Days Transcript Monday 9/12/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/12/05 - Canada; Tuesday 9/13/05 - U.S.A.


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Brady: So, Chloe, how does it feel to be Mrs. Brady Black?

Chloe: It feels absolutely amazing, just like I knew it would. You have made me the happiest woman on earth.

Brady: Words can't describe how happy you've made me. To us. Mmm.

Chloe: Mmm.


Nicole: No. I cannot let this happen. Brady belongs to me. She can't make him happy like I can. Oh! Someone's coming. If Victor finds me here, he'll kill me.

Victor: I don't understand how Nicole could have gotten away.

Caroline: It was me. I let her go.

Victor: You?

Caroline: Victor, please, get control of yourself, or Nicole may have the last laugh on you.

Victor: That's not going to happen, Caroline. Trust me.

Nicole: [Gasps]

Nico: Going somewhere, Mrs. Kiriakis?


Jennifer: Oh, Chloe -- she just looked -- she looked radiant. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride?

Jack: Once -- you.

Jennifer: I was hoping you were going to say that.

[Both chuckle]



Abe: So, what's the latest word on DiMera? Have they gotten anything out of him yet?

Roman: No, he's still not talking. You know what? What I'm doing is I'm checking out everybody that had any contact with him from the moment we took him into custody at Salem P.D. So far, everybody's checked out except one person.

Abe: Yeah, who's that?

Roman: Female attorney -- spoke with him briefly the day after he was brought in. But the strange thing is, nobody's heard or seen from her since.

Abe: I wasn't aware of any female attorney in DiMera's employ. Who is this woman?

Roman: That's what I'd like to know. So, tek is pulling the surveillance tape as we speak. We should know any time.


Sami: Okay, headline news, breaking news, baseball scores, weather -- damn it! There's no news of Tony escaping. What the hell is going on? Sami, do not panic. Everything's going to work out. You're going to marry Lucas, and everything will be fine.

Lucas: Why wouldn't it be?


Patrick: There you go.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Patrick: Sure.

Chelsea: Looks like we're the first ones here. We are all alone.

Patrick: Good.

Chelsea: Good?

Patrick: Yeah, it's time you and I had a little talk.

Chelsea: A little talk about what?

Patrick: Billie.

Chelsea: You know what? I think I'm gonna go grab a soda from the bar.

Patrick: Oh, no. You're gonna stand here, and you're gonna listen to what I have to say.


Hope: Are you okay?

Bo: No. Billie let our daughter go with Lockhart.

Hope: I don't think she had much of a choice. Chelsea's an adult.

Bo: She's a kid with an immature crush. And that dirtbag's taking advantage.

Hope: Will you stop? For the millionth time, Patrick is not like that, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, right.

Hope: Just wait a second. Before we go in there, just promise me you are not going to make a scene.

Bo: It depends on him.

Hope: Okay, fine, you'll see for yourself -- Patrick is not interested in hitting on a little 18-year-old girl, crush or no crush. Listen to your wife. She knows best.


Alex: I'd appreciate it, Mr. Black, if you would try to refrain from undermining my methods.

John: Well, I'm sorry, doctor, but your methods are doing more harm than good.

Alex: She's upset because, once again, you're trying to force her to remember. That on top of being back in this environment is causing her more harm than good.

John: Well, "this environment," as you put it, happens to be her home.

Alex: Oh, no. No, it isn't, not in her current state of mind. A home is a place of safe haven. Marlena has made it perfectly clear she does not feel safe in Salem.

John: Because you made sure of that. No, the only place she feels safe is in your cabin out in the middle of nowhere with no one in her life but you.

Alex: I see. You mean where she didn't feel pushed or pressure from all sides to try and remember things she canít. We were making progress. If you hadn't taken her away --

John: I took her away because I know what's best for my wife, and that is not you, pal. I will not have her become dependent on some stranger.

Alex: Well, I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Black, but I'm afraid you may not have a choice.


Belle: Mom, please talk to me. What happened? Is it something dad did or said?

Marlena: He just keeps trying to get me to remember him. He keeps pushing and pushing.

Belle: He doesn't mean to. He's just worried about you. He misses we all do. Mom, you and dad love each other so much. You were his whole life, and he was yours.

Marlena: Maybe that's the problem.

Belle: What?

Marlena: Maybe I did love him, and now I donít. How could I?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


John: Well, that's an interesting statement, doctor. What's it mean?

Alex: Just what I said -- I am able to help your wife simply because she does not feel threatened by me.

John: But you're not helping her, doctor.

