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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/28/05 - Canada; Friday 7/29/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
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Brady: Good morning, beautiful.


Chloe: Oh, good. I was just having the most amazing dream. And I wake up -- it's not a dream. You're really here in bed with me.


Brady: Chloe, you know you have your meeting today with Dr. Travis to follow up about your surgery.

Chloe: I know.

Brady: Chloe, before you know it, you're gonna be as perfect to yourself as you are to me. Hey, hey, look at me. For the rest of your life, I promise.


Nicole: I can't put a hit out on Chloe. Brady will suspect me immediately. All the deaths I've had my hand in, I'm lucky I'm not in prison for life as it is. I have got to get Brady away from Chloe. How could he stand kissing her with her...face?

Nicole: [Sighs] Oh, you know what? Nicole, don't think about it. Just the thought of him making love to her makes me want to hurl. No, this is gonna take some work...some creativity. Help me, Cosmo. Get my brain mojo working.

Sami: How old is Henderson, anyway? I mean, it took him forever to answer the door.

Nicole: Henderson. Henderson! Get Samantha out of here!

Sami: She's just kidding, Henderson. [Scoffs] Doesn't matter anyway. It would take him half an hour to walk here from his quarters.

Nicole: You know what, Sami? I was having a lovely morning until you showed up and wrecked it.

Sami: Yeah, well, I want to get Lucas back, Nicole. And to do that I have to hang Kate from the nearest tree, so are you up for it?


Roman: Yeah, Lexie, how's Marlena doing? Does she remember anything? Well, damn it. How in the hell can that happen? All right, I'll tell you what -- I'll be down there soon. Is John there? Stayed all night? All right. Uh, okay, Lexie, I'll see you soon. Thank you.

Kate: Well, this is kind of like being married to a junkie. Some people are addicted to alcohol, others to drugs, but, no, you -- you are addicted to Doc. You can't get enough of your ex-wife, now, can you?

Roman: Kate, I'm not gonna fight with you again.

Kate: How civilized of you. You don't sleep in my bed. You're ready to leave me the next morning, but, still, everything's all right. No reason to fight.

Roman: Doc is in the hospital. Could you have a little compassion, for God's sake?

Kate: I'd like to have a husband who put me first.

Roman: If you had amnesia, you don't think I'd be doing the same damn thing for you?

Kate: I'm your wife, not Marlena. She's married to John. He's there for her. She doesn't need you. But, boy, oh, boy, do you need her.

[Keys jingle]

Roman: You know what? You keep making a big issue of this, our marriage isn't gonna last very long.


Mimi: [Sighs]

Shawn D.: Here.

Mimi: [Chuckles] Thanks.

Shawn D.: You're welcome.

Mimi: [Chuckles]

Shawn D.: You know, if it makes you feel any better, I couldn't get any sleep last night myself. I am living my worst possible nightmare, with Belle pregnant with Philip's baby.

Mimi: Everything is Belle's fault. In one day, she ruined both our lives.

Shawn D.: I don't think Belle was trying to get pregnant with Philip's baby, just like I don't think she was trying for Rex to overhear that you had an abortion --

Mimi: Please don't defend her to me. You always think Belle is little miss perfect. Well, a perfect person wouldn't talk about something so fricking private where other people could hear. But she never thinks about anything but herself and how she can just have it all -- rich Philip for a husband and sexy Shawn forever in love with her, just in case she gets bored.

Shawn D.: That is not Belle at all, though, what you are describing --

Mimi: Men in love don't see clearly. I'm a woman. I know. You know, actually, I wouldn't be surprised at all if little miss Belle got herself pregnant just so she could have a legit excuse to stay married to Philip, even if he is missing a leg. You need to face it, Shawn. Now that she's going to have a little Kiriakis prince or princess, she doesn't give a damn if she breaks your --

Shawn D.: Stop it, Mimi. Please, stop it. This baby is not gonna keep Belle and me from getting back together.

