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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/30/05 - Canada; Wednesday 8/31/05 - U.S.A.


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Kate: What were you up to, Sami? I know you were involved with Tony DiMera, but why were you disguised as a man? I have to find out. [Door closes] Hello, Roman.

Roman: Kate... there's something we got to talk about.

Kate: Sounds important.

Roman: It is. I've hired Mickey Horton to represent me. I want a divorce..


Sami: That is not gonna fly.

Lucas: Of course it is. The wings are just as long as the tip right here..

Sami: Lucas, it's not --

Will: Mom, dad, remember last year when I came home from camp and we went out for Chinese food?

Sami: Yeah.

Will: And y-you guys told me you were getting married, and I was so happy?

Lucas: Look, buddy, nothing like that is gonna happen again, all right? Nothing's gonna ruin it. I promise.

Will: Are you sure?

Lucas: Look, this is a whole new beginning for the three of us. All we got to do is we make a pact to be honest with each other about everything, and it'll be perfect. We'll have a great life together.

Sami: Absolutely.

Lucas: Yeah. In fact, we need a toast. We'll toast. That'll be great. I'll get the drinks. What do you want?

Will: Orange soda for me.

Lucas: What about you?

Sami: Lemonade.

Lucas: Lemonade, orange soda -- you got it.

Sami: What?

Will: I know that look, mom. You're hiding something.


Max: It kills you that Chelsea would rather be with me.

Patrick: [Scoffs] So that's how you see it, huh?

Max: Yeah, and I'm gonna make sure you never lay a hand on her again.


Bo: Chelsea.

Chelsea: You bitch! Don't you ever say that you're my mother, ever!

Bo: I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but it's true. Billie and I -- we're your biological parents.

Chelsea: No, you're lying!

Bo: No, we had DNA tests run. It's definite.

Chelsea: Definite. No, I have -- I had parents, real ones. And how can I be your daughter anyway when you've been married to Hope for all these years?

Hope: Chelsea, sweetie --

Chelsea: Oh, wait a minute. I get it. Billie is such a slut that she had an affair with bo behind your back, didn't she? So that makes me, what, their bastard love child? Is that what you're telling me?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Chelsea: I don't believe I'm your daughter, and if you two do, then that's your problem.

Bo: Chelsea, stop.

Chelsea: No. What did you expect from me? Did you think that I'd be happy about all of this, that you'd just come up to me and say, "hey, Chelsea, guess what -- you're our bastard daughter. Isn't that great?"

Billie: We know it's a shock...okay? It was a shock for us, too, but you are -- you are our daughter, Chelsea. I was told that you died at birth. We didn't even know you were alive until almost a year ago.

Bo: There's nothing we can do about the past. We want to be here for you now.

Chelsea: Aren't you listening to me? I don't want to have anything to do with either of you! You're not my parents, and you never will be!

Billie: Chelsea, wait! No!

Hope: Billie, stop. Let her go. I think we've done enough damage for one night.


Kate: A divorce?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I've decided it's best.

Kate: Oh, just like that you decided to end our marriage without even talking to me?

Roman: Nothing more to talk about, Kate.

Kate: How about the way that I feel. I mean, we could have discussed that.

Roman: Kate, let's face it, all right? We have no future together. And it's not like we've been married a long time, so that should make things easier.

Kate: Hmm. Easier for whom?

Roman: For both of us. We were together as husband and wife for, what, a total of a few weeks? That's all.

Kate: Oh, I see. Now you're subtracting the year and a half that you were missing, presumed dead?

Roman: Right. And, yes, if that hadn't happened, who knows? Maybe we would have had a better shot at a good marriage, but it was beyond my control. Tony DiMera held Marlena and me prisoner.

Kate: Beyond your control. You're right about that. Maybe if you would have had more self-control, you wouldn't have gotten your ex-wife pregnant.

Roman: Kate --

Kate: Because we were married during that time.

Roman: Do you really want to get into this again? Because I don't want to fight about it anymore. All I want to do is set things in motion so both of us can get on with our lives. Look, all I want is this divorce to be fair, equitable, and uncontested, but I guess that's up to you and how you want to handle it.

Kate: Well, I have to be honest with you. You've caught me a little off guard.

Roman: Well, Kate, I'm sorry, but --

Kate: You had your say. Do me the courtesy of letting me have mine.

