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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/29/05 - Canada; Friday 9/30/05 - U.S.A.


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Billie: Recklessly, and that's stupid. We don't want you killing yourself or someone else. We're worried about you.

Chelsea: Yeah, and I'm worried about you -- like how you could have such a stupid daughter.

Hope: Chelsea, obviously you're upset about something, honey. So, why don't you just tell us what it is?

Chelsea: It's her. She's ruining my life. I can't stand it. I can't stand her.

Philip: I still can't believe she's ours.

Belle: I know. She's been so good. She's hardly cried at all. When I fed her, she fell right to sleep. I know that's gonna change in a couple weeks.

Philip: She's our little angel. I can't wait to take her home.

Belle: Oh, my God, Philip. We don't even have a crib for her -- no diapers, no changing table. I didn't even get her anything to put her in to take her home.

Philip: But we didn't have time. Your shower wasn't supposed to be till next month. I don't want you to worry about it. By the time both of you come home, I'll have it all taken care of.

Belle: Okay. But you're not leaving this room until we come up with a name for this baby. I don't want her birth certificate to say "Baby K."

Philip: It was hard enough to get to three names. We have Claire -- elegant. Meg is cute. And Hillary is fun. I think she's gonna be all three. Why don't we just give her two middle names? At this point, let's just do eenie, meenie, miney, Moe. I was just kidding. I was just kidding. Do you have a favorite?

Belle: Yes, I do. Of course. Don't you?

Philip: Yeah. But what if it's not the same as yours? I know we're supposed to compromise, but I don't think we should compromise when it comes to our baby's name, right?

Belle: Here's a thought. Why don't you write yours down, and I'll write mine down? And then we won't influence each other, and maybe we won't even have to compromise.

Philip: We can do that.

Belle: Okay. We're gonna get you a name.

Philip: This is gonna be fun. Here you go. Don't show me. Let's see. Got it?

Belle: I got it.

Philip: Let me see.

Belle: Okay.


Philip: Excellent.

Belle: I knew we would pick the same name.

Philip: Hey, sweetheart. You have a name. Claire Kiriakis.

Belle: Oh! Hi, Claire. I love you so much. She's like her own little person, Philip. She's just the cutest, the sweetest, the best baby.

Philip: And now with the cutest name.

Belle: Well, good. Now I can cross that off my list.

Philip: Well, it is a rather long list. My Lord.

Belle: Well, yeah, 'cause we still have to order birth announcements. We have to call the pediatrician. We have to get her social security card. We need to call Fr. Jansen and schedule her christening, which brings me to one more decision that we have to make. Who do we want her Godparents to be?

Mimi: [Laughing] Oh, God, who would have thought this evening would have turned out so well?

Shawn D.: I doubt Sami and Lucas are having much fun.

Mimi: Well, I am -- good food, good music, good company. For a canceled wedding reception, I'm having a blast, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Yeah, and on top of it, we never had to do the chicken dance.

Mimi: Yeah, or suffer through another bouquet and garter toss.

Shawn D.: We're done with that. You caught Chloe's bouquet. I caught the garter. I think you only have to do that once in your life.

Mimi: Thanks to my mom shoving us. Could she have been more obvious? And then she was acting like we were automatically meant to get married to each other.


Shawn D.: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Mm, excuse me. Can I get another one of these guys? Thanks. Mmm. What?

Austin: Nothing.

Nicole: Nothing what? What? Please, you were gonna get on my case again about my drinking, right?

Austin: No, I wasn't gonna say a word. But since you brought it up, I don't think you need another martini.

Nicole: I absolutely need another martini...badly.

Austin: It's a crutch.

Nicole: What? It is not a crutch, Austin. I've had a really horrible year this year, okay? If you have six or seven hours to hear me out, well, then, I will tell you. That is, if you're interested.

Austin: Oh, I'm interested. But can you give me the abridged version?


Nicole: Yes, I can do that. But we are not going to change the subject, because you still have to answer my question. Do you still have feelings for me?

Austin: Oh, of course I do. I also still have feelings for Sami.

Nicole: Sami.

Kate: I wouldn't do that if I were you, unless you want to spend your wedding night in jail.

