Days Transcript Monday 8/1/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/1/05 - Canada; Tuesday 8/2/05 - U.S.A.


By Amanda 
Proofread by Niki

Brady: I thought you made up your mind about your surgery.

Chloe: I thought I had, too.

Brady: So, what's the matter? You getting cold feet?

Chloe: We're talking about my face, Brady. What if something goes wrong like it did last time? I told you Dr. Travis couldn't make any guarantees.

Brady: Chloe, we've been over this. In life, there are no guarantees. Everything has a risk.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I don't know if I'm prepared for any more failures. [Sighs] These scars that I have are bad enough. What if this new surgery makes them even worse?


Hope: Looks like a bad storm coming in. Maybe we should lay off until it passes.

Bo: After we decoded DiMera's message? No way. We're not wasting any more time. We're gonna find that scum.

Hope: Well, we're not making any headway. The winds, poor visibility.

Bo: A little rough seas are not gonna keep me from finding ma and Victor. My gut tells me they're alive. And we're gonna find DiMera. He's gonna tell me where they are. He's also gonna tell me where my daughter is.

Hope: I'm sorry, Bo. Pushing on like this -- something's telling me that it's a huge mistake.


Sami: Here, here. Take it.

[Siren wailing]

Sami: You know, I gotta hand it to you, Nicole. This is a brilliant plan.

Nicole: Of course it was.

Sami: [Exhales sharply] Putting a smoke bomb in the air duct of Eugenia's apartment. You know, it's too bad we hate each other. We could have made a hell of a team.

Nicole: I'll drink to that.

Sami: What? The fact that we hate each other, or that we could have made a hell of a team?

Nicole: Whatever. You want some?

Sami: No. And you shouldn't have any more, either, Nicole. You're turning into a lush.

Nicole: I got you what you wanted, Sami, so back off.

Sami: Uh --


Eugenia: [Coughing]

Sami: Well, guess again, loser. This is it. And now I just have to figure out how to get those tapes.

Nicole: [Sighs] Would you --

[Indistinct conversations]

Sami: Shh! There she is. Ohh. Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on those tapes.

Nicole: How are you gonna do that?

Sami: I'm thinking.

Nicole: With you, that could be dangerous. Well, you can't exactly just run up to her and grab 'em.

Sami: You're right. I can’t. But you can.

Nicole: [Scoffs]


John: [Sighs]

Kate: John.

John: Hi.

Kate: Hi. Have you seen Roman?

John: Yeah, yeah. But I asked him to leave quite a while ago when the specialist arrived.

Kate: Oh.

John: You haven't heard from him?

Kate: Uh, no.

John: Hmm. Would have thought the two of you might want to spend some time alone...under the circumstances.

Kate: Yeah. Well, my husband would rather spend his time with Marlena. So, how is she? Has she remembered anything?

John: No, but I'm hoping the doctor will help her. Lexie thinks he's the tops in the field.

Kate: What field is that?

John: Psychiatry. He's a specialist dealing with amnesia victims. Alex North. He's in there with her now.


Alex: Sorry about all the poking and prodding.

Marlena: I'm getting used to it. Sorry to keep staring at you. There's just something really familiar about you.

Alex: Really?

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Do I know you, Dr. North?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Kate: [Sighs]

John: So, things are a bit strained between you and Roman, huh?

Kate: [Sighs] Well, it doesn't really surprise you, does it? My husband slept with your wife, and the only reason we found out about it is because Marlena got pregnant. And now Roman is hovering around her like he's her husband. And all we do is argue.

John: I'm sorry.

[Exhales deeply]

Kate: Well, he says that he loves me and that I'm the one he wants to be with. But I don't think so. It isn't easy for any of us.

Kate: I know you're going through the same thing I am. And you have the added issue of Marlena's health.

John: Hopefully she'll get better soon. But the fact that she and Roman made love, that she got pregnant, that they waited all this time to tell us -- we can't change any of that.

