Days Transcript Tuesday 9/27/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/27/05 - Canada; Wednesday 9/28/05 - U.S.A.


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Mimi: Shawn, come on. We were on our way home.

Shawn D.: It was before I knew she was in the hospital.

Mimi: What did you think Lexie was going to do? Send her home? Belle had her baby in the bride's room at the church. Of course they're going to take her to the hospital, just to get them both cleaned up and get the baby registered. Why are you torturing yourself like this?

Shawn D.: I just want to make sure she's all right.

Mimi: We saw them right after the baby was born. Everybody was doing fine. Why can't you just leave that family alone?


Belle: I can't believe I ate two dinners and two desserts. I was starving.

Philip: Well, you've earned it. Having a baby is hard work.

Lucas: Yeah, especially the way you did it.

Victor: It's a miracle she's all right. Lexie says she's doing very well for a premie.

Belle: We're so lucky. She's pretty feisty, too.

Philip: She takes after mom.

Belle: I hope she takes after you.

Philip: She was just born, and we're already figuring out what she's gonna be like, what she's gonna be interested in.

Victor: She'll let you know. And she'll never stop surprising you, either. Remember, they're born with a personality all their own. And whatever you might think you want for them, they may have a very different opinion. And if she takes after her father, you'll know that very quickly.

Philip: Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.

Victor: You'll figure it out.

Philip: I learned from the best, dad.

Victor: I'm very proud of you.

Philip: I'm proud of her. She was just born, and all she's done is eat and sleep and cry, I think.

Victor: Well, if you think you're proud of her now, wait till she beats up her first boy.



Lucas: Oh, look out.

Victor: Seriously, I couldn't be happier for the two of you. And I promise I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, my opinions to myself, and just enjoy her.

Lucas: Well, I'm not gonna keep my opinions to myself. You guys are really doing it right. You are. You're happy, and you're married. You're giving her the right kind of start in life. Her parents aren't insane.

Belle: Come on, Lucas. Will's a great kid no matter what Sami's done. I'm really sorry about today. I don't know what's gotten into her.

Lucas: Thank God you guys gave us something to celebrate today. I just hope with everything that happened and the stress, I hope that didn't make you go into labor.

Philip: No, I'm just glad you had a couple doctors on the guest list. And I'm sorry, too. What Sami did was unforgivable. But to be honest with you, I'm really angry with mom. I mean, she didn't have to show up dressed like Stan and embarrass everyone like that. It's ridiculous.

Lucas: Sure she did. She had to have a little fun with it. She wanted to humiliate Sami the same way Sami humiliated her at my birthday party. It was just payback, man. Mom knew I'd leave Sami at the altar.

Philip: I'm wondering what's going to happen to her because of all the crimes she committed as Stan.

Lucas: I don't know, and I don't care. Sami's out of my life for good, and so is mom.


Nicole: Oh! Kate! Hmm. Congratulations.

Kate: Yes, well, thank you. I'm very happy about my new granddaughter.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, that, too, but I was talking about Sami. You finally got her, huh?

Kate: Yeah, I did. I have to admit, it felt pretty damn good.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I'm really happy for you. But, you know, I have this really weird feeling that what you've done's gonna come back and bite you in the ass.


Woman: Oh, here comes the bride, all dressed in white. Hey, there's something wrong with this picture. I know! I haven't seen you in a month of sundays, have I? You're, um... you're...

Austin: Austin Reed.

Woman: That's it -- Austin Reed. Ah! This is a shocker! Congratulations, Stephanie.

Sami: Sami.

Woman: I don't believe it, Pammy. The two of you finally ended up getting married after all.



Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Mimi: [Sighs] Shawn, you just made yourself a promise to let Belle go -- respect her marriage, her child, and her commitment to Philip, and you've already broken it.

Shawn D.: I'm not going to interfere, but just because we can't be together doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop caring about her.


Lucas: You know what? I don't want to talk about Sami. I don't want to talk about mom. All we should concentrate on right now is this beautiful baby girl right here.

Victor: Lucas is right. This is the greatest day of your life. You should take it all in so you remember it forever.

Belle: Well, it's been pretty memorable so far.

Philip: It's been memorable? It's been terrifying. I thought I was gonna lose you -- both of you. I was thinking I would give anything to make sure you're all right.

