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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/4/05 - Canada; Friday 8/5/05 - U.S.A.


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[missing first five minutes. sorry.]

Nicole: Oh, oh, sorry. Let me help you there.

Eugenia: Goodness!

Nicole: Oohh.

Eugenia: What?! You idiot! What have you done?!

Sami: [Thinking] When I want something, I never give up.


Sami: [Gasping] I swear to God, Kate, if I find these tapes, you are so gonna pay.

[Exhaling sharply]


Lucas: Sorry it took so long, but I got it to work now. I want to hear the rest of this.

Sami: Yeah, I think we all want to hear it.

[Tape machine clicks]

Kate: I can't destroy Sami all by myself, Eugenia. That'd be too obvious. I need someone who hates her as much as I do to help me.

Eugenia: Then I'm your woman, 'cause I'd do anything to see Sami's life ruined. I'll get marguerite the so-called psychic to convince Sami that she needs to see Brandon and talk him into leaving town.

Kate: Ooh, that would be perfect. Sami's a sucker for that astrology stuff.

Eugenia: Yeah, but then how do we get Brandon and Sami up to Brandon's room together, I mean, since she's in love with Lucas?

Kate: Eugenia, haven't you ever heard of drugging a drink? By the time Lucas shows up and finds Sami in bed with Brandon, we'll be long gone without a trace of evidence left behind. The important thing is to see them naked in bed together. As soon as they pass out from the drugs I put in the drinks, you can take their clothes off.

Eugenia: I won't mind with Brandon -- he's hot. But taking Sami Brady's clothes off -- ugh. I don't swing that way.

Kate: Oh, Eugenia, can we just stick to the subject, please, just get the job done? I'll make sure that Lucas gets over there before the drugs wear off and Sami and Brandon wake up.


Eugenia: So it worked. We did it.

Kate: [Chuckling] Yes, we did. Oh, boy, it took a lot of talking to get Lucas over to the Jetway Inn. He was so damn convinced that Sami had changed and was being completely faithful to him. Poor baby. He was so trusting and innocent.

Eugenia: Well, Sami had been faithful to him.

Kate: Eugenia, that wouldn't have ever lasted. I just saved Lucas from a lifetime of misery with that bitch. Once Lucas walked in and found Sami naked in bed with Brandon, that was all it took. But I hated breaking his heart. But it was for his own good. I do feel badly about breaking my word to Roman, though.

Eugenia: Why? What did you promise him?

Kate: That I'd look after Sami for him if anything ever happened to him. But it was impossible to keep my word, Eugenia. I had to protect Lucas, and I had to protect Will. They deserve better than Sami Brady. At least Roman is gone. So he'll never know that I betrayed my promise to him.

Lucas: I don't know why I'm so shocked... because you've done horrible things to people in the past, but never to me. I thought you wanted me to be happy.

Kate: I do. And that's why --

Lucas: No. There's no reason why. You betrayed me. You betrayed me. I heard the evidence!

Sami: And now you know the truth. Lucas, your mother is a two-faced, lying bitch.


Belle: Okay.

Philip: All right. Thanks, you guys. It's good to be home, at least.

Belle: I'm gonna get your pill and some water.

Philip: Thank you. And, Shawn, thank you for wheeling me home once again.

Shawn D.: Yes, no problem.

Philip: [Groans] I can't wait to take that pill.

Belle: Okay, here you go.

Philip: Thank you, sweetheart. [Gulps] Okay, well, you two can both stop worrying about me now, 'cause these things work really fast.

Belle: I just want to be sure you're okay. And you shouldn't take that on an empty stomach. Let me fix you a protein shake.

Philip: Protein shake -- honey, I ate at the party. I'm getting tired of those, too.

Belle: They're good for you.

Philip: I know. I know. They're good for me. You see this girl, how good of care she takes of me? It's unbelievable. I'll go make it. You don't need to do it.

Belle: You can go now.

Shawn D.: We need to talk.

Philip: Shawn, you gonna stay? There's beer in the fridge, if you want. Make yourself at home.

Shawn D.: Yeah, thanks.

Belle: Let me do that for you.

Philip: All right, honey, thank you. I think that I'm just gonna try to close my eyes for a minute, let this pill work its sweet magic. Whew.


Belle: You know, you're really pushing it, Shawn. I need to be here for my husband.

Shawn D.: He wants me to stay.

Belle: That's because he doesn't know the truth.

Shawn D.: Tell him the truth.

Belle: If you hurt Philip by telling him that you and I are still in love with each other, I swear to god, Shawn, I will never speak to you again.

Shawn D.: You don't mean that.

Belle: I can't live caught between the two of you anymore. I canít.


