Days Transcript Thursday 7/7/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/7/05 - Canada; Friday 7/8/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Jennifer: Oh, boy. Thank you, Jack, so much for this whole day. How do you always know how to make me happy?

Jack: I just get ideas.

Abby: Hey, mom, dad, we have an audience.

Jennifer: Huh?

Jack: Hmm?

Jennifer: Oh, sorry.

Jack: I'm not.

Abby: They're always doing this.

Jennifer: Abigail!

Jack: Not always. Just since I got back. We're married.

Jennifer: That's right. The best thing I ever did was marry your father -- both times.

Jack: Both times.

Jennifer: Where's Chelsea?

Jack: What about Max? Is she with Max?

Chelsea: Wow. You can see the whole town of Salem from up here.

Max: You've been up here before, right?

Chelsea: Yeah. Of course.

Max: Okay. Do you want to fool around, or you want me to drive you back?

Chelsea: We could talk for a while.

Max: Talk. [Chuckles] What about?

Chelsea: I don't know.

Max: Yeah, me neither. So, do you want to fool around, or do you not know that either? Wait. Right. You are saving yourself for your dream guy, right? Who is that, anyway? Somebody I know?

Philip: [Sighs] Home. You know, I never thought I'd see this place again. I love you. I love you.

Kate: Oh, boy. Finally, Philip is back home, where he belongs, with his wife.

John: Told you things were gonna work out, didn't I?

Kate: Yes, you did. It's just that I was worried when Shawn showed up in Germany, because I thought he was gonna ruin Philip and Belle's future. He certainly wanted to, didn't he?

John: Yeah, but he underestimated my daughter's strength of character. She's a lot like her mother because nothing is more important to Doc than honoring those wedding vows.

Roman: Doc, you're not...

Marlena: Oh, Roman.

Roman: Oh, my God. You are pregnant.

Marlena: I am.

Roman: Look, this is none of my business, but was it a surprise, or were you trying?

Marlena: No, we were-- Roman, you've misunderstood. I'm a few months along.

Roman: A few months? Oh, my God. Doc, are you telling me this isn't John's baby?

Marlena: It's yours.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Shawn D.: Can I get you another pillow?

Philip: No, I'm all right. Everything I need is right here.

John: Izzy, want me to take these upstairs?

Philip: John, you can just drop mine right there. Until I get my prosthesis, I can't really make it up the stairs.

Kate: Honey, where are you gonna sleep?

Philip: As long as it's not a foxhole, I'm happy, mom. I'm really happy to be home, too, even if you had to wheel me in.

Belle: Oh, you'll be up and walking in no time.

Philip: You better believe it. Walking, dancing, who knows what else?

Kate: Now, that's the spirit.

Shawn D.: You can't hide your feelings that way. The only way I can deal with this is knowing that you and Philip will not be... will not be sleeping in the same bed.

John: Izzy, I'm heading home to your mom.

Belle: Tell her I'll call her later. Happy Anniversary, dad.

John: Thank you, baby.

Belle: Mom is gonna be so glad you're renewing your vows.

Kate: Well, I guess I should be heading out, too.

John: Ready for the next chapter in our lives? You and Roman, me and Marlena picking up on our marriages right where we left off.

Marlena: Roman, I'm sorry. I should have told you as soon as I knew. I've been in shock.

Roman: Doc, are you absolutely sure it's mine?

Marlena: It has to be yours. I haven't been home long enough for it to be John's. It must have happened that one time we made love when we were being held captive by Tony.

Roman: Well, I mean, you know damn well that I will stand by whatever you want to do.

Marlena: Whatever I want to do? I don't know what I want to do.

Patrick: I can't believe this is over.

Rex: We're a good team.

Mimi: I never felt so good about changing clothes in my life.

Rex: Oh, babe, you feel so good. I can't wait to get you home.

Mimi: Me neither.

Rex: I'm gonna check on your paperwork.

Patrick: You know, mom's gonna want to throw you a party at Alice's.

