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[Both laughing]

Chloe: Oh, my God, Brady. Look at what you've done. You created a little paradise.

Brady: Yeah, I think I overdid it a little bit.

Chloe: No, are you kidding me? It's perfect. It's a perfect spot to spend our wedding night. It's our magic cottage, even more magical, if that's possible.

Brady: Well, I just know how much this place means to you.

Chloe: Yeah. It's where you made me feel whole again... made me believe that we could have a future.

Brady: Chloe, our future begins tonight. Come here, Mrs. Black. I want to kiss my wife.

Chloe: Mmm... mmm...


Mimi: Oh, my God. I just figured out what you're afraid of. It's me.

Belle: What?

Mimi: Yeah. If Shawn falls in love with me, then you're afraid that you'll never be able to get him back.

Shawn D.: Here you go.

Belle: Thank you.

Shawn D.: Yeah. You're welcome. You okay?

Belle: I'm fine.

Shawn D.: You sure? 'Cause you look a little pale. Okay, so, uh, what's going on here?


Marlena: Whew!

Alex: Your doorman was right. It's suffocating in here.

John: Too bad you cut our carriage ride short. With the A.C. out, I think Marlena would have been more comfortable riding around in the park.

Marlena: Oh, no, I'm all right. I'm fine. I just wonder how long it's going to be.

John: Well, the whole building's affected. I'm sure they're working on it. Look, why don't you go take a cool shower and get into something lighter?

Marlena: Well, that sounds good.

John: And then when you get back, I've got a little surprise for you.

Marlena: Now I'm good and curious.

John: Good. Go on, take a shower. You know, I'm working really hard to help my wife remember. In fact, we actually almost had a breakthrough before you interrupted that carriage ride.

Alex: So you say.

John: But what I've got in mind right now could be just the thing to trigger her memory, because Marlena is going to Samantha's wedding tomorrow and she will remember her daughter.


Lucas: There you go.

Sami: Lucas, I am on a wedding high. I never thought I'd say this, but Chloe was a beautiful bride.

Lucas: Yes, she was. Everyone's going to say the same thing about you tomorrow.

Sami: Lucas...

Lucas: Especially me, when I see you walking down that aisle.

Sami: [Laughs] I can't believe it. You're not the least bit nervous, are you?

Lucas: Me? No. Why should I be? I'm marrying the woman of my dreams. I'm fine.

Sami: We're gonna have the wedding of my dreams. I have so much to do before the ceremony tomorrow.

Lucas: Great, is that my cue to leave?

Sami: No, of course not. Stay a while.

Lucas: I think I will, 'cause, you know, our son is sleeping.

Sami: I know that look.

Lucas: Yeah? What do you say we have some alone time, huh?

Sami: Lucas, wait, wait. We canít.

Lucas: What are you talking about? Why not? Oh, come on. Sami, you don't think it's going to be bad luck if we sleep together, do you?

Sami: Everything's just been going so well. I don't want to jinx it.

Lucas: Jinx it? You know what? You know what you and your superstitions makes you?

Sami: I know -- crazy.

Lucas: No, it makes you real sexy.

Sami: [Chuckles] Lucas...

Lucas: Come on, baby, let's live dangerously, huh?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Sami: Wait, Lucas, we cannot sleep together the night before our wedding.. You're not supposed to see me until I walk down the aisle. Come on.

Lucas: But our wedding day doesn't officially begin until midnight, right? So how about I set the alarm on my watch, and as soon as it's time, I'll leave?

Sami: What, at 11:59?

Lucas: Yeah, right on the dot.

Sami: Lucas, what am I gonna do with you?

Lucas: I got a couple ideas for you.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Well, here, let me set this right now. Perfect. We got an hour and 21 minutes. Let's go.

Sami: [Laughs] Lucas, come on, everything's been going so well. I don't want to tempt fate.

Lucas: Baby, you really are worried about this, aren't you?

Sami: Lucas, you know my history with weddings.

Lucas: Yeah, but that's not going to happen this time, all right?

Sami: How do you know?

Lucas: Because I won't let it. I love you. I love you too much to let anything happen.