Kate: I know. I know. And what's done is done.

John: So, how do you really feel about it?

Kate: How do I really feel? I feel hurt... and I feel angry. [Voice breaking] And I feel like I want to be with the man I love.

John: And is still Roman?


Alex: So, I look familiar, huh? You, uh, you think you know me from somewhere?

Marlena: You know I don't have any memory of anything. Are you trying to trick me?

Alex: No. I'm trying to help you.

Marlena: Oh. I appreciate that. Still, there's something...

Alex: Maybe I just have one of those "Ordinary Joe" kind of faces.

Marlena: No.

Alex: No? Well, then, it must be my charming bedside manner.

Marlena: Are you fishing for a compliment?

Alex: I might be fishing for a compliment. After all, it's been quite some time since I treated a private patient. I, uh, I may have lost my touch.

Marlena: No, you're fine. Your bedside manner and your ego are intact.

Alex: Why, thank you. I think.

Marlena: You put me at ease. And I haven't felt like that since I woke up and all those people were staring at me and talking at me.

Alex: Your family cares a great deal about you, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: I know. I should be grateful for that. To tell you the truth, I'm a little glad they're gone. And I think I would be just fine if they never came back.


Eugenia: Thanks, but what's all this?

Woman: Toiletries -- in case you're not able to move back into your building right away.

Eugenia: Oh, come on! There wasn't even a fire.

Woman: No, but there's a lot of smoke. You may need to spend the night someplace else -- a shelter or wherever.

Eugenia: [Scoffs] Oh, great. Great. [Sighs] Thanks. [Scoffs] A shelter -- I don't think so. After everything I did for Kate Roberts, she can damn well put me up in a 5-star hotel.



Sami: Nicole, did you hear that?

Nicole: Watch it. This is the good stuff. I might not be able to afford it soon unless I get Chloe away from Brady, which, in case you've forgotten already, you promised to help me do.

Sami: Shh!

Nicole: Don't "shh" me. Thanks to me, miss who see what, that’s sitting over there has the evidence that might help you.

Sami: Would you shut up?

Nicole: Eugenia.

Sami: Just focus, Nicole. Focus. Did you see that? She's keeping those tapes extra safe. That means they're important.

Nicole: Yeah? So?

Sami: "So"? I'll bet my entire future I know what's on them. Okay. Come on, Nicole. Go get 'em.

Nicole: No way.

Sami: Yes, way.

Nicole: What if I get caught?

Sami: I can't go. She knows me.

Nicole: Well, just grab 'em and haul ass out of there.

Sami: Nicole, you are getting those tapes. [Sighs] Unless you want everyone to find out that you're responsible for contaminating those instruments that infected Chloe's face.

Nicole: Nope. My threat's better than yours.

Sami: I've heard it before. You're gonna tell Lucas that I was stealing.

Nicole: Yeah, and after all that, whatever is on those tapes won't help you one little bit because Lucas will never speak to you again, everyone in Salem will hate you, and you'll probably go to jail forever.

Sami: I know how you can get Brady back.

Nicole: For real?

Sami: It's foolproof.

Nicole: Well, tell me.

Sami: Okay. As soon as you get me the tapes.

Nicole: Fine. I'll do it.

Sami: [Exhales deeply]

Nicole: What? For courage.


Brady: Chloe, I thought you were comfortable with Dr. Travis.

Chloe: I was. I am!

Brady: We both know he's the world's best when it comes to facial reconstruction.

Chloe: [Sighs] So, you think I should do it?

Brady: I know it may sound like I'm trying to talk you into it, but I'm not. I just want you to be comfortable with the way you look.

Chloe: I just want to look like my old self again, and I don't want to be an embarrassment to you.

Brady: An embarrassment? Chloe, do you understand that when I found out you were alive, it was the greatest moment of my life? It's like all of my prayers were answered.

