Days Transcript Friday 7/22/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/22/05 - Canada; Monday 7/25/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Niki

When the night has come and the land is dark and the moon is the only...

Jack: Frankie... of course. Frankie! Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. Jack, we were just taking a little trip down memory lane. You cannot believe some of the pictures I just saw from high school, and then some of our old stuff. We were just listening to some of our favorite songs.

Frankie: Hey, I hope you don't think I was out of line.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. You two were great friends. You always were. And I hope you always will be. I hope you'll always be close. Always.

Rex: Hey, here you go.

Mimi: Thanks.

Rex: [Sighs]

Mimi: How are you doing?

Rex: I just can't believe I'm gonna have a little brother or sister...if Marlena and the baby are okay.

Mimi: I'm sorry I didn't tell you before about your dad being the father. It's just that Marlena told me not to breathe a word.

Rex: It's okay. I just hope she doesn't lose the baby.

Mimi: My boyfriend and I are gonna do it right. We want to wait till we're settled to have kids.

Woman: So he agrees with your decision.

Mimi: He doesn't even know I'm pregnant. If he ever found out, our relationship would be over for good. I'm so sorry, Rex.

Rex: I know you are. But it's not just Marlena that's on your mind, is it? Something else is bothering you. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it is.

Belle: [Sniffles] This is a nightmare. Lexie said my mom could lose the baby.

Philip: Just stay positive.

Belle: I'm trying.

Shawn D.: Belle, you need to sit down and just relax. You haven't been feeling well, and worrying isn't gonna help your mother or you. Can I get you anything?

Philip: I can take care of her, all right?

Sami: Mom can't lose her baby.

Roman: Sami, now, calm down. Try not to get worked up.

Sami: Worked up? Dad, we're talking about my baby brother or sister mom's carrying.

Kate: Would you just give it a break? Can't you see your father's upset?

Sami: I'm sure you and John are hoping that she miscarries.

Roman: Sami, that's enough.

Sami: Dad, I just can't help it. I'm scared.

Roman: We're all scared. Maybe you'd feel better if you went to the chapel and said a prayer.

Sami: [Sighs] Lexie...

Lexie: I am so sorry.

Sami: No!

Lexie: We couldn't save the baby. We did all we could.

John: What about Marlena? Is she gonna be all right?

Sami: Lexie, what is it, for God's sake? Is my mother gonna die?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Frankie: Yeah... it's nice to know that Jen and I will always be friends, but she's your wife. You have a terrific family.

Jack: Don't I know it?

Frankie: I just don't want you to get the wrong idea about my intentions.

Jennifer: No, Frankie, Jack understands.

Frankie: You sure it's okay for us to stay with you?

Jack: Frankie, you're a good guy. I know that. We all know that. Unlike Patrick Lockhart, who's...

Frankie: I just don't want to overstay my welcome the way he obviously did.

Jack: No, look, that's no problem. In fact, I know that it's a small apartment, but I'm thinking, your brother's gonna be on the race-car circuit, so he'll be driving all the time. He won't even be here. I guess what I'm trying to say is you're welcome to bunk with us as long as you like.

Frankie: Thanks, Jack. You too.

Jack: It's no problem. And why don't you just grab that tape, bring it inside? And I'm gonna mix up some of my hot, hot jalapeño dip, and we'll have ourselves a little par-tay. You know, I mean, you gotta stay with the spirit -- memory lane and all that.

Bum-bum-bum, yeah

gonna have a party

gonna have a party party, oh! I'm all right. Don't worry. Party! Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, that was...

Frankie: Strange.

Jennifer: I have no idea what is going on with him.

Frankie: He's not in any kind of financial or legal trouble. And there are definitely no other women, not that you were worried about that.

Jennifer: No, of course not. But I know that something is wrong with him. I just wish I knew what.

Jack: I'm not gonna be around much longer. But Frankie is. Frankie is. The more I think about it... he's perfect.

Jennifer: God... I cannot believe that you're gone.


Frankie: I know how much you loved him.

Jennifer: I just -- I don't know how I'm gonna go on.

Frankie: You have to... for your kids' sake, Jen. And, listen, Patrick Lockhart won't be coming around anymore. I told him to leave and never come back. It's what Jack wanted.

Jennifer: Frankie, Jack never liked Patrick, but he really --

Frankie: Jen, Jack never trusted him. I think you should keep your distance.

Jennifer: Okay. Oh, God, I miss him so much, Frankie. I don't know what I'm gonna do without him.

