Days Transcript Wednesday 7/6/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/6/05 - Canada; Thursday 7/7/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Rex: Dad, I need to see Mimi.

Roman: Rex, I know you do.

Rex: We've got proof that she didn't attack Jan. She needs to know that.

Patrick: I have to get my sister away from that woman who attacked her.

Roman: That woman has been moved to another cell. Mimi is totally safe. Marlena's back there with her right now.

Rex: Soon as Marlena's through, I'm going in.

Roman: Rex, the worst thing you can do right now is get Mimi's hopes up.

Rex: The surveillance tapes show that what happened to Jan was an accident.

Patrick: My sister's in jail for attempted murder, and she's innocent.

Roman: It's not me you have to convince. It's Judge Fitzpatrick. And she's gonna want to know why this evidence is only now being introduced.

Patrick: Because your department dropped the ball, that's why.

Roman: Not looking at that video was not the greatest police work. Yes, I'll admit that. But what you guys aren't remembering here -- we had Jan's accusation. More importantly, we had Mimi's confession.

Patrick: Jan's story is bogus, and my sister's confession -- well, I don't know what got into her.

Rex: Whatever it was, the Judge is gonna take one look at those tapes and set her free.

Mickey: I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Marlena: Oh, Mimi, are you all right?

Mimi: It's no big deal. Looks worse than it is. But don't worry. I gave as good as I got.

Marlena: I'm so glad Roman got you away from those women.

Mimi: You mean my sorority sisters? Hey, I'm facing up to 15, 20 years in prison. I better get used to defending myself.

Marlena: That doesn't have to be the case. You can retract your confession.

Mimi: If I retract my confession, then Rex will find out what I did. And I know you think I should tell him the truth, and I tried, Marlena, but I just couldn't do it.

Marlena: Mimi, you are sacrificing your freedom. It's a huge price to pay for a crime you never committed.

Mimi: Well, can't say I'm not consistent. I've made one lousy decision after another -- not telling Rex about the baby, having the abortion, fighting with Jan.

Marlena: The worst mistake you made was confessing to this cri-- [Inhales sharply]

Mimi: Are you okay? What's wrong?

Marlena: I'm just feeling a little bit sick.

John: So we're all set? We got clearance? Yeah, we're getting ready to leave the hospital right now. We want to take off as soon as we get there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're all anxious to get back to Salem.

Philip: You can say that again.

John: I'll see you soon, Jeff. The timing of this homecoming couldn't be any more perfect, seeing as how it's my anniversary.

Belle: Oh, dad, I completely forgot.

John: Well, with everything on your mind, you're forgiven, sweetheart. I just hope your mom hasn't forgotten.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Philip: Hey.

Shawn D.: Looks like you're all set. Anything I can do before we leave for the airport?

Kate: The answer to that is no. And if you think you're flying back with us, you're thinking wrong.

Nicole: Sami, you can do it.

Sami: No, Nicole. No way.

Nicole: Sami, listen. I need you to be Stan. I need you to put the wig on, jump into the body suit and the mustache. And you'll be good. You'll be fine. The only person that can make Chloe Lane disappear --

Sami: You are not saying what I think you are saying. Nicole, there is no way that I would ever kill anyone. What -- are you kidding? I would never -- besides, that stupid disguise is in the desert still. I ditched it.

Nicole: You have to do something to keep Chloe away from Brady, okay?

Sami: Nicole, listen to me. It is over. God, it is over with you and Brady. You have to deal with it.

Nicole: No! I am not -- I repeat -- not going to lose the man I love.

Sami: You know what? You're drunk, okay, so you are not thinking clearly. We'll talk about this some other time. You, right now, have to just get up and get out of here before someone catches you with me.

Nicole: Who's gonna find me, huh? No one's gonna come visit you, Sami. You don't have any friends!

Sami: Lucas lives down the hall, Nicole. Or did you forget? You know, he could catch us together. He's already suspicious when he found us talking at Alice's.

Nicole: I told you we already finessed that.

Sami: Yeah, well, Lucas isn't as easy to finesse as you might think. Stop it!

Nicole: Don't you think I know that? I know Lucas better than you. I was married to him.