Chloe: I felt that way, too... [Sighs] When I first felt your arms around me again.

Brady: Okay. Fine. So, what's changed?

Chloe: It's more like what hasn't changed and, Brady, I know that you say you want to spend the rest of your life like with me.

Brady : But -- okay. O look at me. A at me. I think I have a say in who I spend th rest of my life with.

Chloe: Well, everything she said was true, Brady. Maybe you should just let me go and pretend like you never found me.


Bo: We're not turning back, Hope. We set out to find DiMera. That's exactly what we're gonna do.

Hope: Things go wrong when you're being stubborn.

Bo: You're not talking me out of this.

Hope: I know you think we should formulate a strategy before we get to wherever we're going. Bo, please lock off the wheels, set the autopilot, and come below. We can talk about this while we're drying off. Please! I'll make s'mores!

Bo: All right. Give me a minute.

Hope: I am soaked.

Bo: Before we change, I'm going back up on deck.

Hope: We need to talk about that.

Bo: I told you -- we're not turning back.

Hope: Bo, look at me. Do you honestly believe that this is a good idea? I mean, think about it. You've figured out a course based on numbers --

Bo: Numbers contained in a message sent to Billie.

Hope: Say no more.

Bo: Hope, it's the only lead we have right now.

Hope: Which could lead us into another trap.


Brady: Chloe, after everything we've been through -- we found each other, we're back together again -- do you know what kind of a miracle that is? Nothing else should matter.

Chloe: You make it sound so simple.

Brady: Because it is so simple. Chloe, whatever you decide with your surgery, I will support you 100%.

Chloe: In other words, no big deal?

Brady: No. No, I didn't say that.

Chloe: Listen, Brady. I understand that you don't see me the same way that I see myself or the way that other people see me, but that could change.

Brady: You really don't have any faith in me, do you? No faith whatsoever, or in my love for you.

Chloe: I want to, but, Brady, the day is gonna come that you regret staying with me.

Brady: If you really feel that way -- I mean, really -- then you have grossly underestimated my love for you. And if that's the case, maybe you're right. Maybe we shouldn't be together at all.


Kate: What are you asking me?

John: I guess I'm asking you if your feelings for Roman have changed because of this.

Kate: Roman's my husband.

John: That's not an answer.

Kate: And Marlena's your wife.

John: That's not an answer.

Kate: And they were gone for a year, and we thought they were dead. [Sniffles] And then they came back, and we were supposed to be happy. But, instead, we're in this nightmare.

John: You're still not answering my question.

Kate: [Inhales sharply] I can't answer your question. Right now all we can do is focus on Marlena... and her recovery. That's what's important... right?


John: Right.

Kate: [Sighs, sniffles]

John: Even if Marlena's memory comes back, it's not gonna solve our problems. It could make things even worse.

Kate: Why do you say that?

John: Because if Marlena starts remembering, who's to say what's gonna come back to her? If could be her memories of Roman... [Sighs] And how much she once loved him.


Alex: You want to tell me why you said that -- why you don't want to see your family, your friends?

Marlena: Well, how do I know they are my family and they are my friends?

Alex: Well, they've shown you photographs.

Marlena: Photographs. Okay. So, I had pictures of us together. They're pictures. They -- they mean nothing to me.

Alex: All right. How's that make you feel? Angry? Sad?

Marlena: No. I don't feel anything about it. I -- all right. Maybe that's not true. Maybe I feel -- I don't know -- annoyed.

Alex: Why's that?

Marlena: Because they're all so relentless about it, because they all have their own opinions of what my life is supposed to be -- their own memories of it. [Sighs] I don't know. I guess I just get a little...tired of seeing them be so disappointed.

[Inhales raggedly]

[Exhales deeply]

Alex: I'll tell you what. Why don't we table that subject for now? I'll let you get some rest while I go outside and talk to your husband -- while I go out and talk to Mr. Black. Okay? I'll be back to check on you later.