Victor: Of course you would have. And that's the kind of love that you'll carry forever. There's no bond like the bond between a father and a daughter.

Shawn D.: Hi.

Belle: Hey, Shawn.

Shawn D.: I just want to make sure you and your baby are all right.

Belle: We're doing very well. Thank you.

Shawn D.: Even though the baby was early?

Philip: She's perfect, actually. You wouldn't believe what she went through to get here, but she's okay.

Shawn D.: Was there a problem?

Philip: Yeah, there was, actually. During delivery, she turned herself upside down, and, um, I guess it's just like my dad says, they all come in with their own opinions. Um...but since we weren't in a hospital, there was a chance that we could lose the baby and Belle. But thanks to Marlena, everything worked out perfectly. Belle and I have a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl. Do you want to see her?

Belle: You, too, Meems. Come say hi.

Philip: Yeah, come on.

Shawn D.: Wow, she's -- you got a beautiful girl there.

Mimi: Yeah, congratulations to both of you.

Philip: Thanks, you guys.

Mimi: Well, Shawn and I don't want to be in your way. We should probably go.

Philip: All right, well, thanks for stopping by. We appreciate it.

Shawn D.: Before we go, there's something I'd like to say.


Kate: Now, why would this possibly blow up in my face, Nicole?

Nicole: Because Lucas and Roman will never speak to you again. They can't deny the fact that Sami was the bastard Stan, but they're gonna hate you even more for the way you exposed her -- in church on your son's wedding day.

Kate: Yeah, well, we'll see about that.

Nicole: Look, don't get me wrong, Kate. Getting Sami was brilliant! Now I understand why you threw me out of your hotel suite when the disguise arrived.

Kate: Yeah, I didn't want the surprise to get out.

Nicole: Oh, you know, I just -- I wish I could be a part of it. But either way, Sami and Lucas are finally history.

Kate: Yep, and you're history, too.

Nicole: What the hell are you talking about?

Kate: We were a team for around a second, but make no mistake about it, there is no constructive reason for our relationship to go any further.

Nicole: You ungrateful bitch.

Kate: [Scoffs] I rest my case.


Austin: Sami and I did not get married.

Woman: Oh, oh, oh. You're about to get married. Hey, it's bad luck to see the bride on her wedding day.

Austin: No, it's not that, either.

Woman: Oh. Oh, I remember. You were gonna marry Lucas Roberts who lives right over there. Will is you illegitimate son. [Chuckles] You're a walking disaster when it comes to weddings. You've got Austin here. That guy Fernando.

Sami: Franco.

Woman: Oh, Franco, Fernando, Ferdinand -- who cares? Oh, and then Brandon. [ Giggles] People tell me my memory's bad. I mean, what went wrong this time? How come I wasn't invited? It must have been quite a show.

Sami: Shut up!

Woman: I was just -- oh!

Sami: I'll kill her!

Austin: Okay, okay.

Sami: Let me go!


Shawn D.: I just wanted to say... I wish you and your baby a very happy, healthy life. You two are gonna be great parents.

Belle: Thank you. That means so much to me.

Philip: Means a lot to me, too.

Shawn D.: Good, good, okay. Um...I'll see you later.

Philip: We'll see you guys soon. See ya.

Victor: That was very generous of Shawn.

Belle: And Mimi. I know it had to be hard for her to be here.

Philip: Oh, I almost forgot. I have cigars.

Lucas: You got cigars? What do you got?

Philip: Yeah, well, I mean, kind of. I got bubble gum and chocolate. Take your pick.

Lucas: Oh, give me one of each. I'll give one to Will. Thanks. So, did you guys pick a name yet for the baby?

Philip: Ah, not really. We wanted to wait until we saw her.

Belle: We had a list of about 80. We narrowed it down to 6, but we thought we'd have more time to decide.

Philip: One thing we did know, though, is if it was a boy, we were gonna name him Luke.

Lucas: Come on, you guys don't have to name your kid after me.

Philip: Well, we were going to. We think you deserve better than what you had today. And it's coming. It's gonna get a lot better. Look at Belle and I, we're living proof, right?

Lucas: Yeah, you and Belle and adorable baby "K" here, you guys got it. You'd have to name her Lucille or something. I mean, forget about my namesake. Really, it's no big deal.

Belle: Actually, I love "Lucy."

Philip: Yeah, me, too. I don't think that's on the list. Belle's all about lists. Lots of lists.

