Days Transcript Tuesday 8/9/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/9/05 - Canada; Wednesday 8/10/05 - U.S.A.


By Boo
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Mimi: Philip, come on. There is no way that Shawn and I are ever going to get together.

Philip: I don't see why not. You used to have a major crush on the guy.

Mimi: "Used to"! Those are the key words. I was in high school, okay? The only reason I ever wanted Shawn is because he was my friend and because Belle was always talking about how cute he was.

Philip: Do you remember what you told me when we went to pas for Greta's coronation?

Mimi: No.

Philip: You told me that you were in love with Shawn Brady and that if Belle didn't eventually marry him, you would.

Shawn D.: This can't be goodbye. You cannot possibly mean what you just said. You know that we belong together.

Belle: [Crying] I'm sorry, Shawn. But we need to accept the fact that we are not meant to be together, especially now that I'm carrying Philip's baby.

Shawn D.: So, you just don't think that our love is worth fighting for.

Belle: Shawn, please don't do this. We've been through this so many times. Even if we wanted to be together, there's no way that we can.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. You just think that one day magically we're gonna forget about each other. But, damn it, you have to know that we are meant to be with each other.

Belle: I'm sorry. And the more we talk about this, the more sure I am that this is the way it has to be. [Sniffles] We're through.

Patrick: I'm really sorry Jack and Jennifer's barbecue wasn't more fun for you.

Billie: Well, that's your fault. You shouldn't have picked a fight with Max Brady.

Patrick: I didnít.

Billie: [Sighs] You practically strangled the poor kid to death. What are you talking about?

Patrick: Yeah, well, you know, he deserved it.

Billie: Look, he may be a little bit cocky and a little bit immature, but underneath it all, he's a decent guy.

Patrick: [Chuckles] What makes you think that?

Billie: Because Shawn and Caroline Brady raised him.

Patrick: Oh, God, so, he's a Brady, and that's gonna make him a noble guy? Here's a little newsflash -- he's adopted, okay? So, that genetic-code thing, that's not happening there.

Billie: No, no, no. But if he's anything like Roman or Bo or Frankie --

Patrick: But he's not. He's not. Billie, I-I usually trust your judgment on things like this, but I think you're wrong this time. There's -- there's something about that kid.

Billie: I'm not wrong.

[Exhales sharply]

Billie: [Sighs] Damn it, Bo. I thought you would have checked in with me by now. I want to know about your search for Tony. I hope everything's all right.

Bo: She's alive. That scum DiMera has her. I'm gonna find you, Fancy Face. And when I do...DiMera's as good as dead.

Bart: She's too much. She's too much. Boss...[Sighs] Do I have a sign around me that says "kick the hell out of the bad guy"? She's feisty, this Hope. She's feisty. I bring her dinner in. She refuses to eat it, and then she throws it at me!

Tony: Well, the chef won't be happy. But I can understand why Hope is upset. After all, she and her husband set out on a mission to search and destroy me. [ Sighing] Ahhh.. But we got her first. Hope is captured, and now her husband, the great hero, is headed right into our trap.

Bart: Yeah. They can check out anytime they like, but they can never leave.

[Both chuckle]

Tony: But once I have Bo in my custody, I can finally begin the destruction of the Brady and Horton clans.

Caroline: Over my dead body.

Tony: Well, my Caroline. You should know by now... that can easily be arranged.

Caroline: [Spits] You bastard.

Roman: No.

Kate: Roman, you know that I'm right. You know that I'm right. You know that you're pushing me to be with John because you're rolling the dice. You're waiting to see, when Marlena wakes up, is she going to remember being in love with you or being in love with John?

Roman: Kate, don't turn this around on me.

Kate: As a matter of fact, I think you're secretly thrilled that I broke up Sami and Lucas.

Roman: Why in the hell would I want that kind of pain for Sami and Lucas?

Kate: Because you could use it as a convenient excuse to end our relationship.

Roman: [Scoffs] Oh, my -- Kate, this is ridicu-- you know what? I don't want to talk about this right now.

Kate: I don't give a damn, because we are going to have it out.

