

Hope: I'm not. The only person in this family who has an anger-management you. It's the same routine every time you see Patrick. You're ready to go to war, Bo.

Bo: Mm-hmm, 'cause every time I see him, he's got his hands on my daughter. And every time, it's the same excuse -- "it's not what you think." Well, it is what I think..

Hope: Did you ever think that it was Chelsea who wants you to think it?

Bo: Did you happen to see how upset she was last night? She was crying. And she said, "it's not okay." Now, what do you think that meant?

Hope: Bo, how many times do we hug someone and say to them, "it's okay, it's okay"? Did you ever think that maybe that's what Chelsea was responding to, that it's not okay that Bo and Billie are her parents and it's not okay that she is feeling miserable about Abby's father dying?

Bo: How about, "it's not okay that you got your paws on me, Lockhart"?

Hope: Yeah, and why didn't you ask Chelsea what she meant when you had the chance? Oh, what was I thinking? And I'm your wife. You would rather bump chests with Patrick, punch each other's lights out. That's what you want, right?

Bo: Lockhart, get your hands off my daughter.

Patrick: Why don't you get out of my face, Bo?

Bo: Or what? You gonna take me on? Come on, boy scout. Make your move.

Hope: Bo, stop it. What are you doing?

Hope: Hey. Patrick didn't do anything wrong. But you did. You're a cop, for God's sake. You can't walk up and assault someone.

Bo: I was protecting my daughter.

Hope: The only thing that Patrick is guilty of is comforting your daughter. If you keep this up, you're going to be pushing her right into his arms. Is that what you want?


Kate: Well, Lucas is starting his new job at Titan today. I should call him and wish him luck. Although I know he's going to be insulting to me.

[Telephone rings]

Sophie: Hello?

Kate: Well, hello. Who's this?

Sophie: My name is Sophie.

Kate: Sophie. Hi, Sophie. Um, I'm not sure I got the right number. Is Lucas there?

Sophie: He's right here. Hold on.

Lucas: Hello?

Kate: Hel-lo. Well, congratulations -- you have finally moved on from Sami.


Sami: Good morning.

Austin: Good morning. I hope you don't mind me borrowing your laptop.

Sami: Oh, of course not. How'd you sleep?

Austin: Like I said, it's a comfortable couch.

Sami: Well, you could have slept in Will's bed. What are you doing?

Austin: Checking out real estate.

Sami: Why?

Austin: I'm looking for an apartment.

Sami: Are you staying here in Salem?

Austin: Looks that way.

Sami: Austin, that is awesome. But, you know, you don't have to find a place to live. You could stay here with me.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Lucas: What are you talking about, I finally moved on from Sami? I was supposed to marry the woman less than a week ago. What kind of a person do you think I am, huh?

Kate: [Chuckles] And a woman is answering your phone early in the morning because...

Lucas: That's none of your business. Why the hell are you calling me?

Kate: Are we really gonna let Sami win?

Lucas: What are you talking about? She hasn't won anything, thanks to you. Look, Will would have been perfectly happy living with both his parents by now. But you -- you've ruined Sami's life, my life, even your own grandson's.

Kate: You know, on the contrary, I think I've spared you years, years of misery. But Sami's just not accountable for anything, is she? Is that what you're saying?

Lucas: What I'm saying is you can't accept that I want you out of my life, for good.

Kate: Well, I was just calling to wish you good luck with your new job. Damn you, Sami. Because of you, I lost Lucas. But I don't care how good your intentions are, Austin. I'll be damned if I lose you to Sami, as well.


Austin: Sami, your couch is comfortable, but it's not that comfortable.

Sami: Oh, come on. I have two other bedrooms.

Austin: Yeah. One is filled with junk, and the other one is Will's.

Sami: Well, I could empty out the junk. I should anyway.

Austin: No. I don't think it's a good idea. People would think we're involved, and...we're not.

Sami: Who cares what people think, Austin? We're just two friends who've decided to live together as roommates. And, anyway, it's been really lonely here for me without Will.

Austin: I don't know, Sami.

Sami: I think you'd really be making a difference for me. You'd have your own bedroom. You'd be helping me with the rent. I know it's not a big deal to you, but money's really tight for me. I haven't been able to find a job. And you'd be doing me a huge favor. Will you at least think about it?

Austin: I just don't think it would work.