Belle: Come on, you have to do your research. I don't want anything too trendy. I would hate for her to be in kindergarten with 14 other Madisonís, you know? I mean, Madison is a great name, but I --

Philip: Madison Kiriakis, huh? I don't know.

Belle: And I don't want anything too different, either. I don't want her to have to spell her name her whole life.

Philip: You mean "Philip" with one "L." Or maybe like "Kiriakis," right, dad?


Belle: I really just thought when I looked at her for the first time, I would know. But she just looks like a baby. Not even my baby.

Philip: What do you mean? She looks exactly like you.

Belle: I just can't believe she's ours.

Philip: All right, what do you guys think? Dad, Lucas?

Lucas: No, without a doubt, that's all you guys right there.

Philip: What do you think about the name, Lucas?

Lucas: Oh, oh, sorry, man. You want us to help? All right, I didn't know..

Philip: What do you think?

Lucas: I don't know! Victor, help me. I didn't have any say when it came time to name Will.

Belle: Come on, now's your chance.

Lucas: All right, um... what else is on the list?

Philip: Well, we like some names, then we looked up what they meant, and then we had to cross them off immediately.

Belle: It's just hard. This is gonna be her identity for life, you know?

Victor: Well, let's have a closer look.

Lucas: Yeah, let's take a look.

Philip: Pretty cute.

Lucas: Open to other suggestions, maybe?

Belle: Maybe.

Philip: We might be.

Lucas: All right, good, good, 'cause I think I got it. I think I, Lucas Roberts, have just named your baby.

Philip: What?

Lucas: All right, ready?

Philip: Yeah.

Lucas: Kiki.

Victor: [Laughs] Kiki Kiriakis?

Lucas: Kiki Kiriakis. Yeah, the K's -- they roll off your tongue, right, Victor? It sounds good.

Belle: Okay, wait, so what is it short for?

Lucas: Uh, Katherine.

Philip: Katherine. Well, if that's the case, then we're not naming her Kiki for sure.

Belle: Oh, come on, like we were seriously considering it.

Philip: I just think now's not the time, for Lucas' sake at least, to talk about naming this baby after mom. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

Lucas: No, it doesn't sound very harsh to me at all.

Belle: Yeah, you know, I mean, everybody in my family is named after someone. It just gets confusing, and with the nicknames. I like my name now. I remember when my mom started calling me Belle, I hated it. It rhymed with everything. People were so mean. They would say such awful things.

Philip: I don't remember that.

Belle: Well, I do. Can you imagine poor "Geeky Kiki"?


Philip: We don't have to worry about Geeky Kiki. We're not going to have a geeky child.

Victor: And if you do, you'll love her all the same.

Philip: I know. I just -- I can't get enough of this little girl. Right, princess? Whatever you name is, it's gonna be worthy of you. I'm gonna be the daddy and she's gonna be the mommy that you deserve.


Shawn D.: If I would have done things differently, that would be me in there with Belle, instead of Philip.

Mimi: If I had done things differently, that would be me in there with Rex.


Kate: [Scoffs] Why would I be grateful to you for anything?

Nicole: Because I'm the one who told you Sami was Stan, and you told me there was money for me in this.

Kate: I gave you money, Nicole.

Nicole: An-- and I spent it on that dress for Brady's wedding.

Kate: Well, that's not my problem, now, is it? Is it? Look [Chuckles] You sat for too long on that information. It was of no use to me. You are not the reason that I was able to stop the wedding. Tony DiMera was. Okay? You hate Sami. I hate Sami. We have that in common. But that's it. I will never forgive you for the way you treated my son.

Nicole: Wha-- you paid me $5 million to do it.

Kate: Because you were the lesser of two evils compared to Sami. But you treated him horribly, Nicole. You're part of the reason he became an alcoholic, and I will never forget how you treated my son.

Nicole: Speaking of sons, I am so looking forward to seeing Austin. Have you talked to him since you last heard from him on the plane? Is he here?

Kate: No, he's not here. And when he does come to Salem, you better just stay the hell away from him, because believe me, I will not let you insinuate yourself into Austin's life.

Nicole: Austin couldn't have come back to Salem at a better time.


Austin: You'll have to forgive us. Sami's had really tough day.

Woman: Well, I guess I'll be reading about your wedding in the paper.

