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Jack: I'm fine.

Jennifer: You are not fine.

Jack: Look, it's just a bug. It shouldn't keep you from going to your brother's wedding.

Jennifer: My brother will understand. Listen, will you keep him down while I get him some tea?

Frankie: Absolutely.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Jack: This is --

Frankie: No. This is no bug, and you know it. You should be in the hospital.

Jack: Wait a minute -- there's nothing any doctor can do to help me. You promised you were gonna keep my condition secret. I'm holding you to it. You said you would help me and my family. I'm holding you to it. You're not gonna let me down.

Jennifer: All right, here you go.

Frankie: Here.

Jennifer: Okay, thank you. All right, let me see.

Jack: [Breathing heavily]

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh.

Jack: It's okay. It's okay.

Jennifer: Frankie, in the garage, there's a heating pad. Could you grab it for me?

Frankie: Yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: It's in a box. It says "Horton Home Remedies."

Frankie: All right!

Jack: I don't need a heating pad. I don't need a heating pad.

Jennifer: All right, this is gonna cause World War III, but I don't care..

[Cellphone rings]

Lexie: Hello?

Philip: Belle, you all right? You look kind of pale.

Belle: No, I think I'm just in shock. I can't believe your mom just barged in here like that and stopped Sami's wedding, like, pretending to be that guy.

Philip: It wasn't just any guy. It was the guy who almost got us killed. I'll be right back.

Shawn D.: There's something wrong with Belle. I'm --

Mimi: Shawn, let Philip take care of her. He's her husband.

Marlena: [Gasps]

Alex: Come on, let's go out here. You seem nervous. Are you all right?

Marlena: It's just very awkward. My daughter is getting married. I am the mother of the bride. And that -- that dark-haired woman keeps trying to stop the wedding.

Alex: It's only natural for you to be upset.

Marlena: That's just it -- I'm not bothered by this at all. That's what's so strange. I don't even know the people in there. That's why I shouldn't have come. I shouldn't even be here. You are the only person that I trust, that I feel comfortable with. Alex, please take me away from here.

Alex: Sure. Come on.

Marlena: Thank you.

John: Marlena, where are you going?

Alex: She wants to leave.

John: She can't leave. If ever a daughter needed her mother, it's right now. Sami's whole future is at stake.

Marlena: I don't know what I can do for her. I'd like to help her, but --

John: Then why don't you? Because you always know what to say.

Marlena: But I -- I donít...

Sami: Daddy, Lucas, you have to listen to me. Kate hates me. You know that.

Roman: Honey, don't worry. Kate's not gonna hurt you again.

Billie: Now what are you doing?

Kate: I'm stopping Sami from marrying your brother.

Billie: Mom, Lucas loves her. And why are you dressed like Stan?

Kate: Billie, I know what I'm doing, okay? Everyone here is gonna know the truth about that little tramp.

Billie: Okay, and how do you think Austin is gonna feel about this when he gets here? What do you think he's gonna say when he sees our family about to self-destruct?

Austin: To Sami and my little brother... hope nothing goes wrong this time around.

Sami: You are not gonna ruin my wedding to Lucas. No one is gonna believe your lies this time.

Kate: I couldn't have thought of this in a million years. In fact, I wouldn't have believed it myself if it wasn't for this... because you, Sami Brady, are Stan.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Roman: That's not possible.

Lucas: Of course it's not possible. How could Sami be Stan? Roman's right. You hate Sami so much that you've flipped out.

Roman: How in the hell did you come up with such a ridiculous story?

Kate: Because it's true, Roman. I always knew that Sami was involved with Tony, but I couldn't figure out how she was covering her tracks. But now I know.

Roman: You know?

Kate: Yes, I know.

Sami: She's lying.

Kate: The disguise that I was wearing was delivered to me earlier, along with this file.

Roman: Who sent it?

Kate: Well, I don't know. It was delivered in a pizza box.

Roman: Wait, whoa. A pizza box?

Kate: I know it sounds a little strange.

Lucas: You think -- a little?

Sami: Damn it, whatever's in that file is lies about me.

