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Philip: Let's take it slow. I haven't gotten used to walking backward yet. Smile for the camera, Mommy. Come on.

Belle: No, don't get me. She's the cute one.

Philip: She looks just like you -- that's why.

Belle: Except 100 times smaller. I can't believe I had to wear maternity clothes.

Philip: The nurses said everyone does that, and they're jealous of how good you look.

Belle: I haven't even taken a shower today.

Philip: You are still the prettiest lady in the world. Smile for the camera, Mommy. Wonderful. You're home, Princess. There's a lot of history behind this place. This is where Mommy's daddy used to live. This is where Uncle Brady used to live -- lots of people that love you.

Belle: Oh...

Philip: Yes, and this is your bassinet, where you're going to be doing lots of sleeping, or so we hope.

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: I just hope you like it. I didn't know what you wanted because we didn't get a chance to register. I just had to kind of guess. But I did get two packs of newborn diapers. I hope they're not going to be too big for her 'cause she's a preemie.

Belle: I don't know.

Philip: Well, I also got this really cool baby-changing table/dresser combination thing. But I didn't buy too many clothes because my mom told me she was going to grow out of them really fast. Plus, I thought your friends and family are gonna still want to have a shower for you.

Belle: I don't know. I don't think my mom and Sami are up to anything like that right now. I know Mimi decided to be the baby's Godmother, but I don't think she wants to be my best friend or anything.

Philip: Yeah, but your mom's doing better, right?

Belle: Yeah -- well, I hope so.

Philip: Belle, you have lots of friends. You're gonna go to the Mommy & me classes, too. You're gonna make a lot of friends there. People keep saying once you have a baby, you're not as close with your old friends. You don't have as much in common. So you make new friends.

Belle: Yeah. Yeah.

Philip: Right? So much has changed so fast. But it's so worth it, honey. Billions and billions of babies have been born, but this one's ours. And it's the most amazing thing ever.

Belle: [Sobbing]

Mimi: What was that for?

Shawn D.: Thank you. You didn't have to do all of this.

Mimi: Well, you didn't have to do this.

Shawn D.: Well, I admit, that was actually free, and it was just a spontaneous thing.

Mimi: Spontaneous and free -- if you're a Lockhart, those are the two best things in the world.

Shawn D.: I think my family would say the same thing, but something that definitely is not free is, uh... this. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but my Aunt Maggie gave this to me. She says it's really a nice bottle, to save it for a special occasion. So, uh... I'm gonna put some music on.

[Slow-tempo music plays]

Marlena: I'm feeling sorry for John.

Alex: Why? You've done him a favor. You've been completely forthright with him.

Marlena: Well, he has, too, you know. He really was surprised and hurt when I asked for the divorce and asked him to move out.

Alex: I know it's been difficult for you, but, believe me, you're going to be much better off without him.

John: Kate, listen... I appreciate you inviting me up here, but, um...after what happened tonight, I don't think I'd be very good company, so I think I'll just get a room down the hall here.

Kate: Would you stop? Would you stop? That's crazy. Come in here. You can stay with me.

Frankie: It's so tragic. The only thing that could have made it worse is if she found out after he was gone that Jack knew he was dying and didn't tell her. I've been telling Jack for weeks to tell her the truth.

Lexie: You mean you knew? And you didn't tell Jennifer?

Jennifer: Jack... please, after everything that you have been through, everything that we've been through, please tell me you're not gonna give up. You can't just give up.

Jack: Jennifer, I have lived through nine lives and then some. I would give anything not to be separated from you again, but the fact is, I am going to die. Now, we need to accept that and just move on.

Jennifer: No, I won't accept that. And you can't accept that, either. You just can't!

Jack: That's it! The way you're acting right now -- that is exactly why I didn't want to tell you.

Marlena: Do you really think that I would be better off without John in my life forever?

Alex: You're the one who asked for the divorce.

Marlena: I'm so confused.

Alex: From what I've seen of your relationship, John is extremely controlling. In my professional opinion, I think that you have been desperate for quite some time to get him out of your life, and I think that might even be a contributing factor to your memory loss.

Marlena: But John is the one who wants me to remember our life because he -- because he loves me.