Frankie: Don't worry. I'll take care of you until you and Jack meet again in heaven.

Jack: It's the only way.

Mimi: What makes you think that I'm still keeping secrets?

Rex: It's just that security tape that your brother and I found. I keep replaying it in my head.

Mimi: And?

Rex: And...before Jan fell, you two were fighting, and you looked really angry. Without sound, I couldn't tell what it was about. So, Mimi, what was it?

Mimi: I told you -- she wanted to break us up. She was going to tell you that it was my fault that I couldn't get pregnant.

Rex: I know that's what you said, but, Mimi, come on, that just doesn't make sense.

Mimi: What do you mean?

Rex: Well, come on. You know me. If Jan had come to me and said it was your fault that you can't conceive, you know damn well what I would have done. There's no way I would let something like that break us up. So I've gotta know, Mimi -- what was it? Was Jan holding something over your head? Maybe a secret you still don't want me to know?

Lexie: There is no easy way to say this. Marlena's condition is critical.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Lexie: There is some bleeding from the miscarriage, and she suffered head trauma from the fall.

John: But she's gonna pull through.

Lexie: We're doing everything we can, John.

Sami: Lexie, do more. You already let her lose her baby. You can't let her die.

Lexie: Uh, we're waiting for her to regain consciousness, and we'll need to further assess the extent of her injuries. I -- I'm sorry. I wish I had better news. I should go back to her.

John: I want to see her.

Lexie: Give us a few more minutes, okay?

Belle: Dad, she has to be okay. She has to be.

Sami: Dad, why did this have to happen? She was having your baby. You two could have gotten back together. We could have been a family.


Kate: [Sighs] That Sami, being tactful as usual, making things worse.

Philip: You should be with Roman right now, mom. He is your husband.

Kate: Roman -- he doesn't need my help right now -- not right now.

Philip: I know you're hurt, mom, but, really --

Kate: He's mourning the loss of his child, a child that he conceived with Marlena. So if he does need me, which I don't think he will, I'll be in the cafeteria.

Philip: Mom... sweetie... I am so sorry. Just tell me what I can do.

Belle: No, I just -- I have to stay strong for my mom and my dad.

Philip: I understand. Listen, I'm a little bit worried about my mom. Are you gonna be okay if I go check on her?

Belle: Yeah, of course. Go.

Philip: All right, I will be right back. Okay.

Belle: Dad, come on, everything's gonna be okay. Mom is strong.

John: Oh, Izzy... just having you here, baby, means the world to me. Hey, you feeling okay, honey?

Belle: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna go call Brady. I told him I would tell him what was going on.

John: May I go in now?

Roman: I'd like to see her, too, Lexie.

Lexie: She's still unconscious. But it may help if she hears a familiar voice. John, why don't you come in first?

Sami: Damn it. John shouldn't be anywhere near her right now, dad. It's his fault that she's here in the first place. The last person she's gonna want to see when she wakes up is John.

Roman: Sami, that's enough. Now, there's enough blame here to go around for everybody.

John: Can you hear me? It's John. Lexie thinks that you may be able to hear me. If that's the case, just know that we need you back. Carrie, Eric, Sami, Brady... Belle -- we all need you so much, so you... you fight like hell to come back to us, you understand?

Marlena: John?

John: Thank God. Yeah, I'm right here.

Marlena: The baby?


Jennifer: I can't get over that picture. Oh, my goodness. That's us. That's scary, isn't it?

Frankie: It is scary.

Jennifer: My goodness, let's turn the page.

Jack: All right, everybody ready for truth or dare?

Jennifer: What?

Jack: You've played before, haven't you?

Frankie: Years ago.

Jack: This is with a little modification of my own. Truth, you get asked an embarrassing question. Dare, you try some of my famous jalapeño dip.

Jennifer: Oh, which is equally as painful, because it is hot. Consider yourself warned.

Frankie: All right, got it. All right, I'm good. Hey, I'll go first.

Jack: Brave man -- truth or dare?

Frankie: Truth.

Jack: All right, Frankie, old bachelor, old buddy, old pal of mine, what is your idea of the perfect woman?

Frankie: Well, she has to be intelligent, kind, beautiful, um...she has to have a great sense of humor.

Jennifer: Oh, you don't ask for much.

Frankie: I'm not finished.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Frankie: Let's see -- she has to be a good mother, a good wife. And -- very important -- she has to be able to put up with me.

Jack: Right. So, really, you're looking for the all-around perfect woman, in other words, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Jack!

