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Patrick: Careful. You'll wear a path in the carpet.

Billie: Have you seen Chelsea?

Patrick: No, not for a couple hours. Why? Is something wrong?

Billie: No. No, I don't know. I -- I-I have this feeling.

Patrick: Call her cellphone.

Billie: I did...six times. I stopped leaving a message after the fourth.

Patrick: [Chuckles]

Billie: It's not funny, Patrick.

Patrick: I know. I'm sorry. I just -- I suddenly had this flashback of when I was a teenager. I'd come home. I'd find my grandmother pacing, thinking I'd been in some kind of horrible trouble, of course, which I wasnít. Well, not much, anyway.

Billie: Oh, great. Thanks a lot.

Patrick: Look, worrying about it is not gonna do anything.

Billie: Well, then, where is she, huh? Where is she, why isn't she answering her phone, and why isn't she calling me back?

Patrick: 'Cause she's a teenager. It's part of the job description -- worry your parents. Just relax. I'm sure she's with Abby.


Abby: Daddy can't be dying. I can't lose him. Not again, not for real.

Chelsea: Josh made this especially for you.

Abby: This can't be happening, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I know. But it is, Abby. I remember when they told me that my parents died in that car accident. You know, compared to what I went through, you should consider yourself lucky.

Abby: Lucky? Are you out of your mind?


Jennifer: Oh, thank God you're here.

Hope: Sweetie, I'm sorry we didn't get your message sooner. What's wrong?

Jennifer: It's Abby. Listen, she ran off. She was really upset. We can't find her anywhere.

Bo: Doesn't sound like Abby.

Hope: Why was she so upset?

Jack: Something I said.

Bo: Oh, hey, Jack. What'd you say?

Jack: That I was dying.


Alex: It's time to permanently erase...any thoughts of John that may still be lingering in your mind, no matter how subtle, no matter how hidden.

[Music box plays]

Alex: They're playing our song, Marlena. Here you go.

Marlena: Thank you.

Alex: You're welcome. And after far as you're concerned, it'll be as if John Black never existed. The only man in your life, the only man you will remember ever having loved...will be me. To your complete recovery.

Marlena: To my recovery.


John: So, now he's got her drinking brandy like everything is perfectly normal.

Kate: What happened after I left the penthouse?

John: Pulled out all the stops, reminded her of all the special times we shared together. And she started to remember. She even said so, and I could see it in her eyes.

Kate: So you made progress. That's great.

John: [Sighs] And then out of nowhere, she just asked me to leave. So, what do you think? So close to a breakthrough, but when I press her for time to spend alone with me, she becomes adamant that I just leave.

Kate: Maybe she was tired.

John: No. That's not it. I can't prove it, but North is controlling her mind somehow. That's why I've got to get her away from him. Every time she gets close to remembering, it's like he throws some kind of a switch, and she just turns back into a zombie.

Kate: Well, you can't prove anything, and she doesn't want to leave him, so that doesn't leave you very many options, now, does it?

John: Well, it leaves me one. I could kidnap her.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.



Kate: You're going to kidnap Marlena.

John: I don't have any choice, do I? North's gonna file a restraining order that'll keep me away from him. Seeing as how he hangs out with Marlena 24/7, that'll keep me away from her, and that's obviously part of his plan.

Kate: John, you could be arrested. They could press charges against you.

John: [Sighs] I've got to undo the damage that North has done before he has a chance to do any more. Now, I know I can get her memory back. I just don't have any time.

Kate: I don't think you should do it. If you do, you might end up losing her forever.


[Music box plays]

Alex: Listen to the music, Marlena. It's very relaxing, isn't it?

Marlena: Yes, it is.

Alex: Let it fill your head and take you to a quiet, tranquil place... a place where the only sounds you hear are the music and my voice... a place where you have no worries, no thoughts, other than the ones I give you. Can you do that?

Marlena: Yes, I can do that.

Alex: Good. Are you there?

Marlena: Yes. It's's so peaceful.

Alex: Your entire life can be that peaceful from now on. No stress, no conflict. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Marlena: I would like that so much.

Alex: Good. Now I'm going to count to 10. And when I will no longer have any memories whatsoever of John Black. Do you understand?

Marlena: Yes. I understand completely.


Billie: You think I'm being an overprotective, neurotic mother, don't you?

Patrick: I think you're new at this. And I think it's hard enough with a newborn. But to hit the ground running with a teenager, I'd say you're allowed to be a little neurotic.