Sami: Give me a break! Why don't we talk about your husband for a second?

Woman: I'm not married.

Sami: Why am I not surprised?

Austin: Why don't you open the damn door and get inside?

Woman: She ought to be evicted for acting like this.

Austin: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Sami: You nosy hag. How dare you talk to me like --

Woman: Oh, forget eviction. You ought to be committed.

Austin: Yes, thank you very much. Bye-bye.


Sami: I hate her.

Austin: Well, the feeling seems to be mutual.

Sami: Did you hear what she was saying to me?

Austin: Well, what about what you said to her?

Sami: She deserved it. And a whole lot more.

Austin: Stop! You hardly even know her. She's a crazy old woman. Why do you care?

Sami: She doesn't know me, either, and she was judging me.

Austin: You attacked her. Honestly, basically what she said about the truth.


Philip: So, we're still down to three names. Am I right?

Lucas: Mm-hmm. Yeah, and we're really helping, huh?

Lucas and Philip: Not!

Victor: Sorry, but "Kiki" didn't make the final cut.

Lucas: That's all right. I understand.

Belle: I wonder if my mom's gonna have an opinion.

Philip: She seemed pretty bonded to you and the baby. I bet she will.

Belle: I know. If she gets her memory back, it's gonna be like a second miracle today.

Lucas: I'm just glad that something good came out of this awful day, you know? Not to make light of what Marlena's going through, but I wish I could forget what Sami and my mom did to me.

Victor: Excuse me.

Kate: Well, how are Belle and the baby?

Victor: Everyone is fine. The baby is beautiful. We're all just sitting in there trying to come up with a name.

Kate: And?

Victor: Philip and Belle have it narrowed down to three.

Kate: Oh, good. Well, it looks like you and I have a beautiful new granddaughter, doesn't it? I can't wait to see her.

Victor: Going in there now might be a big mistake.


Mimi: I'm glad we got out of there.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I'm sorry. I know that, that was hard for you.

Mimi: No, just...seeing Belle with her baby made me want to just put the past behind us and be there for her as a friend.

Shawn D.: Yeah? Then why don't you?

Mimi: Because I can't get over what she did to Rex and me.

Shawn D.: [Sighs]

Mimi: I know I'm responsible for the lies I told and the choices I made, but if Belle was really my friend, she would have let me be the one to decide what to tell Rex and when.

Shawn D.: Do you think if you had Rex back in your life you'd be more willing to forgive Belle?

Mimi: It doesn't matter. Rex is never coming back.

Shawn D.: I still think that there's a possibility. He just needs some time to miss you, and then he will come back when he remembers how much he loves you. I mean, for Belle and me, there's no chance for that to happen.


[Knock on door] Um...did you want to, 'cause I'M...

Mimi: I will.

Shawn D.: All right.


Mimi: What are you doing? Stop it.

Man: Uh, package for Mimi Lockhart.

Mimi: I wonder what it is. I didn't order anything. I'm broke. Hmm. Shawn, do you have a couple bucks?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Mimi: Thank you.

Shawn D.: Here you go.

Man: Thank you.

Shawn D.: Yeah, you're welcome.

[Door closes]

Mimi: Oh, my God. It's from Rex.


Sami: If you are gonna stand there and criticize me, then you can just get out!

Austin: Okay, I'll go.

Sami: Wait, wait. Austin, no. I'm sorry, I didn't -- I didn't mean it.

Austin: I know. You know, that's a big part of your problem. You never stop to think before you say or do something that you might regret later.

Sami: Look, the woman just -- aah! -- She was driving me crazy! She just got to me.

Austin: No, what you did is what got to you.

Sami: [Grunting]

Austin: Sami, you really need to get out of that dress.

Sami: Will you get me the storage bag from the closet?

Austin: Sure. What's all this? Sami, these are all your old wedding dresses.


Lucas: [Sighs] Boy, Philip, you really got it all, don't you? The two greatest women in your life -- your wife and your daughter.

Belle: Lucas, that's so sweet.

Lucas: Well, sorry, not to be a downer, but I lost the two most important women in my life -- Sami and mom. Not that mom and I were on speaking terms anyway after she ruined my wedding the first time, but now, I'm telling you, man, it's really over.


Kate: Why is it a mistake to go in to see the baby?

Victor: Because Lucas is in there.

Kate: [Sighing] Oh, God.

