Days Transcript Monday 8/15/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/15/05 - Canada; Tuesday 8/16/05 - U.S.A.


By Amanda
Proofread By Niki

Belle: So, Bonnie said Shawn and Mimi are having a good time at Alice's, huh?

Philip: Yeah, she said they've been dancing since right when they got there.

Belle: They're friends. They both like to dance.

Philip: She said it looked like more than that.

Belle: So, why was it so important for you to check up on them, anyway?

Philip: Just because they're our friends, Belle, and I feel bad for what they've gone through. I want them to move on and be happy, and I think their best shot is with each other. I think they should get married and live happily ever after, just like us.


Oh, yeah

sometimes I speak before I think

I walk into trouble and get in too deep

I forget to tell you...

Shawn D.: Thinking about Rex?

Mimi: Same way I'm sure you're thinking about Belle.

[Clears throat]

Shawn D.: I kissed her tonight. She kissed me back, and I thought everything was gonna be okay. And then she tells me how she's never gonna leave Philip and we're never gonna be together.

 ...I'm glad you're mine

Mimi: I can't believe she led you on all these months, constantly promising that she was gonna leave Philip, and then she just goes and breaks your heart. She doesn't even care, Shawn, the same way she doesn't care that it's her fault that I lost Rex. You know what it is? She's not really happy being with Philip, and if she can't be happy, then she wants us to be miserable, too.

Shawn D.: Let's not talk about Belle like that.

 ...Is in the right place

in the right place


Max: All right, let's tone it down a little bit. This isn't a sex club, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I can't help it. You just get me so hot.

Max: Look, are you 100% sure that you want --

Chelsea: I want to give you my virginity tonight? Totally.

Abby: Chelsea, my mom said to tell you it's time to go.

Chelsea: Are you kidding me? There's no way I'm leaving right now.


Jack: Thank you. Thank you. By agreeing to marry Jennifer, you have made me the happiest man alive. That's ironic, isn't it? I'd like nothing better than to dance at your wedding. Of course, if I was dancing at your wedding, there'd be no reason for you to marry her in the first place. Lilacs. Lilacs. She loves lilacs. You got to promise -- you got to put them into her bouquet --

Frankie: Jack, Jack, I canít. The more I think about it... it's wrong. It's wrong. I can't do it. I canít.


Billie: I want an answer, Tony. You said our daughter's been living in Salem this whole time, that we would recognize her name. Who is she?!

Tony: Oh, you just expect me to tell you? Where's the fun in that?

Bo: Bastard.

Tony: Oh, I think of all the people in this room, Bo, that term truly applies to you.

Bo: You're gonna die.

Tony: What? You think this is the best way to convince me to tell you what it is you want to know? You know, when children grow up to be so disrespectful... I blame the parents.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.



Victor: Damn it, DiMera, we've had it with your sadistic games! Tell us who are granddaughter is now!

Caroline: Victor, be careful.

Billie: Please, Tony. Have some compassion. We've been searching for so long, and now to find out that our daughter's been in Salem this whole time.

Tony: That was delicious, especially that bit of information you all so desperately want.

Hope: If that information even exists. How do we know you're telling the truth about Georgia? Or is this just another game?

Tony: What do you think?

Bo: Is she alive or not?

Tony: I already told you she's alive, living in Salem. But you know what the best part is? You've had the information for months to find her.

Billie: What? From one of your so-called clues?

Tony: Oh, no, it didn't come from me. Nonetheless, it was quite the clue.. But you know, with all your I.S.A. and Salem P.D. training, you two supersleuths, you're just too stupid to put two and two together.

Billie: What -- what clue? What clue are you talking about? And if it didn't come from you, who did it come from? Answer me, damn it!


Jack: I'm making a dying request here, Frankie -- a dying request -- that you look after Jennifer after I'm gone. And you promised me that you would, and now you're already changing your mind.

Frankie: I promise. Okay, yes. But what I meant -- what I meant to promise is that I will be there for Jen as a friend. But you've already got us married with, what, three, four kids, dozens. This is insane!