Mimi: I'm sorry, hon, but this one's a lock.


Philip: Just a little something extra for you. There you go, bud.

David: Thanks, Mr. Kiriakis. My name is David. I'm happy to deliver here anytime. Enjoy your breakfast.

Philip: We will. Thanks, man. Good morning, sweetheart.

Belle: Good morning. What's going on here?

Philip: That? That was just David from Chez Rouge.

Belle: They aren't open for breakfast, are they?

Philip: They were open when I called. So since they were, I took the liberty of ordering all your favorites, including almond croissants, strawberries with crème fraiche, and this amazing-looking chocolate thing that they recommended that they're famous for.

Belle: I can't believe you did all this.

Philip: Well, you better get used to it. [Chuckles] You'd better get used to it, Mrs. K., Because I plan on spoiling you rotten the entire time you're pregnant. I was thinking about it, and this is technically our honeymoon, 'cause we never really went on one. And it's amazing to me that it wasn't too long ago I thought my life was over. And now I don't remember being this happy. You, me, and our baby -- we're a family now. Isn't that amazing?

Philip: [French accent] Would you like a strawberry?

Belle: I'm sorry, Philip. I can't do this.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Shawn D.: I'm sure Belle is sick over what's happened between you and Rex.

Mimi: Sick? Please. She's scarfing down eggs benedict as we speak.

Shawn D.: She doesn't like eggs benedict.

Mimi: Whatever. I saw the caterer's truck from Chez Rouge pull up a little while ago. Philip's pulling out all the stops for his pregnant bride. Wonder what they'll be doing after breakfast...

Shawn D.: Damn it. Either you are gonna drive me crazy, or Philip is.

Mimi: Belle's the one who's cheating on you.

Shawn D.: I'm going over there. I'm putting a stop to this.

Mimi: No, Shawn, that's what Philip's counting on -- that you'll be stupid enough to go over and make a big scene. He's gonna be like, "see, Belle? The guy is a loser."

Shawn D.: I am not a loser.

Mimi: Okay, then stay put.


Belle: [Clears throat] I'm really sorry.

Philip: Hey.

Belle: I'm sorry you went to all this trouble and I can't appreciate it. I just think it's gonna be a little while before the sight of food really thrills me.

Philip: Oh, poor baby. I mean you. Not...that baby.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Philip: I'll tell you what. If I could be sick instead of you, I would. Come on, sit down.

Belle: [Sighs]

Philip: You all right? You comfortable?

Belle: Yes.

Philip: Good. I want you sitting right here next to me. Well...not to bring up such a downer, but I know you're thinking about it anyways. Last night, Rex left Mimi, and Mimi blew up.

Belle: I feel so bad about that.

Philip: I know, but you shouldn’t. You shouldn't feel bad. You know that, right? Mimi should have told Rex that she was pregnant.

Belle: I know, but for some reason she was afraid that he'd leave her. And he left her anyway, and I just -- it's horrible.

Philip: Something she said to you really stuck in my mind.

Belle: She said a lot of things. She wasn't very happy with me. That's for sure.

Philip: She looked at you like she hated you. And then she said, "payback's a bitch." I thought that was the weirdest thing to say. I mean, do you have any idea what she meant by that?


Kate: Well, you don't really pull any punches, do you? You sleep with another woman, you get her pregnant, and then when I get upset, you want out of the marriage. You think it's time to get out of the marriage. What is really going on with you, Roman? I mean, do you want out? Because I think the relationship is a little crowded right now. Never mind the fact that you and Marlena took your sweet time before even telling us about your little tryst.

Roman: All right, Kate. Listen to me. I made a huge mistake not telling you the minute we had some time to ourselves. I regret that, Kate. Believe me, I really do. But please have some compassion here and understand this -- Marlena and I were under extreme duress, all right? Wasn't something we planned, Kate. We needed somebody. We needed comfort. There was nobody there. There was nothing. So we turned to each other. Yes. And to be completely honest with you --

Kate: Oh, what, there's more?