Victor: Regardless of what's happened between you and I in the past, Kate, we do share a son, and now a granddaughter. And with Philip's injury and all the recovery he has to go through, I feel I can speak to you openly and freely.

Kate: Yes, you can. Because I respect you, I will listen to you, but it doesn't mean that I agree with you.

Victor: Well, the way you exposed Sami as Stan was a big mistake. I know you wanted to humiliate her as she did you and in a dramatic fashion. Look, I despise her as much as you do, and I probably would have done the same thing, but do you realize what this is gonna cost you?

Kate: That is the second time I've heard that in the past half hour, and you don't want to know who beat you to it.

Victor: Well, everybody's right once in a while, even Nicole. Look, Lucas was already furious with you for setting Sami up to make it look like she was in bed with Brandon.

Kate: Victor, he's going to come around. Eventually, he's going to realize that I was right.

Victor: That's not gonna happen. As far as Sami's concerned, if I were you, I'd watch my back.


Sami: Wait, wait, give me those!

Austin: Seriously, hold on a second.

Sami: I don't want you to --

Austin: This is the dress that you wore when we got married in Paris. The one that Carrie was supposed to wear. And...

Sami: Yeah, you know what? I don't need a trip down memory lane.

Austin: I think you do, Sami! This is the dress when we almost got married the second time -- the one that Mike and Carrie stopped when they found out the truth of Will's paternity. And, oh, wow, this is the one from our almost-wedding in Vegas.

Sami: Yeah, well, there's more. This is the one I almost married Franco in. And this is the one that I was gonna wear when I got to marry Brandon. And this is the one that I was gonna wear the first time I was gonna marry Lucas. There.

Austin: Like I said, I think you need to get out of that dress.

Sami: Where were you gonna stay while you were here?

Austin: Lucas' while the two of you were on your --

Sami: Honeymoon?

Austin: You need to get a grip.

Sami: [Sighs]

Austin: Yeah.

Sami: I'm fine. You know...I'm fine. I'm glad you're here.

Austin: Yeah. It's been a long trip. While you're changing, um...I really would like to freshen up, if you don't mind.

Sami: Of course. Um, you can use the shower if you want.

Austin: Sounds great.

[Door closes]

Sami: [Sobbing]


Shawn D.: So, what did he send you?

Mimi: All the little things I've ever gave to him when we were together. And other stuff. Memories. I mean, look, movie -- movie-ticket stubs, and we hated this movie. Here's a receipt from Java Cafť. I can't believe he kept all this stuff. And matchbooks. Matchbooks -- he doesn't even smoke.

Shawn D.: I have a whole trunkful of stuff from things I did with Belle like that.

Mimi: You know what this means, don't you? The pocketknife I gave him. The scissors and the corkscrew. And all the pictures of us together. He doesn't even want the pictures. He obviously doesn't want anything to do with me again. If I had any hope before, it's gone now. Now I know Rex is never coming back.


Kate: I am not worried about Sami. Her little escapade is going to cost her dearly.

Victor: Little escapade? Sami dressed and disguised herself as a man. She went to work for Tony DiMera, who promised her revenge on all her enemies. Stan walked around Salem, and nobody knew it was Sami. She could have killed you.

Kate: But she didn't, did she? Not even Sami would go that far, Victor.

Victor: Look, after what you did to her, I wouldn't assume anything. Like I said, this is gonna cost you.

Kate: It already has cost me. But I have to believe that eventually Lucas is gonna come around, and he's going to realize what I did, I did to save his life, Victor.

Victor: Look, Lucas was in love with Sami. What you did made it so that they could never possibly be together. Whether you did it for his own good or not, Lucas is always gonna blame you for his unhappiness.


Philip: Mom. We made it.

Kate: Oh! Honey, congratulations, dad. How's the new family?

Philip: Pretty good. Everyone's all right, I think. Pretty tired, though..

Kate: Oh, boy. What a way to come into the world, huh?

Philip: It was pretty crazy. You missed all the excitement 'cause you were a little busy.

Kate: Well, how are you feeling, because you've been on your feet a long time.

Philip: A little uncomfortable, but nothing compared to what belle's been through. If I thought I worked myself before, I'm gonna work 10 times harder now that I have a daughter. I'm gonna be carrying her around, walking with her. I can't exactly take a spill. She has to know she's safe in her daddy's arms, right?