Kate: Really? Really, you think so? Well, I say we take a look, then. What do you say? Here you go.

Sami: Damn it, they're not real. None of it is real. I'm not Stan. I wasn't Stan. You have to believe me.

Alex: As upset as you are, I don't think you should be subjecting yourself to all of this.

John: This is your family, Marlena. That's your daughter.

Marlena: She doesn't feel like my daughter. Neither one of them do. Look, I know I should have some kind of maternal instincts here, but I donít. I don't know anybody here. All I want to do is just leave.

John: If you feel that strongly about it, fine.

Marlena: Okay.

John: But not with him.

Marlena: Alex is my psychiatrist. I trust him, and I need him. Goodbye, John.

Philip: I know my mom has pulled some crazy stunts over the years, but look at these pictures, belle. Sami could really be Stan.

Belle: way. Stan is a man. How could Sami pass herself off as a guy?

Philip: My mom just did it when she walked in here, didn't she? I'll tell you something else -- Stan knew a whole lot about us when he was there, didn't he? I swear, if Sami is responsible for what happened overseas... I lost my leg! And if I was rescued earlier, I never would have wound up in that minefield.

Belle: I -- I can't believe that Sami would be capable of doing the things --

Philip: Sami is capable of anything!

Belle: E-e-excuse me. I need to get out.

Philip: Are you all right?

Belle: I'm fine. I just need to get some air.

Philip: Is the baby okay?

Belle: The baby's fine. Just go talk to your mother, see what you can find out.

Philip: I'm sorry.

Shawn D.: I'm gonna see if she's okay.

Mimi: I really don't think you should. I --

Philip: Could mom be right about Sami?

Jennifer: Yeah, Lexie, I'm really worried about him.

Lexie: Does he know you're calling me?

Jennifer: No, he doesn't know. He'd kill me if he knew. But, Lexie, for him to admit that he is too sick to go to the wedding...

Lexie: Then he's really sick.

Jennifer: Yeah, and, listen, he told me he wanted me to go without him, but I canít.

Lexie: I'm glad you stayed. Besides, there may not even be a wedding.

Jennifer: What?!

Lexie: I hate to say this, but Sami seems to be self-destructing once again.

Jennifer: Listen, I'm not surprised with Sami. What happened?

Lexie: [Sighs] There have been some very strange allegations. I have no idea whether they're true.

Jennifer: Listen, Lexie, it sounds like you don't want to talk about it, and I understand. But in a completely selfish way, since the wedding may be postponed, can you come over and take a look at Jack?

Lexie: Oh, sure, of course. I'll be right over.

Jennifer: Thanks, Lexie.

Jack: Tell me you didn't do what I think you did. You didn't call Lexie.

Jennifer: Yes, I did, and I'm glad I did.

Jack: That was a big mistake. Big mistake.

Frankie: All right... oh! [Laughs] She wasn't kidding. "Horton Home Remedies." Jen, Jen, Jen... heating pad. What's this?

[Knock on door]

Lexie: Hi.

Jennifer: Lexie, hi, thanks for coming. Jack's right there in the living room. Listen, his temperature's a little over 101.

Lexie: Oh, my goodness. So, how's my patient?

Jack: Annoyed.

Lexie: Jennifer's concerned, Jack. That's only natural. Oh, um, tea. Listen, if you have more, I'd love a cup.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'll make a fresh pot.

Lexie: Thanks. So, here, give me your arm.


Jack: [Sighs]

Lexie: What's going on?

Jack: Nothing, I'm just, you know, tired, that's all.

Lexie: Oh, Jack... we knew that was going to happen -- that it was just a matter of time.

Jack: So it's just going to be more bad news, huh?

Lexie: [Sighs]

[Air hissing]

Jennifer: Ow! I wonder what's taking Frankie so long. I could swear I put that heating pad right on top -- oh, my God. Oh, God, Frankie can't read that letter. Frankie, donít.

Frankie: Why didn't you mail this?

Sami: Damn it, listen to me. These photos are fake. There are things you can do with computers. You can manipulate images.