Shawn D.: Well, it's fairly obvious that something is going on here, so do either one of you want to fill me in?

Belle: It's nothing. Mimi and I were just talking.

Mimi: About the wedding.

Shawn D.: Really? Are you sure about that? 'Cause neither of you seem too happy.

Belle: Oh, I'm just exhausted. I think I'm gonna get a cab.

Shawn D.: A cab?

Belle: Well, my dad left. He took my mom home. He wanted to spend some time with her.

Shawn D.: So I can give you a ride.

Mimi: That's convenient.

Shawn D.: It's really not a problem. It's not out of our way. Are you ready to go?

Mimi: No, not yet. You two run along.

Shawn D.: Are you sure?

Mimi: Yeah, I'm gonna hang out with my mom. She can give me a ride.

Shawn D.: Okay. All right, well, are you all set?

Belle: Yeah. Yeah. Good night, Mimi.

Mimi: Good night.


Bonnie: What the heck are you doing?

Mimi: Not now, mom.

Bonnie: Why in the world would you let Shawn run off with Belle?

Mimi: I didn't exactly have a choice, okay?

Bonnie: Don't give me that. You could have done something. Mimi, you better start working this, or you are gonna lose your chance to be Mrs. Shawn Brady.


Marlena: Oh...

John: Well, you look nice and comfortable.

Marlena: Oh, yeah.

["Your precious love" plays] Oh. That's a song they played at the wedding reception.

Alex: Marlena, excuse me, but you've had a rather long day. I think you should probably go upstairs and try to get some rest.

Marlena: What could be more restful than listening to beautiful music? It's so familiar. I'm -- I'm trying so hard. I just -- oh, it's so close. I can't get it.

Alex: There you go again -- trying too hard. I don't want you to get overtired.

John: There's a nice breeze out on the terrace. Why don't you go out there? You can still hear the music.

Marlena: Oh... will you join me?

John: In a minute. I want to say good night to Dr. North.

Marlena: Okay. Excuse me.

Oh, heaven must have sent you from above


John: Get out of here.

Alex: I canít. Marlena's my patient. My responsibility is to her.

John: You know, North, what I want to do right now is throw you off that balcony. But the only reason I don't is because Marlena wants you here, and I don't want to upset her. Excuse me. I'm going to go out and join my wife on the terrace. Don't come out there.

A reason for living

and, ooh, you taught me

you taught me the meaning of giving

oh, heaven must have sent you from above

John: It's for you.

Marlena: Oh... is this the surprise?

John: Mm-hmm. Come on, open it.

Marlena: [Gasps] Oh...

John: It's a blue topaz. You always had a thing for that stone.

Marlena: Apparently, I still do. Oh, it's exquisite. John... looking at it makes me feel so --

John: Loved? Good. Because you are.

Marlena: No, I was going to say protected...cared for.

John: Mm. May I?

Marlena: Yes, please.

And I want to show

I want to show that appreciation

'cause when I found you

I found a new inspiration

oh, heaven must have sent you from above

John: Ah, it's beautiful... just like you.

Marlena: Thank you.

["If it wasn't for your love" plays]

John: Be a damn shame to let this music go to waste, wouldn't it?

Would I be standing here

Marlena: I like this song.

John: You should. We danced to it before.

After all these years

among the stars above?

Maybe not, if it wasn't for your love

Marlena: I -- it was... was it a wedding?

Smiling faces all around

like when the king...

John: Do you remember whose wedding?


Bonnie: Mimi, I swear, sometimes I can't believe you're my daughter.

Mimi: Why, because I don't feel comfortable chasing a man the way you do?

Bonnie: I'm gonna ignore that remark because I love you. But you can't let Shawn slip through your hands, not when you're this close to reeling him in.

Mimi: "Reeling him in"? Mom, he's not a trout, okay? And what makes you think I can get him, anyway?

Bonnie: I talked to him, okay?

Mimi: Oh, no. What did you say?

Bonnie: Nothing much. Just that you and Rex are finito and you're heartsick about being alone.

