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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/16/05 - Canada; Monday 9/19/05 - U.S.A.


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Jennifer: Are you sure that Zach wouldn't rather go to the wedding with you guys?

Bo: Are you kidding -- when he could hang here and play with J.J.?

Hope: The babysitter has them working on a puzzle upstairs. Well, Zach's working on the puzzle, and Jack Jr. is kind of...that's what he's doing.

Jennifer: Hey, honey, I thought you were getting... dressed.

Bo: Same question goes for you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: This is what everybody's wearing now. Grandma Kate has been incredibly generous. She gave me all these cool new outfits to wear.

Abby: Um, we were just gonna get some sodas before I put my outfit on.

Hope: Ooh...uh...

Bo: W--

Jennifer: Oh...

Bo: She's not going out, you know, to the church -- in public wearing...whatever that was, is she?

Hope: It's a little...mature.

Bo: Mature?

Jennifer: Mature? We're mature. We don't dress like that.

Bo: Why would Kate give her something like that? She's a bad influence on my daughter.

Hope: No kidding. Hold it. It could be one of the hottest things in Paris right now.

Jennifer: Or Vegas.

Bo: What are we gonna do about this?

Hope: "We"?

Bo: Well...well...I... I can't -- this -- I can't talk to a girl about what she's wearing.

Hope: "A girl"? That's your daughter. You're her father, Beauregard. Now go in there and be her dad and lay down the law.


Chelsea: Can you believe all this stuff? It's like I hit the mother lode of fashion with granny Kate. Everything's either from Paris, Milan, or New York. Move over, Paris Hilton..

Abby: That looks like a bunch of rags sewn together.

Chelsea: With a price tag that would make even papa Bo have a heart attack. But that's okay, 'cause he doesn't have to pay for it. Patrick is gonna love me in this.

Abby: I don't know too many women who'd have the guts to wear that out in public. I can't exactly see your mom wearing that.

Chelsea: That's the point -- Billie's over 30, poor thing.

Abby: So's Patrick, isn't he?

Chelsea: It's different for guys, Abby.

Abby: Please don't let my mom hear you say that. She'll really get on your case.

Chelsea: Come on. Guys like their women hot, and Patrick's gonna get an eyeful every time he sees me. He's never gonna look at Billie Reed ever again.

Billie: We all know how you feel about Lucas marrying Sami. Believe me, I don't like it, either, but what are we gonna do? You know what? We may not be able to stop this thing, but that doesn't mean that I have to sit there and watch it happen. So I've decided -- I'm not going to my brother's wedding.


Abe: Look, this is your daughter's wedding, Roman. We don't have to talk shop.

Roman: I can't help it. I can't help it, part. I mean, not when there are so many unanswered questions about that slimy little bastard DiMera.

Abe: Well, I've got some news that might put a smile on your face. I got a call from the Warden at Statesville. They're picking up some chatter from DiMera's people. Sounds like they may have a lead on Stan.



Sami: "All my dreams will come true today when I marry you. All my love, Lucas." All my dreams are coming true today, too, Lucas, 'cause I'm gonna be your wife in just a few more hours. You are dead and buried, Stan, and you are gonna stay that way. "The car carrying Tony DiMera exploded before he could make his getaway." That's it. That's it -- I'm free, right? No one's ever gonna find out that I was Stan. Tony is busted, and I am free.

[Door slams]

Caroline: Samantha Brady, how could you?!


John: The day's finally here. You're about to get your memory back.

Alex: So, no stress, Marlena. You just get plenty of rest, and I'm going to take very good care of you.

[Alarm beeping]

Alex: Playing with your new toy, Mr. Black?

John: I guess I wouldn't need it if I could trust my wife's doctor wasn't gonna go into her room in the middle of the night.

Alex: It really bothers you that Marlena wouldn't let you in her room last night, doesn't it?

John: As her husband, yeah, it kind of bothers me.

Alex: So, what did your little friend there tell you?

John: It tells me you didn't leave your room until just now, and that's just the way that I planned it.

Alex: Whatever makes you happy.

Alex: [Thinking] Sorry, John, it seems you didn't think of everything. While you're busy monitoring Marlena's door, I'll be slipping in through her terrace. Just what the doctor ordered, Marlena. You'll have a peaceful night... and wake up in just the right mood..

Alex: I hope you didn't bother her last night. She needs all the rest she can get.