Sami: I know that. Listen to me. Remember how I just said I would never kill anyone?

Nicole: Yes.

Sami: I lied. 'Cause I swear to God, Nicole, if you ruin my chances with Lucas, I will kill you.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Sami: Okay, Nicole, I'm serious. You have got to go.

Nicole: No, no. Not until you promise to help me keep Brady away from Chloe.

Sami: Nicole, please --

Nicole: No, I am not budging one inch.

Sami: Okay, all right. Nicole, I will help you come up with something, I swear. But I think right now, you should really leave. Do you understand?

Lucas: Man, what's the point?

Sami: Okay, okay. Come on, Nicole. Get out of here. We'll talk later, okay? Here's your stuff.

Nicole: Not only are you being rude, but you made me spill my drink.

Sami: You've had enough already, okay? Goodbye.

Nicole: [Whistles] Fine. You don't want to enjoy my fabulous company? Okay. Maybe Lucas will.

Sami: What?

Nicole: Maybe he'd be surprised if I told him his good old pal Stan lived right down the hall.

Sami: Nicole, come back. All right, get in here.

Rex: What? You don't think the Judge will let Mimi go?

Mickey: It's not a sure thing. I'm warning you -- it's the Judge's call. Roman, I think you should know that your nephew missed his pretrial hearing.

Roman: Oh, man, Shawn.

Mickey: Judge Fitzpatrick has issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Roman: Damn it!

Patrick: I'm starting to think my mom was right. Instead of wasting our time waiting for the legal system to do the right thing, we should have just tried to bust her out of here.

Mimi: Are you sure you're all right? You still look kind of pale.

Marlena: I'm just a little nauseated, that's all.

Mimi: Could it be food poisoning or something?

Marlena: No, I've had an upset stomach. It just doesn't usually happen this time of day.

Mimi: This time of day? Are you...pregnant?

Shawn D.: You're going on John's private plane. Why can't I just fly back with you?

Kate: Do I really have to answer that? Because you came over here to steal Philip's wife.

Shawn D.: Look, Philip and I are fine.

Kate: I doubt everything's fine. And certainly, everything isn't fine with us. You got over here on your own. I think you can get back on your own.

Shawn D.: Okay. I don't want to cause any trouble.

Kate: Yeah, right.

Philip: Hold on, Shawn. Forgive my mom. She's just a little upset now. But if you want to fly back with us on the plane, I'm fine with that.

Kate: Philip --

Philip: Mom, you were right about why Shawn came here and what he's up to, but Belle made it very clear that she loves me and that she's staying with me. It's okay.

Kate: And you think Shawn's all right with that?

Philip: No, of course not.

Kate: Honey, there it is.

Philip: How could he be all right with that, mom? I know that Shawn loves Belle. The thing is he has no choice but to accept her decision. I know he's not happy about it, but Shawn and I talked things through, and we're cool, right?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, everything's cool.

John: How about you, Izzy? You okay with this?

Belle: Yeah, if Shawn wants to fly back with us, I mean, I guess that's all right with me.

Philip: Good. Now that, that's settled, can we go home, please?

John: Yeah, let's go home. Shawn, grab Phil's bag.

Shawn D.: Sure.

Roman: You got to be kidding me. I can't believe your mother was serious about busting Mimi out of here.

Mickey: Come on, Roman. You know Bonnie. When she gets upset, she has a tendency to talk nonsense. I mean that in the most positive way.

Roman: Listen to me. You two guys aren't thinking about taking this into your own hands, right? Strictly up to the Judge, okay?

Patrick: Yeah, we understand.

Rex: Mickey, I love Mimi, and it kills me to see her behind bars like this. I don't care what she says. She's got to be terrified in there.

Roman: Being behind bars, thinking about going to prison, would terrify anybody, especially a sweet, innocent kid like Mimi. But at least Marlena's back there with her right now.

Mimi: Congratulations. Does John know?

Marlena: No. No. It's our anniversary.

Mimi: What a great anniversary present. He is gonna be so thrilled. So will Belle. Oh, my gosh. I can't believe she's gonna have a little brother or sister. You just got back from Europe. You don't waste time, do you?