Alex: Mm, maybe subconsciously, you don't want to return to that life you shared with him.

Marlena: But how will I know until I remember it? People -- people keep telling me how much I love him and how wonderful our marriage is -- I mean, was. How wonderful it was. And every once in a while, I get a little glimmering of how I must have felt about him.

Alex: I know what John wants you to believe, but ask yourself this -- if your marriage was so great, if you were so happy... then why did you sleep with your ex-husband?

Marlena: I don't know.

Alex: No, and why, when he thought that you were dead, was your husband so quick to take up with your so-called best friend, Kate Roberts?

John: Kate... since I'm not giving up on my marriage, I don't think that it would be a very good idea if I were --

Kate: John, I know that. My suite has a guest bedroom.

John: [Sighs]

Kate: Look, um, I don't know about you, but I'm getting so tired of sitting here, looking at these four blank walls and wondering if I have a friend in the world.

John: Come on, now, you stop it. Damn it, Kate, you know that's not true.

Kate: What -- you mean I have an ex-husband who's not speaking to me, a son who's not speaking to me, a grandson who's not speaking to me, and another son who, I think, came back to Salem for the --

John: You know Austin didn't try to hurt you intentionally.

Kate: Yeah, I know that. I know that. It's just that Sami ruined his life, and I can't understand why he would be defending her, why he would feel sorry for her.

John: Listen, I'm not making excuses for Sami. What she did is indefensible. But, you know, somewhere in that little girl is this sweet little thing that I raised --

Kate: Oh, please, I don't need to hear that. I know. I know that you raised her. I know that you raised her, but I don't understand why Austin is forgiving her. I mean, where does that come from? Is that because I wasn't there to raise him and Billie? I don't know. I... look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm not doing very much to help you right now, am I?

John: You know what? Why don't we concentrate on something positive here, huh? Austin's back, right? That's good, right? And Billie -- she found her daughter. It's good. This is all good, right?

Kate: But tell you something, that Chelsea is a hellion, but I see a lot of promise in her. I really do.

John: Yeah, yeah.

Kate: Would you like a drink?

John: You think?

Kate: [Laughs]

John: Yeah, think about good thi-- hey, how about that new baby granddaughter of ours, huh? Is that good?

Kate: Our granddaughter? Yeah. She's beautiful, isn't she?

John: Yeah. Thanks.

Kate: When Philip lost his leg, all I could think about was how much he was going to be missing out in life. But, actually, he's gained so much, and he is so happy. I'm proud of him, and I'm proud of Belle.

John: Me too.

Kate: Seems like a lifetime ago, although it was really just a short time ago that we thought Marlena and Roman were dead and we were planning our future.

John: I blame myself for what happened, Kate.

Kate: What are you talking about?

John: Your marriage falling apart. Mine, for that matter.

Kate: Why would you say that? Marlena came back pregnant with Roman's baby, and with what happened with Sami --

John: And my proposing to you had something to do with it. I think we both know that Roman and Marlena didn't feel the same about their marriages since they came back and saw my engagement ring on your finger.

Lexie: Frankie, I was bound by the Hippocratic oath, but why in the world would you keep a secret like that from Jennifer?

Frankie: He made me promise. I tried to convince him to tell her the truth. And now that she knows before... she can be there for him... without feeling guilty or angry at herself or Jack...or me.

Lexie: Do you really think Jack's come to terms with all this? He was so adamant about not telling Jennifer. He just thought that somehow he could beat this.

Frankie: I don't know. I'm pretty sure he's accepted it. You want to hear something really crazy?

Lexie: What?

Frankie: The only reason he told me is because, after he's gone...he wants me to marry Jen and be a father to his kids.

Jack: No, I can't. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: How do you expect me to act? I just found out that my husband is going through one of the most terrible things that a person can face, and he didn't even trust me enough to tell me. You were just gonna fade away. You were gonna go away. You did that when Abby was sick. You never even gave us a chance to say goodbye. You just left Salem.

Jack: No, it's not the same.

Jennifer: No, you're right. It's not the same. Listen, I grieved for you twice. I never thought you were coming back again twice. Everything about our life is a miracle, so how can you give up hope? Tell me -- how can you?

