Days Transcript Tuesday 10/11/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/11/05 - Canada; Wednesday 10/12/05 - U.S.A.


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Abby: Well, I have a lot of sign-ups, but I need more.

Max: Hmm. Here you go, beautiful.

Patty: Thank you.

Max: Thank you so much. And don't forget to register for the "light the night" walk.

Patty: Absolutely.

Max: All right.

Victoria: Hey, there. Um, can you make it to Victoria?

Max: I can do that, too.

Victoria: Thank you.

Max: This is so great, Abs. I mean, you're starting your freshman year of college, and you're already doing all this volunteer work for such a great cause. That's awesome.

Abby: Well, you know, this is very important to me. I mean, when I was a little girl, I nearly died from aplastic anemia. If it hadn't been for a bone-marrow transplant from Austin Reed, I wouldn't be here today. I just hope I attract a lot more people.

Max: I thought that was my job.

Abby: You know, you're doing fine with the girls, but I have a feeling that most of them have just come here to gawk at you.

Chelsea: Hey, guys. Hope you don't mind, but I brought along a few new friends.


Nicole: Hey, bartender. Vodka martini, please. A.S.A.P and don't use a premium hooch. I'm on a tight budget. Lucas! What are you doing here?

Lucas: [Clears throat]



Kate: Victor. Hi. Thanks for meeting me.

Victor: You sounded upset when you called. What can I do for you?

Kate: Look, I'm sorry to interrupt your evening, but there's this situation that needs to be taken care of, and I think you're the only one who can help me.


Sami: Okay, all the wedding gifts Lucas and I got are ready to return. Luckily, the stores have a good return policy.

Austin: Just remember, it's not to you. The purchases or accounts are to be credited.

Sami: I know that. Oh, hey, no, no, no. Not that one. I'm keeping it. I need a toaster oven.

Austin: Go buy your own. You can't take this one.

Sami: Oh, come on. Don't you think I deserve a consolation prize after having lost the man that I love? What's that look? What?

Austin: Sami...these are wedding gifts. You didn't have a wedding.

Sami: I did. We just didn't say "I do."

Austin: All right, well, you can justify it all you want, but keeping the toaster oven or anything else is wrong, and you know it.


Frankie: I just wish there was more I could do for them.

Lexie: Yeah, so do I. It's always frustrating when you can't help a patient, but this is just heartbreaking. You know, especially after everything this family's been through. First, Jennifer thought Jack had been murdered. And then they found each other on Tony's island, only to have Jack lost at sea after they tried to escape. And now... I don't know how Jennifer's going to accept that there will not be another miracle, Frankie, that Jack is dying. Oh, you're -- you're in a pretty awkward situation, aren't you? You have feelings for Jennifer, but you don't know if she'll return those someday. You know, she might be angry with you for helping Jack keep his illness a secret. She might be angry with Jack for asking you to look after her and the kids after he's gone, if he even decides to tell her that's what he's done. Listen, just -- will you just promise me that no matter what happens between you and Jennifer, that you'll do everything you can to help her deal with Jack's death?


Jack: Jennifer... Jennifer, look, it's gonna be okay.

Jennifer: Yes, it is. It is gonna be okay because you're not gonna die, Jack.

Jack: Jennifer. Wait a minute. I'm telling you right now, if there was any hope, any hope at all, I would cling to it. I'd be all over it. But Lexie's already said --

Jennifer: Lexie pronounced you dead once already. That was a little premature, don't you think? Look at you. You're standing here. You're talking with me. You're walking. You're arguing with me. There's nothing wrong with you, Jack.

Jack: Nothing that a minor miracle couldn't fix.

Jennifer: You know what? I believe in miracles. Do you know what the definition of a miracle is, Jack? There's no such thing as an impossible miracle. You came back to me twice. I am not letting you go. It is not your time. You are not going to die. I won't let you, Jack.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Chelsea: Okay, guys, just head over to that table right over there.

Abby: Chelsea, what's going on?

Chelsea: Oh, I was up at the Salem U. Commons and happened to run into the rugby team. And I got a verbal commitment from each and every one of them, promising to sign up for the walk.