John: No, I stayed in the den...not that it's any of your business.

Alex: I only want Marlena to become more herself every day.



Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Marlena: [Sighs softly] [Thinking] Now... for a perfect day.

John: Dr. North, why do I get the feeling that you and I aren't on the same page here?

Alex: I want to help your wife. I don't know about you.

John: What, are you implying I'm trying to hurt her?

Alex: It's not a question of trying to hurt Marlena. It's just, you're not a doctor. You don't have my experience in this field, let alone my knowledge.

John: No, but I know my wife, and that puts me light-years ahead of you.

Alex: You knew your wife before the accident. Who she is now -- that's out of your control.

John: That's because you're getting in my way every damn chance you get.

Alex: Now you're being paranoid. Why would I get in your way? You hired me to help your wife, and I am committed to doing just that.


Alex: You're swimming out to sea alone. Suddenly, the current becomes too strong for you. You call out for help.

Marlena: John... John swims out to save me.

Alex: No. No, not John. Alex swims out to save you.

Marlena: Oh... Alex -- Alex... who's here to help me. Alex always protects me.

Alex: You need Alex, don't you, Marlena?

Marlena: I need Alex.

Alex: Alex will always be there to help you. Alex will always be there to protect you.

Marlena: Alex will always be help me. Alex will always be there to protect me.


Alex: Alex will always be there to help you. Alex will always be there to protect you.

John: Marlena made tremendous progress yesterday, especially last night. She remembered our song. We danced. She actually enjoyed it. That carriage ride we took yesterday -- she was on the verge of remembering everything about our relationship. So today is the day she pulls it all together and has the breakthrough I've been waiting for. Today's the day she realizes she no longer needs you in her life.


Caroline: What do you think you are doing?

Sami: Grandma, I'm just getting ready for the wedding.

Caroline: I know. I can see that. I just can't believe it. I've waited all these years to see you happily married to a man you love, and you get ready without me?

Sami: Grandma... oh, you're killing me.

Caroline: Sami...

Sami: I wouldn't do that. I would never get ready without you, grandma. Look at this -- look at these flowers that Lucas sent. Aren't they perfect? Just like today's gonna be perfect.

Caroline: Amen to that.

Sami: Grandma, I wish that mom could be here with us, helping me get ready. I mean, I understand why she's not. I just...

Caroline: Well, at least Marlena is back home now, you know? And hopefully she'll be back to her old self soon.

Sami: And then if only -- I'm not even gonna say it.

Caroline: I think I know what you wish -- that your mother and father were back together again?

Sami: I can't help it, grandma. I know that they love each other.

Caroline: We don't always follow where our heart leads us, you know? We make choices, and we live by them. And even if your mother and father never got together again, they'll always wish each other the best, and they would care deeply.

Sami: It's not gonna do dad a lot of good if he spends the rest of his life alone.


Roman: All right, right over here to your left. There you go.

Abe: Oh, thank you, thank you.

Roman: All right. Now, come on, don't keep me guessing here. It's my daughter's wedding. Give me a present.

Abe: [Laughing] All right. I'm gonna give you a big, fat present. I got the I.S.A. to issue a secret government warrant allowing us to bug Tony's cell and also the cell of all the other DiMera operatives we have in lockup.

Roman: All right, good for you. Did you come up with anything yet?

Abe: No, no, no surprises. Tony's still mad as hell his escape didn't pan out.

Roman: Mad at who?

Abe: Stan.

Roman: Mad enough to blow the whistle on him?

Abe: No, not yet. He's still refusing to cooperate.

Roman: I -- I don't get that, Abe. I mean...what, is he afraid of Stan? That doesn't make sense. I mean, Stan worked for Tony, not the other way around. Why in the hell wouldn't he give him up?

Abe: Got me.

Roman: You know, I keep thinking of something that Tony said to me the other day when we recaptured him.

Abe: What's that?

Roman: He told me I just destroyed the life of somebody I love. Now it's Sami's wedding day... and I keep getting this really, really awful feeling that he was talking about her. Now, I hope he wasn't, Abe. Damn. Damn, I hope he wasn’t.


Kate: I wasn't invited to the wedding, sweetie, and it's the last place on earth I would want to be today.