Jack: What? Am I right?

Frankie: How's that dip? Really, is it that hot? Let's see how hot it really is.

Jennifer: Jack... it's embarrassing.

Jack: Oh, I was just playing.

Frankie: Whoa!

Jennifer: What's wrong? Oh, Jack, how many jalapeños did you put in there?

Jack: Not too many -- I think it's the tabasco sauce this ti..

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Frankie: I'm good, I'm good. No, I'm gonna live. Oh! You're next, buddy. Okay, whoo! Truth or dare? No fool I -- truth.

Frankie: Okay, Where do you see yourself in, say, five years?

Jack: Oh, that's easy -- heaven.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: It -- I mean, I'm gonna be right here with you, and if being next to you isn't heaven, I don't know what is.

Jennifer: You know what? That's enough. I am exercising my prerogative as hostess. We are changing the game. And this is gonna be the game that I always win.

Marlena: [Groaning] No. Why won't anybody tell me about my baby?

John: The baby didn't make it. You miscarried when you fell down the stairs.

Marlena: I lost my baby? No! No! [Sobbing] No, no! I lost the baby. No!

Rex: I want to know, Mimi. What are you keeping from me?

Mimi: Look, there's Philip. Something's wrong.

Philip: Hey.

Mimi: What happened?

Philip: Marlena had a miscarriage.

Mimi: [Gasps] Oh, no!

Philip: Belle's been so worried about me, and now she's got this to deal with. She is a wreck.

Rex: We'll make sure she's okay.

Philip: Thank you. See you in a bit.

Philip: Oh, man. How are you doing?

Kate: Oh...I'm all right.

Philip: Mm-hmm. Are you sure about that?

Kate: [Sighs] I know Roman's hurt. I wish I could help him, but...

Philip: Mom, I'm sure he understands -- at least, he should. You've been through a lot. Finding out Marlena was pregnant with his baby couldn't have been easy. God...

Kate: Yeah, but keeping a secret -- that was the worst part. When do you think they were gonna tell John and me?

Philip: That's a fair question.

Kate: Yeah. I don't know, Philip. I just don't know. This whole situation is so difficult.

Philip: Mom...

Kate: And I know that John's hurt, too.

Philip: I'm sure he is. I'm sure Marlena and Roman are, too.

Kate: It's gonna be really hard to get our lives back. I know this sounds really terrible...but...things probably would have been worse if Marlena hadn't lost the baby.

Philip: Mom...

Sami: So, the truth finally is out. You didn't want my mom to have that baby at all, did you?

Philip: Now's not the time.

Sami: Don't protect her. I know how you felt about the baby all along, and now my dad is gonna know how evil you are.

Sami: You really are a sick bitch.

Philip: Watch your mouth, Sami.

Sami: You don't know half of the things that she has done. She poisoned my relationship with Lucas. With all her lies and schemes, he'll probably never trust me again. Now it's payback time.

Kate: Here we go with the threats again.

Sami: I'm not threatening you. I don't have to sink to your level or use someone to do my dirty work for me, because I have the truth on my side. All I have to do is open people's eyes to who you really are.

Philip: That's fantastic. Why don't you just walk away now?

Sami: No snappy comeback? 'Cause you know you're guilty and that you're finally gonna get what you deserve.

Roman: Sami, that's enough! Come here. Didn't I tell you to stay away from Kate?

Kate: Why don't you go check on Belle?

Philip: I'll do that. I will talk to you later.

Kate: Okay.

Philip: God...

Sami: Dad, I --

Roman: The two of you shouldn't be together, number one.

Kate: Oh, I agree completely. Sami, leave.

Sami: No way -- not until I get a chance to tell dad what you just said.

Roman: What the hell's she talking about?

Sami: Well, she's not gonna tell you, so maybe I should. You should know what kind of a woman you're married to, dad. She just told Philip that she's glad mom lost the baby. So you are gonna tell me that you love a woman who would talk about an innocent child like that -- your innocent child? Dad, Kate has no conscience. She's evil. You have to tell her that you want to get a divorce, that you never want to see her again.

John: Belle and I are right here with you. As sad as we are about what happened, we're just thankful that you're gonna be okay.

Belle: Dad, what's wrong with her?

John: I'm not sure. Lexie, I just told Marlena about the baby, and she broke down.

Belle: She was hysterical. I've never seen her like that.

John: She's totally shut down.

Lexie: Marlena, it's Lexie Carver. Are you in pain? Marlena, can you hear me?

