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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/8/05 - Canada; Friday 9/9/05 - U.S.A.


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Bo: I got to tell you --

Hope: My gloss looks good on you.

Bo: My color?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: You know, it goes against all wedding etiquette for a guest to be more beautiful than the bride.

Hope: I don't think Chloe Lane has anything to worry about.

Bo: I think she does.

Hope: But thank you for the compliment.


Chelsea: Wait, Billie. Um, I just wanted to say that, well, it was incredibly generous of grandma Kate to buy me this expensive dress and everything. I mean, my parents -- my other parents -- never could have afforded to get me anything like this.

Billie: Well, it's just my mom's way of making you feel like you're a member of the family.

Patrick: Ladies, some flowers.

Billie: Oh!

Chelsea: Thank you.

Billie: How sweet!

Bo: Lockhart... what are you doing here?


Marlena: Oh, my gosh. What am I doing here? I shouldn't have come. I don't belong here.

Alex: Yes, you do. Come on.

Marlena: Alex, take me back to the cabin. I can't be around all these strangers.

John: You got to stay, Doc.

Marlena: My name is Marlena.

John: You have to stay, Marlena. It's our son's wedding.

Marlena: I thought you said he was my stepson.

John: Technically.

Marlena: Are you just trying to confuse me -- is that it?

John: No, I'm not.

Marlena: You know I don't know Brady. I don't remember him. I-I can't do this.

John: Yes, you can.

Marlena: Please -- please take me away.


Abe: Thank you for letting me be part of this, Roman. It's good to feel useful again.

Roman: Well, I'm glad to have you. We need all the help we can get. You know what? Tony thinks he's gonna escape during the transfer to maximum security, but he's in for a big surprise, 'cause not only are we gonna hold on to him, we're gonna round up a few of his henchmen.

Abe: It's about time.

Tek: Commander, we got a problem.


Tony: No, thank you.

Bart: Oh, I think you're gonna like this, boss. It's a "tur-key" sandwich.

Tony: Bartleby. [Chuckles] Excellent work, Bartleby.

Bart: Start practicing your chirping, sir. You're gonna be free as a bird in no time.

Tony: Assuming the information we got from Samantha Brady is accurate.

Bart: She swore it was, sir.

Tony: Well, it better be. Otherwise her future and the dream she has of being with Lucas will morph into its worst nightmare.


Sami: Just think, Lucas. Tomorrow it'll be us getting married here.

Lucas: That's right. I can't wait.

Sami: [Inhales, exhales] Thank you, God. I have never been so happy.

Nicole: You've never been so happy? Too bad it's not gonna last.

Sami: Nicole. What are you doing here? No way were you invited.

Nicole: You're right. I wasn't invited. Actually I'm a little surprised you were invited considering how Brady feels about you.

Sami: Yeah, well, that is in the past, just like your relationship with Brady. Nicole, please don't tell me you're so masochistic you're gonna torture yourself by watching Brady marry Chloe.

Nicole: Hardly. I'm here to stop this wedding, and you're gonna help me.

Sami: Oh, my God, Nicole.

Nicole: Otherwise, I'm gonna tell the whole world that you were Stan, starting with Lucas.


Lucas: Hey.

Brady: Hey, man.

Lucas: It looks like someone's got the pre-wedding jitters, huh?

Brady: It shows? I'm worried that Chloe is gonna change her mind and call the whole damn thing off.


Chloe: [Sighs] Dr. Travis should have been here by now.

Nancy: Chloe, it's late. You have got to get dressed.

Chloe: Not until I find out if my scars have healed.

Nancy: Sweetheart, it doesn't matter.

Chloe: Yes, it does! I'm not marrying Brady looking like the Bride of Frankenstein. I canít.

Nancy: But he loves you, and you love him. And he loves you with or without the scars.

Chloe: I don't care.


Belle: Hey. Dr. Travis is here.

Chloe: Oh, thank God. Finally. You have to get rid of this bandage. I have to see if the treatment worked.

Dr. Travis: That's why I'm here.

Chloe: Because if it didn't, I'm not getting married.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Bo: Chelsea, would you give us a second?

Chelsea: Sure.