Roman: Okay.

Kate: [Exhales sharply] I'm sorry about what happened between Sami and me. I'm sorry about what happened between you and Marlena... and the loss of your baby.

Roman: Well, thank you. So am I.

Kate: Why don't we just take all of that and put it behind us?

Roman: Kate, you lied to me. How in the hell am I supposed to forget that? You know, the night of our wedding, I made one request of you. I asked you if you would look out for Sami if anything happened to me. You said you would. Now, I know Sami is no angel, but I thought you would at least try and make peace, do the right thing. But instead, you went after her with a vengeance.

Kate: I did try. I did try. She made it impossible for me.

Roman: Why, because she said such nasty things, she called you bad names? Look, Kate, listen to me. I'm not excusing Sami's bad behavior, but, my God, you talk about overreaction. You schemed to ruin her life. You drugged her, set it up so Lucas would find her in bed with Brandon the night before Sami and Lucas were to be married. That is despicable, and it's unforgivable.

Kate: I did it to protect my son, Roman.

Roman: My God. Lucas loved Sami. And how you could hurt Lucas and Will is something I'll never understand. You put my daughter through the worst distress imaginable.. I'm just damn glad she didn't go off the deep end and do something crazy, something that would have gotten her into really big trouble.

Kate: How do you know she hasn't?

Roman: What?

Kate: You heard me. How do you know that Sami hasn't done something much worse than she's ever done before?


Will: What's going on, mom?

Sami: Oh.

Will: What's wrong?

Sami: Nothing, nothing. I just got something in my eye.

Will: You okay?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's better. Will, obviously you don't know me as well as you think you do if you don't realize how happy I am right now. After months of being miserable, things are finally working out for me and my two guys. So I'm entitled to be a little emotional about it, right?

Will: That's all it is?

Sami: Now, you listen to me. I don't know what Tony is thinking because I'm not busting him out of jail. Who does he think that I am?

Bart: Tony -- better than anybody else -- knows the kind of talent you're blessed with pardon the pun. And if you don't play ball with him this time [Sighs] If you don't play ball, he's gonna send these photos to everybody that you hold near and dear.

Sami: Oh, my God. No, no. Tony can't do this to me.

Will: Mom.

Sami: What?

Will: You know I love you, right?

Sami: And I love you, Will.

Will: Please promise me you're not keeping something from dad. If he found out that you're lying to him about anything, that would really suck. I mean, he'd never speak to you again.

Sami: I know that.

Will: And neither would I. I-I know what happened with the last wedding wasn't your fault, and I'm sorry we blamed you. It's just we had gotten so used to you lying to us [Sighs] I don't want to ever have to go through that again.

Sami: Neither do I.

Will: Good, because as much as dad and I love you... if you lied to us again about anything... that would be the end. I'm afraid that you'd be out of our lives forever.

Sami: Will, come here. Honey, just come here. Okay, look in my eyes. I'm telling you -- I don't blame you for not believing me about Brandon, okay? But you're looking at the new Sami, right? Version 2.0. I'm serious. You have to trust me that I have learned from my mistakes.

Will: I want to. You don't know how much I want to.

Sami: Then do it. And let's not talk about this anymore. Come on, just give me a hug. I missed you when you were at camp.

Will: We're in public!

Sami: Am I embarrassing you now? You're too old to have a mom?


Lucas: What's going on here? What'd I miss? What'd I miss?

Sami: Nothing. I was just reminding Will how much we both missed him while he was at camp.

Lucas: Help me with these. Raise our glasses to a toast. To the three of us. May we have a wonderful future together. I know I'm not that easy to live with sometimes, but I will try my damnedest to be the type of man your mom deserves. I think she's the most beautiful, most exasperating --

Sami: Hey!

Lucas: Well, honey, I mean it in a good way. It's a good thing. You're also the most loving, caring, funniest woman I've ever known.

Sami: Lucas, you're gonna make me cry.

Lucas: Now, wait, there's more. I'm not finished yet. I know you've -- you've had an on-gain, off-again relationship with the truth in the past...

Sami: [Exhales sharply]

Lucas: But I'm proud of you. I really am. You've turned your life around.. And you're an amazing woman, great mother, and you're gonna make an even better wife. So here's to the three of us... and all the tomorrows that lie ahead. As long as we stick together, we're gonna have a blast, right?