Abby: Oh, that's awesome. Thank you, Chelsea. I really appreciate it.

Chelsea: Oh, the sacrifice I had to make for you, Abby. I just dread ever having to do it again.

Abby: [Chuckles] You better get over there. Hi.

Max: Hi. It's really great of you, though, bringing all these guys over here.

Chelsea: I'd do anything I could to help Abby. I mean, the way she helped me after my parents died. She's my best friend.

Max: Well, good behavior won't go unrewarded. I want to give you an autographed picture of a semi-famous race car driver.

Chelsea: An autographed picture of Max Brady? Wow! The only thing I could think of that I'd rather have than that is this.

Victoria: Wow, how much did she have to pay for that?

Patty: I don't know.

Max: Did you just hear what that girl said?

Chelsea: I did.

Max: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Chelsea: I am.

Max: You know, it's only for business, right?

Chelsea: I do.

Max: All right.


Jennifer: I believe in miracles, Jack.

Jack: Jennifer, I wish it was that simple. I do, I really do. I wish that you had the power to come in there, and we could just reverse everything through this big dose of positive thinking, but it's not gonna happen. What we have to do now is focus and prepare for what's really gonna happen.

Jennifer: I didn't get a chance to prepare for anything. And this is not willpower or positive thinking that I am talking about. But you know what? If you really believe that's your only option, then you should try it, Jack.

Jack: I did, I did. I did try it. I tried positive thinking. I tried to be positive with all those experts, and they told me I was positively gonna die. It's a little counterproductive, if you ask me.

Jennifer: The Jack that I know, the Jack that I love and that I married doesn't give up. It is not who you are. Think of all the crazy things that you have had to go through in your life to get to where you are today.

Jack: Jennifer, let me tell you something. Unfortunately, I lost the will to fight when I found out that this illness is not only incurable, but irreversible. In all the studies, all of them, not one person has every gone into remission. Not one.

Jennifer: You're gonna be the first, Jack. You are, but you have to want to be. Do you understand me?

Jack: Jennifer, right now I want both of us to go in there and discuss this with Lexie. Let her explain it to you.

Jennifer: The only thing that I am going to discuss with Lexie is your recovery.


Kate: You're not gonna like this. But you are the only person I can think of who might be able to help.

Victor: With what?

Kate: I'm worried. I'm worried about John Black.


Lucas: Well, now that Victor's cut you off, maybe I should, too.

Nicole: Oh, God. I have the most annoying ex-husbands in the world, you not-so-anonymous alcoholics. Just because you can't handle your liquor doesn't mean you should be giving everyone else lectures. And don't think I'm giving you a tip, either.

Lucas: Yeah, from you, I didn’t.

Nicole: Why are you bartending anyway?

Lucas: I'm covering for Shawn Brady's shift.

Nicole: Isn't working in a bar against your program's rules?

Lucas: What do you know about that, Nicole? You don't go to meetings, do you? That's good for you. You're on a roll.

Nicole: Shut up, Lucas.

Lucas: I need the money, all right? That's what I'm doing here. And unlike some people I know, I know that alcohol isn't good for me.

Nicole: Yes, well, it's good for me.


Lucas: Yeah, I can see that. When you gonna wise up, huh? When are you gonna change your ways, stop drinking... turn your life around?

Nicole: Thank you very much, Lucas. That almost sounded sincere.

Lucas: What are you doing this for? Why are you sitting here talking to me like this?

Nicole: I have a new hobby, and it's called drinking alone. I have pretty much tapped out of all my friends in Salem. They don't want to be seen with me, and I don't want to be seen with them.

Lucas: Yeah, I don't think that's it. I think I know what's going on. Now that Brady's gone, you're on the prowl, looking for your next victim, right? That's why you're alone right now. Well, that's real tempting, Nicole, but I'm sorry. I've been there, done that.

Nicole: Flatter yourself, Lucas. I may be on the prowl, but it sure as hell ain't for you.


Austin: Do you really want this?

Sami: Of course I do. I need it. And besides, a bagel ruined my last one..

Austin: I love that it's the bagel's fault.