Sami: It'd be worth it.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Nicole: Okay, um... when you say you have feelings for me, do you care to elaborate?

Austin: Well, I guess you're not interested in my feelings for Sami.

Nicole: If you're still in love with her, no, I'm not.

Austin: You know, I forgot how direct you could be. I'm not gonna let you put me on the spot. I will tell you this much -- I did think about calling you more than once from New York.

Nicole: Why didn't you?

Austin: You married Victor.

Nicole: Oh, yeah.

Austin: Okay, all right, I called you once when I heard he died.

Nicole: I didn't get the message.

Austin: I didn't leave one.

Nicole: Why?

Austin: If you had been home, we could have talked. But, I mean, after all that time to just leave a message...

Nicole: Okay, I see.

Austin: But here we are now. So, get me up to speed. What's happening in your life?

Nicole: Well, uh, let's see. Absolutely nothing good.

Austin: Nothing? Not even just a little bit of good?

Nicole: No, Austin. My life is a catastrophe. Um, Victor came back from the dead, and then he dumped me. And then he threw me out without a dime to my name. And then Brady married Chloe, and he doesn't want anything to do with me, either. Let's see. I lost my job. What else? Oh, hi. Thanks. You're a peach. Do you mind? Thanks. Yes! Oh, where was I?

Austin: You're out of work.

Nicole: Yeah. No job, no money. No money, no house, and nobody cares, really.

Austin: Put the glass down.

Nicole: Mnh-mnh. No way, Austin. This seems to be my only friend.

Austin: I'm a better friend. Come on, let's dance.

Nicole: [Chuckles] You're kidding, right? You want to dance with me?

Austin: Oh, I'm sorry -- unless you want to sit here drowning your sorrows.

Nicole: No, lead the way.

Austin: Let's go.

Nicole: Okay.

Sami: I'm not gonna kill you, Kate, because I would have to touch you to do it. And just the thought of it makes my skin crawl.

Kate: [Laughs] Oh, you really could be a more gracious loser, Sami. You haven't even congratulated me yet.

Sami: The only thing you will ever get from me is my eternal hatred.

Kate: It really kills you, doesn't it? It kills you that I've beaten you..

Sami: You think you've beaten me?

Kate: Oh, yeah, I think I've beaten you. I've stopped you from marrying my son, not just once but twice. I win.

Sami: This isn't some kind of game. You've lost Lucas, too, and he is going to make sure that you never see Will again. Not that Will would want to. My father is divorcing you. And your ex-lover, John -- he wants my mom, not you.

Kate: Don't worry about me.

Sami: I can't help but worry, Kate, because you are a bitter and miserable woman. And now you're going to be a bitter and miserable lonely woman.

Kate: You know, I have to agree with you about one thing. I did -- I paid a high price to keep you out of my family. And despite all that pain, I would gladly do it all over again.

Sami: Because you're crazy!

Kate: No! No. Because, unlike you, I can put others before myself because I understand that real love requires sacrifice. And that's a word that you don't even know the meaning of.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Kate: Eventually, everyone's going to realize that what I did, I did for the benefit of Lucas -- Lucas and Will. And if they're suffering now, it's because of you. It's because of your alliance -- your alliance with Tony, because you had to dress up like Stan to wreak havoc on half of Salem.

Sami: And we both know why I did that, don't we, Kate?

Kate: Are you gonna blame me that?

Sami: You're damn right I am! Because you drugged me and Brandon, and you made Lucas think that -- you made Lucas think that we had cheated on him. You know, he was devastated. But you didn't care because you were thrilled. If it hadn't been for you and your disgusting plot, I would be happily married right now, and I would never have fallen for Tony and his tricks to get me to hurt people as Stan. That is all on your head. And everybody knows it. I don't call that a victory.

Philip: Godparents -- here we go again. There's so many choices.

Belle: I know. I was thinking about maybe asking Brady, but --

Philip: Yeah, but Brady's on his honeymoon for who knows how long.

Belle: Well, what about Lucas?

Philip: Yeah, he's a great father.

Belle: Yeah, but it might get awkward with my sister, though.

Philip: Honey, you're not thinking about asking Sami, are you?