Will: To our future.

Sami: To our future.

Lucas: Future.

[Clears throat]

Sami: [Thinking] I'm sorry, guys, but I do have to do one more bad thing. Once I help Tony break out of jail, then we can really live happily ever after.


Roman: Kate, how in the hell can you say something like that?

Kate: Because I know she's up to something.

Roman: When are you gonna lay off her? Haven't you hurt her enough? What's it gonna take for you to stop kicking her when she's down?

Kate: Oh, she's hardly down. Lucas and Sami are planning their wedding. She can't wait for it to happen. It's pretty ironic, if you ask me.

Roman: What?

Kate: While they're planning their wedding, we're planning our divorce.

Roman: Well, Kate, it's because I saw a whole different side of you that I had never seen before, and it wasn't very pretty. Not only did you fire Sami, but when you sold my house, you never gave her a cent, even though you knew she could have used it.

Kate: Believe me. She left town before I could give her any money, and she disappeared. I didn't know where was.

Roman: Yeah, whose fault was it she took off?

Kate: Well, it certainly wasn't mine.

Roman: It sure as hell was yours. You ruined her life. Lucas wouldn't marry her, her own son wouldn't live with her. I'm sure she never felt so lost and alone.

Kate: You know, your daughter is very good at playing the victim, all right? But she's not as innocent as you think she is. I know Tony DiMera has something on her. I know he's holding something over her head.

Roman: What the hell would Tony DiMera be holding over her head?

Kate: I don't know, but when I went to see him --

Roman: Whoa, back up right there. You went to see tony since he's been in custody?

Kate: Yeah.

Roman: How in the hell did you manage that? He's not supposed to have visitors, Kate.

Kate: Look, never mind about that. But when I talked to him, I asked him stra--

Roman: Look, I don't care what the hell he told you, all right? I'm supposed to take Tony DiMera's word? I don't care if Sami was connected with Tony, which I very seriously doubt. I wouldn't believe a word Tony said. Besides, none of this -- none of this -- is an excuse for what you've done. There is only one person responsible for everything bad that's happened to Sami since my so-called death, and that is you, Kate. And I'm sorry. I can't forgive you for that.

Kate: So, let me get this straight -- it doesn't matter that Sami is involved with Tony DiMera. It doesn't matter that she may have done something truly vile, because no matter how terrible her crimes may be, Sami always comes first, and you'll do whatever you have to, to protect her because I've ruined her life? And because of Sami, you and I can never reconcile.


Sami: Okay, you two, I'm sorry, but I have to get going. I have a lot of stuff to do for the wedding.

Lucas: Come on, you're not gonna celebrate with us?

Sami: I want to, but I can’t. It's the new me -- I have to be the responsible one.

Lucas: All right. I guess we'll just have to celebrate alone.

Sami: [Chuckles] Don't celebrate too hard. It's okay with you, isn't it?

Will: Yeah, sure. It's for a good cause.

Sami: It definitely is for a good cause because now we are going to have the wedding that is gonna be the best day of our lives, and you heard it here first. Bye. [Sighs]


Will: Dad?

Lucas: Hmm?

Will: Do you think mom's being honest with us this time, that she's not keeping any secrets?

Lucas: I do think she's being honest, buddy, or else I wouldn't be marrying her.

Will: Well, good.

Lucas: What else is on your mind? What do you want to tell me?

Will: I don't know. It's just, you know mom's history when it comes to weddings.

Lucas: I do all too well, yeah.

Will: They all blow up in her face, like last time.

Lucas: Yeah, but last time wasn't her fault. You remember that. What happened last time was your grandmother's fault, not your mother's.


Roman: Wow. Kate... you really don't get it, do you? No matter what Sami may or may not have done, since your stunt to destroy her life, it doesn't matter.

Kate: It doesn't matter?

Roman: Not as far as I'm concerned.

Kate: [Scoffs] Because...

Roman: hurt my daughter. And then you lied to me about it. Kate, you broke your promise to me in the ugliest way possible. So, no, you and I are not gonna reconcile. And that's why I've asked Mickey to move this divorce along as quickly as possible.