Sami: Well, actually, it was will who... look, I can't even talk to my son. He doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Don't you think I'm entitled to toast a bagel for breakfast and not feel guilty about it? Do you think I should fast and atone for my sins?

Austin: All I'm saying is every time you make a bagel, do you really want to be reminded about what happened between you and Lucas?

Sami: It's not like I can think about anything else.

Austin: Toaster ovens, you know, they're pretty cheap, you know?

Sami: I know. I know, what, $30? And guess who gave it to me? The millionaire John Black. He's not gonna miss the money, Austin. And frankly, I think he owes me a lot more than that.

Austin: Well, if it's so cheap, then it shouldn't be a big deal to do the right thing and take it back.

Sami: Stop lecturing me.

Austin: All I'm saying -- if you really want to change, you just have to start realizing that the world does not...owe you anything. I know you've been deeply hurt in your past. But you have to start to let it go.

Sami: Like you did, which is why you're here, talking to me right now.

Austin: Yeah. Yeah, like that. So, are you...are you really ready to do the hard work that it takes to change? Or is this all just lip service?

Sami: Well, my lips haven't been serviced in a while. Someday I hope to change that.

Austin: [Laughs] Look, I'm not talking about you changing for anybody else. I'm talking about you changing for you because you want to. So what do you say? Is Sami Brady ready to prove to the world that she is finally ready to join the human race?


[Upbeat music plays]

Max: You realize I could be here working overtime.

Chelsea: That's okay.

Max: There's quite a few girls in line here.

Chelsea: Question.

Max: Hmm?

Chelsea: There are quite a few men in line, too. What if one of them wants a kiss?

Max: It's for a good cause, right?

Chelsea: Just remember, whoever you kiss, I'm the most special, right?

Max: Yes, you are. Look, I haven't had a break here since I got here, so, um, let me finish up what I have to do here, and then I'll go buy you one of Josh's famous coffee drinks.

Chelsea: Sounds good. I'm gonna go check up on Abby, and she how she's doing with the rugby guys.

Victoria: Here's 30 bucks, Max. A kiss each -- one for me, and one for my friend.

Max: [Chuckles] All right. Ladies, let's do this.


Josh: Hey, Abby.

Abby: Hey, are you working tonight?

Josh: Yeah, when I heard you were a volunteer for the leukemia/lymphoma walkathon, I figured I'd come down and volunteer my Barista services for the event.

Abby: Thank you so much. That's great.

Josh: I thought I was an overachiever, but this is amazing. I think you're gonna break records with the sign-up sheets.

Abby: You think?

Josh: I do, and for that, I think you deserve a kiss.

Abby: Right here?

Josh: Why not?


Jennifer: Lexie, I need to talk to you.

Jack: Jennifer, we need to talk --

Jennifer: Alone. Alone, please.

Jack: Ah, right. Well, um, Lexie, I just want you to know it's all right to answer any and all questions. Jennifer and I've talked, so --

Frankie: Jack, come on, that's enough. Thanks, come on. Let's go.


Lexie: Jack finally told you the truth, huh?

Jennifer: Yes, he did.

Lexie: I'm so sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but Jack absolutely insisted. It's the closest I've ever come to breaking doctor/patient confidentiality, but I...I couldn’t. I couldn’t. Could you please forgive me?

Jennifer: I don't blame you, Lexie. I really don’t. I just wish that Jack would have told me when he first found out. He's been using so much energy to keep this from me. He could have been using that energy to fight this. We could be fighting it together right now..

Lexie: Jennifer...listen, I don't know what Jack said to you, but Jack isn't going to get any better. He's only going to get worse.


Jack: What's going on? This was never supposed to happen. I was supposed -- I'm supposed to take my bow and quietly disappear, and Jennifer was never supposed to know about any of this.

Frankie: I can't say that I'm sorry. Look, she deserved to know what's going on. She's your wife.

Jack: Frankie, this doesn't change anything, and you know that. It doesn't change anything. In fact, in spite of recent developments, more than ever, I need to know that you're with me. I got to count on you. You are all I've got. After I'm gone, are you gonna be there for Jennifer? Are you gonna help pick up the pieces for me...after I'm gone?


Kate: Hi.

Waitress: You sure you're in the right place?