John: All right, Dr. North. Tell me why Marlena remembered you and not me or Roman.

Alex: I can only give you a clinical answer to that. She remembers me because right now I'm the only person she feels safe with. From the moment she woke up, there's been constant tension and stress between you and her ex-husband, as well as your respective children.

John: I thought the whole purpose of our being here was supposed to be good for her.

Alex: Unfortunately, no. She doesn't remember her family or her past. Everyone to her is a stranger -- strangers who keep pushing her to remember. The only one she doesn't feel pressured by is me.

John: Yeah, well, I guess that would make sense, since she just met you and you have no history together. I can't believe I've been stressing her out this much.


Alex: Don't blame yourself so much, Mr. Black. The best thing you can do right now is just to be patient.

John: Mm, yeah, yeah. So, doctor, what if...she never has any memory of me or our daughter Belle?

Alex: I'm sorry, but that is a definite possibility. And if that is the case, it'll be up to me to help her build a new life. But I must warn you, it may very well be a life that does not include you or her children.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Tony: [Chuckles] Well. Well. Hmm. You know, I always thought that as the Brady matriarch, you were a force to be reckoned with. I just didn't think you'd be so crass..

Caroline: Just to let you know how I feel about you, Tony, I've never spit on anybody in my whole life.

Tony: [Clinks glass loudly] Fearless, to be sure, but trying to pull that little stunt of yours just then, you're lucky I didn't kill you on the spot.

Victor: Damn you, Tony!

[Groans painfully]

Caroline: Oh, Victor.

Tony: Now you see what you've done, Caroline? You've got Victor wanting a piece of me, as well. [Chuckles] Very noble of you. But let me tell you this, Victor -- if you think you can stop me on my mission, you've got another think coming, and that goes for your bastard son, as well.

Victor: You leave Bo alone.

Tony: I don't think I can do that. I already have your daughter-in-law in my custody.

Caroline: You've taken Hope? Do whatever you want to me and Victor, but let Hope go.

Tony: As tempting as that might be, I'm using Hope to lure Bo into my trap. And one that might eventually... kill your beloved son.

Bo: This damn message was sent using a wireless router. Got to find the IP address and its home. Oh, yeah. What the -- Hope is on land. According to this, I can travel most of the way by boat, but once I get ashore, I got about 30 miles to go.

[Clears throat] I'm gonna need to call in a favor.

Billie: So, no report on Hope, Bo, or the boat. All right, thanks. Well, let's stay in touch. Who knows? We may need you by the time this is all over. Thanks.

Patrick: I.S.A.?

Billie: Yeah. Bo promised that he would contact me and let me know about his progress in the search for DiMera.

Patrick: So, have you heard anything or --

Billie: Nope.

Patrick: Okay, well, maybe, maybe there's nothing to report.

Billie: No. I don't know. I don't have a good feeling about this.

[Cellphone rings]


Patrick: Maybe that's them, you know?


Billie: Hello.

Bo: Billie, can you hear me?

Billie: Bo! Bo, where are you? What's going on with you and Hope? Are you guys okay? What's going on with DiMera?

Bo: Listen, Hope has been kidnaped by DiMera. I need your help to find her.

Mimi: Yes, I had a crush on Shawn. I was 16. I didn't know what I was saying.

Philip: Oh, I think you did.

Mimi: Do you remember where we were when I told you I liked him?

Philip: Yeah, we were on the Eiffel Tower, and he had just kissed you, actually.

Mimi: Right. It was my first real kiss, and it was in Paris. But that was like forever ago.

Philip: I bet you remember it like it was yesterday.

Mimi: [Sighs]

Shawn D.: Mon petit...fleur.

Mimi: What's to remember? It was nothing.

Philip: Oh, really? It was nothing? Why are you blushing then, Meems?

Mimi: Stop it!

Philip: Stop what? Who are you trying to convince here, me or yourself?

Mimi: [Sighs]

Shawn D.: I hear what you're telling me, but I don't believe you...because I know deep down inside, you are gonna do the right thing.