Sami: I think it would work. What made you come back to Salem, anyway?

Austin: Well, I've been giving it a lot of thought for a while, and I decided that my future is here.


Billie: I'm waiting. And I don't care who answers. How did the fight start last night?

Patrick: All right, all right, I'll tell you. Bo ran into me and Chelsea down on the pier. I was comforting her.

Billie: What was it this time?

Chelsea: I don't like the way you said that.

Patrick: Chelsea was upset about Abby's dad. But, of course, bo misinterpreted the whole thing. He came at me, accusing me of taking advantage of Chelsea... again.

Chelsea: Patrick's right. And they would have gotten into an even bigger fight if it hadn't been for Hope showing up and making Bo see how stupid --

Billie: Hey. Don't talk about your father like that. He only wants what's best for you. And if anybody looks stupid here, it's you.

Chelsea: Me?

Billie: How many times are you gonna throw yourself into Patrick's arms?

Chelsea: I was really upset. God, you're just jealous because I don't feel comfortable talking to you or Bo, and you know what? I'm never going to, because you're both clueless. God, no matter what I do, it's always my fault. You don't think I can do anything right.

Billie: That is not true at all, Chelsea!

Chelsea: Come on, Billie. God, it's no wonder I never felt a connection to you as my birth mother. You lost me the day I was born. You never really cared about me. And now all of a sudden you act like you got this big maternal-instinct thing going on, and really it's just an excuse to make my life miserable.


Bo: Lockhart's the last person I want my daughter to be with.

Hope: Bo, she's living with him, for heaven's sakes. You've got to get used to it. In fact, you should be grateful he's giving her a roof over her head.

Bo: Well, I'm the one that should be doing that.

Hope: Is that what this is about? You feel that Patrick's stepping on your toes, somehow taking your role as Chelsea's father? If that's what it's about, that I can definitely understand.

Bo: This is about Lockhart taking advantage of a teenage girl. He shouldn't be hugging someone my daughter's age. She -- she was fighting him off when I got there. That's what I saw.

Hope: I'm sorry. I, um -- maybe I just wasn't listening, so correct me if I'm wrong, okay? I don't remember Chelsea screaming, "daddy, daddy. Thank God you're here. This horrible man is attacking me." Bo, in fact, it kind of looked to me like she was kind of pissed off you came along at all, like you were interfering.

Bo: Interfering?

Hope: Interfering.

Bo: What do you think they were doing?

Hope: Nothing romantic. Remember what Jennifer said? Chelsea was with Abby when Abby found out that Jack was dying. When Patrick came along, I'm sure she was probably very upset about the fact that Abby's father's dying.

Bo: Yeah, and went flying into his arms. Isn't it strange how he always just shows up at the right time?

Hope: You know something? Instead of focusing on the negative, you should be very proud your daughter was there for Abby, because quite honestly, before last night, I thought she was a pretty self-centered individual.

Bo: You were wrong.

Hope: Maybe you were wrong, too. Hey, I don't want to argue with you. Our problems are nothing compared to Jack and Jennifer's.

Bo: You got that right.


Abby: I -- I didn't mean to wake you up.

Jennifer: Oh, it's okay, honey. I was gonna get up in about four hours anyway.

Abby: You're -- you're teasing, right?

Jennifer: Yes.

Abby: This is the fourth time I've been in here since last night, you know.

Jennifer: Oh, sweetie.

Abby: I sat next to daddy on the bed and just listened for him to take a breath. And when I couldn't hear anything, I got scared. I wanted to put my hand over his heart, but I didn't want to wake him up.

Jennifer: Sweetie, listen, your dad is very sick. But Lexie promised me that he has months to live... not just days or hours. Not yet.

Abby: I don't know who or what to believe. What are we gonna do without him? What's gonna happen to our family? At least I got to know dad growing up. He was -- is the coolest dad in the world. But as much as I tell Jack Jr. about dad, he'll never remember him, will he, mom? I'm sorry. I'm only making this harder for you. [Sighs] I let you down when we lost him before. I was a total brat.

Jennifer: No, you weren't, honey.

Abby: I was. And I just want to tell you that I'm never gonna treat you like that again. You can count on me -- you and Jack Jr.

Jennifer: Oh, thank you, sweetie. Oh, I am so proud of you. Do you know that?


Jack: [Breathing hoarsely]

Abby: Daddy?