Mimi: [Laughs] You can't know you're pregnant. It's too soon. Unless... I'm sorry. Me and my big mouth. I'm sorry.

Marlena: It's okay. You're right. It can't be John's. It happened when Roman and I were held prisoner. And I haven't told Roman or John yet.

Mimi: So does this mean that when you were in the castle, that you and your ex-husband fell in love again?

Lucas: [Sighs]

Sami: I have told you this a hundred times, Nicole. You cannot tell anyone that I was Stan, especially not Lucas. I'm gonna make you some coffee.

Nicole: I don't need any coffee! Look, I might be a little tipsy, but I know exactly what I'm doing.

Sami: Do you realize what would happen if you told everybody that I was Stan?

Nicole: Of course I do. Why do you think I'm threatening you with it?

Sami: No, you donít. No more, okay? Listen to me. We made a deal, remember? We agreed to protect each other's backs.

Nicole: That's right. A 2-way street.

Sami: [Sighs]

Philip: Hi.

Belle: Hey. I think maybe you need to get some rest. You look tired.

Philip: I feel tired. Thank you so much for staying here with me.

Belle: You don't need to keep thanking me, Philip. I'm your wife. I'm right where I belong.

Kate: I guess I've been pretty hard to put up with these past few days. Thank you. Thank you for putting up with me. And thank you for taking such good care of Philip.

John: Your boy is a true hero, Kate. And he's my son-in-law. Nothing I wouldn't do for him.

Kate: Still, I appreciate it.

John: Works both ways. I think you even fixed my back.

Kate: Oh, you're missing part of your anniversary, aren't you?

John: We'll be home soon enough. It'll be good to see Marlena.

Kate: Yeah, it'll be good to see Roman, too.

John: I know what you're thinking.

Kate: Do you?

John: Yeah. And just like you, I think Philip and Belle, they're gonna make this marriage work. I'm gonna go talk to the pilot.

Kate: [Sighs]

Belle: What are you doing?

Shawn D.: We need to talk.

Belle: There's nothing more to say.

Shawn D.: This is the only place I can get you alone, so just give me a minute. I want you to know that this isn't over, okay? I'm not giving up on us.

Rex: This is torture. How much longer do we have to wait?

Mickey: We probably shouldn't even be here tonight. There's no guarantee that we're going to hear anything from the Judge tonight at all.

Rex: All the Judge has to do is look at the damn tapes!

Roman: You're letting your emotions get the best of you.

Rex: Yes, I'm emotional, dad! The woman I love is going to prison for a crime she didn't commit!

Roman: The problem is she confessed. Do you understand that?

Rex: People confess to crimes they didn't commit all the time. They get browbeaten.

Roman: Rex, come on. You got to be kidding me. Mimi was not browbeaten. I can assure you of that. Now, I know you love her.

Rex: More than anything, dad. And you'd do the same thing for the woman you love.

Mimi: I'm sorry. That was a really stupid question. I know I'm in no position to give advice, especially to a psychiatrist, but I think John will understand how it happened. I mean, you and Roman were locked up together all those months. You probably thought you'd never get out of there.

Marlena: John would understand if I had told him in the beginning. But I didn't do that. Against my better judgment, I let Roman persuade me that John was too frail and that he and Kate would be distraught by it. We never dreamed I would turn up pregnant. Mimi, I need you to keep this to yourself.

Mimi: Of course.

Marlena: I know how close you and Belle are, and I need some time to sort out how I want to handle this.

Mimi: I promise I won't say a word.

Marlena: Thank you.

Mimi: I know how stressed you must be feeling. I mean, the last thing I ever expected was to wind up pregnant, but I did. And I definitely never thought I'd have an abortion. You would never consider --

Marlena: No. No, I wouldnít.

Mimi: This is really weird. I lost the love of my life because I decided not to have my baby, and you might lose the love of your life because you've decided to have yours.

Marlena: That may very well happen.

Mimi: When I came to you for counseling, you told me to tell Rex the truth.

Marlena: I still think that you should do that.

Mimi: Well, that's what you're gonna do, right? Tell John the truth.

Marlena: Yes, it is. I just have to find the right moment. Fortunately, I don't have to make that decision today.

Mimi: Because he's in Europe. But you're gonna tell him when he gets back, right? And you're gonna tell Roman, too.