Belle: The right thing? The right thing is to love my husband and to honor the vows we made to each other. I'm sorry, Shawn. I know this is hard. But it's the way it has to be.

Shawn D.: No.

Belle: I'm married to Philip. I'm pregnant with his child. End of story.

Shawn D.: No, no! It's not. You want to know why? 'Cause I'm gonna go downstairs right now, and I'm gonna tell him the truth, and there's nothing you can do to stop me..

Belle: No, Shawn, don't!

Roman: All right, Kate, you know what? There's not a hell of a lot to talk about here. I asked you if you were responsible for breaking up Sami and Lucas. You flat-out lied to me. And if Sami hadn't found those tapes, then you would have never admitted what you did, and two people who loved each other very much would have been separated for life.

Kate: [Exhales sharply] I admit I lied about Sami and Lucas, but I never lied about my feelings. Despite falling in love with John...I made a choice. I chose you.

Roman: And I chose to be with you, Kate.

Kate: But you didn't mean it. Those were just empty words, and they were empty promises, Roman.

Roman: Oh, my God. Please, don't go there again. We have talked about what happened between Marlena and me umpteen times. There's nothing else left to say.

Kate: Why couldn't you just admit it? Why didn't you admit to me that you fell back in love with her at the castle?

Roman: Because it's not true!

Kate: Admit it!

Roman: I never fell in love with --

Kate: Admit it. It's so obvious -- it's obvious that you want to be with her.

John: Dr. North, I don't understand. Do you really think that Marlena may never remember me or my children?

Alex: As I said, that is possible. The more she is inundated by loved ones -- loved ones she does not recognize -- the harder it's gonna be for her to remember them and what place they have in her life.

John: All right, so, what do you suggest we do?

Alex: I think the only thing that'll benefit Marlena right for her to leave Salem.

Billie: DiMera kidnaped Hope? How did he get her away from you?

Bo: We were taking turns at the wheel. When I came up on deck, she was gone.

Billie: How do you know she just didn't fall overboard? How do you know Tony took her?

Bo: She sent me a message on my PDA.

Billie: What did she say? Was she able to tell you where he took her?

Bo: No, nothing, but I was able to trace the router that was used to send the message to my PDA.

Billie: Well, well, that must tell you exactly where Tony is, and -- and then maybe you might know where Victor and Caroline are and Georgia -- if she's still alive.

Bo: Yeah, that's possible.

Billie: Okay, I'm on my way.

Bo: No, no. I did not call you so you can get involved with this. I don't want you putting your life in jeopardy.

Billie: I'm an I.S.A. agent.

Bo: You're also Georgia's mother. You're too personally involved.

Billie: And you are her father, and Victor and Caroline's son. What does that make you?

Bo: If our daughter's being held captive by DiMera, I don't want to take the chance of her losing both her parents.

Billie: Then why the hell did you call me?! You said you needed my help!

Bo: I do need your help. This is exactly what I need.

Billie: Mm-hmm. Okay. Okay. All right, I have the coordinates of your boat. I'll arrange for transportation and supplies. Be safe.

Patrick: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought Bo told you not to come.

Billie: He did.

Patrick: Wait, if you're going, I'm going with you.

Billie: No, you're not.

Patrick: You don't have a choice -- you need backup, and if one person can deal with DiMera, that's me.

Billie: Bo doesn't trust you. He thinks you work for DiMera.

Patrick: That's his problem. I'm going with you.

Bo: Okay, I got my G.P.S. up and running, but I can't use the damn thing.. DiMera's probably tracking my every move, waiting for me. Well, track this. [ Clicks] G.P.S. is off. We're running by the stars.

Victor: What do you want in exchange for Bo and Hope?

Tony: Well, certainly not you or Caroline. I already have you.

Victor: What then? Surely we can make a deal.

Tony: Ahh, Victor. What could you possibly offer me that I don't already have? When John took Kristin away from me, all I wanted was revenge.

Caroline: Oh, for God's sakes, Tony. If Kristin wanted to stay with you, she would have stayed. That was a long time ago.

Victor: And why the hell are you taking it out on us?