Sami: [Thinking] If my luck holds out just a little while longer and I can help Tony escape, I swear I'll never do anything bad again.


Patrick: You're a big talker, Max, but that's all you are -- talk.

Max: Let's get this over with.

Chelsea: What the hell do you think you guys are doing?!

Max: Chelsea, this is between me and Patrick.

Patrick: Max doesn't seem to understand I'd never take advantage of you.

Chelsea: Wait a second. You guys are fighting over me?

Max: Yeah, that and the fact that we don't like each other.

Chelsea: Well, I guess I got here at the right time. Max, will you take me for a ride?

Max: Now?

Chelsea: Please?

Max: Okay, sure.

Patrick: You go out with this guy, Chelsea, you're making a big mistake.

Max: Like staying with you wouldn't be one?

Chelsea: I'll be fine, Patrick. Come on.


Bo: Hope?

Hope: I'm sorry, okay? But that was not the way Chelsea should have found out that she was your daughter.

Bo: I understand that.

Billie: I'm gonna go look for Georgia -- I mean, Chelsea, see if she's okay.

Patrick: Oh, it's too late for that.

Billie: What do you mean?

Patrick: She just took off with Max Brady. I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen.

Bo: Lockhart, get out of here. This does not concern you.

Billie: Hey, listen. We should be thinking about Chelsea right now. I'm worried about the way she reacted.

Hope: So am I. Because that was some bombshell you just dropped on her.

Billie: You're right, Hope. I could have handled it better.

Patrick: So, Chelsea knows? You told her she was your daughter?

Billie: Yeah, she didn't take it too well.

Hope: She didn't want to believe it, and she said some pretty harsh things.

Billie: You heard her. She doesn't want anything to do us.

Bo: Hey, she was upset, and she was lashing out. She didn't mean half of what she said.

Billie: Oh, she meant it, all right. Yes, she did.

Bo: No, Billie.

Billie: And what if, after all this time, after all we've been through.... we lose her all over again?

Bo: Billie, that's not gonna happen. It's not.


[Engine shuts off]

Max: I wish you'd tell me what's wrong.

Chelsea: [Sniffles] [Voice breaking] I don't want to talk about it.

Max: Then how can I help you, Chelsea?

Chelsea: [Sniffles] Just hold me. Please. I don't want to be alone tonight.

Max: You're not alone. You've got me.

Chelsea: [Sniffles] And I don't want to go back home, either. Not to Patrick's house.

Max: I don't blame you for not wanting to go back to him.

Chelsea: It's not him. It's Billie that I don't want to see.

Max: Why Billie?

Chelsea: You don't really know what she's like, Max. I hate her.

Max: I don't know what she's done to upset you so much, okay? But if you don't want to go home, you don't have to.


Kate: [Sighs] So, I've lost Roman. That's final. So be it. It's not gonna stop me from bringing Sami to her knees. I won't get Roman back, but at least I'll be able to save Lucas. Oh, I have to find out what this disguise was that she was wearing. Both Nicole and Tony mentioned it, so it had to be important to what she was doing.

Victor: Well, I've got some news for you, Kate... about Sami and Tony DiMera.


Sami: Dad, hi.

Roman: Sami. I didn't know you were here.

Sami: Yeah, well, Will just got back from camp, so we decided to take him out and celebrate.

Roman: Well, glad you're happy.

Sami: Thanks, but I can tell that you're not.

Roman: Sami --

Sami: Dad... I overheard you and Kate talking, and I just want you to know, for the record, I think you made the right decision.

Roman: Don't want to talk about it.

Sami: Okay. Hey, dad, have you heard about mom? What's the latest?

Roman: Well, I'm afraid her condition hasn't changed.

Sami: Well, do you think she'll get her memory back in time for my wedding?

Roman: I don't know. Recovering from amnesia -- I don't know. It's just something you can't hurry up. I think we just got to be patient, that's all.

Sami: Well, dad, I think you should spend more time with her. If you talked to her, maybe she'd remember, and she'd certainly remember that she loves you. I mean, you two were gonna have a baby, after all.

Roman: That is definitely not something we planned.

Sami: Well, either way, dad, I just want you to be happy, as happy as I am with Lucas.

Roman: Appreciate the thought.

Sami: And I think you belong with mom.