Marlena: Yeah.

Roman: Tell me what?

Roman: So, Marlena, what is it I need to know?

Mimi: That our visit's over. She was about to ask you to let her out.

Roman: You okay?

Marlena: Well, I've got an upset stomach. I just -- yeah, I'll be fine.

Roman: Well, I better get you home.

Marlena: I'd like that. Thank you.

Mimi: Thank you, Dr. Evans, for coming to visit with me, and thank you, Commander Brady, for putting me back in a private cell.

Roman: All right. Okay, Mimi.

Marlena: Call me if you want anything at all. I will be here in a flash.

Mimi: Thanks. I will. Dr. Evans...good luck.

Marlena: Good luck to you, too.

Rex: Look, Patrick, no matter what happens, I want you to know I appreciate your help.

Patrick: Hey, man, she's my sister. I want her out of this place as much as you do.

Rex: I know a lot of people feel like they can't trust you because of things you've done in the past, but they obviously haven't seen you with your family. Otherwise, they'd know you're a good guy.

Patrick: Well, thanks. But I can also blame my past on that same family. I don't know if you realize this, but a weakness for petty larceny and the occasional con game, it's genetically passed down from mother to son. Well, at least my mother's scams are harmless. She usually just ends up hurting herself.

Mickey: I couldn't agree more. I know of no one with a bigger heart than Bonnie. She'd do anything for her children.

Patrick: That's my mom.

Rex: Guys, I wish I could understand.

Patrick: What?

Rex: Why Mimi pleaded guilty. What is she so afraid of?

Patrick: If I were you, when Mimi gets out of jail, I'd put all this behind you. I'd forget it ever happened.

Secretary: Mr. Horton, you have a phone call.

Mickey: From whom?

Secretary: Judge Fitzpatrick.

Mickey: Oh, all right. I'll take it in here. Thank you.

[Doorknob jiggles]

Lucas: Sami?

Sami: Oh, my God. It's Lucas. Look, you have to hide. I'll put you in the closet. Go. What are you doing, Nicole? Just a second! Get in there.

Nicole: Aah! What's your problem?

Sami: Shh! [Clears throat] Hi.

Lucas: Hi. Can I come in?

Sami: Sure.

Lucas: Just wanted to tell you that Will called. He's at camp. He's really having a great time. He said he misses you.

Sami: Really?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: Oh, wow.

Lucas: We should talk, though.

Sami: Lucas, I'd really like that.

Nicole: [Hiccuping]

Lucas: What the hell was that?

Sami: What?

Lucas: That sound. It came from your closet.

Sami: I don't know. Maybe something fell in the closet. It's no big deal.

Lucas: Like hell. What was it?

Sami: Lucas, I...

[Door opens]

Lucas: What the hell is this?

Kate: I was just thinking how good it is that Philip's going to have Belle to see him through it all.

John: Knowing that someone cares enough for you to take care of you that way means everything. When I look at the way you and Marlena took care of me when I was addicted to those drugs...

Kate: And you beat it.

John: Thanks to the women in my life. Guess it's true what they say, isn't it?

Kate: That love conquers all?

Belle: Stop this. It's over.

Shawn D.: Don't say that.

Belle: I've made my decision. I'm staying with Philip.

Shawn D.: I love you, and I cannot accept what's happened. It's wrong, and you know it.

Belle: I don't want to hear this.

Shawn D.: Because you know I'm right.

Belle: Because my husband is right outside and so is my father and my mother-in-law.

Shawn D.: I know you're in a difficult position. I get that. But I cannot just accept the fact that you're gonna be staying with Philip. It's driving me crazy.

Belle: This is the way it has to be, okay? Philip and I are married. He is my husband, and he needs me, and I'm going to be there for him. I know things didn't work out the way we'd hoped they would, but too much has happened, and it's too late.

Marlena: Poor Mimi. It was so awful seeing her like that.

Roman: Yeah. It is a damn shame.

Marlena: Yeah. But Judge Fitzpatrick seems fair-minded to me, and maybe she'll order a new trial with all the new evidence.

Roman: I hope so, for my son's sake as well as Mimi's. Rex sure does love her.