Kate: Look at them. Look at the photos. Just take a look at them. I think you'll notice a resemblance between Stan and Sami. There's no way I could possibly have doctored all these photos. Besides that, I have more evidence.

Roman: I suppose you got that anonymously, too.

Kate: Yes.

Sami: No, this is just you trying to ruin my wedding again, and it is not going to happen this time. Dad, Lucas, please, you have to believe me. I wasn't Stan. You believe me, don't you?

Marlena: Oh, oh... all right, all right, I can finally breathe.

Alex: I'm just sorry you're so upset.

Marlena: Oh, it's just all getting to me, that's all -- this -- this wedding -- or the little piece of a wedding, and the -- all that happened in there. It's just so -- it's so upsetting, and, I don't know, maybe it was being in there with John and Roman and knowing that I must have loved them both at one point, and -- and now I have no feelings for them at all.

Alex: Weddings are emotional under the best of circumstances. Given your present condition, it makes it all the more traumatic for you.

Marlena: I know. It's so upsetting for me. I'm so aggravated. What's going on with me?

Alex: I think I know.

Marlena: You do? Tell me.

Alex: You mentioned being uneasy around John and Roman. I think that's because you suspect that the two men you loved may now very well be in love with Kate.

Shawn D.: Hey, are you sick?

Belle: No, I'm just having cramps again.

Mimi: Oh, I'll go tell Philip.

Belle: No, please, donít. It's really not that bad.

Mimi: He should know.

Belle: He's worried about his mom. He should be with her. Besides, I'm feeling better. I think I'm just gonna get off my feet for a second.

[Breathing heavily]

Mimi: Enough, Shawn.

Shawn D.: I just want to make sure she's all right.

Mimi: She doesn't need you.

Shawn D.: [Sighs]

Marlena: Is that what you think -- that John and Roman are both in love with that -- that dark-haired woman?

Alex: Roman says he's divorcing her, yes. But I think, deep down, he's still in love with her. And John, well, he and Kate were engaged. They were living together, for all intents and purposes, as husband and wife... while you and Roman were being held hostage. Tony DiMera made sure that you were well-aware of those living conditions. Now, that may be what caused what led up to your one-night stand with Roman the night you conceived the baby.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. That makes sense.

Alex: And I think that, subconsciously, well, you suspect that both men may want to be with Kate. And for a woman like you, that must be very difficult to deal with.

Marlena: For a woman like me -- what does that mean?

Alex: You've developed a very strong dependency on both men. And if you're uncertain of their feelings for you, well, that may have contributed to your memory loss. In other words, you're afraid to remember because you don't know where you stand with them.

Marlena: You mean I'm afraid that they may both love her.

Alex: Yes. And with either one of them, you don't know if your love would be returned.

Marlena: Well... [Voice breaking] That certainly does make sense, doesn't it?

Alex: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I hope I'm not making things worse.

Marlena: No, no, I think you've just cleared some things up. I've made a decision, though. I'd like to leave.

Alex: I don't blame you. Being in this church with John and Roman here must be very uncomfortable for you.

Marlena: No, I think you've misunderstood. It's not the church that I'd like to leave. I think I just -- I think I'd like to leave Salem.

Lexie: Oh, Jack... okay, I won't lie to you. You're getting worse.

Jack: So the weakness and the dizziness...

Lexie: Are just the beginning. Jack, I don't think you've come to terms with this. But soon, everyone is going to know.

Jack: But you can't tell me how soon.

Lexie: Soon enough that it's time for you to be honest with your wife and child.

Jack: Shh!

Lexie: Jack, you're not going to be able to hide your symptoms much longer. You're going to have to tell Jennifer that you're dying.


Jennifer: [Sighs] I wrote that a long time ago. It was, um, a couple of months after you left for New York to go to Columbia.

Frankie: I saw that.

Jennifer: Yeah, I missed you so much. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep, so I just sat down and I poured out my heart.

Frankie: If you felt that way, why didn't you mail it?

Jennifer: 'Cause I was afraid.

Frankie: Afraid of what?