Belle: Oh, heavens no.

Philip: Okay, good.

Belle: Sami is a good mom. She loves will. She tries hard. But she's just not the example I want for my daughter.

Philip: No, not exactly for mine, either.

Belle: [Laughs] What about Billie?

Philip: We have to think about it.

Claire: [Crying]

Belle: Oh, well, we'll think about it while I feed the baby.

Philip: Feeding time again, huh? Is there anything I can get you?

Belle: Actually, I'm still starving, but I don't want hospital food. I want something from the vending machines -- sort of healthy, like trail mix or something.

Philip: Whoa, the mother of my child is not having trail mix for dinner.

Belle: There's nothing else open this late.

Philip: I'll take care of it. You feed her. I'll feed you.

Belle: Really?

Philip: Mm-hmm. And you enjoy your dinner, too.

Belle: Say, "bye, daddy."

Philip: Be right back.

Belle: Okay.

Mimi: Um, don't take what I just said the wrong way -- about the whole marriage thing. I just meant that my mom --

Shawn D.: Oh, I know your mom.

Mimi: Everybody knows my mom.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Besides, you and I have been friends forever.

Mimi: Right.

Shawn D.: I mean, you and I as a couple -- could we be this, you know, relaxed or, you know, having as good a time as we are if we were dating?

Mimi: Yeah, good point.

Shawn D.: Dating. Dating -- like either one of us are ready for that.

Mimi: Yeah. And even if we are -- or when we are -- dating, um, dating pretty much sucks, you know, until you find the right person and you start feeling comfortable with them.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I guess so.

Mimi: Making conversation and long silences, both people trying too hard.. I guess we've never really been there. You've always been with Belle, and I've always been with.... no one.

Shawn D.: See? No. You're wrong. There's...

Mimi: Oh, Kevin. Kevin. [Laughing] Kevin. Kevin and I, you know, we never, uh, really got past that whole awkward phase. And then I started seeing Rex, and that was a whole different ball game.

Waiter: Pardon me for interrupting. From Mr. Horton.

Shawn D.: Oh.

Mimi: Oh. That's lovely.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Waiter: It's on the house.

Shawn D.: Even better.

Mimi: That's very nice of him.

Waiter: It's from the canceled wedding reception.

Shawn D.: Well, uh, please tell Mr. Horton thank you from both of us.

[Cork pops]

Mimi: Thank you.

Waiter: Mm-hmm.

Shawn D.: All right. Thank you.

Mimi: Thank you so much. Well, what do we toast to?

Shawn D.: To you and me -- friends forever.

Hope: Don't you think you're being a little harsh?

Chelsea: No.

Hope: Chelsea...Billie's your mother. She's really concerned about you.

Chelsea: Well, surprise, surprise. You hate her guts, and you're still taking her side.

Hope: It's hard for all of us to believe that you would be so reckless behind the wheel of a car, especially with what happened to your parents.

Chelsea: My parents weren't speeding. They were killed by a drunk driver..

Hope: I'm sorry. I -- I... I never should have brought that up. I'm sorry. It's just --

Chelsea: It's just that you don't like me very much. And I know exactly why. Because your husband is my father, and you can't stand the fact that he had a child with another woman.

Hope: That is not true.

Chelsea: I didn't expect you to admit it.

Hope: As you know, Billie and I don't always agree. But in this case, I do believe she's right.

Billie: That's right. We are talking to you for your own good, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Why are you all ganging up on me?

Bo: Chelsea, we're not.

Chelsea: Just leave me alone, okay?

Billie: Chelsea...

Hope: Chelsea...

Bo: Hey, Billie?

Billie: What?

Bo: Let me go after her. Maybe she won't be so defensive if she feels like we're not ganging up on her.

Bo: Chelsea...

Chelsea: I don't need another lecture.

Bo: Won't get one from me.

Chelsea: Promise?

Bo: Sure.

Chelsea: Fine.

Bo: You want to tell me what's got you so upset? I'd like to help you, but I -- I can't do that unless I know what's wrong.

Hope: I'm sorry if I made things worse. You okay?

Billie: Yeah. Thanks for backing me up.