Marlena: And she loves him, too.

Roman: Damn! You know, Doc, you want so bad for your kids to be happy. By the way, did I tell you I talked to Eric last night?

Marlena: Tell me, tell me.

Roman: He sounded great. In fact, he said that he was thinking about coming to visit pretty soon.

Marlena: Oh, that would be wonderful, especially for Sami. I think she's been so alone, even with us home. Been a mighty hard year for her.

Roman: Year? You know, this wasn't the first time we've been taken away from her. Stefano is the whole reason her life is such a mess.

Marlena: Sami is a grown woman. She's got to take responsibility for her own life and her own actions.

Roman: Well, Doc, of course.

Marlena: If you're looking for someone else to blame, then, Roman, you know what? Blame me.

Roman: Doc, come on.

Marlena: When Sami lived with us, look at all the signs. She had bulimia. She switched the hospital records. She kidnapped Belle. She was crying out for help. She was angry at me for being with John.

Roman: That's ancient history.

Marlena: Well, I'm not so sure.

Roman: What do you mean?

Marlena: Sami needed help. Although we were there, I just couldn't help her. I'm wondering if it's too late now.

Roman: Of course it's not too late. I saw signs. Sami seemed to be trying, at least -- getting a little better, trying to be friendlier with people. I think Lucas being in her life was a good thing, and then unfortunately, all of a sudden, bam!

Marlena: I can't believe she slept with Brandon. Sami is capable of a lot of things, but I don't think she did that.

Roman: You know what? I totally agree. Of course, Kate didn't see it that way.

Marlena: No. She didn't, did she?

Roman: Well, Lucas is her son, and she can't forgive Sami for hurting him.

Marlena: Roman, I know she's your wife, but I don't like her attitude.

Roman: Why? Because she can't get along with Sami?

Marlena: No. Because she hates Sami. I hope this does not become a matter between the two of you, but Sami is her stepdaughter, and it's possible she could be her daughter-in-law. She has to find a way to get along with Sami if she wants any kind of reciprocity. I haven't said anything to Kate up until now because of Philip and what he's going through, but the time will come when she and I have this one out.

[Indistinct shouting in distance]

Mimi: Who would have thought Dr. Evans would be going through what I went through?

Guard: Lockhart, you got visitors.

Mimi: Who?

Guard: Your lawyer and your brother.

Mimi: All right. I'll see them.

Patrick: [Clears throat] Hey, Mickey, thanks for everything you're doing for my sister.

Mickey: You're welcome, but unfortunately, she hasn't let me do very much.

Patrick: Well, we all appreciate it -- mom, Rex, me, and I'm sure deep down inside, Mimi does, too. Hey, sis, how's it going?

Mimi: I'm okay. What's up?

Mickey: We have some news about your case.

Mimi: Don't tell me I'm off to Statesville.

Patrick: No.

Mimi: What other news can there be? I pleaded guilty, I've been sentenced -- the end.

Rex: I'm sorry, but I had to be here.

Mimi: No! You tricked me! How could you do this to me, Patrick, or you, Mickey? And you, you're not even supposed to be allowed in here. I told you I never wanted to see you again.

Rex: You don't understand. We have to talk to you.

Mimi: Guard, can you please take me back to my cell?

Patrick: What are you doing here, Rex?

Sami: Okay, Nicole, come on. You were just leaving, weren't you?

Nicole: Absolutely.

Sami: Stop it.

Nicole: Remember, you promised to help me, Stanley.

Sami: Shh! Just get out. I'll talk to you later. Go! [Exhales deeply] Well, I guess you're wondering what she was doing here.

Lucas: Yeah, pretty good guess.

Sami: Look, she was drunk. You could see that. And she just wanted to pick a fight with me.

Lucas: With you? Over what?

Sami: I guess she's really upset 'cause she's having trouble with Brady, and that's why she was drunk.

Lucas: So why would she come to you? You and Brady aren't exactly friends, Sami. What's going on?

Sami: I'm not friends with Nicole either. She's just, you know, desperate for her love life, and I know how that feels.

Lucas: Why were you hiding her from me? Why are you always hiding something? You never tell the truth, ever. You know what? I can't believe I even came over here. It was a big mistake. I can't deal with this crap right now.