Jennifer: That too much time had passed and that you had already found another girlfriend.

Frankie: You thought that I could have forgotten about you in just a few months?

Jennifer: You went to college. You went to college in New York. There's temptation everywhere. By the time you came back to Salem to visit, I had already met Jack and fallen in love with him. And then you got involved with Eve Donovan, and, I mean, look at our lives. They went in totally different directions.

Frankie: I know, but the thing is, Jen, if -- if you had mailed this, things -- it could have been different.

Jennifer: Maybe.

Frankie: You were really thinking about coming to New York?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, I had a bus schedule, a train schedule. I had -- I had, uh, cold feet, I guess.

Frankie: Remember what you wrote?

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. I do -- by heart. I wrote that I wanted to have a future with you and...that I knew the difference between real love and a schoolgirl crush... and that I loved you deeply.

Frankie: Damn it! It even had a stamp on it and everything. Why didn't you mail it? Why? We loved each other. Why did you give up on us?

Jennifer: I didn't give up. There's so much more to it than that. You don't even understand.

Frankie: Tell me.

Jennifer: I'll tell you. I'll tell you. You deserve to know the truth.

Sami: I swear I wasn't Stan.

Kate: Really? You swear? Well, why don't we just see about that, Sami? Hey, here's a bible. Why don't you go up on the altar -- go up on the altar and swear before God that you're not Stan and you weren't involved with Tony DiMera? Because, you know something, Sami, that's the oath we all want to hear now. We want to see you raise your right hand and swear before God that you and Stan are not one and the same.

Alex: Leaving Salem? Now, that's a big decision -- one I don't think you should be making on the spur of the moment.

Marlena: I realize that.

Alex: Well, then, I think that you should give it some more time. Why don't I take you home --

Marlena: You know what? I don't need any more time. And I don't want to go back to John's place.

Alex: It seems you've made up your mind.

Marlena: It's obvious now that John and Roman are in love with that woman, and they even made my home their home -- the home that I shared with John and my children. And I don't think I should be made to feel that I ever need to go back there. I would like to go to some other place that's just very far away.

Alex: Since you don't want to go back to John's place, may I suggest that we return to my cabin?

Marlena: If you wouldn't mind putting up with me just a bit longer... [ Sobbing] I would love that.

Mimi: I realize you can't help yourself. You're a good guy, and you want to be Belle's protector. But she's Philip's wife now. They're having a baby. They're going to be a family. And I know it hurts, but you are not a part of that.

Shawn D.: Yeah, you're right it hurts. It hurts like hell.

Mimi: So, why do you keep putting yourself through this? You heard Belle.. She said she was feeling better. Remember what Lexie said about her cramps?

Shawn D.: Yeah, that they were brought on by stress.

Mimi: Yeah, and you're not helping that, are you? It would be one thing if Philip wasn't around, but he's here, Shawn. So, please, just let him take care of his wife.

Belle: [Breathing heavily]

Lexie: Okay, this is a prescription for an antibiotic. It'll help a little, but only temporarily.

Jack: I understand.

Lexie: Jack, for the last time, please tell Jennifer that you're dying.

Jack: And for the last time, I'm not gonna do it. I told you -- I wonít. I won't do it.

Lexie: But, Jack, your wife isn't stupid. She already suspects that something is seriously wrong with you.

Jack: What else is new? I'm not laying this on her. I will not lay this on her. I'm telling you -- that's the end of it.

Lexie: But, Jack, you have no choice.

Jack: No, I have a choice. I always have a choice.

Lexie: What are you talking about? Oh, no -- Jack, what are you thinking?

Jack: I'm gonna disappear.

Mimi: Belle said she wanted to rest. I think we should let her.

Shawn D.: Okay, okay.


Mimi: Oh, Dr. Evans, I'm glad you're here. Belle isn't feeling well. Will you go check on her?

Marlena: Well, where is she?

Mimi: She's right inside. I think she really needs her mom right now.

Marlena: [Sighs] I need to make sure my daughter's all right.

Alex: Of course. I'll wait here.

Marlena: Okay.