Victor: What do you mean?

Waitress: You two are the most distinguished-looking couple I've seen in here all day. Wait, make that all week.

Victor: [Chuckles] Well, thank you.

Waitress: What can I get you, folks?

Kate: Vodka martini, one olive, one onion.

Victor: And I'll have the same thing, except for the onion.

Waitress: Sans onion. You got it.


Nicole: Good choice. The bartender makes a mean martini. You know, you should really check him out if you get a chance.

Victor: Why are you still in Salem?

Nicole: Well, if you must know, I'm too broke to leave. And even if I could go, I couldn't afford where I was going once I got there.

Victor: If that's a hint that I should give you more money, you can forget it.

Nicole: Please, Victor. I have a little more pride than that. I just happen to see two people over here ordering martinis, looking like they were plotting something, and I thought to myself [Gasps] "Kindred spirits." Oh! I just did one of those little double-entendre thingies, you know, "spirits" as in "souls," and "spirits" as in "alcohol," and speaking of doubles... I can use another. Ooh.

Kate: Nicole, Victor and I were talking about our new granddaughter.

Nicole: Oh, right. Sorry. Belle and Philip had a little baby, huh? What's the name? Something Kiriakis?

Kate: Claire.

Nicole: Claire. That is a good one. Yeah, there's no stupid nicknames for that one, huh? [Sighs] Very sweet. Congratulations, both of you.

Kate: Thank you.

Nicole: Okay, darlings, well, I must be going. I have a dinner date.


Kate: I hope to God it's not with Austin.

Victor: Austin?

Kate: [Sighs] I don't even want to talk about it.

Victor: All right, so, what's going on with John? Alex North still working his magic on Marlena?

Kate: Yes, yes. But every time John seems to be getting somewhere with her, helping her remember her past, Alex shows up, and he diffuses it. And then earlier today, Marlena asked John for a divorce. She asked him to move out of the penthouse.

Victor: Really? And I assume Alex is staying there, though?

Kate: Yeah, until he can move Marlena to the mountain cabin.

Victor: Where's John going?

Kate: Well, he's moved in with me at the Salem Inn in my suite. It's not what you think, okay? John is focused on Marlena.

Victor: But I'm sure you don't mind having him there, though, do you?

Kate: Well, I would be lying if I said I did. He's very special to me.

Victor: Yes, I'm well aware of that.

Kate: I just want him to be happy, though.

Victor: Yeah, right. So, what do you want from me?

Kate: I was hoping that you could dig up a little information on Dr. North.

Victor: You know, John is just as capable of investigating Alex North as I am. I mean, after all, he is in the I.S.A.

Kate: I know that. But you're not personally involved, and I thought maybe you would see something that he hasn’t. I know, I -- I know that I'm grasping at straws, okay, but I just -- I want to do something. I can't stand seeing him like this. I can't stand seeing him fall apart.

Victor: All right, I'll see what I can do.

Kate: Thank you. What is it? What are you looking at?

Victor: Now I see why Nicole said "check out the bartender." How long has Lucas been working at Alice's?

Kate: Damn, Sami. I am not gonna let her drive him back to the bottle.


Sami: How could you ask me that? "When am I gonna join the human race?" What does that make me now, a Martian?

Austin: I'm sorry. I did not mean to hurt your feelings.

Sami: Well, everybody makes mistakes, including you.

Austin: Believe me, I realize that.

Sami: And I am trying, Austin. I am trying to do the right thing.

Austin: And I'm just trying to help you. I don't know. I guess I keep pushing you so hard because I get a chance to see a different side of you that not everybody else gets to see. You know, I want you to be the woman that I know you can be.

Sami: I am. When was the last time that I did something really terrible?

Austin: I'm talking about right now. Just return the stupid toaster oven and move on with your life.

Sami: I tried that, and Kate sabotaged my relationship with Lucas.

Austin: Okay, what my mother did was despicable, but ditto what you did. You worked for Tony DiMera. You almost got Rex, Shawn, Lucas, Brady all killed.

Sami: Wait a second. You know that I didn't mean for any of that to happen.