Marlena: [Crying softly]

[Door opens, closes]

John: To be continued. So, what do you think, Dr. North? Can you help her?


Hope: You know every clue you and Billie have come up with has been a trap. Only this time, for once, it's not her that I can blame. You're running off blindly this time, bo.

Bo: Hope, this could be the key to finding ma, Victor, and maybe Georgia. I'm not gonna waste any more time here. And, yes, I know I sound like Billie, but there's a big difference. I'm not gonna rush off into anything without a plan.

Hope: Damn right, you're not, because I'm not gonna let you. I want you to find your parents and Georgia just as much as you do, but we can't let tony jerk us around anymore.

Bo: I understand-- that's the thing -- the crazy lunatic. This is almost like he's challenging us to come and get him.

Hope: How do we know if this clue is real or not? How do we know?

Bo: We have no choice. We follow it. And... DiMera's holding all the cards. We got no choice.

Hope: So you're saying we sail on?

Bo: Yes, Hope. Like I said, I know in my guts that ma and Victor are alive. I can't stop. I've also got to find out the truth about my daughter.


Nicole: [Exhales deeply]

[Inhales deeply]

[Exhales deeply]

Sami: Enough, Nicole. Pull yourself together. You have to get over there and get those tapes before Eugenia takes off with them.

Nicole: What if she recognizes me?

Sami: She doesn't know you.

Nicole: I was a famous model, remember? My picture was on the cover of magazines, in society pages -- everywhere.

Sami: Well, I'm sure that the only magazine Eugenia reads is the National Intruder.

Nicole: Yeah, and if I'm caught, I'll be on the cover of their magazine.

Sami: [Sighs] If you don't do this, I won't help you with Brady.

Nicole: Just --

Sami: [Sighs] Oh, my God.

Nicole: Sorry.

Sami: Go.



Nicole: Oh! Oh, sorry. Let me help you.

Eugenia: Watch where you're going! Goodness!

Nicole: Oh!

Eugenia: What did -- you idiot! What have you done?!


Sami: Oh, my God. That is what I get for getting a drunken bimbo to help me.


Eugenia: You are so stupid! Do you know what you've done?!

Sami: Get the tapes! Get the tapes!


Nicole: Uh, I am so sorry.

Eugenia: Yeah, you're sorry! It doesn't quite cut it! What am I gonna do?

Nicole: Well, what was in the bag? Was it important?

Eugenia: It was my insurance policy. Damn you!

Nicole: Oh.

Eugenia: Ew! You're drunk!

Nicole: Just a little.

Eugenia: Oh! Do I know you?

Nicole: Uh, I live on the third floor.

Eugenia: Oh. Okay, well, maybe I've seen you in the laundry room.

Nicole: Yeah, listen. Um, I gotta run. Sorry again about the tapes.

Eugenia: What -- wait a minute! How did you know they were tapes?!


Sami: Get in here. What the hell is the matter with you? Are you the clumsiest person ever?

Nicole: Don't freak out. Come on. Let's just see what she does.


[Cellphone ringing]

Kate: [Sighs] Eugenia.


Kate: Eugenia, what is it? I'm busy.

Eugenia: [Scoffs] Oh, you're busy. Yeah, well, I'm homeless.

Kate: What?

Eugenia: Yeah. I'm standing in the street right now because my apartment -- it's full of smoke.

Kate: What happened?

Eugenia: I don't know. Some sort of electrical malfunction probably. I mean, the fire department is in there, but they're not letting anyone inside.

Kate: Well, I'm sorry about that, but I don't know what I can do.

Eugenia: [Scoffs] Oh, I'm gonna tell you what you're gonna do, and you damn well better do it, okay, because everything I own is probably ruined. So I need a job, and I need it now.

Kate: [Sighs] I told you -- I told you that I'm working on it.

Eugenia: Well, work harder, okay, 'cause your time is running out.