Jack: Oh, Abigail. Oh. Are you okay? [Sniffles]

Abby: Yeah. I mean, I'm sorry for getting upset with you last night. I was just so shocked.

Jack: No, no. I'm sorry. I-I-I-I should have told you about the illness before. I really should have. I just [Sighs] I just wanted to spare you any -- any pain, you know.

Abby: I know.

Jack: Do you?

Abby: Yeah, and I promise I won't bother you anymore. I'll let you go back to sleep. I know you need your rest. And when you get up, um, I'll have breakfast ready for you.

Jack: You -- you don't have to do that.

Abby: No, it's no trouble. I want to. Unless you're not hungry.

Jack: No, no, no, no. I'll -- I'll eat anything you put in front of me, especially if you made it.

Abby: That's true love, daddy. I just hope it doesn't make you sicker.


Jennifer: Hey, come on. You know what your Gram says.

Abby: If it's made with love, it'll taste great.

Jack: Right.

Abby: Or at least edible. I'm gonna go get Jack Jr., and I'll meet you guys downstairs.

Jack: All right.

[Door closes]



Jack: She came in four times, huh?


Jennifer: You were awake.

Jack: Yes, I was.

Jennifer: You heard everything that she said.

Jack: Yeah, I did.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. That must have been so hard, Jack.

Jack: It was, uh -- it proved something to me that I've known all along. It's those Horton women -- the strongest...most caring, wonderful, loving, beautiful mother and daughter any man could ever ask for.

Jennifer: Well, right back at you.

Jack: Beautiful or...?

Jennifer: All of them.

Jack: Oh, thank you.

Jennifer: What are we gonna do without you, Jack?

Jack: I've got it all worked out.

Jennifer: What? What are you planning, Jack?


Hope: I'm so grateful we have our health.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: And we have each other.

Bo: Thinking about Jack and Jennifer, that really puts things into perspective.

Hope: I want to do something for Jennifer to lift her spirits.

Bo: Think that's possible?

Hope: I don't know. But I certainly want to try. I want to do something special for Jennifer.

Bo: Good for you.

Hope: Which means stretching the budget a little.

Bo: Hey, it's only money.

Hope: Exactly. It's just money. We can make more. I know exactly what we're gonna do.


Patrick: I think you two need some privacy here, so, uh, I'm gonna find something to do.

Billie: Chelsea, I would never deliberately do anything to make your life miserable. Your father and I just want what's best for you. And someday hopefully when you grow up, you can look back on this and realize that.

Chelsea: I do know what I want, Billie. And I am grown up. But every time I turn around to try to get what I want, you're standing in my way, making sure I don’t.


[Telephone rings]

Kate: Hello?

Chelsea: Hi, Kate.

Kate: Is this my granddaughter?

Chelsea: Yeah. Um, hi, grandma. God, I feel so silly calling you that... mainly because you just seem like too young and too beautiful to be a grandmother.

Kate: [Chuckles] Well, honey, flattery will get you everywhere.

Chelsea: Good, um, 'cause I really need you right now.

Kate: Okay. Well, I'll be right over, then. Are you at home?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Kate: Okay. I'll be there in a few minutes.

Chelsea: Okay, thanks.

Kate: You're welcome, sweetie. Bye-bye.


Billie: Hey. Who were you talking to?

Chelsea: See, Billie? That's what I mean. It's none of your business. Can't I just have my privacy?

Billie: Whoa, wait. No, no, no. It's not like that. I-I wasn't demanding an explanation. I was just being curious.

Chelsea: Curious. Is that the same thing as nosy?

Billie: Okay. Whatever.

Chelsea: Okay, fine. I'm going to work at Basic Black with grandma Kate. She's on her way over.

Billie: Gee, I guess I wouldn't dare to ask why.

Chelsea: I need to ask my new boss for an advance on my salary. I need a new wardrobe for work.

Billie: What? What about all the new clothes my mother just bought you?

Chelsea: Those are mainly dresses. I mean, they're for going out. They're too formal. I need work clothes, like 2-piece outfits, pantsuits, stuff for fall and winter.

Billie: Well, Chelsea, I mean, why -- why did you not come to me about this?

Chelsea: Because you would expect me to make it up to you forever. And I don't want to have to owe you another damn thing.


Lucas: Hey, Sophie, you want some coffee?