Alex: This is going to take time. I've told you that from the beginning. But I am very confident that if you would leave us alone, she will improve. Now, whether or not that gives you the results you're looking for, that I can't say.

John: I'm getting damn sick and tired of you telling me that my wife may or may not remember that I am the man that she loves.

Alex: I'm sorry you find that so disturbing.

John: That woman has always been the love of my life. We belong together, but you can't seem to get that through your thick skull.

Alex: You belong together? Even though, in her absence, you very quickly took up with Ms. Roberts, proposed to her, in fact, while she got pregnant with her ex-husband's child.

John: You've done your homework, doctor. And you damn well know that Kate and I got together because we thought they were dead.

Alex: But you still love her -- Kate. A part of you always will. Isn't that true?

John: [Inhales sharply] I love my wife. And she will remember that she loves me...with or without your help.

Alex: I appreciate you trying to remain positive, Mr. Black. Even so, I must caution you, it is not uncommon for an amnesiac to recover only a part of his or her memory. In that case...

John: In that case, what?

Alex: The last thing Marlena remembers is losing her baby. It's quite possible the last man she'll remember being with is Roman.


Belle: Why would you say that? If you don't remember, how do you know you don't love dad?

Marlena: I know that... I'm told that I had an affair with Roman, my ex-husband.

Belle: It wasn't an affair.

Marlena: Well, we made love. I conceived a child. How could I still love John?

Belle: What happened with Roman was one time. You were very vulnerable.

Marlena: That doesn't explain it away.

Belle: But it does. Mom, I know how much you love dad. And just because you slept with Roman one time doesn't mean you love him. It just -- it happened.

Marlena: Just the way it happened that you're pregnant by a man you don't love?


Sami: Well, I was just checking my messages because, um, well, the seamstress who's working on altering my new wedding dress hasn't returned my phone calls, and I'm starting to get nervous.

Lucas: Come on, honey. All that matters is that we're gonna get married. You, me, and Will are gonna be a family. We're gonna spend the rest of our lives together. Nothing can change that.

Sami: You're right -- nothing can change that. That is exactly what I was just telling myself. Everything is gonna be fine.

Lucas: Don't you worry. Okay? All right, come on, let's go.


Nicole: Nico... what do you want?

Nico: I've come to help you leave town...permanently.

Nicole: Nothing can scare me away from the man that I love. Nico, haven't you ever been in love before?

Nico: Once. A long time ago.

Nicole: Then you can understand that I can't give up without a fight. Look, I need to make Brady see that I am the one he loves, not Chloe, okay? And once he sees what's in this purse, he will.

Nico: Sorry, Nicole. I have orders.


Chelsea: Why do you want to talk about Billie? When can we talk about us?

Patrick: There is no "us."

Chelsea: I'm just kidding.

Patrick: Well, I'm not. There's no excuse for the way you've been treating Billie. I want you to cut her some slack.

Chelsea: Why should I?

Patrick: Well, she's your mother. She's a nice person. She cares about you. But most of all, because it's the right thing to do, and you know it.


Jack: Make way for my beautiful bride! Out of the way -- here she is.

Jennifer: What is going on with you?

Jack: What?

Jennifer: You are being extra romantic, which is saying a lot, because you have been very romantic these days.

Jack: Well, I was inspired by the wedding. That's all. I feel like I've spent so much time doing other things, I want to spend all my time making sure you know how much I love you.

Jennifer: Wait a minute -- what do you mean how much you love me? As opposed to who else?

Jack: Uh, no one. No one. Um, I was just -- emphasis on the "love," not on the "I." It's just the champagne.

Jennifer: You haven't had any champagne yet.

Jack: My point precisely. I'm going to get us some. We'll sequester ourselves in some corner and whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears.

Jennifer: That sounds wonderful. I'm gonna go to the restroom and freshen up a bit.

Jack: Just don't freshen up those lips too much, or I'll be wearing them all night.

Jennifer: I'll be right back.

Jack: All right, I'll be right here.

Jennifer: Okay.


Jack: [Growls, barks]

Frankie: Jack?

Jack: Hmm?

Frankie: How's it going?

Jack: It's great. It's great, for a guy who's on short time, you know, who's dying.

Frankie: But I thought, uh, I don't know. I thought maybe you got some good news.

Jack: Why would you think that?

Frankie: Well, I've noticed how you've been with Jen -- very attentive and loving, instead of trying to push us together all the time. It's great, it's great. I thought maybe something had changed.