Sami: Please, just wait. Please don't go.

Roman: [Sighs] Doc, you know, Kate and Sami have never gotten along. We know that. But the night that Kate and I got married, I asked her to make a special effort to try to get along with Sami, to bury the hatchet. I even asked her to look after Sami if something happened to me. Now, I might have been overly optimistic, but she did promise me she would.

Marlena: And she broke that promise.

Roman: But maybe Sami gave her a reason.

Marlena: But maybe Sami didnít.

Roman: Look, all we know is that Lucas found Sami in bed with Brandon.

Marlena: On the eve of her wedding to Lucas -- Lucas, whom she loves and adores.

Roman: I know.

Marlena: I know that she's made mistakes in the past, but you know what? That's because she so desperately wants to be happy. And Lucas makes her happy. Roman, unlike many people, Sami knows what she wants. She has a single-mindedness about getting it. And she wanted Lucas, not Brandon.

Roman: Yeah, yeah. Well, you know what? If Sami is to be believed, Kate set the whole damn thing up in order to stop the wedding, even after making this big show of support at throwing Sami this beautiful, elaborate wedding and having Basic Black pick up the tab.

Marlena: But maybe that's what it was. Maybe it was a show. Look, Sami is paranoid, but I know that Kate hates her.

Roman: Are you saying that maybe Sami is telling the truth here?

Marlena: I'm not sure that she's not.

Roman: Well, Sami did say, also, that John was working against her the whole time we were gone -- that John and Kate were basically ganging up on her.

Marlena: Do you believe that?

Roman: Well, given Sami's history, who in the hell knows?

Marlena: John loves Sami. He would never deliberately hurt her. He has spent a year in pain and in grief.

Roman: Doc, listen to me. You don't have to stand up for John. You don't have to make excuses for him, okay? And I can't make excuses for Kate. I'll tell you this. If I do find out that Kate was undermining our daughter's happiness with Lucas, our marriage is over.

Marlena: Do you mean that?

Roman: S, I do mean it. 'Cause if Sami's telling the truth, then you and I, we have to stand by her, help her get her life back on track. And I hope to hell that doesn't mean you having to choose sides between her and John.

Marlena: Roman...

Roman: Doc, what is it?

Marlena: You'll have to excuse me for a second.

Sami: Look, Lucas, I know that I have been acting weird lately, but it's just because I have a lot on my mind. I have to pay rent, and I don't have a job. I don't have any savings. I just have to --

Lucas: Why don't you ask your parents for help? I'm sure they'd be more than happy to.

Sami: I know they would. But I'm an adult, okay? I don't want to have to ask them. And anyway, it's -- it's about you and Will.

Lucas: What is it? What about us?

Sami: You know what about you. Lucas, you know that all I want is to be with you and Will as a family.

Lucas: If that were true, how'd you wind up in bed -- how'd you wind up in Brandon's bed the night before our wedding?

Sami: That is an excellent question. I would like to know that myself.

Lucas: Yeah, blame it on my mom like you do everything else. It's my mom's fault.

Sami: Well, it is.

Lucas: Why? 'Cause Tony told you so?

Sami: No, I knew it before that. But Tony confirmed it.

Lucas: 'Cause he has proof, right? Well, let's see this proof. I'm ready for it.

Sami: I would like to, too, but I don't think Tony's gonna give it to me now. I probably burned my bridge with him saving you.

Lucas: There we are. We're screwed. We're back to square one, right?

Sami: No. No, we're not. I am not gonna give up, Lucas. I am not gonna give up until I find the proof that Kate set me and Brandon up.

Lucas: Fine. Good luck.

Sami: Damn it, Lucas! Wait!

Lucas: What?

Sami: Okay, if I find the proof that Kate set me up... will you take me back?

Lucas: Sami... if you could prove that my mom had anything to do with the fact that you and Brandon were in bed together... I never stopped loving you. I never did. I just stopped trusting you.

Sami: Oh, your mother! Malicious, conniving bitch!

Lucas: Here you are, trying to be a nicer person, and you call her a conniving bitch.

Sami: Are you kidding? I called her a malicious conniving bitch.