Roman: Yeah, there's more. Absolutely, there's more. There's a history there, with Doc and I. So, yeah, that's why it happened.

Kate: No kidding. Is that supposed to make me feel better? Because now every time I see the two of you together --

Roman: Don't be ridiculous.

Kate: Just drop the "white knight" thing, okay? Just drop it. And tell me the truth, 'cause, believe me, I can handle it. Are you still in love with Marlena?


Sami: Nicole, I need you to focus, okay? I need to get evidence that Kate and Eugenia set me up, and you have to help me do it.

Nicole: Why? Why do you want to get back together with Lucas? I was married to him once. And I don't see what the big attraction is. All right. If you really need to get the goods on Kate, just break into her apartment. Break into Eugenia's apartment. You don't need me to tell you that.

Sami: Give me that.

Nicole: [Whimpers]

[Cat meows]

Sami: Focus, okay? I already broke into Eugenia's...pit, and I couldn't find anything. But I did overhear her on the phone talking about how she had proof. So I have to find it.

Nicole: You know I will not help you get back at Kate and Eugenia unless you help me get Brady back, which means getting rid of Chloe.

Sami: Nicole, how the hell am I supposed to do that?


Chloe: I never want to leave this place. Being here with you, I feel like the girl that you fell in love with.

Brady: You are, in every way. [Chuckles] Get over here. I never want to get out of this bed.

Chloe: Then let's not.

Brady: You have your appointment today with Dr. Travis. And I have to go into work, believe it or not. I do have a job, you know. I'd love to stay in this bed all day and make love to you, but we can't, even though it is my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.


Chloe: Mine too.

Brady: I love you... truly, madly, deeply, and forever. Chloe, I can't wait to put my mom's ring on your finger and exchange vows with you. Trust in our love, okay?

Chloe: I'm trying.

Brady: All right, I'm gonna go get the shower ready. I'm gonna get that shower nice and hot and steamy. You can come and join me, and we'll soap each other up and drive each other crazy.

Chloe: [Chuckles] If my scars can't be healed, I can't marry you, Brady. No matter how much you love me, I can't marry you looking like this.


Nicole: I won't help you unless you help me. Just a reminder.

Sami: Nicole... come on. What can I do for you that you can't do for yourself?

Nicole: I need Brady back.

Brady: Oh, Nicole... like that's ever going to happen. How you doing? Good to see you again. Starting early, I see. Drinking in the morning. Talking to yourself. You're a real role model, you know that?

Nicole: I'm lonely, Brady. I miss you.

Brady: The feeling is not mutual. You knew Chloe was alive and didn't tell me. To me, that is unforgivable.

Nicole: How can you stand being with her once you've had me? All her scars -- she's hideous to look at.

Brady: In my eyes, Chloe is the most beautiful woman in the world. She always will be.

Nicole: Being noble won't get you what you want in bed.

Brady: What Chloe and I do is none of your business, Nicole, but we're together morning, noon, and night every minute of every day. You have a great imagination. Why don't you figure it out from there?

Nicole: [Chuckles] I guess the only way to get you to pay attention to me again is to cut up my face and make you feel sorry for me.

Brady: Damn it, Nicole. I want you out of this house and out of Salem. I'm not gonna ask you again.

Nicole: I live here. This is my house.

Brady: Oh, really? See, when Bo and Hope find out what Tony DiMera did with my grandfather and Caroline, good old granddad is coming home. And this will be his house again, and you will be on the street, where you belong.


Roman: Katie, I love you.

Kate: [Scoffs] No, don't call me that. Not now.

Roman: You know what? I didn't intend to leave you on our honeymoon night. What was done to me was done to me against my will.

Kate: I know that. But when you made love to Marlena, that was of your own free will, Roman.