Austin: Well, then how did it happen? I'll tell you exactly how it happened, okay? You were hell-bent on getting revenge. My mother was hell-bent on getting revenge. And before that, more of the same. It becomes this vicious cycle. It's got to end. And the only one that can make that choice is you.

Sami: But, Austin --

Austin: Just please. Promise me -- just stay away from my mother. You two -- you guys are even Stephen.

Sami: No! No, Austin, I would promise you anything, except for that. You don't know how hard she hurt me, and she deserves to pay for it.

Austin: Then I guess the two of us have got nothing else to say. I'm gonna go pack my bags.

Sami: Wait, no. Austin, come back here. You can't leave.


[Upbeat music plays]

Max: Here you are. Coffee with cream and sugar.

Chelsea: That's not what I ordered.

Max: Don't ever do that to me again.

Chelsea: What?

Max: Ask me to order you a double tall, extra foamy soy latte. That was embarrassing.

Chelsea: I guess I should have ordered a bottle of milk, huh? Isn't that what you guys drink after you race?

Max: Only at Indy.

Chelsea: Oh, well, sorry. I'm learning.

Max: Yes, you are. What are you putting lipstick on for?

Chelsea: To look good for all those rugby boys I recruited.

Max: And how much are you charging them, by any chance?

Chelsea: Mmm, nothing. I'm not famous enough.

Max: Are you okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. These were my parents. I just miss them, that's all. I mean, I know they weren't my biological parents or anything, but...they were the only people that ever understood me. They were the best.

Max: I know what you mean. I was incredibly lucky to be adopted by the Brady’s.

Chelsea: What about your real mom and dad?

Max: As far as I'm concerned, Shawn and Caroline are my real parents. I never really knew my birth mom. And I don't even know if she's alive or dead.

Chelsea: What about your dad?

Max: I don't remember much about him, either, except for the fact that he used to beat the hell out of me all the time.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Max.

Max: I went into a foster home. And by that time, I was so traumatize that I couldn't even speak for the longest time.

Chelsea: Seriously?

Max: Yeah. And Frankie and I were in the same foster home together, so he was my voice, basically.

Chelsea: So, wait, Frankie's not your real brother?

Max: No, he is my real brother. It's just I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. My dad, Trent, came looking for me, and Frankie protected me from him.

Chelsea: What happened?

Max: Well, he eventually saw how much Shawn and Caroline loved me. So he left. Disappeared. Probably the most decent thing that he's ever done for me in his whole entire life.

Chelsea: I wish Billie would do something like that for me.

Max: You don't know how lucky you got it, do you?

Chelsea: Lucky?

Max: Yeah.

Chelsea: Max, most people my age aren't orphans.

Max: I know no one's gonna replace your parents, but you are not exactly an orphan, Chelsea. You still have two parents who still love you -- the way you deserve to be loved. Look, I know it's gonna work out for you, just like it did for me. I promise you.


Josh: Hey, Abby. This song's one of my favorites. Come on, we have to dance.

Abby: Right here?

Josh: Right here, right now.

Abby: Josh, you're crazy. You remind me of my dad.

Josh: Thanks. I'm flattered. Come on.

...Only knew how easy...

Abby: You should come meet my folks sometime.

Josh: I've never met a girl's dad before. I think I might need a little time before I'm ready for that.

Abby: That's okay. I mean, we have all the time in the world, right?


Frankie: Yes, of course I will be there for a friend.

Jack: No, no, you promised me.

Frankie: Look, I can't promise anything now, Jack, come on. We don't know how Jen's gonna react to everything that's happened today, right?


Lexie: Jennifer, wait, please.

Frankie: Go.

Jack: Jen!

Frankie: What? Is she accepting it or...

Lexie: You know, I can almost understand why Jack didn't want to tell her. It would be so much easier if she never had to know.


Jack: Jennifer, where are you? Jennifer?

Jennifer: [Sniffling]


[Country music plays]

Waitress: I've got your martinis here, ma'am.

Kate: I'll be right there. Lucas?

Lucas: Look, if you need a drink, you can order one from your waitress.

Kate: I have one over there.

Lucas: I see you're with Victor.

Kate: What are you doing here as a bartender? You're an alcoholic, Lucas..