Jack: Are you saying you don't love her enough to want to be with her? You don't love her enough to want to...

Frankie: What is this, huh? Is this whole story about you dying just some bizarre test to see what I'll do, huh? What, Jack? Did you think I came back to Salem to make a play for Jen? Is that it?

Jack: No. No, no, no. Frankie, this is the truth. I am telling you the truth. I am dying. I am dying, and I've asked you to marry her after I'm gone. I want you to be a father to Abigail and Jack Jr. They're gonna need someone. They are gonna need someone so bad, and I can't think of a better choice than you.

Frankie: It's not your choice to make! The Jack I know -- at least the Jack that I think I know -- wouldn't just give up like this. He would fight whatever this is till the end.

Jack: I canít. There's no fighting this. There's no fighting this. All the doctors, the second opinions, the third opinions, the fourth opinions, the poking, the prodding, the tests -- they all confirm it. Believe me, if I could buy -- if I could buy just a little time, just a few more weeks with Jennifer and my family, believe me, I would -- I'd make a deal with the devil. Right now, I would do it. But I canít. There isnít.

Frankie: Jack, you have to tell Jen the truth. Yes.

Jack: No, no, no! And you promised me that you wouldn't, either. You won't! You promised.

Frankie: Yes. Yes, I promised, and I will keep that promise, but, Jack, she's not stupid, man. She's not. She knows something's going on. In fact, she came to me. And she asked me to do some quiet investigating, okay?

Jack: I know, I know, I know. She thinks -- she thinks I'm up to something, some kind of a scheme. And she's gonna come in and save me. But...not this time. There's no saving this time. Nobody can save me this time. Look, I asked you straight. I was straight with you. Now, you be straight with me! You give me an answer now! Will you do what I asked?


Mimi: How can you keep defending her after what she did to you, to us?

Shawn D.: Because I still love her.

Mimi: And I still love Rex, but a one-sided relationship doesn't exactly keep you warm at night, does it?

Shawn D.: She just needs more time.

Mimi: Oh, my God. Shawn, face it, okay? We lost, both of us. That's why we came here tonight -- to try and have fun and dance and laugh and forget that we've been "we're never getting back together again -- it's over for good" dumped.

Shawn D.: She still loves me, okay? I know she does. The only reason she's staying with him is because she's pregnant with his baby.

Mimi: Keep telling yourself that.

Shawn D.: It's true. I know that it's true. She told me that tonight. She knew marrying him was a mistake before it ever happened, but how was she supposed to tell him when he was getting shipped off to war or when he became a hostage or when he lost his leg?

Mimi: Look, Shawn, if she was so in love with you this whole time and she was really going to dump Philip when he got back from the war...

Shawn D.: She was.

Mimi: ...Then when they slept together, why didn't she use any birth control? Why did she take the risk of getting pregnant with his baby if she didn't really love him?


Philip: Do you have a problem with Shawn and Mimi getting together?

Belle: Yes. Because they're both on the rebound and everybody knows that rebound relationships never work.

Philip: People could say you got together with me on the rebound.

Belle: This is different. Mimi is still in love with Rex.

Philip: And Shawn's still in love with you. It's okay. I know he is. I don't blame him. I don't feel threatened either 'cause I know how much you love me. But I want you to be honest with me about something.

Belle: About what?

Philip: I hate to say this because I know you don't want Shawn back, but it seems like you don't want anyone else to have him either.

Belle: I want Shawn to be happy, and I want Mimi to be happy, too. I just don't think they're meant to be together.

Philip: She's had a crush on him for years, Belle.

Belle: That was before she was with Rex. Besides, Shawn never thought of her as anything more than a friend.

Philip: That's because he always had you. He doesn't anymore. And like I said, some of the best relationships start as friendships.

Belle: I know, and I really do hope that Shawn and Mimi can help each other through this.

Philip: I sense a "but" coming.

Belle: But I just hope they don't mistake, you know, sympathy and understanding for love and passion.

Philip: Honey, I think they're smart enough to know the difference.

Belle: Maybe. Maybe not.

Philip: [Sighs] You know, I think we've been cooped up in here for too long. Why don't we go out somewhere?