Jack: Nothing's changed. Our plan is proceeding just as planned.

Frankie: You need to rethink this, Jack. You really do. I think right now what you need to do is spend as much time alone with your wife without me around.

Jack: Trust me -- I'm spending all the time I can. Believe me, I'm doing it. Let's just make sure that you're ready, waiting in the wings, as they say.

Frankie: I don't like this. I donít. I don't like it anymore, Jack.. Seriously. She needs to be told what's going on. She has a right to know.

Jennifer: A right to know what? What are you talking about?


John: If you knew anything about my wife, you would know that whatever happened between her and Roman had to be some kind of a mistake. It couldn't have meant anything to her.

Alex: That's possible. Some people believe there are no mistakes. But the fact remains there is a chance that Marlena may never recover her memory. And if that is the case, if she never remembers her past, then she will be lost to you and everyone who loves her forever.

John: Oh, come on, doctor. You know that's not gonna happen.

Alex: It's highly unlikely -- I'll give you that. There's more a chance that she'll remember at least a part of her past.

John: Ah, I see. You mean the part that was once in love with Roman.

Alex: As I told you, given the situation, that's a distinct possibility. And if that proves to be the case, you'll have to accept it.

John: And that shows you how little you know about me.


Belle: Excuse me?

Marlena: I'm sorry to be so blunt. But I couldn't help noticing at the altar today, you couldn't take your eyes off the best man.

Belle: [Laughs] You think that I was looking at Shawn.

Marlena: You still love him, don't you?

Belle: I love my husband.

Marlena: Of course you do. But that's a different kind of love. The kind of love that I shared with Roman is different from the kind of love that I felt for your father.

Belle: You still love my father. I know we're not supposed to push you, but you do.

Marlena: So, what? I just quit loving Roman... father of two of my children, a man with whom I conceived another? You haven't stopped loving Shawn, have you? Oh... I didn't think so.

Belle: I can't help how I feel.

Marlena: I know you canít. Darling, I can't even imagine how difficult this is for you. And in addition, being pregnant with the wrong man's child.

Belle: What am I gonna do?


Nicole: Nico, listen to me. Victor talks a big game. He's good at intimidating people. It's all a bluff.

Victor: I wouldn't count on that, my dear. You should have left while you still had the chance.

Nicole: You're right. My mistake. I was just on my way out.

Victor: Get her.

Brady: What the hell?


Patrick: Look, Billie just wants to be a part of her daughter's life. Do you have any idea of the hell she went through looking for you? I can vouch for the fact that she risked her life more than once. Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Chelsea: I don't see how she could let anyone take her baby away from her.

Patrick: It wasn't her fault. That was the DiMeraís.

Chelsea: Is everything in this town the DiMeraís' fault?

Patrick: All right, what can I do to get you to lighten up on Billie?

Chelsea: Well, there is one thing.

Patrick: Name it.

Chelsea: Really? Anything I want?

Patrick: No, anything within reason.

Chelsea: Okay. I think we might be able to work something out.


Jennifer: Well, is anyone going to answer me? What are you talking about? What do I have a right to know?

Jack: Uh, uh, well, I was just asking Frankie to join us for a glass of champagne, and he said that we should ask you first because, uh, you have a right to know if -- if we're going to be spending the night...

Frankie: Jen, I have been hanging around you guys so much lately that I -- well, I didn't want to butt in if you two had something special, that's all.

Jennifer: Oh, well, I thought that we did, but I guess I was wrong.

Frankie: I knew it. I'm gonna take off.

Jennifer: No, I didn't mean it that way. I really didnít. It was just a misunderstanding. I -- you're welcome to join us. I would love it if you would join us.

Frankie: You don't have to say that.

Jennifer: I am not just saying that. I'm not. Listen, Jack and I -- we have so much time that we can be alone together. We have the rest of our lives, right?

Jack: Right, right.

Jennifer: See? The more, the merrier.

Frankie: If you insist, one drink. Couldn't hurt.

Jennifer: Okay, great. Come on, let's go grab a table.

Frankie: Okay.


Mimi: Well, thanks for giving me a ride. I really ought to get that car of mine fixed.

Shawn D.: It's no problem. I'm happy to do it anytime. And at least we don't have to walk into this place alone.

Mimi: Looking like the biggest losers ever?

Shawn D.: That's not what I was talking about.

Mimi: I know. Just because you gave me a ride doesn't mean that you have to hang out with me the whole time, so if you want to go mingle and whatever, it's cool.

Shawn D.: Honestly, I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather be hanging out with. But I do have to say hello to my folks.

