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Philip: I hope so.

Lexie: Okay. There's absolutely nothing physically wrong with you.

Belle: I'm so tired.

Lexie: Well, having a baby's exhausting -- physically and emotionally. But I don't have to tell you that, huh?

Lexie: You know, that's why they used to keep new mothers in the hospital for a week -- to give them a chance to rest and get their strength back. But nowadays it's -- Belle, why don't you take a nice, long nap, huh? It'll do you wonders.

Belle: Maybe.

Lexie: Yeah.

Belle: If I can sleep.

Lexie: Make it a part of your daily routine, okay? When you lie down, put the baby down, even if it's just for an hour. And call me if you don't feel any better or if you are not sure or if, you know, you just want a woman who's been through all this, okay? Belle? Sweetheart, did you hear what I said?


[Country music plays]

Kate: I have the perfect candidate for Brady's replacement at Titan.

Victor: Don't tell me you're looking to jump ship from Basic Black.

Kate: Hardly.

Victor: Well, then, who is he...or she?

Kate: He is an extremely dynamic, rising corporate superstar.

Victor: Then why don't you hire him?


Austin: This sure ain't Tuscany anymore. Wow. Yee-haw. Hey, what do you have on tap?

Lucas: I got two kinds.

Austin: Lucas? What the hell are you doing working here?

Lucas: I need a job, man. I got a kid to support, remember?

Austin: But behind a bar, with your history?

Lucas: Yeah, with my history. I'm a recovering alcoholic. I've managed to stay sober one day at a time for years now.

Austin: It won't be for long if you keep pouring drinks.

Lucas: You know what? I don't need to hear this from you. I've already heard it from Nicole and mom enough. I don't need to hear it from my big bro, too.

Austin: If you're tight for cash, I can help you out.

Lucas: You don't get it.

Austin: No, you don't get it. Look what happened between you and Sami. You -- you're in a really vulnerable place right now. I don't care how much recovery you've had -- placing yourself in the middle of all this temptation is stupid. It's unhealthy.

Lucas: What do you know about that, anyway, huh?

Austin: Because I'm not an alcoholic?

Lucas: You got it.

Austin: You're an alcoholic. My sister was an addict. My father. You think I don't know what I'm talking about? You're in denial, Lucas. I've watched you all go through hell, and I don't want to see you wind up in that place ever again.


John: Come on, Doc. I know it's not your fault, but North is playing you, and you got to realize that sooner or later before it's too late.

[Knock on door] Abraham. Thanks for coming.

Abe: Hey, thanks, Marc. I can manage. I can manage.

Marc: I'll go wait in the squad car, sir. Just call down when you're ready to leave.

Abe: All right.

John: Thanks.

Abe: Hey, I got Marc to drive me over the minute I got your message. Why aren't you at the penthouse? What are you doing here at Kate's?

John: Marlena kicked me out.

Abe: What?

John: She wants a divorce.

Abe: She still has amnesia, right?

John: Yeah, and that quack of a shrink of hers wants to keep it that way..

Abe: That doesn't make any sense.

John: He doesn't want her to remember anything about me or family or anything else. He's got an agenda. He's making a play for her. But if she remembers, none of it's gonna work, anyway.

Abe: Why, that son of a --

John: I've tried to get her to see that North's got control of her. That's why I need your help. We gotta figure out a way to get her the hell away from him.

Abe: Well, you got it.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


[Country music plays]

Kate: I would hire him in a minute if I could, but unfortunately we have a history.

Victor: Let me guess. We're talking about Lucas.

Kate: Victor, do you remember the "new faces" campaign that he spearheaded?

Victor: Don't get me wrong. I like Lucas. I always have. I think he's very bright, very intuitive.

Kate: But...

Victor: But I just don't think his head is in the right place right now to take on the responsibilities of vice-president of a multinational corporation.

Kate: Look, if you're talking about Sami, there is nothing to worry about because he is completely over her. He is. He's over her. He's looking forward to starting his life over, and he wants to kick-start his career.

Victor: Hence the bartending job, huh?

Kate: He's filling in, okay? A few shifts. He's doing it as a favor for Bonnie. Come on, Victor. You know what he's capable of. You were like a father to him when we were together. In fact, you're the closest thing to a father, I think, he's ever had. He idolized you. He studied you. He learned from you.

Victor: It's all very flattering.

Kate: I'm not asking you to give him a job. I'm just asking you to give him the interview, okay? I can't do anything for him. He won't take anything from me. Please. He really needs this. He needs this chance.