Tony: Because you're all involved! But, you know, the true thing I covet.... is the destruction of the one thing that keeps the families of Salem together.

Caroline: You're speaking of love.

Tony: The concrete that has supported the foundation of the Bradyís and the Hortonís. Oh, but you people are like a bunch of cockroaches. You just become more and more resilient.

Victor: What are you going to do with Bo and Hope?

Tony: Well, I tried to come between them by luring Bo and Billie into an abandoned house. They were overcome by toxic gas.

Bart: We call it "love gas."

Tony: Yes. Bo made love to Billie, thinking that it was Hope.

Bart: Yeah, don't be shocked. Everyone in Salem's doing it. We saw the whole thing on closed-circuit tv. Man, it was better than late-night cable.

Tony: But, you know, the most amazing thing about it all was not Bo being lured by Billie. No, it was watching your daughter-in-law's face when she discovered them. The rage, the betrayal, the hurt. In one word [Chuckles] Delicious.

Caroline: You are despicable. What happened to them?

Tony: Well, they worked it out, more or less.

Caroline: Because they love each other, and there's nothing you can do about that.

Tony: Oh, yes, there is. There is one thing I can do about it, and I will, and that will disrupt their lives forever.

Caroline: No.

Victor: Don't you dare.

Tony: I will kill them both. But only one of them will die now. And by eliminating one with a bullet...the other will eventually die of grief. And since Hope is already here... I should kill her first.

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Mimi: Look, Philip... I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, okay?

Philip: All right, well, you just said it was "forever ago." If you think about it, it was only a few years.

Mimi: Yeah, you know what? You're right. I do have feelings for Shawn, but they're not romantic. Philip, I loved his cousin, and I still do.

Philip: I know, I know. I'm sorry. Forget it.

Mimi: Yeah, I'm sorry, too, because I know Rex, and I know he's not gonna come back.

Philip: Look, I don't want to pressure you about the whole Shawn thing. I'm just trying to get you to think outside the box. If you're right about Rex and he's never coming back, I want you to know there's another guy out there for you.

Mimi: Let's just hope he doesn't want children.

Philip: Mimi, don't say that.

Mimi: Philip, I don't want to talk about this anymore. Please, I just want to focus on finishing school and starting my future.

Philip: Well, that sounds like a good idea. [Sighs] I hope Belle's okay.

Belle: No, don't do this. Why won't you listen to me?!

Shawn D.: Because I love you! You are my life. Do you think I'm just gonna give up on us?

Belle: And do you think that by going downstairs and telling Philip that you still love me that I'm just gonna change my mind and say, "Philip, see ya," and then ride off into the sunset with you? God, Shawn, if you love me, just respect my wishes and let me go.

Shawn D.: But --

Belle: No, I told you before. If you tell Philip, I will never speak to you again. Is that what you really want?

Roman: Kate, you're right about one thing -- I have never stopped loving Marlena. She is the mother of my kids. I will never stop loving her to an extent, all right? Part of me will always do that. I've told you that. But what I also told you was this -- I came home to you. I wanted you. I chose to be with you. Don't for a minute think that I don't know what you're doing here.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Roman: What I'm talking about is this -- I know you're damn well trying to distract us from the real issue, because what's going on between us has nothing to do with me and Marlena. It has to do with you deliberately setting out to destroy my daughter's life, and when I asked you about it, you lied to me.

Kate: Oh, I see. So, if I had told you the truth, if I had told you that I came between Sami and Lucas, what would you have done, stuck by me and defended me to Sami?

Roman: Who the hell knows? I might be just as upset as I am now, but at least you would have been honest.

Kate: Oh, I see. Okay, so you're angry at me for lying to you, but you won't take any responsibility for your lies and for your secrets.

Roman: Kate, a little while ago at Lucas' apartment, I said I was wrong.

Kate: Just face it, okay? You make yourself out to be so righteous, but you are nothing but a hypocrite, Roman.

Roman: [Scoffs]

Kate: Fine, walk out. Walk out. You walk out on me, but I just want you to know -- when Marlena doesn't choose you, I won't be taking you back.