Billie: Me too. Yeah, really. No, I'm serious. You know what I think we should do? We should go shopping. Yeah, let's just spend an insane amount of money on shoes, and then we'll go have lunch. And none of that rabbit food, either. Let's have cheeseburgers, french fries, hot dogs, milkshakes -- everything. We'll drown our sorrows in food.

Kate: [Laughs] See? See, there? You almost made me laugh.

Billie: Oh, see, you do need me.

Kate: I do need you. I do. But your brother needs you, too, and Austin's gonna be there. And it would break Lucas' heart if his only sister wasn't at his wedding to see him marry the love of his life.

Billie: Oh, my, you actually got those words out without choking. You are amazing.

Kate: Oh, my God! Look, I've lost some, and I have won some, and I need to accept the fact that I have lost this one. But in the meantime, you have given me a beautiful granddaughter that I can shower my affections on, haven't you?

Billie: Mom, speaking of showering, it's gotta stop.

Kate: What do you mean, it's gotta stop?

Billie: The dresses from Paris, the shoes from Milan -- I know what you're trying to do, and it has to stop.


Abby: Chelsea, you can't compete with your own mom for a guy. It's just too weird.

Chelsea: Billie wants Patrick. She keeps throwing herself at him, crying on his shoulder. She wears low-cut jeans. How obvious can you be? It's embarrassing. Speaking of which, you need to start dressing like you know you're in the race.

Abby: The race for what?

Chelsea: A man. You need to find yourself a guy, Abby, and please don't let it be that nerd boy from the Java Café. I'm not gonna be able to hang out with you anymore.

Abby: You introduced us.

Chelsea: I don't know what I was thinking.

Abby: Yeah, well, I never know what you're thinking, but I really like him.

Chelsea: You need to get out more, Abby. Here -- from grandma Kate to me to you. Wear that to your uncle's wedding and see what it feels like to have men drooling over you.


Jennifer: Bo, listen, I'll tell you one thing -- if Abby tried to go out in public dressed like that, Jack would have a fit. And, look, I know that Abby and Chelsea have been friends for a long time, but if she's gonna be a bad influence on Abby, I can't allow them to hang out together. And I don't mean to offend you when I say that.

Bo: No, no, you're -- you're just being honest... as honest as I'm gonna be when I talk to Chelsea. There's no way I'm gonna let her walk out of this house dressed like a...

Hope: Hooch?


Abby: Chelsea, you can't give me this. It must have cost more than anything else I ever owned.

Chelsea: Right, but it didn't cost me a thing. My granny Kate is loaded. She can afford to keep us both in the latest styles.

Abby: Oh, look how short this is. When we walk into the church, nobody's going to be looking at the bride.

Bo: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah? Well, you don’t.


Hope: It's awfully quiet in there. I would have expected a little yelling from Bo.

Jennifer: I know. I wonder what he's saying.

Hope: I don't know, but I hope he lays down the law.

Jennifer: He needs to have a good talking with her.


Jennifer: [Gasps] Abigail Deveraux, where in the world did you get that --

Hope: That thing that I don't know what you even call it, but it seems to be contagious in this house.

Abby: Well, Chelsea gave it to me. Don't you like it?

Jennifer: You're not serious. I mean, that is completely inappropriate for a wedding.

Abby: Come on, mom, it's the latest style in Paris.

Jennifer: We're gonna be at church! Your great-grandmother's going to be there. You want her seeing you looking like a -- like -- like somebody she doesn't even know?

Abby: Okay, mom. You don't want me to wear this hot outfit, then what should I wear? It's not like I have anything else.

Jennifer: Yeah, you don't have any clothes. What about that really nice black dress that you have? You could wear that to the wedding.

Abby: The one I wore to dad's memorial service? I wear that, and I'll spend the whole day crying.

Jennifer: That, or you spend the day crying because you broke your father's heart, because if you walk into a church in this so-called "hot outfit," your father is going to flip out.


Chelsea: I thought you'd like seeing me dressed so well.

Bo: Chel-- you're showing a bit too much skin for a girl your age.

Chelsea: My God, you're such a guy. Look at this magazine, okay? See? That's haute couture.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm gonna talk to Kate about filling your head with Paris couture. You're a young girl, and you're gonna dress like one.

Chelsea: Look...I want you to be proud of me. I really do. But even more so, I want to feel good about myself. This outfit makes me feel like I'm worth something.

Bo: Chelsea, you're worth everything to me. When I found out you were alive, I would have gone to hell -- we did go to hell and back to find you.