Victor: All right. I'll talk to him.

Kate: Thank you.

Victor: But no promises. I'm running a business, not a charity.


Lucas: You got a lot of nerve, strutting in here and lecturing me about my sobriety.

Austin: I'm just trying to help.

Lucas: But you're not helping, man. I've managed. I've managed my recovery without your help. So, yeah, maybe working at a bar is not ideal for me, but like I said, I need the money.

Austin: And like I said, I would be happy to help you out until you get back on your feet.

Lucas: You know what? I don't take charity.

Austin: It ain't charity.

Lucas: It is charity, Austin. I might not be Austin "super-successful New York businessman" reed, but I can take care of myself and my son, thank you.

Austin: I know you can. I know you can. I'm just worried about you.

Lucas: Ah, you're worried about me. Is that why you betrayed me, huh?

Austin: What are you talking about?

Lucas: What am I talking about? You went back to Sami.

Austin: I didn't go back to Sami.

Lucas: No? You just gave her your big, strong, successful shoulder to cry on, didn't you?


John: Marlena says the reason that she wants a divorce is because she doesn't love me anymore.

[Scoffs] It just shows you how much she doesn't remember. Some water for you.

Abe: Oh, thank you.

John: She thinks that I'm trying to pressure her too much. Well, you know what? I am. I'm trying to trigger some memories here. And then I'm trying to undermine her trust in her doctor. Well, yeah! I mean, the guy's not helping her.

Abe: Well, maybe so. It sounds like he has Marlena right where he wants her.

John: I'll be damned if I'll let that bastard manipulate the woman I love into throwing our life away. I got to get rid of Alex North, Abraham. [Sighs] The only question is... how do I do it?


[Siren wailing in distance]

Philip: Lexie... is she all right? What's wrong with her?

Lexie: I gave Belle as complete an exam as I could give her here.

Philip: And?

Lexie: And there doesn't appear to be anything physically wrong with her.. Although if she continues to feel this way, I'd like to run some blood work to rule out a thyroid problem, which is fairly common in new mothers and could cause similar symptoms.

Philip: But if it isn't a thyroid problem, what do you think it is?

Lexie: Belle's in a very precarious mental state. At the very least, she's suffering from exhaustion.

Philip: Then I'll get her more rest. I'll hire a full-time nurse. I'll pick up the slack.

Lexie: That's a good start, but, look, I'm afraid it's much more involved than that, Philip.

Philip: What does that mean?

Lexie: Here. Come sit down.

Philip: Okay.

Lexie: Okay. I'm not a psychiatrist, but this probably didn't start with the baby. Look at the year Belle's had. A rushed wedding, followed immediately by her new husband being shipped off to war and then taken prisoner. And when you did return... Philip, losing your leg didn't just happen to you. It happened to both of you. Belle's had to adjust almost as much as you have.

Philip: I know that. It's just that, Lexie, she has been so strong. I think I've just leaned on her too much.

Lexie: No, no. Look. This isn't your fault, Philip, okay? And this isn't Belle's fault.

Philip: [Sighs]

Lexie: Um... this was an unplanned pregnancy, which isn't to say that Belle didn't want to have the baby, okay? I am sure she loves your daughter with all her heart. But it makes it that much harder for her to adjust to all these changes in her life. And with it being a difficult labor, Belle knows very well that she or the baby or both of them might have died. It could be frightening to face your own mortality that way.

Philip: I know.

Lexie: And add to all of that, I mean, the fluctuating hormones, the sleep depravation. I mean, all the fears and anxieties that go along with being a new mother is too much. It's just too much for anybody to deal with.

Philip: [Exhales deeply] When you put it like that, no wonder she's a wreck. So that's why she can't stop crying?

Lexie: My guess is that Belle is developing a full-blown case of postpartum depression.


Belle: Ohhh! Ohhh!

Marlena: Okay, okay. Keep on breathing. Keep on breathing.

Belle: [Crying]

Philip: We're a family now, and this family is gonna be together forever..

Belle: It's true. Oh, I love you, Philip... and I love our baby.

Belle: No. [Gasps] Oh, my God. [Sniffles] [Sighs] What is happening to me -- to my life?

[Sniffles] My baby. Our baby.

. ***********************************************************************

Austin: I haven't taken Sami's side in this.

Lucas: Yeah, well, you could have fooled me on that.

Austin: I am just trying to help her get through a tough time.