John: What's going on?

Lexie: You and Belle had better wait outside.

Shawn D.: Is your mom okay?

Belle: No, she's not.

Lexie: Code blue -- we're losing her.

Belle: Oh!

Shawn D.: What is it? What? What's wrong? Belle. Belle! Belle, what happened? Hey, hey, hey!

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Jennifer: Oh!

Jack: 8, 9, 11. Obsequious -- brilliant, Frankie.

Frankie: Ah, not bad, considering I haven't played in years.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I'm very thankful for scrabble because now we don't have to play truth or dare -- or should I say truth or dip?

Jack: You're just a couple of jalapeño wimps, that's all. Let me tell you -- the real reason Jennifer likes to play scrabble is because she likes to dazzle everyone with her word tricks.

Jennifer: Well --

Jack: You do. Okay. Tell me -- have you ever heard of this little word? M-e-M. She likes to use it on the uninitiated.

Frankie: Whoa, whoa -- that's a printer's term, isn't it?

Jennifer: I told you not only journalists would know that word.

Jack: Right, okay, but that's just for a couple of points. She really racks it up when she gets -- she starts playing fast and loose with the suffixes.

Jennifer: What a minute -- this is the champion of the prefixer. Do you remember the word -- what was the word he -- re-reiterate.

Jack: That's just as much a word as "prefixer," Jennifer.

Frankie: Do you guys always have this much fun?

Jack: This much and more. Just hang around, Frankie -- you'll see. You'll see.

Jennifer: Frankie, you are so sweet -- you know that? -- To always include Jack in our scrabble games.

Frankie: It doesn't seem right without him. That was a double word. 17 p-- oh! Hey, hey, do you remember that night that we were playing, and he was giving you a hard time about making up words?

Jennifer: Yes, I do. That man loved to tease me.

Frankie: He's the love of your life. I know that.

Jennifer: Yeah, I don't know if I'll ever be able to love a man the way I loved Jack. But I do love you. I love you so much. And I know that Jack wouldn't want me to be alone.

Frankie: He's a special guy.

Jennifer: And he was right about you. You're so great with Jack Jr. -- With his soccer team and his championships -- and with Abby, screening every guy that comes through that door and making sure she's home by 10:00. I really don't know how you do it. She doesn't even seem to mind.

Frankie: I love your kids. I'm just trying to be a good stepfather. Jack's a tough act to follow. Okay, this is huge -- huge triple word. 6, 7, 8 -- 3 times.

Jennifer: 24.

Frankie: 24.

Jennifer: All right, you know what I think? I think that Jack is in heaven right now watching over all of us.

Jack: [Chuckles] Ah, uh, so we got Jennifer right here -- 122.

Jennifer: That's it -- I win.

Jack: Wait. Frankie...I also see you with 122. It's a tie.

Jennifer: Jack, you didn't add that right.

Jack: 122, 122.

Jennifer: He added it right. It's a tie.

Frankie: Ooh, sorry. I didn't mean to ruin your winning streak.

Jack: Oh, no, come on -- what about poor old me? All I got is a measly 108. But, you know, being the good sport that I am, I want to say congratulations.

Frankie: Well, thanks, Jack.

Jack: To both of you.

Frankie: It was fun.

Jack: Of course it was fun. As a matter of fact, a way to really celebrate the fun is to celebrate the two co-champions. I just got an idea. You guys stay right here. Stay tuned -- I'll be right back.

John: All right, Lexie. Just give it to me one at a time -- go with Belle.

Lexie: Well, Belle seems to be okay. She was only unconscious a few seconds. We've run more blood work, and we're waiting on the labs. As for Marlena, she went into cardiac arrest.

John: Oh, God.

Lexie: It was a close call. She's still unconscious. But her heart rate and her breathing have stabilized. Unfortunately, her injuries are more serious than we originally thought.

John: Just do your best.

Lexie: We’ll, keep trying.. I've called in two specialists, and we'll do everything we can, John.

Philip: Lexie, about Belle -- you mentioned more tests. She seemed to think she had an ulcer. This sounds a lot more serious than that.

Lexie: Philip, Belle is stable, okay? So just try not to worry. We should know more soon.

Philip: I need to talk to her.

Lexie: Of course. In the meanwhile, I'll call the lab and see if I can put a rush on Belle's test results. Excuse me.

John: Take care of my baby girl. Tell her that her mom's gonna be just fine.

Philip: I will.

Shawn D.: Hey, Phil, would you mind if I...