Mimi: Okay, can you stop worrying now? Her mom is going to be with her.

Shawn D.: When you're right, you're right. Let's go.

Marlena: Belle, I heard you weren't feeling too -- oh, my gosh. What is it? Belle, talk to me. What is it? It's okay. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Jennifer: When you, uh... when you went to New York, Frankie, I missed you so much. But then my grandma got sick, and I went to stay with her for a little while, and...gosh, I was so lonely without you. But while I was taking care of her through her illness, that's when I got a little perspective on my life. It was the first week that I stayed with my Gram that I sat down and wrote that letter.

Frankie: All you had to do was drop it in a mailbox.

Jennifer: Frankie, you know how life is. Things come up, one after the other. And, I mean, time goes by. What about you? You never wrote me, either, Frankie.

Frankie: I know, I know. I hadn't heard from you, and... I was miserable.. I missed you so much.

Jennifer: It's really sad that neither one of us knew. And all along, I just thought that you'd forgotten and that you moved on.

Frankie: Oh, this is -- this is killing me. [Sniffles] To think that we threw away our whole futures together -- our whole future.

Jennifer: I am, uh... I am so sorry that you never found anyone really special, but, um...

Frankie: You did. You did.

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, I thought that fate brought Jack and I together, that we were meant to share our lives together and have a family. I can't be unhappy about that, Frankie.

Frankie: No. Jack is a great guy.

Jennifer: You're a great guy, too. And I just wish that I never would have kept that letter. I wish even more that you had never found it, really.

Frankie: I'm glad I did.

Jennifer: What do you mean? How can you be glad that you found this?

Frankie: 'Cause I know -- now I know that you really did love me.

Jennifer: What? Did you ever doubt that?

Frankie: The way you doubted me. And you're right. Okay, you're right. What happened is just as much my fault, you know? I can't be mad at you. It just really hurts to realize that if I kept in touch, it could have worked. You and I would be married... and having a family of our own. That --

Jack: I mean it. Lexie, I'm not going to let Jennifer and Abigail watch me suffer a slow, painful death.

Lexie: Oh, Jack, please don't tell me you're thinking of s--

Jack: What, suicide? No, no, no. If I committed suicide, Jennifer would kill me. I -- no, I'm just gonna disappear.

Lexie: What do you mean, disappear?

Jack: Disappear -- I'm going to go somewhere, drop out of sight, disappear.

Lexie: No, Jack, I can't let you do that. You need medical attention.

Jack: What are you gonna do for me now? I mean, Lexie, no offense. You're my doctor. You're also my friend. But you can't stop me from dying the way I want to die.

Lexie: Okay. Let's say you do go off somewhere.

Jack: Right.

Lexie: What then?

Jack: Well, I'll figure out a way to let Jennifer and the family know that I died a, uh... a quick and painless death.

Lexie: And, meanwhile, all by yourself, no friends, no family...

Jack: This is going to be the best for everyone. At least it won't prolong their suffering.

Lexie: You don't think they'll suffer, wondering where you've disappeared to. Jack, this is crazy.

Jack: Look, I've got this all worked out, all right? I've got Frankie coming in here, looking after Jennifer and the family. After I'm gone, he's going to be there to comfort Jennifer through the whole mourning period. And then, maybe, just maybe, maybe they'll rekindle their old love.

Lexie: Oh, Jack... listen, I wish that you would think about this some more.

Jack: What do you mean? I have thought about it. I've thought on it all I want to think about it. My mind is made up. It's made up.

[Cellphone rings]

Lexie: Excuse me. Dr. Carver.

Marlena: Dr. Carver, it's Marlena Evans. I need you at the church right now. It's Belle.

Lexie: I'll be right there. Tell Jennifer I'm sorry, but I had an emergency and I had to go. Jack, please -- please think about what I said. Please.

Jack: I'm sorry, Lexie. It's too late. Too late.

Kate: Well, Sami, will you take an oath before God that you weren't disguised as Stan?

Sami: I don't have to.

Kate: Oh...

Sami: Because no one believes your crazy story. Please, like I could pass as a man.