Lucas: Tough time, yeah. She's going through a tough time. It's all of her own making, though.

Austin: Maybe, but even so, I think she deserves to have someone there to support her.

Lucas: You might have forgiven her for what she did to you, but after what she put me and Will through, I don't think so, man. I'd appreciate it, bro, if I had a little family loyalty here. You don't have to stay with Sami just 'cause you're visiting Salem.

Austin: I'm not trying to upset you.

Lucas: You are upsetting me. You could see you're upsetting me. Why don't you move in with mom or find a hotel, go back to New York? Stay out of Sami's apartment.

Austin: Look, when the wedding was ruined, she had no one to turn to.

Lucas: Whose fault is that? She was working for Tony DiMera.

Austin: I remember when you were a DiMera employee.

Lucas: She almost got me killed. She deserves to have nobody. She deserves to be on her own. She deserves to be a social outcast.

Austin: You don't mean that. You're just angry.

Lucas: I'm beyond angry. Look, we're not best friends, but we're brothers, and brothers should stick together.

Austin: I thought your program taught compassion and forgiveness.

Lucas: I did forgive her. I did. And so did you. Where did it get you, huh? If you're willing to risk our relationship for her -- if you want to hang out with her that bad -- that backstabbing, lying, manipulative --

Austin: Watch it!

Lucas: Did you forget what she did to you -- when she lied about Will being your son?

Austin: I know everything Sami's done, and I know how you feel. But I also know how Sami feels. Lucas, look what she has been through the past year or two. And for one thing, you took mom's word over hers when mom's the one that set it up to make it look like she slept with Brandon.

Lucas: Would you believe Sami with her history?

Austin: If I was going to marry her, I'd hope so. She deserves a chance to redeem herself.

Lucas: You know what? You're probably real good in the business world, but when it comes to people, you just don't get it. You think I'm risking my sobriety by being a bartender? Is that what you think? I've been sober for years, man. You just got here -- what -- less than 24 hours? Sami's already suckered you in again. So don't lecture me.


Kate: Nicole and Sami have been sniffing around Austin ever since he got off that plane.

Victor: Well, he's a smart young man. I'm sure he can take care of himself.

Kate: Yes. You're a smart man, yet you fell prey to Nicole, didn't you? Sorry. I guess that was uncalled for. It's just that I'm worried about him. I'm worried about him. He won't listen to me about those two tramps. Maybe you could talk to him.

Victor: I will give him the benefit of my experience... and I will consider Lucas for the job.

Kate: Thank you. And what about that other matter?

Victor: You know, you ask for a lot of favors, Kate. You better hope I don't call them all in one day. I'll see what I can dig up on Dr. North.


John: He's over there, Abraham. He's in my house, romancing my wife, manipulating her, and she doesn't know what the hell's going on.

Abe: Are you sure about that?

John: She'd never ask me for a divorce. She loves me. She just doesn't know it.

Abe: Well, I used to be sure that Lexie loved me. But now I --

John: Now what?

Abe: I think she might be involved with another man.

John: Oh, stop it. Come on. Lexie's totally dedicated to you. You should have seen her when she thought you were dead. She was beside herself. Now that you're back --

Abe: When I came back, everything was just wonderful and -- and then the blindness and other complications from my time on DiMera's island --

John: Lexie would never voluntarily leave you, Abraham -- no more than Marlena would voluntarily leave me.

Abe: She's done it before. Besides, this time, I chased her away. I was so angry since I went blind. I took it all out on her. I just hope the damage that I've done isn't irreparable -- that there's still time to work things out -- and I'm sure as hell gonna try. I'm gonna sit her down and do everything I can to convince her that I love her.

John: Well, at least Lexie will listen to you. Marlena doesn't want to be in the same room with me. North has got her to the point right now where it's not that she just doesn't remember what we had. It's like she doesn't want to acknowledge that it even existed.

Abe: Do you think that's North's intention all along?

John: Oh, hell, yeah. He's not trying to restore her memory. In fact, he's doing everything he can to wipe that slate clean.


Lexie: Some degree of depression -- thank you -- isn't uncommon with new mothers. It's called "baby blues," and it usually corrects itself within a few days.

Philip: So, you're saying we just let it run its course?

Lexie: No. Um, Belle's symptoms -- the uncontrollable crying, the exhaustion, the sudden mood swings -- she has something a little more serious -- true postpartum depression, which doesn't go away on its own.