Billie: Well, I'm sorry.

Patrick: Look, I'm sure Chelsea's fine, and she'll be home soon.

Billie: I just can't help but think about all the trouble that I got into when I was her age, Patrick.

Patrick: But she's not you. Besides, any trouble you got into you managed to get out of.

Billie: Eventually, yeah, but... I just wish she would let me know where she is.

Patrick: Look, listen. It's all part of becoming independent.

Billie: Ugh, I guess.

Patrick: Look, while we wait, you put on some music, and I will make some more coffee.

Billie: All right, but make mine decaf, please. I'm wired enough as it is.

Patrick: You got it.

Billie: [Laughs] Oh, my God. You have actual albums.

Patrick: Yeah. Some are my mom's.

Billie: Oh. Oh, I haven't listened to this in ages.

[Al green's "simply beautiful plays]

If I gave you my love


Abby: You think I'm lucky that my father is dying? Why, so I can run around and be wild like you? Would I be even luckier if my mom was dying, too, and Jack Jr?

Chelsea: That's not what I'm saying, Abby. It just came out wrong.

Abby: Yeah, I'll say it did.

Chelsea: Look, all I'm saying is that at least you're gonna have the chance to spend some special time with your dad before he goes. To do fun things together that you'll always be able to remember, to say goodbye, to tell him you love him -- things I never got to do with my parents.

Abby: How am I supposed to do fun things with my dad when every time I look at him, all I can see is he's dying?

Chelsea: We're all dying, Abby. From the moment that we're born. You just never know when it's gonna be your time. Look, I know better than anybody how hard this can be. But trust me -- as hard as it would be, I'd give anything to have had more time with my parents. If I had known that I was gonna lose them, I would have made the most of every single second we had left together.

Abby: [Sniffles]


Bo: Jack, what the -- you're dying?

Hope: Is it the Hodgkin's disease? Is it out of remission?

Jack: No, no, no. I've been diagnosed with this very rare disorder that strikes one in 10 million people. It's strange. Wish I had this kind of luck with the lottery, but, uh... I know I'm one in a million, but one in 10 million? [Sighs] Anyway, um, the thing about this disorder is it is indeed terminal. And I'm not talking about having years here. I'm not even talking about months. This could be -- it could be very soon, so... I mean... that's all there is. There's really nothing more to tell.

Hope: Oh, Jen. Oh, sweetie. Come here. Come here, honey.

Bo: How are you doing?

Jack: Uh, you mean, am I scared?

Bo: Yeah.

Jack: I'm a little scared, yes, but for my family, I'm really scared.

Bo: Hey, listen. We'll be here for you and for them.

Jack: I know. I know you will, Bo. I know you will.

Bo: How long have you known?

Jack: It's been a while.

Bo: Well, if there's anything I can do...

Jack: Actually, yes, there is.


John: Come on, Kate. You tell me. If I don't do this, what other choice do I have?

Kate: I don't know. But if you kidnap her, they're going to arrest you.

John: Oh, come on. It's never gonna happen. There's not a judge in the country that's gonna lock me up for trying to protect my wife from that lousy bastard.

Kate: Maybe you're right.

John: There's no "maybe" about it. If I don't do this, then you will be right. I will lose her forever.


Alex: When I reach 10, every memory you have of John Black will be permanently deleted, never to be retrieved. Do you understand?

Marlena: Permanently deleted.

Alex: Good. Then, let's get started. 1...

[Clock chiming] 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9...

Marlena: Oh, my.


John: Now, this was handmade by a master Swiss clockmaker. 1853.

Marlena: [Chuckles] Oh, it's so beautiful.

John: Now, each time it chimes, you remember my love for you.

Marlena: Like I could ever need a clock for that.

Alex: 10. Marlena?

Marlena: Yes?

Alex: Here we go. To a very positive and extremely productive session. Aren't you going to toast?

Marlena: Yes. A very productive session.


I expect a whole lot of love out of you

you got to be good to me

Billie: [Chuckles]

Patrick: May I?

Billie: Of course.

I'm gonna be good to you

there's a whole lot of things you and I could do

Billie: Mmm. I used to love this song.

Patrick: I still do. My dad gave me this album. He was totally into soul.... which didn't really mesh with my mom's country-western obsession.

Billie: [Laughs] What about you? What do you like?

Patrick: [Chuckles] Well, I like both. I think soul is where it's at. I mean, listen to that. You know? It's honest. It's real.