Mimi: Absolutely. I'll be fine.

Shawn D.: Okay, great. I'll be right back.

Mimi: Okay, take your time.


Lexie: Very good.

Roman: Well, well.

Lexie: Roman, hi.

Roman: Lexie. My, do you look beautiful tonight.

Lexie: Why, thank you. Actually, you look very handsome yourself.

Roman: Well, thank you very much. Listen, um, I don't want to be rude, but can I borrow these two gentlemen for a couple minutes?

Lexie: Oh, sure, it's okay. I need to go to the ladies' room anyway.

Roman: Thank you.

Lexie: Just promise me you will not talk police business all day.

Roman: We'll try not to, okay?

Lexie: Okay, good. Excuse me.

Roman: Okay. All right, Tek, what do you got? Did you get a look at Tony's mysterious attorney on that surveillance tape?

Tek: Yeah, I got a look, all right. You're not gonna believe what I found.


Chloe: Hey, maybe we should get going. We have guests waiting at the reception.

Brady: Well, they'll just have to wait longer.

Chloe: Mmm. Mmm. Don't you think we should save a little something for the honeymoon?

Brady: I think we should just skip the reception altogether.

Chloe: Brady...

Brady: Okay, fine, all right. To the reception!


Nicole: [Squealing]

Nico: What now, boss?

Victor: Get rid of her.

Nicole: [Muffled sobbing]


John: I really don't care what you say, doctor, because Marlena's going to get better and she's going to remember that she loves me, her husband, and not Roman...or anybody else.

Alex: You sound very confident. But I sense that, deep inside, you are really very afraid.

John: Afraid of what?

Alex: Losing her. But if you will put your trust in me, I promise you I will do everything within my power to help her. Can you do that? Can you put aside your fears, your mistrust, and do what's best for your wife?


Marlena: Belle, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I'm not the best person to give you advice on this, having been in the same situation myself -- pregnant by one man and loving another.. But having said that, my disconnection to the circumstance has given me the perspective to see what I might have done if I hadn't lost the baby.

Belle: Which is what?

Marlena: Not important right now. What's important is that you make this decision for yourself and for your baby.

Belle: What if I make a mistake? What if I make things worse than they already are?

Marlena: Well, Dr. North is fond of saying that even making a bad choice is better than making no choice at all.

Belle: And you believe that?

Marlena: Well, it makes sense to me. Belle, what you've got to do here is you've got to do what's right for the baby. You must do what's best for him or for her.

Belle: I know, I know. You're right. Thank you.

Marlena: Well...I'm not sure I've been any help to you.

Belle: Just talking to you always helps. I've missed you. I really hope you get better, because we need you. I've always counted on you, and now it's...

Marlena: And now I'm -- I'm not here for you. Oh, Belle, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Belle: It's not your fault.

Marlena: You know what? I think you shouldn't worry. I really believe that everything is going to turn out for the best.

Belle: I hope so... for everyone.

Marlena: Yeah. Here. You hang onto that. I'd better go back inside.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn D.: You okay?

Belle: No. I've never felt worse in my life.


Tek: After going through the tape multiple times, this is all I could find.

Roman: Well...that doesn't do us much good, does it? But at some point, we had to have gotten her face.

Tek: Well, that's the thing. Whoever she is, she had her back to the camera the whole time. It's almost like she knew exactly where it was and purposely avoided showing her face.

Abe: Does she at least have a name?

Tek: Yeah, we got that -- the one she gave us, anyway. But the American Bar Association has never even heard of her.

Roman: So unless she shows up again, we're looking at another dead end.

Abe: [Sighs] Well, I suspect she'll resurface when she finds out that Tony's jailbreak was a bust... no pun intended.

Roman: Well, I hope to hell you're right, partner, because I am getting a feeling that this mystery woman was behind the whole thing. After Stan, I got another feeling that she is probably Tony's main accomplice.


Lexie: Hi, everybody.

Jennifer: Lexie, come back. Join us for some champagne.

Lexie: Oh, I'd love to. I'm on my way to the ladies' room.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm going to go with you. Excuse me.

Jack: Again?

Jennifer: Yes.


Frankie: I've had it, Jack. She's obviously getting suspicious. Tell her the truth now.

Jack: You know I can't do that.

Frankie: She's your wife, Jack. She deserves to -- she deserves to know that you may not be around as long as she thinks you will.

Jack: Believe me, I hate lying to -- I don't want to lie to Jennifer, but I have no other choice, especially knowing what we know about Lockhart.