Roman: Sami, listen to me very closely -- once again, John is your mom's husband, okay? She is his responsibility. I have no right to interfere. In fact, it would be very wrong if I interfered. Now, is there something you want?

Sami: Dad! Well, all right. Yes, I did have a favor to ask of you.


Will: Some people just aren't meant to be married, are they, dad?

Lucas: What, you're afraid your mom is one of those kind of people?

Will: Well, maybe if she just snuck off somewhere and got married, you know, quietly. But when it comes to big, fancy weddings, it's like she's cursed.

Lucas: You do have a point. Big weddings can put a lot of pressure on people and make them act crazy. You know, if people gave as much thought to their marriage as they did their wedding, there'd be a lot less divorce in this world.

Will: You know, you and mom used to talk about eloping.

Lucas: Yeah, we did, buddy, but we want all of our friends and our family to be there. I don't want you worrying about this now, all right? You got school coming. That's where your focus should be.

Will: Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to school.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, that's good. That's good, man. Buddy, I know it's been a hard year for us, but we did get through it. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Will: Yeah, maybe.

Lucas: This will be a great year for the Roberts family. Things are gonna go our way. I'm telling you. Good times are coming.

Will: I hope you're right.

Lucas: I'm your dad. I'm always right. Dads are never wrong. Moms -- those are the ones who are a little iffy sometimes. [Cellphone rings] Whoa, wait, let me get this. Hold on one sec, 'kay?

[Ringing continues] I wonder who that could be. Hello. Hey, it's -- it's great to hear from you. Yeah, you heard Sami and I are gonna take the plunge, huh? Yeah, well, this time it's gonna happen. It really is. We're really happy. Hey, you know, if you can make it, we -- we'd love to have you at the wedding.


Roman: All right, what's this favor?

Sami: Well, it's just because, you know, there's so much I have to do to get ready for the wedding.

Roman: Yeah, and I thought that was the fun part of it.

Sami: Well, it is. It is fun, but it's still work, and, you know, I'm doing all of the invitations and the responses on the e-mail, and the gift registries on the website.

Roman: Wait a minute here. I thought the internet made all that easy.

Sami: It does. It does, but now that Will's back, you know, he needs the computer to get ready for school.

Roman: I thought Will had his own computer.

Sami: That's the thing. It is Will's computer, and I've just been borrowing it, and now that he's back, he needs it back, so I was wondering if I could borrow your computer at the office.

Roman: You're talking about the computer down at the police station?

Sami: Yeah, but I'd only use it when you're not busy.

Roman: Come on, you know I can't do that -- hell, that's against regulations.


Kate: Sami was working for Tony, wasn't she?

Victor: I can't confirm that, but my contact does seem to think there's a possibility he may be blackmailing her.

Kate: Oh. Boy, that's interesting.

Victor: You know, Kate, the DiMera Organization's like an octopus. You've got tentacles everywhere. Just because Tony's in jail doesn't mean his minions aren't out doing his dirty work.

Kate: Hmm. I wonder what it is that he has on her.

Victor: I'll keep digging. If I find anything, I'll let you know.

Kate: Well, you know that I appreciate it.

Victor: You know, Kate, Sami has always been a schemer. It'd be a shame if she were involved with Tony, and Will and Lucas got caught in the cross fire.

Kate: Well, I mean, that's what I'm trying to prevent.

Victor: On the other hand, a lot of people think that she's turned over a new leaf. And I got to say, Kate, you'd be making a big mistake if that's true, by trying to sabotage her relationship with your son. From what I hear, he really loves her.

Kate: He thinks that he loves her. Believe me, she has not turned over a new leaf. She's the same scheming liar that she's always been. You remember what she did to Austin.

Victor: I don't think anybody's gonna forget that.

Kate: Well, luckily he wised up before he got to the altar, and I just have to hope that Lucas will get the same wake-up call.

Victor: Lucas is a grown man, Kate. You can't control his life.

Kate: Oh, God. Victor, I just want them to be happy. I want all of them to be happy.

Victor: Of course you do.

Kate: Well, at least you and I can be happy about Belle and Philip. They're together now. They're going to have a baby.

Victor: Yes, things are looking up for those two.

Kate: And did you know? Billie might have found her daughter.

Victor: Oh, is there something new there?

Kate: Well, they're thinking that it's Chelsea Benson, that girl she was taking care of.