Mimi: Mom, how could you?! Oh, you're making me sound pathetic, okay? Don't you understand? I don't want Shawn to ask me out because you made him feel sorry for me.

Bonnie: You love him, right?

Mimi: Oh, this is just too humiliating.

Bonnie: Answer the question. Do you or do you not love Shawn Brady?

Mimi: I like him.

Bonnie: You like him?

Mimi: Okay, I -- I like him a lot. And, yes, the more time we spend together, the closer I feel to him.

Bonnie: And you don't want to lose him to another woman, do you?

Mimi: You know I donít.

Bonnie: Then go for it, Mimi. Make the most of what you've got.

Mimi: What I've got?

Bonnie: Honey, check out the mirror. You're a knockout. You've got a body that won't quit. And you and Shawn live together.

Mimi: We're roommates. We're just friends. That's all.

Bonnie: He's a man. You're a woman. And God didn't give you that chassis to mope around in a fuzzy robe and bunny-rabbit slippers. Flaunt it.

Mimi: Mom!

Bonnie: No, I mean it. You heard me. Make Shawn realize what he's missing. Make him weep.

Mimi: No, no, I'm not going to use sex to trap him, okay? If anything's going to happen between Shawn and me, it'll have to happen naturally.

Bonnie: Not everything in life happens naturally, honey. Sometimes you've got to make it happen.

Mimi: That's not me, okay? If I'm a disappointment to you, I'm sorry, but I am not lowering myself like that.

Bonnie: Even if it means you could lose Shawn forever?


Shawn D.: There you go. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Belle: Well, a cup of herbal tea might be nice. Have one with me.

Shawn D.: Um, I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I'll have something. I'll make it for you. Please, sit down.

Belle: Sure you don't mind?

Shawn D.: No, no, not at all.

Belle: I feel so wound up tonight. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to sleep.

Shawn D.: Sure you will.

Philip: Belle, I'm home!

Belle: Philip...

Philip: I got back early. You want to tell me what the hell's going on here?


Brady: Chloe! Where are you? I want to make a toast. Wow. Now, this was worth the wait. Here.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: [Sighs] I'd like to make a toast. To my beautiful wife -- to you. May your future -- our future -- be everything you want it to be. This is only the beginning.

Chloe: To us and our future.

Brady: Mm... are you excited for the honeymoon? We leave tomorrow.

Chloe: Who wouldn't be excited? Paris and then a Mediterranean cruise on your father's yacht.

Brady: [Sighs] Private Greek Island.

Chloe: Sounds amazing.

Brady: And then Mr. and Mrs. Black come home, and we start accepting visitors. Did I say something? Something bothering you?

Chloe: It's just that, before the wedding, I wasn't sure if the scars would be there or not. And, miraculously, they healed. But I just want you to know that even if I had been scarred for life, Brady, your love has transformed me.

Brady: No, Chloe, our love has done that.

Chloe: Yeah, but you're my rock, Brady. You make me feel so strong. Um....before we make love as husband and wife, I have a confession to make.

Brady: Confession?

Chloe: I haven't been faithful to you.

Brady: Chloe, what are you talking about? You would never be unfaithful to me.

Chloe: But I was, Brady. I was unfaithful to our love. That car accident -- when I found out how badly I'd been injured, I just thought that you'd be better off without me. So I let you think I was dead. And that is a horrible thing to do to someone, especially someone that you love. If I had just been honest with you from the beginning and told you the truth, I would have saved you from so much pain. So I am so sorry for keeping the truth from you. I just really hope that you can forgive me.

Brady: I'm sorry, Chloe. I can't accept your apology.


Marlena: Oh, yeah, I feel like I'm so close.

John: To remembering? But not quite there yet. Well, maybe if you stop trying so hard and just kept on dancing, something would come to you.

It blinds my eyes

but finally I see

how it feels to live a dream

Marlena: Oh... you know what? I am feeling a bit tired. I think Alex may have been right. I think it's a very big day tomorrow, and I should get some rest.

John: Of course. Hey, we had a breakthrough tonight. I think if we keep working at it, we'll see even more progress.

Marlena: I hope so.

John: Just promise me you won't stop trying.