Hope: I backed you up because I thought you were right.

Billie: [Sighs] One minute, things are going great with Chelsea. We're sitting down. We're having a normal conversation. Things are peachy. And the next minute, she's angry at me for some reason, and she runs away. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Hope: Welcome to the life with a teenager.

Billie: How'd you survive it?

Hope: It was difficult. It's tough. Kids Chelsea's age -- they can be moody. Trying to spread their wings, find their independence, and at the same time, they're figuring out that the world can actually be a scary place.

Billie: So, how do you do it? How do you find the balance?

Hope: It's tough because what works for one kid may not work for the other. I mean, God knows Bo and I have definitely had our share of problems with Shawn, that's for sure. And I can only imagine they must be twice as hard when you're doing it alone.

Chelsea: All you and Billie do is criticize me.

Bo: I'm sorry if it seems that way.

Chelsea: You don't like the way I dress. You don't like who I go out with. You don't like the way I drive.

Bo: We want you to be safe because we care about you.

Chelsea: You don't even know me. I just found out that you and Billie were my birth parents. We have no history. And to have you guys suddenly be up in my face all the time, it's just too much.

Bo: Yeah, well, this is quite an adjustment for all of us involved. And, yes, you're not a kid anymore. But even though you're 18, it doesn't mean you can't use a little guidance every now and then.

Chelsea: I guess.

Bo: Okay. So, why don't you tell me what you and Billie were talking about when you got upset and jumped in the car and sped off?

Chelsea: We were talking about what Sami said to me at her wedding, or her non-wedding.

Bo: What did she say?

Chelsea: She called me a whore.

Bo: She actually said that?

Chelsea: And she also said that I was following the family tradition, because Billie and grandma Kate were both whores, too.

Bo: [Sighs] I'm sorry you had to hear that. But you've been around enough to know that Sami's in no position to judge anyone.

Chelsea: Except she was right. Grandma Kate and Billie were know. Billie admitted it.

Bo: Must have been quite a shock to hear something like that.

Chelsea: Well, yeah.

Bo: Chelsea...

Chelsea: Anyway, after Billie told me about her and grandma Kate's wonderful past, I started thinking. Maybe it does run in the family.

Bo: No, that's not -- look, you're gonna make mistakes. We all make them.. But they'll be your own mistakes. It's good that Billie told you. I mean, it's good that you first heard it from her.

Chelsea: Except I didnít. Sami told me first. And if she hadn't, I bet you Billie never would have even said a word.

Bo: No, no. I'm sure she would have preferred to tell you in her own time and space, but she wouldn't have kept it from you. Listen, Billie did a lot of things when she was young that she's not proud of, but she's a good person, and she's worked very hard to become the woman that she is now. And she doesn't want you to make the same mistakes she's made. She's trying to protect you.

Chelsea: I don't need protecting.

Bo: You might not think you do, but --

Chelsea: I need Billie to stop butting in my life.

Kate: Look in the mirror. Just look in the mirror. Look at yourself. You are one mean, vindictive creature who hurts everyone you come in contact with.

Sami: Oh, you're so full of it.

Kate: Am I? What about Chelsea? How many times have you talked to Chelsea? What, once? And still you found reason to call her a whore. A young girl -- you don't even know her. But because she's my grandchild, you have to find a reason to hurt her. Are you proud of yourself?

Sami: I feel sorry for her. She's a Brady, so she could have had a chance, except for that she's related to you. So you're probably gonna ruin her life, just like you have Lucas and Will.

Kate: Oh, well, Lucas is gonna have every chance at happiness. Believe me. Once he gets over you, he's gonna find a woman worthy of his love.

Sami: His getting over me isn't gonna be as easy as you might think.

Kate: We'll see about that.

Sami: What are you gonna do, Kate -- buy him another $5-million bride? But if you spend a little more money, you might get a woman that you think is worthy of him. We all know how that deal with Nicole worked out, don't we, Kate? Every time you think you're helping him, all you do is hurt him. I was good for Lucas. And he was good for me. Damn you, listen to me! You listen to me! Our love was the real thing, Kate. It was the real deal.