And the way you squeeze me, yeah

hey, simply beautiful


Billie: Ohhh. You were so right, Patrick. I really needed to relax. Thank you so much.

Patrick: Thank you. You picked the record.

Billie: This motherhood thing -- it isn't easy, and it's not like I had a role model. I mean, I was brought up by my... jerk of a father.

Patrick: Well, look, that's ancient history. You know? It's time to move on. Let go of the past.

Billie: Yeah. I agree. I mean, I try to.

Patrick: I think that's one of the things I like about you, why I like being with you, spending time with you -- that and the fact that you are smart...

Billie: [Chuckles]

Patrick: Funny...

Billie: [Laughs]

Patrick: Beautiful... and extremely sexy.

Billie: Right back atcha. You know what else I like about you?

Patrick: Hmm?

Billie: You're always there for me when I need somebody to listen to.

Patrick: You got it. Anytime, anyplace.

Sometimes when you're feeling low

all you got to do is call me


Abby: Maybe you're right. Maybe I should spend as much time with my dad as I can before he... before... I can't say it, Chelsea. I hate this.

Chelsea: I know. When I found out my parents died, I remember lying in that hospital bed just trying so hard to remember the last real conversation I had with my dad. Not the silly things we talked about in the car that night, but the last really important conversation, you know? And I couldn't remember it. I still canít. I can't even remember the last time I told him or my mom that I loved them. [Sniffles] Or the last time that they told me that they loved me. But I know they did. And I know that I did. But still, it would be so different if I had just had that moment, if I could just close my eyes and see it [Sniffles] And just hold on to it for the rest of my life and use it whenever I needed to. That's why you have to do this, Abby.

Abby: But for me, every time I say "I love you" to my dad or have a conversation with him, I'm gonna walk away wondering if -- if it was the last. And how am I supposed to live like that?

Chelsea: It won't be easy, Abby. But you'll have me through it all the way -- I promise. Just promise you'll be there for him and for yourself, okay?


Jennifer: I guess, uh... Jack has known for months, but he didn't want to worry me. I mean, that's just like him, isn't it? He's dying, and he doesn't want me to be upset.

Hope: Yeah. That's Jack, all right.

Jennifer: I just don't know if this is gonna be too much for Abby to take, Hope.

Hope: She's gonna be okay.

Jennifer: I don't even know where she is. She won't answer her cellphone.. I mean, what if she's doing something stupid?

Hope: No, that is not Abby. That's not Abby.

Jennifer: It wasn't Shawn when he rode a motorcycle through a window at St. Luke's, and he did it. Gosh, we have to find her.


Bo: You name it, man, whatever it is. I'm here for you.

Jack: Look, once -- once I'm gone, it's gonna be very hard for Jennifer. I was just hoping that you... you, in particular, were looking out for her.

Bo: Yeah, sure. If she needs anything done around the house, the car, whatever.

Jack: No, no, that's not what I'm talking about. When I'm out of the picture, someone may try to take advantage of her.

Bo: Talking about Lockhart?

Jack: Yes. I've spoken to Frankie about it, but I'd feel a lot better if I knew you were looking out for her, too.


Hope: Bo, I told Jennifer you'd go and see if you can find Abby.

Bo: Yeah, sure.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Bo: Not a problem. Listen, I'm sure she's fine. She probably just needed some time alone.

Jennifer: I hope you're right.

Bo: I'll give you guys a call when I find her, okay?

Jack: I'm going, too.

Jennifer: What? You're not going. You canít.

Jack: I'm responsible for all this. She's upset because of me. While I'm still breathing, I am responsible for her.

Jennifer: Please, you cannot. You --

Jack: I'm not dead yet. We can go out there, Bo and I can go in two different directions, and we'll -- we'll find her twice as fast. I promise you. It would kill me even faster if I didn't go out there now.

Jennifer: All right. Well, then Hope and I are gonna go with you.

Jack: No, you -- someone's got to stay here. Someone's got to be here in case she calls, in case she shows up on her own.

Jennifer: Jack, you are not up to this. You can't do this.

Jack: Jennifer, I'm up for it. Look, I'm dying already. What's the worst thing that could happen? I can do this. Please. Please. I love you.

Jennifer: I love you, too.

Jack: I'll be back soon. Okay. Okay, Bo, let's go.

Hope: It's okay.


[Music box plays]

Alex: Something the matter, Marlena?

Marlena: What?

Alex: I said, "is something the matter?"