Chelsea: But you don't even know me. I mean, I know you say you love me and everything, but sometimes I don't really feel like you really like me all that much.

Bo: Oh, come on. You know that's not true.

Chelsea: The only people who really knew me and loved me for who I am were my parents. And they're gone. When I put this outfit on, I feel special. I feel beautiful. And my grandmother gave it to me. She reached out to me, and that means so much. And now I have this whole new family, I have this wedding to go to, and I don't even know anyone there. If you let me wear this, at least I'll feel comfortable with myself. I won't be as shy, and I'll be able to start getting to know people better. Please. I've really, really, really been looking forward to spending this day with my new extended family. Don't ruin it for me.


Roman: You know, Tony's always caused Sami so much trouble that, this being her wedding day, he could try to ruin it.

Abe: Well, I sure do wish you luck, partner. I'll see you after the ceremony.

Roman: All right, yeah. All right. All right, Sami, are you decent in there? It's your dad out here.

Sami: Come in, daddy. Hi!

Roman: Hey. Where's the wedding dress?

Caroline: Oh, Roman, don't rush her, please. She's enjoying every minute of this special day.

Roman: Well, it's a special day for us, too, mom, because we are finally getting Sami off our hands.

Sami: Dad, be nice.

Roman: I will be nice. You know I'm teasing. But I want you to listen to me, okay? Now, everybody wants to hear those three little words, "I love you," but there are two other words that if you keep in mind and live by, you won't have a problem. And that's honesty and integrity. You keep those in mind, and you'll have it made.

Caroline: I can think of a third word. Any guess what it is? Forgiveness.. If you could forgive Kate... maybe you'd have the happiness that you deserve.

Sami: Grandma, what are you talking about? He shouldn't forgive Kate. Dad deserves way better than that witch, and you always did. If you want to be happy, you should get John and that crazy doctor out of the way, and you should be with mom yourself.


John: Dr. North, I have a feeling your influence over Marlena is coming to an end. Her memory's coming back. I can feel it. And she's coming back to me and her family, right where she belongs.

Alex: Well, as you say, you are her husband, and if her memory should come back, of course she'll no longer be in need of my psychiatric services.

John: And I believe that's gonna be happening today.

Alex: Ah, well, I think you're wrong. I also think you're pushing her way too hard. But I'll be ready to leave on a moment's notice if that will make you happy.

John: I guess I'll be seeing you around.

Alex: I'll go pack my bags.

Marlena: Did you say you were packing? What have you done to him?

John: Nothing. Dr. North's in great demand. There's a lot of people out there that need his psychiatric services. Right, doctor?

Marlena: Alex, Alex, please don't leave me.

Alex: I think that's something you should discuss with your husband. Of course, the decision is up to you. In the meantime, I think I'll go up and dress for the wedding. Excuse me.

Marlena: I don't know what you said or did to him, but I will do anything to keep Alex with me.


Billie: Mom, you are spoiling my daughter.

Kate: Oh, my God. Billie, I missed the first 18 years of her life, okay? I'm just trying to make up a little lost time.

Billie: By what -- buying her love?

Kate: [Sighs] That is not what I'm doing, okay? If you haven't noticed, she has a perfect model's body, and I'm not going broke giving her these things. They send them from the fashion houses.

Billie: The fashions are too sophisticated for her.

Kate: Oh, okay. According to who?

Billie: Me. I'm her mother.

Kate: Billie, I know that you're her mother, but she isn't a little girl, and she's not playing with dolls. Baby, you missed that time in her life. Look, and maybe I am spoiling her. But I lost Lucas, and I lost Will. Please, honey, let me have my granddaughter. I have a lot I can offer her, okay? I mean, she has a job at Basic Black now. We have to dress her, make sure she looks good, don't we?

Billie: Mom, mom, you cannot hand her everything on a silver platter.

Kate: I'm not.

Billie: Yes, you are. She won't be able to handle it. She is already overwhelmed enough as it is. She's had so much thrown at her in so little time. You cannot just make her your little protégée.

Kate: You know what I think? You have been longing for your daughter for so many years and dreaming of what she would be like. And now it's very hard for you to accept the fact of who she really is, which is a very worldly, mature young woman who wants success, who is going after it. As a matter of fact, I think you could take a few pointers from her.

Billie: What?! What the hell does that mean?