Philip: Yeah, yeah, come on. [Grunts] Hi, sweetie.

Belle: Hi.

Philip: Are you feeling better?

Shawn D.: You look better.

Belle: Yeah. I'm sorry I scared everyone. How's my mom?

Philip: She's doing a lot better.

Belle: Thank God.

Philip: I'm worried about you. I feel responsible.

Belle: Responsible? How?

Philip: You've been taking care of me. I know it's been very stressful.

Shawn D.: And I certainly haven't made things better.

Philip: What does that mean?

Sami: Dad, what are you waiting for? Never mind -- mom needs us. Let's just go.

Roman: Sami, don't tell me what to do.

Sami: Don't tell me that you're going to stay with her after this.

Roman: I know you don't like this, but your mother's married to John, and Kate is my wife.

Sami: You're right I don't like it -- I hate it.

Roman: All right, then just shut up, okay? Kate and I gotta talk. We got a lot of things we need to discuss.

Kate: Sami, obviously, you're not going to listen to me. Why don't you try listening to your daddy?

Sami: After the way you screwed with my life, there is no way I'm gonna butt out of yours.

Roman: Sami.

Sami: Dad, did you hear what I told you? She said that she was glad mom lost her baby.

Roman: Is that how you really feel, Kate?

Rex: Marlena just went into cardiac arrest. She's alive, but she's lost consciousness again.

Sami: Oh, my God, this can't be happening to mom!

Roman: I've gotta be with her.

John: Hang in there. Don't you even think about leaving us. Belle and I need you.

[Inhales deeply] Now, if you come back... I will find a way... to make this all work out somehow.

Shawn D.: I've just been so worried about Belle and her ulcer or whatever it is, and me bugging her probably hasn't helped that much.

Philip: What have you been bugging her about?

Belle: Just taking better care of myself, which I'm trying to do, and I'm gonna be fine. Is Mimi still out there? I'd like to let her know I'm gonna live.

Philip: Yeah, you better. We got a long, happy life to live.

Shawn D.: I'll get Mimi.

Philip: Hey, I just want you to relax, get some rest, okay? I'll be nearby. I love you.

Mimi: Don't you dare scare us like that ever again.

Belle: I will try not to. How's my mom really doing?

Mimi: I don't know. Lexie called in some specialists, and your dad is with her, so...

Belle: She's gotta be okay. Her losing this baby... you're thinking about your own baby, aren't you?

Mimi: Why did I do it? You told me to keep my baby. I should have listened to you.

Belle: I am so sorry, Mimi.

Mimi: Now God is punishing me. I wanted to have children with Rex more than anything, and now that'll never happen.

Belle: So you still haven't told him.

Mimi: He knows I'm keeping something from him.

Belle: Mimi, you have to tell him. Look at what's happening to my mother. I begged her to tell my dad that the baby she was carrying was Roman's, and she didn’t. And now she's in there fighting for her life. The longer you wait to tell him the truth, the worse it gets.

Mimi: I hear you, I hear you. I'm just so scared to lose him.

Belle: Well, keep living this lie, and you'll lose him anyway.

Mimi: Okay, look, I know you're just trying to help, but can we just talk about this later?

Belle: No! Later never happens, Mimi. There is no right time. Rex deserves to know that you were pregnant with his baby.

Rex: [Thinking] Mimi was pregnant.

Mimi: Shh! Rex is right over there.

Belle: Mimi, he deserves to know the truth. You need to tell him now.

Mimi: Belle's sick. She doesn't know what she's saying.

Belle: Stop it, Mimi. Thank God he finally knows the truth.

Mimi: How could you do this to me? I thought you were my friend.

Belle: Mimi, I am your friend. And I can't keep watching you destroy your life and his.

Mimi: Damn you, Belle.

Jack: [Humming] Howdy, ma'am! Hee-haw! What are you looking at?


Jack: What?

Frankie: Where's the hoedown?

Jack: Oh, you'll find out soon enough. Here.

Jennifer: Jack, what in the world has gotten into you tonight?

Frankie: I think he wants us to wear this stuff.

Jack: Damn straight! So throw on your duds, hop on a horse, and let's go paint this little cow town red. Yee-haw! Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya!

Shawn D.: Hey, where did Mimi go?

Belle: Rex overheard me telling her to tell him the truth.

Shawn D.: That she was pregnant?

Belle: I feel terrible. I didn't mean for him to hear. I mean, he did deserve to know, but now Mimi hates me.