Bo: I asked you a question.

Billie: He's my date.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Patrick should be my date... and he's gonna be.

Abby: Chelsea, you can't just steal your new mom's boyfriend.

Chelsea: Watch me.

Bo: If you want to date him, fine, but he's a bad influence on my daughter.


Chelsea: If we can figure out a way to get Billie to sit in the cry room with your parents and Jack Jr., Then I can have my man all to myself during the ceremony, and there's nothing as romantic as a wedding.

Abby: Earth to Chelsea. Patrick is not your man.

Chelsea: Maybe not yet, but he will be.



Marlena: Alex, please take me back to the cabin.

Alex: Your family needs you here, Marlena. I really think it's for the best.

Marlena: You do?

Alex: Yeah.

Marlena: Oh. All right. I'll stay.

John: You'll be fine. I spoke with Brady. He has arranged to have me replaced as best man by Shawn, so I'll be able to sit with you. Nothing to be afraid of.

Marlena: No. I know that. I'll -- I'll be with Alex.


John: [Inhales, exhales] So, how do I get through to her?

Kate: Get her away from Dr. North.


Brady: Yeah, but, Lucas, what if she decides to just run away?

Lucas: Come on. Relax, will you? Chloe is not gonna change her mind. She loves you.


Belle: Chloe's scars have to be healed.

[Footsteps approach] What -- what did Dr. Travis say?

Nancy: Nothing yet. Chloe insisted upon being alone with him while he removed the bandages.

Mimi: I hope the treatment worked.

Nancy: I just wish that she could realize it doesn't really matter -- that Brady loves her and wants to marry her because of who she is, not what she looks like.


Dr. Travis: I'm sorry you didn't want to look.

Chloe: [Sighs] I couldnít.

Dr. Travis: You can take the bandages off for the ceremony, but until then, I want you to leave them on as long as possible.

Chloe: [Sighs] Forget what I said, Dr. Travis. Just tell me the truth. The scars are never gonna heal, are they? It didn't work. And another hour isn't going to change anything.


Sami: Nicole, I am not stopping Brady from marrying Chloe. He is my stepbrother.

Nicole: Like you suddenly care about him?

Sami: Nicole, there's nothing we can do -- nothing!

Nicole: Then you leave me no choice but to tell everyone Stan's true identity.

Sami: What?! No! Fine. Okay, tell them. You have no proof. And by the time Chloe walks down that aisle, any evidence that may have existed will have been destroyed.

Nicole: How? By who? Oh, my God. You're still working for Tony DiMera, aren't you?

[Footsteps approach]

Will: Mom?


Marlena: I know he wants to, but I can't do that.

John: You're right. I'm not sure what kind of game Dr. North is playing, but I'm not gonna let him monopolize Marlena... whether she likes it or not.


Kate: Lucas. You look very handsome.

Lucas: Thanks.

Kate: Would you just give --

Lucas: You know what? I know what you're trying to do, and you're still not invited to the wedding tomorrow. And there's nothing you can do to stop it from happening, all right?


Will: Of all the people here, you're talking to her?

Sami: [Sighs] You're right. You're right. I was just warning Nicole to stay away from my wedding. There will be guards. Come on, handsome. Let's go find your grandma.

Nicole: Oh, Sami. I'm taking you down.


Bart: So, boss, just in case, do you have a plan "B"?

Tony: What? You think I place my life in Samantha Brady's hands alone? Of course there's a plan "B."

Bart: Good, good, because you hadn't mentioned it before.

Tony: That's because it's already in place.

Bart: You didn't trust her from the start.

Tony: Oh, it's not her. It's her father -- Roman Brady and his keystone cops. Don't you think they're making this escape a little too easy? They think they're in control.. But, my, do I have a little surprise waiting for them. [Chuckles]


Tek: The Warden just called. There's been a breach of security on DiMera's cellblock.

Abe: We need to postpone this transfer.

Roman: Not at all.

Abe: We need to rethink this operation!

Roman: Relax, Abe. Everything is going exactly according to plan.

Tek: You anticipated this?

Roman: From the get-go. Time is running out on DiMera.


Shawn D.: You look beautiful.