Kate: Honey, look, you have your daughter back, and that's good. I mean, it's wonderful. But I think now, you need to use it to get closer to Bo.



Bo: Chelsea... you don't have to dress like this to get people's attention. Our family's not about that.

Chelsea: Well, maybe I'll believe that once I've been around it longer. But right now, I just feel really, really insecure. I feel all alone. I just really need to feel accepted.


Jennifer: Abigail, listen, I don't want you upsetting your father.

Abby: Well, I don't want to, either.

Jennifer: Then just go upstairs and put on something else, please.

Abby: Fine, mom. But why does Chelsea get to wear what she's wearing?

Hope: Chelsea is not wearing that -- I don't even know what you call it. Once she and Bo finish their little chat, it won't be happening. You can count on it.


Bo: Chelsea... having you in my life means everything to me. And I'm going to protect you -- that's what fathers do.

Chelsea: That's so sweet.

Bo: Well...when men look at you in that outfit -- and they will look at you -- I don't want them to get the wrong idea.

Chelsea: Look, it's up to me to behave responsibly, right? I can do that whether I'm buttoned up to here or wearing a fabulous Paris original. And I promise I won't do anything to make you or Billie ashamed of me. Okay, dad?

Bo: Okay.

Chelsea: Look, if you really think it's too much, I can go upstairs and change or throw on a shawl or something. Would that be okay?

Bo: That would be okay, yes. That's all I'm asking.

Chelsea: Okay, I'll go up and look for one right away.

Bo: Well, hold on a second. We did okay here, didn't we? We're getting to know each other a little better.

Chelsea: Definitely. I'm so grateful to have a dad who understands me.

Bo: Well, good. Let's continue to have these little conversations, okay?

Chelsea: For sure. I'm gonna go find Abby.

Bo: All right.


Bo: Oh, hey.

Hope: Oh, hey.

Bo: What?

Hope: [Sighs] You -- oh, my God -- are going to regret this.


Sami: Dad, you and mom belong together. You still love her. I know you do.

Caroline: Sami, there's one small detail. Marlena's married to John.

Sami: Yeah, well, she doesn't even remember him, so it doesn't matter, right? Dad, this is your chance. You could win her all over again.

Roman: Sami, come on.

Sami: That's what John is doing, isn't it? Maybe that's why mom's having trouble remembering -- because you're the only one who can get through to her. Dad, you are the only one she ever really loved.

Roman: Sami, that is not true.

Sami: Dad, fight for her. Come on, she is the greatest love of your life.. Don't give up on that.


John: Look, Marlena, I know that your long-term memory's a problem for you right now, but you have to remember last night.

Marlena: Last night?

John: We danced. You seemed to recognize the music. We had a carriage ride together yesterday, and you said you feel more and more comfortable with me. We had a breakthrough.

Marlena: A breakthrough? This is so irritating. Every time I say what I want, you contradict me. "No, Doc, that isn't what you want." "No, Doc, I'm your husband." "I know you better than you know yourself." Well, you don’t. Don't leave here without me. If Alex leaves here, I'm going with him.


Hope: What did she say to you?

Bo: My daughter and I had a good talk for the first time. I feel good about it.

Hope: Good. I'm happy you had a good talk.

Bo: She said she wouldn't do anything to make me and Billie feel ashamed..

Hope: Okay, yeah...

Bo: Well, it's just getting used to this whole father-daughter thing -- it's different. It's not like dealing with Shawn or Zach.

Hope: Well, of course not. They don't have Chelsea's bag of tricks.

Bo: Come on, that's not fair.

Hope: What?

Bo: I'm -- well, it's just too bad that you see my daughter in a negative light. Hope, I did crazy things when I was her age. I grew up, have a great family, a respectable job.

Hope: I know. What about Shawn? Do you think Shawn's gonna be okay?

Bo: Sure, he's gonna be -- Hope, he grew up with our love and support and our example. He knows when his behavior's wrong.

Hope: Well, Chelsea should, too.

Bo: [Sighs] Look, I don't think some trendy Paris outfit is gonna set her on the road to hell.

Hope: The point is, is that she doesn't need a trendy outfit. This is not trend-- what she needs is discipline. She needs to behave appropriately, Bo. That's what she needs.

Bo: Appro-- are you implying that my daughter's a tramp?


Chelsea: Your mom's making you wear that?