Victor: And she will be.

Kate: Yes! Absolutely. You're going to be a wonderful dad, and your daughter's going to have a beautiful life, and I can't wait to see her. I could really use the lift.

Philip: I was thinking, now might not be the best time. I think Belle said she was about to nurse her, and maybe if you just come back in a little bit or something.

Lucas: You know, if you're here to see your granddaughter, then I guess I'll be leaving.

Kate: Lucas, you don't have to do that, okay? I know you're a little angry with me, but --

Lucas: I'm a little angry? You destroyed my life. I don't want to see or speak to you again. I can barely get my mouth to form the words "mom." In my eyes, you're far worse than Sami could ever be.


Sami: [Sighs]

[Doorbell rings] Lucas. Lucas, hey! Nicole.

Nicole: Well, there's the runaway bride. Or, actually, no, wait, that's wrong. It should be the runaway-from bride because you're left standing at the altar while all your prospective husbands run away. Ah! Hey, you got any of that cheap vodka left?

Sami: No. Just get out, okay?

Nicole: All right, fine. Forget the vodka. I just want to say something.

Sami: All right. What? Say it and then please go.

Nicole: You really screwed up, Sami, just like I thought you would. You lost Lucas just like I predicted. But it serves you right for breaking your promise to help me get Brady away from Chloe. What goes around comes around.

Sami: Just go. I'm sick of this. Just get out. I can't listen to you -- just a second. You. Nicole, you told Kate about my disguise? You helped her ruin my life? You did, didn't you?


Lucas: I can't deal with you.

Kate: Lucas. Lucas, look, we can discuss this later, okay? Right now, I'm just -- I'm thinking that we should share Philip and Belle's happiness. I'm glad that you're here for your brother and for your niece.

Lucas: Yeah, instead of what? Running after Sami? I told you, she's dead to me. You saw that. And so are you.

Kate: Lucas!

Lucas: You know what? I have nothing to say to you, ever!

Philip: I wish I could help you, mom, but I canít. I know why you did what you did, but right now, I'm just trying to be there for Lucas. I have to get back to the baby. I feel bad for you, and I feel bad for Lucas, but I still love you both.

Kate: [Sighs]

Victor: Well, was it worth it? Was getting revenge on Sami worth losing the son that you love so much?


Nicole: Sami, I did not tell Kate anything. I didn't help her get your stupid Stan disguise. You are so paranoid! There's no conspiracy. Unless you want to count the fact that everyone in Salem hates you.

Sami: Damn it. There is no way Kate could have found out. You were the only person besides Tony that knew that I was Stan.

Nicole: What? That is ridiculous, okay? How did I get the makeup and the disguise and give it to Kate? You were the one that told me it was all gonna be destroyed by the time Brady and Chloe got married. Kate had to have gotten it from Tony. Oh, God, believe me, Sami. If Kate didn't get you, someone else would have. You were Stan. That is why you lost Lucas. Stop blaming everyone else. Austin.

Austin: Oh, wow, Nicole.

Nicole: Uh... what are you doing here?

Austin: I'm here to help Sami.

Nicole: Yeah, I guess she's having a bad day there, huh?

Austin: Yeah.

Sami: You know the first thing you can do to help me, Austin, is get this drunken bitch out of my apartment. I'm gonna go change, and, Nicole, I want you gone before I come back!

Nicole: Austin, how can you be here with her after what she did to you?

Austin: I know, I know. I know. She needs a friend.

Nicole: I guess we all do. How about a hug?


Austin: Well... you've been drinking.

Nicole: Yeah, damn right I have. You have no idea what's been going on in my life, Austin.

Austin: Yeah, I know. I mean, alcohol's not the answer.

Nicole: Still preaching, huh?

Sami: Get her out of here!


Shawn D.: Mimi, I'm really sorry.

Mimi: Yeah, I kept telling myself that he was never coming back, but I was still holding on to this desperate hope, but it's definitely gone now.

Shawn D.: I feel bad because I was getting your hopes up.

Mimi: No, no, no. Thank you for being here.

Shawn D.: Where else would I be?

Mimi: We're quite a pair, aren't we?

Shawn D.: Okay, you know what? I refuse to sit around here tonight and feel sorry for ourselves, and that refrigerator is empty. We have no food 'cause we were planning on eating at Sami's reception, so what do you say I take you out to dinner?