Frankie: Which isn't much.

Jack: We know that he's lying about who he is and what he wants. I know what he wants. That's why I make it a priority that there is someone -- you -- looking after Jennifer when I'm gone. If I tell her the truth now, our whole plan is up in smoke.

Frankie: Your plan -- you guilted me into this.

Jack: Well, yeah, I did, but was it really so difficult? Be honest. Come on. See what I mean?

Frankie: Just stop. I feel very uncomfortable, Jack.

Jack: How do you think I feel, pushing my wife into the arms of another man?

Frankie: Then don't do it. Stop this craziness... right here, right now.


Patrick: All right, let's have it. What do you want in exchange for giving Billie a break?


[Glass clinks]

Victor: Ladies and gentlemen, if I can have your attention, please. At long last, the moment that we've all been waiting for, I give you... Mr. And Mrs. Brady Black.



For being everything you always are


for being there like no one else

you know my heart

do you realize what you've done for me?

You made me see that love is worth believing in

I want to thank you for being the one thing I can count on in...

Maggie: We invite the rest of you to now join our happy couple on the dance floor.

For always giving more than you have to give

I love you for everything you do


Chelsea: Okay, I'll tell you what I want, and it's nothing too outrageous.

Patrick: What is it?

Chelsea: Well, you did ask me here as your date. And you made it sound like you wanted to talk to me about something else other than Billie.

Patrick: Okay, I guess I did.

Chelsea: So the least you could do is dance with me.

Patrick: But --

Chelsea: No, or no deal.

Patrick: Fine. One dance.

...The little things

anything you need everything I am

I'll be loving you until forever

now I want to thank you for being the one thing I can count on in my life

for always giving more than you have to give...


Alex: Marlena...

Marlena: Oh, hi.

Alex: I have some good news. I think John and I have finally reached an agreement.

Marlena: Oh, I'm so relieved.

Alex: That makes two of us.

Marlena: Want to dance?

Alex: I'd love to dance. Shall we?

Marlena: Yeah.

Thank you

thank you


Jack: Frankie, listen to me. I've made up my mind. I gotta make sure that you're still with me on this. Are you?

Jennifer: Hey, Jack, come on. Let's dance.

Jack: All right, I'm right there with you. We'll talk later. Oh!

Jennifer: Whoa, whoa! What's wrong?

Frankie: You all right, Jack?

Jennifer: What is it? Did you hurt yourself? What's wrong?

Jack: I just twisted my ankle.

Jennifer: Maybe Lexie should take a look at it.

Lexie: Yeah, Jack, let me take a look at it.

Jack: No, no, I'm fine. Really, I'm fine. I just can't dance at the moment. But that doesn't mean you canít. Frankie, would you fill in for me?

Jennifer: I'm not going to go dance while you're sitting here in pain.

Jack: I'm not in pain. I'm getting better all the time. Just don't let me stop you guys from getting out there. I'll tell you what -- you go dance, and I'll let Lexie take a look at me and make sure my ankle's just fine. Is that a deal?

Jennifer: [Sighs] I know better than to argue with you. Do you promise me?

Jack: Scout's honor. Frankie, will you look after my wife?

Frankie: I'll do my best.

Jack: Thanks.

Frankie: Come on.

Jennifer: One dance. I'll be right back.

Smiling just to see the smile upon your face

Jack: All right, I lied. I'm in major pain here.

I thank God that I'm alive


Frankie: You don't have to do this, you know.

Jennifer: Listen, you heard what Jack said. He promised that he would let Lexie take a look at him if I came out here to dance with you, and you know it's pointless to argue with him.

Frankie: You still worry about him a lot, don't you?

Jennifer: Of course I do, Frankie. I lost him twice. I will worry about him if he lives to be 100 years old.

Looking in your eyes

Abby: What happened to dad?

Seeing all I need


Jack: So...what's the prognosis, doctor? Am I going to live? Sorry, sorry. Bad joke.

Lexie: It looks like you're starting to have inflammation in your joints, which is probably why you turned your ankle when you got up.

Jack: Aren't I a little young for that?

Lexie: How's your pain level been in general?

Jack: Oh, in general, it's not too bad. It comes and goes.

Lexie: Jack, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there's a good chance it'll start to come more frequently... and more intensely. I'll write you a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, okay? That should help.

Jack: Thanks, I can use all the help I can get. I still have a lot of things I need to do.

Lexie: Yes, like telling Jennifer the truth. Come on, Jack, don't you think it's time?