Jack: Jennifer, we are journalists. You and I are journalists. I want you to sit down and think for a minute, as a journalist. Journalists deal with facts. The fact is, there's nothing that can be done for me. I'm not afraid of the dying. I'm not afraid of that. I'm afraid of living -- living long enough to watch you and our kids have to watch me die this slow, withering death.

Jennifer: No, but you don't have to worry about that, Jack. We are not going to let it happen.

Philip: Honey, what's wrong?

Claire: [Crying]

Belle: Shh, sweetheart, it's okay.

Philip: It's fine.

Belle: It's just... it's overwhelming -- how much I love her.

Philip: So these are happy tears.

Belle: Everything just seems really intense right now.

Philip: I know. I know. See, look, she's falling asleep already. You've got the magic touch. [Inhales sharply] Um, you look a little tired yourself. You gotta be hungry, too. You want to sit down?

Belle: Yeah, you too. Are you okay?

Philip: Yeah, I'm fine. How about Chinese food for dinner?

Belle: Sounds good, if she'll let us eat.

Philip: You stay asleep, little princess. Stay asleep. Okay. Uh, you want the usual -- beef with broccoli?

Belle: No, the nurses said broccoli's not good for the baby. Maybe, um...maybe some Szechwan chicken. No, wait, I'm not supposed to have spicy food. Um...

Philip: There's only one way to find out for sure.

Belle: Yeah, well, you're not gonna be the one up with her all night.

Philip: Well, actually, I've thought about that. Whenever you're ready to pump, I want to make bottles for her so I can feed her in the middle of the night. In the meantime, I'm gonna wake up with you, so I'll change her diapers. You can get a little more rest.

Belle: You need your rest. You're still recovering.

Philip: So are you. You have taken such good care of me. It's my turn now. Come on, it's okay.

Belle: What did I do to deserve you two?

Philip: I ask myself the same thing every day.

Mimi: Are you sure this is a special occasion? I mean, it's just mac and cheese.

Shawn D.: Are you kidding me? I have lived with you for how long, and I don't remember you ever, ever cooking. And this will make sure that we remember it as a special occasion. But do I have time to clean up before dinner?

Mimi: Yeah, sure.

Shawn D.: Okay, good. By the way, I -- did you do something to your hair? It looks good. I like it.

Mimi: Thanks. Okay... broil for the last 10 minutes to brown the top. Right, because he likes it extra-crispy. That really wasn't so hard. [Telephone rings] Hello? Yes, Mom, obviously, I'm home. No, I haven't burned the dinner yet. Actually, he brought me a rose. He's not cheap. I don't need two dozen roses, Mother. Besides, I don't think it means anything anyhow. Well, I still can't believe you keep a branding iron and a rope in the trunk of your car. No, I don't want you to bring them over here for me to use on Shawn.

Alex: You...were unfaithful to your husband. Your husband was unfaithful to you. Now, that doesn't sound like the recipe of a perfect marriage to me. Does it to you?

Marlena: No, no, it doesn't.

Alex: John isn't thinking about what's best for you. He's only thinking about what he wants. Now, you be honest -- the more that you are around him, the more you wanted him to leave, didn't you?

Marlena: I guess so. You are the only person I can really trust, aren't you? I know you won't lie to me. I know you won't hurt me. All you want to do is protect me and keep me safe.

Alex: That's right. And as long as you trust me, I will do everything within my power to ensure your happiness.

Marlena: I know. I know. Seems like this treatment is taking kind of a long time. Do you think I'll ever really get my memory back?

Alex: You are a strong, intelligent, vital woman. And even if you never get your memory back, you will still have a full and happy life. Your whole future is in front of you. Let me tell you something -- there are plenty of people out there that would jump at the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over fresh.

Marlena: Of course -- of course, you're right.

Alex: Well, maybe you'll be one of those lucky few that gets a chance to do that.

Kate: It's very gallant of you to try to take the blame for what happened between me and Roman. But I accepted your proposal because I wanted to. And I've come to realize that Roman -- our marriage was doomed from the start. Never mind the DiMeras and what they did. I, um, I underestimated Roman's love for Marlena.

John: The fact is, Roman would still be married to Marlena to this very day if it weren't for the DiMeras. But I think he was moving on. And if tony hadn't shown them that videotape of the two of us, I don't think that they would have gotten together the way they did.