Roman: Kate [Sighs] Do you know why I didn't tell you the truth when I first got home? It wasn't just because I was afraid of hurting you. I was afraid [Chuckles] My God, Kate. You were engaged. My head was spinning. I didn't know what the hell to think. And I wasn't sure that you still wanted to be my wife. And to be honest with you, I'm still not sure. And Doc -- I'm sure she's a little insecure about your relationship with John, too. Did it ever occur to you that she's worried that maybe John loves you more than her? And maybe that's why she didn't tell him about the baby right away?


Philip: I just think that's a weird thing for Mimi to say -- "payback's a bitch." Why would she say that?

Belle: Can I talk to you for just a minute, please?

Mimi: Absolutely.

Belle: Okay. What are you doing?

Mimi: I'm looking at a hypocrite. "You should have told Rex about the baby from the very beginning."

Belle: This baby is Philip's, not Shawn's.

Mimi: Whoa. Where'd that come from? I wasn't questioning whose baby it was, but, hey, that's a juicy thought.

Belle: It's Philip's.

Mimi: So, then, I wonder how Philip would feel if he found out that you were planning to annul your marriage so you could be with Shawn. And then how would he feel if he knew you were taking his baby with you? Oh, that is some dilemma, princess. Looks like you're in quite a bind.

Belle: Don't you dare say a thing.

Mimi: And why the hell not? Hey, Philip --

Shawn D.: Whoa, what are you doing, Mimi?

Mimi: I'm about to teach my dear best friend, Belle, that payback's a bitch.


Belle: I just think that Mimi's upset about Rex and she's not really thinking rationally about anything right now.

Philip: It's gotta be rough. I mean, having Rex dump her when he's the man she loves, especially after everything Mimi's been through. I'm guessing she's kind of jealous of you, too.

Belle: Of me? Why?

Philip: Honey, Mimi can't get pregnant. You're having a baby. Mimi just lost the man she loves. You're sitting here having breakfast with me. Can't blame her for lashing out. I just don't want her upsetting you -- not good for the baby, either. Honey, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have even brought -- I shouldn't have even brought that up. It's just -- let's just forget about it, all right?

Belle: I'm just...really afraid of losing Mimi as a friend.

Philip: Okay, well, you give her a little time, she's gonna realize you're the best friend she could ever have.


Mimi: Shawn, don't go over there and make a fool out of yourself. They'll laugh in your face.

Shawn D.: Belle loves me.

Mimi: Believe what you want, but she's having another guy's baby -- her husband's. I hardly think you can compete with that.

Shawn D.: What am I supposed to do? It's a little hard living right across the hall, knowing that Philip is over there seducing the woman that I love. It's all because he's a wounded war hero.

Mimi: Shawn, wake up. You have lost Belle. It's over.


Chloe: I just keep going back and forth in my mind about whether I should do the surgery or not. Do you really think that you can help me, Dr. Travis?

Dr. Travis: As I told you before, Chloe, you appear to be an excellent candidate. I'm gonna run some more tests -- the usual rigamarole us medical types put our patients through. After that, I should have a much better idea of just how serious this skin condition of yours is. Please.

Chloe: Well, I was told before that there wasn't much hope of any recovery.

Dr. Travis: Well... there are doctors, and then there are doctors, young lady. You're very lucky your young man found me. If your scars can be removed -- now, I'm talking erased, like a blackboard -- I'm the doc who can do it. Have a seat, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm just extra nervous right now. I mean, before, I had almost accepted my fate that I was gonna be scarred forever and never see Brady again. But now he wants to marry me.

Dr. Travis: Aren't young women in love supposed to be happy about being proposed to?

Chloe: Yeah. I've always dreamed of marrying Brady, but not looking like I escaped some kind of a slasher movie.