Mimi: Uh, no. Not yet, not now. Rex and I --

Patrick: I know. You guys need some time alone. But you're gonna tell him the truth, right?

Rex: Well, nothing left to sign. It's official.

Patrick: [Laughs] All right! Yeah! I'm so happy for you. Hey, it's gonna be all right, okay? Hey, man, take care of her for me. See ya.

Rex: I have got an amazing night planned for us -- one you'll never forget.

Max: So, who are you saving it for? Let me guess -- that Lockhart guy.

Chelsea: No way. He's practically elderly.

Max: Yeah, right. Everywhere I go in town, girls say, "Patrick Lockhart." And all the guys know, including my brother Frankie, that he's a loser.

Chelsea: He is not. Patrick has been nothing but wonderful to Abby and her whole family.

Max: Yeah, right. Jack doesn't seem to think so. Probably wonders what his wife, Jennifer, was doing with him when Jack was dead.

Chelsea: Please. Patrick is very sweet and protective. You know, you could actually learn something from him.

Max: I've got protection. I carry it around with me all the time.

Chelsea: That's not what -- God, is that all you ever think about?

Max: Come on. Like you don't? You are way too sexy to be playing that innocent. We came up here to have a good time, and so far, I'm bored. So... how about getting down to it?

Chelsea: You're so romantic I can hardly stand it.

Max: I don't get serious with women, so take it or leave it.

Chelsea: If you think I'm going all the way with you when you're not even being nice to me --

Max: I'll be nice.

Chelsea: I'll go halfway.

Max: How far is that?

Chelsea: We'll see.

Max: Have you ever done it before?

Chelsea: No.

Max: I'm available for practice anytime.

Jack: Frankie, I thought you were gonna keep an eye on Chelsea and Max.

Frankie: Max took Chelsea out for a spin in his convertible.

Abby: I'll go see if they're back yet.

Jack: Wait. We'd be able to hear the car from here.

Frankie: Max has a tendency to lose track of time. I just hope he doesn't keep Chelsea out too late. Otherwise, you'll kick us out of the apartment.

Jack: No, no. It's all right. It's not your problem. Look, I'll just take these ice cream sandwiches in the kitchen before they melt all over me.

Jennifer: Come over here. Thank you for this wonderful day together.

Jack: There's many more wonderful days to come.

Frankie: [Clears throat]

Jack: I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Okay. Hey. Something wrong? No. No, no, no, no. I was just thinking...about how lucky Jack is.

Jack: [Breathing heavily]

Abby: They're still not back. Daddy? Dad, what's wrong?

Frankie: Jack's not the only one who's lucky, okay? He's a great guy. You have a wonderful family. And Abby -- wow! She's amazing. She's gonna go places.

Jennifer: Well, I hope she doesn't go too far from her old mom and dad.

Frankie: Old? Please. You look just like you did when we were kids.

Jennifer: You are such a liar, but thank you.

Frankie: It's true. And Jack Jr. -- What a character.

Jennifer: He makes me laugh so hard, Frankie. I think he's gonna be just like Jack. Heaven help us all.

Frankie: You're not kidding.

Jennifer: I don't know. Do you remember when we were teenagers and when we were dating, we would talk about our future together? Do you remember that?

Frankie: Who knows what life would be like if you had come to New York with me?

Jennifer: Well, I know I missed a lot of excitement staying here in Salem. You had opening nights and concerts.

Frankie: Come on. Your life looks pretty perfect to me. For you, I mean.

Jennifer: This is where I met Jack. It's where I had my family. So Salem represents everything that is important to me -- my home, my husband, my children.

Frankie: You look happy.

Jennifer: I am happy. My life with Jack, it couldn't be better, Frankie. I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't talk like that. Maybe there's things down the line, happiness, that I haven't even dreamed about yet. But there is just one thing that I -- oh, noth-- never mind.

Frankie: What? Is something wrong?

Jack: [Breathing heavily] Abigail Johanna, I think your daddy did a really dumb thing. Tried to move that fridge all by myself. I think I strained myself.