Sami: [Chuckles] The time has come, Kate, for your confession. The evidence that you didn't think existed does. Lucas, after my mom cheated on my dad, our lives were a wreck. I learned right there and then how horrible cheating is. I would never have cheated on you. There is no amount of alcohol in the world that could make me cheat on you. I knew I was innocent -- of course, not innocent of everything. That was the best part of Kate's plan. I gotta hand it to you, Kate. That was evil genius at its best. You knew that I had done enough rotten things to everyone in this town that they would all be willing to believe that I had betrayed Lucas. That's why you got away with it for so long. There I was, sitting there, looking forward to the happiest day of my life -- marrying the man that I love -- and knowing we were finally going to be able to have a wonderful family with Will. But Lucas couldn't believe in me. He believed your illusion instead. Lucas, your mother decided that she knew what was best for you. She didn't care if she broke your heart. She didn't care if she turned will against his own mother. She wanted to make me suffer, so she became my judge, my jury, and my executioner. She dragged Eugenia into the plan, and the two of them set out to ruin my life. They pulled Brandon into it, too. I mean, my God, what did he do to deserve going through that horrible ordeal? Nothing. The two of them drugged us with God knows what. I mean, they could have killed us. They put us in bed together and arranged it so you would walk in and find us, hours before we were supposed to walk down the aisle and start our happy future together. Yep, Eugenia, I owe it all to you.

Sami: [Chuckles] So all I can say is thank you. Thank you, thank you. You were smart enough to know you can't trust Kate, so your insurance policy turned out to be my salvation. So, Lucas, how about it? What do you say? Are you gonna keep your word? You said that if you ever found proof that Kate had set me up, you would turn your back on her. Dad, what about you? How are you supposed to stay married to a woman so evil that she would intentionally destroy your daughter's life? You're an honest guy, dad. I know that I have failed to live up to your standards my whole life. But you -- daddy, of all people, you deserve to be married to a wonderful woman that you can love and trust. You deserve an honest wife, and I'm telling you that Kate is not that woman.

Kate: [Scoffs] I wouldn't judge me too quickly. Just a few minutes ago, Sami was standing right here in this room confessing to sleeping with Brandon.

Sami: I only said that so that when everyone heard the tapes, they would know you're still lying, that you would have lied to your grave if I hadn't caught you.

Kate: Oh, please. Who could believe that?

Sami: Answer the question. Have you figured it out yet? Do you now see what I'm talking about, what Kate did to you, what she did to me, to our son?

Lucas: I'm still trying to figure out how she could do something so low. I don't know, mom. So far I'm coming up with nothing.

Roman: Kate. My God. Those tapes are strong evidence. You set up my daughter. How despicable is that? Especially since you've been so damn busy pointing fingers at everybody else lately, and all the time, you knew what an incredibly rotten thing you had done, not only to Sami, but your own son Lucas. I'm beginning to wonder if I ever knew the woman I married.


Bo: Hope! Hope! My wife was washed overboard in the storm. You've gotta help me find her.

Man: We're gonna do everything we can, Mr. Brady. We need some information. Now, do you have any idea how long your wife's been missing?

Bo: No, I told you, we were taking turns at watch.

Man: All right. How far have you drifted off course? Can you tell me that?

Bo: My radar and GPS are jammed. Something's wrong with them.

Man: That could be a result of the storm.

Bo: We were trying to sail north. Something kept blowing us west. I have no coordinates for you.

Man: Mr. Brady, I'm very sorry, sir, but we just don't have a way to help you find your wife.

Bo: You gotta help me find her! She's out there in the ocean somewhere! You gotta help me!


Bart: [Exhales sharply]

Tony: What did she do to you this time?

Bart: Hope got her hands on a book of matches and set a small fire to her cell, the little pyro. That's why you were smelling smoke. I put out the fire as best I could, before she could do any real damage, except to my arm and to my sleeve.

Tony: What would a woman like that be thinking, starting a fire like that?

Bart: I don't know, boss. Smoke signals, maybe? Trying to get somebody to rescue her?

Tony: Poor Fancy Face. She has no idea the level of cunning she's up against.

Bart: Cunning. Baffling. Powerful. We are bad, sir. I told her nobody's ever gonna find her here. Nobody's even gonna trace where she went missing. Our DiMera frog guy did such a good job messing up with those navigational systems on the Bradys' boat that I personally don't even know where the hell we are. But I expected nothing less. Perfect plan, sir.

Tony: [Chuckles] That was well said, Bart.

Bart: Thank you, sir. Um, Count, I have a huge favor to ask you. Please don't make me go up against Hope again. I got a shiner, I got second-degree burns on my arm, and who knows where she's gonna aim next? A guy has got to protect his manhood.

Tony: Then don't worry. Bo won't have a shred of manhood by the time I'm finished with him.