Roman: [Exhales sharply]

John: Dr. North, I can't really believe it's in Marlena's best interest to leave Salem and her children and go off with you.

Alex: It won't be forever, just for the duration of the treatment.

Roman: So, how is, uh -- how's Marlena doing? Any changes?

Alex: I was just telling Mr. Black I want Marlena to leave Salem.

Roman: Leave Salem? And go where?

Alex: To a place I have in the mountains to undergo therapy.

John: I'm not really comfortable with this, doctor. Lexie says you're the best here, but is this necessary?

Alex: I think it is. Now, this is an approach I've used many times in the past with several patients, with great success.

Roman: What the hell is so special about this place?

Alex: A combination of things -- casual setting, clean, fresh, mountain air, but most importantly, peace and quiet. Right now Marlena's being bombarded with information. It's gonna be harder for her to distinguish the memories she retrieves on her own from those you keep trying to pound into her head. Do you understand what I'm saying?

John: Of course I do.

Alex: You saw how confused she was in there. Obviously what we've done so far is not working. She needs a change of scenery, of methodology. Trust me. This is not as radical as it sounds. You hired me for my expertise, correct?

John: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well...if you think this is the only way you can help her... by all means, do whatever it takes.

Alex: Thank you.

John: I'll pack a bag for myself and Marlena and have Basic Black's helicopter transport us to the cabin, all right?

Alex: I'm sorry, Mr. Black, if I did not make myself perfectly clear. The only one that will be accompanying her on this trip will be me. It is of the utmost importance that it's just the two of us, alone.

Kate: You got here fast.

Billie: We're in a hurry.

Kate: I have that first-aid kit ready for you.

Billie: Thank you.

Kate: Come with me.

Billie: Okay. Oh, hey, Patrick. I'll catch up to you, okay? You go ahead.. Hey, mom, you okay?

Kate: [Sighs]

Billie: Mom. What happened?

Kate: Oh, God. Honey, everything. Lucas isn't talking to me. I think I've lost him. And I've lost my husband, too.

Billie: Okay, hold on, mom. What the heck is going on here?

Kate: I was at Lucas' apartment earlier. Julie invited me over because she was giving a surprise party for Lucas, and it turns out the surprise was on me because Sami had gotten ahold of some taped conversations between Eugenia Willens and me and played them for everyone at the party.

Billie: And...what were you and Eugenia saying, mom?

Kate: That we were responsible for setting up Brandon and Sami the night before Sami and Lucas' wedding.

Billie: Mom, you didn't!

Kate: [Sighs] Yes, I did it. I did it for Lucas because she's a manipulative bitch, and he deserves better.

Billie: Mom, I told you not to mess with Lucas and Sami! Oh! And no wonder Roman is upset with you. He just found out that you set up his daughter.

Kate: Yeah, I know. And the rest is history because he doesn't want anything else to do with me, believe me.

Billie: What do you -- you mean he --

Kate: He hates me. He hates me. He's furious at me. He's furious at me for not being honest with him, and yet was he honest with me about sleeping with Marlena and getting her pregnant? No.


Billie: Mom. I don't agree with what you did to Sami and Lucas, but I -- I hate to see you going through this.

Kate: Oh, sweetie.

Billie: Come here. Listen [Sighs] Just give roman some time, okay? He'll come around. It's gonna be okay.

Kate: [Sighs] So, what are you doing here with Patrick, anyway?

Billie: We came here to get a first-aid kit.

Kate: What's going on?

Billie: I got an assignment from the I.S.A.

Kate: Does this have anything to do with bo going after Tony DiMera?

Tony: Well...I don't have to decide right now. In the scheme of things, it doesn't matter whether I kill Bo or Hope first. Either way, one will be lost without the other.

[Cellphone rings]

Bart: Hello. Talk to me. Good. Boss. [Beeps] Bo's on his way.

Tony: Oh. Good news. That was my man on the line. Bo is right on schedule. In a matter of time... I shall have him exactly where I want him.

Bo: If I'm on course, I should be seeing a lighthouse right...about -- yeah. Hold on, Fancy Face. I'm on my way.