Lucas: Yeah, I know, mom. Thanks for reminding me.

Kate: Does Bonnie know?

Lucas: Yeah, she knows. She doesn't have a problem with it, all right?

Kate: Well, I do.

Lucas: Well, since you're so high on saving me from myself, why don't you just dress up like Stan, wait till the place closes, and try to burn it down? That way you can blame it on Sami.

Kate: I don't find that very amusing. All I'm trying to do is say to you this is not a healthy environment for you.

Lucas: It's not a healthy environment for me because you're in it.

Kate: Look, why don't you let me give you a job at Basic Black? Any job you want. It's a big company. You won't even have to see me, Lucas.

Lucas: I am not taking a job from you. You got that? I go on interview after interview, and every time they hear I had anything to do with Tony DiMera, they show me the door.. So I don't know which is worse, mom, the fact that I worked for a madman like Tony or I take handouts from you. Now, please, go. Go enjoy your martini, all right? Leave me alone. I got work to do. I have a child to support.

Victor: Of course I don't mind if we raid another company. I know I usually give you carte blanche on all the H.R. stuff, but I'm gonna be working closely with you on this one. It's gonna be next to impossible to find somebody to replace Brady.


Sami: Austin, please try to understand. I could forgive anyone, except Kate.

Austin: What about John Black?

Sami: All right, well, him, too.

Austin: And who else? You are still lying to yourself. I don't think you've changed. I really don't think you want to change. You are still the frightened little girl that you have always been, blaming everybody else for your unhappy childhood and for your parents' divorce. Sami, I know you have been through a lot, but who hasn't? Are you gonna continue to go through your life living in the past, making yourself and everyone else around you miserable? Or are you going to grow up and start taking responsibility for your actions?

Sami: Austin, all I want is to be happy.

Austin: I want you to be happy.

Sami: Well, maybe I just need a guardian angel like you sitting on my shoulder, reminding me to do the right thing all the time.

Austin: I'll help you... as long as you're serious about this. I know you want to set a good example for will. I know you want him to look up to you and be proud of you, right?

Sami: I want that more than anything.

Austin: Good. End of lecturing.

Sami: [Laughs] Oh, good.

Austin: I want to go check out Alice's and get something to eat. I'm hungry.

Sami: Me, too. I'd like to come to, please.

Austin: I'll go get my wallet.

Sami: [Laughing] All right.

[Knock on door] Oh. What -- what -- what do you want?

Nicole: Austin.


Guy: Check it out, dude. I just got -- ta-da -- Max Brady's autographed picture. 5 bucks. That's a deal, right?

Lucas: Yeah, I guess it is. You a fan or something?

Guy: No.

Lucas: So what are you gonna do with it?

Guy: I don't know. Maybe I'll sell it on Ebay.

Lucas: Well, I might hold off on that if I were you till he starts racing again. And maybe -- maybe -- it might be worth something.

Guy: Hey, I just thought of something. His last name is Brady. Is he related to Shawn Brady?

Lucas: Uh, kind of. A little bit. I think Max and his brother were adopted by Shawn's grandparents.

Guy: Okay, um, Max is Shawn's dad's adopted brother, which makes Max Shawn's adopted uncle, right?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

Guy: Ooh, it's hard to keep track around here.

Lucas: Ah, believe me. Tell me about it. It's a little crazy.

Guy: So, what happened to Shawn tonight?

Lucas: I don't know. I think Mimi was up to no good, trying to cook him something. The whole apartment caught on fire. I don't know.

Guy: Wow, uh, she takes after her mom more than I thought. I really do wonder how Bonnie got into the restaurant business when she's such a lousy cook.

Lucas: Ooh! Laughs] Nothing against Bonnie. She gave me this job when I really needed it. I had zero experience.

Lucas: Yeah, I hear you. Ditto.

Guy: I thought that she was gonna be really flighty, but she's actually a pretty good boss. Fun, anyway. You know, when I applied, she asked me, you know, why I wanted to work here. I said I needed the money, and I loved country music. And then she asked, "have you applied anywhere else?" I said, "yeah, Chez Rouge."

Lucas: Ooh!