Marlena: John, I want to remember this.


Sami: [Sighs] We didn't go past the deadline, did we?

Lucas: I don't know. I'm not used to being on the clock.

Sami: What? What time is it?

Lucas: Oh, oh! No, we're fine. We got plenty of time. Don't worry about it.

Sami: Good, because I love being in your arms.

Lucas: Well, good.

Newscaster: To recap this developing story, Tony DiMera has been recaptured. Our crime-scene investigator has just given us these details. According to local police, the car used in DiMera's getaway exploded, destroying much of the vehicle's contents, including computer disks, activity logs, disguises, and other evidence. The cause of the blast, which was heard blocks away, is still unknown.

Lucas: Oh, man, I can't believe that. We gotta get him. We gotta get that son of a bitch.

Sami: Well, I guess that's not going to happen.

Lucas: Why would you say that? You do want him caught, don't you, Sami?

Sami: Well, yeah. I mean, of course I do, but the guy's probably smart enough to not show his face in Salem again. He's probably long gone.

Lucas: I can't believe that. It's so frustrating. We don't have anything on him -- no fingerprints, no DNA evidence, nothing.

Sami: Yeah, it's a shame.

Lucas: It's no justice. The guy's walking around free after what he did?

Sami: Well, you're right, but, Lucas, can't we just forget about it? Your obsession with this guy Stan is going to ruin our marriage. Can't you just let it go?


Chloe: You're serious? You won't accept my apology?

Brady: [Chuckles] Chloe, there is nothing for you to apologize for. Sure, I wish you had trusted me a little bit more, but, Chloe, mostly I wish I had known that you were alive so I could have been there for you.

Chloe: How can you be so understanding after the stupid things I did?

Brady: Hey, hey... because I love you. Chloe, the worst thing that we can possibly do is begin our marriage with regrets. We are married now. We're never gonna be separated again. And I vow to love, to honor, and, yes, trust you for the rest of my life.


Shawn D.: I just brought Belle home from the wedding reception.

Belle: He was just making me some tea.

Shawn D.: Well, I offered to make it, so, you know...

[Telephone rings]

Philip: I'll get it. I got it. Hello? Yeah, hi, Lexie, how you doing? Yeah, just got back, actually. It went really, really well, thank you. This thing's great. Yeah, yeah, she's right here. Hold on. Lexie calling to check up on you. Were you sick?

Belle: I had some bad cramps.

Philip: Why didn't you call me? I would have come home.

Belle: It happened right after you left. Mimi tried to call you, but no answer.

Philip: Are you okay?

Belle: Everything's fine. The baby's fine. Lexie, hi, thanks for calling..

Philip: Good of you to look after her.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, I mean, I'm just happy that Mimi and I were close by. We were worried.

Philip: Mm-hmm. You sure she's all right?

Shawn D.: Yeah, Lexie said it's nothing to worry about. She wanted her to check with Dr. Bader just to be careful, but she thinks it's just a false alarm.

Philip: All right, good.

Belle: I'm back.

Philip: Well, I guess I should apologize if it seemed like I overreacted when I came in. I just didn't really expect to see you here.

Shawn D.: Well, hey, how's the leg, man?

Philip: The leg is fantastic. Look. Look at me. Are you kidding me?

Belle: You're hardly limping. That's great.

Philip: I can make it upstairs a lot easier now, too.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, you know, you look great, man.

Philip: Thank you. I just feel really bad I missed Brady and Chloe's wedding.

Belle: It was beautiful. They were both so happy.

Philip: I can't believe how much our lives are changing. Brady and Chloe -- married. Lucas and Sami -- married tomorrow. You and me -- married with a baby on the way. It's crazy.

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: [Sighs]

Shawn D.: Yeah, um, well, I'm gonna go and let you have your tea. Um, just take care of yourself, okay?

Belle: Yeah, I will.

Shawn D.: Philip, good seeing you.

Philip: Don't stay away too long.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Philip: You have something to tell me, don't you?

Belle: Yes.


Lucas: I'm sorry, Sami. I canít. I can't forget about Stan until I make sure he gets what's coming to him, too.