Kate: [Scoffs] You really are crazy, aren't you? Crazy. You and Nicole were the worst things that ever happened to Lucas or Austin. And if either one of you ever, ever tries to get near them again, I swear to you, I --

Sami: What? You'll do what?

Kate: You know something? I'm not gonna have to do anything, because there is no way in hell that either of them would ever have anything to do with you or Nicole.

Nicole: [Chuckles] So, is this what you do -- cheer up down-on-their-luck women?

Austin: Well, if you're feeling better, I'm glad. But maybe I needed cheering up, too.

Nicole: What? Don't tell me you're down on your luck, too.

Austin: No, no, but I don't get out much. My social life has been very quiet.

Nicole: Get out! That is not the Austin I remember.

Austin: People change. I've become quite a workaholic.

Nicole: Wow, you have changed.

Austin: That's what I'm telling you.

Nicole: Yeah. I don't -- I still can't believe it. You must have a bunch of women waiting for you in New York.

Austin: Well, I'm not saying I live like a monk. I got out, but, you know... you know, just no one special.

Nicole: Why not? I mean, New York's filled with the most beautiful women in the world.

Austin: No question. Trouble is, I left my heart here in Salem.

Mimi: You know, I kind of feel guilty.

Shawn D.: About what?

Mimi: I mean, this champagne -- it was meant to be for Sami's reception.

Shawn D.: You didn't feel guilty earlier today when we drank her other bottle of champagne.

Mimi: Hmm... well, shouldn't we at least make her a toast or something? To hoping that one day she finds happiness.

Shawn D.: You're being way too forgiving. You're forgetting that she was Stan. And I doubt that she will ever have any sort of happiness unless she has a personality transplant.

Mimi: Well, I don't know. I just still feel a little sorry for her. Is that crazy?

Shawn D.: Part of me does, too. She's had God-awful luck when it comes to men and marriage. But you're obviously a better person than I am.

Mimi: Not really. All right, well, if Sami's a helpless case, why don't we make another toast? To ourselves -- that we find happiness.

Shawn D.: I like the way you think. To us -- second chances... that we find --

Mimi: And keep.

Shawn D.: Find and keep true love.

Nicole: So, um, I have to ask. When you said you left your heart in Salem, were you talking about Sami or someone else?

Philip: Hey. Look who's here.

Austin: Holy cow.

Philip: Get over here. How you doing?

Austin: Wow. It's good to see you.

Philip: Nicole, I'd like just a minute with my brother. Why don't you go get yourself another drink?

Nicole: Yeah. Sure.

Austin: I'll see you in a minute, okay?

Philip: I heard you were coming to the wedding, but then I didn't see you at the church.

Austin: My plane was delayed, but as it turned out, it didn't matter much.

Philip: So you know what happened.

Austin: I heard about it.

Philip: I guess you're not surprised.

Austin: Let's talk about you. I hear you got a lot to celebrate. Marrying Belle and now you have a new baby girl.

Philip: It doesn't get any better than this for me right now.

Austin: No, it doesnít. You really deserve it, you know? You do. And I'm really sorry about your...

Philip: About my leg.

Austin: Yeah, that had to have been hell. But look at you -- you're getting along great.

Philip: I got pretty lucky for that one, too. My injury was below the knee, which is a big deal. I have a prosthetic now. I'm not quite ready for the basketball court, but you can bet I will be soon. How long are you in town?

Austin: I don't really know.

Philip: You gotta come to the hospital and see Belle and meet the baby.

Austin: You couldn't keep me away. So, is she as beautiful as her mother?

Philip: She's beautiful. Just less hair. Speaking of Belle, I gotta go. I came to get her food, and I gotta get back to her.

Austin: Oh, yeah, that's why you're here. Okay.

Philip: And I'm glad I ran in to you because I want to tell you something before I go.

Austin: About Nicole?

Philip: I'm not gonna tell you what to do. I just hope you know better -- do not get involved with that woman.

Austin: Don't worry about me.

Philip: Of course I'm gonna worry about you. You're my brother. You told her you left your heart in Salem. Who were you talking about?

Austin: Well, I see I'm gonna have to be careful about what I say around here.

Philip: It's not like I was eavesdropping.