Sophie: Uh, sure.

Lucas: Coming up.

Sophie: Have you seen my purse? I need my makeup.

Lucas: Uh, no, no, I haven't seen it.

Sophie: Oh. Ah. Here it is. Thanks again for the sleep over. I owe you big-time.

Lucas: No, it's -- it's fine. My pleasure, really. Thank God Will was at a friend's house and I had the extra room available.

Sophie: Thanks.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sophie: Lucas, can I ask you a question?

Lucas: Sure.

Sophie: Last night I got up to get a drink of water, and I heard you talking in your sleep.

Lucas: What was I talking about?

Sophie: Your ex-fiancé, Sami.

The moon is gone...


Sami: Austin, um, what did you mean when you said your future is here in Salem?

Austin: I'm gonna start my own company. I don't need to live in New York anymore.

Sami: You don't?

Austin: No. I could be based out of Salem, live here, be my own boss.

Sami: Wow. Austin, I think that's great.

Austin: Yeah. I decided it's time for me to make my move in business. Coming back home for the wedding got me thinking. Life is way too short to not go for what you want.

Sami: Yeah, I agree.

Austin: I'm sorry. Uh, it was dumb. I shouldn't have brought up your wedding. I'm sorry.

Sami: It's all right. I think about it all the time, anyway. I think it's time for me to move on with my life.

[Clears throat]

Austin: I'm glad to hear you say that. Anything I can do to help...

Sami: Thanks.

Austin: Well, I'm glad to be back here in Salem. My family and all the people that I care about are here.

Sami: Um, I think it's really cool that you're starting your own company.. You know, I've had some trouble finding a job, but maybe this is perfect. Austin, I could work for you.


Jack: I'm not planning anything.

Jennifer: Jack.

Jack: I'm not.

Jennifer: I said, "what are we gonna do without you?" You said you had it worked out. What did you mean by that?

Jack: I just meant that I'm gonna be watching out over you and Abigail and Jack Jr. forever and ever, amen. Don't ever forget that, all right? Mm.


Jennifer: We gotta make the most of the time we have left, Jack. We have to make it last as long as we can. Do you understand me?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: I'm gonna go downstairs. I'm gonna help Abby with breakfast.

Jack: All right. I'll be right down. I'm sorry, Jennifer. I'm afraid I'm gonna be leaving you a little sooner than you think.


Jennifer: Hey, there. Need any help?

Abby: No, I think I got it.

Jennifer: Oh, blueberry pancakes? Your dad's favorite.

Abby: That's why I'm making them.

Jennifer: Oh, remember, sweetie, how you fold the blueberries in.

Abby: Oh, right. Or else they will break.

Jennifer: Just right. There you go. Very good.

Jack: Homemade pancakes... made by my beautiful daughter and with the careful guidance of my wonderful wife. Can't get much better than that, huh? Tell you what. I'm gonna go back and check to make sure that Jack Jr.'s okay. We'll go play with the trains until everything's ready. Okay?

Abby: Mom, isn't there anything we can do to help dad get better?


Billie: Mmm. Oh! See? Now, that is lovely. And it's not too dressy for work. Looks like you've got something new to wear for the next two weeks.

Chelsea: Yeah, but everybody's already seen me in the clothes that grandma Kate gave me.

Billie: How many of those people are gonna be walking into Basic Black, hmm? You know? Really. And, I mean, all those dresses that you have in your closet -- those are brand-new. Look at me. I've worn this at least a dozen times, and people have seen me in it, but who cares?

Chelsea: Yeah, you've worn it 50 times. It's starting to get old. I mean, I don't want to dress like you. I don't want to look like my mother. Look, I didn't mean that as an insult. It's just -- I need to start looking more fashion-conscious. I mean, after all, I'm going to be working at Basic Black.

Billie: Well, at least you called me your mother.

Chelsea: Yeah, but we're about as different as mother and daughter can be. I mean, you wanted to be a cop, an I.S.A. agent. I wouldn't want that kind of lifestyle, dressing up like a detective on a stakeout. I'd rather make a fashion statement, go to clubs, parties, discos..

Billie: Okay, and you don't think I wanted that when I was your age? I did. I really did. And trust me -- it'll get you into a lot of trouble.

Chelsea: Well, since everyone in this family is either an addict or a prostitute or both, considering my genes, I don't think it really matters what I wear, does it?