Marlena: No. No. I'm just tired.

Alex: I can imagine. You've had quite a day.

Marlena: I think I'll go to bed.

Alex: Why don't I walk you upstairs?

Marlena: No, no. That's all right. Thanks anyway. Good night.

Alex: Good night.

[Music stops] There's nothing to worry about anymore. It all went like clockwork. This was undoubtedly the most successful session of all.


John: Oh, that son of a bitch. He's just hanging out on the terrace taunting me.

Kate: Is she out there with him?

John: No. In fact, I don't see her anywhere.

Kate: Well, maybe she went to bed, hmm?

John: I'll look in the bed. There's no light on in the bedroom.

Kate: So maybe she's already asleep.

John: Yeah, maybe. You know, if he's out on the terrace and she's up in the bedroom, this is a perfect opportunity for me to slide in there and grab her. If I can get her into protective custody, I know that I can break whatever hold he's got on her.

Kate: Would you wait? Wait. What if it doesn't work? And what if she presses charges? Then not only do you lose her, but you lose your freedom.

John: Looks like that's a chance I gotta take.

Kate: John --

John: No. What other options do I have? If I'm gonna try to rescue Marlena away from Dr. North, this is what I gotta do.


John: Each time it chimes, you remember my love for you.

Marlena: Like I could ever need a clock for that.

John: Before you go to bed tonight, lock your bedroom door.

Alex: Marlena, are you dressed? Marlena? Everything all right? Marlena, please unlock the door. Can you hear me? Oh, you had me worried. Is something wrong?

Marlena: No.

Alex: Well, then why did you lock the door?

Marlena: Well, it was, uh, just reflex, I guess. I'm getting ready to go to bed.

Alex: Well, I know that you're tired, but before you go to sleep, I have some photos I'd like you to look at.

Marlena: Photos?

[Music box plays] What kind of photos?

Alex: Of the two of us. They were taken a long time ago, when we were lovers.

Marlena: We -- we were lovers?

Alex: Yes. See for yourself.

Marlena: I thought I -- I thought I knew you, but --

Alex: Not only were we lovers, but you swore I was the only man you would ever love.


So many good things I could say about you, girl

I could say that I...

[Telephone rings]

Billie: Mm. That could be Chelsea. Hello.

Jennifer: Billie, hey, it's Jennifer. By any chance, is Abby there with Chelsea?

Billie: No, no, I haven't seen either one of them. I was actually hoping that Chelsea was with Abby. Is something wrong?

Jennifer: Uh, no, I was just looking for her. That's all. If she stops by there, will you tell her to call me? Or better yet, will you just let me know, please?

Billie: Yeah, absolutely. And in the meantime, I'll see what I can do about finding both of them.

Jennifer: Okay, thanks, Billie.

[Telephone beeps]


Billie: Abby's missing, too.

Patrick: Look, they're not missing. They're just out somewhere.

Billie: No. Something is wrong. I could hear it in her voice. I've got to go find them.

Patrick: No, whoa, whoa, no. I'll go. I'll go.

Billie: No, this is my resp-- are you sure?

Patrick: Yeah, look, if Chelsea shows up or if Jennifer calls you, just call me on my cellphone.

Billie: Okay. Ugh. Lucky number 7.

Chelsea: This is Chelsea's cellphone. You know what to do.


Billie: Chelsea, it's your moth-- Chelsea, it's Billie. Please call me back as soon as you get this message. It's important. Thank you.


Bo: Billie! You home?

Billie: Yeah! Hey.

Bo: Hey, is Abby here?

Billie: No. She's not. In fact, Jennifer just called here looking for her, also. Is something wrong?

Bo: There's no easy way to say this. I know you and Jack are friends.

Billie: What is it?

Bo: Well, he's dying. He's got some kind of incurable disease. And when he told Abby about it, she freaked, and she took off.

Billie: Well, Chelsea's missing, too. Patrick thinks that they might be together, so he went to go find them.

Bo: Lock-- oh, man.

Billie: No.

Bo: Billie, how many times...

Billie: Bo!


Abby: I better go home. I mean, my parents are probably freaking that I ran off like that.

Chelsea: I know. It's so not "perfect little Abigail." Abby, you're gonna get through this. I promise. 'Cause I'm gonna be there for you the same way you were there for me when my parents... after the accident.

Abby: Thank you.

Chelsea: [Sniffles] Do you want me to take you home?

Abby: No. Um, I'd rather be alone for a little while.