Sami: Look, you hate the guy. I get it. What I don't get is why you're gonna let this ruin what's supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. Lucas, we are getting married tomorrow. After all the misery that we've been through, you and will and I are finally gonna be together as a family. I mean, is that more important to you than some guy who used to work for Tony DiMera?

Lucas: Look, I can see how much this is upsetting you, and I'm sorry, all right? I won't bring up his name -- not until after our honeymoon, anyway.

Sami: Okay. Thank you.

Lucas: You're welcome.

Sami: Lucas, this is it. We are gonna live happily ever after. The Sami Brady wedding curse has officially been lifted. Tomorrow you and I are gonna walk down the aisle, and no one can stop us -- not Kate, not Tony, certainly not Stan.


Marlena: Oh, it's so strange.

John: What is?

Marlena: This sensation that I've been having. I had it tonight and -- and then here dancing on the balcony with you. It's as though I'm remembering something almost, and then it just stops. I don't know why. Why is that?

John: I don't know. But I'll tell you what. Get a good night's sleep. In the morning, we'll pick up where we left off. Who knows? Maybe something else will come to you. What -- you don't believe me?

Marlena: I do believe you.

John: Good night.

Marlena: Good night, John.


Alex: I think I'll turn in, myself. Excuse me.

John: Hold on a second.

Alex: What is it?

John: Just because you're sleeping on the same floor as Marlena, you st-- you stay in your own room.

Alex: I'm going to bed, Mr. Black. I'm tired. I have no intention of disturbing Marlena.

John: That's good, because if you do...I'll know about it.

Alex: What's this -- a nanny cam?

John: It's close. Interesting security system in my house -- anyone goes in Marlena's room... that door opens a crack... I'm there in a heartbeat. Now, getting back to that breakthrough I was talking about, even Doc feels that she's close to remembering.

Alex: Really.

John: Mm-hmm. And we're gonna pick up in the morning right where we left off, and if you try to screw it up, you're gonna regret it.

Alex: Well, I must say, you're very protective of her.

John: You remember that.

Alex: Good night, Mr. Black.

John: Good night, doctor.


Philip: So, what did you have to tell me? Did it have something to do with Shawn?

Belle: [Clears throat] Yes. He's been a very good friend.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Belle: But that's all he's been.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Ooh.

Philip: Is it another cramp?

Belle: No. Come here. The baby's kicking like crazy.

Philip: Whoa.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Philip: Wow.

Belle: Baby "K" miss daddy, right? You know, they can recognize voices now.

Philip: Really?

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Philip: How you doing in there, little guy? Mommy thinks you're a girl, but we both know she's crazy, right? [Chuckles] This is amazing. This is our child -- our little miracle growing inside you. Wow. You know, as close as we've come, it's just gonna bring us closer.. This is the future right here. This is our future.

Belle: This baby's gonna change everything.

Philip: I just can't wait to meet him...or her. I thank God you're okay. I'm glad Shawn and Mimi were here for you.

Belle: Me too.

Philip: Does that mean that you and Mimi are getting along better?

Belle: Mmm, I don't know about all that.


Philip: Yeah, well, I've said it before. It must be very difficult for her to see you pregnant when she can never be.

Belle: Yeah, I'm sure it is.

Philip: I just hope that she and Shawn can find happiness together. It's okay, honey. I know what's wrong.


Shawn D.: [Sighs]

Mimi: Oops, sorry.

Shawn D.: Oh. Hi.

Mimi: Hi. I was -- I was using your bathroom because the plumbing in mine is all messed up. I didn't think you'd mind, and I thought you'd be a little bit longer with Belle, so...

Shawn D.: No, I -- it's okay. It's fine. No problem.

Mimi: So, how come you're home so soon?

Shawn D.: Philip's home.

Mimi: Oh, really? How's his new leg?

Shawn D.: Um, it's good. He's, uh, he's doing amazingly well.

Mimi: Well, I'm glad. I'm happy for both of them.

Shawn D.: Yeah, so am I.

Mimi: You mean that?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah. Why wouldn't I?

Mimi: I just thought it would be hard for you.