Billie: I resent that, Chelsea. When I shared that information with you, I never thought you would ever throw it back in my face.


[Doorbell rings]

Chelsea: I'm gonna go get that. It's grandma Kate. Hi, Kate. Come on in.

Kate: Thanks. So, what's up? What can I do for you?

Billie: Hey, mom. Can I just talk to you for a second first, alone?

Kate: Sure. Why don't you give us a few minutes, Chelsea, okay?

Chelsea: Sure.

Kate: Thanks.

Billie: Okay, I know I've said this to you before, but I feel the need to say it again. I don't want you spoiling Chelsea anymore. No more cash or gifts.


Hope: Yeah, that's great. Oh, perfect! Block four hours. All right, we'll see you soon. Thank you so much.

Bo: Got Zach to the bus stop in time so I didn't have to drive him.

Hope: Great. And I am good to go with Jennifer's surprise.

Bo: Oh, I'm sure she's gonna appreciate that. When do you have to take off?

Hope: I don't know. In a while.

Bo: Oh, good, 'cause I got something for you.

Hope: When did you have time to buy me something?

Bo: I didn't buy it. I made it.

Hope: You made it?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: [Humming]

Hope: Bo, oh, my Go-- look at this model. It's beautiful. When did you have time to do this?

Bo: Late at night, while you were sleeping. It's to remind you of the voyage that we're on together for the rest of our lives. Excuse me.

Hope: Yes.

Bo: Tell me something. How much time do we have till you leave?

Hope: Well, I'm not leaving yet. And Zach's at school. And I think we're alone.



Sami: So, what do you say, Austin? You're gonna hire me, right, when you get organized?

Austin: Sami, I just don't think it would work.

Sami: Oh. Oh! Let me do that for you. Come on, it would work great. I'm really good with filing papers and taking messages and running errands. Come on. I-I could even finish your sentences for you, I know you so well.

Austin: Is that a plus?

Sami: Austin...

Austin: I'm not saying that you're wrong. I just don't think it's a good idea. We do have a history.

Sami: Yeah, but no one else will give me a job. It's just like Lucas. He couldn't find work until Victor made that offer. And it's worse for me. Everybody knows that I was Stan.

Austin: You were cleared.

Sami: Yeah, well, thanks to you. And I'm not in jail, but everyone still thinks the worst of me. My reputation is totally ruined in this town. The only way that I'll find work is if someone who actually cares about me and knows me will give me a chance.

Austin: I don't know, Sami. If your reputation is that bad, I mean, it could really mess with my credibility, my business.

Sami: Oh. You're right. I didn't think of that.

Austin: I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

Sami: You're kidding? You don't care about your credibility?

Austin: No, I mean, yes. Look, I just don't think it's a good idea.

Sami: Aside from the credibility issue, I think it's a great idea. I think we would make a great team. But don't answer me yet. Have you thought about office space? Rents have gone through the roof since you left Salem.

Austin: Start-up costs can be steep, yeah. But actually I was thinking about starting the business out of my home.

Sami: Well, see? See how perfect this would be? Think how much money you could save if you lived and worked out of this apartment.

Austin: Okay, I will admit that it sounds tempting. But have you thought this through?

Sami: What is there to think about?

Austin: Lucas. What he might think. What he might say.

I think I've crossed...


Lucas: What was I saying about Sami in my sleep?

Sophie: I was trying not to listen, but, um, it sounded kind of romantic..

Streets of love

Lucas: Romantic? D-don't tell me that I was...

Sophie: Oh, it's nothing embarrassing. I mean, I didn't hear you groaning or anything, but, um... maybe you're not as over Sami as you think.


Billie: Mom, I mean it. I just took a look at her wardrobe. I can't believe you bought her all those new dresses.

Kate: Billie, I've never had a granddaughter before. I missed your entire childhood. Come on! I just got a teenager. Let me spoil her just a little.

Billie: Mom. Mom, you gave her a job. That's terrific. She's got a roof over her head. I think she's doing just fine, okay? So more cash or clothes until further notice. Okay?


Jennifer: Sweetie, listen, we are doing everything that we can to keep your dad alive, and I am gonna work closely with the Horton Foundation to make sure that nothing has been overlooked. We are not giving up.