Abby: For a minute, I thought there was something really wrong.

Jack: No. No, no, no, no. I'm fine, I'm fine.

Abby: I know. I'm just paranoid, I guess -- I mean, after everything that's happened this year. But you're back now, and I know that you're never leaving us again.

Jack: Yeah. Still, you and your mother did do okay without me.

Abby: No way. Even with Patrick here, we still didn't --

Jack: Wait a minute. If anything ever happens to me, ever, Patrick lockhart is never to be in this home again. Do you hear me? Do you hear me?

Abby: Dad, where did that come from?

Max: What are you doing here?

Patrick: I think that's my question for you, Max. What are you guys doing, huh? You're lucky I'm not a cop.

Chelsea: Patrick, you're not gonna tell anyone about this, are you?

Patrick: No, but he will.

Max: Hey.

Patrick: You're coming with me, man. Do you know she's still in high school? What the hell is wrong with you, man?

Shawn D.: How are you gonna pretend you don't love me? We belong together. I know that you're just trying to help Philip through this hard time, but it's just gonna be harder on him later when he has to lose you.

Belle: He's not gonna lose me. He's my husband, and I'm gonna be there for him. And nothing you say is gonna change that. How we doing?

Kate: Hey, why don't you sit down with your husband?

Philip: I'm doing great. I'm sitting in my home with my wife. What could be better than that?

Kate: It's about time that you went home, don't you think? I mean, you don't really belong here, as you can see. And while you're at it, don't bother coming back because Belle and Philip are newlyweds, and they really don't need you.

Shawn D.: You know as well as I do that if Philip hadn't been injured, she would be at home with me right now in my bed.

Kate: You need to get a grip on reality. You really do because Belle is married to Philip. She loves him. She's standing by him. You have lost her forever. So for once in your life, why don't you act like a man and accept that?

Marlena: I don't know what to do. How do I -- how do I tell John that I'm carrying your child?

[Door opens]

John: Hey.

Marlena: Hi. Gosh, those are beautiful. Are they for me?

John: They're not for Roman. What's going on? You seem upset.

Roman: Well, um... same old, same old. I came over to talk to Doc about Sami.

John: There you go. That's enough to upset anyone. So what has she done now?

Marlena: Nothing worth getting into. They're just -- they're just lovely.

John: Happy Anniversary. Didn't think I'd forgotten?

Marlena: No. No, I -- no, I didn't think you'd forg-- uh, how are Belle and Philip?

John: Pretty good, considering. They're over at the loft, getting settled in. Kate's still over there, if you're anxious to see your wife, which I suspect you are right about now.

Marlena: Oh, sure. Thanks for coming by. And -- and thanks for listening. We'll figure this out.

John: Is there something going on here I need to know about?

Roman: Doc... I think we need to tell him.

Mimi: [Sighs] Oh. Oh, Rex.


[Soft music plays]

Mimi: How did I get so lucky? You get me out of prison, and you bring me home to this.

Rex: Champagne?

Mimi: Yes, please.


Rex: Well, wait. Don't get so close. We may not get to drink this. All right. A toast to your freedom and to us spending the rest of our lives together. Come here. Sit down. All right, come on. Let's pick another wedding date. I can't wait any longer.

Mimi: I feel like I'm dreaming. This morning, I woke up, and I was in a cell, and I thought I was gonna be there for the next 20 years.

Rex: Sweetheart, that's over. You're gonna wake up tomorrow morning with me.

Mimi: I know.

Rex: We're gonna spend every night together for the rest of our lives.

Mimi: [Sighs]

Rex: [Laughs] Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on.

Mimi: What?

Rex: I got to ask you this. What was the secret you're keeping from me? What was Jan holding over your head? Because I asked your brother, and I get the strange feeling like he knows. I feel like everyone around me knows except for me. So, come on, tell me the truth. What is it?

Chelsea: Patrick came looking for me. He's so mad at Max. It must mean he's jealous.

Patrick: What's the matter with you, huh? Do you know how old she is?

Max: She's 18, so back off.