Belle: Sure. Where?

Philip: Anywhere you want -- your call.

Belle: How about Alice's?

Philip: An interesting choice.

Belle: I'll go change.

Philip: Great.


Shawn D.: Do you think Belle just got pregnant on purpose?

Mimi: I just think it's weird that she didn't take any precautions not to.

Shawn D.: Maybe she did. Nothing's 100%. Mistakes happen. You, of all people, should know about that.

Mimi: Thank you for reminding me of why I lost Rex.

Shawn D.: That's not why I...

I will save a dance for you

Shawn D.: This isn't working, is it?

Mimi: No. All we seem able to talk about is Rex and Belle. I think it was a mistake coming here.

Shawn D.: No. We just need to relax. And the best way to do that is get a couple more beers, okay?


Save a dance for you

I will save a dance for you

Bonnie: Looks like Chelsea Benson and Abby Deveraux are fighting over you.

Max: It does, doesn't it?

Bonnie: Why shouldn't they? Hell, if I was 20 -- if I was 10 years younger, I'd be fighting for you myself.

Max: Well, age is just a state of mind. I mean, it's like they say about cars. If the chassis and the engine are still in good shape, then the mileage doesn't matter.

Bonnie: Hmm.



Abby: You know, once you do this, Chelsea, it can't be undone.

Chelsea: [Sarcastically] Really? Wait a second. I know what this is about. You're jealous of me again, aren't you?

I will save a dance for you


Frankie: This isn't about me, Jack. It's about you. You are being incredibly selfish, not telling Jen the truth about your dying.

Jack: You're damn right I'm being selfish. I'm being selfish, all right. I want to enjoy every moment I have left with my family. I don't want them looking at me and bursting into tears or doing their damndest not to. I don't want them treating me like a dead man.

Frankie: Don't you think it's cruel to not let them prepare for what's coming?

Jack: How can it be cruel for me to want them to enjoy every moment that we have left together, to create some happy memories? How can it be cruel to want to ensure their safety, security, and happiness after I've gone? Because I'm gonna be gone soon. I don't have much time, Frankie. I don't have much time. You're the only man I can trust. I'm trusting you to protect my family from the likes of Patrick Lockhart.

Frankie: Do you really think he's gonna move in that quickly, Jack? I don't get it.

Jack: I do. The man was a DiMera operative. My money says he still is. The entire time that everybody thought I was dead, another victim of the Salem Stalker, he was ingratiating himself into Jennifer's life. Yes, he was. He was trying to replace me, while knowing -- Frankie, he knew the whole time that I was still alive. And now -- oh, now he's -- he's managed to manipulate Jennifer and a whole bunch of women all over again. He's got them trusting him, thinking he's reformed. And I'M...

Frankie: You don't believe he is.

Jack: No, I don't believe it, and neither does Roman or Bo or John Black.. The man is dangerous. And after I'm gone, if Jennifer's still available, he's gonna move right in.. He's gonna move right in on her. God only knows what he or DiMera will have planned then. I thought you were a stand-up guy, Frankie. I thought you were a stand-up guy. That's why I even took the chance to ask you to replace me, so to speak -- to take my place. But if you can stand by and allow that snake to worm his way into my life, to hurt my family, to hurt Jennifer and my children, then you're -- you're not the man I thought you were.


Bonnie: Whoo! If I were you, I'd get in there and break it up before Jennifer Deveraux wonders what they're fighting about. She's not as open-minded a mom as I am.

Max: Good idea. Thank you very much, Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: Oh, you can call me -Bonnie, sweet cakes. Actually, you can call me anytime you want. My phone number's in the book. And there is a lot to be said for experience..

Mimi: My God, mom, you are old enough to be his mother.

Bonnie: Oh, it's just a little harmless flirting. So, are you two having fun?

Shawn D.: Yeah, the music is good.

Bonnie: You better believe it. Mimi's a great little dancer, isn't she?

Shawn D.: Yes, she is.

Bonnie: She figured out how to shake her booty by the time she was 6. Probably learned from watching her mama.