Kate: Look, Eugenia, I told you -- I don't like being threatened.

Eugenia: Time's up, Kate, okay? So you either come through for me, or I'm going straight to Sami.

Kate: That would be very stupid.

Eugenia: I mean it, okay? You know, I'm -- I'm losing patience with you and all of your empty promises.

Kate: All right. All right. Look, I'm at the hospital right now visiting Marlena Evans. I'll make some calls. By the time you get here... [Sighs] I'll have something for you.

Eugenia: Okay. I'm gonna hold you to that. I'm on my way.



Nicole: You know what? Maybe we should follow her and be there when she meets Kate.

Sami: What for?

Nicole: Well, so we can tape-record their conversation and then play it back for Lucas.

Sami: You do have a tape recorder with you?

Nicole: No. You know, I think we should go with plan "B." You jump in the sewer and get the tapes.

Sami: [Scoffs]


Alex: It's been a long time since I've taken on a private patient.

John: So I understand. I'll make it worth your while. Just name your price.

Alex: Oh, we can discuss that later. Actually, I'm quite fascinated with the prospect of treating a fellow psychiatrist, especially one with such a reputation.

John: Yeah. About that, there's something I need to ask you.

Alex: Sure.

John: Lexie Carver said you really weren't interested in taking on this case until you learned the patient's identity.

Alex: That's true.

John: Well, I'm grateful, Dr. North, but also it makes me a little bit curious. Why was hearing Marlena's name the reason that caused you to change your mind?


Brady: Chloe, no. Look at me. Look at me in my eyes. Do you really want me to leave you? Is that what you want?

Chloe: Of course not.

Brady: Good answer. You say you love me?

Chloe: You know I do -- more than anything.

Brady: Okay. Then I need you to start believing in us. I need you to -- to commit to me and to our future together. Can you do that?

Chloe: [Sighs] Brady, I'm not the same woman you fell in love with. God, I just hate the way that people look at me.

Brady: Then have the surgery, Chloe. Have the surgery, but not for me. Have it for yourself. You really don't --

Brady: I love you for you, not for what you look like. And I wish there was a way that I could prove that to -- you know what? There is a way that I can prove that. And I can't believe that I didn't think about this before.


Hope: All right. All right. I see you're gonna keep going no matter what. Just promise me something, all right?

Bo: What?

Hope: When we get to wherever we're going, we proceed with caution, right?

Bo: Right.

Hope: We don't trust anyone or anything, right?

Bo: Right. I'm going back up on deck to make sure we're on course.

Hope: No. You're going to get some rest.

Bo: [Exhales sharply] Right. You want me to take a nap right now?

Hope: Yeah. Stop being sarcastic. This is not the time. You're exhausted. You've hardly gotten any rest at all. We have a full day of sailing, maybe even longer because of the storm.

Bo: All the more reason for me to get back up on deck.

Hope: Can you stop being so damn stubborn, okay? When we get to wherever we're going, you're gonna need all the strength you have and wits, all right? I'll be right back. I'm just gonna go up and check the autopilot.

Bo: Hold on. What if the weather gets worse?

Hope: I'll batten down the hatches and come down and ride it out.

Bo: [Exhales deeply]

Hope: What, you don't believe in me? I'm a good sailor. Look who trained me.

Bo: Yeah, all right. Listen. For you, I'll get a little rest. What are you doing?

Hope: I'm holding onto you so I don't fall. I want you to take a couple of these. First take off those wet clothes, all right?

Bo: Listen... how long till these pills take effect?

Hope: A half hour.

Bo: That should be plenty of time.

Hope: For what?

Bo: This.


Hope: Easy there.


Alex: I became attracted to this case because of Dr. Evans' reputation. I've read her articles in various medical journals over the years. She's a very accomplished member of my profession.

John: That's quite a compliment coming from you. Dr. North, um, I'd like to ask you a favor.

Alex: Sure.