Dr. Travis: [Chuckles]

Chloe: Dr. Travis, I know that you're gonna do your best, but I've had so many surgeries, and each time I end up looking worse than before. And I know that you can't promise me anything.

Dr. Travis: No, I can’t.

Chloe: Yeah, but at least I know that if I don't do it, I'm gonna look like this forever. So at least you're offering me some hope. Dr. Travis, I just feel like my whole future and Brady's is literally in your hands. I just pray that you can help us.


Nicole: What are you talking about, Brady? Are you threatening me?

Brady: Oh, Nicole, it's not a threat. The Titan Board voted to have you removed from your duties, effective immediately. So you're out of the job. And when my grandfather gets home, you're out of the house. But I know you're gonna be okay, because there are plenty of men out there that don't know what a liar and a tramp you are.

Nicole: Do you hate me that much?

Brady: More. Nicole, what you did is beyond unforgivable. I mean, I don't know how I could have loved you. I grew up with Sami Brady as a stepsister. You'd think that I'd know an evil bitch if I saw one. Another thing -- I heard about that nurse that was in Chloe's last surgery -- you know, the imposter, the one who brought unsterilized instruments into the operating room. Just how far would you go to keep Chloe away from me?

Nicole: What are you accusing me of?

Brady: It was you, wasn't it? You wanted Chloe to have those scars forever because you knew, as long as she had them, she would want to stay away from me.

Nicole: Oops, did I forget to sterilize you? Oh, well. Accidents happen.

Brady: Oh, Nicole, by the way...I hired a private investigator to find that nurse, just so I can be sure. And if it turns out to be you, you're gonna wish you were never born.


Mimi: I can't believe you can't see how this is going to turn out. Belle wants to make you pay for hurting her, Shawn. That's what this is all really about. That's why she married Philip in the first place. That's why she won't leave him now.

Shawn D.: She will leave him when the time is right. She just doesn't want to hurt him, the same way she doesn't want to hurt you, and Belle and I will be together...when the time is right.

Mimi: Yeah, maybe when Philip dies of old age?

Shawn D.: No, we had this talk, and we both agreed that as soon as Philip is okay and he is fully recovered, you know, his rehabilitation is done and he's able to walk, she will tell him that she's really in love with me.

Mimi: Oh, God, I'd pay a million bucks to see that, Shawn. Oh, I don't have a million bucks. Doesn't matter. It'll never happen.

Shawn D.: Damn it. They will separate, and we are going to be together.

Mimi: And when did you two have this lovey-dovey little chat? Was it, by any chance, before she found out she was pregnant with the next Kiriakis heir?

Shawn D.: It's not gonna happen now. But sooner or later, she'll tell him that she is in love with me, and they will get an annulment.

Mimi: An annulment...when she's carrying little Philip Jr. Or little Miss Belle? I don't think so, Shawn. Take it from someone who knows -- a baby changes everything.


Belle: I just can't imagine not being friends with Mimi anymore. You know, she's always been my closest friend. I mean "girlfriend" -- you know what I mean.

Philip: I know exactly what you mean. I'm gonna do my very best to distract you from thinking about things that make you sad. So think about this. We are having a baby. We have to be the two luckiest people in the world.

Belle: I think every expectant couple probably feels that way.

Philip: But they don't get to have our baby. We're going to have the best baby of all time, ever.

Belle: [Laughs]

Philip: And I have something else for you. You want to guess what it is?

Belle: Oh, come on, you know I'm not good at guessing. What is it?

Philip: That's true. I won't torture you. Um, come on over here. It's on the couch.

Belle: Okay. Me like surprises.

Philip: Okey Dokey.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: This is officially the first of many, many, many, many, many presents that I'm going to give you while you're pregnant. In fact, I have a plan where I'm gonna give you a present every day, up until we get the very best present, which is going to be our beautiful baby... boy.

Belle: Or girl, maybe.

Philip: We'll see about that.

Belle: Oh, it's a baby book. It's so sweet.