Kate: No, but they -- they did. Roman still loves Marlena. And I also misjudged a parent's ability to overlook a child's flaws.

John: Oh, so we're back to talking about Sami now.

Kate: Yes, yes. Sami. You know, the truth is that Roman loves Sami more than he does me. I mean, that's just kind of simple. It's right there. But the truth is that I care too much for my children to put Sami above them --

John: Kate, Kate, Kate... I understand all that.

Kate: So, um...uh, is Dr. North -- is Dr. North still at the penthouse?

John: Yeah, yeah, he is.

Kate: It is your house.

John: Ah, it was hers first. North keeps telling her that I'm pushing too hard, so when she insisted that I leave, I really wasn't in a position to argue, you know?

Kate: I tell you what -- why don't you move in here? You move in here. We'll team up. We'll come up with a plan. What do you say?

Philip: Hey, is she still asleep?

Belle: Yeah, believe it or not.

Philip: No way. Hello, my lovely. Babies don't get lo mein, but someday, though. I figured I would get quite a bit in case you wanted to have three or four dinners again.

Belle: Yeah, right. I have 15 pounds to lose. Look.

Philip: Are you crazy? You look great. Okay? Anyhow, we'll have a lot of leftovers so we won't have to do any more cooking.

Belle: You know what? I was really in the mood for Chinese, but, honey, it smells kind of weird.

Philip: All right, I smelled that, too. It's not this. It's coming from across the hall. I think Shawn or Mimi must be trying to make dinner.

Belle: Yeah, right. They live on cereal. Shawn messed up soup from a can once 'cause he didn't know you were supposed to add water.

Philip: Well, something's cooking over there. I just hope they know what they're doing.

Mimi: No, I don't think handcuffs are going to light Shawn's fire, either. Actually, handcuffs don't have the best association for either one of us. [Alarm beeping] Oh, my God! No! Dinner's burning. Thanks a lot, Mom. Oh!

Philip: What the hell?

Belle: Oh, my God, Claire. It's coming from Shawn and Mimi's apartment.

Philip: I'll go check it out.

Belle: Philip, be careful.

Philip: I'll be right back. Stay right here.

Belle: Okay. It's okay.

Jack:. I've had a lot more time to get used to this than you have. I have. Jennifer, listen, what -- what you're experiencing right now is the first stage of grief. It's called denial. I was in it. Believe me, I was in it... until Lexie started getting me the fourth, fifth, and sixth opinion, and then the inevitability of it all just sank in. Listen to me. The fact is... we all have to go sometime.

Jennifer: Jack, you had cancer. You beat that. You had a kidney transplant. You walked away from it like nothing ever happened. You have never in your life given up on anything.

Jack: I have wasted so much time, Jennifer. I don't want to waste any more time. I don't want to go in circles around and around about something that we cannot change. Yes, we all should live our lives as if it were our last day. We all should do that. It just so happens that my last day is coming a hell of a lot sooner than we thought.

Shawn D.: No, don't open it. Air's just gonna feed the fire.

Mimi: Be careful! Oh, my God, I can't believe I just did this.

Shawn D.: It's fine. Don't worry about it.

Mimi: Oh! [Screams]

Shawn D.: All right. It's out. The fire's out. Open a window.

Mimi: Okay. You didn't burn yourself, did you?

Shawn D.: No, no, I'm fine.

Philip: Are you guys all right in there?

Mimi: Yeah! Yeah, we're fine! Dinner's not! Dinner is not fine. We are -- hi.

Philip: What's going on?

Mimi: Oh, Shawn's grandma gave me a recipe for one of his favorite meals. She promised me it was bad-cook-proof.

Philip: Oh, my God.

Mimi: But she's never seen me in the kitchen. Oh...

Shawn D.: It's my favorite -- burned macaroni and cheese.

Philip: We got Chinese food. I got enough to feed the building. Be nice to have our daughter's Godparents over on our first night back home.

Shawn D.: Belle and the baby -- they're back already?

Philip: Lexie was going to discharge them tomorrow, but I think Belle got a little stir crazy.

Mimi: You mean it's their first night back from the hospital? The last thing they need is a fire alarm.