John: I'd appreciate it if you kept your work with her under wraps.

Alex: Well, a doctor/patient relationship is confidential. You must know that.

John: I'm not just talking about the details. I'm talking about the mere fact she's even having treatment. The fewer people that know about her amnesia, the better.

Alex: Why is that so important?

John: Let's just say that there are certain people who might try to take advantage of the situation if they knew my wife was in a vulnerable condition. You know, try to play games with her mind if they knew that she was open to suggestion.

Alex: Are you talking about mind control?

John: Yeah, something like that.

Alex: You said "certain people."

John: Have you ever heard of Tony DiMera?

Alex: The name sounds vaguely familiar.

John: What, you don't watch television or read the newspapers?

Alex: I'm afraid I spend most of my time doing research and reading case histories.

John: Well, DiMera's case history would keep a psychiatrist like you busy for the rest of your life.

Alex: Are you saying this man DiMera could be a threat to Marlena?

John: I wouldn't put anything past him. In fact, even the most unlikely person could pose a threat to my wife.


Kate: So, this is the name and the address of the person you need to see. They're going to be expecting you.

Eugenia: This isn't some dead-end job?

Kate: No. Absolutely not. This is a good, solid company. You're going to have a starting salary in the high five figures. There will be full medical. There will be insurance and a little retirement plan for you and a very generous expense account just like you requested.

Eugenia: Okay. Sounds good.

Kate: [Sighs] Look, I'm sure you'll be very pleased.

Eugenia: If I'm not, you'll hear from me.

Kate: Eugenia, look, you make this work. This is a good job, and this is the best I could do.

Eugenia: Okay. But in the meantime, I'm gonna need some money for some new clothes and a place to live. My apartment's gonna reek of smoke for weeks.

Kate: [Sighs] Actually, I was expecting that. This should do it.

Eugenia: What?

Kate: Before you go, I'm gonna ask you a question, and if you give me the wrong answer, the deal is off.


Sami: Okay, Nicole, you're right. We need those tapes. But you are the one going down there.

Nicole: Ha ha! Like hell I am.

Sami: Come on, Nicole. I need them.

Nicole: You see these shoes? These are Jimmy Choos. Do you have any idea how expensive they are?

Sami: It is your fault that those tapes wound up in the sewer. And I need them to prove that Kate and Eugenia set me and Brandon up the night before my wedding.

Nicole: Well, life is tough.

Sami: [Sighs] Come on. Think about it. Damn it. Listen to me. That bitch and Eugenia drugged me and your brother and got us in bed together so that Lucas would walk in and see us. Come on. If I don't have proof, then I'll never get Lucas back, and then we'll never be a family with Will.

Nicole: Sami! Sami! Stop whining!

Sami: I can't help it. I need those tapes. My whole life is at stake.

Nicole: [Sighs] Fine. Maybe I will.

Sami: Nicole, thank you. Okay. Come on.

Nicole: On one condition.

Sami: What?

Nicole: You said you know how to get Brady away from Chloe. Tell me. Well?

Sami: I don't know.

Nicole: What?!

Sami: Yet. I don't know yet. I'll think of something.

Nicole: Sami, you said!

Sami: Well, I lied, okay?

Nicole: No, it's not okay! I can't believe I fell for this. I am so out of here.

Sami: No! No! Nicole, wait. You can't go anywhere. Please. I swear to you, I will help you come up with a way to break up Brady and Chloe. I swear I will.

Nicole: There's no way I'm going in that sewer.

Sami: Oh, but -- fine. Fine. I'll do it. You probably would have screwed it up, anyway. Will you at least help me remove the manhole cover first, please?

Nicole: Yes, I will help you. But so help me, if I break one nail, you are so paying for my manicure. Let's go.

Sami: All right. Just pull.

Nicole: Ready?

Sami: Together: 1...2...3.

Nicole: Ow! Ow!

Sami: We almost had it!

Nicole: Uhh!