Abby: It's just a dress, okay?

Chelsea: Abby, a dress is everything. The guy of your dreams can be at the wedding today, but by the way you look, he'll never even notice you're there. Thank god my parents are cool about this stuff, especially my dad. He totally gets where I'm coming from.

Hope: Hey, cool dad... you're gonna have to live with the consequences of this one.


Billie: How many times have I asked you not to mention Bo to me again? And quit trying to change the subject. Chelsea is my daughter, and I would like you to respect my wishes.

Kate: Baby, all I'm asking is for you to let me just mold her a little bit, okay? That's all. Besides, maybe it would serve as a distraction to keep me from thinking about the possibility that my son is going to be tethered to that good-for-nothing liar for the rest of his life.

Billie: Why don't you do something about it? Quit interfering in my life and get back into Lucas'.

Kate: Ha ha ha. How?

Billie: Call him. Yeah, call him up. Call him up and tell him you're sorry. And then apologize to his wife --

Kate: I will like hell. Billie, every day that Lucas and will spend with that woman is another day in danger. I swear to God, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change one damn thing.


Chelsea: You and your mom are like twins.

Jennifer: All right, sweetie, your dad is almost ready.

Hope: Jen, you look beautiful. Chelsea, you as well.

Jennifer: Thank you. Once Jack comes down, we will finally get this show on the road, and let's just hope the wedding takes place. Sami's had some bad luck getting married..

Hope: Staying married, too.

Jennifer: I hope for Lucas' sake it works out because he really loves her.

Hope: Oh, it's mutual. It would be great for Will to finally have his mom and dad together, that's for sure.

Jennifer: I will say a prayer.

Hope: Oh, me too. One thing is for sure I will say -- shouldn't be boring.



Kate: I'll tell you, Sami is mixed up with Tony. I just know it. I know it. There was this look on her face last night, Billie, when she found out that Tony's car had exploded. It was this look of...

Billie: Uh, relief?

Kate: No, no. It was a look of panic -- panic because she was in conspiracy with Tony. I know it, and I can't prove it. And it's just driving me crazy. So she's gonna be free to walk down the aisle with my unsuspecting son. His life might as well be over. Except I have one hope -- one hope left that I'm holding on to till the very last second.

Billie: Sami's wedding curse.

Kate: Yeah.

Billie: Oh...

Kate: Yeah. None of her weddings have ever turned out well, and I'm hoping the same thing will happen with this one. Maybe Lucas will be lucky. Maybe he'll be lucky and his bride will -- I don't know -- she'll be struck by lightning. [ Thunder crashes] It could happen.


Sami: Dad, there is an important fact that everyone seems to be forgetting. Mom fell when she was pregnant with your baby.

Roman: Sami, the baby is gone.

Sami: And I know that. But when mom gets her memory back, she's gonna remember that you are the man that she really loves.

Roman: Maybe, Sami, but, look, I do not want to argue with you about it now, okay? Today is your wedding day. And this one -- believe me -- is going to stick.

Sami: Dad, why'd you have to say it like that? Is everyone laughing at me?

Roman: What, are you kidding me? They're laying odds out there, taking bets, right out in the parking lot.

Caroline: He's kidding. He's kidding. Oh, please! Your dad and I are so proud of you on your wedding day.

Roman: You better believe it. We are.

Sami: Thanks, dad. You know, wouldn't it be amazing if mom got her memory back in the middle of the ceremony and she remembered everything -- that I'm her daughter and that you are the man that she loves?


Marlena: Alex, don't leave. I'll pack a bag and come with you.

John: Hold on. I'm not letting you do that. Your daughter's getting married. Your daughter. And even if you don't remember her, don't you think...

Marlena: [Thinking] I need Alex. He'll help me. Alex will always protect me.

John: Come on.

Marlena: You don't get this, do you? I don't care about Sami. I don't care about the wedding. All I want to do is be with Alex. He makes me feel safe and protected, and you and your family make me feel threatened, so please just leave me alone. All I want to do is be with Alex.


Mimi: You need to give it up.

Belle: What are you talking about?

Mimi: You need to see a shrink because you have serious problems.


Nicole: I want to squash Sami's dreams of marrying Lucas and living happily ever after once and for all.


Marlena: What are you talking about?

Alex: Are you going to tell her, or shall I?


Sami: Oh, my God - seven years' bad luck...starting right now.

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