Philip: Lexie, you don't think that she would hurt herself or hurt the baby, do you?

Lexie: Okay. Postpartum psychosis is something that happens within a very, very small percentage of women.

Philip: And that's not what she has?

Lexie: No, no. I don't think so. I mean, it's too soon to really tell.

Philip: What do I do? How do I help her?

Lexie: It's very important for you to try to eliminate as much stress from her life as possible, and she needs to rest. And hiring a nurse to help with the baby was a terrific idea.

Philip: It's a done deal. I'll do it.

Lexie: She also needs to know that she's not alone in this -- that she has your support.

Philip: Okay. What about medication?

Lexie: I want to wait and see. If her symptoms don't improve or get worse, there are antidepressants I can prescribe.

Philip: But then she'd have to stop breast-feeding.

Lexie: Not necessarily.

Philip: Good, 'cause that will probably depress her even more.

Lexie: Philip, listen. We'll cross that bridge if we get to it.

Philip: I just can't believe this is happening.

Mimi: Philip, we are here for you.

Shawn D.: Yeah, man, whatever you need, day or night.

Philip: Thanks.

Lexie: The most important thing is that someone is always here with Belle, okay?


[Claire crying]

Belle: Okay. Why are you still crying? [Sniffles] don’t. Please. [Sniffles] You can't be hungry. You just ate. Shh. [Crying] I said, "stop." I don't know what you want. Why are you doing this to me?

[Door opens]

Lexie: Belle?

Belle: She won't stop crying. I don't know what to do.

Lexie: Let go of the baby.

Philip: Come here. Come here. Come here. It's okay.

Lexie: It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay.

Belle: What kind of mother am I?

Lexie: You're a good one, Belle. You're just a very new mother -- that's all. That's all.

Belle: She's crying. I'm so embarrassed. [Sniffles]

Lexie: I think it's best if the two of you leave. Philip will call you.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Lexie: It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

[Crying continues] Okay?


Belle: It's -- I'm just so tired.

Lexie: I know. I know. Well, you've been through a lot. Listen. I'm gonna give you something to help you sleep, okay?

Belle: I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t.

Lexie: Okay, well, this time, you'll get a really good rest, I promise.

Belle: I'm a bad mother, aren't I?

Lexie: No, sweetheart. No.

Belle: I'm sorry, Philip. I'm so sorry.


[Country music plays]

Kate: Lucas.

Lucas: Sophie, can you take this woman's order, please?

Kate: I don't need a drink. I want to talk.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I don't have anything to say to you.

Kate: Oh, that's good, 'cause I'll talk. You can listen.

Lucas: Yeah? I don't have time.

Kate: Then take a little time -- if not for you, then for Will.

Lucas: My son is none of your concern, thank you.

Kate: Will is my grandson, okay? If you want me to make a scene, believe me, Lucas, I can make a scene.

Lucas: All right. All right. Please don't make a scene. You have a minute. That's it.

Kate: Bartending at Alice's is not the way to support yourself and Will.

Lucas: You know what? If you're gonna offer me another job at Basic Black, then save your breath. I'm not interested. I want nothing to do with you -- not professionally, not personally.

Kate: You made that perfectly and painfully clear, so I am not going to offer you another job, okay? But I did find out because Chloe and Brady are going to be living in Vienna because of her career, Victor is looking to replace Brady at Titan, and he's interested in talking to you.

Lucas: Really? Maybe 'cause you put him up to it -- is that it?

Kate: No. Victor only does what Victor wants to do, believe me, but I did throw your hat into the ring because there's a job open and you're available. I think it's a perfect match.

Lucas: What do you expect me to do, huh? Another Waltons' family reunion -- is that what you want?

Kate: I know you don't believe it, but I only want what's best for you.

Lucas: Your minute is up, mother.


Victor: Nice shot. Want a game?

Austin: Yeah. Uh, grab a cue. I'll rack.

Victor: There's been a lot of changes in Salem since you were gone.

Austin: Well, I guess that's what life's about, huh? Change.

Victor: I couldn't agree more.

Austin: You break.

Victor: Of course, sometimes changes are for the better. Or sometimes it's for the worse. Word has it you're shacked up with Sami Brady.

Austin: Staying with her, not that it's any of your business.

Victor: Well, a good businessman makes everything his business, Austin. You know that.

Austin: Yeah. I do. Let me guess. My mother begged you to come and talk to me about Sami, said that I wouldn't listen to her but that you might have better luck, considering you're a man of the world.