Belle: Well, finally a bridesmaid's dress that isn't a joke.

Shawn D.: Are you feeling better?

Belle: Yeah. I'm fine.

Shawn D.: There's no more cramps?

Belle: No.

Mimi: Wow, Belle, I haven't been here since your wedding.


Belle: [Chuckles uncomfortably]

Shawn D.: [Clears throat] Um, is Chloe here yet, because Brady's getting kind of nervous.

Belle: No. She's just running late. She was still with Dr. Travis when we were leaving the cottage.

Shawn D.: I'll let Brady know.

Belle: Okay. Well, I hope Chloe's scars have healed, and if not, that Nancy can talk her into going through with the wedding anyway.


Nancy: [Exhales deeply] Chloe, are you all right? Chloe, open this door. Please? Chloe, Dr. Travis said you wanted to be the one to tell me about your scars. You know, sweetheart, it really doesn't matter. Brady loves you for who you are. Sweetheart, you just need to love yourself for who you are.

Chloe: [Crying] I just want to be left alone.

Nancy: Sweetheart, please. Please don't let this destroy both your lives.. I know it's scary, and I know it's -- that it's hard for you to trust, but you've just got to. Chloe, Brady will never give up on you. Please, sweetheart... don't give up on him. [Exhales deeply] Thank God.

Chloe: [Sighs] I know what I have to do.


Chelsea: I can't believe it, Abby. Alice Horton wanted to meet me. I mean, I know she's like your family or whatever, but the Hortonís are like royalty or something around here. And Victor Kiriakis said there's a place at his mansion for me. I'm on my way, Abs. I'm gonna be able to work this "being Billie and Bo's daughter" thing.

Abby: Work it?

Chelsea: I was nobody before. Now I'm like a princess.

Abby: Don't let it get to your head, Chelse.

Chelsea: Look, all I'm saying is that I'm finally gonna have the self-confidence I need to really go after Patrick.


Patrick: [Clears throat]

Billie: So, what are we gonna do about this crush that Chelsea has on you?

Patrick: Well, we make her realize it's pointless.

Billie: How are we gonna do that?

Patrick: Well, we make it clear that the guy she's infatuated with is interested in somebody else.

Billie: Mmm.


Bo: Look at him. He's all over her here at the church.

Hope: Being protective of Chelsea when it comes to Patrick is one thing. But being jealous of him with Billie is another.

Bo: [Scoffs]

Hope: What he and Billie do in church, out of church, anywhere -- it's none of your business, Bo.


Marlena: It's surprising how cool it gets in the mountains.

John: I need to have a word with you.

Alex: Sure.

John: In private.

Alex: All right. We'll be right over here, okay?

Marlena: Mm-hmm.


Alex: I hope this is important. Marlena is much too fragile to be left alone in this crowd.

John: As a doctor, you took an oath to do no harm.

Alex: Yes.

John: Now your therapy is coming between my wife and me, and that's harmful to her. I want you out.


Sami: Mom. Mom?

Marlena: Oh.

Sami: [Chuckles]

Marlena: Hi.

Sami: Hi. How is your therapy coming? Are you remembering anything?

Marlena: No. I'm not.

Sami: Well, you know that my wedding is tomorrow, right?

Marlena: I do. Everybody keeps telling me that.

Sami: Well, I was hoping that you and daddy would walk me down the aisle together.

Marlena: No. No. No. I can't do that.


Kate: [Sighs]

Nicole: Kate. Kate, we need to talk.

Kate: Nicole, I know you weren't invited to the wedding.

Nicole: If I get my way, there won't be a wedding for them today. And if you get your way, there won't be a wedding tomorrow. Do you have any idea where this conversation's going?

Kate: No, I donít.

Nicole: No? No?

Kate: [Sighs]

Nicole: If you help me keep Chloe from marrying Brady, I will help you permanently destroy Sami so you'll never have to worry about her marrying Lucas.

Kate: Permanently?


Lucas: Chloe, where are you? Damn it.

Shawn D.: Hey. Any sign of Chloe?

Lucas: No. Nothing. The police are trying to keep the reporters behind the barricades, man. I wish they'd leave her alone.