Philip: Don't worry about it. I'm gonna tell Belle everything's okay. Just come over whenever the smoke clears, okay?

Shawn D.: Sure, that would be great to see the baby. Um...yeah, thanks. We'll be over in a minute.

Philip: You sure you're okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah, we'll be fine.

Philip: See you over there.

Shawn D.: All right. Wow.

Mimi: You go. I'm just gonna stay here, okay?

Shawn D.: How come?

Mimi: I just don't think I can handle that right now.

Belle: Told you Mimi couldn't cook.

Philip: You were right. She tried to make dinner for Shawn. Hope it works out a little bit better next time.

Belle: [Sighs] Daddy's home. Everything's going to be okay now.

Philip: Yeah. I invited Shawn and Mimi over for dinner.

Belle: What?

Philip: I know you probably wanted to be alone, and so did I, but it felt rude not to.

Belle: No. No, it was really nice of you.

Philip: Honey, what's wrong?

Belle: Oh, nothing. I'm great. This is our whole new life together -- you, me, and the baby. And, you know, being pregnant is one thing. Now that she's home, it's really hitting home. Nothing's ever gonna be the same again.

Philip: No, it's gonna get better every day. Right, sweetheart?

Marlena: Mmm... oh, it's beautiful.

Alex: You certainly are.

John: What would people think if I were to move in here with you?

Kate: Well, in my experience, people think the worst regardless.

John: That's a fact. I'll think about it long and hard. [Breathes deeply] Mm... whoa!

Kate: What?

John: I had no idea that you could see the penthouse from here.

Frankie: Lexie, I totally agree with you. Jack's idea -- it's crazy.

Lexie: Yeah. Look, I realize Jack put you in a pretty untenable position.

Frankie: At first, I was stunned. And then I was just angry for being put in such a horrible position. But...

Lexie: But then you realized you were still in love with Jennifer.

Frankie: I always knew that. I just never dreamt that I would come between her and Jack, not that I ever could. They really love each other.

Lexie: Yes, they do.

Frankie: And it is -- it's killing me to see them go through this. I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm terrified to put my heart on the line again. But with Jack's blessing, if she needs me, I'm gonna be there for her.

Jack: You know, I got this book -- the thousand places you ought to see before you die. And I realized, Jennifer, you and I -- we've been so blessed. We've seen so much, have been so many places. We've even been to islands that aren't on the map, courtesy of DiMera travel. Okay, all right, anyway, when I think about what I'd like to do before I die, there really isn't much. I mean, I think maybe I'd like to try skydiving. I've always been so risk-adverse, but now it doesn't make any difference.

Jennifer: You've never been risk-adverse, Jack. You chased every story, no matter how dangerous it was. We used to do that together. But with the kids, we can't. We can't both abandon our children.

Jack: It's not about abandoning them.

Jennifer: I know, but you want to go skydiving and get killed. Don't you want to spend every minute you can with us?

Jack: No, I -- okay, forget it. Forget the skydiving. Drop it. What I want more than anything is to enjoy my time with you -- just to enjoy my time with you, and I don't want you to think about the time when I won't be here anymore.

Jennifer: I can do that. Actually, it won't be hard at all.

Shawn D.: I know it's hard for you to see Belle and Philip's baby, but if you're gonna keep feeling this way --

Mimi: Every time I look at her, it's just another reminder that I'm never gonna have a child of my own.

Shawn D.: You're gonna have a godchild. But if it's too hard for you, then maybe you shouldn't.

Mimi: Well, maybe you're right. I mean, I did this as a favor to Philip, but I'm not doing a favor to anyone if I'm going to be the worst Godmother ever.

Shawn D.: You are going to be a wonderful Godmother, but if it's too hard for you, then maybe you shouldn't, 'cause too many people don't take it seriously. But I do, and I know you do, too. And, God forbid, anything ever happens to Belle and Philip, we're gonna be responsible for their little girl.

Mimi: Well, when you put it that way, maybe this is the closest I'll ever be to having a family of my own, huh?

Shawn D.: Don't say that.

Mimi: All right. As long as you're there to support me...

Shawn D.: Of course I am.

Mimi: Okay, then I can do it.