Abby: I'm really glad to hear that, mom. But -- I-I know Lexie's our friend and all, but she's not a specialist in this rare disease, right? What does she really know about this?

Jennifer: Honey, you know what? She got dozens of second opinions and consultations. It's just that the news is not good.

Abby: We just need to keep him alive until they find a cure.

Jennifer: You're right. We do. We need to keep your dad alive, because miracles can happen. And we cannot stop praying for a miracle. Do you understand me?

Abby: I know. Thanks, mom.

Jack: Yeah. Thanks, mom. Just don't -- just don't get your hopes up too high, Abigail. Despite what your mother's saying, I really don't think we can find a cure in time.


Hope: We're so lucky. We have everything to look forward to, Bo. Zach growing up, Shawn finally getting his life back on track and going back to school. Hmm? Hey, and who knows? Maybe, um, maybe you and I will get the chance to sail around the world again one day.

Bo: Mmm. That would be nice.

Hope: Yeah. Not that the future is anything we should ever take for granted, though. Jack and Jennifer have so little time.

Bo: Yeah. That's why we gotta spend as much time as we can with the people we love. You think about it, we... really don't have a heck of a lot of time. The older we get, the faster it seems to go by. [Sighs] And I've lost 18 years with Chelsea. How can I make up for not being there during her childhood?

Hope: You can't change the past. But you can change her entire future...just by being there, just by loving her, Bo.

Bo: That I can do.


Patrick: Whoa, whoa. Where you going? What's wrong?

Chelsea: I've had it with Billie.

Patrick: Oh, of course. Why didn't I know that? What happened this time?

Chelsea: She told grandma Kate to stop giving me money and buying me clothes.

Patrick: [Sarcastically] Oh, that's a real bummer. Hard times ahead, huh?

Chelsea: I don't need that.

Patrick: Well, maybe you should stop acting like a spoiled little brat. Your mom only wants what's best for you.

Chelsea: No, she doesn’t. And I'm not gonna let Billie Reed stand in my way. I'm gonna get exactly what I want, and nobody's gonna get in my way. Mother or not, she's gonna learn a lesson that she'll never forget.

[Gate closes]

Patrick: Whew.


Kate: I can't help worrying about my kids, okay?

Billie: Coffee.

Kate: Austin is living with Sami. I mean, give me a break. I got Sami away from Lucas. And believe me -- I'm going to do the same thing with Austin.

Billie: Mom, come on. Your kids are all adults, right? We've asked you a million times not to interfere in our lives. I appreciate you giving Chelsea a job. But please let me raise her.


Lucas: Well, to be honest with you, uh, Sophie, it's -- it's probably gonna be a long time before I can get over my feelings for Sami.

Just one more chance

Lucas: But I'll tell you this -- Sami and I will never have a future together.


Sami: I am not worried about what Lucas thinks or says because he has made himself perfectly clear. He doesn't want to have a future with me, which means that I have to make my own future. And the best way for me to start my new life would be working for you. Just think how great it would be. You would have your own assistant available to you 24/7.

Austin: [Sighs] That's another problem. That's a lot of time for us to spend together without a break from each other.

Sami: Mmm. You're right. Well, we could agree on one day a week that we don't see each other at all, like Sunday.

Austin: [Chuckling] Ohhh.

Sami: Austin, starting a new business is gonna be really challenging. So -- just think -- you can save money on apartment rent and office space, and once your company is hugely successful and doing really well, you can afford a -- oh -- you can afford a great office space in one of those really cool corporate towers downtown. And think how much money you'll have for a really nice place of your own at that point.

Austin: Okay. Okay. I'll move in. And you're hired.

Sami: Austin! Thank you.


Abby: Daddy, please don't say that. Even if it's true, we don't want you to take our hopes away.

Jack: I'm sorry, Abigail. I just don't want you to have any false hopes. I mean, it's a fact. And the truth is, I'm not gonna be here for a lot more... a lot more breakfasts. I'm just not. I'm not. You can make -- I'm not -- baby, I'm sorry. I'm just not.


Chelsea: Do you mind if we keep this our little secret? I don't want Billie to know.

Billie: What's this little secret you don't want Billie to know about?


Sophie: You have my number. You can call me.


Hope: Why do you think there's something else that Jack's not telling you?

Jennifer: He will try to find some way to soften the blow for us.


Nicole: Wow. You're the -- you're the Donald.

Donald: Yes.

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