Mimi: [Laughs]

Bonnie: All right. What do you kids want to drink?

Shawn D.: Two beers and whatever Mimi's having.

Mimi: Oh, okay. Um, I'll have a club soda.

Bonnie: Coming right up.

Mimi: Oh, Lord. Are you sure it's a good idea to get drunk?

Shawn D.: I'm not gonna get drunk. Just want to relax, have some fun, forget about Belle. Come on.


Max: Chelsea, did you and Abby work out the going-home thing?

Abby: No.

Chelsea: Yes. It's my life, Abby.

Abby: And you're staying in our house right now, so my mom expects you to follow our rules.

Chelsea: Come on, Abs. We're best friends, and I don't want to fight. Can you just ask your mom if we can stay a little bit longer, please?

Abby: Fine. But then we're both going home.

Max: Looks like our big plan's on hold.


Belle: Damn it. Mimi should know better than to let Shawn drink like that.


Frankie: Yeah. Jack, Lockhart is dangerous.

Jack: Frankie, Frankie, did you ever figure out why he seemed so familiar to you when you first met him? Please.

Frankie: No, no.

Jack: Look, Frankie, my will, my life insurance, college funds -- I've made sure everything is in order. But the one thing I can't ensure after I'm gone is that Jennifer and my family are gonna be protected from DiMera and especially from Patrick Lockhart. But you can do that. You can do that.

Frankie: This is starting to make sense to me.

Jack: Oh, thank God.

Frankie: Jack, you don't really want me to be with Jen. You just don't want her with Lockhart, and you're using me to keep her away from him. Am I right, Jack?


Tony: You know, as much as I've been enjoying this little curtain raiser, time to get back to the main event -- killing you.

Hope: No.

Tony: And then watching the rest of you die, little by little, with heartache and despair.

Victor: You son of a --

Caroline: Victor, Victor.

Bo: What is my daughter's name?

Billie: Tell us.

Tony: Why not? I'm a believer in the sanctity of family. You should know the name of the daughter that you will never see before you go to your grave.

Bo: Stop playing these silly games.

Tony: Georgia Brady's been living in Salem all these years, believing herself to be --


Tony: What was that?

Bart: I don't know, Count.

Tony: Well, go find out now!

Bo: Did someone else come with you?

Billie: Just Patrick.

Bo: Then who set off that explosion?

Hope: Stop stalling, Tony. Tell us who Georgia is.

Tony: Not until I find out where that explosion came from.


Bo: Hope!


Philip: Honey, just calm down, all right?

Belle: You know Shawn shouldn't be drinking like that. That's how he gets into trouble.

Philip: It's none of our business.

Belle: He's our friend.

Philip: He's an adult.


Bonnie: Drink up, Shawn. It's all on the house tonight -- my way of saying thank you for taking my heartbroken little girl's mind off her troubles and showing her a good time.

Mimi: Mom, come on.

Shawn D.: Thanks. Really, it's no problem. I guess I'll have another one, although I don't want to get drunk. We all know I end up doing things I regret.

Bonnie: Oh, don't worry. Mimi's sticking to club soda, so if you have too much tonight, she'll be more than happy to get you home and into bed. Damn.

Philip: Hey, you guys.

Bonnie: I thought you two lovebirds were home relaxing.

Philip: Well, we were, but then we thought we'd come out and join the fun. You don't mind, do you?

Shawn D.: Uh, yeah, actually, I do. Mimi and I were enjoying being by ourselves. You want to dance?

Bonnie: [Sighs] They make such a cute couple, don't they?


Chelsea: Don't worry, Max. I'm not gonna let Abby or anyone else spoil our plans for tonight. I want you, and I'm gonna have you.

Abby: [Clears throat]

Chelsea: What now?

Abby: My mom called the house, and aunt Maggie said that Jack Jr. was being fussy, and she can't get him to calm down.

Chelsea: And I care about this because...

Abby: My mom went home to take care of him, so that means me and you get to stay a little bit longer.

Chelsea: Great.

Abby: But then you have to drive me home.