Victor: Very good.

Austin: Well, you know, I make my own decisions, Victor. That's how I got where I am.

Victor: I only promised your mother that I'd talk to you, and I have. So, let's talk about where you are professionally. You've made quite a splash in New York.

Austin: You know what they say -- if you can make it there...

Victor: Precisely.

Sophie: Care for a drink, gentlemen?

Austin: No, thank you.

Victor: No, thank you. So, what do you think of taking everything that you've learned in the big, bad apple to Titan?

Austin: Are you offering me a job?

Victor: Well, I need a new senior vice-president to replace Brady. Couldn't do better than you.

Austin: Wow. Thank you. That means a lot, you know, but I'm not looking for a job. The truth is, I'm about to start on my own.

Victor: So, the rumors about your new business plans are true, huh?

Austin: I've just about lined up all my investors. Once all the t's are crossed, it's on.

Victor: Well, be careful. You know, moving from the J.V. to the varsity can be rough.

Austin: Is that a threat?

Victor: Oh, no. But just because you're sort of family doesn't mean I'll cut the competition any slack. Good luck.

Austin: Hey, we're in the middle of a game.

Victor: Why don't you finish it on your own?

Austin: Victor, if you're looking for a good, solid company man to fill Brady's shoes, I think Lucas is your man. He's available.

Victor: So I've heard.

Lucas: Hey, Victor, what can I get you?

Victor: Well, it's the other way around. I've got a proposition for you, Lucas -- one I think you're gonna like.


Abe: What if you spoke to Judge Fitzpatrick, had Marlena declared incompetent to manage her own affairs? As her husband, you'd be appointed her guardian.

John: Yeah, I already thought about that. But then North would say that she is competent. Marlena would say whatever North tells her to say. So unless I've got some proof that she is in danger, I'm just gonna come off as one of these bitter husbands who's upset because he was asked for a divorce.

Abe: Karen Fitzpatrick's known the two of you for years, and she knows there's absolutely no way Marlena would ask for a divorce if she was in her right mind.

John: It's a gut feeling. Gut feelings don't stand up in court. This North guy has got this worked out perfectly.

Abe: Well, he thinks so. But you and I have dealt with someone who's a hell of a lot craftier than North, and we won.

John: Stefano DiMera?

Abe: Exactly. And even the craftiest villain eventually makes a mistake. So, it's up to you to be there when North makes his.


Shawn D.: It's really scary how Belle's depression just came out of nowhere.

Mimi: I don't think it came out of nowhere.

Shawn D.: You mean the baby?

Mimi: Do you not remember what happened right before she broke down?

Shawn D.: You think it was the Chinese food?

Mimi: No. You reached over and took my hand. I saw Belle realize she would never be with you again. That's when she broke down. There's not enough steel wool in all of Salem to clean this stain. Not only did I ruin dinner, I destroyed your pan. Sorry.

Shawn D.: Let me see this. Okay? Forget about it.

Mimi: If I hadn't ruined the recipe, we never would have gone over to Belle and Philip's, and she never would have seen you take my hand.

Shawn D.: There's no way that this is our fault, okay? You heard Lexie. It's been building. Anything could have set it off.

Mimi: But it can't be good for the baby.

Shawn D.: That's where we as Godparents come in. We help out, right?

Mimi: Right.

Shawn D.: So, stop blaming yourself.

Mimi: I'm never going to cook again, either.

Shawn D.: This was nice. It was a gesture.

Mimi: It was supposed to be more than that.

Shawn D.: What do you mean?

Mimi: This morning when I said that the kiss didn't mean anything to me -- that we're just pals -- I wasn't exactly telling the truth. You'd think by now I'd have learned, huh?

Shawn D.: It's no big deal.

Mimi: Anyway, the point is I -- [Sighs] I like you. I really like you. And I was thinking or hoping that the kiss meant that you really liked me, too. So I thought if I got one of your favorite recipes and I made you a nice sort-of-romantic dinner that we could see if there really was anything between us.

Shawn D.: [Chuckles]

Mimi: Okay, but obviously I blew it.

Shawn D.: No, no, no, no. Not at all.

Mimi: Then whey are you laughing?

Shawn D.: I'm not -- it's not that kind of laugh. It's just -- this morning when you told me that the kiss didn't mean anything, the only reason I agreed with you is because I didn't want to make anything awkward with our friendship, because it did mean something to me.

Mimi: It did?