Patrick: Chelsea's a friend, and she's an impressionable kid. She needs somebody to look after her, and it sure as hell isn't you, man. Chelsea, come on. I'm driving you home.

Max: Chelsea, don't let him push you around, all right? I'll get you home.

Chelsea: That's okay. I don't mind going with Patrick. I trust him. Just don't fight over me, okay?

Max: Whatever.

[Engine turns over]

[Vehicle departs]

Patrick: Chelsea --

Chelsea: Don't yell at me, Patrick, okay? I'll just feel even worse.

Patrick: Good. I want you to feel bad. You're making a huge mistake with Max.

Jennifer: I have known Jack a long time, you know -- since I was in college. And when you spend that much time with someone, especially someone you love, you can really see the signs.

Frankie: Signs of what?

Jennifer: I don't know. There's something wrong. There's something wrong, and I don't know what it is.

Frankie: There's a quick fix for that. Ask him.

Jennifer: I tried doing that. He won't tell me, and that's what really worries me. You know, I shouldn't be talking to you about this. That's like talking behind Jack's back.

Frankie: Come on. We go way your pre-Jack days. You look like you can use someone to talk to.

Jennifer: You're a good friend. And you're right. I do. Gosh, Jack was saying some of the craziest things before. I don't even know what to think.

Frankie: Well, that's nothing new, is it?

Jennifer: No. You're right, but this time, I feel like he's in trouble. I feel like it's something really serious. And if he would just tell me, maybe I could help him out of the trouble.

Frankie: What? But he's too embarrassed to tell you?

Jennifer: I don't know. Maybe he's just trying to break it to me slowly, but I wish he would just get it out, get it in the open. It would save both of us a lot of grief.

Frankie: Honesty is the best way.

[Chuckles] I've learned the hard way.

[Clears throat]

Jennifer: Sounds like you've had a few relationship problems yourself. You want to talk about it?

John: Something to tell me. Now, why don't I like the sound of that? Well, what is it?

Marlena: Uh, Roman is concerned because Sami is determined to marry Lucas.

John: That's gonna go over real big with Kate.

Marlena: That's what I said.

John: Roman, for what it's worth, when I was in Germany, I had a little talk with Kate about Sami, and I got her to agree it might be best to cut the kid a break.

Roman: That's good, John. But I tell you what -- let me take care of my own family, okay? I'll be in touch.

Marlena: Yeah, okay.

John: In touch? It's time you and I concentrated on our anniversary. Now... we have just gone through probably the worst time of our lives.

Marlena: John, John, before --

John: We're still together. And nothing's gonna bust us up again.

Marlena: We...have... what? [Sobbing] Oh, God.

Rex: Whatever it is, sweetheart, you know I love you. You don't have to be afraid to tell me anything.

[Telephone rings]

Mimi: Hello?

Belle: Mimi?

Mimi: It's me.

Belle: Oh, my God. I thought you were in jail.

Mimi: I'm free. Rex and Patrick got me out.

Belle: That's great news. I can't wait to see you.

Mimi: I have a lot to tell you.

Belle: Me too. Grab Rex and come right over. I'm sure Philip would be very happy to see you.

Mimi: Oh, my gosh. He's home?

Belle: Yes, we're home.

Mimi: So you do have a lot to catch me up on. We'll be right over. Philip wants to see us. He's home. Isn't that great?

Rex: We'll finish this conversation later, right?

Mimi: Yeah. Let's go.

Rex: Mimi, no more secrets.

Mimi: No more secrets.

Belle: Philip, look who's here to surprise you.

Philip: Hey.

Mimi: This is so amazing.

Philip: What happened to your eye?

Mimi: Nothing. It's nothing. You look gorgeous.

Philip: Thanks. Even more gorgeous, actually. Belle, you are a lucky girl.

Belle: I know it.

Rex: Hey. I'm glad you're back.

Philip: Thanks. Thanks for helping me out again, man.

Belle: I just thank God that you're here.