Mimi: Oh, Shawn, you don't have to. You know what?

Shawn D.: What?

Mimi: Yes, thank you. I would love to go to dinner with you.

Shawn D.: Good. Let's go change.

Mimi: Okay.


Philip: You know, when I lost my leg...I knew my life was going to be changed forever, but I didn't think it would be changed like this. Thanks for making everything good again.

Belle: I didn't do that.

Philip: Sometimes I start to think that she's never gonna know me like I used to be.

Belle: Oh, Philip, you are exactly the same person you always were.

Philip: No, I'm not. I'm better now. I'm stronger now.

Belle: We are so lucky. God, did you ever think that this kind of love existed?

Philip: The thing is that because of her, I love you more. And I promise you right now, both of you, I'm going to treasure and protect you for the rest of my life. Our focus just isn't on each other anymore. It's on this precious little baby girl. And everything we do, every decision that we make, is gonna affect her for the rest of her life, and I can't wait.


Kate: Yes. Yes, it was worth it. Saving Lucas from Sami's evil clutches was worth what it cost me. [Sighs] I just have to believe that eventually Lucas will realize that what I did, I did out of love for him. And he'll forgive me. He has to.


Lucas: I'm fine, buddy, I promise. I'm really worried about you, though. Well, you know, your mom is who she is, Will. I don't think she's ever gonna change. Look, buddy, she's still your mother, all right? And if you still want to see her, I'll never -- I'll never stop that from happening, I promise. Son, you should know that... there's a good chance that your mom might end up in jail. No, grandma Kate's not gonna go to jail for what she did, but...she's already been punished enough. She's lost me and your grandpa Roman forever. I'll tell you what, buddy. I'm gonna come pick you up, and we're gonna go to dinner, okay? Yeah, just you and me.



Sami: I'm telling you, Austin, if that crazy bitch isn't gone when I get out, I'm going to tear her bloodshot eyes out.

Nicole: Do you get the feeling she doesn't like me?

Austin: You should probably go.

Nicole: Only if you promise me that we get together and talk before you go back to New York.

Austin: I promise. She's leaving in a minute, Sami. Where are you living now?

Nicole: Uh, probably I should call you. How about tonight?

Austin: Uh, no, not good. I'm gonna keep Sami company. But you know what? Hey, I'll give you my cellphone number. Call me tomorrow.

Nicole: Okay. You know, maybe we go to brunch at Chez Rouge.

Austin: Isn't that the restaurant Sami was gonna have her reception at?

Nicole: Yeah, but I'm sure she'll never step foot in there. Besides, they make the best Bloody Maryís in town.

Austin: Well, Nicole, I have a feeling that with you, every place in town has the best Bloody Maryís.

Nicole: Check out Boston Austin with the snide remarks. [Chuckles] Hey, Stan the man, I'm out of here. Enjoy the rest of your night wallowing in your well-deserved misery.

Sami: Oh, go to hell!

Nicole: Bye.

Austin: Bye. All right, Sami, you can come out now. She's gone.


Sami: You know, damn her. She came over here, and just like everyone else in this town, she wanted to kick me while I was down.

Austin: Get dressed. We're going out.

Sami: I don't want to go out.

Austin: Too bad. I don't want to sit in here listening to you whine and complain all night. You need to get out. I need to get out.

Sami: All right, we'll go to a movie or something in the dark. No one will stare at me.

Austin: No, no. We're gonna go to Maggie's new restaurant. We're gonna have dinner.

Sami: Austin, that's where I was gonna have my wedding reception tonight..

Austin: I know.

Sami: It's closed.

Austin: I have a feeling they'll have room for us now.

Sami: Haven't I been humiliated enough for one day?

Austin: You can't go into hiding. You're gonna have to face everyone sooner or later, so why not tonight? Deal with it.

Sami: Okay. Okay, fine. But there's no promises about the whining and complaining.


Nicole: Chez Rouge, huh?


Chelsea: Why would she make it sound like you guys are just a couple of prostitutes? Don't tell me that Sami was telling the truth.


Hope: If you put yourself in the middle and Chelsea thinks that you're siding with Billie against her, you could lose your daughter forever. Is that a chance you're willing to take?


Nicole: What about me? Do you still have feelings for me, too?


Kate: Aren't you gonna congratulate me?

Sami: I think I'm gonna kill you.

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