Abby: Tell mom the truth about what?


Is right where I'm meant to be

oh, here with you...

And these are the moments I know heaven must exist

Alex: You are a wonderful dancer.

I know all I need is this

I have all I've waited for

Marlena: Who knew?

Alex: I did. I could tell just by looking at you, the way you move.

Marlena: Wow... I have to thank you.

Alex: Mm, pleasure's all mine.

Marlena: No, I mean I have to thank you for being here with me, taking care of me. I couldn't have gotten through this without you.

Right here in this moment

is right where I'm meant to be


Lucas: Sami, your mom's dancing with her doctor.

Sami: Yeah, well, I guess it's better than John.

Roman: Hey. Mind if I cut in?

Lucas: No, I don't, not at all.

Sami: [Chuckles]

Roman: Hey, beautiful daughter.

Sami: Hi, daddy.

Roman: I thought we would practice for our father-daughter dance tomorrow.

Sami: Oh, that's a very good idea. But I do have a better idea.

Roman: Yeah, what's that?

Sami: You could cut in on mom dancing with her quack doctor.

Roman: Well, I think I will just let them alone for now, okay?

Sami: Okay. So, um, I saw Tek pull you out of the ceremony earlier. Is something going on -- anything that's gonna interfere with tomorrow?

Roman: Nothing can interfere with tomorrow.

Sami: Thanks, dad. Well, what is it? What's going on? Tell me.

Roman: All right, okay, I guess I can. Tony DiMera escaped from jail.

Sami: Oh, my God. He escaped? Again?

Roman: But we recaptured him. He's back behind bars. So you've got nothing to worry about, all right?

'Cause it's all I've waited for



Lexie: I'll call in that prescription, and you can pick it up later.

Jack: Thanks, Lexie. Thanks a lot.

Lexie: You're welcome. Excuse me.

Abby: What prescription?

Jack: Oh, it was just something for my twisted ankle. It's no big deal.

Abby: Dad, what were you talking about just now? And what are you hiding from mom?

Jack: Oh, Lexie is worried about my ankle, that's all -- a little more worried than she needs to be, if you ask me -- and I don't want her telling your mother 'cause you know how she worries.

Abby: So is that why mom's dancing with Frankie -- because you turned your ankle?

Jack: Exactly. Because I insisted, and Frankie was a good enough man to step in.

Abby: Are you sure that's the only reason? I mean, I've been noticing that mom's been hanging out with him a lot lately.

Jack: Well, they're old friends.

Abby: Frankie was her boyfriend. And, you know, it seems to me like you've been trying to push them back together. Why would you do that?


Chelsea: Thank you, Patrick.

Patrick: Ah, you're welcome, you're welcome.

Chelsea: Now, was that so terrible?

Patrick: No, it wasnít. I just hope you keep your end of the deal.

Chelsea: I always keep my promises.

Patrick: I hope so.

Chelsea: I'm gonna go grab another soda. Do you want anything?

Patrick: No, thanks.

Chelsea: Okay.


Bonnie: What the hell is going on with you?

Patrick: What are you talking about?

Bonnie: Why are you acting so interested in Chelsea Benson?

Bo: That's what I'd like to know.


Victor: What do you mean, you lost her again? Look, you find her, Nico -- now. You do what you have to do, but you keep her away from my grandson and his wife.


Brady: Chloe, here's to a long and happy future together as husband and wife.

Chloe: To us...and to you, Brady, for refusing to let me give up. You're the reason that I'm here and that we're finally together.

Brady: Well, I loved you too much to let you go. I will always love you, Chloe.

Chloe: I will always love you, too.


Shawn D.: Come on, what's wrong? Is it the baby?

Belle: No, I'm fine. The baby's fine.

Shawn D.: You just said you never felt worse in your life, so...come on. Tell me what's going on.

Belle: I was just talking to my mom about my dad and Roman and her.

Shawn D.: I thought she couldn't remember.

Belle: She canít. But she just kept saying how she couldn't comprehend being in love with one man while carrying another man's baby. [Chuckles] But I know all about that. [Sniffles]

Shawn D.: Are you saying that you're still in love with me?


Bo: Now that I've found Chelsea, I'm gonna protect her.

Patrick: So what's the problem?

Bo: You're the problem.


Roman: Whoa! Sami!


Jennifer: Tell me what is going on with my husband.

Frankie: I'll tell you.


Mimi: You're trying to keep Shawn from being happy, and I think that's cruel and selfish.


John: If you hurt her or I learn that you have played with her mind, I will kill you.

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