Shawn D.: No, I -- no. We're not even going there.

Bonnie: He's a man. You're a woman. God didn't give you that chassis to mope around in a fuzzy robe and bunny-rabbit slippers. You gotta flaunt it.

Mimi: Well, I'm going to go to bed.

Shawn D.: Oh! Oh, this is yours. Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Mimi: [Chuckles] Good night.

Shawn D.: Good night.

Bonnie: The things Rex said -- Mimi's convinced no one will ever love her again, that she's not worthy of love.

Shawn D.: Mimi, w-wait up.

Mimi: What?

Shawn D.: I have a proposition for you.


Brady: Chloe...

Chloe: Yeah?

Brady: You know what we are?

Chloe: Is this a trick question?

Brady: [Laughs] No.

Chloe: Okay, I'll play. Um, husband and wife? Luvahís? Deliriously in love?

Brady: I'll take those. I was thinking of... "invincible."

Chloe: Yeah. I'm so lucky to be your wife.

Brady: I am so happy you said that. But you know something? I'm the lucky one.


Mimi: What's your proposition?

Shawn D.: Um... "Jurassic Park."

Mimi: What?

Shawn D.: Part three, actually, 'cause I saw that it was gonna be on television tonight, and I remembered how much you enjoyed it.

Mimi: Yeah, I-I -- "Jurassic Park 3." I remember watching that movie, actually. It was when you and Belle were dating. We all went together.

Shawn D.: That's right. Um, it was one of those "sitting in the back of the theaters, not watching the movie" type --

Mimi: That's 'cause you were making out like crazy.

Shawn D.: Which is exactly why I would like to see it from start to finish. You know, so it makes sense. Um, and I was wondering if you wanted to. Are you game?

Mimi: I would love to watch it, yes.

Shawn D.: That would be great. And you'd probably love to watch it even more with some popcorn, right?

Mimi: Exactly. [Chuckles] Well, um, guess I should put some clothes on..

Shawn D.: Hey, why bother? You're fine the way you are.


Philip: Yeah, I know exactly what you're upset about. It's Mimi, right? You hate fighting with her. Honey, it'll be over soon. I know it will. She was your best friend before. She's gonna be your best friend again.

Belle: I don't know.

Philip: Mimi has been on an emotional roller coaster ever since Rex left town. But I don't think it's going to last much longer. I am absolutely positive that she is falling for Shawn again, and I think, before long, they're gonna be together.

Belle: Yeah. Maybe you're right.

Philip: I mean, think about it. It's pretty cool. She and Shawn get married, they have kids of their own, their kids play with our kids -- it's what you and she always dreamed of, right?

Belle: Yeah, at one time we did.

Philip: Right. I love you so much.

Belle: I love you, too.


John: Sleep tight, my love. Looks like Alex has turned in, also. I'll just still make sure. If he tries to go into Marlena's room, I'll know about it in a second. So far, so good.


Sami: Oh, Lucas, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight -- I'm so excited about tomorrow. [Gasps] Lucas, it's almost tomorrow! You have to go, go, go!

Lucas: No, it's fine. We're all right. Come on, honey. I just want one more kiss. One more little kiss. Ooh. I can't wait for a lifetime of those.

Sami: Oh, starting tomorrow, we are never sleeping apart again.

Lucas: Oh, that I can handle.

Sami: [Chuckles] I'll give you your shirt back tomorrow.

Lucas: Okay. You know what? It's the last time I'm gonna say it, but I love you, Sami Brady.

Sami: What do you mean, "the last time"?

Lucas: Well, after tomorrow, I get to say, "I love you, Sami Roberts."

Sami: Yes. Yes. Tony damn DiMera has nothing on me. I'm marrying the man of my dreams. All my dreams are coming true. This is the happiest day of my life.


Hope: She needs to behave appropriately, Bo. That's what she needs.

Bo: Are you implying that my daughter's a tramp?


Billie: I'm not going to my brother's wedding.


Marlena: I don't know what you said or did to him, but I will do anything to keep Alex with me.


Sami: She is the greatest love of your life. Don't give up on that. Fight for her.

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