Shawn D.: That's why I wanted to try and do something special for you tonight.

Mimi: Really?

Shawn D.: Yeah. You know, the rose. I would have got you an entire bouquet, but I thought that might have been too much. Where do you draw the line? Is a lily too platonic? Is a rose too romantic? I-I don't know.

Mimi: It's like we're in high school all over again.

Shawn D.: Yeah. It is. It's awkward. Come on. Come here.

Mimi: Where are we going?

Shawn D.: Dinner was a wash, but, uh, we can continue this date.

Mimi: Whoa. Okay.


Lexie: Aw. How sweet.

Philip: Yeah. [Chuckles] Thanks for coming over.

Lexie: You call me anytime, okay?

Philip: Okay. I guess I should probably get back upstairs and make sure she's doing all right.

Lexie: Philip, she's fine for the moment. That sedative I gave her should have kicked in.

Philip: Lexie, what if she doesn't get better?

Lexie: She will. Look, I don't mean to minimize this, but this happens with a lot of new mothers, Philip. But with rest and relaxation, your love and support, she'll be fine..

Philip: You promise?

Lexie: I promise. Okay? Just give her time, all right?

Philip: Okay.

Belle: [Breathing heavily] I can't breathe in here.


Victor: I've been going over candidates to replace Brady at Titan, and your name keeps coming up.

Lucas: Does it?

Victor: Well, you did good work for us over there. Despite Sami's influence and a nightmare marriage to Nicole, you still managed to come up with one of the hottest and most successful ad campaigns we ever had.

Lucas: Thank you. I appreciate that. And then I started working for Tony DiMera. Even though it's been years, it's making me persona non grata when it comes to other interviews.

Victor: Well, some people are narrow-minded. I happen to believe that there's something to be learned from even the most unsavory of people.

Lucas: Really? Can I quote you on that?

Victor: Better yet, why don't you come to Titan as senior vice-president? And I promise I won't use the fact that nobody else in town will hire you as leverage when we negotiate salary.

Lucas: But that's it? No interview? No nothing?

Victor: Well, listen, I got to fill the position. We know each other. We have a history. Why waste time? What do you say?

Lucas: I-I would be honored. Yeah. And I promise I won't let you down.

Victor: Well, you better not. Oh, somebody from personnel -- human resources -- will be in touch with you.

Lucas: Thank you, Victor. I appreciate it. I can't believe it. Yes!


Sophie: You're suddenly in a better mood.

Lucas: Oh, yeah. My life's about to turn around for the better now. Victor Kiriakis just asked me to be the new senior vice-president at Titan Industries. Can you believe that?

Sophie: Congratulations. That's terrific. It's sure a good thing your brother turned down that job.

Lucas: What?


Abe: North is going to make a mistake, and when he does, you'll have all the proof you need to convince Marlena, the police, and the A.M.A. of what he's done. You just have to hang in there.

John: I think we both just need to hang in there, partner.

Abe: I intend to. Adams?

Marc: Yes, sir.

Abe: Let's go.

[Door opens]

Kate: Oh. Sorry. You startled me. Abe, I didn't know you were here.

Abe: Well, I just came by to see John. I'd stay, but, uh, my chauffeur has his squad car double-parked, so I'll see you soon, huh?

Kate: Sure. Sure.

Marc: Be careful, commander.

Abe: Thank you.

Marc: Right here.

John: Good night, Abe. Thanks.


Kate: So, you wanted to ask him about Dr. North and Marlena, didn't you?

John: Yep.

Kate: Are they still out there?

John: Last time I checked. [Exhales deeply] That son of a -- the hell with letting him slip up.

Kate: What are you gonna do?

John: What I should have done from the beginning -- I'm going to that penthouse and removing North, even if it means throwing him off that balcony myself.

Kate: No. I'm not gonna let you do that.


Philip: Don't worry, sweetheart. Mommy's gonna be just fine. And I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure of that. I promise.

[Inhales, exhales deeply]


Mimi: This is probably the most relaxed first date I've ever been on.

Shawn D.: See, what'd I tell you?

Mimi: Thanks for suggesting this.

Shawn D.: Thanks for agreeing.


Nicole: If I win, you come home with me tonight, not Sami.


Sami: I am really grateful to Austin. I thought you would be, too.

Lucas: You know what I'd be grateful for? If he'd mind his own damn business.


Jennifer: Abigail -- how are we gonna tell her?


John: She's leaving with you over my cold, dead body.

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