Lucas: Look at you. You are so full of hate, aren't you? You blame everybody for everything that's gone wrong in your life.

Sami: Not everybody -- just your mother.

Lucas: What about John? What about Nicole and Brady and Bo and Hope and sometimes even me, Sami? When are you gonna wake up someday and realize that I'm responsible for all the bad things that have happened in your life? When's that coming?

Sami: Never. Never, Lucas. That would never happen.

Lucas: You know what, Sami? I want it to change. I want us to be together. I want to trust you again, but I just canít. I can't do it.

[Door opens, closes]

Nicole: Hey.

Lucas: Hey. You know, Nicole, you should really do something about your drinking problem.

Nicole: Well, I'm doing something about it right now. Hey, Lucas, I don't think I should drive. Can you give me a ride home?

Lucas: Tell you what -- I'll call you a cab. Come on.

Nicole: That'll do. Thank you.

Lucas: You all right?

Nicole: Yes.

Lucas: Look, one more thing.

Nicole: What?

Lucas: When you're ready to realize that you actually have a problem and you want to admit it, I'll be happy to take you to your first A.A. meeting.

Sami: Forget about Nicole. God! I just have to focus on getting Kate's partner in crime. She ruined my life. But Eugenia's gonna help me get Lucas back.

Mickey: Mimi, wait. This is important.

Patrick: You got to hear what Rex has to say.

Mimi: No, I wonít.

Patrick: Just give us five minutes.

Mimi: Don't you understand how hard this is? My life is over, and Rex being here is just making it that much harder.

Rex: Mimi, your life is not over. That's what we're trying to tell you. The only thing that is over is this nightmare.

Mimi: How can you say that? I'm about to be shipped off to Statesville.

Rex: You don't understand.

Mimi: Will you all just please leave me alone?

Patrick: Just shut up and listen for once in your life.

Mimi: Okay, on one condition -- that then you'll go and you won't come back.

Patrick: Fine.

Rex: Mimi, Mickey, your brother, and I are here because we have some good news to tell you. You're not gonna believe this, but it's true. We came to tell you that you're free.

Mimi: Hmm?

Rex: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Belle, what's wrong?

Belle: It's the turbulence.

Shawn D.: Are you okay?

Belle: Just go. I'm fine.

Shawn D.: We're not finished here, Belle -- not be a long shot.

Kate: Yes, you are finished, Shawn. I'm warning you. Stay away from my son's wife.

Shawn D.: You don't need to keep reminding me that Philip is married to Belle, Kate.

Kate: You just won't give up, will you? Soon, you'll have to. Because before too long, you're going to be behind bars and out of Belle and Philip's life forever.

Philip: Whoa.

John: Whoa! You need anything?

Philip: No, I think I'm all right. Thanks.

John: The pilot said we should be out of this weather system in the next couple minutes.

Philip: Good.

John: Just a little choppiness -- that's all it is.

Philip: You won't hear me complaining. A few more hours of choppiness and I'll be back home with my wife. Nothing can make me happier.

John: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Philip: I understand you're back with Marlena now. I'm sorry you had to leave her so soon for my sake.

John: Hey, no apology, soldier. Besides, we're on our way home, aren't we?

Philip: I bet you can't wait to see her, huh?

John: Yeah. Yeah. And I'm gonna do my damndest to make sure that we're never separated again.

Marlena: Sorry about that.

Roman: Doc, are you sure you're okay?

Marlena: Yeah. Just an upset stomach. I told you before.

Roman: Do you think it might be the flu? You got a fever?

Marlena: No, I'm all right.

Roman: Well, okay, but you know I don't like to leave you if you're feeling this way.

Marlena: Look, it's gonna be fine. I'll make some herbal tea and some crackers and rest. I'll be okay. What?

Roman: Herbal tea and crackers -- that's what you used to use when... oh, my God. Doc, are you pregnant?

Mimi: You still have feelings for Shawn. What are you gonna do about that? What is he gonna do without you?

Shawn D.: If Philip hadn't been injured, she would be at home with me right now.

Kate: You have lost her forever. So for once in your life, why don't you act like a man and accept that?

John: Is there something going on here I need to know about?

Roman: Doc, I think we need to tell him.

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