Shawn D.: Good. Good. Claire's a lucky girl. So, um...dinner across the hall?

Mimi: Let's go.

Shawn D.: All right. After you.

Mimi: Thank you.

Philip: Hey, come on in.

Shawn D.: I brought some wine. Aunt Maggie gave it to me. She said to save it for a special occasion, so I can't think of anything better than this. Let's see this baby.

Philip: There she is.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Mimi: How are you feeling, Belle? You look great.

Belle: I'm a little tired. You don't get much sleep in the hospital.

Philip: Not that we're gonna get that much more sleep at home.

Mimi: She's beautiful. She really is. You are. You are. You know it, too, don't you?

Belle: Oh, you're so good with her.

Mimi: Well, you know how much I used to babysit Connor.

Shawn D.: I remember when J.T. was this small. Hey, there. She's grabbing my finger just like he did. And he would never...

Mimi: Let it go?

Shawn D.: Yeah. [Laughter]

Mimi: Well, listen, guys, thanks for inviting us. I'm really glad I came.

Philip: Good.

Marlena: Did you just call me beautiful?

Alex: Yes, I did. And why not? You are beautiful, Marlena, both inside and out. You're caring. You're intelligent. You're perceptive. You're vital.

Marlena: [Chuckles]

Alex: What is it?

Marlena: Just, ooh... too many compliments. I don't deserve that.

Alex: Of course you do. Now, then, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? Ah, yes, you're compassionate. You're loving.

Marlena: Stop. You have to stop. I'm thoroughly embarrassed.

Alex: Ah, all right, I'll stop...but on one condition.

Kate: [Scoffs] I never realized you could see the penthouse from here, but, you know, they tore down the old Madison Hotel a couple of weeks ago, so there it is, clear as a bell.

John: I think I can see Alex and Marlena out on the balcony. Wonder what they're up to.

Kate: I'm sure I have a pair of binoculars around here somewhere.

Philip: Shawn, what do you say your pour that wine?

Belle: None for me -- I'm nursing.

Philip: That's right. None for me, either, then.

Belle: You don't have to not drink.

Philip: It's not a good idea with my meds anyway. It's okay.

Shawn D.: All right.

Belle: Thank you.

Philip: Thank you.

Mimi: Sure.

Philip: I'd like to make a toast.

Mimi: All right.

Philip: To good friends, long, fulfilling lives, loving relationships, and beautiful, healthy children.

Kate: Here you go.

John: Thank you. I don't believe it.

Marlena: Well...dancing with you is not a very difficult condition to meet.

Alex: Well, I'm glad to hear that. It's something I've wanted to do with you for a very long time. I do hope that you're not finding this too uncomfortable.

Marlena: No, not at all. Mmm... I feel very safe and comfortable in your arms.

John: What the hell is North up to?

Kate: Well, I know you're probably already thinking this but it's pretty obvious that Dr. North wants Marlena all to himself.

John: Yeah, it does.

Kate: Well, she is in a vulnerable position right now. You're not there. He probably thinks no one's going to stop him from getting what he wants.

Frankie: Why do you think it's been so many years since I visited my family?

Lexie: Jennifer. Why'd you come back now?

Frankie: Well, my brother Max was here, and... at least, that's the excuse I gave myself. I'm gonna be honest. I wanted to see her. She's the best friend I've ever had. I knew she was madly in love with Jack and happy with her family. I just guess I needed to see it to put my feelings behind me once and for all and get on with my own life, you know?

Lexie: And now?

Frankie: Everything's changed. Look, I'm glad that she knows, for her sake and Jack's. I don't know what's gonna happen, Lexie. But whatever does, I -- I don't want it to start with a lie.

Lexie: Yeah. So, what are you going to do now that Jennifer knows the truth?

Frankie: All I can do is support them any way I can.

Jack: It won't be hard to forget that I'm dying?

Jennifer: No. No, it won't be because it isn't going to happen. You aren't. Jack, I know in my heart that it isn't true.

Jennifer: You are not going to die. I won't let you, Jack.

Victor: How long has Lucas been working at Alice's?

Kate: Damn Sami. I am not going to let her drive him back to the bottle.

Sami: What? What? What do you want?

Nicole: Austin.

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