Kate: Well, I guess that's a no.

Will: Mom doesn't have to prove anything to me. All those photographs you've got -- they're all fakes.

Roman: And I agree with Will. I'm standing by Sami.

Kate: Caroline, what do you believe?

Caroline: I want to believe her. I believe her.

Sami: Thank you, grandma. Thank you, all of you. You have no idea how much it means to me. Well, Lucas? What about you? Lucas...please... please don't let your mother ruin our wedding. Let's just continue with the ceremony. Lucas, will you marry me?

Marlena: Alex... I can't leave now. Not until I know that my daughter and her baby are fine.

Alex: Well, Dr. Carver's in there with her now. You've done all you can do.

Marlena: She asked me to stay. I know you understand that.

Alex: Of course I do. You go do what you have to do, and we will leave whenever you're ready.

Marlena: Thank you.

Belle: [Sighs] I just -- I just don't feel right.

Lexie: Okay, tell me about your cramps.

Belle: Lexie, they're stronger than last time, and they're closer together. Please tell me I'm not losing this baby.

Mimi: Let's get out of here.

Shawn D.: And go where?

Mimi: I have an idea.

Lucas: Yes. Yes, I'll still marry you.

Sami: Oh...

Roman: All right, Lucas, you're doing the right thing. Good for you, and may I say you're both doing the right thing? Don't believe a word Kate has to say.

Kate: So you think this is Kate just crying wolf, huh? That it's just one last desperate attempt to try to ruin poor Sami's life?

Sami: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Kate: Only problem is, I anticipated this head-in-the-sand reaction, so I brought additional proof -- irrefutable evidence that you are the nefarious Stan.

Sami: Yeah, right.

Kate: Yeah, right. It was delivered to me along with the disguise, and now I'm going to share it with everyone.

Jennifer: Where's Lexie?

Jack: Oh, she's, uh, she's gone. She had an emergency, so she had to run.. She said she's sorry about the tea.

Jennifer: Oh. What did she say about you?

Jack: Nothing. Nothing -- she said nothing. She said it's just a bug, just like I said, and she gave me an antibiotic, a prescription for it, at least, and I'll take it and it'll be over in no time. Really.

Jennifer: Well, I want you to use this heating pad. I know that -- I know that your back is hurting. Here, lay back.

Jack: Okay. Okay. Thanks.

Jennifer: I'm gonna make you some more tea.

Jack: All right. Thank you.

Jennifer: Um... would you do me a favor?

Frankie: What?

Jennifer: Um, just forget what I wrote in that letter.

Frankie: It's kind of hard, Jen.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know, but we have to try... because whatever feelings we had for each other, we have to leave them in the past. And we can't have a future, Frankie.

Jack: I'm counting on you, Frankie. When I die, I want you to marry Jennifer and take care of her and my kids.

Jack: It's time for you to die, Jack, old boy.

Marlena: Dr. Carver, how is she?

Lexie: I believe she's in labor.

Belle: No!

Lexie: Belle, Belle, relax. Take shallow breaths, like I showed you.

Belle: [Panting] Mom, mom...

Marlena: Yes, yes. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Belle: I can't have this baby yet. It's too soon.

Marlena: I'm right here. Take it easy. Easy, easy.

John: Kate, I think this is the part where you speak now with your irrefutable evidence or forever hold your peace.

Sami: What is it? Dad?

Kate: It's an I.S.A. crime-lab report, Sami, stating that your DNA and genetic markers were found all over the disguise.

Sami: No. No, it can't be.

Kate: Oh, yes. And according to their lab technicians, there is no way that your DNA could be on this disguise unless the clothes had been worn by you, which is undeniable proof that you, Sami Brady, were Stan.

[Crowd murmuring]

Lexie: I know what you're trying to do to Marlena. You want her for yourself.

Alex: The way you want Detective Kramer for yourself.

Shawn D.: She's having this baby, and they need to be together.

Belle: Oh, my God!

Philip: What? What?

Belle: The baby's coming!

Sami: I hate everyone, and I know that you all hate me.

Austin: I don't.

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