Philip: Check out what I wrote on the inside.

Belle: "Our new baby -- a Belle and Philip Kiriakis production."

Philip: And there's already a picture in there of the very, very happy parents.

Belle: [Voice breaking] "Baby's birthday -- happiest day of our lives."

Philip: Honey, I know what's going on here. I know what's wrong.


Roman: You know, it's funny, Kate -- you accusing me of still having feelings for Doc. What about you and John? I mean, my God, he stuck a ring on your finger the size of Wyoming. You were engaged. And you're blaming me?

Kate: How dare you? How dare you accuse me? John and I were working our way through a grief that was paralyzing our lives, Roman.

Roman: Did you get that out of a bereavement book? "Lose a loved one, heal up fast, shack up with the husband of one of your best friends"?

Kate: How many times do I have to tell you? We were not cheating on you. We thought you were dead. And when we found out that you were alive --

Roman: Yeah, tell me about that, Kate. Tell me just how disappointed you were.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Roman: No, seriously, Kate. You were about to be married to one of the richest men in the country, living that penthouse lifestyle you love so much. No wonder you sold my house so damn quick. And now you're back to being a cop's wife. Bummer, huh?

Kate: No. No, no, no, no. You're not gonna turn this around on me. Because the question is not about my feelings for John. The question is, and always has been, can you ever get over your love for Marlena?


Dr. Travis: Mind? I'd go for a classic dress if I were you. My, uh, daughter wore her mother's. I suppose young women don't do that anymore.

Chloe: Dr. Travis, do you think there's any way that I'll ever look like one of these brides in the magazine?

Dr. Travis: Well, I won't pretend it will be a slam dunk. After going over the results of the tests I just ran, the cultures we took of the lesions on your skin, the best I can offer is, it's complicated. But there's a shot, or I wouldn't be sitting here. So, Chloe... if you're up for it, so am I. I'll give it everything I've got. And that’s saying something when you've operated as many times as I have.

Dr. Travis: [Chuckles] Yeah, they tell me you're a singer. What -- rock 'n' roll, jazz?

Chloe: [Chuckles] Opera, actually.

Dr. Travis: Opera? Should have guessed. My daughter was a dancer -- ballet. So, what's it gonna be, Chloe? You need more time? Or do we go ahead and schedule the procedure?


Nicole: Brady, I don't know the first thing about nurses -- what they do, what they wear. I mean, you can't seriously think I could have pulled off posing as a nurse in the O.R. without getting caught. I mean, how would I have known what to do to make sure Chloe got that infection?

Brady: Nicole, please. You would do anything to get what you want. But if I find out you're responsible for this, you're gonna pay for it.

[Door closes]

Sami: Nicole, what do you see in that jerk, anyway?

Nicole: Did you hear what he said, Sami? Now do you understand why I have to make sure Brady never finds out that I was the nurse who screwed up Chloe's surgery?

Sami: Yeah. Because if Brady does find out, I wouldn't want to be you.

Nicole: Hey, hey. You are not off the hook yet. You are the one who gave me the idea of infecting Chloe's face.

Sami: No, I didn’t. Stan did.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you're right. You were running around Salem, disguised as a drug pusher. You gave me the I.D. You covered for me at the hospital. You're up to your neck in it, too.

Sami: Nobody knows that I was Stan. And nobody would believe it if you told them.

Nicole: Mmm. Well, you know, Kate would believe it. And if she believed it, Lucas would. And your whole family would never speak to you again if it came out. Since I know, you have to do what I want.

Sami: No, Nicole. You have to do what I want.

Nicole: [Slurping]

Sami: Gah, crap. All right, we have the goods on each other. God, why do I always end up having to plot and scheme with people that I hate with a passion?

Nicole: I thought you'd see it my way.

Sami: All right, all right, but we do my agenda first. First we find proof that Kate and Eugenia set me up to ruin my wedding to Lucas.