Victor: Yes, I heard about that. So you're saying this Chelsea -- that there's a possibility she might be our granddaughter?

Kate: Wouldn't it be wonderful if your son and my daughter have found their long-lost child, hmm?



Max: Wow. So, Billie and Bo are supposed to be your mom and dad?

Chelsea: That's what they're trying to get me to believe.

Max: Why would -- why would they say something like that if it wasn't true?

Chelsea: I don't know. Because they've been so desperate to find their precious daughter? Maybe they finally flipped out.

Max: I don't know why bo would be making something like that up. I mean, he's a good guy. You do know he's my brother, right?

Chelsea: He's not really your brother.

Max: Well, his parents adopted Frankie and me. And I know Bo. He wouldn't just say something like that if he wasn't sure about it.

Chelsea: Well, I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. There's no way that bitch is my mother. My mom is dead.

Max: Hey. Come on. Don't cry.

Chelsea: I just don't understand why you can't be on my side. Why do you have to be against me, too?

Max: I'm not against you... okay? I could never be against you, Chelsea. Don't you know that?

Chelsea: [Sniffles] I don't want to be anywhere near Bo or Billie ever again.


Billie: I can't take this. I got to go find Chelsea. I have to.

Patrick: I'll come with you.

Bo: Lockhart... this is Billie's and my problem. I'll handle this.

Patrick: Oh, yeah. You're doing a great job so far.

Bo: Fancy Face, I got to take care of this.

Hope: Okay. I understand.

Bo: You sure?

Hope: Yeah. Absolutely.

Bo: It's gonna be okay, all right?

Patrick: So, do you, uh, trust bo with Billie?


Chelsea: [Sniffles] [Crying] I don't want to go back home, Max. I don't want to be anywhere near Billie.

Max: Nobody's forcing you to go back there, okay?

Chelsea: I don't want to be alone. And I don't want to go back to Abby's..

Max: Look, don't worry about it, okay? I'll figure something out. You know what? I have the perfect place.

Chelsea: Where?

Max: Just trust me. I got a place where nobody, uh, nobody will bother us. Okay?

[Engine turns over]

[Seat belts click]


Kate: So, if it turns out that Chelsea is Billie's daughter, I'm gonna do whatever I can to help her, and I'm sure Billie feels the same way.

Victor: Well, so do I. What, uh, what's this girl like, anyway?

Kate: Well, I really haven't had much of a chance to get to know her, but I did run into her the other day, and it wasn't exactly a positive experience.

Victor: Oh?

Kate: No, but, of course, at the time, I didn't know that she was my granddaughter... possibly.

Victor: So you'd make allowances for her behavior if she's a blood relative?

Kate: Well, isn't that what we all do? But, really, Victor, she is a beautiful girl.

Victor: Like her mother and her grandmother. What is it?

Kate: Well, I'm just worried about Billie. She doesn't have a man in her life, you know? And she really is still very much in love with Bo.

Victor: That would be a shame...because Bo is very happy with Hope. There's no way Billie can ever come between them. You're not still hoping otherwise, are you?

Kate: No. Of course not. Of course not. It's just that I can't help wanting a little happiness for my daughter, can I?

Victor: Long as she doesn't try anything underhanded where Bo and Hope are concerned.

Kate: [Sighs]

Victor: You know, I would have thought that you learned your lesson when you broke up Sami and Lucas.

Kate: Don't remind me.

Victor: That cost you your son and your grandson. It'd be a shame if you lost your daughter and your granddaughter, 'cause that's exactly what could happen if you interfered between Bo and Hope.

Kate: Hmm.

Victor: Promise me you won't interfere in their life.

Kate: I promise. I am not going to make waves between Bo and Hope.


Sami: Okay, well, do you know anyone else whose computer I could borrow? I don't want to have to postpone the wedding, especially since that'll give Kate more time to ruin it.

Roman: Look, Sami, come on. [Groans] All right, I guess... what the hell? It's my daughter's wedding.

Sami: Oh, so, you're saying --

Roman: I am saying that maybe, just maybe, I can bend the rules a little bit.

Sami: You mean it, dad?

Roman: Yeah. Tell me when you want to come down to the office. If we're not busy, you can use my computer.