Shawn D.: No, no, she doesn't hate you. Okay, so maybe she's a little angry with you, but she'll get over it. It's just gonna take a little time. Hey, your mom's gonna be okay. The doctor said they're gonna be able to figure out what's wrong with you. And Philip's gonna be walking again, and then you'll be able to tell him the truth about us. And then you can get an annulment, and then we can finally be together. No, no, come on, come on. Don't cry. What's wrong?

Belle: I dream about that all the time. Isn't that awful?

Shawn D.: No, it's not awful.

Belle: I want my future to be with you. I've made such a mess of my life.


Mimi: Rex, wait. Please, talk to me.

Rex: Now you want to talk?

Mimi: Yes, I --

Rex: Meems, how could you lie to me? How could you be pregnant with my baby? The doctors said it was impossible for you to conceive, so when did this miraculous pregnancy occur?

Mimi: I never meant for you to find out like this.

Rex: You never meant for me to find out, period. I have had a million questions for you, and you've had zero answers. You were never gonna tell me the truth, were you? Were you?!

Roman: How's she doing, John?

John: The same.

Sami: She's so pale. Mom, mom, it's Sami. I love you so much. Dad and I -- we need you. Please, please wake up.

Jack: Come on, buckaroos, shake a leg. Let's go! Ready to go -- here we...go.

Jennifer: Jack, you just had a migraine headache. I don't understand.

Jack: Oh, come on, that was hours ago. I've had my nap. I'm raring to go. Look at this -- Alice's bar and restaurant -- dance contest. Grand prize -- brand-new car. Trick pony is performing.

Jennifer: You want us to enter a dance contest -- is that what you're saying?

Jack: Grab your partner, don't you know?

You're as hot as a jalapeño

Jennifer: Jack...

Jack: Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight

Rex: You don't have to say a word. Your silence says it all. You were pregnant.

Mimi: Yes, I was pregnant. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Rex: Why not, Mimi? You didn't think I had the right to know?

Mimi: I tried to talk to you about it, but... you kept saying that you wanted kids "someday."

Rex: What, and you didn't think I would be -- no. Mimi, you didn’t.

Mimi: I shouldn't have.

Rex: You had an abortion?!

Mimi: Yes.

Belle: Mimi may never speak to me again.

Shawn D.: Of course she will.

Belle: You didn't see her. She was furious. I still think I did the right thing. I couldn't exactly lie to Rex once he heard the truth. And keeping him in the dark was torturing her.

Shawn D.: You did do the right thing.

Belle: Lies destroy so many people's lives. I mean, if you need any more proof, just look at my mom and dad.

Shawn D.: I feel really bad for them. Hey, I love you. All right? Just promise me that you're not gonna let anything else come between us.

Belle: I promise. I've been doing some thinking over the last couple of days. And I made a decision.

Shawn D.: About...

Belle: I'm gonna stay with Philip for now. Like you said, just until he gets better. And once he's strong enough, I'm gonna tell him the truth -- he deserves to know that my heart belongs to you.

Shawn D.: Just let me know if there's anything I can do to make it easier on you.

Belle: No, I need to do this on my own. But once Philip knows how we really feel about each other, I don't think he'll stand in our way. I mean, he'll give me an annulment...and then we can finally be together.

Lexie: I think we have a reason why she fainted. Belle doesn't have an ulcer -- she's pregnant. At least there's some good news for that poor family. Her mother lost her baby, but Belle and Philip are going to have one.

Philip: Mom, when something like this happens, you have to struggle to find some kind of perspective. Look at me. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. But I'm getting through it, and now I have the rest of my life to spend with Belle. And you... mom, are you listening to me?

Kate: What, honey? I'm sorry.

Philip: I was just saying that I haven't given up on Belle, and I won’t. And I'm trying to encourage you not to give up on Roman.

Kate: Could you excuse me for a minute?

Philip: Yeah.

Sami: Mom, mom, I'm so glad you're awake. You're gonna be okay now. Mom, this is so great. Mom, say something. Mom, what's wrong? Can't you speak?

Lexie: Marlena? How you feeling?

Marlena: What are you all doing here? Who are you?

Sami: You did everything you could to come between them, just like you set me up so that you could ruin my chance at happiness with Lucas.

Lucas: That's enough.

Belle: Mom, it's Belle, your daughter.

Marlena: I'm sorry, I don't seem to know you.

Billie: Is there really something wrong with you?

Jack: I'm dying, and I don't have much time left.

Rex: It's over, Mimi -- I'm leaving Salem.

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