Sami: Oh, come on, Nicole. Stop it. I need you to think, not drink.

Nicole: Hey, hey, shh. I do some of my best thinking this way. Mmm. And I just came up with a hell of an idea.


Sami: Nicole, if I could drink like a sailor the way that you do, I would guzzle the stuff. That was a brilliant plan.

Nicole: Thank you.

Sami: I mean it. That's perfect. It's creative, it gets the job done, Kate's gonna get what she deserves, and I'll get what I deserve. I'll get Lucas back, and we can be a family with Will. It'll be perfect.

Nicole: Blaaahh, shh. Stop before I barf. Okay. Equal time. A plan to get Brady back. Let's have it.

Sami: Nicole, there is no plan that will get you Brady back. He hates your guts. Brady is in love with Chloe. He's going to love her till the day he dies. And god forbid Victor comes back...alive. My God, you have to get out of town. I'm telling you, go now. Go out of town while you --

Nicole: No, no, no. No, I am going to get Brady back, Sami, and you're gonna help me, okay? Get with the plan, Stan.

Sami: All right, all right. Okay, fine. But first we get proof that Kate and Eugenia set me up, okay? Come on.

Nicole: All right.


Sami: Nicole, watch it. We have to get you dressed here. Stop! Careful.

Nicole: Ow.


Brady: You didn't say a word on the way home. So when are you gonna tell me what happened with Dr. Travis?

Chloe: Well, the test results weren't what he had hoped for.

Brady: I was afraid of that.

Chloe: But he's still willing to do the surgery. In fact, I think he really wants to do it. I think I remind him of his daughter or something.

Brady: What did he say?

Chloe: Well, he said that there's no guarantees, that there are risks involved.

Brady: Sure, Chloe, I mean, it's surgery. There are always risks. So what did you decide to do?

Chloe: I said I'd think it over. Look, Brady, I promise I will make up my mind about the surgery soon. But...I have made a decision about something else.

Brady: Yeah, what's that?

Chloe: Okay, here goes. I have a question to ask you. Brady Black, no matter what happens with or without the surgery... will you marry me?


Roman: Kate... are you ever going to forgive me?

Kate: Getting another woman pregnant? That's kind of hard to forget.

Roman: I didn't say anything about forgetting. I said "forgive."

Kate: I don't know. I need time.

Roman: Kate, time's not the healer. Love is the only thing that can do that. And I love you -- my god. Kate, I love you very much. But somehow I get the feeling that you're never gonna believe me, no matter how hard I fight for us to stay together.

Kate: Marlena lost her baby. But all of us may lose something very precious. Our marriages -- John and Marlena's, and yours and mine.


Mimi: It's all about being perfect with Belle. And a perfect wife doesn't leave her husband when she's pregnant with his child. I'm sorry, Shawn. I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth.

Shawn D.: Belle and I are gonna be together.

Mimi: [Sighs]


Philip: I know exactly what has you down, sweetheart. Here. Here we are, about to have this beautiful, healthy baby, when your mom just lost hers.

Belle: Yeah, you're right.

Philip: Look at the bright side. It's gonna take a few months, but eventually your mom and your dad will be able to spoil little Baby K. To their hearts' content. They'll be the lucky grandparents, just like my mom and Roman. Look at me. Everything's gonna work out for us, sweetheart. Our future's going to be perfect -- you and me and our beautiful little baby.


Mimi: You made me suffer, Belle. I'm gonna make sure you suffer, too.


Bo: Something's wrong with the navigation system.

Hope: We've got something much bigger to deal with.


Roman: You and I have a very long history.

Marlena: But I'm married to another man. Do I love him, or do I still love you?


Belle: Philip is my life now. Philip and my baby --

Shawn D.: You don't mean that -- you can't.

Belle: You and I can't ever be together.


Mimi: Damn you, Belle. I'm gonna make you pay.

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