Philip: Hey, Joelle. This is Philip. Has Belle been into the office tonight? Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. I'll hold.

Mimi: Hey, Shawn.

Shawn D.: What's up, Mimi?

Mimi: Um, so -- so, you said, uh, you're not going to the dance, right?

Shawn D.: Yeah, right.

Mimi: How -- how come?

Shawn D.: I told you, I... don't like those things, you know? They have lousy punch, they have those corn chips. The parent chaperones are there, you know, measuring the distance between the couples when they're dancing, the retro trash -- it's terrible.

Mimi: Yeah, well, I mean, don't you want to see who Belle's date is?

[Chuckles nervously]

Shawn D.: Not enough to suffer through that., who are you going with?

Mimi: Um, just -- actu-- um, actually, no -- no one yet., I thought that, I -- I was thinking that maybe, um, we could, um, if you thought that, um --

Shawn D.: Wha

Mimi: We could -- we could go to the dance together. But -- but just as friends and -- so, what do you say?

Shawn D.: Mimi, I told you, I don't like dances. I don't want to go. It's not my thing.

Mimi: So, Shawn, who cares? I can't -- I can't go to the dance alone. Do you know how embarrassing that would be? Please, Shawn, say you'll go with me. Please, say yes. Shawn, say you'll go with me.

Shawn D.: Mimi, what are you doing?

Mimi: Please.

Shawn D.: Mimi, will you just get up?

Mimi: It'll be -- it'll be over before you know it, and once you get there, you can just ignore me. Just come with me, please? Please, Shawn, just come with me, and then --

Shawn D.: Fine, okay, fine, all right? Yes, I'll take you. Yes, I'll take you.

Mimi: Okay, thanks.

Shawn D.: Great. Okay. Right. Bye. Yeah.

Mimi: That's great. Okay. Okay, bye. See ya.

Bonnie: Just because Rex was your first doesn't mean he's gonna be your last. I mean, your father was my first love, and look how that turned out.

Mimi: Mom, will you stop it?! The love of my life just left me! I can't think about other guys or moving on! I -- I don't think I'll ever be able to.


Bonnie: But, honey, that's just it. You don't have to think about it...'cause the perfect man is right under your nose. Honey, he's living right here.

Mimi: Oh, God, you're not gonna bring up the whole Shawn thing again!

Bonnie: Why not? What's wrong with Shawn?

Mimi: There's nothing wrong with Shawn, but like I've told you a million times, I am not in love with Shawn! And even if I was, which I'm not, he loves Belle.

Bonnie: And Belle is married to Philip! And like you just said, now that he's an amputee, a wounded war hero, she'll never have the guts to leave him. And once Shawn realizes that, I have a very strong feeling he will turn to you.

Mimi: Oh, please, mom.

Bonnie: And why wouldn't he? You two have grown up together. You've always been close. You've always understood each other. Honey, honey, maybe Shawn is the Brady that you were meant to be with after all.

Mimi: No. No. Shawn and I are just friends.

Shawn D.: You know what I really want.

Belle: I'm not the same girl you fell in love with. We're not kids anymore. We had our whole future planned out, didn't we? But I should have known things don't ever work out the way you plan. We need to stop looking back. We need to move on. I'm gonna take responsibility for my choices. And that's all there is left to say. [Sniffles] Good night.

[Door opens]



Billie: Yes, my I.S.A. mission does have something to do with Bo, and, actually, I was kind of hoping I might be able to borrow one of the Basic Black jets.

Kate: Billie, what is going on? Is Bo in trouble?

Billie: Listen, I will tell you, but you have to promise not to tell Roman or John. They've got way too much going on with Marlena right now.

Kate: Yeah, they sure do. What is it?

Billie: Hope's been kidnaped, and bo thinks it has something to do with Tony DiMera.

Kate: Billie, what does that have to do with you?

Billie: I'm going in as Bo's backup.

John: Why would you keep me from seeing my wife? Look, I understand that you think Marlena's being pressured here, and if you're afraid that I will keep contributing to this, I can guarantee you I wonít.