Austin: I know you werenít.

Philip: You're not gonna tell me, are you?

Austin: No, I'm not gonna tell you anything.

Philip: I won't push. Just promise me we're gonna catch up, all right?

Austin: Absolutely. I'm really happy for you. Give Belle my best.

Philip: I will. I will. Come on, come meet the baby soon, okay?

Austin: You got it.

Philip: You be careful.

Nicole: [Sighs] Who was Austin talking about when he said he left his heart in Salem? And where the hell are Kate and Sami? I was counting on some fireworks. And with my luck, they probably killed each other, and I missed the whole thing.


Kate: What the hell are you doing here, anyway? What, did you forget the wedding reception was canceled because there wasn't a wedding?

Sami: No, I didn't forget.

Kate: What do I care, anyway? Dine alone.

Sami: What makes you think I'm alone?

Kate: After your humiliation today, I can't imagine you'd be able to scrounge up a dinner partner, Sami.

Hope: More coffee?

Billie: No, thank you.

Hope: I'm sure it's gotta be tough being a single mother.

Billie: Well, that's what I am.

Hope: But you're not alone. Bo is going to be involved in every aspect of helping to raise Chelsea. And that's good -- for you and for Chelsea.

Billie: Thank you for saying that.

Hope: Billie, it's hard enough to deal with a teenager you've raised from birth and when they haven't gone through what Chelsea's gone through. Bo is going to help you. And if you'll let me, I'd like to help as well. Teenagers take all their frustrations out on their parents -- trust me.

Billie: I know. It still hurts.

Hope: And, believe me, they know it.

Billie: See, the thing is, I don't want to come down too hard on her. But I don't want her to run around wild, either. I need to teach her responsibility.

Hope: And because I'm sure you want to make up for lost time, you're going to be tempted to do too much, spend too much, give her too much.

Billie: I know, and I can't let that happen, because then she'll never learn the value of anything.

Hope: I'm not really talking about you. I'm talking about your mother. You need to stop her from spoiling Chelsea.

Billie: Hope, I already talked to my mother about it -- a lot of good it did. Did you see the getup that she bought Chelsea -- that dress she came down in? My G-- although you and I would have killed for a dress like that when we were 18. All right, maybe it was just me. Anyway, the point is, we turned out okay. And Chelsea is gonna be okay because she is a good kid.

Hope: Chelsea has had an awful lot to deal with for a girl her age.

Billie: Yeah. Exactly. But we are not gonna give up. And I think that is gonna make all the difference in the world.

Chelsea: Okay, here's the deal. Women don't like me very much.

Bo: Why do you say that?

Chelsea: Because they donít. Billie doesnít. Hope doesnít.

Bo: Chelsea, you're wrong.

Chelsea: You know I'm not. But I'm not about to change the way I am just to make them happy.

Bo: I hear you.

Chelsea: Some days, I feel like everything's gonna be okay. But then there's other days I just feel like sitting in bed and pulling the covers up over my face.

Bo: We all have days like that, believe me.

Chelsea: When I won that car, it was like, finally, something good happened to me. I had freedom. I had independence. And it sucked that the car insurance cost me so much, but I'm glad I got it. Now I don't have money for gas. Billie doesn't understand that I feel like I'm trapped. And I'm not about to ask her for money.

Bo: Why not?

Chelsea: Because she'd never let me forget about it. I don't want to have to owe her anything.

Bo: Okay, so, this is about money. I can give you some to tide you over.

Chelsea: You will?

Bo: Yeah. How much do you need?

Chelsea: Well, that's the thing. It's kind of a lot. I mean, this new job I'm starting at Basic Black means I'm gonna be needing a lot of new stuff -- like the kind of conservative clothing you'd wear to the office.

Bo: Okay. Tell you what -- I'll give you some money. You can go out and buy yourself some new clothes, fill up your gas tank, and if you have any left over, go out and have some fun.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Bo: But do me one favor, okay? Try to get along with your mom a little better. She loves you. And this is all new to her, too.

Chelsea: Okay, I'll try to be nicer.

Bo: It means a lot to me. I'm sure it means a lot to her, too.

Chelsea: Thanks, dad.