Guy: She spit out a mouthful of beer and said, "you're hired." Any clue what that was about?

Lucas: It's a long story, but you did give the right answer. I'll give you that.

Guy: So, Lucas, what do you do when you're not sub bartending?

Lucas: Uh, not much, really. I'm kind of looking for a job right now.

Guy: Well, I'm sure someone like you won't be looking for long.

Lucas: I've really been looking for a while now. Let's just say I made some mistakes, some bad choices. Prior boss. It's kind of a long story.

Guy: It seems like you have a lot of long stories. Some night over dinner, huh?

Lucas: Uh, yeah, maybe.

Guy: Hey, if you want to network a little while you're here, you know, that was Kate Roberts you were talking to earlier.

Lucas: [Sighs] Yeah, yeah, I know. That's my mother.

Guy: [Chuckles] Kate Roberts is your mother?

Lucas: Yeah.

Guy: The woman who runs Basic Black? And you're looking for a job?


Austin: All right, I'm ready. Let's go. Sami?

Sami: You better beat it, Nicole, 'cause I'm going to dinner with Austin..

Nicole: Really? Where you going?

Sami: I'm not telling you 'cause it's not your business.

Nicole: Actually, it is.

Sami: Wait a second, Nicole.

Nicole: Hi, Austin.

Austin: Nicole.

Nicole: You know, I thought I'd find you here, so come on. I'm taking you out.

Sami: No, he's going to dinner with me.

Nicole: Where are you going?

Sami: Don't tell her.

Austin: Alice's.

Sami: Damn it.

Nicole: Great idea. You know, you will love the new bartender.

Sami: Let's just go.

Nicole: No, no, no. I'm taking him.

Austin: Will you two just stop? Let's all go.

Sami: There is no way I will be seen in public with you.

Nicole: Oh, please. Your stock ain't exactly blue-chip, either, Stan.

Sami: Don't call me that.

Nicole: Stan, Stan, Stan.

Sami: Stop it! Shut up! Slut.

Nicole: [Gasps] The champagne from your latest wedding attempt is still on ice, and you're already going after your ex-fiancé's brother?

Sami: [Gasps] No, I am not! Austin came here for the wedding, okay? He's just trying to support me.

Nicole: Oh, really? Right, I doubt that.

Sami: Oh, yes, he is. Austin, you tell her. Tell her that you're just...

Both: He's gone.

Sami: No, no! Let me go! Come back here!


Max: Altogether, guys, we've done a really good job. [Chuckles] There's like 600 bucks here.

Abby: That's great.

Chelsea: That doesn't even include the pledges for the "light the night" walk. I mean, look at how many people signed up.

Abby: Oh, this is awesome.

Chelsea: And we still have more time before the walk, too, so we can get a whole lot more entries.

Max: You've done a great job, Abby. I mean, you've really raised awareness about this horrible disease.

Abby: Well, I couldn't have done it without your help. I say we make a great team.

Josh: Hey, guys, let's head over to Java Café. It's karaoke night..

Chelsea: That sounds great. I can finally get my latte.

Max: Ha ha.

Abby: Here, Abs.

Abby: Thanks. [Sighs] Mom and dad are going to be so happy about this. I can't wait to tell them the good news.


Lexie: I think losing Jack may very well kill Jennifer. I don't know if she can handle it after everything she's been through.

Frankie: Her children are gonna need her. Lexie... I promise, I'm not gonna let anything happen to her.


Jennifer: Oh, God. God, why are you doing this to my family again? Why are you testing us? Am I failing? Is that it? I never give up hoping for a miracle, believing that you can help us. God, everybody thinks I'm crazy. Is that it? Am I crazy, God? Because all I ever wanted my whole life...was to have a family... and to be with Jack. And now you are ripping him away from me and from our children! You can't do that! You can't!



Lucas: Sami's already suckered you in again. So don't lecture me.


Abe: You think that's North's intention all along?

John: Oh, hell yeah. He's not trying to restore her memory. In fact, he's doing everything he can to wipe that slate clean.


Mimi: I saw Belle realize she would never be with you again. That's when she broke down.

Lexie: Belle is developing postpartum depression.


Belle: I can't breathe in here.

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