Bart: What fresh hell have you got in store for him now, Count?

Tony: [Chuckles evilly] Watch and see.


Roman: Tapes don't lie, Kate. You're a smart woman. Didn't even cover your tracks. And now you're busted.

Kate: Roman, you know just as well as I do that Sami could have put those tapes together. People do things like that. You can lift voices, you can edit words together to make people say whatever you want them to say. I know you want to believe that your daughter --

Roman: Kate, I don't have blinders on. I know who Sami is. But, unfortunately, I know who you are, too.

Sami: Yeah, dad. Kate, you're married to a cop. I know that comes in handy sometimes, but it can also really screw you up. Dad knows how to get audiotapes verified. All he has to do is take it to the crime lab computer, and it can tell if a tape has been edited. But, in fact, he doesn't even have to do that. All he has to do is look at Eugenia over there. She is really freaking out. Why? Because she knows the tapes are real. You did a smart thing. You knew you couldn't trust Kate. So you wanted to make sure that she wasn't able to pin the whole thing on you, right? Though I'm sure you were probably planning to blackmail her with these tapes right from the beginning. You know, I had to literally smoke Eugenia out of her apartment to get my hands on these. But, dad, you take them. You take them to that crime lab, and you will find out that they are real. They are the real deal. I know it, Eugenia knows it, and so does Kate.

Kate: Oh, it's such a lie, Sami.

Eugenia: God, just -- I can't take this anymore. Just stop trying to argue, Kate. Stop lying. Sami's got us.



Shawn D.: Can I help you with this?

Belle: Just go home, okay?

Shawn D.: No, I can't do that. You need me. And I need you.

[Blender whirs]

Belle: I don't know how else to explain this to you. I am married to Philip. I don't love him the way I love you, but I do love him. And I'm committed to him. Why can't you just accept that?

Shawn D.: So, do you want me to just start dating someone else?

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Yeah? Really? Just start dating someone, maybe fall in love. If things go well, we'll get married, and have kids with her. The children you and I were supposed to have. Can you really look me in the eyes and tell me that's what you want?

Belle: I'm having Philip's baby -- why shouldn't you have some of your own?

Shawn D.: You didn't answer my question.

Belle: What do you want? This is the life that I've chosen. I'm doing what's right.

Shawn D.: What's right for Philip for the time in his recovery but wrong for you and wrong for us. The only thing that is keeping me sane right now is knowing his physical condition, knowing that he can't make it up those stairs, because if I thought --

Belle: He is still my husband.

Shawn D.: But as long as things stay the way they are, you can ask him for an annulment.

Belle: An annulment. What -- what about this baby I'm carrying? I can't ask him for an annulment. This is a real marriage. And I am about to have a real child. There is no way out of this. And you just need to face it. You and I are not gonna have a future together.

Shawn D.: Don't you understand? Nothing you say is gonna change my mind.

Philip: You two have nothing to worry about... because it's over.


[Blender shuts off]

Philip: Did you guys hear me? It's over. The pain is over. My leg -- the meds kicked in. It's a good thing.

Belle: [Sighs]

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Belle: Philip, I'm so glad.

Shawn D.: Yeah, so am I.

Philip: What did you think I meant? What's going on over here?

Belle: Nothing. We were just talking about how worried we were about you, and I'm really glad that you're feeling better. Here.

Philip: Me too. Thank you. Mmm. It's good, sweetheart. Stuff like this means a lot to me, honey. You know, you don't even have any idea. It's tough being the one in the chair, of course, but it's pretty tough being in your position, too, honey, particularly being pregnant on top of that.

Belle: Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

Philip: Mnh-mnh. You're not fine. You're amazing. You're beautiful. And you're tired, too, huh? Why don't you go upstairs and take a nice, hot bath? How's that sound?

Belle: You wouldn't mind?

Philip: Would I mind? No! Shawn's here. He can keep me company. And you're responsible for that baby, all right? I want you to take better care of yourself than you have been. I mean it.

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah. You know, I think Philip's right. You've been worrying about everyone else. You should take some time just for you.

Philip: See, now it's two against one.

Belle: Okay. I guess a bubble bath and an early night isn't exactly torture. But before I go, do you need anything else?

Philip: Mnh-mnh. I'm perfect.

Belle: Okay. Good night.

Philip: Good night, baby.

Belle: Bye, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Bye.

Philip: You know, I'm actually glad you stayed... 'cause I want to surprise Belle, and I need you to help me do it.


Sami: So, how does it feel, Kate? Now everybody hates you. And it is all your own fault.

Kate: My fault? Hmm. Eugenia, you betrayed me in the worst possible way. If you hadn't been so damn selfish, taping those phone conversations, right now you would have everything you ever wanted. You can kiss that brand-new job goodbye, because you are back on the he unemployment line. You have nothing. Nothing.