Chelsea: Are you sure?

Abby: Yeah.

Patrick: Chelsea. What are you doing out here? What's wrong?

Chelsea: Oh, Patrick, I just found out the most horrible news.

Jack: Abigail. Abigail, how could you...

Abby: Daddy.

Chelsea: Abby's dad is dying. He has an incurable disease, and there's nothing that anyone can do.

Patrick: Are you sure?

Chelsea: It's not fair, Patrick. First I lose my parents, and now Abby's losing her dad again, only this time it's for real.


Patrick: I know. She and Jennifer must be so upset.

Chelsea: I tried to talk to her to help her. I told her she should make the most of the time she has left with her dad. And I told her at least she's gonna have the chance to say goodbye, something I never got to do. [Crying] Why did they have to die like that? They're supposed to be here. They were my parents. I don't care what Bo or Billie or their DNA test says. They raised me, and they loved me, and they took care of me. I don't want them to be dead.

Patrick: It's okay.

Chelsea: No, it's not okay!

Patrick: Let it out. I know.

Bo: Lockhart, get your hands off my daughter.


Jennifer: I don't know, Hope. I mean, I feel like -- I feel like I'm a good person. I go to church. I don't sit back and say, "oh, I got mine and to heck with the rest of the world." I feel like I help people.

Hope: You do. You always have.

Jennifer: Then why is God punishing my family like this?

Hope: God doesn't work that way, honey.

Jennifer: Really? Then why? Why is this happening?

Hope: I wish I could answer that.

Jennifer: God, there's so much suffering in the world. Why?

Hope: I can't answer that question. But I can tell you this -- you're gonna get through this. And I'm going to be right there beside you, with whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Jennifer: Abby was so devastated, Hope.

Hope: Of course she was.

Jennifer: [Exhales] You should have seen her face when we told her. It's like she wasn't even my little girl. She was -- she was someone I didn't even recognize. She was so angry and hard and tormented.

Hope: She's in shock. Jen, she's in shock. She's gonna get through this. And so will you. You both will.

Jennifer: I just want Jack to find her. I want him to talk to her and make her understand, before she does something crazy.


Abby: How long have you known that -- that you were sick?

Jack: Abigail, I knew for a couple of months.

Abby: A few months? Why didn't you tell us sooner? Why didn't you tell me?

Jack: I didn't want to upset you. I wanted -- I wanted... our family to be able to create some happy, normal memories in the time that I had left instead of -- instead of this.

Abby: That doesn't make any sense. I mean, maybe if it was something that you were going to get over, something that I didn't even need to know about. You always say that I can come to you about anything, no matter how awful or scary it is.

Jack: That's true. It's true, you can.

Abby: Then why didn't you tell me, dad? You should have told me right away. I'm not a baby.

Jack: No, you're not a baby.

Abby: Then why are you treating me like one?

Jack: Well, now you know. Now you know. I just -- please, I'm just asking you. Let's not -- let's not spend the time that I have left fighting. Please.

Abby: Chelsea was wrong. I can't deal with this.

Jack: Abig-- Abi--


John: The bedroom light is on. But I can't see what's going on in there.

Kate: She's probably just getting ready for bed.

John: Yeah, I wish I was as sure as you.

Kate: You're thinking that Dr. North is in there with her.

John: Well, if he is... I'll kill him.



Alex: See how happy we both were, how much in love? Look at this one.

Marlena: Well, I'm certainly smiling.

Alex: Yes. You're smiling from your heart. At one time, we were very special to each other.

Marlena: We were very special to each other.

Alex: Yes, exactly.

Marlena: Where were these taken? When was it? How did we meet? Tell me --

Alex: Not so fast. That's enough for one night.

Marlena: I really want to hear more about us.

Alex: I know you do. But you're tired. It's been a long day.

Marlena: But I'm not tired.

Alex: Ah-ah-ah. We can reminisce more tomorrow.

Marlena: I wish I remembered something about our life together.

Alex: Oh, you will, because now we'll have a lot of uninterrupted time together to help you get those memories back. And when you do, it will be perfectly clear to you which man you want to spend the rest of your life with.


Jennifer: What are you planning, Jack?


Sophie: I heard you talking in your sleep.

Lucas: What was I talking about?

Sophie: Sami.


Sami: Austin, I could work for you.


Bo: How can I make up for not being there during her childhood?

Hope: You can change her entire future, just by being there, just by loving her, Bo.

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