Alex: Mr. Black, Marlena needs to be treated in an environment that's commonly referred to in psychiatry as a blank canvas. It's a place that has no particular meaning or significance to the patient. So I'm afraid you can't be there.

John: Oh, I see. And how long will the two of you be in seclusion?

Alex: That's hard to say. It could be for the immediate future.

John: [Sighs]

Alex: Mr. Black, I'm going to ask you again, as her husband, are you willing to agree to this?

John: I just want my wife back the way she used to be. You do everything you can to restore her memory.

Alex: That's exactly what I plan to do.

Kate: Honey, honey, this sounds dangerous to me.

Billie: Patrick's going with me.

Kate: Oh, great. Patrick -- who is involved with the DiMeras?

Billie: "Was involved." Key words.

Kate: So, you're gonna be risking your life to help Hope.

Billie: This isn't just about Hope. Look at what happened with Sami and Lucas. We can't just manipulate people into doing what we want them to. Mom, I know you want me to be with Bo. It ain't gonna happen, okay?

Kate: Oh, okay, but you're running off to help him rescue Hope.

Billie: Look, if they find DiMera, we might be able to find Georgia, too..

Kate: I hope to God that you do. I-I really do, but do you think it's a good idea to be going with Patrick? I mean, how is Bo gonna react --

Billie: I don't care how Bo is gonna react! I -- look, I am moving on with my life...without Bo.

[Cellphone rings]

Billie: It's a message from Bo. "About to drop anchor. Need supplies immediately." Come on, we got the coordinates. Mom, the jet?

Kate: [Sighs] Sweetie, please, please be careful. I've lost so much tonight. I can't bear to think about --

Billie: Mom, I'll be okay. I'm my mother's daughter, huh? I'm tough. I'll keep in touch, soon as I can, okay?

Patrick: Yeah, thanks for the plane, Kate.

Billie: And listen -- John doesn't have to know about this, right?

Kate: Right.

Billie: Okay, I love you.

Kate: Love you, too. I love you, too.


John: All right, Dr. North. Here's your consent forms.

Alex: Thank you. I will be in contact with you as to your wife's progress.

John: Am I at least permitted to say goodbye to Marlena?

Roman: Yeah, I'd like to wish her luck, too. And, John, I mean this -- only if it's all right with you.

Alex: Well, I'm sorry, but I can't allow that.

John: Iím gonna say goodbye to my wife.

Alex: Mr. Black, I can't stop you from seeing your wife, but I'd advise against it. If you trust me and you want her to get better... you will leave her be.

John: [Sighs]

Alex: And now that I have your husband's permission... I think it's time I helped you realize who you really are.

[Zipper zips]

[Water splashes]

Bo: Now I wait for the supply drop from the I.S.A., and I'm ready to roll.

Tony: Oh, poor Bo. Always a few steps behind.

Bart: Or in this case, a few knots behind.

Tony: He has no idea he's being monitored. Bart! Have the men ready. He's gonna land at the nearest point. Be there to greet him.

Bart: Yes, sir.

Victor: Bo is not gonna be captured.

Tony: Bart!

Bart: Yes, general.

Tony: Have the men greet him with a bullet.

Caroline: No!

Tony: Shoot to kill!

Bart: Will do.

Bo: I can't believe that scumbag was watching me. I can't wait for the I..S.A. any longer.

[Zipper zips] Hold on, Fancy Face. [Water splashes] I'm on my way.

Philip: Hey! There you are. I was wondering where you went.

Belle: Hey, I just, uh, went out for a walk to get some air. Meems, hi.

[Door closes]

Belle: Well, she hates me.

Philip: No. She doesn't hate you. Trust me. This will just take her a little time to get over.

Belle: What if she doesn't?

Sami: What's happening here? What -- what's going on? What are you doing?

Nicole: I'm sitting here until you make my dream come true.

Chloe: I love you so much.

Brady: I'm counting on that.

Lucas: You want to talk? Fine, I'll go first. Goodbye.

Jennifer: You have all the time in the world.

Jack: No, Jennifer, I donít.

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