Sami: Well, I guess it is more than you deserve. You should just get out of town, 'cause you are poison.

Eugenia: [Crying] I hate you, Sami Brady. This is the second time that you have ruined my life.

Eugenia: [Sniffles] I'm gonna get back at you. Oh, I swear I will. And you, too, Kate, 'cause you made an awful lot of promises to me.

Sami: Oh, she's really good at breaking promises. It's what Kate does best.

Eugenia: [Chuckles] I'm gonna make you suffer.

[Sniffles, sobs]

[Door opens, slams]


Sami: Nobody likes a sore loser, Kate. If life is a game, you have officially lost.

Kate: Mmm. Don't be so sure. Lucas is still my son. And he knows whatever I did I did out of love.

Lucas: Wait, you expect me to forgive you for this? I told you what was gonna happen if you came between me and Sami. You didn't believe me. I said I was gonna cut you out of my life and will's life forever.

Kate: Lucas, not Will. He loves me.

Lucas: You know what, mom? He'll get over it. You looked me in the eye, and you lied to me. You swore -- you told me you were the innocent one and Sami was guilty.

Kate: Lucas, please. Listen to me. Don't shut me out.

Lucas: I am gonna shut you out. I'm gonna shut you out of my life for good. That's it.

Kate: You can't do that.

Lucas: I trusted you. I loved you. But no more. No more. You don't believe me? Watch me.

Sami: Well, dad, Lucas finally wised up. Now it's your turn. My advice -- dump the bitch.

[Door opens, slams]


Bo: That's the best I can do with my coordinates. My GPS system's fried. Can you do anything?

Man: All I can say is we'll give it our best shot. We'll search the area. Coast Guard out.

Bo: Hope! Hope!

Bart: Boss, as they say in Boston, you're wicked good.

Tony: Oh, Bart, for once you and I agree. I am both wicked and good. So pull up a chair and enjoy the fallout.


Bo: Hope.

Bo: "Bo I need you love Hope" I knew you were alive. I knew it. I will find you. I'll find you. But how? How?

Tony: [Chuckles] Nothing like a good suspension, Bart. Even Hitchcock couldn't have done it better.

Bart: There isn't gonna be any birds, is there, sir? I've been afraid of birds ever since I saw that.

Tony: Oh, Bart. No birdies. Just bo falling headlong into my trap.


Belle: I can't believe I'm not showing yet. It hardly seems real. Philip and I are gonna have a baby. Does this mean that we're gonna stay together forever... for our child?


Shawn D.: I don't understand, Phil. What kind of surprise are you talking about?

Philip: It's been a long time since Belle and I have been able together. So when she gets out of that bath, I want to be waiting for her, in bed. And I want you to help me get there.


Kate: Well... aren't you going to say something to me?

Roman: I don't think you want to hear what I got to say, Kate.

Kate: We love each other, right?

Roman: Do we? I thought you were so upset about me betraying you with Doc. And all this time you're pulling this stunt, and then you're flat-out lying to me. You're lying to son. You destroyed a relationship with the woman he'd loved his entire life, and you didn't even blink. My God, Kate. You think you know what's best for everybody.

Kate: We both know what Sami is and what she did to other men. And I was not going to let that happen to my boy.

Roman: Lucas is not a boy! Do you understand that? He is a man, a father. And it's up to him to live the kind of life he wants, to give his child the kind of life he wants. His life, his child -- not yours.

Kate: I understand that you're upset with me...because you're protective of Sami. Well, maybe you can understand that I feel the same way about Lucas.

Roman: You promised that you would try to be friendly with Sami, that you would take care of her, look after her. Now, if you couldn't keep that promise, couldn't you have at least stayed the hell away from her? No, you had to go out of your way to try to destroy her life. And you got a lot of pleasure out of it -- that's obvious. And then you go ahead and renew our wedding vows together, knowing that I would hate what the hell you did and hate you for it.

Kate: You don't hate me. I know you donít. So why don't you honor those wedding vows and just hear me out and then decide if you want to side with your daughter or side with your wife?


Sami: Lucas, I love you so much. I'm so glad we have another chance. I'm so glad we're alone now. We can talk everything out. We can work through all of it. Come on, let's go inside. I know that there is so much to say. I-I was thinking th-- Lucas? Lucas, where did you go? Lucas, I'm innocent. I showed you the proof. Don't you want to be with me? Lucas?


Lexie: [Crying] Anything.

Tek: It's okay, it's okay.


Philip: Belle! Belle, honey, where are you?



Lucas: You still have that engagement ring I gave you?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: I'm gonna have to ask you to give that back to me.


Marlena: I remember you.

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