Shawn D.: They're gonna kill each other to get the first photo of her face since the accident.

Lucas: Yeah, I guess. How's Brady holding up?

Shawn D.: He's really worried that Chloe might, you know, back out.

Lucas: Yeah. Hey, there's Craig. Craig. Any word from Chloe? Where is she?

Craig: I was waiting at the curb for her and Nancy. The limo pulled up, and it was empty.

Lucas: Oh, man. Does that mean she bailed on him?

Brady: No.

Brady: Craig, Chloe cannot back out right now.

Craig: Brady, Chloe's here. She just wasn't in the limo.

Brady: What the hell are you talking about?

Craig: We knew that there were gonna be tons of photographers here trying to get pictures of Chloe's face to see if the scars had healed, so Nancy arranged for a decoy limo to stop at the cottage, appear to pick her up, and then bring her here.

Lucas: Pretty good thinking. Pretty slick.

Craig: As Nancy was driving her own car with Chloe, the paparazzi were tripping over themselves to get to the limo, and Nancy and Chloe came in the side door, didn't you, honey?

Nancy: Mission accomplished. No one even saw Chloe coming to the church.

Brady: So, where is she now?

Nancy: I left her in the bride's room getting ready.

Brady: Hear that, boys? Time to get married.


Craig: You did great.

Nancy: Thanks. Where's Joy? Did you get her into her outfit?

Craig: Yes, I got her dressed, and she's with Maggie and Mickey Horton right now. She's the prettiest little flower girl ever.

Nancy: Of course.

Craig: I don't know if she's gonna make it down the aisle without being distracted.

Nancy: She's not gonna be the only one that's distracted.

Craig: What's wrong, Nancy? Is Chloe still having second thoughts?


Victor: What the hell is going on here? If you try and stop this wedding or make any kind of a scene, I promise you you'll regret it.

Kate: That's exactly what I was telling Nicole. You need to leave now.

Victor: You are not welcome here. Do you understand?

Nicole: Perfectly.

Kate: I can't believe her -- showing up like that, all dressed in white. I just hope she doesn't do anything to hurt the wedding, to ruin it.

Victor: If she does, she's a dead woman.


Alex: My obligation, Mr. Black, is to my patient, not to her husband. And any concerns you may have about your relationship, I can assure you Marlena's not being harmed. Now, that said, if she should decide to change doctors, of course I will abide by that. But that is her decision, not yours. And amnesia not withstanding, she's legally capable of making her own decisions about her care. And right now she is committed to being treated by me.


Sami: Mom, you and daddy have to walk me down the aisle.

Marlena: No. You know what? I -- I don't know him... and I don't know you. It just wouldn't be right.

Sami: [Voice breaking] You're my mom, and -- and he's my dad. Everybody knows that. Mom, are you trying to break my heart, to break Will's heart? I don't care that you have amnesia. You can do this. Please, mom. You can't ruin my wedding.

Marlena: No, no. Please. I'm sorry.

Sami: No! Obviously you're not sorry!

Alex: Excuse me. Marlena, are you all right?

Marlena: No. Um, no. Can you take me away, please?

Alex: Really, you have to be patient with her.

Sami: I'm running out of time, doctor. My wedding is tomorrow.

Alex: Well, getting her this agitated is going to make matters worse. If you'll excuse us... come on. Let's go sit down.


Sami: [Sighs] You listen to me! This is all your fault!

John: Don't start, Sami.

Sami: You found that guy. You let mom go off into the woods with him. Now she doesn't just have amnesia. He's turned her into a zombie.

Lucas: Sami. Sami, this isn't helping.

John: Exactly, Lucas.

Sami: [Sighs] Damn it. I'm not gonna let John and "Dr. Feel Good" ruin my mother's life or our wedding.

Lucas: Well, we're not gonna ruin Brady and Chloe's wedding, all right? The wedding's about to start. I got to usher. Please, promise me you're gonna stay away from John.

Sami: Okay, okay.

Lucas: Be good.

Sami: [Sighs] Damn it. Dad would never have let that quack into mom's life. God, the wedding is tomorrow. Mom has to remember.


Roman: Wait a minute. That's not one of our guards. That's Bart.