Chelsea: You did this on purpose to ruin my night with Max, didn't you?

Abby: I have to find my dad and tell him what's going on.

Chelsea: Good. Then have him take you home.

Max: Look, this is getting a little too complicated. Why don't we just do it another night?

Chelsea: No way. I want to make love to you, and I want to do it tonight..


Jack: You are wrong. This is not just about keeping Jennifer away from Lockhart. It's about making sure she has someone to watch over her, someone to protect her, someone who really loves her, someone that she really... she really loves in return.

Frankie: And that's me?

Jack: That's you. Oh, that is you, all right. She loved you once. I know it. I can see it in her eyes. And she'd never act on it -- never, never while I'm around -- but I'm telling you, Frankie, when I'm gone -- when I'm gone, she is gonna fall back in love with you. I know it.

Frankie: How do you know that, Jack?

Jack: I know it because I know her! I know Jennifer. I know it.

Frankie: [Sighs] Jack, what we had was a long, long time ago.

Jack: True, true. But you got to admit, you had it. And it was real, and it was strong, and it was true. Hell, yes, you were kids, but you really loved each other. With all your hearts, you loved each other.

Abby: Hey, dad. Daddy, what's wrong? There's not more bad news, is there?


Hope: It's over, Tony!

Tony: Aah!

Hope: Bo!

Bo: Lockhart, not another step.

Tony: Oh! Don't take another step, Bo. I suggest everyone drop your weapons, or Hope dies.


Philip: You know, you're right, Bonnie. I think they're hot together.

Bonnie: Finding each other was the best thing that ever happened to them.. Rex broke Mimi's heart when he walked out on her, and Shawn lost hope of ever being happy again when you dumped him and married Philip.

Belle: Well, I --

Bonnie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded, honey. I know you had to follow your heart. But my point is that now that they've found one another and they're both alone and they have so much in common, it's just natural they should turn to one another. And it's also convenient that they already live together.


Still in a memory from the past

as if each moment were the last

I know I will not let it pass me by


Mimi: [Thinking] Seeing me with Shawn is making Belle nuts. And she deserves every bit of misery I can give her.

I wish you could see me

so I can feel that fever


Chelsea: You know, I can't believe that Abby would try to drive me away before I get to sleep with you.

Max: Sounds to me like you don't have much choice.

Chelsea: I just bought us some time. We could go out to the parking lot and do it in my car.

So I can hold you


Abby: Dad, what are you two doing out here, and why do you look so serious?

Jack: Uh...I was just hearing Frankie's stories about his case load. Some of those cases could probably end up on "Law & Order."

Frankie: Oh, hardly. People don't get too excited about white-collar cases for too long. Look at Enron.

Jack: Exactly.

Frankie: I'm here all week.

Jack: You know, it was a little noisy in there, and I guess I couldn't handle it anymore. I guess your daddy's not the old party animal he once was.

Abby: You're not old, daddy.

Jack: True.

Abby: And you were never exactly a party animal.

Jack: Also true. Thank you. So what brings you out here?

Abby: Well, mom called the house, and aunt Maggie said that Jack Jr. was a little fussy.

Jack: Really?

Abby: It's nothing serious, but she took the car and left.

Jack: Oh. So, uh, well, Frankie and I can -- we can grab a cab, and then we'll all meet her at home then. You're ready to go?

Abby: Um, actually, mom said I could stay a little longer and let Chelsea drive me home.

Jack: Chelsea? Your mother said that -- uh, uh... all right, okay. Just, uh, don't stay late. And stick to the side streets and slow, all right? I want you home early, both of you. Tell Chelsea no alcohol, you understand? No alcohol.

Abby: Okay, I promise.

When the night has come

and the land is dark

and the moon is the only light we'll see

no, I won't be afraid

oh, I-I-I-I wonít...


Jack: Frankie.

Frankie: Hmm?

Jack: It's okay. I know all about that song.

Frankie: What do you know?

Jack: I didn't hear about it from Jennifer, if that's what you're wondering. Maggie told me about it. Years ago, I was at her house. It came on the radio, and she told me it used to be a really special song for you and Jennifer, and that's why Jennifer would get misty-eyed every time she heard it.