Sami: Damn it, Nicole. Just try it again.


Brady: Hey, Belle, it's your brother. [Chuckling] Hey. How you doing? Hey, look, I need your help. I need some phone numbers. Of people who can, uh, throw the biggest, most beautiful, elegant wedding in the whole wide world. Yes, for Chloe and me.

Chloe: Brady, no. We can’t.

Brady: Right. Thanks. Oh, yeah, one more thing. Chloe obviously is gonna need a wedding dress, so is there any chance for a Belle Black original? Really? Awesome. Thank you, Belle, so much. I appreciate it. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Chloe: Brady, what are you doing? What kind of a bride am I gonna be looking like this with my face all bandaged?

Brady: When are you gonna get it -- that you are the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world? But, look, if you're that self-conscious, we'll only invite our closest friends and family, okay? People who will genuinely be happy for us. Chloe, I just -- I don't want to put our lives on hold any longer.

Chloe: Brady, when I used to dream of our wedding, I never imagined my face looking like this. I was just hoping we could wait till after the surgery.

Brady: We have waited long enough. You want to marry me or not?

Chloe: More than anything in the world, but -- Brady: Oh, no, no. No more buts. You are gonna be my wife, Chloe lane -- soon to be Chloe Black -- and as soon as possible, 'cause I want to start our life together.

Brady: [Chuckl ng] Come here.


Eugenia: Okay. So, what's this deal breaker you mentioned?

Kate: I want your assurance -- your complete assurance -- that there's nothing -- not one damn thing -- that can connect me to Sami's sabotaged wedding.

Eugenia: You're safe. I mean, except for me, there's nothing or nobody, and I sure ain't talking.

Kate: Well, good. Then Sami can howl at the moon, for all I care. For as long as there is no evidence that connects to me, then I'm home free.


[Water running]

Nicole: Hey, there, Sami! How's it going?! What's a-happening?!

Sami: I can't see, Nicole. I can barely breathe. This is so disgusting.

Nicole: It's a sewer. What do you expect?

Sami: I expected you to be down here -- not me!

Nicole: [Sighs] Well, if I recall, you're the one who needs the tapes. I'm sure it's there somewhere. Just slosh around.

Sami: Well, that'll make two of us that are sloshed. Uhh! Uhhh! I'm not having any luck.

Nicole: It was in a plastic bag. You'd think it would float.

Sami: Well, it's not floating! I can't see it! I don't think I can take much more of this!

Nicole: Sami, don't give up, now that you've come this far. Come on.

Sami: [Screams]

Nicole: Sami, are you okay?!

Sami: I fell!

Nicole: Did you hurt yourself?

Sami: Like you care!

Nicole: She's fine.

Sami: I swear to God, Kate. After I find these tapes, you are so gonna pay.

[Breathing heavily]


[Boat creaking]

[Thunder crashes]

Hope: Uhh.[Sighs] What the -- oh, my God. Oh, no. This isn't the heading Bo programmed. We're heading straight for the storm. Oh! Uhh!


[Water splashes]


Alex: You can rest assured I'll be discrete.

John: Thank you.

Alex: And I'll also keep an eye open for anyone who might seem inordinately interested in Marlena's condition.

John: I'd appreciate that. See, when it comes to the DiMera, the people of Salem have learned to be very careful. [Sighs] I want you to help her recover, doctor. You bring her back. She means everything to me.

Alex: I can see that.

John: She has been my life.

Alex: You are a very lucky man, Mr.. Black. [Thinking] I should know.


Roman: Will you trust me, Kate?


Marlena: You look familiar.


Jack: I'd appreciate it if you'd just keep it between us and don't tell Jennifer about it.

Jennifer: Don't tell Jennifer what?


Sami: Lucas...I'm about to give you a birthday that you are never gonna forget.

(Sami kisses Lucas with Kate watching in the background and others say; Whoa! Wonderful!)

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