Kate: Belle and Philip are going to be so happy together. They are going to have a wonderful marriage. And look at the two of you. I am so happy you're back together again. What happened to you, though? I heard you were behind bars.

Mimi: Yeah. But Rex and Patrick got me out.

Rex: You never should have been there in the first place. Mimi was totally innocent. It turns out Jan lied about everything.

Shawn D.: Yeah, big surprise.

Kate: Well, I guess that means it's a happy ending for everyone.

Mimi: Belle, come here.

Philip: Have a seat, Rex.

Mimi: So you and Philip are together.

Belle: Yeah, we are.

Mimi: I don't get it. If you and Shawn are history, then what is he doing here? Are you guys over? You look miserable. Are you sure you made the right decision?

Shawn D.: Maybe you can get her to admit that this isn't what's best for anybody.

Kate: Hey, there, handsome. It's good to be back. It's good to be back in your arms again. Roman? Hello.

Roman: Um... how's Philip doing?

Kate: Well, he's doing better than I expected, you know. The transition's going to be difficult. The rehabilitation's going to be grueling, but I think with Belle by his side, he's gonna do really well. A lot of well-deserved reunions, huh? I know John was eager to get back to Marlena.

Roman: Yeah. I was actually there when John got home.

Kate: You were there at Marlena's? Roman, what is going on? What is wrong?

Marlena: John... I'm worried about Belle and Philip. I'm not sure how she's going to handle all this responsibility.

John: Then it's okay. You'd be proud of our little girl. She's your daughter all the way.

Marlena: What does that mean?

John: She had a choice to make -- Philip or Shawn -- and she made the right choice. She is fulfilling her wedding vows. She's gonna stay with Philip.

Marlena: Belle does not love lightly. I'm not sure she could ever get over Shawn. He was the great love of her life.

John: And he's caused her a lot of problems. Philip's a better man for her. He's more considerate, he's more loyal -- just an all-around better match.

Marlena: You know, what really matters here is what is in Belle's heart. And I don't think she'll ever really get over Shawn. And you know what, John? Sometimes -- sometimes people think they've put a love in the past, and then they're surprised to find out that, that love is still very much there. And I've had patients have that become a problem.

John: Belle chose Philip for a reason, Doc.

Marlena: Oh? What?

John: You. She's very fortunate to have such a wonderful role model in her mother. And that makes me the luckiest man in the world.

Roman: Um, well, basically, Doc just needed to talk to me about Sami.

Kate: Really? What about?

Roman: You know what? Let us not ruin Philip's homecoming or yours, all right? We'll talk about Sami later.

Mimi: Shawn still loves you so much. What are you gonna do about that?

Belle: I'm doing what I have to do, okay? Philip needs me. I can't just run out on him now. Besides, who's to say Shawn won't do something else crazy? Do I really want to be married to a man who would drive his motorcycle through a church window? He could have killed someone.

Mimi: Some women would be flattered by that, I guess -- I mean, you know, that a man risked his life.

Belle: Philip risked his life for his country. That's the kind of man any woman would be proud to be with. And he needs his wife. And I'm gonna honor my wedding vows.

Mimi: Well, I really admire you. But if you still have feelings for Shawn, what are you gonna do about that? What is he gonna do without you?

Patrick: Chelsea, do yourself a favor and stop hanging out with Max Brady.

Chelsea: Do you know how many girls would have killed to be me tonight -- just to get to ride in a car with Max Brady, let alone kiss him?

Patrick: You weren't just kissing him, Chelsea.

Chelsea: It's no big deal, Patrick.

Patrick: That just shows how young you are.

Chelsea: I'm not jailbait, you know. I'm finally 18. Thank God.

Patrick: Being 18 doesn't give you license to be stupid. Better start thinking about what you're doing before it's too late.

[Vehicle approaches]

Abby: Hey, Max. Where's Chelsea? Max, why isn't Chelsea with you? What happened?

Frankie: I've always just taken work very seriously and just never really concentrated on relationships.

Jack: Hey, if you don't mind me throwing in two cents from another workaholic --

Frankie: Uh-oh. All right, go ahead.