Tek: He's the security breach.

Abe: You don't want to arrest him, Roman?

Roman: No. Not yet. No. If we let him and Tony think they got us fooled, then they may lead us to a few of their cohorts.

Abe: Or the bastards responsible for me being blind. When this goes down, I wanna be there.

Roman: You got my word on it.

Abe: What are they doing?

Roman: I'm not sure.

Tek: What the hell?

Abe: Don't tell me. They pulled a fast one.

Roman: Yeah, but they're not gonna get away with it.


Sami: Mom has to get her memory back, and she and daddy have to walk me down the aisle together. Nothing can go wrong at my wedding. [Thinking] I can't even believe that I am praying this. But, please, let Tony DiMera escape and make him keep his word about giving me all the evidence that I was Stan so that no one will ever find out -- so I can marry Lucas tomorrow without that hanging over me. And then all my dreams will finally come true.


Marlena: Oh!

Belle: Oh. What are you doing here all by yourself?

Marlena: I'm -- I'm not by myself. Uh, oh, Dr. North is getting me a cold drink.

Belle: Oh.

Marlena: Congratulations... on the baby.

Belle: Oh. Thank you.

Marlena: [Exhales deeply] You're just so beautiful. Uh, are you, um, oh, you're a bridesmaid, hmm?

Belle: Actually, I'm the matron of honor. It seems like yesterday that I was the flower girl at yours and dad's wedding.

Marlena: Oh, you -- how could you -- how could you be a flower girl at our wedding?

Belle: It's a long story, actually, but I was so excited. I kept making you practice with me so I'd be perfect.

Marlena: I don't remember it. I'm so sorry.


Bo: I am not jealous of Billie and Lockhart. It's just that she's, uh, well, she's the mother of my daughter.

Hope: And?

Bo: And I don't want Chelsea being involved with someone like that. Listen... I wish she could see him for what he really is. But all that aside, you're the only woman in my life, besides my daughter, that is.

Hope: And your daughter is my daughter.

Bo: Thank you.

Hope: Hey, I introduced her to Gran and some of our other relatives.

Bo: That's good.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Bo: I know she's a handful, but underneath that attitude, I think she's a pretty good kid. She's just been through hell. Maybe having a new family, it'll change all that.


Chelsea: [Sighs] My bitch of a mother is getting way to close to Patrick.

Abby: It looks to me like he's the one who's getting close.

Chelsea: No way. She's rubbing up against him like some stray cat in heat.

Abby: Chelsea, there are gonna be a lot more changes in your family, you know?

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Abby: What if Patrick winds up being your stepfather?


Billie: [Chuckles]

Patrick: It's, uh, it looks like we're getting to Chelsea a little bit.

Billie: Yeah. It looks like bo's having the same reaction.

Patrick: Why does it seem like you get a kick out of making him jealous?

Billie: I'm not. I'm not. It's just an observation.

Patrick: Oh. [Chuckles] Okay, then, what, uh, what's this about, huh?

Billie: Oh, I don't know. It's just weddings. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and romantic.

Patrick: Oh. I see.


Shawn D.: [Sighs]

Mimi: So, how weird is it going to be for me to have to stand next to Belle at the altar?

Shawn D.: It's not. I'm the best man. She's the matron of honor.

Mimi: Yeah, but...

Shawn D.: But nothing. She's married to Philip, and, like it or not, it's not going to change.


Belle: I wish you were here, Philip, so much. Oh, no. I'm fine. I was actually just thinking about our wedding. Exactly. Lots of memories. I love you, too, Philip.


Nicole: [Muttering] [Gasps] I still have Chloe's scars going for me. Oh, I know it was awful of me to give her that skin-eating infection, but, hell, if it winds up stopping her from marrying him, it was worth it.




Craig: So, Chloe didn't tell you whether or not the scars healed?

Nancy: No. And she really hasn't told me what's she's planning to do about this wedding. Craig, I am so worried about her.

Craig: Nancy, the fact that she made it to the church is a really good sign.

Nancy: Unless she plans on walking down the aisle before she tells Brady she's not getting married to him.