Stand by me


Bo: You only have one bullet. You pull the trigger, chamber's empty, you're dead. Gun fires, you're also dead.

Tony: In that case, so is Hope.

Bo: Not very good odds for you.

Tony: You know what?

Hope: Aah! Aah!

Tony: You're absolutely right.

Hope: Oh! Oh! Oh, Bo! Oh! Oh! Are you okay?

Bo: We got to get these off.

Victor: The guard must have a key.

Caroline: I got it, I got it.

Hope: Hurry, Caroline.

Bo: Hurry up, ma. DiMera's getting away.


Stand by me

oh, stand by me

oh, stand

stand by me

stand by me

Philip: Honey, I'm gonna go use the men's room. I'll be right back, okay?

Bonnie: Here we go. Congratulations on being pregnant. Take it from me, nothing beats having a child, except for maybe making one. [Laughs] You and Philip must be thrilled.

Belle: Yes, we are.

Bonnie: Look at them. Mimi's had the hots for Shawn since high school. Same way Philip's always had the hots for you. But she would never do anything about it 'cause you were with Shawn. And I taught her well. It's bad form to make a play for your best friend's guy, unless, of course, he makes a play for you first. So, there she was, not making a move on Shawn, and there Philip was, not making a move on you because Shawn was his best friend. And now you and Philip are happily married and starting a family. Shawn and Mimi can finally, finally hook up. It's funny how fate works, isn't it? Maybe soon, they'll be married, too. Between you and me, he is much better for her than Rex ever was.

Belle: I'm sorry, Bonnie, but I don't think Shawn and Mimi will ever wind up together.

Bonnie: Why not?

Belle: I just don't see it.

Bonnie: Maybe it's because you don't want to see it. Maybe it's because you don't want them to. Is that it?

 ...By me

oh, stand, now


Chelsea: Come on. Did you bring a condom? If not, there's a drugstore down the street.

Max: Hold on, Chelsea, okay? We're not just gonna do it in your car.

Chelsea: Why not?

Max: Because.

Stand by me

whoa, stand, now

oh, stand, now

Max: Look, if we're gonna do this --

Chelsea: We are.

Max: We got to do it right. Your first time should be somewhere where it's private and romantic. You're gonna be remembering this for the rest of your life. It's your first time it's got to be someplace where we can take our time and enjoy ourselves, not some quickie in a parking lot.

Chelsea: That's so romantic.

Max: Don't sound so surprised.

Abby: Okay, Chelsea, let's go.


Jack: Hell, I know this is weird for you, Frankie. It's weird for me, too. I -- I'm her husband, and it feels like I'm forcing her on you.

Frankie: Exactly.

Jack: But it's only because I love her, and I'm convinced that you're the only man she could be with after I'm gone.

Frankie: Why, Jack?

Jack: Because you're the only man in her life I've ever been jealous of. I wasn't her first love. You were.


Frankie: So, how'd it go with your dad?

Jennifer: I don't know, Frankie. I'm just -- I'm really mixed up. For the longest time, I didn't think that my dad could care less about me. And all of a sudden, he's back in town, trying to get the family together again and saying that he loves me. And I don't know what to think.

Frankie: Well, I know one thing you can be sure of.

Jennifer: What?

Frankie: How I feel about you. I love you.


Frankie: You're right. We were each other's first loves. But that was a long time ago, Jack.

Jack: So?

Frankie: So what are you saying? First love lasts forever?

Jack: I don't know. Not nec-- I don't know! In your case -- Frankie, in your case, you could make it happen again. You just have to commit.

Frankie: Damn you for involving me in this!

Jack: In what? In Jennifer's life?

Frankie: No, in -- in making me keep secrets and for making me lie to her.

Jack: I had no choice. I got no choice. This is the only way. It's because I love her, and I can't die in peace until I know that you're there for her. So the real question here, Frankie, is do you care enough about her to be a part of this? I told you that she loves you. She loves you. Now, does a part of you still love her?


Billie: This should hold them.