Jack: Well, frankly, work only takes the place of a relationship when you don't or can't get the one you really want.

Frankie: Wow. That's -- that's deep, Jack. I'm not that deep. I guess I'm just not the type of guy to settle down, you know?

Jack: Well, I don't know. You'd probably change your tune if Jennifer was suddenly available.

Jennifer: Jack, why would you say something like that? Frankie, just ignore him. That's crazy. That's why I love my husband -- 'cause he's so crazy. You nut. I am never gonna be available again. You are stuck with me for the rest of your life.

Jack: That's a promise, huh? A promise.

Chelsea: You're overreacting, Patrick. Max and I hardly did anything.

Patrick: Chelsea, I thought you were smarter than this.

Chelsea: Max just seemed so nice, you know? And I don't have a boyfriend. I just get so lonely. Everyone's trying to be so nice, but since my parents died --

Patrick: I'm sorry, Chelsea. I'm sorry. I just -- I hate to see a guy like that take advantage of a girl like you.

Chelsea: Patrick, I'm so glad I have you in my life.

Max: Relax. Chelsea's white knight rescued her from me.

Abby: What do you mean? Who?

Max: Patrick Lockhart, her dream guy.

Abby: So she went out with you, and now she's out with Patrick?

Max: All in one day. Your girlfriend gets around.

Jack: I'll never walk away from you, Jennifer. They'll have to carry me out.

Jennifer: I'm not worried. Frankie, I'm sorry.

Jack: Excuse me. I got to go get something in the kitchen.

Jennifer: Do you need help?

Jack: I'm okay, I'm okay.

Jennifer: Do you have a clue?

Frankie: About?

Jennifer: About my husband. Something is definitely up.

Frankie: You want me to do a little snooping around?

Jennifer: Could you? Because if I try, I know that Jack will catch on. He might not suspect you.

Frankie: You got it.

Jennifer: Thank you. I am so lucky that you came back to Salem when you did.

Frankie: Hey, it's home.

Jennifer: Then welcome home.

Jack: All right, Jennifer. This is one secret that you are not gonna find out. I'm not gonna have you spend the next couple of months miserable, knowing that I'm gonna die and leave you yet again. No. I want the time that we have left to be happy.

John: You're still in a different time zone.

Marlena: Oh. I'm sorry. Let the celebrating begin.

John: Already has. To my beautiful wife... the only woman I can ever love.

Marlena: [Laughs] I'm not sure what to toast.

John: Well, how about here's to spending the rest of your life with the one man you love more than any other? All right, what's wrong? Come on. Don't give me this stuff about Sami. There's something else. What is it?

Marlena: I don't want to have a drink. I want to be alone with you. I want to be completely alone.

Roman: I got to tell you, I am very, very proud of you. That was very smart to figure out that video might have something in it that would clear Mimi.

Rex: I knew there was no way Mimi was guilty. There's no way she'd purposely try and kill anyone.

Kate: Of course not.

Rex: I don't know if you two believe in fate, but I definitely do now. To see my mom and dad back together -- and now, finally, Mimi and I will have the future we both have been planning.

Kate: Seeing my children happy is the only thing I've ever wanted. And now that Belle has agreed to stay with Philip, I know the future looks pretty perfect. And you -- don't you ever try to get away from me again. This time, I won't let it happen.

Belle: Shawn, please, you need to leave.

Shawn D.: Why? Is it harder for you to pretend to love Philip when I'm around? It's not over. You know that. You still love me. Take care, man.

Philip: You too.

Mimi: Are you sure it's really over with Shawn?

Belle: Shawn. Goodbye.

Roman: [Thinking] I hate this. He just loses the woman he loves, and now I have to arrest him.

Hope: Why do you keep saying it would be a mistake for Shawn to want to be with the woman that he loves? Why?

Kate: Why are you calling me? Are you threatening me?

Lucas: Who would help her with something like that, huh?

Sami: The one person who has had it out for me forever.

Philip: Thank you, Belle, for not giving up on us.

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