Craig: She will not humiliate him like that. She loves him. If she wanted to back out, she would tell him in private.

Nancy: Unless she doesn't have a chance.

Craig: I'll talk to her.

Nancy: No, no. No. I'll do it.

Craig: You sure?

Nancy: Yes, I'm positive. Look, do not let Joy mess up that pretty little flower-girl dress...or her hair. I spent all morning on it.

Craig: Anything else?

Nancy: [Sighs]

Craig: [Chuckles] Listen to me. You tell Chloe that we love her and how right this marriage is, okay?

Nancy: Wish me luck.

Craig: Good luck. [Smooches] I love you.

Nancy: And I love you. [Exhales deeply] It's just me. Sweetheart, are you all right? Do you want to tell me what Dr. Travis said? Did his treatment work? Are your scars healed?

Chloe: See for yourself.

Nancy: Oh, my God.


Victor: Counting the seconds you have left as a single man?

Brady: Yeah. [Chuckles] I-I can't wait to marry Chloe.

Victor: Chloe's gonna be good for you. I know I didn't always think that, but I was wrong.

Brady: Thank you. It means a lot to me coming from you.

Victor: Your mother would have been so proud of the man you've become, and she would have adored Chloe. You know, it's times like this that I miss her the most. I just wish she could be here to see you get married.

Brady: She is.


Nancy: [Sniffles]

Craig: Well?

Nancy: She's coming.

Craig: Oh. Great. Great.

Nancy: [Sighs]

Craig: Okay.

Lucas: May I escort you to your seat?

Nancy: Keep your fingers crossed.

Craig: I will. Go on.

["Jesu, joy of man's desiring" plays]

[Guests chuckling, murmuring]


Shawn D.: Thanks, buddy. All right. Give me a little handshake. Good stuff. All right. Go find mom and dad.

That was so cute.

Hope: You did such a good job. Yay!

[Guests chuckling, murmuring]

Hope: Joy has grown up so much.

Bo: Yeah. Time goes by fast.


So cute.


Brady: Come here. Turn around and throw some...

[Guests chuckle]




Come on, Mimi, you can do it.

Let's do it.

[No audio]


Kate: Oh, God.

[Guests chuckling, murmuring]

John: So, does this bring back any memories of our wedding?


Belle: With this ring... I thee wed.


["Here comes the bride" plays]

Nancy: Please, God, give Chloe the strength to see this through.

Craig: You are the most beautiful bride ever. Sweetheart? Are you ready?


Nicole: Oh, please. Oh, please, let her look hideous. Let her scars look even worse so that when Brady lifts her veil, everyone screams so loud that she runs out of there and never comes back again.


Bart: Come on, come on. Come on, come on. Let's go! Get the boss! Come on! Over here.

Tony: Oh, my. That was certainly an experience.

Bart: You may be smelly, but you're free.

Roman: Freeze, Tony!

Tony: [Exhales deeply] My. Captain Brady is much too clever for me.

Bart: I guess he is.

Roman: Don't move!

Tek: Freeze! Freeze! Freeze!

Roman: Open fire!

Roman: Check him out!

[Siren wailing]

Roman: Is it DiMera?

Tek: No, that's one of his boys. He's lost a lot of blood. Go get an ambulance.

Abe: Did DiMera escape?

Roman: No. I got the bastard right here. Did you get Bart?

Tek: No, he went off that way.

Roman: All right. Take your men. Comb the area.

Tek: Yes, sir.

Tony: Well, congratulations, Captain Brady. You may have caught your archenemy, but in doing so, you destroyed the life of someone you love so dearly.



["Here comes the bride" plays]

John: Being here is triggering something, isn't it?

Marlena: No. I can't say that I remember you at all.

John: You will. It's just a matter of time.


Craig: Chloe? Chloe? That's my girl.

["Here comes the bride" continues]

[Music ends]


John: I was just hoping that you might remember something.

Marlena: I did.

Do you...


[Guests gasp]

Shawn D: Belle! Belle!


Chelsea: But all you wanted was Bo. It's always about a man with you, isn't it? And now you're doing it all over again.


Nicole: What do you want, Kate?

Kate: I want Sami's head on a silver platter.

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