Bo: I got to go after Lockhart and DiMera. Billie can't handle them on her own.

Hope: All right, let's go.

Bo: No, you're staying here to protect ma and Victor.

Victor: I can look after Caroline. The guards are out.

Bo: Thing is there are probably more guards. Now you believe me about Lockhart? He's been working for DiMera the whole time.

Hope: I can't believe how wrong I was.

Bo: Well, if he comes back here, you don't hesitate. Don't let him con you. You take him down, okay?

Hope: Okay.

Bo: I love you.

Hope: I love you, too. Be careful.


Bonnie: Hi, handsome.

Philip: Were you guys talking about me?

Bonnie: That's for us to know.

Philip: Thank you for the drinks, Bonnie. Keep the change, as always.

Bonnie: Thank you, handsome.

Philip: Want to get a table, babe?

Belle: Yes, I do.

Philip: Okay.


Mimi: Thanks for coming here with me tonight. I think it's helping.

Shawn D.: Yeah? Well, I had fun. It didn't really start off that way, but, yeah, I think it's helping, too.

Mimi: Good. I'm glad.


Abby: Chelsea, I'm serious. No more stalling. We've got to go.

Chelsea: Okay. Thanks for a great night, Max. Meet me at the Lockharts' later. Billie and Patrick are out of town. We'll have the whole place to ourselves. Good night, Max.

Max: See you around.


Jack: You can tell me the truth, Frankie. I won't be jealous. I swear. After all, I'm the one forcing you into all this. But I need a straight answer, and I need it now. I want you to be the man in Jennifer's life after I'm gone. I want you to protect her and to protect my family. But I need an answer. I need your promise now, 'cause if you can't promise me now, I need to make other plans. I got to make other plans, and I don't have much time.

Frankie: Jen married the right guy. Any man who could go through this and do this -- it's amazing. You're amazing, Jack.

Jack: Oh, please. Hardly. I've made more than my share of mistakes, trust me -- more than my share. And I'd like to make them up to Jennifer. I really would. But I canít. I can't because I've run out of time. There's not enough time. And... the only thing I got time for now is to make sure that Jennifer and my family are taken care of after I'm gone. That's it. That's all. Frankie, don't you get it? It's bad enough knowing that I'm not gonna see -- I'm not gonna see my baby boy grow up. I'm not gonna walk Abigail down the aisle. I'm not gonna sit on a porch someday with the woman I love, with the babies, with grandchildren on our laps. It's never gonna happen for me. Never. But to die now, knowing that my family is in danger, that -- that's unbearable. That is more than unbearable. So, please, please, please. I'm begging you. Please, please.

Frankie: I promise. I will always be there for her. a friend.. I would be even if you hadn't asked, Jack.

Jack: I know that. That's not what I asked you. I asked you -- I didn't say stand there and be there for her, some friend. I asked you to marry her. I asked you to make her fall in love with you. Marry her, Frankie, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, in health, till death do you part. Marry her, please. Please, God, please.

Frankie: I'm sorry, Jack. I'm sorry. I don't -- I don't know if I can promise that, Jack.



Caroline: God, Victor. What's happening?

Victor: I don't know, but we'll be all right.

Hope: Victor's right.

Caroline: What if something happens to Bo?

Hope: It wonít. He'll be back. And Tony will finally be stopped.

Billie: Found this coward trying to get away in a speedboat hidden in a secret cove. Unfortunately for him, it was disabled in the first explosion we heard.

Victor: What about Bart?

Billie: No sign of him.

Hope: Patrick?

Billie: Him either.

Hope: Oh, God. They must have escaped.

Bo: Don't worry about Lockhart. He's not going anywhere, except to hell with his boss.

Tony: [Chuckles]


Sami: Just forget about Stan and concentrate on us and our wedding and our future.


Bo: The only thing that bothers me is that this lunkhead is lying through his teeth again.

Hope: He just might be telling the truth.


Jack: He's gonna take advantage of her when she's at her most vulnerable..


Marlena: I'm sure he couldn't have forced me to be intimate with my ex-husband.


Chelsea: Make love to me.

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