Sami: Thanks, dad. [Sighs] [Thinking] Now maybe I can get Tony DiMera off my back.

Roman: All right, well, glad I can help. Now...maybe you can help me by answering a question.

Sami: Yeah, sure.

Roman: It's about your involvement with Tony DiMera.

Sami: What do you mean, my "involvement with Tony DiMera"?

Roman: Kate mentioned something --

Sami: Kate?

Roman: Yeah. Kate hinted that you might be working for Tony.

Sami: Well, of course she did. She'd do anything to make me look bad to you.

Roman: Well, Sami, believe me. I did consider that possibility.

Sami: She's just miserable because Lucas and I are back together, and she knows that Lucas and Will want nothing to do with her.

Roman: Well, then just consider it a heads-up, okay? Because she is bound and determined to find you guilty of something.

Sami: Well, let her try, because I'm not. I'm just as much Tony's victim as everyone else -- Brady and Lucas and Rex and Shawn and Philip, too. Maybe Kate would have been happier if Tony had just killed me like he threatened to do a million times.

Roman: Well, I, for one, am glad he didn’t. You know how much you mean to me.

Sami: [Sighs] I feel the same way about you, dad. I just wish Kate would lay off. I mean, well, then she wouldn't be Kate, would she?

Roman: Make you a deal -- let's not talk about Kate anymore.

Sami: Well, dad, I think that is an excellent idea. But you know what? All I need now is the password to your computer.

Roman: Oh, right. Okay.

Sami: Do you need a pen? Yeah, I-I do.

Sami: Let me see if I can find it.

Roman: Okay.


Kate: And as for Sami Brady, she has hurt my family once too many times, and I guarantee you, I'm going to make sure it never happens again.

Victor: Excuse me.


Lucas: Hey, Roman. Sami, you're not gonna believe who just called me.

Sami: Who?

Lucas: Austin.

Sami: Austin?

Lucas: Yeah, he's gonna make it home for our wedding.


Hope: I love Bo. And, yes...I trust him with Billie.

Patrick: Good. Good. Wow, some crazy night, huh?

Hope: [Sighing] Yeah. Yeah, just when I thought life couldn't get more complicated...

Patrick: ...It gets more complicated. I'm curious, you know? What do you think's gonna happen with Chelsea?

Hope: I think Bo and Billie are in for a rough time. After what I've seen, I'd say that Chelsea isn't going to make it easy for them. You've spent a lot more time with Chelsea than I have. What's your take?

Patrick: Oh, I feel for the kid. You know, she's had a lot of loss. I just think she's looking for love in all the wrong places. You know what? The shock of all this could push her over the edge.


[Indistinct conversations in background]

Chelsea: Okay, Max... enough of blindman's bluff. Where are we?

Max: Well, you said you didn't want to go home, so... I brought you to someplace where you can forget your troubles -- at least for tonight.

Chelsea: It's perfect.

Max: I don't know about perfect, but, um... [Groans] Nobody will find us here.

Chelsea: Thank you...

Max: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: ...For bringing me here. And for staying with me tonight. There's no place else I'd rather be.


Billie: [Sniffles]

Bo: Hey, you. It's gonna be all right.

Billie: [Inhales deeply] I don't know how you can believe that.

Bo: Well...she is in shock and...angry. She doesn't mean half the things she says.

Billie: It's not exactly the reunion I imagined.

Bo: Yeah, me neither.

Billie: So, what are we gonna do? Everything I've done so far has been wrong. It's been a complete disaster.

Bo: Well, I've been messing up pretty good myself. Listen... we're in this together, you and me.

Billie: Hmm. Okay, yeah, you and me versus Chelsea.

Bo: Hey, come on. Stop that.

Billie: Do you think we'll ever get her to accept us?

Bo: Sure, in time. I mean, once she figures out we love her and we're not going anywhere, I think she'll come around. Come on. Don't worry. We'll be a family. It'll be all right.


Patrick: I thought you were going for a swim.

Hope: I am.

Patrick: Where's your swimsuit?

Hope: Who needs a swimsuit?


Sami: So, that's it. No one finds out that I was Stan.

Bart: [Chuckles]


Frankie: I got a way to track down Max and Chelsea, too, if she's with him.


Chelsea: Run away with me, please. Take me someplace where Billie and Bo will never find me.

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