Shawn D.: You want to dance?

Mimi: Again? Sure. I'd love to.

[Cellphone rings] Go ahead.

Shawn D.: Are you sure?

Mimi: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Hello? Uh, yeah. Yeah, no problem. We're on our way. That was Philip. He wants us to head over to the hospital right now.

Mimi: He didn't say why?

Shawn D.: No, but it sounded very important.

Nicole: Hey, so, um... I'm glad you and Philip had a chance to catch up.

Austin: So much has happened since the last time I saw him.

Nicole: Yeah. You know, that's the thing about life around here -- nothing is dull in Salem.

Austin: He married Belle, went off to war, lost a leg. Now he's home, and he and Belle have a baby girl. It's amazing how much can happen when you're not looking.

Nicole: Yeah. I'm sure you also heard that half the people in Salem died, and then they all came back to life. And I wish some of them stayed dead.

Sami: I hate to disappoint you, Kate, but I am not here alone.

Kate: [Chuckles] Well, it must be some kind of desperate lowlife, 'cause I can't imagine any kind of decent person wanting to be with you.

Sami: Wow, Kate. You're in for quite a shock.

Austin: I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Brady.

Nicole: Oh, just chalk up another disaster of the heart for yours truly. Listen, Austin, Sami's not the only one in this town who can't get it right when it comes to men.

Kate: Austin? You're here.

Austin: Mom, you know what? I finally made it.

Kate: Honey, oh! Oh, it's so good to see you.

Austin: You too.

Kate: What are you doing here with her?

Nicole: Hey, I just stopped by to say hi.

Kate: Oh, well, now that I'm here, you can say goodbye.

Nicole: Huh?

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Billie: How did it go?

Bo: Good. Good. Everything's good.

Billie: You talked to her?

Bo: Yeah, and she even listened. I think things are gonna be better.

Hope: Just like that?

Bo: Well, Hope, she's a good kid. She just needs someone to talk to.

Billie: Wait a minute -- she wouldn't talk to me.

Bo: Don't take this the wrong way, but I think she has an easier time talking to her dad.

Billie: Well, don't take this the wrong way, but what teenage girl wants to confide in her father?

Bo: Chelsea. She said she had a hard time relating to you guys.

Chelsea: Max, hey, I'm glad I caught you. Are you busy? Good. Meet me at the Craze, that club downtown. I've got plenty of cash, and I'm ready to party.

 [Both chuckle]

Mimi: What's wrong?

Shawn D.: Are you and the baby all right?

Belle: We're both fine.

Shawn D.: Philip told us to get over here right away.

Philip: I'm sorry you thought something was wrong. Belle and I were anxious to see you. We have a favor to ask you.

Mimi: What kind of favor?

Philip: Well, one that we're hoping you'll say yes to. Tell them, hon. Go ahead.

Belle: Okay, well, it would mean a lot to Philip and me if you both would do us the honor of being our daughter's Godparents.

Austin: Mom, there is no reason to be rude to Nicole, okay?

Nicole: It's okay, Austin. I should be going anyway. I am sure you and your mother have a lot of catching up to do. [Chuckles] I'll be in touch. Good night, Kate.

Kate: Good night, Nicole.

Nicole: Good night.

Kate: Oh, I can't believe you're here. I can't believe you're here. You couldn't have come at a better time. There's so much to fill you in on.

Austin: Yeah, I hear it's been a day.

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, it was a day from hell. But it's a thousand times better now. It really is. We can have dinner. We can relax. We can talk.

Austin: No, I'm sorry, mom. I can't tonight.

Kate: Why? Why not?

Austin: Well, I'm here with someone.

Kate: Who? [Laughs] Are you seeing someone in New York? Why didn't you tell me that you were bringing her? I just assumed you were going to be here alone.

Austin: Mom...

Kate: So, who is she?

Sami: It's me.

Kate: I am begging you -- leave her here. Come home with me. You know that is the right thing to do.

Belle: The way you're looking at her -- you have the exact same expression on your face that Philip had.

Bo: Chelsea needed some money.

Hope: How much did you give her?

Bo: 250 bucks.

Billie: My God! That's Chelsea! She lied to me.

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